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Braun BT 5010

Growing a beard is a long process that requires careful correction of facial hair. For this purpose, world manufacturers have created special devices - trimmers.

Different speeds, modes and nozzles allow you to work with hairs of any structure and length, forming neat beards, eye-catching whiskers or a fashionable three-day bristle.

Market annually promising new products with an expanded range of capabilities. One such promising model is the BraunBT5010.

Features of the Braun bt 5010 beard trimmer

Braun BT5010 is a beard and mustache trimmer released in 2015. The model is included in the updated line, designed to replace the popular variation of the BraunCruzer 5 Beard. The new generation of trimmers differs in the advanced design, ergonomics, usability.

BraunBT5010 is designed in classic black with bright blue accents. High-quality matte plastic, rubberized inserts on the body, streamlined shape that fits comfortably in your hand, make shaving with this device quick and convenient. Find out how to shave your beard with a trimmer here.

The device is assembled very carefully, which eliminates unpleasant vibration during operation and increases the life of the gadget. Users especially note the reliable attachment of the nozzle, strong and long teeth on the comb, combing well even unruly hairs.

The trimmer is powered by mains or battery. Users note that the battery lasts a long time, there is no need to connect the charger after each haircut.

The average charging mode is 1 time in 2 weeks when trimming the beard after 2-3 days. There is a quick five-minute recharge function, such an express mode will be appreciated by men who are faced with a constant morning time trouble.

Model perfect for men who want to trim a short beard or make a fashionable three-day stubble. It does not offer a variety of functions, does not force to change nozzles and overpay for operations that are not needed by the consumer.

The braun bt 5010 device will be an excellent choice for those who prefer a technique that combines several functions at once, or is just beginning to independently care for their beard.

A flat, not too wide nozzle with blades and a comb allows you to comb, shorten and mill the hairs, giving the beard an ideal look in just a couple of movements.

The blades are made of high-strength alloy, they gently cut hairs in one go, without irritating the face and without injuring the skin. At the same time a light facial massage is performed, stimulating a more uniform growth of the beard.

The user has 20 options for haircuts (hairstyles with a beard) in increments of up to 0.5 mm. The choice of the desired mode is carried out manually, using the thumb wheel.

As a result, hairs from 1 to 10 mm long can be trimmed. The device is not designed to work with long beards or treat hair on the head.

Caring for the appliance is easy. The case can be washed with a jet of water, for a neat cleaning of the knives and comb, a hard brush is included in the kit. After washing, the trimmer needs to be dried and put away for storage.

Occasionally self-sharpening knives need to be lubricated with special oilThe bottle is attached. Accessories for this model - brown mesh 5010 3 series - can be purchased at a specialized store.


  • Type of appliance: beard and mustache trimmer.
  • Number of nozzles: 1.
  • Number of cutting modes: 20.
  • Possible haircut length: from 1 to 10 mm, pitch no more than 0.5 mm.
  • Power Type: offline / offline.
  • Full recharge time: 5 hours.
  • Battery Life: 50 minutes.
  • Additional features: charge indicator light, express charge mode.
  • Manufacturer's Warranty: 3 years.
  • Equipment: beard comb comb, cleaning brush, lubricant oil, charger, manual, cardboard box.

Price policy

Braun bt 5010 beard trimmer can be purchased at large chain stores of household appliancesas well as in online supermarkets. The price is affordable. During sales or liquidation of stores, the trimmer can be purchased on even more favorable terms. Seasonal discounts reach 40%.

  • Moscow and Moscow region (Technosila): 3790 rubles.
  • St. Petersburg (Eldorado): 3789 rubles
  • Ekaterinburg (Sidex): 3,753 rubles.
  • Novosibirsk (E96.ru): 3690 rubles.

Advantages and disadvantages

Customers rated the new product, noting following pluses:

  • compactness ease of use,
  • ergonomic design
  • the possibility of both battery life and network connection,
  • enough charge for a long time,
  • there is a quick recharge mode in 5 minutes,
  • easily switches to any length of bristles,
  • cleared without problemscan be washed under running water,
  • quiet operation, no vibration,
  • a narrow blade allows you to more accurately handle the beard of a complex configuration,
  • the device is reliable, does not break.

Despite the large number of advantages, the model there are also disadvantages. Users who have already tried the trimmer in action note:

  • lack of a cover or case,
  • the device is not very convenient for cutting a long beard, hairs from 13 mm are cut unevenly, sometimes they break out,
  • single nozzle limits haircuts,
  • not included razor and vertical rotary nozzle.

Men who prefer curly beards should buy a razor. It is convenient to take the device on the road, but you will have to choose a suitable travel bag for its storage.

Braun BT5010 trimmer is suitable for travelers, people who are often on business trips, as well as those who prefer to quickly and accurately trim their beard, without needing to cut complex styles.

The device is reliable and durable, and its attractive price makes it a welcome acquisition for many. But, to maintain your beard in good condition, you also need proper care with all kinds of means: soap, balm, wax, oil (burdock, castor) and others. As a result, fast growth, beard density and a well-groomed look are provided to you.

Features Braun BT 5010

* Check with the seller for exact specifications.

Main characteristics

Nutritionoffline / offline
Charge indicatorthere is
Charging time1 hour
Rotary enginenot
Battery life50 min
A typefor beard and mustache
Wet cleaningthere is
Additional Informationcleaning brush, oil, quick 5-minute charge function for one session
Number of nozzles1
Number of length settings20
Beard haircutthere is
Haircut Features
Haircut length1 - 10 mm
Haircut length settingusing the knob

* Check with the seller for exact specifications.


Perfect trimming and shaping

The Braun BT 5010 beard trimmer allows you to get perfectly adjusted length and precise contours - two necessary conditions for any excellent look. Regardless of whether you want to get a stylish bristle or trim your beard, a removable trimmer head will provide everything you need.

Feedback (23)

Anonymous - May 18, 2016

I got this trimmer a couple of weeks ago, left a good impression, copes with its functions. This is my third trimmer, so there is something to compare. It is convenient to use, it shaves the beard well, does not leave long hairs and does not slip, thanks to it it began to wear a three-day stubble, before using the other trimmer it was not possible to evenly shave the hairs. I didn’t try to shave on my head, but, I think, it will remove my hair and there it is no worse than on a beard. It is very convenient that you can wash it under water. But by occupation, you often have to travel around the cities, the trimmer should always be at hand, and there is no cover in the kit, you have to carry the trimmer with all the accessories in a small bag, so I put "4", so the company could not skimp on this)))

Suitable for cutting beards, mustaches and hair on the head, a nozzle with setting the desired hair length (20 options), rubberized part of the body, washing the trimmer under a stream of warm water, keeps charging for a long time, oil and brush for cleaning are included

The lack of a cover in the kit does not shave the beard to zero

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Watch the video: Braun BT5010 Mens Beard Trimmer Review (February 2020).

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