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Full beard - brutal Russian style

Every man in some period of his life understands that he wants to let go of his beard. The motives that push him to this decision may be different.

For some, hide the flaws in appearance, and for someone just once again change their image. In any case, a Russian beard is a win-win option, if you approach the issue with all seriousness. This article will point you to important nuances in this matter.


Full beard Russian is the widestchic and thick of all kinds. She looks as natural, courageous, impressive and in a good way aggressive!

If you describe the "anatomy" of a full beard, its borders go continuously from the whiskers, completely covering the jaw, connects with a mustache above the upper lip and goes under the chin, on the neck.

This style of a full beard speaks of the bold and decisive character of its owner. There are men who let go of their beards because they simply follow the fashion, but they are unlikely to like such a decision for a long time.

Indeed, the presence of facial vegetation in modern society obliges one to possess certain qualities of character, respectively style!

How did you get it?

There are many hypotheses regarding why periodically the relevance of the beard increases and becomes a necessary part of the male image. Once upon a time, she attributed a protective function against cold and wind, but then there were simply no well-sharpened razors.

And it was unlikely that at that time someone would have thought how to get rid of facial hair and considered it superfluous, because there were needs and more important ones! Later, during the period of wars and conquerors, all rulers and honored warriors were portrayed with a thick, magnificent beard. It was a symbol power and courage!

At a time when people already knew the word "progress" and its meaning, a beard was considered a sign of a man’s maturity, indicating his gender and gender. Then she was the pride and heritage of everyone, and her absence on the face of the male representatives caused pity, they were even considered weak and effeminate.

In the modern world, psychologists associate such an active appearance of unshaven faces with a female desire for emancipation. A strong half of the planet does not want to give up primacy, and thus decided to remind about its masculine beginning.

What does a Russian beard look like?

The second name of the full beard is Russian, not by chance. It appeared from the time of the great conquerors, when thick stubble was a sign not only of the brave qualities of character, but also a symbol of man’s maturity. The young man could not afford to grow such a hairline. The beard was designed to protect its owner from the wind, frost, and no one thought to get rid of the facial hair.

In Russia it was impossible to see a beardless man, and if this happened, then none of the merchants and farmers wanted to interact with a man of effeminate appearance. It was difficult for such men to start a family, they were considered unable to continue their clan. Russian beard changed everything. Its characteristic features and appearance:

  1. Borders. The beard is distinguished by its density, but its borders are clearly defined. She smoothly passes into the whisker zone and can connect with a mustache. Moreover, if you make the slightest changes, then it can not be called Russian or complete. Having grown and twisted his mustache, Verdi's style is obtained, and in the absence of a mustache, the Old Dutch type will be.
  2. The form. The beard completely hides the chin. At the same time, it should be neatly trimmed. The form reaches the zone of the ears and finishes beautifully in front of them. It is allowed to grow vegetation to any length.When viewed from the side, the bristles protrude forward from the chin - it depends on the type of facial hair.
  3. Variations. There are two types - short and long. A short option involves the growth of bristles of small length - up to about 1.5-2 cm. This will take about 15 days. Long variation implies the presence of vegetation over 3 cm.

Not every man can become the owner of this luxurious sign of courage, because it all depends on the intensity of hair growth. For example, at a slow pace of growing bristles, it will take more than 1 month to get the result. In addition, if facial hair is sparse, try not to make a beard.

In the presence of a mustache and beard, the man seems more serious, but do not forget about the features of brutal jewelry. The hair on the face and on the head differ in structure, stiffness and color. The beard will turn gray in spots, which cannot be said about the vegetation on the head - this must be taken into account when deciding to grow thick stubble.

Who is suitable for

A full Russian beard will suit almost all men. Going deeper into history, it can be noted that earlier facial hair was not only a sign of courage and courage, but also demonstrated other qualities. For example, a beardless man deliberately went out of church, and in order to preserve their own dignity and honor, the guys specially grew stubble for a long time. Today, women are divided into groups of lovers of "smooth cheeks" and "bearded", but previously a man had to grow facial hair.

They grew a beard to demonstrate their belonging to the Russian people, to desire to harmonize life, to show their independence, and also to emphasize masculinity. If you want to convey to others all of these features, then the style is suitable, but there are several nuances:

  • Russian beard hides face imperfections, it will help to hide the chin,
  • the full type is suitable for men with an oval face and a narrow chin: it will look advantageous and will successfully hide subtle facial features with a volume of vegetation,
  • for men with a large face and large cheekbones, this option is also suitable, but it will be difficult to do it yourself - this will require the hand of a master who will choose a good shape
  • if a man has a round face, then this form will help to lengthen it - it can be scruffy, but always thick and solid,
  • with the classic face shape in the form of an oval, this option is also suitable, because it is considered universal and looks original with any vegetation.

It is not recommended to choose a full beard for those men who have small head sizes. Visually, this type of cutting of vegetation will reduce the head, from the outside it looks ridiculous.

Russian beard is suitable not only for residents of Russia and the CIS countries, it is perfectly used in the West. For example, French women have long recognized the fact that a bearded man will be more passionate and active in bed, so they subconsciously choose partners with dense facial hair. It is believed that a bearded man is a reliable life partner who will solve all problems and protect his woman from adversity.

How to do it yourself

Even if a man boasts abundant growth of facial hair, this does not mean that making yourself a full form will be simple and easy. To observe a beautiful and designed result, it will take at least 5-6 months. This decision should be informed and balanced, as a lot of effort will be spent, and if the result is not pleasant, then it will be a pity for the time lost.

Several stages, how to find a unique brutal style yourself and grow a full beard:

  1. Forget about shaving. From the moment it was decided to grow stubble, it is necessary to completely forget about shaving the vegetation from the face. To evaluate the first signs of normal hair growth, it will take at least 1 month.Just at this stage, you can understand how quickly vegetation appears, and how dense it is. It is better to get rid of a razor or hide it so far that there is no temptation to use it.
  2. Watch the formation. This period, when you have to fully come to terms with facial hair. If before the beard never grew at all, then the first time it will be unusual. The desire to remove excess hairs sticking out in the wrong places of the skin will begin to appear, but it’s not worth the risk. This stage will help to find out what color the decorated result will be - it will differ from the color of the hair by several shades. In fair-haired men, vegetation takes on a reddish or chestnut tone. If at this phase questions arise about the form, you can turn to the barber.
  3. Decor. After 4-6 months, the bristles become thick, it covers the entire area of ​​the chin and cheeks, and also borders on the temples. At this stage, you can gradually begin to form. For example, visit a trusted master who can accurately choose the right shape.

You will have to modify your lifestyle and start eating right and balanced. As a result, the beard will be thicker and grow faster due to the production of testosterone. Growth Aids: Beef, Beans, Broccoli, Oysters, Cottage Cheese and Garlic. They contain large amounts of protein, zinc and calcium, and garlic inhibits the production of cortisol, which interferes with the production of testosterone.

Depending on the shape, you can choose several different options.

The formCharacteristic
French fork

Below the chin, the vegetation is divided into two parts Duck tail

Pointed chin beard Hollywood

The cheeks are shaved below the hairline, the beard is connected to the mustache. Box

Mustache smoothly connected to the main vegetation Verdi

Fully reaches ears, medium length Garibaldi

Vegetation extended at the bottom on the sides Russian beard

Main characteristics - disheveled and wild

Make a well-designed beard at home is unlikely to work. For the first time it is better to visit a professional, and eventually carry out independent home care.

If earlier a man could not shave for several months, he had dense vegetation, this was considered the norm, but today a beard is an integral fashion accessory. It must be carefully looked after, constantly monitor the form, if necessary, visit the barber. Borders must have contours, the absence of grooming is not allowed. The main principles of facial care for vegetation is to maintain shape and its hygiene. A few tips on how to properly care:

  1. Saving Form. The beard should be neat and well-groomed, like hair on the head. If you decide to wear this style for a long time, it is better to purchase a clipper. They are available with different nozzles and will help remove excess hair at different lengths. At the edges of the vegetation can be treated with a manual razor. Initially, the master gives the form, then the man himself must monitor her condition.
  2. Buying a trimmer. This device is compact and inexpensive, it allows you to remove excess hair in a matter of minutes. This option is suitable when you need to quickly bring the beard in proper form before leaving the house. A trimmer is best to go around the border to draw borders, and then go off with a typewriter.

A full beard suits every man - she adds courage, makes the look serious and stylish. It will take at least 5 months to grow such a beard, and then a daily care process will follow. If such difficulties are not frightening, you can safely begin the experiment and start growing this fashion accessory on your face.

1. Lifestyle

The main secret to the growth of a thick beard is a sufficient amount of the male hormone testosterone, which affects the normal functioning of hair follicles.Those who do not have problems with this hormone are distinguished by increased strength, endurance and, of course, hairiness.

Most Russian men in the old days adhered to a very active lifestyle. They were engaged in agriculture, hunting, fishing, construction or military affairs. Physical activity has a positive effect on testosterone production, so beards grew very well.

2. Bath

Baths in Russia were popular not only among the common people, but also among the upper class and even among the tsars. Most houses had their own bathhouse, which was used not only to maintain cleanliness, but also for ritual purposes. Childbirth, birthdays, weddings and other important events, certainly "washed" in the baths.

Bath procedures, namely the effects of steam, hot water and a broom massage, increased blood circulation, which, in turn, led to an improvement in metabolism and a positive effect on hair growth. Many men washed themselves with water, in which birch brooms were soaked, which also had a beneficial effect on the beard.

Nowadays, experts are not in vain recommending the use of nourishing masks in the bathhouse - there they are absorbed much better and the effectiveness of such products is maximized.

How to choose a fashionable haircut for a beard?

The rectangular shape. In this case, you need to lengthen the face. This can be achieved using a beard in the form of a horseshoe or with the help of a whisker.

Square face. For this form, a small beard is suitable, which will make facial features more smooth and neat.

Men's beard trends 2019-2020

Fashionable hairstyle - side parting in combination with sunglasses looks good in the summer.

A shirt with small peas, a radiant smile - a great combination. Denim, so beloved by many, how could it be without him ?! Denim vests and fashionable denim jackets do not miss their positions not only from men's, but also from women's fashion.

3. Wooden comb

The main rule for caring for a beard is to brush it regularly. Without a doubt, men in Russia knew this very well, so bearded men never parted with crests. Regular combing helps evenly distribute fat from the roots of the hair to its ends, providing them with quality nutrition. Thanks to combing, the beard becomes thick and lush.

A comb made of wood was such an integral part of the Russian man that this simple accessory was even put in the grave. In many ancient men's graves found on the territory of our country, they found devices for caring for a beard, along with weapons and horse harness.

Our ancestors knew a lot about proper hair care. Modern stylists also recommend using wooden combs to comb the beard, which do not damage the hair structure. The use of products made from natural material made the hair healthy and silky.

4. Herbal remedies

Many recipes for hair masks used today have come to us from time immemorial. Healers in Russia advised men who had problems with the growth of a beard, nutritious decoctions, which were based on nettles, chamomile and burdock. Decoctions for washing and rubbing into hair and face skin were made from these plants.

Masks for hair growth were made from honey and onions. To do this, the onions were carefully chopped, and then mixed with honey. The resulting mixture was applied to the skin and held for several minutes, after which it was thoroughly washed off. The beneficial substances contained in this mask helped provide vitamins and microelements to the skin and hair roots, contributing to their growth and healing.

5. Oil of butter

In many works of literature of the 19th and early 20th centuries, one can find mention of a strange action for a modern person - lubrication of hair with lamp oil. For example, P.N. Petrov in the novel “The Tsar's Court” writes about this as follows:

Such oil, sometimes also called "wood", is today known as Extra Virgin Olive Oil or just extra virgin olive oil. It is used today to strengthen hair and accelerate its growth. They greased them not only hairstyles, but also beards, which became beautiful and thick from this simple cosmetic product.

For a long beard, oil can be indispensable. Just a month after the onset of beard growth, the sebaceous glands cease to nourish the hair in the required volume. In this case, modern analogues of lamp oil help, which cosmetic companies now produce specifically for bearded men, also help.

Men's beard mustache 2019-2020 fashion trends

In 2020, the mustache and beard became a real trend in the world of men's fashion. Smooth-shaven men are now not held in high esteem. It is believed that a young man becomes more sexy and attractive if he has a mustache or beard (or both).

But the choice of a mustache and beard is a purely individual process, since incorrectly selected shape and length can have the exact opposite effect. Mustache has always been popular and in demand among the male population. They serve as a decoration and a means to radically transform the appearance.

After all, with the help of such a detail, you can hide flaws and adjust the shape of the face. Mustache haircuts can be very diverse, and it is necessary to choose exactly those that will be in harmony with the appearance of the man. When choosing a mustache shape, they need to be perfectly suited to the features and shape of your face.

It is also important to consider the shape of the nose and the position between the chin, mouth and nose. In general, mustache haircuts should be done by professionals who are individually suited to each client, his appearance and style.

6. The lunar calendar

Today, many believe that the moon affects the growth of plants and ... hair. In the old days, this belief was simply iron. It was believed that if you trim the beard during the growing moon, then it will grow much faster. On a waning moon, a haircut also has a special effect - it helps to strengthen the roots and protect hair from falling out.

On the new moon, neither the hair on the head nor the beard was cut, as it was believed that this procedure could shorten a person’s life. We can neither refute nor confirm the validity of these statements, but we know one thing for sure - many today even check the lunar calendar before taking on a trimmer or scissors.

As we see, over the centuries, nothing has changed in the important business of caring for a beard in Russia. New accessories, devices and cosmetics appeared, but the basic rules remained unchanged, and folk remedies are still very popular.

I must say that barbershops have not changed too much over the past century - the atmosphere of these purely male beauty salons remains unchanged at all times in any country.

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Fashionable Russian beard 2020

This is perhaps the most extravagant beard. This is the embodiment of courage, charisma and the extraordinary inner strength of its owner. It is thick, large, wide and simply chic.

It is impossible to pass by such a beard without paying attention. To whom does such a beard fit? First of all, for men whose facial hair is quite high.

As for the triangular shape of the face - this is what you need, will hide a narrowed chin and even out facial features.

A round or square face shape is also suitable for a Russian beard, but the process of applying a beard must be approached responsibly, so it is better to contact a professional.

If you are the owner of an oval face shape, then the path to experimentation is open to you, since any form of a Russian beard will suit you. Alas, if you have a small face, then a Russian beard is not your case at all.

After all, she can make your face even smaller.

Full male beard 2020

The most common and popular and all-encompassing type of beard is full or as it is also called Russian. It is precisely because this beard emphasizes masculinity that it enjoys such popularity.

The style of this beard is to make a look of minimal control over the growth of the beard, but the maximum of its everydayness and naturalness. A full male beard implies the growth of stubble on the neck and cheeks, as well as the chin and lip. The length of the beard in this style is controlled by its owner.

In the process of growth, the beard must be leveled, so you can create your own unique beard haircut. Photos of a fashionable full or Russian male beard can be viewed below.

Beard - Anchor 2020 photo

Anchor is very popular among beard haircuts. A feature of this beard haircut is the fact that on the chin it maximizes. In the photo below, it is fashionable to see a beard anchor with an elongated chin.

The chin must be combined with a strip of bristles under the lower lip. The latter is better to shave in the form of a triangle with an angle looking towards the chin. To add a mustache to this beard, it is best to use a mustache pencil.

It is then that your beard and mustache haircut will find harmony. A photo of the beard anchor can be seen above.

Fashionable French beard 2019-2020 photo

French beard style is also gaining popularity in 2019-2020. There are a lot of types in this beard style, for example, imperial, royale or French pirate.

Since this beard is only gaining its popularity, it is still rare to meet it.

At the peak of popularity, this beard was at the time of the musketeers, but for lovers of something unusual it’s perfect.

Espanyol beard 2019-2020 photo

Among men, this type of beard haircut is considered one of the most popular and next year the situation will not change much. Needless to say, it is espaniola that is preferred by creative individuals who try to express their individuality in this way. By the way, just such a haircut will look very good on the triangular shape of the face.

Fashionable goatee 2019-2020 photo

Pretty popular with young people. The man's face is shaved, the beard grows only in the lower part of the chin. Such a goatee is again at the peak of popularity. It is especially common among NBA basketball players. Examples include Bradd Pitt, Robert Pattison, Johnny Depp.

Stylish and fashionable models of men's cardigans can be seen in the photo in this article.

Fashionable men's beard for red 2019-2020 new

Red-haired men, most of them are Scots or Norwegians, also have no problems with the appearance of a beard. Holders of a monochromatic color of hair on the face - red, can afford to grow a beautiful thick beard, not to mention those in which the color of the hair on the face begins with red and ends with black. The latter were just out of luck.

Shave or grow

Shave or not to shave? Many men ask a similar question, because over the past 4-5 years, facial hair has thoroughly become fashionable.

On the one hand, a smooth face is considered a classic, to which many are accustomed. On the other hand, a beard will allow you to stand out from the crowd and emphasize your personality.

The disadvantages and advantages are both in daily shaving and in the growth of facial hair.

Usually, facial hair adds age to a man

Over the past five years, the frequency of hair transplant procedures in the beard area has increased by 600%.

How will a classic beard characterize you:

  • A full beard that is well groomed says: "You are a man so much that there is nowhere else to go!" This means that you are mature, confident and courageous.
  • In general, the longer your beard, the more wild and unconventional you will appear in the eyes of most of the world. Especially your mom!
  • If you are looking for the image of a “bad guy”, your beard should be battered.
  • A full beard that is “several days after the roughest stubble” means that you are sexy, brave and not respectful.
  • Shabby beard means disobedience to style and exudes self-confidence
  • Be careful! Women love sexy rough bristles! But, if you notice that the one with whom you are kissing looks like she was wiping herself on sandpaper after washing, then you need help! Grow a longer beard to make the hair softer, or make the bristles shorter. The first option is welcome more

Full beard for you if:

  • You heard the call of the ancestors who lived hunting!
  • Your girlfriend left you and you need to warm up somehow this winter
  • If you are already so old that you could start buying alcohol ten years ago, but you are still asked for documents
  • Your girlfriend really wants you to do this.
  • Just bad time)

How to make a classic beard

In order to make a full beard you need to preserve the natural look of the cheek line. If, in your opinion, the line goes too high, then you can lower it at an angle to the whiskers to the outside of the mustache.

Prepare a clipper and trimmer:

  1. First of all, the beard should be aligned over the entire growth (walk with a nozzle about 5 mm along the cheeks, chin and neck).
  2. Then, with a trimmer without a nozzle, you need to create a clear line in the lower part of the face, smoothly moving the trimmer down.
  3. Fully remove the hair below the selected line with a trimmer without a brush, moving from bottom to top.
  4. Finally, shave off the extra hairs on the cheeks.

Done, you can enjoy the look of a classic beard and grow it for the length you need.

Beard Myths

People who wore a beard most likely came across the most common stereotypes that relate to facial hair, but most of them are fiction:

  • Regular trimming of the beard makes facial hair thicker. This is not true. The fact is that immediately after shaving or cutting, the hair seems more dense and thick, but this is only a visual effect.
  • The beard is inconvenient in the form of itching and tingling. In fact, all the unpleasant sensations pass already in the second week of growing.
  • A beard grows everywhere at the same speed. This is another misconception, because the hair on the chin grows faster than on the cheeks.
  • Only dark beards look beautiful and attractive. Absolutely not! It does not matter what color your hair is, the main thing is to choose a suitable design.
  • A beard is formed by 2-3 weeks of growth. Everything is individual, but on average this process takes about two months.

Not only a dark beard can look attractive

Design options

Fashion is changing: today one thing is popular, tomorrow another. But there are basic things that remain unchanged. There are those in the field of beard design. If desired, you can do anything with facial hair. However, if you are a beginner "bearded man," then check out the most popular beard styling options:

  1. Anchor. A small beard has the shape of an anchor, and the mustache is made thin, dividing them with a strip in the middle.
  2. Russian beard. This design is suitable for men with thick hair, because the vegetation in this case covers the entire face: chin, neck, cheeks and the area above the upper lip.
  3. Hollywood Beard (Brett). It is made as follows: the vegetation around the lips smoothly connects with the hair along the lower jaw, not reaching the sideburn.
  4. Goatee (Spanish). In common people it is called a goatee. The hair around the lips with an elongated bun of hair on the chin.
  5. Chinstrap. Literally translated chin strap is a chin strap. Hair girdles the face from one temple to another.
  6. Burnside. This simple design implies a thick sideburn, and the chin should be shaved smoothly.
  7. Dali. It got its name in honor of the artist Salvador Dali.Thin antennae directed upwards. The rest of the skin on the face is smoothly shaved.

Classic beard care

Such a long and thick beard requires periodic shampooing. Occasionally, you can use hair conditioner - so the hairs become softer and more obedient. To dry, it’s enough to dampen the beard with a towel, using a hair dryer can harm the delicate skin of the face. In addition, the beard must be combed during the day with a special comb. Make sure that crumbs or other excess objects do not get stuck in the hairs. Even if you really want to knees, still try to limit its length. Too long vegetation will age you and make you look more like a tramp than a fashion guy.

Photo Gallery: Beard Designs

Design in the style of "Hollywood Beard" will adorn many men Chinstrap is a beard that encircles a face. Design of Goatee is popular at all times The design option for the vegetation on the face of “Dali” got its name in honor of the artist Salvador Dali Thick and dense hair is suitable for Russian Beard The Anchor Beard was named after the sea anchor Burnside style is characterized by thick whiskers

Hollywood beard as a complete variation

There is a softened version of Russian - a Hollywood beard (also known as "Bretta"). She was very popular among Hollywood actors of the 30s, from where she got her name. This beard style as well as the full one suggests abundant vegetation on your face. But a Hollywood beard requires more accuracy.

It differs from the Russian modest size (maximum a couple of centimeters) and the absence of whiskers. If you decide to choose a similar style, just use the instructions for cutting a full beard. But in this case, lower the line of hair growth on the cheeks with the trimmer to the level of the chin.

Celebrities who choose Russian or Hollywood style

Some public people have opted for these attractive options. Why don't you join the ranks such as:

  • Jared Leto,
  • Zach Halifianakis,
  • Jim carrey,
  • Jude Law,
  • Antonio Banderas.

If you want to become the owner of a chic classic beard, watch your diet and lifestyle. And most importantly, this type of beard provides a field for experimentation: any day you can easily change the style of the beard simply by giving it a different shape.

Stylish men's beard remains fashionable for a very long period. If you decide to experiment and grow a beard or change your own, now you will learn all about different species and who will do it. In this article you will find the most fashionable options, find out which men's beards are stylish this season and be sure to pick out what is right for you.

The main thing you should pay attention to when choosing the very ideal beard is the shape of the face. It is in it that lies the key to the success of your experiment.

How to shave and cut a beard at home

Preparing for a haircut is an important and indispensable step if you want your beard to look attractive. So, before proceeding directly to the procedure, you need to wash your beard with shampoo.

Prefer dry hair with a moisturizing or softening effect.

Then blot the clean vegetation with a towel, wait until it dries, and comb the beard by hair growth from the ears to the chin.

To prepare a beard for a haircut, you need to wash and comb it

Now you can proceed to the design of the beard. To do this, purchase a comb with small teeth and a convenient mirror, as well as special tools for cutting:

  • trimmer,
  • clipper,
  • hairdresser's scisors.

For starters, you can choose one thing. If you are staying on a trimmer, buy several tips for him to adjust the length of the hair on the beard. If you decide to work with scissors, make sure that they are quite sharp.

You can choose hairdressing scissors for your beard, but make sure they are sharp enough

Face shape and beard: combine correctly

Every day more and more popular man's beard. Her views are the most diverse. There is plenty to choose from for the most moody man. The main thing is to choose the right shape for your face.

Owners of an oblong oval or rectangular should try experimenting with sideburns. Keep in mind that they should remain a bit lush, so don't cut them too short. It is with such a detail that your face will look as harmonious as possible.

Chubby men are best suited for short beards. It is important that she is neatly trimmed. And if you add a mustache to it, then you can achieve a stunning effect and conquer all the representatives of the opposite sex. The best option for people with this face shape would be a goatee. With her, you have the right to boldly take up experiments.

Those rare lucky ones who are lucky to have a triangular face shape should think about weighting the lower part. Most likely, you will be as attractive as possible with such a beard as a “horseshoe”, it will visually equalize yours. And if it will be a black beard - success is guaranteed to the man!

As for men with a narrow face or pronounced cheekbones, then you should make your image more masculine and solid due to the full beard. This option will give a drop of brutal notes to your face. The black beard will look generally amazing!

Step-by-step instruction: the procedure for applying a beard

First decide on a specific beard design. If you have little experience in cutting, it is better to have a template picture in front of you. After that, you can proceed to the design:

    Get rid of excess hair on the neck and cheeks.

First of all, get rid of excess hair on the neck

Having clearly defined the borders of the beard, begin to work with scissors or a trimmer from the ears to the chin.

When shaping a beard, it is important to move from the ears to the chin

Proceed to the design of the mustache. It is necessary to cut them from the middle to the edges, and it is better not to touch the area under the nose.

Mustache must be cut from the middle to the edges

The last stage is the temporal region.

The temporal area is issued last

How to grow a beard

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It has become fashionable to grow a beard, adult men and youth are wondering how to grow a beard, what shape to choose and how to properly care for it. We will answer all these questions in this article.

To grow a beard, you need to take care of the skin of the face, in which the hair follicles are located. If you have skin diseases, then first of all you need to get rid of them. This primarily refers to acne. Go to a consultation with a dermatologist, it is possible free of charge under the compulsory medical insurance policy.

Make a course of chemical peels, they activate hair growth. Moisturize and nourish your skin. To do this, use masks and creams. After all, beautiful and well-groomed skin should be not only for women. A man with acne and dry flaky skin is not the best sight, it is not brutal, but a pity.

Now you can buy a special men's face cream, which is produced by different manufacturers.

Shave well and evenly, you can even go to the hairdresser for this. Then wait about 4 weeks. During this period, you will experience itching and you will really want to shave your beard, but you must wait and the discomfort will pass. Wash and apply after shave with antipruritic effect on the skin. You can also use natural beard oils and moisturizers. Each person has his own hair growth rate, but on average within 3-4 weeks you will see the result.A beard can be grown both in winter and summer, hair growth does not depend on the season. The main thing in the winter is to try to prevent scarves and collars from rubbing the skin, and in the summer, try to wash your face and beard area more often so that sweat does not accumulate. You have already grown a beard, but it does not have a clear shape. The next step in growing a beard is to give it a certain shape (modeling). It is best to entrust this business to a professional - barber. He will advise on the form that will best suit you.
If you want to do it yourself, then wait for the desired length and carefully trim the beard every 5-10 days. It is best to use a trimmer for this, there are special ones with different nozzles and the ability to choose the length. If you want a shorter beard, then cut it more often. Do not forget to shave your neck to the chin line, otherwise it will not be a beard, but a thicket. To select the desired beard shape, focus on your desire and face shape. For example, if you have a narrow face, then grow a wide beard, if you have large cheeks, then the edges of the beard should be shorter.

  • Oval face shape.
  • Round face shape.
  • The square shape of the face.
  • Triangular shape of the face.

It is believed that men with an oval face shape can have a beard of any shape. But if you have too long face, then it is better to refuse a long beard. If you have a very thin face, then pay attention to a lush beard of medium length, but it is better to refuse a long wedge-shaped.
Men with a round face have a beard in the shape of a trapezoid or a beard with square or triangular edges. Discard your rounded beard and whiskers.
Men with a brutal square chin have a three-day stubble and a beard with rounded outlines. You can try to cut off the beard in the form of a wedge, it will visually make the square cheekbones more proportional.
For men with a sharp chin, a medium-length beard with square or trapezoid edges is suitable. And pointed at the end is contraindicated. In addition, it is very important when choosing a beard shape to take into account growth and complexion. A strong man with broad shoulders and a tiny goatee looks very unnatural, big men can afford a big long beard. But men of short stature are contraindicated in long beards, otherwise you will look like a garden gnome. And do not forget that the hair on the neck needs to be removed, nothing should grow at a distance of 2-3 cm above the Adam's apple. Wearing a beard is now very fashionable. The most popular beard shapes are:

1. Short and medium bristles.

The first is obtained if you do not shave for 2-3 days, and the second grows by 1-2 cm, it is already necessary to care for it. If vegetation appears on the cheeks, you need to shave it off with a trimmer, otherwise you will look scruffy, like after binge.

2. Long stubble or short wide beard.

When the hair grows 3-5 cm, it will not be stubble, but decent facial hair. Such a beard needs to be looked after, cut and shaved extra hairs on the cheeks and neck.

3. Classical or Russian beard.

This length can be obtained in 1.5 months. Only cheeks and neck are shaved, otherwise the beard grows by itself. Individual long hairs can be trimmed with a trimmer.

One of the most popular options. This is a type of classic beard with a rounded end.

5. French fork.

Also a kind of classic beard, only its tip is divided into two parts resembling a fork in shape.

6. A round beard.

The beard is obtained from the classical rounding of all lines.

7. Hollywood beard or Brett.

Worn Hollywood stars. The peculiarity of the beard is that the beard covers the lower jaw and chin and certainly connects with a mustache in parallel lines. Regular cutting is required.

8. Verdi's beard style.

This image consists of a classic rounded medium-length beard and a lush mustache swirling to the top, divided into 2 parts.

9. Garibaldi's beard style.

The image includes a wide bushy beard up to 15 cm long with shaved cheeks and slightly rounded at the ends. A thick mustache, divided into two parts, is attached to it.

10. The old Dutchman.

The square beard is magnificent and long. Mustache is missing completely.

11. The style of Eric Bandholz.

A long bushy beard and a magnificent long mustache, only cheeks are shaved. The beard has a slightly sloppy appearance, but it still needs to be trimmed carefully.

12. Goat beard.

A small beard that begins under the lower lip and extends to the chin, lower jaw, and cheeks.

Some confuse it with a goat beard, but the goatee is more rounded.

14. Pencil beard or chinstrap.

A thin beard along the line of the chin. Often combined with a thin mustache above the lip.

15. Captain or skipper beard.

It looks like the previous version, only thicker and always without a mustache.

16. The beard of the pharaoh.

With this form of beard, hair is left only on the chin. Hair reaches medium length and can be decorated with beads or braiding.

The beard style is named after the emperor of France. Mustache is present in this beard, which is slightly curled up. The beard itself is located only on the chin with the middle line and has a pointed edge.

This beard owes its name to the Flemish portrait painter Anthony Van Dyke. The image includes thin tendrils and a pointed beard on the chin with a shaved strip from the lower lip. The lower jaw is shaved.

Similar to the previous version, only the tip of the beard is rounded, not sharp. The mustache is divided into two parts in the middle.

It looks like the two previous options, only the lower jaw is not shaved here. And on the chin is shaved in the form of irregular weights with a small upper part.

21. Wide tanks.

The opposite of the above styles. Here, the entire chin is shaved under the lower lip, but thick whiskers and vegetation are left on the lower jaw. It is necessary that the bottom line of the sideburn coincides with the lower border of the chin. A mustache may or may shave. The ends of the beard on both sides may be pointed. Wolverine likes to wear such a beard.

22. Fused wide tanks.

The style is similar to the previous one, only here there are smoother lines and whiskers are not so thick. A beard of any length requires careful care. In the evening, before going to bed, wash your face and beard with a cleanser. Soap does not fit - it dries the skin very much. You can buy special products in a barbershop, or you can just buy an ordinary washbasin by skin type. If you have long hair on a beard, then additional shampoo is required. There are specialized beards, and you can wash it with any moisturizer with oils or keratins. A balm or conditioner will not hurt, they will make your hair and beard softer and more docile. Dry the beard and comb it, even small beards look more neat and tidy after combing. The beard can be combed during the day, as food debris and other debris can settle in it.
Regularly use oils to moisturize your beard, hair will be more silky. You can use any cosmetic oil (wheat germ, jojoba, almond, etc.), if desired, add 1-2 drops of essential oil, such as sandalwood, pine needles, tea tree or any citrus, to a pleasant aroma. Your beard will smell delicious throughout the day, and at the same time you will receive a course of aromatherapy. Do not forget about the skin under the beard. Rub a moisturizer into it 2-3 times a week so that the skin does not dry out, does not peel and does not itch. To model a beard, you may need wax, gel or foam, and of course scissors, a trimmer or a shaving machine.You do everything as described above, but the beard still does not grow or grows in pieces and unevenly, falls out? There may be several reasons for this. Let's consider each separately. This is a very important problem, since not only the quality of the hair on the beard, but also your condition as a whole depends on it. If you lack some vitamins or minerals, then hair and nails are the first to suffer. Skin diseases can cause poor beard growth. Any chronic diseases and hormonal disorders are reflected in hair growth. Visit your doctors and get treatment. Donate blood for vitamins and minerals in your body. Eat balanced with a high protein and vitamin content. Stress is the trigger for the development of many diseases, almost all non-communicable skin diseases develop and worsen due to stress. Alopecia (hair loss) is often due to a person being in constant stress. “Avoiding stress” is a futile recommendation, but taking a sedative course, getting a massage, or going to the pool and gym more often can help you relax and deal with stress. In Mongoloid races, the beard grows only on the chin, they will not be able to grow a thick wide beard like Caucasians and Negroids. If you have genetically defined a certain hair growth, then there is nothing you can do except transplanting hair follicles. If your beard grows slowly, then there are special tools and drugs that can stimulate its growth. This medication is available in tablets, capsules, shampoos, sprays, gels and foams. For the growth of a beard, it is better to use external products, as there are side effects and you must always consult a doctor before use. The drug is actively used to treat androgenetic alopecia, in other cases the effect is less pronounced. If you eat poorly, you may have a nutrient deficiency. First of all, hair growth requires omega-3 and omega-6, which are found in oily fish and vegetable oils (most of all in linseed oil). There are special preparations with omega-3 - fish oil. These nutritional supplements can replenish your supply of essential amino acids if you have errors in your diet. In addition, vitamins A, E, D, group B, especially B1 and biotin are useful for hair growth. A lack of minerals can also cause poor hair growth, especially magnesium and calcium. The following oils are suitable for beard growth: usma, burdock and castor. Much depends on the correct use of the oil. First, it must be heated in a water bath, and then rubbed into the roots of the hair and left for 30-40 minutes, then the oil must be washed off with shampoo. This procedure needs to be done 2-3 times a week. Decoction and infusions of nettle, burdock, and hop cones will also contribute to the growth of the beard. These herbs can be used after each beard wash for rinsing. To do this, place the lower jaw in a solution bowl and rinse the skin and beard well. It is not so easy to grow a beard as it might seem at first glance. This requires patience and work. A beard needs daily careful care. Every day she needs to be combed, otherwise she will get confused and look untidy. The hair on the beard absorbs all the odors, so the beard needs to be washed every day before bedtime. Regular cutting of the beard will help maintain its shape. If you follow all the above recommendations, then grow the desired beard in 3-4 months. Convenient search for beauty salons on our website Moscow beauty salons St. Petersburg beauty salons Yekaterinburg beauty salons Novosibirsk beauty salons Reviews about the procedure How to grow a beard Leave feedback Leave your feedback about this procedure (it will appear on this page after moderation) Only describe in this form private

Full or so-called Russian beard

This option is suitable for those men who appreciate masculinity. It is this form that attracts women who seek the very brutality and perseverance. These qualities in the world today are sometimes so lacking. Yes, some young ladies like very smoothly shaved companions, but such a full form will attract the eyes of even the most ardent opponents. The owner of such a beard, in principle, does not need to do anything himself, all the beauties themselves will be suitable to get acquainted. And most importantly, this form does not particularly require care, the main thing here is naturalness.

Mother nature took care of our beauty, therefore, the line along which the beard grows is unique for each of us and suits everyone in their own way. Edging can easily be done in the cabin using a special beard machine, but if you want to achieve the most natural effect, then leave your outline. Believe me, nature has given us what only adorns us. As for the length, it all depends on your tastes and preferences. You can make it shorter, or you can let go of a long hair.

If you decide to add a mustache to your beard, then follow the same rule here - naturalness.

In recent years, mustache has not been at the peak of popularity. There is still a strange stereotype in our heads that has not been relevant for a long time. It so happened historically that since the beginning of the last century everyone in the army had to grow a mustache, so now, seeing a man with a mustache, we involuntarily present him in military uniform.

But all these stereotypical points of view are absolutely not justified! Yes, maybe there are still people of the old school who, while serving in military structures, consider it a duty to have a mustache, but there are only a few such men. A modern man who has decided to let go of his mustache makes it clear that he is completely independent. This is a sign that a person is completely self-sufficient and capable of making decisions himself. In addition, the neat mustache looks quite exotic and attracts the eye. You can safely say that the mustache is back in trend!

Scissor haircut

The option of cutting with scissors is more suitable for those who already have experience in modeling a beard. The tool is better to use a professional. A couple of combs are also useful: a small one for a mustache, a large one for a beard.

You need to cut from the outside of the comb, removing the length of the hair. There is one caveat that will facilitate the process: to obtain a symmetrical result, model one half of the face from the ear to the chin, and the other - vice versa. This also applies to the mustache: start the right part from the middle to the edge, and the left - from the edge to the middle.

You need to cut the beard from the outside of the comb

Hollywood style

The Hollywood-style men's beard is at its peak today. This long-forgotten trend is once again returning to the covers of famous glosses. Once, back in the thirties, men with this kind of beard were considered really cool. Another name for this form is "Bretta", it is attached due to the heroes of the then popular film. In that distant past, if a man needed to show off and show that he was a real macho, he would grow a beard of exactly this form.


Balbo Men's Beard is very popular this season. This view is very similar to the usual full. The only difference is the lack of whiskers in general. The beard looks very neat, but it does not lose its massiveness and width. Mustaches and a small base under the lips are very suitable for this form. But it is worth saying that such a beard will require very high-quality and constant care from the owner.

A simple amateur will not be able to create an image in the Balbo style, it is worth trusting an experienced person who knows his job. If you decide to try, be sure to contact a good salon, where you will be served by a knowledgeable master.It is unlikely that once a month you change the shape of your beard, so do not skimp and carefully observe the actions of the master, perhaps soon you yourself will learn to care for your beard.

Trimmer haircut

When designing a beard with a trimmer, you need to start with the longest nozzle. This will allow better control of the process.

If after treating the hair with a long nozzle you don’t like the result, resort to a smaller one. Experiment until you are satisfied with the effect.

Symmetries are achieved in the same way as when cutting with scissors. Small errors are better to trim the smallest nozzle.

Each trimmer head has its own purpose.

Types of beards. Full beard or full beard

Greetings to all beard lovers. Today we are talking about a beard variety called Full Beard or a full beard, it is also classic, it is Russian.

A good beard, as they say, is thick and full, but this does not mean that it should look like you are tired of living in the 21st century. A well-groomed beard tells others that you have a job, girlfriend and that you do not need to throw trifles.

A traditional full beard is a beard that completely covers the jaw, connected to a mustache and sideburns. If you decide to give some form of a beard below the cheekbones, or if you walk along the neck with a trimmer, then you invade the territory of various beard variations, such as Van Dyke, Balbo or Old Dutch.

  • A full beard that is well groomed says: "You are a man so much that there is nowhere else to go!" This means that you are mature, confident and courageous.
  • In general, the longer your beard, the more wild and unconventional you will appear in the eyes of most of the world. Especially your mom!
  • If you are looking for the image of a “bad guy”, your beard should be battered.
  • A full beard that is “several days after the roughest stubble” means that you are sexy, brave and not respectful.
  • Shabby beard means disobedience to style and exudes self-confidence
  • Be careful! Women love sexy rough bristles! But, if you notice that the one with whom you are kissing looks like she was wiping herself on sandpaper after washing, then you need help! Grow a longer beard to make the hair softer, or make the bristles shorter. The first option is welcome more


The name of this species does not sound very nice, but it is worth noting that there is a similar style to almost all men. Most often, such a form is worn by lofty and dreamy personalities: poets, musicians, showmen.

Do not think that there is only one version of such a beard, there are a lot of them and everything depends on you first of all. It is in your power to add any elements and highlight certain facial features.

How to shave a beard so that stubble remains

If you prefer not to bother with the design, but still want to have a little facial hair, then bristles are an option for you.

It would seem that it could be easier than to grow stubble? You just need not to shave your face. But it was not there. The “three-day stubble” style is created as follows:

  1. You will need a trimmer with a 3 mm nozzle. Trim your entire beard.
  2. Shave the hair on the neck and upper cheekbones to zero. In this case, whiskers should also be removed, then you will look more attractive.

To create the “Three-Day Stubble” style, you need to perform a few simple steps


Men's beard Goatee is back! This species was popular in the seemingly not-so-distant nineties. If everything is done correctly, then the beard slightly closes the chin and looks very neat and short cut. People with this beard shape look more intelligent, and they are always mistaken for intellectuals.

To make everything look as stylish as possible, the contour should be rounded evenly along the entire length. Let's just say that a mustache should smoothly turn into a beard.

How to form a contour

To get clear beard borders, follow 3 simple steps:

  1. Stand in front of the mirror with a small mirror in your hand to better see the beard.
  2. Identify the line that connects the earlobe and the place where the lower jaw goes into the chin. Everything below - shave. Try not to make this line too high: it will appear that the beard is small for your face.
  3. Turn in profile and imagine a line that will be perpendicular to the first. It should start from the outer edge of the whisker and go down to the neck. Remove all unnecessary.

To get a clear outline, you need to focus on two guide lines


Long beard or stubble? It seems that the answer is clear - stubble! This is actually just a cry of fashion. Men more and more prefer practicality, and therefore light grooming has become fashionable. Guys with such a beard are very charismatic and attract attention. This option is very stylish and does not require any inhuman effort. The most important thing is to cut all hairs evenly, and your light unshaven will bring you success.

As you can see, today a man’s beard, the most diverse of which is in fashion again. With or without her, the choice is yours!

The beard has recently become very popular again. In social networks, even memes began to appear, making fun of the two main fashion fetishes - these are beards for men and eyebrows for girls. Sarcastic ridicule does not appear at all because it is not beautiful, but because literally everyone is passionate about it. And in pursuit of perfection, fashionistas and fashionistas often go too far. For example, some girls are so keen on eyebrow makeup that they look like Marfushenka darling from the fairy tale “Frost”. Oh well, let's talk about eyebrows in another article, today post after all about beard haircuts.

Unlike young ladies, men are unlikely to spoil their image with a beard. The main thing here is to choose the right haircut. Take, for example, hair color: brunettes only need 3 day old bristles to look brutal, but it’s harder for blondes - short bristles do not look very good, so it will take longer and harder to grow a beard.

How to grow a classic beard

The most important and uncontrollable factor that can affect your decision is genetics. It is very likely that the hair on your face will grow “islands of different densities”, in other words, here and there, then thicker, less often.

There is no guarantee that the beard will have a uniform color, as well as the same direction of hair growth. Instead of suffering with scissors, waxes, gels and combs, it might be better to choose some other kind of beard.

Fortunately, the choice allows.

A full beard that densely covers your face, with clear obedient whiskers, traced cheeks and a great neckline - this is nirvana for a beard fan! It takes patience, but efforts are rewarded.

Types of beard haircuts and their names

  1. Russian beard or full. Bristles cover the neck, chin, cheeks and upper lip.
  2. Anchor. The name speaks for itself: a small beard in the shape of an anchor + thin mustache, separated by a strip in the middle.
  3. Balbo. Unlike the anchor, the strip along the edge of the lower jaw is wider.
  4. Brett or a Hollywood beard. The main feature and difference is that the beard covers the chin and lower jaw, but does not connect with the whiskers.
  5. Goatee. Its more popular name, but less harmonious is the goatee. Represents vegetation around the mouth with a long tuft of hair on the chin.
  6. Chinstrap (Chinstrap) literally translates a chin strap. A thin border of hair fringing the face from one temple to another.
  7. Burnsides (Burnsides) - only thick sideburns with a clean shaven chin.
  8. Captain Jack, or Van Dyck. It got its first name in honor of Jack “Sparrow”. Third, in honor of the artist Anthony Van Dyke.Her other names are French beard or Chekhov’s.

How to trim a beard around your neck

The neck is a moody and tender place. It is here that there are reliefs that are difficult to qualitatively shave. In order for the beard clipping procedure on the neck to be successful, follow certain rules:

  • the edge of your machine should be sharp
  • use shaving products (foams, gels),
  • remove hair in the direction of their growth,
  • do not push the tool
  • steam the skin a little before the procedure,
  • moisturize your skin after the procedure.

Using foam or gel while shaving your neck can help you get the most out of it.

Trendy beard haircuts 2016: Top 10

We sorted out the main types of beard. Now let's look at which options will be especially relevant in 2016.

On this, in conclusion, I propose to look at a few more inspiring examples. By the way, did you notice that not every beard is suitable for a particular haircut? So it’s about fashionable men's haircuts in 2016 that will be discussed in the next article. In order not to miss, I propose to subscribe to the blog news (on the page "About the blog / about the author").

Here he is - a fashionable image of a modern man

Men's beard or other haircuts, this is a good way to stand out from the gray mass, and show your personality. There are so many species, they number in dozens. Beards are able to show a masculine character, charisma and self-confidence.
The popularity of the beard is constantly growing. The same social networks have already received two new memes regarding the main advantages of men and women, respectively, beards and eyebrows. People laugh not because the beard is not beautiful, but only because all the men fell ill with it. They sometimes go too far.

How to cut a mustache

Mustache design is an integral part of the beard design. If you want to cut them at home, you can do this as follows:

  • Comb the hair before the procedure. No need to cut your mustache if it is wet.
  • Define a clear outline of the mustache with a trimmer, holding it with the blade in an upright position.
  • Give your mustache the right shape. Scissors or a trimmer will help you with this. Work with the middle or shortened nozzle the line of the upper lip or carefully remove all unnecessary with scissors.
  • In conclusion, you can fix the mustache with a special wax, so they will keep in shape all day.

After the haircut, the mustache can be fixed with a special wax, and they will keep their shape all day

Beards as they are

  1. Suvorov Beard (in French. And La Souvarov). It descends to the bottom of the face, from the temples, highlighting the jaw, approaches the corners of the lips, and then again goes up, gradually turning into a mustache. The chin should stay clean.
  2. The next type of beard is called - Zappa. This is a thick mustache, not too large, the ends of which look down, and the beard is made in the form of small sizes.

This mustache and beard received the name of a great guitar player, at the same time the singer and songwriter Frank Zappa. He created his own style, grew a thick mustache and trimmed them with a trimmer, creating rounded lines. Mustache was fixed by means of special wax. To make an island on the chin, you need to remove almost all hair, leaving only a small piece under the lower lip. Great choice for respectable men.

This beard is named after the American military, last century Italo Balbo, it was he who wore it.

Type of beard "Balbo" (Balbo)

  1. Verdi - a full beard, made in a round form, while with almost completely shaved cheeks and mustache, curvaceous.

Beard is a descendant of the vegetation of the famous Italian composer Giuseppe Fortunino Francesco Verdi.

  1. A screen is a beard growing from the upper part of the face, running along the cheekbone line, covering it completely. Mustache doesn't apply here.

Otherwise, such an option is called - Lincolnic, in honor of the man who adored her.It was Abraham Lincoln.

  1. Goatee - The beard begins under the lower lip and grows only on the rounding of the chin. The rest of the face is smoothly shaved.
  2. Toothbrush - made in the form of a rectangle, which is left below the lower lip. The famous comedian Charlie Chaplin loved to wear this beard. Another of her fans was Adolf Hitler.
  3. Policeman - a cute mustache for men, in the form of a fringing of the lower lip in the size of the mouth, they begin under the nose. Such a mustache is popular with the military, who should not wear a full beard.
  4. SuperMario - the name speaks for itself. But is it possible to achieve such a result in practice.
  5. Dali - thin antennae rising to the top of the face, like the famous Salvador Dali.
  6. Sparrow is a goat beard woven into two braids, combining with a mustache that falls down.

Sparrow - goat beard. Haircut looks much nicer with a long length.

  1. Fused wide tanks - thick tanks that cover not only the cheekbone, but also half the face. The tanks connect with a mustache along the edge of the upper lip. The area under the lower lip and the circle of the chin are bare.
  2. The old Dutchman is a full-fledged beard, Mustache, as well as a shaved area under the lower lip there. The shape has clearly defined square faces.
  3. The Norwegian skipper is the same Goatee, but made like a drop that was turned upside down. A beard grows from the lower lip of men, and occupies gaps in the corners of the mouth.
  4. Garibaldi is a wide beard with a full mustache that has a round base.

They called a hairstyle named Giuseppe Garibaldi - a general and politician of Italy of the nineteenth century.

  1. Emperor Napoleon - similar to the look of Handlebar and ChinPuff. Here the beard is much longer, namely, like the king of France Charles Napoleon Bonaparte.
  2. Wide tanks are thick whiskers that extend from the temple to the area below the corners of the mouth. The mustache itself diverges a little down.
  3. Goatee - resemble a goatee. But here is a completely different shape - the beard occupies the entire rounded chin, and the shape here is rounder.

Beard harmonizes well with wide tanks.

Bristles (off the list)

Such a short beard makes a man charismatic and courageous. It is perfect for those who do not want to devote too much time to haircuts and similar procedures. Just trim it with a trimmer and give the impression of a well-groomed short beard.

The beard and mustache has turned into a vegetation that is not easy in the present world, which protects from the cold - it is an elegant element of a person’s appearance that creates an individual look. It is quite simple to grow them, but some work is required to determine the shape and create a well-groomed appearance. Which beard would you prefer to match your image and be liked by others?

In ancient times, the beard was a symbol of strength, power and courage. In most cases, it is able to radically change the appearance of a person. Make it more mysterious, intelligent, attractive, and the wrong choice of form will lead to a deterioration in external data. If you wear a beard, the attention of others is always focused on the face, creating a specific impression. Kinds of beards . Fashion trends are constantly changing, experiments with appearance have led to the emergence of new forms of haircuts on the face. But it’s important to choose a beard suitable only for you. She can hide the flaws of her appearance. For example, an oval face is guaranteed to fit any configuration. The elongated shape of the head visually expands with the help of a round "horseshoe" or whiskers. While goatee and "goat" will narrow your face. People with a round shape should use a trapezoidal beard. The face-triangle - will change for the better the square shape or “horseshoe”.

Which beard will look best on you:

  1. Full (Russian) . Pretty popular look. Abundant vegetation perfectly emphasizes masculinity and strength.She is characterized by extreme naturalness and minimal control.
  2. Anchor - cuts short with elongation on the chin, forming a sharp end resembling an anchor.
  3. Balbo - a style that includes a neatly trimmed beard along the line of the lower jaw, which is divided by a strip.
  4. Hollywood beard enjoyed popularity in the thirties. This form is also called "Brett."
  5. Kozlinaya - vegetation covers only the chin. The tiny beard is called so because of the similarity, paradoxically, with the beard of a goat.
  6. French beards . There are many types of French beards: pirate, Royale, French fork, Napoleon III, etc.
  7. Box - classic. The hair is cut evenly and covers the entire chin, merging with the mustache.
  8. Klingon - a beard that came to us from the creators of the science fiction film "Star Trek." The mustache above the upper lip is shaved, and the rest of them are connected with a beard encircling the entire chin.
  9. Franz Joseph - a strip of hair from the whiskers drops to the ear and harmoniously passes into a mustache. The chin is carefully shaved.
  10. Stubble adds charisma to a man. For stylish but busy men, the stubble is a lightweight version of face care. All that is needed is to trim the beard with a trimmer, leaving a small layer of hair.

What you need to choose the right beard shape:

  • Look at yourself in a new way. Familiarize yourself with the shape of the face, any detail is important.
  • Stop shaving.
  • After two weeks, carefully examine your face again. Identify where hair grows best and what shape it has.
  • Imagine yourself with a beard that seems most acceptable to you.
  • If necessary, allow the hair to grow further to the desired length.
  • You can independently give your hair the desired shape with: mirrors, shaving creams, scallops with thick teeth, scissors, trimmers. But it is better to trust a specialist, and in the future only correct the contours.

Beauty salons and hairdressers offer a newfangled service - computer simulation. Your photo is placed in a special computer program, and you, together with the consultant, choose the ideal beard shape for yourself. You have the opportunity to look at an approximate result in advance.

Remember, the choice of a beard is a personal decision of everyone, do not set up barriers for your imagination, try experimenting with different styles. Hair color should also be considered. Blondes, for example, will suit almost any type of beard, and brunettes will have to stay compact.

Surely you noticed that the magazines presented photos of male models with beards. Why are they so popular this year and why are they even needed? The trendiest fetishes of the season are eyebrows and a beard. In this article you will find a large selection of photos of fashionable male beards of 2018. If the former is interested in a beautiful part of the world's population, then the beard is an exclusively male accessory. A trendy styling or a modern haircut is a good way to create a unique look. It is no secret that a beard, well-groomed and well-trimmed, will allow you to attract the interested views of others to your own person.

In this issue of the magazine for men we will introduce you to more than 20 types of beard haircuts. Of course, as always, we will bring to your attention a huge gallery of relevant photos. It just so happened that a beard is considered a sign of personality charismatic, strong, with a solid character. Because the beard and enjoyed such popularity for so long. The fashion for abundant vegetation has returned. However, the beard is a tribute to fashion. And for modern men, such an accessory on the face has nothing to do with historical significance.

How to care for a beard

In order for your beard to create the right impression of you, you need to take care of it regularly. Otherwise, facial hair will look sloppy.

Beard Care Tips:

  • Keep fit. If you find the beard design that suits you, then try to stick with it. Trim your hair more often, because the haircut should have a clear and beautiful contour: in this case, it looks the most advantageous.
  • Wash your beard. Facial hair is beautiful, but sometimes unhygienic. She needs a regular wash. You need to do this every morning or evening. Lather hair with shampoo or soap, massage a little, rinse with warm water. After the procedure, you can dry the beard with a hairdryer.
  • Watch for the mustache. They need to be carefully looked after. Cut off all the excess, because the hair can grow unevenly, and in this area it will be most noticeable.

Men's beard fashion in 2018

If you look at many fashion shows from famous fashion houses, you can see that almost all models wear a beard. It can be either very small or huge, it is even decorated with flowers and jewelry, which you will not see! Most often, young guys prefer to grow facial hair in order to look more solid and adult. If you also decided to grow such beauty, keep in mind that you have to look after it - wash and comb, as well as cut. A beard is a way to stand out in a crowd; moreover, facial hair gives any guy masculinity. The advantage of this jewelry is that it will suit both young men and older men. Some people argue that a beard is a reflection of the blurred boundaries of gender roles in society. Women become stronger and even courageous, which does not suit men who have decided to grow vegetation in protest.

Men's beard trends 2018

A beard will help you give yourself a more formidable, impressive appearance. That is why, apparently, many men choose "beard" for themselves. A stylish denim jumpsuit combined with a military jacket and bunched hair. Comfortable loafers are on the feet. Fashionable hairstyle - side parting in combination with sunglasses looks good in the summer. Pendant is a great way to stand out from the crowd and emphasize your personality. To warm your throat, just throw a white down scarf on your shoulders, like romantic natures - artists. A bundle in the hair, a clip in the ear - a new modern image of a young and reckless guy living in a big metropolis and beyond. A shirt with small peas, a radiant smile - a great combination. Denim, so beloved by many, how could it be without him ?! Denim vests and fashionable denim jackets do not miss their positions not only from men's, but also from women's fashion.

Beard waxing

The information that only women resort to waxing is out of date. Among men, this procedure is also in demand.

The only difference is that male hair is stiffer in structure and harder to remove.

But is it worth using waxing on the face? In order to find out for sure, you need to consult a specialist, since this method of hair removal has contraindications:

  • oily skin prone to acne and acne,
  • rosacea,
  • skin after peeling,
  • oncology,
  • lupus or AIDS,
  • diabetes.

Also, after the procedure, side effects can be observed:

  • redness and inflammation of the skin,
  • acne
  • bruising
  • ingrown hair.

If you nevertheless decided on wax depilation, check out the stages of its implementation:

  1. Skin cleansing.
  2. Application of special powder or talcum powder. This will dry the skin.
  3. Wax distribution in the desired areas.
  4. Wax removal.
  5. Application of a special gel or tonic.

Waxing will help leave your skin smooth for a long time.

If you feel that a beard is for you, then start small: grow facial hair to the desired length.This, as it turned out, is the hardest part of the process. Have patience and strength, because the result is worth it!

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The best photos of a fashionable male beard of 2018

There are also many varieties of beard haircuts that dictate the appearance of the accessory. Russian, complete or classic, looks as natural as possible. Care for her after a haircut is almost not required. A haircut option is best for holders of thick and hard hair. No wonder: thin-haired blondes grow beards very difficult. The main advantage of the Russian beard is the ability to easily adjust the haircut to the appearance. Canadian or round beard is almost universal. The only exception is a round face. The Canadian gives it roundness, making the cheeks very voluminous. The perfect beard should not be, except that this is a classic haircut. It is very important that both the mustache and the lower part of the beard merge into a narrow strip on both sides of the mouth. With a Hollywood beard, vegetation near the lips is an indispensable condition. Mandatory hairs along the lower jaw, along the edge. The rest is shaved clean. The name beard owes to American celebrity actors.

A mixture of several styles is balbo. The master, who came up with such an option, deserves a real standing ovation. A haircut turns beards into a kind of letter "T". Visually, the beard resembles a Hollywood one, as in the photographs in our gallery, but there is no connection between the line of the mustache and the beard. And from below, at the corners of the mouth, shaving is not required. Ideal haircut "balbo" for a round face, square. A slightly modified version of the balbo is the "anchor". The contour of the haircut is clear, the length is small. A cone-shaped beard with a sharp tip and a small strip of hair from the lower lip to the chin. The shape of a beard is similar to an anchor, hence the name. When cutting, symmetry is needed. It is important to cut the cone at the level of the chin, clearly. Otherwise, the haircut is ruined hopelessly, you will have to shave the unsuccessful option clean.

Beard trimming - which models are in trend?

The beard, perhaps, only in the Petrine era was a sign of inertness and conservative views. Now, men who have chosen such an image for themselves are grooming and cherishing this fashionable part of their image and, of course, often use the service of modern salons such as cutting a beard and mustache.

Which beard to choose in 2018

Previously, the beard was an important detail in the image of hipsters, believing parishioners. It was impossible to see the beard of a real dude. His face was always smooth and shaved. This indicated that the person is caring for himself and his purity. In our century, a stylish man looks different. The primitive trend in fashion has returned. Today they appreciate the natural beauty. The beard is just a natural element. Only you need to be able to care for her and properly cut her to look like a real modern man, and not like a bum. First you need to determine what form a beard should be on a man. How to find out? You need to see what shape the face has.

  • For men with a square face, a small short beard, spreading over the entire face, is suitable.
  • A horseshoe beard will look great on a rectangular face.
  • A trapezoidal beard will align the round face. It should start from the right temple and reach out to the left temple.
  • With a thick beard on the chin of the face, you can eliminate the disadvantages of a small disproportionality of the triangular face.
  • For an oval face, a beard of any shape is suitable.

Among the whole variety of beard haircuts, hairdressers distinguish its following types:

  • Russian - in this embodiment, the bristles completely cover the neck and chin, cheeks and grabs, covering the upper lips,
  • An anchor is its name and defines its shape in the form of a small anchor, in combination with thin antennae, which divide it in its middle,
  • balbo - a haircut, in which, unlike the above, the strip along the bottom of the jaw will go wider,
  • a Hollywood beard or Brett haircut - in this haircut option, the beard will cover the area of ​​the chin and lower jaw, while not connecting with the whiskers,
  • goatee or, as they say - goatee. In this format, a beard is formed in the form of vegetation around the lips, complemented by a long tuft of hair in the chin area,
  • chinstrap - in this case, the beard is formed in the form of a rim of short hair that girdles the face from one temple to another.

Today, there are many variations of beard haircuts. Each mod can choose a suitable style. One of the most daring and attention-grabbing options is the so-called Russian beard (this style is also called a full or classic beard). It is the widest and longest of all types of beards. It provides for the maximum safety of regrown facial hair. Such a beard is suitable for men who do not want to mess with the constant updating of the haircut. In principle, it fits all types, as the bristles grow along the unique lines of each individual person. The only condition is abundant vegetation, otherwise the beard will grow in shreds. In order to make a full beard you need to preserve the natural look of the cheek line. If, in your opinion, the line goes too high, then you can lower it at an angle to the whiskers to the outside of the mustache.

Greetings to all beard lovers. Today we are talking about a beard variety called Full Beard or a full beard, it is also classic, it is Russian.

A good beard, as they say, is full, but this does not mean that it should look like you are tired of living in the 21st century. A well-groomed beard tells others that you have a job, girlfriend and that you do not need to throw trifles.

A traditional full beard is a beard that completely covers the jaw, connected to and sideburns. If you decide to give some form of a beard below the cheekbones, or if you walk along the neck with a trimmer, then you will invade the territory of various beard variations, such as, or.

Shape selection

The beard emphasizes not only masculinity, but also individuality, since it has many forms and types - from the funny duck tail and the impressive garibaldi to the elegant goatee. However, when choosing one or another version of her haircut, a man should definitely take into account his own characteristics such as face shape, physique, hair color, and even growth.

For example, stylists advise tall people to maintain proportions to choose a model that visually enlarges the face. Brunettes with fair skin should prefer a miniature beard, as it will stand out on the face anyway. Red-haired and fair-haired men can, on the contrary, recommend voluminous and wide models.

Main models

Modern fashion offers men many types and styles of beards, each of which has its own history (often quite old). Let us introduce the most famous of them.

    • Suvorov beard Such a beard originates from the temples, smoothly descends, bordering the face, and then no less smoothly bends and passes into a mustache.

    • Goatee This model was popular in the 1990s, but is now in trend. The vegetation should cover the chin, but have a neat and complete shape. Goatee gives a man elegance, mystery, sophistication, that is, all those qualities that attract women.

    • Balbo This type of beard is notable for its small length, some massiveness and lack of sideburns. To emphasize its shape, the base provided under the haircut under the lower lip and mustache will help. The model got its name on behalf of the leader of Italian black shirts and ally Mussolini Italo Balbo. Perhaps, having learned its origin, many will refuse such a choice.If we discard the historical train, it is worth recognizing that balbo well emphasizes the features of a male face.

    • Russian (full) beard Such a beard will surely attract attention to its owner. Length for this species is not as important as care. Without a fringing and daily washing, the Russian beard will look untidy.
    • French fork This fashionable model half covers the cheeks and starts from the side of the sideburn to the chin. She got her name in the form of a forked tip.

Chickens of the breed Russian Black Bearded: beauty and productivity

Russian black bearded chickens belong to breeds with meat and egg type of productivity. In addition to a large number of eggs and good muscle mass, the breed can offer its owner an unusual appearance and a completely black color. For this reason, some breeders breed this breed exclusively for decorative purposes.

It is known for certain that these hens were first obtained by Russian breeders at the end of the last century. Breeders believe that this breed arose after the crossing of the Wyandotte and Krevker. According to other experts, the breed was obtained after crossing black Oryol hens with the Wyandottes.

Due to the disagreement of scientists, it is now difficult to determine the origin of the breed. But one thing is for sure: immediately after breeding, Black bearded chickens gained popularity among wealthy farmers. They were sometimes even called Barsky chickens, as ordinary villagers did not have such a breed.

Beard clipping technology

Those men who think that the main thing is to grow hair on the chin are wrong. It is much more important to give them a form that will express your personality and at the same time correspond to fashion trends.

Beard trimming of any model (including curly) is performed according to the following technology, which is relevant both in the salon and at home.

  1. The beard should be washed well and combed thoroughly.
  2. Start a haircut from the neck and cheeks, shaving off all excess hair.
  3. After that, you can do mustache, if they are implied by the selected model.
  4. From mustaches, they gradually move to the side parts of the beard (if the hair is long and thick, it is better to use scissors with curved upwards blades for cutting).
  5. If the beard is conical, you should carefully monitor the symmetry, aligning the tip in the center of the chin during cutting.
  6. Then sheared whiskey. It should be remembered: long whiskers are suitable for chubby men, and short whiskeys for holders of an elongated or triangular face.
  7. To create a neat shape and clear lines with the help of a trimmer, hair is removed in the corners of the mouth and under the nose (the mouth should be kept closed, but not strained). After that, the haircut can be considered complete.

If you have the necessary tools and you know the technique and sequence of actions, you can do beard haircuts at home.

Description of the breed Russian Black Bearded

Chickens have a red face. The crest is pinkish, scarlet, tapering significantly towards the end. There is no spike on it. The earrings of the breed are very long, so they constantly hang out. They are also characterized by a rounded shape. Red earlobes are medium in size.

The hen’s beard is full and heavy, so it expands noticeably in the form of an arc to the back of the bird’s eyes. The neck is well bent, but flat to the shoulders. There is a small comb. The back is wide enough, tapering to the tail. The braids of the rooster are lush and long.

The breast of this breed of chickens is full and rounded. The case is not very large, but wide. Loin full. The wings are small, close well on the body of the bird. The tail is medium in size, set straight.

Strong lower legs are of medium length. Metatarsus is small but strong. Painted in dark gray, almost black, color. Fingers have the same color as the metatarsus.

Chickens are completely similar to roosters, but their appearance is more feminine. The crest is smaller, the earrings are shortened.However, the comb on the neck is more pronounced, the back is wide. As for the tail, it is not standing straight. The greenish tint on the plumage is completely absent.

Care Rules

If you do not want to spend time on regular visits to stylists, to care for your beard at home you will need at least scissors, a trimmer and a comb with wide and rare teeth.

Beard care can be called full, if it includes:

  • regular washing
  • daily styling
  • timely form maintenance,
  • coloring (this part of the care is needed only by very young trendy people).

Having chosen one or another type of beard haircut, remember that this is only the beginning for the formation of your new image.

If you don’t feel the strength to thoroughly care for your beard, go to the mirror and shave. Fortunately, a smooth-shaven man today, like a bearded man, is in fashion.


The total mass of cocks can range from 3.5 to 4 kg. Laying hens of this breed can gain weight from 2.7 to 3 kg. They lay an average of 200 eggs per year, but their egg production may change due to improper nutrition or improper maintenance on the farm.

On average, each egg with a light brown shell can reach a mass of 65 g. Only the largest eggs are suitable for incubation.

7 steps to a well-groomed beard

How to let go of your beard is practical advice from a barber of a famous barbershop. A barbershop is, in fact, a barber shop where, under the strict guidance of stylists, men let go of beards and look after the vegetation on their faces painstakingly and carefully, like an English lawn.

The barber is not just a stylist who correctly adapts modern trends to real life, but a professional who has served in the Russian army, received the rank of sergeant and has gained a hand in the most severe conditions on the most brutal men, making a hundred haircuts a day - for soldiers and generals, Well, generals' wives. He is one of several real barbers in Moscow working with a dangerous razor (with interchangeable nozzles, of course). He received his first experience in childhood, in Makhachkala, when his grandfather asked him, the child, to shave his cheeks, whiskey, neck with a dangerous razor. He will tell you how to take 7 steps towards a Russian beard.

The most important thing is to get rid of the teen gun. First of all, from 17 to 25 years old, a mustache grows in a man, then his chin overgrows, the area of ​​whiskers. The cheeks and the neckline are the last. To get rid of the cannon beard, the hair needs to be constantly shaved, otherwise they will look completely messy overgrown.

A beard is not only an attribute, but also a sign of masculinity, and very ancient. If the girl’s health was judged by her long and thick braid, then the beard said a lot about her carrier of the stronger sex. To find out if you are fortunate enough to wear a beard, you first need to understand whether it grows with you, whether your father grew up, your father’s father, etc.

In general, to get a beard, you must first let her go. For a week. In a week it will become clear how the hair grows, whether there are gaps without hair, and what more - volume with hair or places where hair does not grow.

If, in principle, a beard is planned, but there are gaps - the best way to get rid of them is not burdock oil and cosmetics, but a razor: you need to constantly shave off your hair, build up bristles, and then the gaps will close.

Creating the shape of your beard is best left to a professional. This is an important point, since a suitable beard will be able to visually correct the shape of the face, and the beveled chin, and the scars, and emphasize the merits.

You cannot select a beard according to the catalog - its choice is very dependent on individuality. In essence, a beard and mustache are akin to cosmetics for women: they help to emphasize what is needed and remove excess.

In some cases, a beard instead of surgery will correct external imperfections.

With the help of a professional stylist, a beard of the correct form can be grown in 2 weeks, that is, in 2 visits. And after that it’s enough to come to your barber once a week - for correction.

60% of men do not know how to shave properly, so they go with skin irritation.

Firstly, the means that you use are very important - before starting the shaving procedure in the barbershop, steam the skin and apply soap with a brush, which should completely fill the open pores of the skin, as a result of which the shave will go like clockwork. On average, a beard correction procedure takes about 30-40 minutes. Shaving with soap on dry skin without steaming is unprofessional, both the beard and the skin around it will suffer.

Shaving direction is very important. How to shave a beard - along, across, up or down - it all depends on the direction of hair growth, which is immediately visible to a professional. In general, growing a beard yourself is quite difficult - you need a skill here.

For example, many believe that they have very sensitive skin, and at the same time shave in two steps: first, leading the blade down to the chin, and then up to remove the remaining hair.

At the same time, the hair follicle remains open for microbes and dust. To avoid this, you need to go a razor a third time - in the direction of hair growth and close the follicle.

However, it is possible that your skin is irritated due to the fact that the hair grows in such a way that you need to hold the razor first in the down direction, and then shave across so that the hair does not grow.

Daily beard treatments: The beard needs to be washed with shampoo and conditioner. This is important for the hair itself, and for the skin, which is constantly under the hair and which needs to be cleaned.

If you have sensitive skin, you must use a scrub to exfoliate the top layer of the skin, freeing pores from dust and dirt. Plus massage. Every morning, a beard should be laid after sleeping with a comb, so that it takes the necessary shape and direction.

Especially for the care of the beard, there are men's cosmetics, for example waxes with a matte or shiny effect.

The beard can be stained: if it is not voluminous enough or if there are gaps, the paint perfectly hides them and visually adds volume.

To make the beard softer, use coconut oil. This also applies to young people whose girls are not happy with their prickly facial hair - coconut oil makes their hair soft.

If you want to change the shape of a beard, then release it again. For two weeks. After that - change!

Russian beard - “beard with a shovel” requires special care. Firstly, under the chin, a tangle is often formed, which must be carefully combed every day with a brush with wide teeth. The beard itself needs to be trimmed weekly with scissors with a guy. The main principle of a well-groomed “shovel” is a clear edging above the upper lip, that is, with a wild beard, the mustache must be very neat.

Fashionable men's beard 2020

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Since ancient times, a male beard has symbolized the masculinity of the stronger sex. Now the beard has become fashionable, it is used as a stylish accessory, creating a certain image.

Where can I buy in Russia?

  • Buy chickens, as well as hatching eggs in the poultry farm "Kurkurovo". It is located in the Lukhovitsky district of the Moscow region, in the village of Kyrovo, house 33. There you can also look for other chickens for yourself. You can ask about the cost and availability of young animals and eggs of this breed by calling the following phone number: +7 (985) 200 70-00.
  • You can buy adult chickens, eggs for incubation and daily chickens on the farm "Bird village". The poultry farm is located in the Yaroslavl region, in a clean region, only 140 km from Moscow. To find out about the presence of a bird, you can clarify the cost by phone +7 (916) 795-66-55.

Hussar mustache and beard

Face shape: any.

How to grow: Technically, a hussar mustache is not a beard style, but they look just fantastic combined with a well-groomed long beard. In order to create a similar image, grow hair about 10 centimeters below the chin. Give them a shape that resembles the shape of your collar. Also grow a mustache and use wax to curl them in the shape of the peculiar letter “W”. Together with a well-laid beard, such a mustache will look great!

Face shape: square, oval.

How to grow: Starting from overgrown cisterns, seamlessly connecting with the rest of the facial hair, such a beard, in fact, cannot be considered very long, but from the outside it seems like that. To get it, grow tanks and a beard, and then give the hair a square shape. The length of the hair from the chin to a clear cut with an even horizontal line should be about 7.5 centimeters. An additional highlight of the image can be a hussar mustache.

Face shape: square, oval, circle.

How to grow: The length of hair in this beard should be the same everywhere. This is not the longest beard. It should end about 5 centimeters below the chin, in a neatly rounded shape. The mustache should also be the same length in all of its sections to harmonize with the beard.

Face shape: elongated, square, oval.

How to grow: This is one of the most serious varieties of beards. It looks brutal than most other styles, and is great for those who work a lot with their hands. Start with the hair on the head: they need to be cut short enough, leaving hair of longer length only on one side. Whiskers should grow down and connect with a beard. Let the hair grow a few centimeters below the chin, then square it with rounded corners. Hair should grow freely, do not constantly cut and trim it.

Face shape: oval, circle.

How to grow: There are beards designed to tell the world that their owner is a man with a capital letter. This is just such a style, very respectable and authoritative. Let the hair grow thick and voluminous and grow below the chin, where they can be given the pointed shape of a “goatee”. Then you need to dye the middle part of the beard in a different color, or get rid of all the black hairs and leave only gray hair in this area. Whitening should not start from the very roots. A neat, short-cropped mustache will harmonize perfectly with such a beard.

Face shape: circle, oval.

How to grow: This is a very simple kind of short beard. However, if you do everything right, such a beard will look very impressive and stylish. Firstly, the hair on the head should be short, the edges of the hairstyle should be outlined in even lines. The whiskers from above should be practically invisible until they smoothly “flow” into the beard at the level of the middle of the cheek. A small mustache should merge with a beard, and you will need to maintain the same hair length at the confluence. Trim the hair directly under the chin, narrowing it to the middle and slightly curving. For a perfect look, also leave some hair under the lower lip.

Face shape: any.

How to grow: This is a very popular beard style that allows you to create the image of a brave and self-confident person. Tanks should be connected with a beard, while all the facial hair should be approximately the same length. The upper edge of the beard should go exactly diagonally from the tanks, and under the lower lip - rise a centimeter and a half up. Hair can be grown to about 2.5 centimeters below the line of the chin, then trimmed and give the beard a slightly rounded shape.The mustache should be short, with a thin line of hair running near the corners of the lips and connecting them to the beard.

Face shape: oval, circle.

How to grow: This beard is quite similar to a short and narrowed one, but here the emphasis is on the front view, not the profile. Looks great with longer hair. Let your whiskers grow together with a beard. At the same time, cut the beard itself close to the cheek, with the exception of the area near the chin: here the hair should be somewhat longer. Grow goatee without any restrictions. The edges of the beard along the cheek should not be outlined too sharply. Grow a mustache of about the same length as your beard hair to create a harmonious look.

Face shape: any.

How to grow: This is an ideal beard for those who do not have time to regularly keep it neat. Celebrities like David Beckham are happy to prefer this style. Allow your hair to grow freely, then give it a pointed shape instead of directly converging diagonally on the cheeks. Let the tanks connect with the beard, and she herself grows down the neck, but not too far. Also grow a small goatee. To such a beard, you can add a short mustache with downward tips, but do not connect them with the rest of the facial hair.

Face shape: oval, square.

How to grow: Grow a beard along the line of the chin and allow thin cisterns to connect with it. Fit your beard to your chin. Grow a mustache and give it the shape of an inverted letter "U", while the mustache should not have a point of contact with the beard. Trim your mustache and beard regularly, and carefully shave other areas of your skin.

Face shape: square.

How to grow: This is one of the shortest beard options. Grow long enough hair at the bottom of the chin. Also grow a hussar mustache, if necessary, use wax to slightly round their tips. Maintain a heterogeneous, slightly “disheveled” beard appearance. Moreover, in the lower part of the chin, it should be quite thick, and above - more rare.

Chin stripe

Face shape: square.

How to grow: A strip on the chin is a type of beard that quickly forms and blends well with short hair. Grow a small stubble from the whiskers to the chin and give it a clear, even shape, not allowing the hairs to grow outside. Shave off your mustache and leave a small, almost invisible goatee for a better effect.

Face shape: oval, square.

How to grow: This is a fairly short beard that looks appropriate in any situation. It goes well with a short haircut made in any style. To get it, let the cropped and well-defined whiskers go down to the beard, whose hair should be about the same length. Do not cut the edge of the beard too sharply, but cut it periodically to make it look brutal, but neat. Grow a mustache of approximately the same length, descending to the beard through areas near the corners of the lips.

Face shape: any.

How to grow: This is a beard with beautiful borders and transitions. Let the short whiskers expand to a full beard at about mid-ear level. Outline the edges with an even diagonal and add a small goatee to the image. Also grow a small short mustache with tips pointing towards the beard, but not in contact with it. Make sure that all lines are clearly formed, and do not allow hairs to appear outside of them.

So you got it! Twenty-three beautiful styles of beards of various sizes for men with different face shapes, different hairstyles and preferences regarding facial hair. Whatever beard you dream of, among these styles you are guaranteed to find the perfect embodiment of your imagination. Grow it and keep looking great.

Full beard Russian is the widest chic and thick of all kinds. She looks as natural, courageous, impressive and in a good way aggressive!

If you describe the "anatomy" of a full beard, its borders go continuously from the whiskers, completely covering the jaw, connects with a mustache above the upper lip and goes under the chin, on the neck.

This style of a full beard speaks of the bold and decisive character of its owner. There are men who let go of their beards because they simply follow the fashion, but they are unlikely to like such a decision for a long time.

Indeed, the presence of facial vegetation in modern society obliges one to possess certain qualities of character, respectively style !


An analogue can be called Yurlovsky chickens. They also belong to the meat-and-egg type of productivity. These are hardy birds with a thick down cover that can withstand any frost. Unlike bearded chickens, the Yurlovskys can increase weight up to 5 kg, but their egg productivity remains lower - only 160 eggs per year.

As a decorative breed, you can get Pavlovsky hens. These poultry are native Russian breeds. They are known all over the world because of the unusual color, which goes well with a small crest on the head of a bird.


Russian black bearded chickens are now a fairly rare breed. If in the past years all rich farmers were engaged in their breeding, now these chickens can only be found among collectors. The fact is that modern poultry farming does not stand still, therefore, in Russia there are more productive and more hardy breeds of chickens.

What are Russian beards

Full information on the subject of “what Russian beards wear” is all the most relevant and useful on this issue.

In Russia, men were met not by their clothes, but by their beards. Its density and salary. Dense vegetation was considered an external reflection of a good breed of man, and his masculine strength. People with a poorly growing beard were recognized as almost degenerate. Beardless, as a rule, remained in the mare. The honor of the Russian man was in his beard.

Damage caused to the vegetation on the chin was a grave crime against the individual. Even Yaroslav the Wise set a fine for hair pulled out in a beard. For the torn shred the offender had to pay the state 12 hryvnias. Under John the Terrible, disgraced boyars were subjected to shameful civil execution: their hair was plucked from their beards.

Such a shame could be washed away only in a monastery or as a feat in war.

But here's what they say about it in other lands:

“A published report from the Xegis Solutions research team says that beards are directly related to combat effectiveness.

The strength of Russia is in its people. The strength of the people, at least of the masculine sex, is in their beard. So why did a Russian person need good vegetation on his chin?

To get into the kingdom of heaven

At the end of the 17th century, Patriarch Adrian wrote: "God made man bearded: only cats and dogs do not have her." All "braced" adult husbands indiscriminately excommunicated. This was due to the fact that, according to legend, the Orthodox person had to correspond in appearance to the image of Christ. So smooth-shaven men ordered entry into the kingdom of heaven.

Photo of a Russian beard

To keep your dignity

The honor of the Russian man was in his beard. Damage caused to the vegetation on the chin was a grave crime against the individual. Even Yaroslav the Wise set a fine for hair pulled out in a beard.

For the torn shred the offender had to pay the state 12 hryvnias. Under John the Terrible, disgraced boyars were subjected to shameful civil execution: their hair was plucked from their beards.

Such a shame could be washed away only in a monastery or as a feat in war.

We proceed directly to the process.

  • Stop shaving for at least four weeks (preferably six weeks). This implies no shaving, trimming or hair removal in any other way from your cheekbones to the eyeballs!
  • Giving this time to your beard is also useful for you to see where your whiskers grow and in which direction. Trying to shape the lines of your cheeks or neck during this period often results in you removing too much hair related to whiskers. This disrupts the big picture.
  • Your beard is likely to itch the first few days. The person is accustomed to shaving regularly (some already every day !!). The advantage of shaving is that it helps exfoliate the skin, which in turn cleanses the pores. This factor is the reason for the absence of itching with regular shaving.
  • Itching can be alleviated by keeping the future beard clean with shampoo and conditioner. Anti-dandruff shampoo or soap is also suitable. In addition to the above, use a balm or beard oil to soothe your skin. If you have oily skin, try hazelnut oil. It has an astringent effect.

To emphasize your Russianness

The beard was considered a gift from the Lord. And the Russian people in this regard were very gifted. The beard was our national treasure, which was guarded including by unwritten charters not to marry foreigners.

Especially with those that nature has not endowed with dense facial hair. Those who sinned with the "Basurmans" were easily recognized by their offspring, or rather, by their "goat", rare beards.

The unfortunate were “awarded” the status of “bastard” (from the word fornication), and it was necessary to make quite a few efforts to become a full member of society.

To have harmony in life

For a Russian, a beard was not only an honor and conscience, but also a balancer in life. The loss of hair on a beard certainly affected the fate of a person.

The randomly torn shreds and fallen hair on the chin were taken very seriously: a "bald" man, as a rule, went to confession, and then sat down on a strict post. People who voluntarily disposed of their beards were considered obsessed.

Ordinary people shunned them, so as not to become infected with demons. But the most terrible thing was for the Russian man when the tsar “scolded”. This was perceived by the people as a national catastrophe ...

To show your independence

In the 19th century, a beard was perceived as a sign of freethinking. There were no suspicions of beards among priests, Old Believers, merchants. The raiders, who let go of their beards, were regarded as a potentially dangerous, unreliable element.

In the Soviet era, the beard was an attribute of a wealthy peasant, priest or academic scientist, and later also fans of suspicious intellectuals like Hemingway or the unformatted Vysotsky.

Thus, it can be argued that wearing a beard is a kind of non-conformism, showing the independence of the views of its “master” and even its revolutionary attitude. It is enough to recall the bearded leaders of world revolutions.

Stylish and fashionable full (or Russian) male beard 2020

Full or Russian male beard is the most popular and common. Many people choose this type of beard because it requires minimal care and control, while emphasizing the maximum masculinity and naturalness of the stronger sex.

To grow a full male beard, you need to let go of the hair on the chin, on the cheeks, on the lip and on the neck. You should constantly monitor the growth of the beard and, if necessary, level it, creating its own unique image.

  • Fashionable men's beard for dark-haired men 2020

For dark-haired men, growing a beautiful beard is quite simple. To make a dark beard look fashionable, stylish and modern, a half centimeter of beard length is enough.

Stylish and fashionable men's bristles 2020

Fashionable bristles are very popular and stylish.To grow light male bristles for some, it takes several days not to shave, for others, depending on the individual structure, it will take a lot of effort to achieve the effect of stylish light shaving.

Popular beard haircut is - an anchor. A distinctive feature is a slight elongation of the beard on the chin. For a harmonious combination of mustache and beard, it is better to use a pencil mustache.

Fashionable men's beard for red-haired men 2020

Fashionable men's beard for fair-haired men 2020. Blonde men are recommended to grow a thicker beard, as a dark beard looks a little “brutal”.

  1. A beard with gray hair looks very stylish and status.
  2. Many people also wear a beard with long hair.
  3. Depending on the type of face, length of hair and clothes that you wear, you can choose a beard style that is right for you.

How to grow a fashionable and beautiful beard?

Before you let go of a stylish and fashionable beard, you should remember a few rules:

  • Each representative of the stronger sex has its own type of hair. It is necessary to take into account the individual characteristics of the growth of the beard. If the beard on the neck does not grow, it is better to choose the type of beard - an anchor that will look better.
  • It is necessary to immediately determine the type of hair growth of the beard. It’s best not to immediately shave for about three weeks, and then go to the barbershop for a professional barber who will tell and tell you which beard style for your hair type and face shape is best to choose.
  • To beautifully lay a long beard, it is best to use special wax, but the main thing is not to overdo it.
  • For blond hair, it is necessary to grow a thick and long beard so that it looks attractive and stylish.

How to make a skipper beard

A large number of modern men grow a beard. This gives masculinity and seriousness to the image. But often many are too lazy to grow a long beard, as it requires careful care.

If you do not care for the beard, then it can harm the appearance of the man. However, there is a compromise - a skipper beard, it is not long, and does not require much care. Such a beard is suitable for any man who wants to be different from others.

Distinctive features

Skipper beard is also called British. It is distinguished by its average bristle length and round shape. Another important feature is clean-shaven cheeks.

The beard looks good with a small mustache. This option is suitable for men whose face looks like a "trapezoid". On it stands out the large lower part, which such a beard will hide and make less.

With a skipper beard, the hair is not a wide strip that runs from one ear to the other, while extending to a small section of the chin from below. The beard has the shape of a horseshoe.

There are several different variations of a British beard. All of them differ only in length. Choosing a variation, a man needs to decide on his unique style.

Who goes skipper beard

Skipper beard does not look harmonious on every man. If the face is young and tender, then this kind of beard is not suitable. If the man has a brutal look, the lower jaw is clearly expressed, then such a beard will be very useful.

How to Shave Skipper Beard: Beard Styles | Gillette styler

With the help of a skipper beard, face correction can be carried out. Short bristles along the edges of the chin will make the “heavy” face softer.

This type of beard is ideal for those men who prefer to hide the sharp shape of their chin or want to adjust the lower square part of their faces. The lower jaw with such a beard will look softer.

In general, this type of beard is suitable for almost any man. She disguises the wrong traits. It is only required to correctly select the length of the bristles.

In order to become a carrier of a skipper beard, you must first grow the most ordinary beard, doing nothing with it during growth. To obtain the desired result, the following sequence must be observed:

  • We grow bristles with a hair length of not more than one centimeter.
  • Swift along the entire length up to four millimeters.
  • We simulate the lower and upper edge of the beard.
  • We shave the bristles under the lip from below, then on the cheeks and neck.

If the image is complemented by a mustache, then you need to highlight them, adjusting to the desired shape. Remember that it is best to have such a beard for men whose hair does not grow long and evenly.
Fashionable beard haircut - skipper

You can also form a beard with a trimmer and razor. For this:

  • We select a comb of a certain length for cutting. It can be a comb in two, four, six millimeters.
  • Trim the hair length with a trimmer. This will help make shaving comfortable and not difficult.
  • Remove the comb from the trimmer and cut the bristles, creating the shape of a beard. If you shave the bristles on the neck and cheeks a little shorter, this will make the image more stylish.
  • When cutting, carefully monitor the symmetry. Do not cut off too much hair when trying to straighten a beard.
  • We apply a shaving product to areas of the face that will not go into the shape of a beard (cheeks, neck).
  • Using a trimmer and a haircutting tip, we form lines of the face, giving it clearer lines.

Observing these not tricky rules, you can quickly grow a beard and form a beautiful shape of a skipper beard.

Beard Care Rules

Beard care does not require special knowledge and skills. Basic rules: washing, daily combing and regular haircut.

Here are some simple care tips:

  • You need to wash the beard with the same shampoos and balms that are used to wash the hair of the head so that dandruff and irritation do not appear.
  • It is necessary to comb a beard every day so that it does not lose its shape and neat appearance.
  • You need to cut your hair regularly, maintaining shape.

How beautifully designed Beard! How to make beautiful Beard!

  • You can use various cosmetics to give the beard beauty and softness. But before use, carefully read the instructions.
  • The beard is only combed with a comb. Otherwise, she will look messy and is unlikely to please others.
  • The beard can be modeled to your liking. If the hair is not too thick, then they can be dyed, which will give additional volume and hide all the roughness.

How to grow a beard

The main factor for growing a beard is a clearly defined line. Growing a beautiful beard is not at all difficult.

First we grow hair. This will require at least two months. If the beard does not grow as fast as we would like, use folk remedies for hair growth.
How to cut an English beard

For rapid growth of bristles, you must:

  • Eat more vegetables and fruits that contain sucrose. It can be apples, pomegranates, carrots.
  • Add vitamins A, B, C, E. to the menu.
  • Add fermented milk products to the menu.
  • Use both castor and burdock oil.
  • More often to be in the sun and add vitamin D to food, for that.
  • Visit gyms to generate and boost testosterone.

Once the hair has grown to the required size, start modeling the shape. By properly caring for facial hair, you can be sure that the image will be irresistible.

Appearance story

There are numerous assumptions of the fact why the beard regularly gains huge popularity and becomes an integral part of the male image. Since ancient times, it was called upon to protect its owner from winds and cold weather, and no one really thought about the fact that you can get rid of facial hair.

In the time of the great conquerors and rulers, on all paintings they were depicted as formidable with a magnificent big beard.In these times, dense facial hair was a sign not only of courage, but also of male maturity. If a man did not grow a thick beard, then everyone felt sorry for him and considered him weak.

How to grow and cut

In general, a classic beard is suitable for almost all men, the main thing is to gain strength in order to grow it, because at the first stage an unevenly hairy face will not have a very spectacular look.

In addition, after a couple of weeks of growing, an unpleasant itch may appear, which indicates that the hairs have grown to a sufficient length and now, bending, they can penetrate the skin, giving an unpleasant sensation. Often already at this stage, men give up and shave off their hair without waiting for the required length. But in vain, after a week, another discomfort will pass.

Proper care

The full beard care process consists of two points:

Men are advised to take facial cleansing very seriously. They need to be washed and combed daily to avoid peeling on the skin of the face, the unpleasant smell of food and tobacco, as well as to add tidiness.

In order for the hair not to split and not to break, you can use balms and special oils. Naturally, there is a male representative in whom the beard holds its shape, but there are very few such cases. Mostly bearded Russian men use wax or oil for styling naughty hard hair on their faces.

Russian beard and mustache: photos

You can see how spectacular the Russian mustache and beard look by looking at the next selection of photos.

Growing a classic full beard is a special life experience for a man and a great opportunity to add courage to your image and improve your appearance. Even for guys who are used to shaving clean daily, the decision to grow a bulky beard can drastically change their whole lives. But do not go to extremes and grow hair on the face of extreme length. In this case, longer does not mean more beautiful. If in doubt, it's worth a try anyway!

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