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How to increase the number of sexual acts in a row and is it possible to do this?

What to do, or what to eat, drink to increase the number of sexual acts?

To engage in sexual intercourse at least 3 times a day, you will have to timely replenish the spent love calories. You need to visit the gym more often so that the hormones are excited. And to steal food from several gourmets, or rather more meat, raw eggs. If you have a hunter friend with a carbine, ask him to bring something from the wild game.

I think that very rarely in real life there are circumstances when you can have sex several times a day. Theoretically, the “masculine” strength in a healthy man, his ability for the next sexual intercourse, can be restored within 15-30 minutes. Especially in younger years, this is quite normal. But do not think that it will remain forever. "Normal" for an adult is once a day or two. And sometimes it’s useful to take a break for several days — to get a taste of it again, so to speak.

And in order to more often "want" us men do not need too much. Good nutrition, a normal rhythm of life, enough to get enough sleep, less mental and physical stress, and most importantly - a wife who knows how to “seduce”.

How many times can a man finish during sex normally?

number sexual intercoursethat a man can do in one night depends not only on his partner, who can be very active in sex, thereby causing a man to have a passion and surge of strength. How many times a night a man can, directly depends on his age, characteristics of the body, the amount of testosterone, lifestyle, nutrition and many other factors.

Most sexual intercourse per day can be performed by men whose age does not exceed 20 years: a total of 55%, and the most active of them are capable of more than 20 orgasms per day!

Although, it is rather a happy exception to of the rulesthan the pattern, and normally 20-year-old men finish about 8 times a day. After reaching 35 years, half of men lose the ability to repeat multiple sexual acts per day, bringing their maximum to 3 or -2 times. And finally, at 60 years old, the ability to finish several times a day is preserved only in 3% of 100 men.

Are men able to have sex several times in a row?

Once, one intelligent person stated that for a person there is nothing unrealistic and this is true. This statement is also relevant for men who think whether they can satisfy their partner a couple of times in a row. To increase the number of sexual acts per day, men need to know some tricks and then everything will be fine in their intimate life. And now we are not talking about taking pills or other similar means, you just need to be able to have sex correctly.

What affects the quantity and how to increase?

For most men, it seems that the more actively they behave in sexuality, the more resources and forces of the body are spent. From the point of view of medicine, this is refuted by the fact that sexual activity is, on the contrary, a guarantee of good health, the normal functioning of several systems and organs at once. Despite this, sexologists say that sex 2 times a week is sufficient.

But for representatives of the stronger sex, the woman’s opinion, her satisfaction with the partner and the quality of intimate relationships are decisive. Therefore, I want to give the woman pleasure as often as possible, but what if she does not have one sexual act per night? Using certain techniques, you can increase the number of sexual acts. If a man does not have ejaculation after sexual intercourse, this suggests that further acts will be harmful to health.

What determines the number of sexual acts in a row?

The desire to have sex several times in a row is more a result of the ambitious behavior of men seeking to assert themselves and subjugate women. According to most doctors, sex more than 1 time per day can lead to exhaustionlack of nutrients and vitamins. Increased fatigue, in turn, leads to a decrease in mental abilities.

The ability of a man and the possibility of repeating sexual intercourse over and over again depends directly on the age of the man. Doctors note the greatest opportunities in young guys who are dependent on the action of hormones and the psycho-emotional background. At a more mature stage of life, the libido of the stronger sex and excitability decreases slightly, as does the level of testosterone produced.

The sexual activity of a man can be affected by:

  • partner’s temperament and activity,
  • environment and relationships between partners,
  • psychologically acceptable climate
  • a change of scenery,
  • external influence by pathogens.

It is unambiguous to say how much sexual intercourse can be repeated, how to engage in and with what regularity a man can not have a sexual life at a certain age. On average, 2-3 times a week are considered the norm, it all depends on the individual characteristics of the body, temperament and state of health.

How much time does a man need to regain strength in sex? - reviews of men

Here you can spend a direct relationship from the temperament of the man, as well as other factors that we mentioned in the previous paragraph: nutrition, lifestyle, attitude to the partner, as well as her own behavior in bed. Much will depend on the constitution of the man, as well as his hormonal background.

Focusing on numerous reviews of men, it was noticed that too short breaks between sexual intercourse (about 15 minutes or less) cannot guarantee very vivid sexual experiences during orgasm and sexual intercourse, especially if the number of sexual intercourse exceeds 3 in a short time.

Several sexual acts for day significantly increase the time before the onset of "quality", full in all sensations of orgasm. Daily sexual joys with several orgasms per day exhaust the man’s body, and sperm simply does not have time to be produced.

Many men note that in order to finish several times a night, a break in sex of at least 7 days is required, otherwise it is not possible to experience an orgasm more than 2 times a day, and this is quite reasonable, because you can not argue with physiology. On average, in the presence of all favorable conditions, a very young man needs about 20 minutes to restore strength, a mature man (from 30 years) - up to one hour or more. In addition to the physiological capabilities of men, a large role is played by sexual attraction to women.

“Physically, you can many times, 3, 6, or even 10. But all of this will depend on the partner. With one woman you want several times a night, and with the other it may not work out even once. She sends you to the doctor, they say, impotence, all things. ... But you know that if there were another in her place, then ... ", the men write on the forums.

How to increase stamina and the number of sexual acts at a time or per night

In order to always remain sexually active and able to satisfy the needs of a woman, it is important for a man to monitor his lifestyle. For the full functioning of the genitals, it is important to lead an active and mobile lifestyle, be physically strong and hardy, as well as eat healthy foods that are rich in all vitamins and minerals.

Scientifically proven that the psycho-emotional background of a man depends on food. People prone to bad eating habits are many times more likely to experience depression and low stress resistance. On the emotional background, in turn, depends on the potency and sexual activity of men.

Special attention should be paid to the state of the hormonal system. In order to increase the production of sex hormones, it is important for a man to increase the intake of vitamins A and E. They are rich in eggs, cod liver, carrots, and all kinds of animal fats. Also, all B vitamins are recognized as masculine; they can be found in legumes, potatoes, fish, meat and dairy products.

Products such as all kinds of herbs, blackcurrant, citrus fruits, bell peppers and sea buckthorn will be useful for the circulatory system.

To increase sexual capabilities, the following negative factors should be avoided:

  • smoking,
  • drinking alcohol
  • drugs
  • fried and fatty foods
  • flour products.

Such bad habits disrupt blood circulation, hormonal levels, as well as metabolic processes. If a man engages in physical exercises, this will contribute to the development of endorphins, which are responsible for good mood and psycho-emotional stability. Thus, a man will be able to increase his chances of having sex more than once at a time.

To frequent sexual intercourse does not deplete the body, it is important to take vitamin complexes in a timely manner:

How much time does a man need to regain strength in sex? - reviews of women

Women reviews in numerous forums "about this", as well as in the offices of sexologists, they do not differ too much from similar men's reviews, with the only difference being that women are often not clear why a man does not want to have sex several times a day. The physiological characteristics of a man’s body are often not taken into account, and a woman believes that man’s strength does not go anywhere.

“If there is time and a place, as well as a beloved woman nearby, then a man can finish at least as many times, with a break of 15 minutes. He’s a man for that,” many women write on the forums. In general, female reviews suggest that over time, a man needs more and more time to restore strength in sex. If at the very beginning of a relationship in a couple, the break between sexual intercourse averaged 20 minutes, then in a few years it would take a day or more. Much here depends on the sexual activity of partners, and it often happens that a man’s capabilities grow with his partner’s sexual appetite.

The influence of women on the sexual activity of men - tips

Contrary to stories that men's thoughts are only occupied with “this,” women love sex almost more than men. In order for the female libido to recover after intercourse, you only need the desire and passion that the woman will have for the partner, which will be the reason for the following sexual intercourse. In the case of the stronger sex, everything is different, and the presence of potency in men does not always depend on the mere desire to have sex. What should women do to stimulate the sexual activity of men? The answer is one: arouse your partner and be desired.

1. A man is a visual. He likes a woman who looks beautiful and attractive. So that the fire of passion does not go out, constantly bring variety into your life. Try to look sexy, look after yourself, use pleasant, but not intrusive perfumes. Wear clothes that will make a man want to fantasize, because he likes to contemplate the smooth bend of the neck, décolleté, sexy legs and accentuated bends of the waist.

2. Do not forget about nutrition, which affects the potency of men. Seafood and any healthy, natural products increase it. Fatty, fried foods, as well as alcohol in large quantities adversely affect potency.

3. Your behavior, voice and look must be sensual.. Try not to let yourself scream and be rude. In no case do not enter the role of "general on the parade ground", that is, a woman who issues commands in a loud, powerful voice. Indeed, for a man you are a feminine principle, and it cannot be stronger than his masculine principle, which generally contradicts the natural harmony in the relationship between the two sexes, and, of course, will not stimulate a man for sex.

4. Come up with more sex chips in bed more often. Do not let the man get bored, whisper passionately and gently in his ear, let him feel you, for which you take his hands, and sensually guide them along the most exciting bends of your body. Use in the arsenal of your seductive tricks affectionate, touch and sexual kisses. Do not forget about unconventional ways of love (oral and anal sex), but not too often to prevent them from becoming a habit.

With skillful stimulation of sexual activity men a woman, he will wait for the arrival of night and sexual intimacy as a holiday in which he will be presented with the most coveted and long-awaited gift.


When determining the average indicator, they take time from the beginning of the introduction of the male organ to the moment of "finish". That is, it is exclusively a friction stage and preliminary caresses are not included there.

  1. According to medical statistics from different countries, the same numbers are issued: from 2 to 6 minutes! This is the average duration of sexual intercourse.
  2. According to the same statistics, 75% of males periodically finish in 2 minutes after entering!

Abnormalities and rare exceptions

  • There are people with an accelerated eruption, when they come to the finish line even not having time go with a woman in a horizontal position or undress. This is either due to long abstinence, or due to the reasons described below.
  • There are people who find it difficult to get to a denouement even after 40-50 minutes of intercourse. They have such a deviation with a delay in the finish.

How much do you really need to hold on to

In fact, in order to give a woman pleasure and satisfy her desires, you need how minimum 20-30 minutes. And this is a minimum!

With some women need about 1 hourso that they really are satisfied.

Of course, girls have rare exceptions, but these are just rare exceptions.

When it is a problem in other words

  1. When the liquid end came even smaller than in 2 minutes.
  2. When a woman remains unsatisfied and dissatisfied after a night in bed with you, you should also think about how to increase the duration of an act in a man at home.
  3. When in most cases a partner can not to control his body, cannot stay in bed as much as he would like, which brings tension and discomfort to the relationship.


  • neurosis in everyday life, they become stressed during intimacy,
  • the conviction in the head like “closeness is immoral and bad,”
  • long absence of a woman
  • decline libido,
  • the appearance of a new girl,
  • tensions or quarrels in relationships,
  • suppression their desires at a young age,
  • high organ sensitivity
  • fear of failure
  • injuries lower back or spine, hernias in the same areas,
  • sedentary lifestyle,
  • craving for smoking
  • alcohol abuse.

Now we will analyze the 19 best tips on how to increase the duration of sexual intercourse from average to those most necessary and desired high rates for both partners.

1. Pay more attention to foreplay

Prelude is a foreplay with a girl.

Having given them proper time at the beginning, then during the intercourse the girl will have more pleasure with you, will remain satisfied and get more buzz.

What you should pay attention to before proximity:

  1. Sniff her neck. This creates such a sensual moment when you sniffed one side of her neck, you look at your lips, creating passionate tension, and without discharging it, you move to the other neck.
  2. Kisses in lips.
  3. Touching her back.
  4. Kisses and caresses her neckline.

2. Kegel exercise

  • The second way to increase the duration of sexual intercourse and the time of making love is to train special muscle using a special Kegel exercise.
  • The exercise is voltage and relaxing the same muscles used to stop urination.
  • And every time you go to the toilet, train to stop and resume again jet liquids. We also talked about this technique in other publications.
  • Thus, you will have a trained pubic-coccygeal muscle, which is very useful in bed with your beloved.

3. Special compression technique

This technique is applied at the moment when you feel that you have crossed a critical line, and your prostate is already beginning to contract rapidly.

In this case, do the following:

  1. Use squeezing Kegel muscles as when a jet stops in the toilet.
  2. Now forefinger and thumb of one hand squeeze organ around the bridle and the entire upper part.
  3. With the other hand ring clasp your body at the base.
  4. There should be no extra stimulation. This is all the essence method. In another article, we described similar techniques for dealing with an ailment.

4. Watch your breath

  • Correct and conscious breathing is what determines the duration of sexual intercourse and the average stats of many guys. Try not to breathe too fast.
  • Breathe in twice Deeper than usual, take a break, and only then take a deep breath.
  • Thus will slow down pulse, the heart will not beat too intensely, and all this will delay the premature finish.

5. The technique "Slow down and get it"

  1. The bottom line isthat you need to be able to stop if you feel the moment of discharge is approaching. Sometimes it’s good not to move at all and wait until you let go.
  2. If this does not help eitherthen, in general, you take out your dignity and wait again. Expect as much as necessary. Follow this method, implement it and ask less questions about what to do if I’ve been quick-fire.

6. Alternating different frictions

  • The essence of the method in alternating short shallow frictions along with deep and slow ones.
  • That is, first you can make one long and slow friction and four short and fast. Then 2 deep and 3 shallow and so on. At the end, you resume the circle in a new way.
  • This sixth technique for achieving a normal duration of sexual intercourse in a man will be useful to those who like to accelerate, but cannot afford it due to their delicate problem.

7. Technique “Pull - Pull”

The reflexes of our body are such that right before the denouement in bed, our testicles begin to tighten closer to the organ.

We must, on the contrary, pull them away from us. way down and slightly up with moderate medium strength. Do not squeeze them hard. Just took in ring and pulled away.

8. The technique of a thousand frictions

  • Before the start love affection you tell yourself and set yourself up so that you do not come to the finish line until you make 1 thousand reciprocating movements.
  • Remember thatthat with such a mental adjustment during intimacy after 20 minutes it will become much easier.
  • If you feelthat fits, remember how much he did, stopped, took out and switched to other caresses of her zones (the very 1 tip). Indeed, the inability to take pauses is one of the main answers to the question of why a man quickly ends.

9. The mentality of experienced guys who do not put an end to the first attempt

An experienced man will not attach great importance to a quick first finish. For him, this is not the finish, but only Start. He will not be alarmed, but will simply wait a little while and try again.

That is, you should not be limited to just one call and not necessary put an end to this. This is another important awareness on the topic of how to increase the time of sexual intercourse of a man without pills.

10. Choose the position with the least tension in the body

Sometimes even the slightest tension in the press, buttocks during intimacy with a woman leads to a fluid end.

Watch for complete body relaxation in zones pelvis, abdomen and even hands. It is the stress of these zones that is a frequent cause of rapid ejaculation.

In which positions the least straining body:

  1. woman pose from above,
  2. lying on its side
  3. man behind.

12. Do not stare at her figure

  1. Do not stare while intimacy on her charming figure. We also advised this technique in our other guide.
  2. The visuals are very impressive for men.
  3. A particularly dreamy sometimes they finish her body into something super beautiful, which accelerates even closer to the finish line.
  4. Therefore, either look away, or close your eyes, or simply do not stare.

14. Be sure to be friends with sports, physical exercises are required.

Most likely, the blood in your pelvis is very badly circulates, which negatively affects the bed.

Especially need sports for those who work a lot is sitting. This solves your many worries about how to increase the duration of sex.

What is useful:

  • sign up for yoga
  • do jogging
  • regular exercises with squats
  • stretch your inguinal muscles
  • perform circular rotations of the pelvic area,
  • various cross-fit exercises.

15. Healthy foods

  1. Quail eggs (amino acids and vitamins),
  2. Boiled fish, cod (rich in protein and phosphorus),
  3. Cabbage broccoli, parsley (vitamin C and zinc),
  4. Kiwi and citrus fruits (Vitamin C),
  5. Tomatoes and other products.

Proper nutrition also helps to achieve normal duration of sexual intercourse and ideal stamina in bed.

18. Do not change partners, be in a relationship with one woman

  • If you always If you change your partner, then with each new one there will be excess tension and psychological pressure from the fear of spoiling everything again. And your questions on how to increase the duration of sex with your beloved will continue to bother you.
  • Big step there will be regular love affair with one partner ahead. Your only woman will treat your illness with understanding, and together it will be easier for you to overcome it.
  • Some are afraid confess to the girl his problem and often flee from her. Open up and tell her. And you will see that from this there will be only pluses.

19. About surgical intervention

Surgery is worth resorting to only in the very last case! Only when you have tried all these methods and in a deadlock.

Do not recklessly lie down on the surgical table.

The essence of surgery is that the skin on the organ is removed, and it becomes less sensitive. Only 2-3 months after the operation, changes will be visible. Although this helps, it should be done only in the very least.

I want to express my gratitude for such a detailed article.

I have no stamina in the bedroom with my girlfriend, and I'm afraid to lose my beloved. At first, she seemed to not notice this nuance of mine, but each time more and more discomfort was added. I feel sidelong glances from her side.

This is unpleasant and very distressing for me.

I understand now that intimacy in relationships plays an important role, no matter how attractive you are.

Therefore, I advise everyone to take up this area closely, no need to always put off. Better late than never, as they say.

Moreover, such squeezes and tips on the topic of how to increase the erection time for the stronger sex, which are a sin to close their eyes, are collected here.

I work for a computer company and often sit in front of a monitor. Now I understand that this is very harmful to me. I would like to enroll in a gym and at least just run there on a treadmill. Our company allows its employees to engage in a gym for free.

Over time, it begins to seem to me that most of the stronger sex suffers from this ailment. I think it’s a mistake to believe that you are the only one with a defect, and everyone else does not have problems with endurance, and they supposedly have everything perfect.

At least now I know how long a man should have sexual intercourse, and I will go to the goal.

My husband also had problems with this before. I didn’t even think of breaking up with him, I just started helping him.

For my part there was not the slightest condemnation or reproach. There was a strong desire to help him, to prompt.

Well, the main thing is that he himself really wanted to deal with this disorder forever. Together, it happened, talked about this topic.

Your advice is very resonant and I want to apply. Now our problem is starting to disappear.

It happens that sometimes our problem is repeated. But this is only in cases where we do not see each other for a long time because of work. Therefore, in this context, this is normal and not a reason to panic.

A smart girl will treat this disorder with understanding. She will pretend that nothing happened.

The guy himself will understand that there is something to work on and will want to improve.

And together, both of them can do it. There is no such positioning that everyone is for himself. If you have it, then you are making a big mistake in the relationship.

I would like to wish everyone patience, inner harmony and growth. Growth in all aspects of relationships, including, of course, loving intimacy.

Thanks to the creators of this site. Now I know many answers to questions about what the normal duration of sexual intercourse in a man depends on. I wish you all love.

There is never too much good sex, and this is indeed a proven fact. Knowing this and wanting to fully satisfy their partner, men are wondering how to increase the number of sexual acts in a row at a time or per night. The question is not only very relevant, but also quite complicated, so it is necessary to find the right answer.

Of course, each representative of the stronger sex is trying to be a real macho in the eyes of his beloved, but whether this will negatively affect the state of his intimate health is another question.

The opinion of doctors about this

Medical experts have come to the conclusion that several coitus for men in a row is completely unprofitable. Everything needs to know the measure, but in this process there are subtleties. It all depends on how good health a young man has, what kind of temperament he has, how long sexual intercourse lasts. Of course, to go to daily records is very harmful, but having sex a couple of times a day is quite possible and this will not cause problems.

What affects the number of sexual acts?

Not everyone can make several sexual acts in a row. The possibility of realizing this desire depends on many external and internal factors, among which the following should be noted:

  • the temperament of a particular representative of the stronger sex,
  • how exciting the atmosphere and atmosphere is
  • Does a man have a strong sexual desire,
  • at what age is the representative of the stronger sex,
  • Does a man have physical or psychological health problems,
  • how long are sexual acts
  • Do partners use additional stimulation techniques?
  • how long a man has not had sex.

Before asking how to have sex several times in a row, a man should really evaluate his abilities and think about whether it would be appropriate for him specifically.

How to increase the number of coituses for a man?

To increase the number of times per night, a man or guy will have to work very hard. To begin with, a representative of the stronger sex needs to get in good physical shape, and then you can think about several sexual contacts during the night.

To make sex with your beloved woman more vibrant and the man can do it for a long time, you can safely use these practices:

  • apply the technique of additional stimulation of the penis, what a woman should do,
  • ask the fair sex to wear the most beautiful clothes and put on a marafet,
  • try to start after one sexual intercourse by watching an intimate video,
  • regularly eat foods that positively affect the male reproductive system,
  • not to make the first sexual intercourse too long, because after that it is quite difficult to achieve the desired success for the second time.

Some men, to achieve their goal, use different ointments and medications, which increase the cavernous bodies and promote blood flow, but this is hardly the best way out of the situation.


Men who want to have sex a couple of times in a row can be given a couple of useful tips. For example, to have a good result in bed, you need to lead a healthy lifestyle and say goodbye to being overweight. It is necessary to eat right, choose a partner who most satisfies the man in bed and practice additional stimulation.

But do not fanatically get involved in such a process and go on records, because it certainly does not promise anything good. You need to have sex only when the desire really arises, without trying to set any world records at the same time, causing harm to your own health. Even excessive amounts of vitamins are harmful and, it is worth remembering if you once again want to set a sexual record.

What is the usual number of sexual acts?

Many men are capable of a second orgasm, they have an erection, but more is a rarity. Although if you evaluate the physical side, then everything is possible. Here a significant role is played by psychology. Often men are even about re-sex they don’t think, believing that he is exhausting them very much, and they have such a busy life. It turns out that many of them have sex as if in half their strength.
There are several ways to learn. repeat erections. But first, it is worth understanding the fact that erection and ejaculation are not an end in themselves, because many men after completing sexual intercourse can achieve ejaculation by stimulating the penis with the hand. The main thing is to have the ability slow down the process of ejaculation. This is what will allow both partners to experience orgasm at the same time.

What ways to increase the number of sexual acts exist:

Premature ejaculation: It happens that a man's ejaculation occurs too quickly. In most cases, another erection will follow. This must be checked, and not upset before the time. It may well be that the next orgasm in a man will not be accompanied by an ejaculation, but it will be a good opportunity to give pleasure to a woman, focusing on this. Recently, a drug solution to the problem of premature ejaculation is known - Dapoxetine tablets.

But what about your partner: She should be sympathetic to the fact that if an erection does not occur, give the man the opportunity to completely relax. It may take some time. In addition, after the first sexual intercourse, the penis of men becomes very sensitive to effects, respectively, you need to act very gently. A woman can try to insert the penis into her vagina herself even with an incomplete erection. The most comfortable pose for this is lying on your side. Probably, after this, an erection, like ejaculation, will be full.

Slow down the pace: To push back ejaculation, as already mentioned, you need to make a stop, squeezing the penis by hand or pressing any point located between the anus and the root of the penis will also help.

Try to artificially increase an erection: At the moment, there are many drugs based on chemicals and herbs to prolong an erection and, as a consequence, an increase number of sexual acts. The most popular are Viagra, Cialis, Levitra, Sealex and of course many others.

Stay healthy: Also on the number of sexual acts and the ability to achieve orgasm in men affects exercise. It is necessary, in principle, to lead a healthy lifestyle. This also applies to nutrition, including which should be balanced. There are also generally accepted gastronomic aphrodisiacs: ginger, celery, dates, nuts.

Drugs to increase the number of sexual acts:

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Normal number of sexual acts per night

Their number seems to me to depend not on a man, but on a woman! If such a log lies, then you won’t throw one stick! And if the baby with a burrow - then you can scrolling all night, these same sexual intercourse and stop counting!
Traveler well done.

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How much on average is a simple man making love

It is customary to pinpoint the average duration of sexual intercourse from the moment when a man “enters” his woman until the moment he finishes. That is, the account does not take into account the prelude.

  • On average, men have sex in the world for 3-5 minutes.
  • According to the same data, more than half of men occasionally finish already 2 minutes after the start.

What is the deviation?

  • It is extremely rare, but still there are people who, with ease and without preparation, can stay in bed for 40 to 60 minutes. This is a violation of the norm, which is called a delay in the finale.
  • It is also infrequent, but there are men who end up without even having time to undress and begin to prelude. As a rule, this is due to a long absence of intimate relationships.

How to recognize a problem

  1. You end up in bed in less than 2 minutes.
  2. Your sweetheart remains sexually unsatisfied. This can cause psychological tension in the relationship and it may be worth starting to think about how to increase the duration of a man's sexual intercourse.
  3. When you are not able to control yourself and make love as much as you really want.

Prelude is important

Prelude is a kind of warming up in front of the main part of love.

It is worth paying attention to, as this can complement and strengthen the range of feelings and sensations during the main part of intimacy.

What to look for:

  • Caresses the neck. The girl’s neck is her erogenous zone, so give it your look. The neck can be stroked, kissed, caressed, it will excite your girlfriend and bring her pleasure.
  • More kisses on the lips.
  • Weasels in her neckline.

Muscle training love

  • Another effective way to increase the duration of sexual intercourse is to train your pubic-coccygeal muscle using Dr. Kegel's exercise.
  • The essence of the exercises is to specifically strain the muscles with which you can interrupt urination in the toilet.
  • Therefore, each time you go to the toilet in a small way, stop and release a stream of urine several times.
  • Take the habit of training the muscle of love, not only in the toilet, but anywhere. In bed with your beloved, simply squeeze the muscle as you did in the toilet, so you can last much longer.

We recommend that you familiarize yourself with the Kegel exercise tactics for men in more detail.

Compression method

When during sex you feel a surge of excitement and realize that you are about to finish, you need to perform the following algorithm of actions:

  1. Tighten the muscle of love from the last tip,
  2. At the same time, squeeze your friend around the bridle and upper part with the thumb and forefinger,
  3. With your other hand, take your dignity into the ring under the base,
  4. This will allow you to interrupt the reflexes of your body when the end approaches.

Control your breath

  • Many men pour in at this point, so remember, proper breathing is the key to long love.
  • 2 times inhale slower and deeperthan in everyday life. Then hold your breath for a couple of seconds and exhale slowly too.
  • Breathing at this pace, you will not provoke the panic reflex in the body that occurs with intense breathing.

Do not rush anywhere

  • If you feel increasing excitement and approaching the point of no return, you need to stop and wait until the stress passes.
  • If this helps poorly or it doesn’t work out that way, you need to pull out your friend and pause. Take your time to come back - wait as much as you need.

Move differently

Tactics involves alternating reciprocating movements during intercourse.

That is, you need to do fast, then slow frictions, then deep, then superficial.

There is no universal advice here, find middle groundwhich will suit you personally. But you should not always move fast, as in porn films, this mistake, which raises questions, how to increase the time of sexual intercourse.

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