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Men's Wallet Guide

It can become not only a fashion accessory, but also a real center of attraction for money. How to choose such a wallet? There are several criteria based on historical experience and the art of the right attitude to finance.

First of all, it should be solid and respectable, and therefore expensive. Saving on such a purchase is not worth it; allow yourself a model made of quality genuine leather. Perfect skin with an original or exotic finish.

It is believed that precisely such accessories attract and store the energy of wealth. In addition, the skin will retain its respectable appearance for a long time, it has the ability to age beautifully.

An alternative to leather can be a beautiful expensive textile, with a complex pattern or embroidery, especially if its design has gold or silver shades.

Choose the right wallet size, how the money will be placed in it is also important. Banknotes in it should be free, it is best if the money does not have to be bent, and for small things and plastic cards, separate convenient compartments are provided.

It is believed that accurate and free allocation of money is a sign of respect for money, which attracts them. Such rules exist in most European cultures, it can be treated in different ways, but it’s necessary to try them yourself.

How to choose the right wallet for Feng Shui: color and size of the model

The ancient Taoist practice of arranging the Feng Shui space knows a lot of ways to attract money that are worth adopting. How to choose a wallet for Feng Shui?

First of all, learn the size, the model should be large enough, but at the same time convenient - you need to use it every day with pleasure. Pay attention to color, there are those that attract money in the Feng Shui tradition. This is, above all, the tones of earth and metals: all shades of yellow and brown, gold and silver. But the colors of water - all shades of blue, blue and green - are considered unlucky for money.

The rules of Feng Shui not only dictate how to choose the right wallet correctly, how to make money, put large bills and then small ones closer to themselves. It is believed that a wallet should never be left empty, at least one coin should always be in it. Respectful and accurate attitude to money in itself “attracts” them, so your wallet should always have a perfect order - no old checks and receipts. Images of people are considered superfluous, so photos should also be removed.

But to put a few symbolic things must be. In Feng Shui tradition, these are three coins with a hole, connected by a red thread. It is characteristic that such talismans are not only in the east. In England, they put a sprig of heather and beans, and in Russia since ancient times a piece of the horseradish root grown and dried was considered the talisman. Money also attracts cinnamon and mint.

How to choose a female and male wallet: how to choose an accessory

The accessories that we use daily must exactly match the overall style. The trends for such models are remarkably stable, which means choosing the most classic and most respectable is the best solution to the question “How to choose a women's wallet?”

It can be considered as a personal gift, and treat yourself to an expensive branded accessory or handmade model. Pay attention to the models that are released by your favorite brand of bags, the coincidence of style is one of the conditions for elegant combinations.

How to choose such a wallet? Allow yourself the best and most expensive. But do not lose sight of the important details, pay attention to the fasteners, they should not only be reliable, but comfortable. Well, if all the internal pockets and compartments of the model are tightly closed - the very internal order, which is considered attractive for money, you will be able to save without difficulty.

You can choose the color of the wallet, both based on the practice of Feng Shui, and refer to the gamut that you consider yourself happy. An eternal classic that will never get bored - noble brown gamma and black, especially in combination with original leather textures.

And for those who love avant-garde solutions, a real find will be leather with a fashionable metallic coating. If you want to attract money - choose an accessory for gold or silver.

The accessory of bright red color will become symbolic, it is considered no less favorable for money. But do not forget that an expensive and respectable model can last you more than one year, and therefore it is better to choose the color for the colors and styles of the bags that you usually prefer.

Wallet Choice: Nuances, Beliefs and Signs

Many historical beliefs and ancient signs today do not lose their relevance. At least they are honored and used by designers of the most famous brands. The tone, as Italians usually set, is precisely their model that combines nobility, chic and thoughtful elaboration of styles.

Choosing a wallet should start with the collections of the most famous brands, their ideas become the starting point for other manufacturers. The main criterion remains status, this is especially important when selecting male models. This accessory is appreciated along with expensive watches and ties and, by the way, is considered one of the best gifts. Men's fashion is much more conservative than female, and choosing a men's wallet as a stylish addition is unmistakably possible in the lines of classic models.

The best, of course, will be a purse, which, according to tradition, is worn in the breast pocket of a jacket. The most elegant and truly impeccable look leather - classic tones - models with minimal decor.

Feng Shui will come to help you choose a wallet. Pay attention to the convenience of the inside pockets and compartments, the ability to place bills neatly and freely.

And be sure to put a symbolic coin in your gift - it is believed that you can’t give it empty.

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Men's Wallet Guide

Despite the fact that the history of money, including paper money, dates back thousands of years, wallets in the usual sense of the word appeared in people quite recently. Even the word "wallet" itself (like the English wallet) did not initially describe an object intended to transfer only money. Over the century of existence in the usual form, wallets have become very widespread and have evolved into many varieties, among which the modern buyer can easily get lost. Let's try to figure out their huge assortment, but let's start with men.

Functional wallet selection

By and large, it will not work to distinguish a clear classification among wallets, and the design of some instances is completely impossible to attribute to one specific look. However, several conventional formats that have developed historically will help you choose the right model.

Immortal classic: chest or full-size wallets (breast wallet or long wallet)

The oldest type of wallets is divided into classic chest wallets and full-sized ones. They are united by the storage of notes in a straightened form. Both concepts are often confused, so it is better to search for both queries.

Chest wallets are considered a sign of business style, they look more elegant and are not burdened by a large number of branches. They do not have a fastener, the capacity of cards rarely exceeds 10 pieces.

Full-sized wallets are more capacious, often have a strap or chain for carrying on their hands, and almost always have a clasp. The number of slots for cards varies in the region of 8-12 (with inserts - up to 16), often there is a compartment for coins.

There are branches for zippered bills, “secret” branches that are invisible to the prying eyes, and ID window - a transparent compartment for a driver’s license or other identity card in the form of a plastic card, not very relevant for Russia (and many post-Soviet countries).

In modern models, you can find a compartment for smartphones made of soft, non-scratching fabric. External pockets for checks and business cards are also common.

A separate subset of the "big" wallets stood out for travel wallet. The main feature is the presence of separate pockets for passports and tickets, slots for SIM cards and memory cards. A travel wallet does not have to be large, but more often than not, these are still full-size wallets.

The unspoken standard: bi-fold wallet

Perhaps the most popular class of wallets, a compromise between capacity and compactness.

The capacity of the cards is 4-8 (12 with inserts). Some wallets have hidden pockets and zip compartments.

There are models with an upward or sideways liner (flip). Search query: bi-fold wallet flip

The first step to compactness: tri-fold wallet

The main feature of these wallets is the folding of banknotes three times, because of which they cannot contain a lot of money.

Cards in them are arranged vertically, the total number does not exceed 8 pieces. By the way, there are “flips” in this class, which turns individual wallets into “quad” ones.

Nowhere more compact: minimalist wallets (minimalist wallet or front pocket wallet)

Such wallets are not disclosed at all in any way: in their arsenal there are usually only 3-6 card slots and 1 cash slot, where they are folded.

Ascetic wallet: money clip

Pure clamps are an exclusively image item; it is rarely seen in everyday life. They are most often presented to chiefs and colleagues, including those made of precious metals.

Hybrid models are more practical, for example, a clip in a “double” wallet. Money in this is not stored in the compartment, but is pressed by a metal spring with a bend. Search query: bi-fold money clip

Another hybrid: a minimalistic wallet with an external clip. Search query: money clip minimalist wallet

For lovers of credit cards: credit card holder

A great option for those who do not use cash at all. They come in the form of a book, case and automatic dispenser.

Coins are found in a huge number of varieties: bags, boxes, pencil cases, classic purses with a latch, etc. Strictly speaking, any small container that can be easily opened and closed will fit like a coin box.

Some coin boxes evolved slightly and overgrown with an additional pocket for a card or cash, but that didn’t make them a full-fledged wallet.

For special needs: unusual wallets

For all the time that we use cash, people have come up with many ways to transfer them. There are many specialized wallets that are unlikely to be useful to everyone, but it is impossible not to mention them.

Cases for smartphones with pockets for cards and cash. Quite a popular accessory at various trading floors. The capacity of such people is very modest, and the risk of losing both the phone and money prevents it from carrying large amounts of money. Search query: * phone model * wallet case.

Wallet belt. A strange hybrid belt and wallet is quite popular in the US as a gift. In travel or even in ordinary life, it will fit as a “untouchable reserve” just in case. Search query: money belt

Fans of extravagant can try various bracelets, bracers and wristlets with a pocket for money. Search query: wrist wallet

Secretive body wallets. Mounting on the thigh, on the shin, on the waist, on the chest, on the shoulder - all these wallets are united by what only the owner knows about their existence. Typically, these wallets are taken with travelers traveling to places where a simple wallet is better not to get it. Search query: hidden wallet

Holster wallet. It is easier to get money out of it than from a secret wallet, but at the same time, thanks to strong materials and a powerful design, it is hard to steal. Search query: holster wallet

Shoe wallet. Fans of jogging and other outdoor sports often purchase a shoe wallet that attaches directly to the laces and holds 1-2 cards and several folded bills, or keys to the house. Search query: shoe wallet

Material wallet selection

Perhaps the most commonly used material in wallets. However, the skin is different.

High-quality leather: Full-grain leather - the top layer of the skin without defects and with a natural pattern, Top-grain leather, corrected grain leather - the top layer, not reaching full-grain, with an embossed pattern, chamois leather (suede) - waterproof velvety leather.

Medium-quality leather: Split leather - the middle layer of the skin (split) with an embossed surface, suede (velor) - fragile velvety material made of cheap leather, Patent leather (patent leather) - smooth leather with an oil or plastic coating.

Leather of dubious quality: PU leather and bicast leather (polyurethane leather) - cheap material made of leather split leather with a synthetic layer bearing a pattern, Bonded leather and reconstituted leather (recycled leather) - glued scraps of leather, absolutely unpredictable in terms of consumer characteristics.

The image of a leather wallet is so densely stuck in the head of buyers that manufacturers are ready to make them out of everything that visually resembles leather. Manmade leather, faux leather, leatherette, pleather, vegan leather, vinyl, PVC, PU - all these terms mean synthetic material. This is not necessarily bad, but keep in mind - cheap synthetics are never of high quality.

This nameless wallet is a typical example of faux leather.

Strong, durable and lightweight wallets made of fabric - a great alternative to leather ones, especially for athletes and tourists.
Natural fabrics: canvas (canvas or canvas), jeans (jeans). They are characterized by high wear resistance and fear of moisture. As an example, look at the Herschel Supply Co cotton wallet.

Synthetic fabrics: polyester, oxford (polyester), nylon, cordura (nylon). Cut resistance and moisture resistance. Photo: Timberland nylon wallet.

Alternatives to wallets (money clips, card holders, coin boxes) are often made from hard materials: metals, carbon, wood.

Conventional wallets are also made of non-standard materials, but less often. For example, wallets from Tyvek - strong and lightweight non-woven material. It is waterproof and practically does not tear, but quickly loses its shape. Thin SlimFold MICRO wallet is an example of this.

Corkor Cork Wallet is definitely an outstanding accessory. The cork does not leak moisture and does not wear out over time, but may crumble.

Wallets to Watch

Up to $ 25 worth

Frankly, if you plan to purchase a quality purse that will last you at least 3-5 years and does not fall apart, then this price category, with rare exceptions, is not for you. By exceptions, I mean several options. For example, a quality cloth wallet may well cost about 20-25 dollars. Or a "minimalistic" wallet, which for the money can still be found in good leather. Or a metal money clip. As for double, triple, and even more so full-size wallets, it’s almost impossible to find something from full leather for this amount. Whatever formulations the seller uses (genuine leather, 100% leather and others), most likely it is either cheap leather with a dusting, or thin split leather with an embossed texture, this will not last long.You can try to find a wallet made of high quality leatherette (yes, this happens), but it will be more like a lottery. The tips are simple and obvious: before buying, study as many reviews and reviews as possible on different platforms, don’t blindly trust brands, but don’t waste your time on the alluringly cheap “no-name”. If you are not embarrassed by the look of a fabric wallet, you can take a closer look at the Dakine Vert Rail triple wallet, or the “minimalistic” Chums Surfshorts with a zipper and a transparent card window. Wallets are definitely not suitable for a tuxedo, but they will live much longer than “leather” brothers for the same price.

Those who are not burdened with plastic cards and do not carry a trifle can try the money clip. By and large, you can take any steel clamp, because it is difficult to spoil such a thing. Of interesting models, you can look at the Gerber GDC Money Clip multitool clip or the TI-EDC titanium opener clip.

The choice of "minimalist" wallets in this range is quite good. Definitely worth a look at the Herschel Supply Raven fabric with a metal clip, and the similar Alpine Swiss leather model. By the way, I advise you to pay attention to this brand. Although it is not related to Switzerland, it has earned great popularity in the low and medium price segments due to the rather high and stable quality of the goods.

An interesting wallet in different variations of this style and with RFID protection is offered by Travelambo, this is a bestseller on the Amazon site. If you try, then in the indicated range you can find a great leather card holder Fossil Derrick with a clip and RFID protection.

But if you really want a more capacious wallet and to make it look like leather, then you can pick up something here. But you should not expect durability and thoughtfulness from these wallets. Along with Alpine Swiss, the Tommy Hilfiger brand is popular in the budget segment. Wallets from these two manufacturers are worth considering, if you have a modest budget, but want to take a stylish and relatively high-quality thing. For example, a double Alpine Swiss wallet with a flip will cost no more than $ 20. A Tommy Hilfiger wallet with a pull-out card holder is no more than 25. Fans of a triple-folding wallet may like these Alpine Swiss and Tommy Hilfiger models.

Cost from 25 to 50 dollars

In this price range it is already easier to find accessories made of full leather, although one should not forget that a high price does not mean high quality at all. We read reviews, watch videos and do not turn off vigilance. If you do not take into account clamps made of precious metals, then most of the most expensive minimalist purses will be in this range. For example, a simple card holder from Saddleback Leather Co. made from a single piece of full-grain leather will cost about $ 25. Hybrid Bryker Hyde clips from the same leather cost about $ 35, a Victorinox hybrid $ 40, and a Forrest & Harold top-grain leather clip $ 30.

For voluminous wallets expanse here begins. Selecting a model for yourself will not be difficult, but there is still no talk of premium quality. These are rather just solid wallets made of good materials. The classic bi-fold Fossil, Fox and Victorinox wallets made of high-quality leather, as well as the ergonomic Rogue Industries wallet, are well-established among customers in this class.

Tri-fold wallets are not as popular as the previous format, but there are some interesting ones among them. For example, a Fossil Ingram wallet and a thick leather wallet with a baseball stitch from Rawlings sports company.

In this price class you can find full-sized purses. A sheepskin Tommy Hilfiger wallet and calf Nautica wallet are pretty good options for the price.

Cost from 50 to 100 dollars

The most interesting price range. Minimalist wallets rarely get here, but almost all the others are of high quality and thoughtful design. Double Bellroy wallets stand out from the others with their slim profile, Saddleback Leather with solid calfskin leather and a lifetime warranty, TUMI with a smart design, and COACH with a pull-out card insert. By the way, I advise you to pay attention to the latest brand, it is very popular in the United States, and it is just represented most widely in this price range.

Saddleback Leather and Victorinox also offer triple folding wallets. As always - high quality production and real leather.

Full-size purses and travel wallets are presented here not bad. But the vast majority are released by the COACH brand. Other brands do not have such a wide range, but they can also offer interesting options: a Derek Alexander chest wallet, a stylish and roomy long wallet Diesel Fresh Starter, and a travel organizer TUMI Nassau.

Instead of a conclusion, I would like to say that a pragmatic approach to choosing a wallet does not always work. You can shovel a bunch of information, but still not find the right one. However, after understanding your “Wishlist”, you will be much closer to the perfect wallet that can not be found. Instead of looking for a larger wallet, you can review its contents, remove everything superfluous from it and switch to a wallet thinner and more modest. Thus, for the same planned amount it will already be possible to purchase a better item, which will become an investment for at least the next couple of years.

Men's wallet - a stylish accessory

A wallet for a strong half of society is a men's wallet that is radically different from the female model of a wallet. The purse is usually smaller in size, and besides, it folds twice or even three times, fastening with a button "bracelet". The male accessory will certainly differ in design performance, it is usually strict, plain, without decorative elements and adornments.

A classic purse must meet the following criteria:

  • leather or leatherette product,
  • embossed on the skin,
  • the presence of a metal lock,
  • the presence of a sufficient number of departments and pockets,
  • comfortable handle.

Most often, men's wallets are made of bovine or pigskin, although high-quality leatherette meets the quality and functional characteristics of a decent accessory for a man. And the difficulties in matters of how to choose a men's wallet are a huge variety of models and varieties of men's wallets.

Purse Features

To understand which wallet to choose for a man, how appropriate such an accessory is, as well as how to wear a purse, you need to familiarize yourself with its functions to begin with. A compact and comfortable to wear accessory is actually an indispensable organizer that collects the most necessary things of a man. And stylists believe that a purse for a man is another detail in image formation.

The accessory has a lot of functions, but 3 tasks are considered the most popular:

  1. Storage of financial resources of a man, sorting notes and protection against mechanical damage.
  2. Access to any bank cards, sorting them into different branches.
  3. Storage of rights, personal documents, important papers, tickets, cards, etc.

Many men decorate purses with photographs of loved ones and any people. Thanks to the compact and neat accessory, you can not only complement the overall style and image, but also always have at hand all the necessary items. You can refuse clothes with pockets in which personal belongings form bulges and extra bulk.

Varieties and their features

You can choose a purse for a man today if you can distinguish an accessory by variety and functionality. Most often, manufacturers produce 2 types of wallets for the stronger sex - vertical and horizontal wallets with double folding. The horizontal wallet has a smaller size but greater thickness due to the double folding type. This accessory is ideal for men if they prefer to carry it in their trouser pockets.

The vertical wallet will be larger, but with a smaller volume in thickness, so it is not suitable for wearing in trousers. His stylists advise men that they carry a wallet in the inner pocket of a jacket or jacket. If you wear it in trousers, this will lead to mechanical stress and the wallet will lose its novelty and attractive shape. The horizontal type is more suitable for young men, and the vertical type is recommended for men of mature, respectable age.

The chest pocket wallet is called the Breast Wallet, and the horizontal wallet with a button on the “hairline” is called the Bi-fold wallet. There is also a tri-fold wallet, it is a multifunctional wallet that is thicker than a vertical purse and more massive in weight. Separately, a money clip is offered for money clip, as well as a front pocket wallet card holder exclusively for storing plastic cards.

Appearance story

According to historical facts, small fabric and leather bags were first invented. In such devices, the peoples of ancient Turkey transferred and stored their earned savings. During the Renaissance, this accessory was already transformed, cultivated and acquired a look more similar to modern models.

In the territory of ancient Russia, an item for storing money appeared at the beginning of the 19th century on the lands where Novgorod is now located. Outwardly, it was exactly the same as the first instance in history - in the form of a small bag, tightly tied with a lace on top.

In Europe at that time, products looked the same. The only difference was the way of wearing - the bag was attached to the belt and was called the omonier. Ancient Eastern peoples used a leather rope as a wallet on which metal coins were strung.

Overview of female and male models

Today, there are many options, each of which has its own advantages and disadvantages. A universal product for both sexes is considered a classic medium-sized purse. It is characterized by restraint, practicality and sophistication. If the accessory is large, then this is usually a rectangular shape model that closes with a button or zipper. The small handbag looks refined in appearance, is folding and quite compact.

It is also worth noting that in a men's and women's wardrobe, a purse, folding in two, or even three times, is usually called a wallet. It has an almost identical internal structure - a department for paper banknotes, credit and debit cards, business cards and a compartment for small items.

Recently, an organizer that is worn on a belt or worn around the neck with a cord has gained popularity among both sexes.

Choose by Feng Shui

Thinking about what should be a good and convenient women's or men's wallet, refer to oriental teaching. This accessory has a special place here - it is the main symbol of wealth and financial prosperity. Therefore, with proper selection and proper operation, you can significantly improve the financial situation. Follow these tips:

  • It is better to purchase models whose design allows you to place notes inside without creases and bends. Any crushing prevents the circulation of energy. In a large rectangular organizer, banknotes will feel more “comfortable”, which will attract luck and income in their endeavors.
  • For small coins and paper notes you need to have separate sections. Categorically it is impossible to keep banknotes and trifles together.
  • It is preferable when the accessory is made of genuine leather, suede or textile. Natural materials are endowed with positive energy that promotes prosperity.
  • After purchasing a new product, it is advisable to put a small mirror in it, in which the money will be reflected. This manipulation will help to establish financial affairs.
  • Peppermint aroma attracts money. To keep them always, put a leaf of dried mint in your wallet.
  • It is categorically undesirable to carry photos of loved ones, checks and receipts in a place of storage of finance. Bank cards can be carried along with paper money, but for business cards it is better to purchase a separate organizer.

Important criteria for choosing

For most people who want to buy a purse, eyes widen out of diversity. It is very important to understand what it is worth paying attention to, that the purchase was successful and pleased for a long time. The first step is to look at who the manufacturer of the product is (brand name, country). There are many brands whose products have a good reputation and positive customer reviews. Next, find out what material it is made of. Look at the quality of tailoring, metal parts, zippers and locks. Estimate the internal structure and the number of bays. Also one of the key criteria for choosing a purse for men and women is the color performance and design of the model.

Compartment for little things

This compartment must be made of durable material and properly stitched. Usually it is made not too roomy, but sufficient to store a couple of dozen coins. An important point is the availability of a high-quality closing mechanism. This is usually a button. She should keep a trifle well inside the compartment and at the same time be easy to open and close. Ease of use also plays an important role - in order to put or take coins, it is undesirable to sort through all departments of the accessory.

Pockets for cards

The modern world dictates its own rules to consumers. Now almost every person has a lot of various plastic cards in their possession - these are credit cards, debit and discount cards. For their storage and convenient use, the wallet should be equipped with special compartments. Access to such compartments is arranged as simple as possible. If a person does not have a separate card holder, then in such pockets you can store business cards.


The quality of the purse directly depends on the brand and the country in which the product was manufactured. Each state has its own traditions, which in one way or another are reflected in the style of goods sold.

The most luxury brands recognized European manufacturers. They produce rulers in tandem with shoes and handbags. Use only high quality genuine leather. Products of fashion houses belong to a high price category. Please note that Piquardro sells the best wallets made of genuine leather, which are of high quality, practicality and original design.


These details need to be especially careful, as they are in constant operation with increased loads. Lightning should easily open and close, as well as have accurate firmware. The material used to manufacture the castle is metal.

In addition to traditional, in the modern market there are many other options for fasteners. These are latches of various shapes and sizes, buttons and magnets. The latter are not recommended for everyday use models, as the adhesion force of the magnetic mechanisms decreases over time and the wallet opens spontaneously.

The best material for the product

The raw materials used to make wallets can be completely different. Each type of material has its advantages and disadvantages. In order to understand how to choose a purse for a man correctly and from what, all these features should be studied in detail.

The market includes wallets made of silicone, suede, fabric and genuine leather. Silicone is characterized as moisture resistant, but not sufficiently reliable products. Suede have excellent performance, but easily soiled and not all suitable appearance. Fabric products are produced from dense fabric - canvas.They are characterized by increased wear resistance, easy maintenance and affordable price. The best in all respects are accessories made from genuine leather.


This is a classic raw material that has been used for many centuries. A leather wallet is characterized by 3 words - practical, elegant and sophisticated. The material is known not only for its strength, reliability and resistance to pollution, but also looks quite presentable and attractive.

Luxury products are made from genuine leather of rare animals. Accessories for a wider range of consumers are made from pork and calf skins of special dressing. Also now on the market there are many purses sewn from leatherette.

Good options

In a wallet of impressive size, banknotes are in a straightened state, without bends and fractures.

Also, the product should have the optimal number of compartments - a lot and a little. Then it will be easy to maintain order in it. In addition, pay attention to the following parameters to make your choice perfect:

  • One of the sides of the purse is 4.5-5 cm.
  • A pocket along one of the ribs should be within 2.7-4.5 cm.

How to choose the color of the new male and female wallet: the choice of the zodiac sign and feng shui

There is no single answer to this question. It all depends on personal preferences and fashion trends in each season. Take a black or brown accessory or the same color as gold and silver (meaning lining).

If you rely solely on gender, then women will be impressed by red and green, and men - the colors of dark chocolate, black, dark blue or purple. Taking into account the elements, you need to be extremely careful - for some, the color can be successful, for others, on the contrary, to influence negatively.

Varieties of Wallets

To know how and what to choose a men's purse, you need to be able to identify it by functionality and variety. The most common products on the market are horizontal and vertical double-folding options.

The former are characterized by a greater thickness, but much smaller size. They will become the best organizers for men who prefer to carry them in their pants pockets. Uprights are larger, but much thinner, so they are more suitable for wearing in the inner sections of outerwear and jackets.

There are also models specially designed for chest pockets and belt carry. Separately, it is worth highlighting miniature multifunctional triple-fold wallets. They are significantly superior to analogues in thickness, but are very compact in other dimensions.

Standard with two folds

A classic organizer that will be the best option for people who are actively using plastic cards. They can be conveniently located in several specially designed departments. For paper money, a small compartment is provided.


In the article, we told which wallet is better to choose and buy, and gave names of all kinds, described their design and purpose. Modern products can not only emphasize the status and taste of their owner, but also help to organize the order in his financial resources, as well as save bank cards, business cards, rights and other important documents.

Which wallet to choose?

In order to facilitate the process of choosing a men's purse, experts created 10 points on which to evaluate the proposed accessory. Thanks to them, you can thoroughly think over the functionality and style of the purse in order to get the best option for yourself or for a gift.

So, when choosing a wallet for a man, you need to pay attention to the following criteria:

  • the naturalness of the materials of manufacture - the skin needs to be felt, the natural one will be warm and soft, the artificial feels cold and stiff,
  • quality - you need to rub the purse with a napkin, if paint remains on it, this is a cheap and low-quality thing,
  • seams - glued wallets of poor quality, and branded wallets are stitched with threads in even seams,
  • hardness and density - a too soft wallet will quickly wear out, and too hard can burst,
  • accessories - a quality wallet should have metal fittings,
  • convenience - a man needs to be tested how the wallet will “sit” in his hand and give in to actions,
  • spaciousness - it is advisable for each department to check whether cards and money fit in it.
  • Price is also an important indicator to consider when buying.

It is also advisable to make sure that the selected wallet does not get wet, so it is better to give preference to those accessories that are made of water-repellent materials. Only a correctly selected purse will allow a man to emphasize his special style, sense of taste, business acumen and organization, and most importantly, financial viability.

Men's wallet and purse

Imagine, you are a respectable man who is doing very well.

You often meet people and, wanting to get a business card, often take out your wallet, however, what does your interlocutor see at that moment? Thick and sloppy wallet that is about to crack at the seams? Nylon sports wallet, which had to be changed as early as 17-18 years old? If so, then you should reconsider your attitude to the wallet and take into account some of the tips that I will give in this article.

In addition to the frivolous look of your wallet, it will obviously be difficult to find something in it. As a rule, there are so many things in it “just in case” that sometimes, finding even the right credit card at the time of payment is a 2-3 minute task.

A men's wallet must meet two basic requirements:

For a complete understanding, I propose to consider these requirements in detail.



If you wear business classic suits, then you need a wallet in which there is only the most necessary. In addition to the plain appearance, a thick wallet is inconvenient to carry in a jacket or trouser pocket. Obviously, the jacket will puff up, creating asymmetry, and the pants may even tear, if you sit down with a thick wallet in the back pocket.

Gentleman's set, which should be in the wallet:


An identity card can be not only a passport. For example, a driver’s license or other ID cards with a photograph (In Russia, Ukraine, the Republic of Belarus, they often raise the issue of introducing a universal card that can identify you, you can pay it from your account, and you can pay for it in public transport).

Try to get by with one card, for example, a driver’s license. Do not take all other cards with you, or place them in another organizer, not in your wallet.

Bank cards

Despite the convenience of cash, bank cards are still needed in the wallet. After all, too much cash will “inflate” your wallet, and money may be needed.

Try to get by with one debit and one credit card (even better - a debit card with an overdraft, then no credit card is required) VISA or MasterCard, so as not to clutter up a dozen different cards that you use from time to time.

Fuel cards

It is very convenient to pay with fuel cards at gas stations, especially if you have a corporate car and prepaid gasoline. However, there is no need to carry the card all the time in your wallet if you refuel once a week, right? It is acceptable to leave the fuel card in the glove compartment, given that even with theft, you need to know the PIN code to refuel.

Business cards

If you often have or need to meet new people, then you should always have business cards with you.

Keeping them in your wallet is not a good idea, especially if you give out 2-3 cards a day and have to carry a whole pack with you.

The best solution to the problem is to purchase a business card holder, which can be put in a bag or briefcase. And put 1-2 business cards in your wallet just in case.

An exotic option, you can call electronic business cards, but they are not very preferred. Firstly, paper media looks more serious than some kind of recording in the phone, and secondly, you can often exchange business cards only between one brand of phone, which limits the exchange of contacts.

Photos of loved ones

Photos are a common attribute of a men's wallet. It is difficult to refuse a good photo of loved ones who you want to recall more often. However, in my opinion, there are more successful solutions: a screensaver or a separate folder with a photo on the phone / laptop / monitor.

What DO NOT need to be stored in a men's wallet:

Plastic cards

Discount cards, club cards, social security cards and so on. All these things should be stored in separate places from the wallet. Sometimes there are so many discount cards that it’s better for them to buy a separate organizer in the form of a book.


Very heavily weighted your wallet is capable of coins. If possible, unload the wallet and pull out all the trifle (you can periodically put it in the piggy bank). If you still need coins, try to wear them as little as possible and of great value.

Notes / copies of documents

If you wear copies of documents in the old way, I recommend that you pay attention to the possibility of photographing documents and storing them in the cloud (for example, DropBox or Yandex.Disk). It is very convenient, especially if you travel often.

There were times when a foreign passport was lost, and all the information could be restored in a matter of minutes from any computer or phone / tablet.

The only thing is to take care of the security of data storage and do not set simple passwords like “12345”.

Not all wallets are the same. A thin leather wallet is convenient if you go to a party or just go to work / study with him every day. But a thin wallet is not suitable for tourist trips, since neither a ticket nor documents can fit there.

A sports wallet with the symbols of your favorite team is good to wear for sporting events or a walk in the park, but is not suitable for a business lunch.

That is why, different wallets meet different requirements and tasks that are set for them. Let's look at the types of men's wallets.

An elegant status purse of a large size, in which banknotes are worn without bending. It has several compartments for notes and pockets for plastic cards. It should be worn in the inside breast pocket of a jacket or in a briefcase. Preferred for people wearing classic-style clothing.

Leather wallet for brown chest pocket; Leather wallet for chest pocket in dark brown; Leather wallet for chest pocket in black with color insert; Leather wallet for chest pocket in black

A classic men's wallet, a very popular type in which bills are folded in half. The wallet consists of several compartments for banknotes and plastic cards. Sometimes there is an additional compartment for coins. Suitable for wearing with both classic and casual clothing.

Black fold-up wallet, smooth black leather double-fold wallet, brown leather double-fold wallet, corrugated brown double-fold wallet, dark brown leather double-fold wallet, fine brown double-fold wallet

A medium-sized two-fold wallet. It is not intended for carrying a large number of bills, as it is strongly deformed if any. Plastic card compartments have a vertical layout.

Black triple fold leather wallet Brown brown triple fold leather wallet Dark brown triple fold leather wallet

An alternative to a classic wallet if you don’t have a jacket or outerwear, which usually has a wallet in your pockets. The metal clip is made of stainless steel, silver, gold, titanium or platinum. As a rule, it does not have compartments for plastic cards and coins.

Rough calfskin money clip

Used to carry paper bills and plastic cards. It is a metal clip for banknotes.

Clip for notes with card slots Clip for notes in brown textured leather Leather clip for notes with card section Card holder made of rough smooth brown leather Card holder made of brown leather

In addition, wallets can be divided by style and purpose:

As a rule, they are made of synthetic materials (polyester in particular) of bright colors with various devices holding the wallet in place. The wallet is equipped with Velcro, belts, various carbines, so that during a trip or travel, it is not dropped. Sometimes sports wallets are made waterproof to protect from inclement weather.

Typically, travelers' wallets are larger than average. The whole reason is the additional departments for a passport, tickets, travel guide or phrasebook.

Travel wallets are made with clips or straps on the belt or neck, so as not to be stolen.

Such wallets are not convenient for daily use because of their size, but are very practical if you travel as a family and you have to carry documents and tickets for everyone.

Quite a niche product and is not common. If you only need to have 1-2 bank cards and a couple of banknotes of great denomination with you, then such a product will probably suit you.

It's no secret that in different countries different money, and as a result - different sizes of notes and coins. Therefore, choosing a wallet, wallet or purse, make sure that the compartment for notes corresponds to the size of the currency that you use.

There are situations when documents are slightly different in size than ordinary plastic cards. For example, old-style rights or documents for a car.

In such cases, I recommend that you get all your documents and place in a new wallet before buying. Thus, you will avoid having to return to the store for another wallet.

By the way, you can buy a men's wallet in our online store Bowandtie Shop Gallery.

Each of the listed types and styles of wallets can be made from both natural and synthetic materials. However, it should be remembered that the black leather wallet is more suitable for the formal dress code, while the wallet made of bright polyester suits the casual style.

Of course, it is advisable to have 2-3 different wallet for different occasions in life. But I would recommend that you purchase at least a double-fold black leather wallet that fits all styles.

Men's wallet made of genuine leather: how to choose a good wallet or purse

My wallet made of genuine leather is the accessory that I love the most. Even a solid, roomy bag, also adored by me to a large extent, cannot be compared in pleasure from using with a magical leather wallet, my constant friend.

I was lucky: I found the one that meets all my requirements, stitched firmly and neatly, the material is a wonderful dark brown skin, which tends to age beautifully. I want to wish the same to you, dear reader, to find and buy your wallet.

What should be guided in choosing?

There are three important factors here: functionality, quality and appearance. Price is the fourth factor, but nevertheless it is secondary, since for a really good thing you can give decent money and not regret it at all.

We will analyze each of them individually.

A good men's wallet is first of all a functional and convenient wallet. Convenience is determined by your personal needs and lifestyle. Someone needs a roomy wallet with a zipper with many compartments, someone likes to live light and he needs a compact cardholder.

Thus, the first step towards a successful purchase is to identify needs: do you have a lot of plastic cards, how many documents you carry with you (passport, rights), where do you prefer to put a trifle - in a special department or just put it in your pocket or bag .

Maybe you have some special requirements, for example, a place for a photo of a loved one or a special pocket for a SIM card or even a hidden compartment for large bills.

And of course, the important question is where you will carry the purse - in the bag, in the inner pocket of the jacket, or, perhaps, you are one of those daredevils who like to put it in the back pocket of jeans.

Identify your priorities and then you can start the search.

What types of wallets exist?

1. Bifold (Bi-fold)

Four-in-Hand wallet, 5500 p.

It has one main design feature - it consists of two halves (conditional) and is revealed by the principle of a book.

Differences can be in the details: the number of pockets for cards, whether there is a compartment for small items, what type of fastener (with zipper, button). Very often, these wallets do not close at all. Here is an example -

The shape of the bifold can be vertical. Usually, such a purse is made thin enough to fit easily in the inside pocket of a jacket: Garde (thinner): Vertical purse Garde

2. Tri-fold

The design of this species is different in that it involves three parts. Functionality, of course, is more here, but the thickness is growing proportionally: Kuznetsov & Yakunin triple-fold wallet - 6000 r.

Cards and banknotes can also be stored here, although paper money will have to be rolled up.

A cardholder (card holder) may be designed exclusively for cards, and may also have a mount (clip) for paper money. The main advantage of it is that it does not take up much space. And this, at times, can be a decisive argument for a purchase.

Brown cardholder "Kuznetsov & Yakunin", 1800 r.

5. Travel Wallet

There are special models that take with you on the road. It provides offices for all the little things that can happen on a trip. However, many take Travel holder for everyday use.

Wallet for travel FRIDAY GOODS, 3600 p.

Wallet quality is determined, firstly, by the quality of the raw materials - leather or suede, which directly affects the appearance of the product (we will talk about this later), and secondly - by the qualifications of the craftsmen. In this matter, you can trust the brand and the store, or, if there is such an opportunity, see and touch the product yourself.

We recommend buying a men's wallet. from genuine leather. Believe me, this is the best choice possible. Real skin is the oldest material that a person has learned to work with, it is soft, durable and aesthetically attractive. A skin substitute will bring nothing but disappointment.

I see the condition of the wallets of some of my acquaintances, stingy or inattentively related to the question of choice - it's a pity to look at their wallets. The fact is that over time, scuffs and surface scratches appear on the surface of any product. There is nothing wrong with this, on the contrary - in a sense, these marks of life even decorate a thing. However, on one condition: the wallet is made of high quality genuine leather. Only in this case he will please you with a natural beautiful patina. Faux leather is cheap material, the cost of such products is low, but how long it will last is a big question. In addition, leather inexpensive wallets are not uncommon: many manufacturers, including domestic ones, competently build business processes, which allows setting low prices for their products. Wallet RAY BUTTON Derby Black, 2400 r. Important question - skin treatment method. Basically, the whole cycle - from dehydration (removal of all hair), oil impregnation of skins to the finish - takes place at a tannery. Sometimes the manufacturer independently “finishes” the skin with the help of fatliquoring, waxing or painting to give the necessary vintage look to his products. So, for example, makes Vladimir Shevchenko, the owner of the Moscow brand Incognito.

The thickness of the coating should not be too large: the natural texture of the skin should be clearly visible. Too thick top layer may indicate initially low quality of raw materials. Usually, skin defects are closed in this way.

Not everyone interprets the term “handmade” in the same way. Some advocate solely to consider as such products made by hand from beginning to end (necessarily including the manual seam here). However, a wallet tailored by hand and sewn on a sewing machine can also be considered “manual work”. And often the machine seam is in no way inferior in quality to the so-called manual seam. Yes, the way in which the master first makes holes in the skin, and then passes the thread through them, is considered more reliable in the sense that when the seam breaks, it is weakened only on one side, while the other continues to securely fasten the parts. However, one can make the argument that a good strong thread, even with a machine method, is unlikely to ever break.

Vladimir Shevchenko, Moscow brand of leather products Incognito

Appearance First, it is determined, as we said, by the quality of the skin, that is, by how good and natural the structure of its surface is. Secondly, and it already depends on the masterly virtuosity - how smooth and neat the seam is. Thirdly, the shape of the wallet itself, the size, thickness and harmony of its parts. Models are mostly standard - it's hard to come up with something new here. But the details, the location of the compartments, the exact size - all this determines the final form, and here it all depends on the talent of the designer.

Green clip for notes Kuznetsov & Yakunin, 3800 r.

Colors and style

Traditionally, the color of a men's wallet is black or brown, as well as all shades of the latter. Black is more formal. Brown may look more interesting, but this is a more everyday option. By the way, the wallet does not have to be alone. It is normal to have a couple and change them from time to time.

In addition to the conservative black and brown, other colors can be present in the arsenal of men, but it is desirable that they are not too bright.

Stylish wallet meets all of the above requirements. Form, quality of tailoring, beautiful material - all this is important.

It is equally important to buy your own wallet, one that is close to you in spirit, one that will be a good neighbor to your other accessories and clothes. It is these considerations that are important to follow if you are looking for a wallet not only for yourself, but also as a gift.

The nature and personality of the future owner must be taken into account.

Well and most importantly - you should like the wallet. If so, buy it boldly.

Dear readers, you can ask your questions by style to us by e-mail, and also use any means of communication: our blogs and live journal. Details on the page about the store.

Wallet for a man - determine the goal and make a choice

Even with bank cards, credit cards, virtual wallets and currencies, the need for a wallet has not diminished in the least for both women and men. A topical accessory is not only a necessity, but also a complement to the overall image and image. Therefore, the question of how to choose a men's wallet purse, today ask many men who appreciate the impeccability in appearance.

- This is a multifunctional accessory that allows you to store not only financial means, but also bank cards, business cards, all kinds of coupons, documents and other trifles inside numerous compartments and pockets. An urgent question is how to choose a men's wallet, for good reason, since this accessory tends to wear out quickly due to constant operation.

Style Guide: Men's Wallet

For a comprehensive lunch in an inexpensive dining room, you can pay with a crumpled bill, taken out of your pocket, and not think about how it looks from the outside.

However, if a respectable man pays for dinner in an elite restaurant, then crumpled banknotes even of high denominations look solid. If you have declared your solidity, then maintain your own image even with such “trifles” as a wallet or a lighter.

In creating an image, not only shoes that have been cleaned to shine are important, but also watches, a handkerchief, a wallet texture and other little things.

If women have a wide arsenal of things that shape their image, men are conservative not only in clothes, but also in accessories. From time immemorial, man’s clothing pointed to his social position, this approach has not changed in the modern world.

Brand accessories and good-quality clothes form the interlocutor's opinion of you before you start talking to him. Lighter, cigarette case, keychain, purse, trouser belt serve as a kind of mascot for people who know a lot about branded things.

With expensive accessories, a man feels more confident and respectable, which affects his behavior and the attitude of others around him.

Any woman knows that behind a leather embossed wallet hides a high social status, wealth and a life full of interesting events. There are several types of men's wallets, and choosing this accessory, one should take into account the lifestyle and professional affiliation of the man. Let's look at some of the most popular types of wallets.

3-fold wallet

The 3-fold wallet is the most compact model and is suitable for any men. Thanks to the miniature size of the wallet, it can be easily placed in the inside pocket of a jacket or coat and, if necessary, it is easy to remove a plastic card or banknote from it. The only drawback of this wallet model is that it will not fit a driver’s license or other documents.

Rules for choosing a men's wallet

When choosing a men's wallet, you should pay attention not only to ease of use and a sufficient number of compartments, but also to the material from which the model is made.

For men of working professions, you can buy inexpensive wallets made of faux leather, and it is better to buy two wallets at once. One will be everyday, and another wallet will serve for ceremonial exits or visits to shopping centers, etc.

For a respectable man who values ​​his own reputation, you should buy a men's wallet made of natural material. It is a wallet made of genuine leather with effective embossing and a high-quality fastener that best emphasizes its financial success and social status.

A brand wallet made in the same style and color as a man’s bag will become the best accessory complementing the created man’s image.

And finally, the answer to the most popular question - what is the difference between a wallet and a purse?

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