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Shaving Accessories

This video shows an easy way to extend the life of a regular razor blade. Blades are very expensive and many use one blade for a week or more until it becomes dull. Then the blades usually change. If you use this method “Sharpen the blade with ordinary jeans”, the life of your blade will noticeably last and you will get months of comfortable and smooth shaving. I do not know how long you can use one blade, but I have been using mine for 6 months now.
When you finish shaving, go straight and get an old pair of jeans, hold one leg with your hand, and with your other hand draw a razor leg with your razor 10-20 times, then change direction. This will allow your razor to be sharp for quite some time.
I also sharpen the blade before and after shaving in the same way. I also blow off water droplets from the razor, as moisture is the main enemy of the blade.
If you want, you can lower your razor into the cologne until the next shave to completely eliminate the water.
This method will save you a fortune. At the time of this video, the packaging of the four Gillete Fusion blades cost about 350 rub.. If you change the blade once a week, you spend about 4200 rub. in year. If you change the blade once every six months, then it costs you only 350r. in year. Simple math!

I hope your shaving soon becomes almost free!

T razor

How often and how thoroughly do you wash your t-shaped machine? During operation, a raid accumulates on the razor with the remnants of shaved hairs. Shaving with such a machine is not only unpleasant, but also dangerous, because during breaks between shaving in such contaminants pathogenic microflora will multiply, which can lead, at a minimum, to irritation, and at most to more serious dermatological diseases.

Machine Care Tips:

  • Wash the machine well with hot running water every time after shaving. Make sure there is no soap or hair left on it.
  • Dry the razor well. Do not wipe the blade with a towel - this will quickly make it unusable. You can water the blade with a small amount of cologne - alcohol will displace water and provide disinfection.
  • A pen made of natural material such as wood or horn must be wiped dry with a soft cloth after each use.
  • Change blades or cassettes in a timely manner. When changing blades, full cleaning of the machine is also recommended.
  • If you use a cassette machine and purchase removable cassettes for future use, monitor their proper storage and protect them from moisture!
  • Keep the shaver in the stand - this will protect it from damage and water accumulation.
  • Once every two to three months it is necessary to completely disassemble and thoroughly clean the machine: soak in hot water for 20-25 minutes and wash with a brush, paying particular attention to gaps and irregularities. It is permissible to use toothpaste for cleaning (but not whitening, as it contains abrasive particles and can damage the razor coating) after cleaning, rinse the machine well in running water. You can treat the screw parts with automotive grease - this will provide additional protection against corrosion.

ATTENTION! Cleaning with paste is allowed only on chrome and steel surfaces.

Travel sets

As a rule, a travel machine (t-shaped or cassette) and a brush are included in the travel kit. Shaving brushes in such cases are usually made of fiber. This material is more wear-resistant, dries faster and less demanding in care.

Travel Kits Care Tips:

  • If possible, do not put a wet brush on the cover, make sure that there is no water left on the razor - this will help to avoid an unpleasant odor, which can result from the formation of mold and musty. If it is not possible to dry the brush, do it as soon as the opportunity presents itself.
  • After the trip, thoroughly clean the machine, lubricate moving parts, if necessary.
  • Store accessories correctly. Although a shaving brush with a synthetic pile is not as whimsical as a natural one, only a completely dry brush should be removed for storage. Of course, before that, it must also be thoroughly washed. Read more about care for shaving brush here.

Proper and timely care will not take you much time, becoming part of the shaving ritual. But this will help to extend the life of your shaving accessories, and you will enjoy a comfortable and high-quality shave longer.


As we began to value comfort more during shaving, the demand for a razor stand / shaving brush is growing every day. Most of the stands are made of metal, and their body is often coated with chrome, which avoids corrosion. Also, in the manufacture of the rack, durable plastic can be used. There are even wooden coasters. Each material has its pros and cons. Therefore, it is worth choosing a stand at your discretion and taste.

Rinse blades after each use

The fact is that the remnants of the gel or shaving foam contribute to the appearance of rust, and stuck hairs can cause scratches. To thoroughly rinse the razor and clean all corners, hold it under a sufficiently powerful stream of water, turning at different angles.

Do not try to clean the blades by tapping the edge of the sink with a razor: such actions can damage the cassette. The blades in your razor will snap into the wrong angle and shaving with this cassette will not be possible.

Shaving your razor or how to extend its life?

Statistics confirm the fact that most men spend about 3 months only shaving during their lives, so the demand for shaving tools and accessories is fully justified. In this regard, new products are constantly appearing on the market for such products and classic appliances do not lose their relevance. In order for the machines and razors to maintain their life and not become dull, it is important to follow the rules of care and maintenance.

About what should be the care of a razor, experts say, as well as men who share experience. Often, manufacturers of machine tools and electrical appliances themselves offer detailed instructions on their use and storage rules. Under the concept of care you need to understand two rules - this is the cleaning and storage of the machine or razor outside the shaving procedure. Subject to compliance, it is possible to extend the service life and maintain the quality of the shave.

How often to clean the razor?

So, as already mentioned earlier, care of shaving accessories involves cleaning and storage. In the first case, experts advise to clean razors as often as possible, especially for men who have a fast and thick beard, and shaving procedures happen every other day or every day. The more often cleaning is performed, the better the blades will cope with their tasks.

When it comes to electrical appliances, many of them imply a self-cleaning system, which greatly simplifies the task of men. Shaving machines need to be cleaned, depending on the number of blades, for example, with a single blade, cleaning will be much less necessary than for razors with several blades in the cartridge. If the machine is disassembled, this greatly simplifies the process of cleaning the cassette with blades.

Most common cleaning errors

Cleaning a razor would seem a fairly simple task that does not require skills. But many men make a lot of mistakes that violate the functionality of the tool. For instance:

  1. It is forbidden to flush the entire machine if it is possible to remove the head separately with interchangeable cartridges. This will cause excess moisture to enter the machine, damaging its integrity. Classic machines and razors must first be disassembled into parts, then cleaned and rinsed.
  2. It is forbidden to clean and use repeatedly disposable machines, since even if the hairs are cleaned, the blades will be blunt. Shaving with this tool will lead to skin irritation and rash.
  3. The machine should be cleaned immediately during shaving, washing it under a stream of hot water. Otherwise, the foam will harden together with the hairs, adhering tightly to the machine tools of the blades and the machine.
  4. You need to rinse the razor immediately after the procedure is completed, in order to easily remove the remaining bristles and cosmetics.
  5. After washing the blades, it is forbidden to immediately place the machine in a bottle or case, since the machine needs to be allowed to dry.

As a rule, T-shaped types of razors with metal parts are subject to disassembly, and reusable machines can be completely washed under hot water. After water procedures, the machine is placed on the stand with the head down to allow the remaining moisture to drain.

Learn more about sharpening T-razor blades and electric shavers.

Shaving by razor

Many of the nuances of cleaning a razor depend primarily on its type and model. The rules for cleaning mechanical tools were previously described, but experts put forward different requirements for electric shavers. For many men, the question remains unanswered of how to clean the razor from plaque and hairs, especially when it comes to an electric device.


If we consider an electric shaver for wet shaving, in this case, the cleaning procedures are based on washing the device under a hot stream of water, as well as thoroughly drying it. You need to do this as follows:

  • the device is unplugged
  • apply a little liquid soap to the razor mesh,
  • then the device must be turned on so that it works on battery power,
  • under a stream of water you need to rinse only the shaving head,
  • then you need to remove the shaving part of the razor and rinse under water to remove residual fat and hairs,
  • the device is turned off, the protective mesh and the shaving unit are removed from it so that the razor is thoroughly dried when disassembled,
  • after drying, the device is collected.

But for a dry electric shaver, the cleaning instructions include the following:

  • the device is unplugged
  • remove the protective mesh and the cutting unit,
  • using the brush that comes with the kit, remove the remaining hair,
  • then the device is assembled.


For many models and types of machines, manufacturers have developed special cleaning sprays that facilitate the cleaning process. On how to clean a T-shaped razor or with cassette cartridges, experts share several rules:

  • During shaving and every time after shaving, the machine must be washed under running hot water to remove hairs and cosmetics.
  • The razor must be dried naturally or with a hairdryer, but in no case should you wipe it with a towel. Periodically, you can water the razor with cologne, since alcohol not only disinfects, but also displaces water.
  • At least once every 2-3 months, the razor must be completely disassembled, soaked in hot water for 20-30 minutes, and then washed with a brush. Particular attention should be paid to the gaps and embossed areas of the machine. You can use the help of toothpaste to clean the machine.

Also, experts advise periodically lubricating the cutting surfaces of any type of razor with special oils to protect against corrosion processes. For cassette razors, it is important to change the cartridges with the blades in time, as dull blades scrape off the skin layer and pull out the hairs.

How to store a razor?

It is forbidden to store any razor tool in the bathroom, as there is increased humidity. This can adversely affect the sharpness of the blades and the metal parts of the machine. Electrical appliances are also recommended to keep away from moisture, the room should be ventilated. Electric appliances have a box or a case; experts recommend stands for razors.

Storage Myths

Many men know that it is better to store a razor with a stand or a special case. In fact, this is an optional condition, but rather an addition from manufacturers of shaving accessories. The razor can lie absolutely anywhere, as long as it is not wet and condensation does not accumulate. Another misconception suggests that you need to store the razor unassembled. In fact, the assembly or disassembly of the machine does not affect the quality of its preservation and functionality.


No matter what a man shaves with a T-shaped machine, a reusable razor or an electric appliance for depilation, each thing requires proper attention, treatment and care. Machine tools are hazardous items, so they must be kept clean and sterile. In addition to standard hygiene procedures, they must be periodically disinfected with special means.

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