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The race for fashion will not provide an excellent style, but 16 tips from the stylist Lady Dee may well

Do you know how to combine men's shoes with clothes? We are ready to reveal 10 small secrets. Perhaps they have known you for a long time, then just refresh the knowledge.

1. Socks and shoes. It seems to be a minor detail, but very important. Socks are chosen according to the color of the trousers, but they can be a couple of tones darker.

2. Color of shoes and trousers. Better if the shoes or boots are in tone with the pants or a little darker. Lighter shoes are permissible only in sports and free style.

3. Shoes and belt. Well, if all the accessories of the image have in common. At least that leather elements were from one element.

4. Style and Material. Suede men's shoes, according to the rules of etiquette, are not advisable to wear with a business suit. She is for more informal occasions. And with a sporty style, lacquered models will not look.

5. Men's shoes and bare feet. Many representatives of the stronger sex are sometimes surprised by the lack of knowledge of which models of shoes should be complemented by socks, and which - not. Categorically should not wear them with summer open shoes. When it comes to light perforated shoes, with notransparent or through holes, then an exception can be made. But with sandals and slippers - a taboo. But with moccasins you don’t need to wear socks, as well as with espadrilles.

6. Gray suit and shoes. Let's talk about color again. Looks good with black and brown shoes. If the shade of gray is light, then the shade of brown can be chosen not the deepest and darkest.

7. Black suit and men's shoes. As a rule, such an outfit is required in very severe cases. Therefore, it is unlikely that something will be more appropriate than classic black shoes.

8. Navy suit and shoes. Such clothes will be best combined with black or brown shoes. However, you can experiment by choosing maroon shoes, very relevant this season.

9. Brown suit and shoes. Shoes are ideal, a couple of tones darker. The same brown hue. Then this image will be equally seasoned in terms of informality. After all, brown can not be called the color of the business world and images. Previously, by the way, it was impossible to wear brown shoes after 18:00.

10. Checkered clothes and shoes. It is more difficult when there are several colors on trousers and a jacket. It is best to choose shoes of the shade that is not very common, but quite noticeable at the same time. Suppose that light gray trousers in a dark gray or black check complement the dark gray shoes or black.

Picking up men's shoes under clothes, pay attention to the shoes and boots themselves. After all, they are often an accentuating part of the image.

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1. Follow the rule of A-silhouette

Skirts of the so-called A-silhouette suit almost everyone. Such a cut makes the image airy and light. But, choosing such a skirt, you need to remember that it is not worth putting on the top of the same loose cut, it is better to give preference to something tight-fitting. The same rule works and vice versa: if you choose a free top, then the bottom should be narrow. Anna says that the main thing is to remember the balance.

2. Do not dress according to your age

If you wear clothes that are appropriate for your age, then you are likely to wear what is aging you. The main thing to remember is that clothes have no age categories. You can wear whatever you like, and how you look about it depends only on your self-confidence.

But of course, do not forget about the balance and harmony in clothes, so as not to look messy in a hoodie or inappropriate in a miniskirt. Age is not the main thing, but, creating an elegant style, you still should not forget about it.

Anna advises not to look stylish and fashionable, but just cool. And for inspiration, he offers to look like celebrities with good taste: Natalya Vodyanova, Kate Winslet, Daria Zhukova.

3. Be careful with pleated skirts.

According to the stylist, skirts with pleated pleats can be worn from the waistline only by owners of a slender figure: such a fit puts an emphasis on the sides and stomach. For those who do not want to focus on the waist, it is better to choose pleated skirts with a yoke that start from the hip line.

4. Take your adult daughter for shopping

The stylist says that you need to go shopping in the right company, so that later it doesn’t turn out that you will get a thing that does not suit you at all. Friends can say that clothes suit you out of politeness, and sometimes out of envy. Therefore, it is ideal to take a daughter with you - an adult girl who honestly tells you which image is better to choose.

5. Do not be afraid of bright colors

As Anna herself notes, she regrets that for a long time she was fixated on a black and white wardrobe, limiting herself to multi-colored things. Colored things cheer up and create a positive atmosphere around their mistress.

In choosing an outfit for the evening, Anna recommends moving away from the standards and giving a chance to something bright and interesting. Among the recommended colors, she mentions sapphire, emerald, raspberry and blackberry, pomegranate.

But if you still want to go in black, then the stylist advises to complement the look with beautiful jewelry. Anna also notes that in this case, do not forget about tights of a suitable tone.

6. Buy the right size

Regarding shopping, Anna draws attention to several points:

  • You must always remember that loose things can make the figure thinner, but tight-fitting ones, obviously, emphasize what they should not.
  • Take a coat and skinny jeans at least one size larger. Regarding the coat, everything is explained by the fact that when you put it on a sweater, it should fall off nicely, so when buying, focus on your feelings, and not on the size on the tag.
  • If something suits you, take a few things at once. Many will agree that finding the perfect thing for yourself is not easy, so it would be wise to take such things with a margin, especially if it is a black turtleneck or white shirt. Take perfectly fitting trousers so that one pair fits under a toe with a heel, and the other under a flat sole. The same applies to things of the same cut, but different colors. Kate Middleton is an example of a woman who knows how to competently engage in shopping.
  • When buying a jacket, always check how comfortable you are in it and how much it suits you in size. Wearing a jacket, stretch your arms forward to make sure that he sits perfectly along the line of the back and shoulders. If there is an uncomfortable tension, wrinkles in the armpits, then such a jacket is small for you and will not sit on you properly.

7. Choose tights that suit your skin tone.

Anna recommends choosing tights with a low rise and the maximum matching in color with your skin tone. The main goal that you must achieve by wearing tights is bewilderment and questions of people in the style of “Did she wear tights?”

If, nevertheless, you are going to buy colored tights, then it is better to take them a size larger so that the color is uniform throughout the leg, and does not "disappear" when stretched. It is worth remembering that tights with shine make the legs thicker, and matte - thinner. The only exception for glitter tights is summer: at this time they look natural on the foot.

8. If possible, give up leggings.

Anna Harvey advises avoiding leggings. But if they are an integral part of your life, then when worn, combine them with long tunics and dresses. And when buying, pay attention to the quality of the material, which should not shine through. In addition, of the models, give preference to those with a high landing, in order to avoid the need to constantly tighten them.

Key rules and guidelines to help you make the right choice.

- Dark colors of shoes look more spectacular than light colors. In addition, they can pick up more combinations.

- One-color shoes look better than multi-color.

- It is necessary to consider not only color, but also style. Chocolate oxfords look more spectacular than black ones, and black derbys are better than brown ones.

- Keep in mind that white sneakers look good with almost any sportswear, unlike white oxfords.

- Maintain always a neat appearance of shoes, take care of her. Then it will not only look beautiful, but also last longer.

- Do not make an image with several expressive and bright colors. For example, if the shoes are bright, put on the rest of the clothes in a neutral color.

Colors of shoes and their combination with clothes

Boots and shoes in black - a win-win and the best option for a men's wardrobe. Stylists argue that black oxfords are the most elegant shoes, but it narrows the options for combining clothes. For example, black oxfords look spectacular with elegant trousers and do not fit jeans at all.

Black boots are a good choice for a business style and formal occasions. They are combined with suits of gray and dark blue tones.

If you want to wear such shoes with informal clothes, choose an informal design. With colorful trousers, black shoes do not fit in the same way as with shorts.

An abundance of brown tones allows you to choose shoes for almost any occasion (except for the most stringent dress codes). Brown shoes and boots will create a personal touch. The lighter the brown tone, the more informal the image can be.

These shoes go well with chinos. The main thing is that the color of shoes and trousers does not merge. There should be a difference of at least a few tones.

Warm tones of brown are a good choice for combination with blue indigo pants or jeans. But such shoes should be informal.

Saturated red color

Many men hesitate to include shoes of this color in their wardrobe, but in vain. With a successful combination, a rather interesting image can be obtained. This is a fashionable decision of the season. So that the image was not extravagant, choose the usual style.

Of course, saturated red shoes do not look with business suits, but they are successfully combined with many things: chinos, jeans, and suit pants.

A casual look is complemented by loafers. They can be worn, for example, with summer pants, making tackles. Sports shoes - sneakers or sneakers will also look stylish in red.

This color refers to a moderately saturated tone of brown. Such shoes with suede cover are quite popular, but they are worn only with informal clothes.

Tan-colored shoes are successfully combined with jeans and chinos of any tones. If such shoes without laces, for example, loafers, wear them with shorts. For example, for the cold season, men's natural uggs will look good in this color. (Women's ugg boots)

As a classic, such shoes are not quite a suitable option. But with informal items of clothing it is quite possible to create an interesting and individual image.

Blue color successfully complements the coating with an interesting texture. A combination with black casual wear will be nice. No less successful option - suede blue shoes, especially under chinos.

Blue desert boots are a great option for jeans. It is slightly rude and at the same time not without a touch of elegance. But do not forget that blue jeans and deserts do not merge.

White sneakers

White minimalism sneakers fit almost any clothing, with the exception of formal suits and formal looks. They are especially well combined with jeans, polo with long sleeves, shorts, and chinos.

One drawback of white sneakers is their soiledness. You always have to carry wet wipes or special care products with you.

Until recently, wearing colored sneakers was limited to a gym, and now the fashion provides for wearing them on the street and even at work. The main thing is to successfully combine them. As we already said in the article, bright shoes are combined with clothes of neutral tones. A great party for sneakers is jeans (black to white).

Despite the variety of styles and colors of men's shoes, knowing the secrets of the combination, you can easily create a spectacular and stylish image.

Tell us in the comments which shoes and what clothes you prefer to wear.

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Popular shoe models, according to stylists

If you follow the advice of specialists, then for the female representatives the following trend models are suitable:

They are an excellent alternative to moccasins, because unlike the latter, such a model almost repeats the shape of the legs. They have a rubber sole, they do not have lacing. They retain their appearance for a rather long time. They can be called mostly sports, but it all depends on their color, which can give the image a suitable look if you choose gray or black leather slip-ons.

As stylists note in their tips, slip-ons fit a set of restrained clothing, for example, they will work well with a shirt, trousers, and a coat. Therefore, do not wear them only with hoodies. Also, they fit just right under the pleated skirts and “pencil”, plain dresses (knitwear). The combination with the mini looks inharmonious and elaborate, so this option of shoes is immediately swept away. Council of stylists: this model should be worn with underwear that covers the knees, you can choose the length of the skirt and three quarters (midi).

Loafers will be an excellent part of kits, where the bias goes to the retro style. This type of shoe also goes well with a jacket that looks like a man's or jeans. The advice of stylists says that such a model is able to give the image a gloss.

Still similar shoes will create a pleasant impression if you wear them with skirts. An exception to this will be maxi and mini skirts. Loafers are universal, so they are suitable for literally every woman, regardless of physique and growth. They are even able to externally rejuvenate the owner with a correctly selected image.

  • Mary Jane shoes

A century has passed since the appearance of these charm-free flat-toed shoes with a small heel and a strap on the rise. And, in spite of everything, in our time they are still relevant. If you rely on the advice of stylists, then basically these shoes are suitable for young girls, but for those older, they can add age. It should be borne in mind that these shoes fit more into the image with similar things - retro style.

Ankle boots are considered a trending model. They have a stable heel with a pointed cape, are in a position between shoes and ankle boots. In many styles of clothing, you can use such shoes. The advice of stylists does not limit the use of ankle boots only complete with jeans and a slightly more rigorous option - trousers. They can be combined with dresses and skirts.Just need to keep in mind some features of the model that impose certain restrictions: in the ensemble with the dress, ankle boots are visually able to shorten growth.

Tip: in order for such a model to be comfortable in use, it should not tightly fit the ankles, and a space is needed between the leg and the leg.

Since the main feature of this popular model is its length, a small rule follows from this: the higher the boots, the better. It is worth considering that they literally replace pants, so they are perfect for dresses and short skirts. There are also several rules on how to wear such shoes. Tips of stylists: the hem should cover the upper part of the shaft so that the body does not peep, wear over the knee boots with strict clothes, even slightly puritanical, to soften their aggressiveness. As for the material of the boots, velvet and suede look best.

  • Pointed Toe Pumps

These high elegant shoes with thin heels immediately give femininity to their mistress. Each lady should have such shoes in the basic wardrobe. Tips of stylists: choose classic models without a platform, with a heel height of 6.5-12 cm. Also, in addition to beauty, you need to take care of your own comfort. First of all, pumps should be comfortable for you.

If we talk about men's models of shoes, then, as stylists indicate in their tips, the following options are suitable for men:

More recently, the combination of sneakers with strict sets of clothes and suits was considered extremely ridiculous. However, now there is a model that is suitable for classic things - sneakers. Of course, it’s best to combine these sneakers with a casual outfit. As the tips from stylists say, they are suitable for those who lead an active lifestyle and are always on the move, and will be a great option for traveling.

In addition to sneakers, in our time, loafers have become quite popular, which will be the best choice for both summer and off-season.

Espadrilles are comfortable and practical, they can be attributed to the category of shoes, which is suitable for every day. It will be a great option for those who like to wear shorts and jeans. Espadrilles made from textiles will be a good choice in hot weather due to the light wicker soles of these shoes. The advice of stylists: wear them without socks, the colors can be for every taste.

This model is a good choice on rainy days, as it has a rubber sole that lasts a long time and does not allow moisture to pass through. It is worth noting that outwardly boaters look like moccasins.

A universal type of shoe suitable for a wide variety of situations, with the exception of formal receptions and meetings. These shoes can be easily recognized by lacing on the neck in the form of a hockey stick.

According to stylists, properly selected shoes can be a good substitute for shoes for classic clothes, including a suit. This model is smooth, it should not contain conspicuous large details, lacing needs light. Their upper part is straightforward, elegant, and there are enough varieties to choose from to choose the right shoes for you: chukki, balmorals, brogues and so on.

  • Derby, Oxford

According to stylists, this shoe is a suitable option for serious men; it gives the business image a austere look. Shoes are divided into two types, between which there are certain differences:

- Oxfords differ in lacing of the closed type (when the laces are located behind the tongue), while the derby, on the contrary, has an open lacing.

- If you need to emphasize pathos, business officialdom in your image, then Oxfords will be the perfect choice. Will look great complete with a tuxedo and tailcoat. Derby can also be worn with jeans, a formal suit, chinos.

- As for color diversity, since the model with closed lacing is much more official, brown, black oxfords are available for choice. The derby has more color diversity - gray models, blue and so on.

  • Loafers

For a less business style of clothing, more comfortable and lighter shoes called loafers are suitable. You can recognize such shoes by the presence of a characteristic heel, as well as by the absence of any lacing. Tip: Will look good with any set of things.

The nuances of choosing shoes for different occasions

When choosing shoes, you should listen to these tips from stylists:

  • Do not forget about the style. Shoes should be in harmony with your image. In case you are not sure of your strengths and taste, universal models are suitable: moccasins for walking, loafers, derby or oxfords for work.
  • Convenience. Perhaps this is the main criterion on which it depends on whether you can walk freely in your chosen pair without experiencing any discomfort or not. It is desirable that the model was made of natural materials. Stylists advise choosing shoes when the legs are slightly swollen, that is, in the evening. If the purchase is completed in the morning, then perhaps the shoes will begin to reap at the end of the day.
  • It is impossible not to say about quality. The better it is, the longer your shoes will last.

It is no secret that model shoes of excellent quality endow girls with charm, seductiveness, and men with confidence and elegance. Money does not need to be saved if your choice is definitely worth it and is ideal for you. Before purchasing, be sure to try on shoes, make sure that they are comfortable and suitable not only in size, shape, but also in their style.

When choosing shoes, consider the main advice of stylists: model matching a specific situation. After all, a special approach is necessary for each individual case, including clothing. Therefore, going somewhere, you definitely need to know what model you should wear to emphasize your image. For example, classic shoes are needed if you are expecting a business meeting, important negotiations, or if a dress code requires it.

In this case, we must not forget that the toes should be closed all the time. Also, not all shoes are suitable for work. Council of stylists: if the selected model is appropriate for the occasion, then this speaks of you not only as a person who has a sense of style, but also as someone who thus shows respect for other people when meeting. High-heeled shoes during a forest walk or sneakers worn on a corporate party will look out of place.

1) Office shoes for women

  • Strict shoes

To this type, many girls rightfully include shoes from the category of classics. Since the end of the last century, black pumps made of genuine leather have been included in the dress code.

  • This classic model is perfect for a variety of clothing sets. Pumps are combined with a skirt and suits in a men's style.
  • To maintain your own confidence and elegance, other more comfortable, strict shoes are suitable, for example, open shoes with stilettos less than 8 cm, square heels, wedges.
  • According to stylists in the councils, shoes with an open nose but a closed heel will be a suitable option for a set with jeans, an official jumpsuit. Also, in order to make the right emphasis on the business side, stylists advise using discreet accessories.
  • Properly selected simple and sophisticated sandals made in a business style with high heels will give you charm.
  • Oxfords are the most suitable shoes for creating an image of a business woman. Council of stylists: girls need to combine this model with a skirt or suit in a men's style.

  • Less business shoes that are also suitable for work

For women who do not have a strict dress code at work, there is a wider choice, so stylists give the following tips:

  • Loafers are good. Such shoes look better complete with loose or classic trousers. And the final touch will be various accessories, such as a watch with a leather strap, a pendant on a thin chain.
  • Brogues and oxfords will help you create an alluring spring look with a green tweed skirt and black cashmere turtleneck.
  • As stylists note, ballet shoes will be the best choice for the summer. For girls who have a chiseled figure, such shoes are well suited for a set of blouses and skirts. Council of stylists: the combination of ballet shoes and a classic skirt will give the figure an elegance.

For those who do not like to stand out, for wearing in the office, stylists recommend classic black and white models in their tips, which can be supplemented with various noticeable accessories. Individuals who want to be more visible to others can choose bright ballet shoes, stylists advise wearing them with short feminine dresses.

2) Casual shoe style

  • Espadrilles, slip-ons

These are shoes without heels, which only recently became trendy for the spring season. Espadrilles and slip-ons help to look unique, and also fit perfectly into the image with multi-layered wardrobe elements and not very bright colors.

As stylists note in their tips, combining a cardigan with loafers, jeans and a white loose T-shirt when cooling is a good option for women of mature age. If you combine white shoes and a set of black clothes, you will be able to create a unique and at the same time simple image.

  • Pumps for everyday use

As for this model of shoes, the advice of stylists suggests emphasizing its beauty, combining narrowed jeans of a classic type and dark blue or plain trousers with shoes.

Wide-legged boots will fit well in a country style, wear them with a sweater or a plaid shirt and jeans. It is also possible to create a business image by combining things, such as a large bag, a pullover in dark blue, light trousers.

3) Sport chic

  • Sandals

To dispel stereotypes about such beach shoes, you should choose an open-shoulder blouse or a checkered set for it.

Advice from stylists: sneakers-sneakers will help you create an excellent image complete with things such as a white T-shirt, a coat of beige shades, skinny black jeans.

If you have a long walk on foot, then sneakers will be the most suitable choice. Sneakers are suitable for girls who prefer the image of a lady, who will help create trousers of a heavenly shade.

Slip-ons are combined with almost any clothing: skirt, jeans, dress, trousers. Models that have a bright print or a sole of a non-standard shade will bring variety to your image, even if it consists of a set of clothes in a basic wardrobe.

4) Festive, evening shoes

  • Sandals & Stiletto Heels

Perfect with a two-piece suit or a long dress. The color of basic clothing should match the color of the shoes. Council of stylists: a long satin dress with shoes from the same material looks elegant.

  • Ballet shoes for celebration

Girls with an apple shape should pay attention to models with a small heel so that their legs visually appear longer. In other cases, ballet flats and a skirt with a high waist can emphasize your sense of style and practicality.

  • Festive mid-heel shoes

Even if your outfit is completely black and looks minimalistic, graceful shoes trimmed with lace or jewelry inserts will help the image look solid and complete. However, it is worth remembering that in some cases, for example, at official meetings, it is not worth overdoing it with decor.

  • Evening wedge shoes

The style of your outfit can be in the form of a trapezoid, and tight. Shoes on wedges, according to the advice of stylists, will perfectly complement a dress of any length and a midi skirt.

  • Female models for a party

High rise, sharp stilettos, rhinestones or sparkles on shoes are excellent elements for creating an image for the holiday. However, you also need to choose at least brilliant clothes in the name of maintaining balance.

The criteria by which men's shoes are selected are slightly different. As stylists advise, you need to combine shoes with trousers, since they are the main part of the men's wardrobe. But it is important to remember that these principles are mainly recommendations based on time-tested combinations, so you can safely violate them if you wish.

Tips from stylists will help you make the right choice when choosing shoes for trousers. Here's what to rely on:

  • Slacks are loose, informal trousers, so it’s better to wear semi-sports models with them: moccasins, sneakers, perhaps even sneakers will suit such trousers well.

  • Sandals, sneakers and boat shoes look great with chinos. The thick sole looks good.
  • If you choose a model for classic trousers, then pay attention to derby and oxfords. The latter are the most strict, official and elegant option with which a tuxedo, dress coat or classic suit will look great. Derby, in turn, is more versatile, they can be used in almost any way with jumpers and shirts.

  • Khaki pants are worn with a jumper, a wide T-shirt, shirt, sweatshirt, and from shoes, stylists advise them to sneakers, rough boots or boat shoes.

  • Jeans fit virtually everything, whether it’s light boats, sandals or even boots. They are universal.

  • Corduroy pants look good complete with plaid, plain shirts, voluminous sweaters and jumpers. The appropriate shoes are also selected for them, the advice of stylists limits its set to suede and leather models without patterns. Velveteen clothes are worn in cool weather, and an insulated and low model of shoes or boots is chosen for it. If the legs are narrowed, then fit tall brown boots.

  • In their advice, stylists note that if pants are sports, then shoes should be suitable: sneakers, sneakers.

  • Today, even cargo, previously used only as an element of workwear, can be combined with a jacket. Also, canvas sports shoes will be a good choice for such trousers. Council of stylists: it is better to refuse camouflage clothing of the corresponding coloring.

Do not forget that the current fashion involves various combinations of clothes and shoes, and the choice proposed above is only proven options and just good tips.

It is worth remembering about the color combination when choosing:

  • With black trousers they wear black shoes or burgundy, dark shades of green, blue, and purple. It is also possible to use dark brown shoes, but stylists do not advise: such an option is difficult to choose and design correctly. White shoes will pair with casual black trousers.
  • Trousers of the same dark blue color suggest the use of brown, black and burgundy shoes. Stylists do not recommend wearing light shades for formal receptions. For the summer version, a combination of loafers in light beige, gray, blue with blue trousers is suitable.
  • For brown trousers - the same shoes in colors.
  • For gray - dark brown, black, burgundy.
  • Green-brown, green pants, as stylists claim in their tips, will look great with light brown or black shoes.
  • As for white, then everything is much simpler: virtually any other color is combined with it. It is only necessary to remember that shoes should match the color of a sweater or shirt.

Composing an interesting image, choosing a suit and shoes, you should use the advice of stylists, study photos and videos from various shows. So you will not be mistaken with the selection of colors for yourself.

Colors and materials of shoes

The lower the temperature outside the window, the more massive and denser the shoes can look.The advice of stylists: large thick soles, leather, complex details - in the cold season, such models will look the best.

The quality of the materials that this or that model is made of is incredibly important. Stylists say that the quality of life depends on the length of the shoes, the degree of intensity of the necessary care and prestige. Usually, artificial leather (leatherette) or genuine leather (camel, bull, calf) is used in the manufacture of shoes. The best and most appropriate materials in any situation are suede and leather. They are suitable for both day and evening. Lacquered shoes are best worn at a later time of day.

When you buy suede models, it is worth remembering that even despite the beautiful appearance of the shoes, they will look completely new in a couple of months. It is better to choose models made of genuine leather, as they “live” much longer, of course, with proper care.

As you know, black models go well with absolutely any style of clothing, so in many cases this may be the most suitable option for you. If you prefer a business style, then it is better to pay attention to shoes in neutral colors. According to stylists, bright shoes (male and female) are best suited for the hot season.

As a rule, men's shoes are not distinguished by a variety of colors, decor details. Naturally, experimentation also takes place, but if a man is still not very versed in fashion trends in the world, then stylists recommend choosing classic black and brown shades, in the extreme case burgundy and gray. You also need to remember that the emphasis in choosing a dress should be on any one element.

When choosing accessories and shoes, there is a classic advice from stylists - shoes should be the same color as the bag. This is known even to those who do not pursue fashion and prefer comfort to aesthetics. For male representatives, stylists also recommend paying attention to this rule, because the various types of men's bags are now in fashion. Still currently in the trend are experiments with color solutions. A good move would be to play in contrasts - the choice of shoes and bags in contrasting shades.

Also, do not forget about how the bag looks and what its functions are, choose the appropriate shoes. Council of stylists: no matter how much you want to experiment, there are incompatible things, such as sneakers and a tiny ladies clutch.

Rules and advice for hair stylists

If the shoes are uncomfortable, wearing them will only bring discomfort and harm. Such irresponsibility can lead to the appearance of edema and calluses. Serious health problems will be acquired over the years. It is better to have one high-quality and comfortable pair of shoes in the wardrobe than twenty, but with shortcomings. Council of stylists: from all possible options it is worth looking for the best model. In no case can you save on your health.

It will be best if you go shopping for clothes that you wear most often and which is most convenient for you, because during the purchase of something we sometimes unknowingly select the goods for your favorite set. Shoes with stones and rhinestones, reptile leather inserts are most often useful once or twice, therefore, it’s not worth your money. Following the advice of stylists, take the classic proven options - shoes for men, boats for women.

Here are some important tips to follow when trying on shoes:

  • Walk around the fitting zone with your normal step. Toes should not rest against the toe of the boot when you walk.
  • Wear two shoes, not one.
  • Find places where you feel even the slightest discomfort.
  • Shoes are of high quality if they do not change shape much when bent and are easily bent. Try bending your shoes with your hands.
  • Go shopping for shoes in the evening - at this time your legs are more swollen, so the shoes you buy in the morning may seem uncomfortable and cramped in the evening.
  • When choosing shoes for the winter, try on it with a thick toe.

As stylists recommend in their advice, people will not be out of place to be aware of the issue of choosing shoes for different situations - for training, for holidays and for every day.

Having information on how to find a really good model, you can protect yourself from unpleasant situations. Pay attention to the principles for identifying low-quality copies that you should not spend money on:

  • Imaginary skin. Stylists claim that the best shoes for every season of genuine leather. It does not interfere with the natural heat transfer of the skin, it allows the pores to breathe. In hot weather, artificial leather is twice as harmful to wear because, due to the high temperature, the chemical components of artificial leather risk entering into a toxic reaction with the skin.
  • Too thin sole. When choosing shoes demi-season or for a specific season, the thickness of the sole becomes a key criterion. Wearing a model with a thin sole, you will feel a foot each ledge on the road.
  • Too high heel or wedge in women's shoes. The heel is feminine and sexy, however, if it is too high, it will affect the health of the legs. As stylists advise, the optimal height of the heel or wedge heel is up to 6 centimeters. Models with high heels are only suitable for rare outings.
  • Narrow toe. Shoes with sharp toes are considered harmful enough for the foot. This design of the shoe grips the fingers so that the extreme lower, and the rest unnaturally rise up. Due to a long stay in this state, your fingers may become deformed, and you run the risk of acquiring flat feet and corns.
  • Inconsistency in foot size. What is the best way to choose shoes? The advice of stylists will help you with this: solely on the size of your own foot. You can’t buy shoes, even if they press slightly when you measure them. No need to hope that she herself is spread.

Shoes that are too big for you are no better than tight shoes. When the shoes fall off, the leg muscles are in constant tension. The formation of corns is also likely. So the shoes should be bought strictly in size, then you will avoid discomfort and health problems.

Every day, our feet do an incredible job and endure enormous loads. So, choosing shoes, carefully consider the composition of the materials from which it is made and the indicator of its convenience, because such an approach will affect your health in the best way. Carefully inspect all details, seams and lines of the purchased model. Every detail should be perfect. Pay attention to the sole, check its elasticity and softness.

The black

In almost any environment, black boots are the best choice. Thread stylist Luke McDonald says: “A pair of black oxfords is probably the most elegant shoe that can be in your wardrobe. And she limits your choice of clothes. " Black shoes look like a black jacket - they look great when you want to be smart, but put them on with jeans and you will look like a street magician.

Firstly, black shoes are needed in pair with a black suit, for example, a tuxedo or for a formal look at work. They also go well with a gray or charcoal suit, especially in offices where a formal look is required. Many people think that black shoes are also suitable for clothes in blue, but in this case it should be very dark blue, not royal blue.

With everyday clothes, everything is more complicated. If you're planning on wearing black brown chinos, opt for a less formal look. Derby shoes look better than oxfords because they are less tall and more relaxed. That de most applies to jeans. Oxfords will only look with very skinny black jeans, but even then you will look like a member of The Liebertines that everyone has forgotten about. If you really want to wear black shoes with dark denim, but it is better to choose Chelsea shoes or Dr. Martens.

If you like colored trousers, then black shoes with them look too serious. You can reduce this impression if you wear shoes without socks and generally pretend that you did not think about what you put on.
Finally, you should avoid combining black shoes with shorts if this is not a school uniform.


Brown is the most “forgiving” shoe color. A huge selection of shades of brown means that for every situation there is a suitable tone. The exception is the most serious offices, because even custom-made chocolate boots from John Lobb will put you on the black list of some investment banks. With any clothing other than tuxedos, brown shoes look less formal and add personality to your look.

The lighter the shade, the more relaxed the image should be, especially if you choose shoes with details. A pair of brown brogues looks less formal than oxfords of the same shade, for example.
Regardless of the model, brown shoes should be worn with chinos of any color, but look so that the color of the trousers and boots does not completely match. As with denim, you need at least a two-tone difference between trousers and shoes so that it doesn't look like you are in pantyhose.

Dark shades of brown look great with indigo jeans or more “washed” shades. Just make sure your shoes are not formal, for example suede chelsea boots or short work boots are great.

Black jeans and brown boots are a minefield. And you will not be able to cross it without loss if you have even the slightest doubt about your image. But if you are confident in yourself, then this combination may work, but only shoes should be closer in color to black than to tan. And again, the shoes should look in this case as if you were wearing them easily and are ready to take them off at any time. This is especially true for Chelsea boots. Wearing a bare foot, they give you the look of a member of the One Direction team who has decided to look for themselves in some other direction.

Bovine blood color

Despite the spectacular name, this is an almost neutral option. These shoes work almost the same as brown. But this trendy color immediately adds personality. If you choose noticeable shoes, this does not mean a strong exit from the comfort zone. Instead of an extravagant model, just pick a new color, and leave the shoe silhouette familiar.

It is very simple to wear shoes of this color if you prefer simple models. Derby boots are a more versatile option than oxford shoes. Yes, they do not look with formal suits, but they can be worn with all other clothes - from blue suit trousers to jeans and chinos.

And if you live in costumes, try wearing a pair of lacquered oxford-colored bovine blood with a touch of Berluti style. They will turn your work clothes into a suit of the groom.

Casual style gives you more freedom. Penny loafers of this color are a summer classic, they can be worn with any pants - from light jeans to blue chinos, tan or any other color. Do not wear socks and roll up your legs to get the look of Dickey Greenleaf on the Riviera.

Tan color

Tan color is the most everyday shade of brown. In this color, brogues, derby or ordinary shoes look good. Suede shoes of this tone also look good, but they only fit informal looks. In more elegant looks, tan shoes give you personality. For example, Pitti Uomo mods, who like to attract attention, often wear loafers or brogues of this color. They blend well with vibrant shades of blue and striped clothing.

Tan color works well with jeans and chinos of all shades, especially in the summer when your looks are lighter. You can even wear tan shoes with shorts, especially if you choose shoes without laces, like penny loafers, or textured shoes, such as suede.


For classic shoes, blue is an uncomfortable color. It fits perfectly for all other wardrobe items, but the shiny blue shoes look a bit overwhelming. But if you are less formal, blue boots can add personality to your look. Textured leather, such as nubuck, looks great in blue. These shoes can be worn with black casual clothing.

Like nubuck, blue suede looks good. Blue suede boots were even approved by Elvis. The raised pile indicates that you do not get in touch with the skin, but choose really stylish shoes on purpose. The main thing is to wear such shoes with suitable clothes. For example, blue suede brogues can be worn with a suit of any color except black. They can also be worn with chinos, especially if you roll up your legs to the ankles.

Blue color is ideal for Chukka boots or for deserts. The main thing is that the shade is dark enough so that drops of rain are not noticeable on it. Both types of boots look good with jeans. They are rude, but at the same time stylish, so that you can go to a restaurant or bar. But again, make sure that the shades of the trousers and shoes do not match. When in doubt, wear bright socks such as red to break the same color.

White sneakers

When Common Projects launched their Achilles Low almost 15 years ago, a new category of men's shoes appeared - sneakers that are worn as elegant shoes. White tennis shoes were not new - Adidas had already released his Stan Smith, but they could not be worn as simply with a suit as with denim shorts.

But now that you have a completely clean pair of no logos sewn from premium leather, white minimalistic sneakers can be worn with any clothes at all. Of course, in the right context: this is not the best choice to wear with a strict suit for an interview with a law firm.

They work with any suit, even with a black one, although it is better to replace a shirt and tie with a turtleneck or polo with a long sleeve. They look great with any jeans - from Japanese premium selvage to tattered and washed in stones. The same applies to chinos, shorts, parachute pants. Whatever pants you choose, white sneakers suit them.
In fact, the only problem with white sneakers is to keep them as such. Snow-white, as if only out of the box sneakers look great with a suit, but downed and stained - not. To keep your appearance decent, use protective sprays and always have wet wipes ready to refresh them throughout the day.

Models and Styles

The variety of options and types of this shoe is simply huge and every year designers spoil fashionistas with new finds and ideas. The most popular and relevant in a woman’s wardrobe are:

  • Laced models
  • Rough shoes
  • Biker variations
  • Lacquer products
  • Models with fur lapels,
  • Summer interpretations.

Stylistic variations of shoes are also very rich, for example, with casual looks, you can wear classic-style shoes or casual shoes, for more effective looks you can give preference to a sporty option, something reminiscent of sneakers. Also popular are models in the military and paramilitary style, masculine variations with all the features of men's shoes.

Colored sneakers

In whatever situation the mods put on white sneakers, they were followed by their colored counterparts. There was a time when bright athletic shoes were used only for sports. And now she has moved from the streets to offices. This is a great way to show that you are following fashion trends and know what Nike is. But all these bright colors are not too versatile. In fact, they look only in combination with clothes of neutral colors.Or you can perfectly get into color when choosing clothes and shoes. But even in this case, passers-by may get a headache from your sight.

Sneakers have a too casual look, so it is wise to wear them with jeans. With any - from white to black. You can also wear them with sweatpants (gray, black or navy blue) or chinos (best of all, blue or tan). You must allow your shoes to make themselves known. If it is the brightest thing in your outfit, then it should attract attention. If you are wearing a lot of other bright things, people simply won’t understand what to look at.

Guys answer in the comments, what color of shoes do you prefer?

Color variety

In the new season, designers tried to present the widest palette of color variations, offering new, bright solutions along with the classic shades. Among the most trending color options of the season, it is worth noting:

  • brown and caramel shades of different saturation,
  • maroon colors,
  • blue and blue
  • metallized colors (gold, silver, copper),
  • green
  • Floral and animal print.

Black-and-white classics and a combination of several shades in one model are also in fashion. Products with a contrasting color of the sole and top are especially popular, they look bright and impressive.

How to wear shoes

Despite the popularity and convenience of this type of shoe, many women continue to ignore it for the simple reason that they are afraid to combine with wardrobe items. We offer options for the most successful combinations of shoes with various items of clothing to create bows with different moods and styles.

The correct choice of ensemble for shoes primarily depends on the type of shoes.

Rough models for delicate looks.

When deciding what to wear men's style boots or models with an army cut, we advise you to pay attention to the trendy combination of tenderness and masculinity. It is rough options that are best suited for creating non-trivial casual images. In this case, you can combine your favorite pair of semi-military boots with lacing with a light dress, miniskirt, flying sundress. The contrast of textures and styles will emphasize femininity and make the girl the center of male attention.

Good shoes will be combined with everyday bows in a grunge style. Jeans, skinny trousers, long skirts or knee-length dresses will take on a whole new mood in combination with rude models. Pay special attention to products on tractor soles, as well as with a wide shaft that makes the legs visually slim and long.

Biker style is always in fashion.

Often girls are attracted by spectacular biker models with chains, lacing, metal-clad socks or backs, but the question arises, what can you wear biker-style boots to make it look really attractive? Such options are suitable for creating images in the style of grunge or rocker bows, and also will appeal to girls who want to add a touch of aggression to their output ensemble.

Combine shoes with black leggings, jeans or a skinny coat, leather skirts and pants. A game of textures is suitable for deliberately contrasting bows - massive biker bots and a light, bright top with a skirt or dress.

Competent combinations for varnish models

In the case of lacquered products, the main thing is moderation, you need to wear shoes with a glossy sheen with restrained ensembles. It is better to choose a neutral shade for clothes, combine no more than two or three colors in one gamut and no varnish details, except for shoes. Otherwise, the image will turn out not to be bright and spectacular, as intended, but tasteless and vulgar.

The trend of the season is black patent leather combined with light jeans and powdery pink, as well as nude color. White lacquered options with ensembles in black or just a dark shade will look spectacular. Absolute failure - a combination of patent leather shoes with red onions, throw this idea out of your head forever!

For fatal beauties, we offer another bold option, how and with what to wear high-heeled shoes - a lacquered pair with stilettos and a cocktail or little black dress. The main thing is not to go too far with details and length; it is better to choose not too short models so that the image is not vulgar.

Models with Fur Lapels

This is an autumn-winter version of shoes that perfectly suits almost any look. It is especially well combined with a coat and winter fur coats. In a pair it is better to choose tight trousers tucked into boots or skirts and dresses so that wide and long clothes do not hide the beauty of the chosen model. Beautifully this option will be combined with jeans and a mini, tights are better to choose black.

Thick heeled boots with what to wear

This is a special type of shoe, characterized by its spectacular appearance and stability, which is combined with femininity and attractiveness. The chip of the thick heel is that it suits skinny ladies and ladies with forms equally well, goes well with feminine and brutal images.

Most relevant, such a pair will look in contrast with the light and thin fabric of a dress or skirt, as well as skinny jeans and boyfriends.

Flat models

This is the most convenient and practical option for those who are tired of balancing on a hairpin, tormenting themselves and their legs. You can wear flat shoes with jeans and trousers of almost any cut, as well as with mini-skirts, to create old-school images. A good option is to combine this pair with a casual look for everyday wear. With narrow trousers, leggings and a mini, you can wear high boots with flat soles and lacing, you get an easy call, a hint of masculinity of the bow.

The universality of this type of bots is such that it is easier to remember the trend combinations of hundreds, if not thousands, of what type of shoes should not be worn. Options on a flat sole with flare pants, skirts below the knee and pencil dresses, midi models do not combine.

Spectacular looks with boots

Creating bright and catchy bows based on shoes is not so difficult, the main thing is not to be afraid of experiments and combinations, to abandon boring decisions.

If you are wondering what to wear classic shoes with lacing, we suggest including them in an ensemble of elegant lace black dress and a classic coat in gray. It will turn out boldly, to the best of shocking and stylish. To make the image even brighter and more unusual, add to it an ordinary black hat, it will turn out extraordinary, quite in the style of the trendy trend, casual.

Bright yellow-mustard sunny boots are a classic of the youth genre. They will look great with black trousers, a striped turtleneck and a classic parka. Plus a black hat, and the perfect look is ready. It is suitable for everyday wear and as a city convenient bow, and for a woman of any age.

A romantic image based on rocker shoes turns out to be both sophisticated and delicate, with a touch of aggression. A gray mini dress, a light black jacket, a matching handbag, dark tights and shoes with lots of rivets are the perfect bow for a confident seductress.

A creative and attractive ensemble full of femininity will turn out if you add leather skinny boots and a light shirt dress (trench) to the floor with rivets. Color nobility will only emphasize chic and elegance, as well as a hat as a final accessory. A red handbag is useful for emphasis in a strict and monochrome bow.

A light spring look based on white and beige colors will turn out to be very elegant and romantic. White trousers, a beige cloak and a light bag are a noble classic. Shoes matched the tone of the cloak. The blue-blue blouse will be the only color accent, which will allow the bow to remain elegantly powdery, but not pale and not boring.


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