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How to meet a girl in transport

Public transport is not the best place to meet. But do not forget that the love of your life is not so easy to find. If you meet an interesting man on the bus, metro or train, do not miss the chance to make contact with him.

You can meet a guy in a minibus in different ways, the main thing is to show resourcefulness, quick wit and originality. It is advisable to have several pre-prepared ideas so as not to get confused at the most crucial moment.

About dating methods on the bus next!

Contact Issues

Every day, many girls travel by public transport, meet nice guys, but make no attempt to get to know them. For the sake of justice, we note that most young people are embarrassed to approach a lady in a bus, tram or subway. Why does it all add up?

  1. There are banal, but truthful explanations related to the psychology of sexes. Many women believe that they should not be proactive. To approach and get acquainted is the task of real strong and courageous men. There are guys who are too shy to start a dialogue with a woman on a minibus.
  2. By public transport, we usually travel on business and are not always inclined to get to know each other. It's just that the head is full at all. It’s probably worth switching in advance, telling yourself: “So. I got on the bus. While I’m going, I can find an interesting man and try to speak with him. ”
  3. The train, minibus or tram is quite noisy, which prevents you from calmly starting communication. Shouting phrases loudly is not the best option. It remains either to communicate in a whisper in the ear, or to use other means of communication.
  4. At rush hour, at stops and subway stations located on any branches, it is very crowded. Public transport is clogged. Even if you notice a man, you want to make contact with him, there is no guarantee that it will work out. You will need to try to come closer. This is not always possible in a crush environment. Moreover, he can get lost in the crowd.
  5. Public transport is so called because people travel in it. The area of ​​the bus, and the subway car, is not that big. Each passenger hears and sees what others are doing. Not every girl or young man wants to be an "amateur theater actor" playing in a love play, which is watched by the audience passengers. Many are confused by the thought of this.

It turns out that there are a lot of obstacles in the way of a woman who is looking for her fate in public transport. But is it worth paying attention to them? Of course not! Arranging your personal life is the most important goal. Why be afraid or embarrassed by such trifles?

If you can’t overcome fear, you can think about how to start communication without attracting the attention of other people.

Dating methods

  1. Make it clear that the man is interesting to you. You need to use the tools that any woman is armed with: a smile, the ability to "shoot eyes." A young man, seeing your positive attitude and disposition towards him, will not be afraid of public refusal and, perhaps, he will find the strength to speak in himself. Sometimes men, even seeing interest from the girl, it is difficult to overcome shyness. It may not be the best situation: you like each other, but no one takes further action. You have to leave it as it is, or apply non-verbal methods of dating.
  2. In a crowded minibus, you can act using your body and acting skills. A good idea is to snuggle up to the guy. When he draws attention to this, smile and make it clear that you are confused and helpless. Again, further developments will depend on the man. You can deliberately lean on a young man, step on his leg, pretending to be an accident. Such actions usually cause irritation and resentment. But not at this time. The guy, having seen a pretty, apologizing girl, should “melt”.
  3. You can ask a young man something. For example, where is the university in the city, how to get to the avenue. It is important that such issues do not attract the interest of other passengers. Everything will not look like an attempt to get to know each other, but as a desire to actually clarify the road to the object. After the guy answers, you can ask other questions. About, for example, his name and what he does.
  4. If the transport is too noisy, you need to prepare a man a note. No need to write a letter on several sheets. In many cases, it will be enough to indicate your name and phone number. Some recommend carrying business cards. The main thing is that the man does not think that you are offering him the goods: food, cosmetics, clothes - depending on what kind of activity you are engaged in, and what is indicated on the card. Next to the phone number on a business card, to indicate the purpose of its transfer to a man, you can draw a small heart or a smiley with a kiss. In the modern world, you can use gadgets to transmit information. For example, this option is practiced: you need to write SMS in your smartphone and give it to a young man to read. Or open the application: messenger, social network client, etc. to share your contacts on the Internet.
  5. An option that is suitable for courageous ladies: go out with a young man at one stop or station and start dating on the street. Or you can track the man, find out his place of residence. And then, having prepared a little, pay a visit to him. You can send a courier with a small original gift and a note to his address.
  6. Try to get help from users on social networks. There are whole groups where guys and girls are looking for people with whom they rode a bus or saw each other in a shopping center. In such communities, you can describe in detail the appearance of the man you liked and indicate the circumstances in which the meeting took place. For example: “I’m looking for a guy with whom I was riding bus 105. You were wearing a white jacket and dark blue jeans. You also had cool headphones. We smiled at each other, but you did not fit. Write in a personal! ”Often, visitors to a group, if they see such a message, advise:“ It was necessary to come up by myself, and not stand, or sit, and smile. ” This is probably right. Do not be afraid that a man will think about you. To miss your chance, and then try to catch up - it looks much more stupid. Although if there are no other options, you can act like that.

In conclusion, let's go through the list. First, be courageous and active. The main task is to get the young man’s contact, and while you can make fun and show your inaccessibility on dates. Secondly, show originality and creativity.

Third, do not be afraid of public opinion. Even if the transport is quiet, and you understand that everyone around you will hear a dialogue with a man - do not be embarrassed. Give people a free show. They love it.

What you need to know before you go

The basis of any acquaintance is an attractive appearance. This applies to dating in public transport. Therefore, before continuing reading, we suggest reading our article on how to dress in order to please girls. You will learn what girls primarily pay attention to when they meet and how to make a good first impression.

By the way, even a slight untidiness can be an excellent occasion for acquaintance. A classic example is the scene of a meeting in an electric train from the movie “Moscow Does Not Believe in Tears,” where the protagonist’s dirty shoes became the occasion. This scene is a great example of how self-confidence can overcome even a bad first impression. We recommend that you review.

Why getting to know public transport is hard

Getting to know on public transport is a bit more complicated than in other public places. If no one pays any attention on the street or in a nightclub, then your fellow travelers on the bus are likely to stare at you and have nothing to eavesdrop on your dialogue embarrassing both you and the girl.

Therefore, if you feel fear and insecurity when meeting you, we advise you to work hard on this.

Examples of the best phrases for dating a girl on a bus

Before you start a conversation you need to attract the attention of a girl you like. The surest way is to meet her eyes and smile. As soon as she noticed you, you can proceed to decisive action.

Here are some of the easiest ways to start a conversation on a bus, minibus, tram or subway train:

Give place to

The easiest way is to give the girl a place. Such an act immediately characterizes you as a worthy young man and sets you apart from those around you.

After she took her place, you can get up close and start communication. For example: “Hello. I often travel this route and have never met you. New? Welcome to minibus number 9. I hope you like it here. ”

At which stop to get off

Another easy way is to pretend to be a visitor and ask the girl at which stop it is best to get out to get to a specific place. Further, you can transfer the conversation to any other topic.

Useful advice: if you pretend to be a visitor, do not openly lie to a girl. If she directly asks where you are from and how you ended up in this city, then it’s better to tell the truth right away. For example: “In fact, I have been living here for a long time and know how to get there. I just liked you very much and I wanted to talk with you. And this is the first thing that occurred to me. Forgive me, it’s probably stupid. ”If you say all this calmly, confidently and with a smile, the girl will not be angry that she was deceived.

You can also get to know each other at the bus stop. Just ask what kind of transport you can get somewhere.

Especially for you, we have compiled the most comprehensive list of the best places to meet girls.

For example, you can easily make acquaintance in the gym or on the beach.

In order to introduce at all it is not necessary to leave the house. It is enough to have a smartphone or computer and an Internet connection and a high-quality Vkontakte account.

Step on the foot

This method is great for meeting on public transport at rush hour. If the crowd pressed you to a beautiful woman, then you can specially step on her foot or push her. She is guaranteed to notice you! After that, you need to politely apologize. If the girl responded to this without aggression, you can continue the conversation.

What is this song

A great way that is suitable if you like listening to the radio with headphones. You need to get closer to the girl, draw her attention to yourself, and then give her one earphone with the words: “I really like this song. Maybe you know? Can you tell me who the performer is? ”

Sometimes in order to get acquainted it’s enough just to come up and make a good compliment, as in this video:

What to do then

Have you started chatting? Excellent! Now you need to get her phone number as soon as possible.

Sharing contacts with everyone is a stressful situation for most girls. She will be prevented by subconscious fear of showing everyone her accessibility. The best way to soften this awkward moment is to give her your phone and ask her to dial her number on it. After she does this, all you have to do is save the number and put the phone back in her pocket.

Sometimes it may happen that you have not had time to do this yet, and it’s time for the girl to leave. The only right decision is to go out with her. Then you can complete the conversation in a relaxed atmosphere, take her contacts, say goodbye and continue on the next bus.

All that is needed in order to get to know each other on a tram or metro is self-confidence, resourcefulness and a bit of originality.

Sometimes it happens that we meet interesting people in different places. Often you can meet good girls in public transport.

You should not miss such a pleasant moment of acquaintance with them. But in other way, is it worth getting to know on the bus?

Is it worth getting to know this place?

What are the advantages and disadvantages of this type of dating? Let’s take a closer look.

So, virtues:

  1. You can meet a good girl everywhere. Even on the bus. Such a simple acquaintance will help you expand your social circle.
  2. If the girl agreed to meet in transport, then you can spend some time together, respectively, you can take your time and not be afraid not to have time to say something, exchange phones.

Even in case of refusal, remember the “100 no” rule. This implies that failures will be, and more than once. And do not get very upset, it is better to start collecting failures. As soon as they say “no” 100 times to you, it means that they have said “yes” at least a few times.

This method has limitations:

  1. Unlike dating on social networks, with this option there is no way to collect information about the girl. In this situation, it is not always clear what to talk about with her, what she is interested in, what kind of jokes she likes and which ones not. Girls are, at times, touchy and may be offended by a joke that personally seems completely innocent to you.
  2. Not always in transport can keep track of their neatness. And it should be remembered that it is his appearance that creates the first impression of a person.
  3. If the girl nevertheless refuses to meet her, it will be an awkward moment for some time on the way to be in the same vehicle with her.

How to attract attention?

How to attract attention and meet a girl on a bus, minibus and other public transport? You can attract attention meeting glanceslike on the street. Look at the girl, catch her eye. Look away. Then look again. Do not look into her eyes straight and long. A long direct look into the eyes is usually a manifestation of aggression, the girl will be uncomfortable because they look at her like that.

As soon as you notice that the girl is also looking at you, smile. Try to approach her (if the transport is free enough) and ask if you can get to know her? If the transport is not as free as we would like and it is not possible to approach the girl, try to go out with her and get to know each other outside the transport.

How to find out if a girl is ready for an acquaintance?

How to understand if a girl is ready to meet? The main symptom the fact that the girl is ready to meet is that in response to your opinion she does not start to look away and does not try to go somewhere far away, go to the nearest stop, she also starts looking into your eyes and smiling.

If you notice such behavior, feel free to get acquainted, she will most likely support this idea. This also applies to meeting people at work.

Further, at the beginning of the conversation note on how the girl talks. If the girl answers all the questions in monosyllables, she says yes or no, that means she is not set up to get to know each other, it is better to stop trying.

Examples of situations and phrases

Remember what phrases you can’t start dating:

  1. “Would you like to meet?”, “Would you like to start an acquaintance?”. Remember that phrases with such a design prompt the girl to answer “No, I don’t want!”, “No, I don’t want!”.
  2. You should not start acquaintance with rude jokes.
  3. Do not criticize the girl with your first phrases.You should not say something like "Oh, what bag you drag, is it not hard for you, poor thing?" In general, do without the slightest criticism of the girl.
  4. Beware of making hasty conclusions on the girl’s appearance. If you thought that she looked like a representative of some subculture or a person who is engaged in this or that particular, do not start acquaintance with a phrase like “What are you, Poti hippies or something?”. Remember, such a construction of the phrase is quite sharp and rude. Do not think that after such a statement, the girl will agree to meet you.

A how can I start a conversation with a girl:

  1. If you are sitting or standing nearby and have just walked in, you can ask the girl if this is the transport. Something like this “Sorry, I overlooked which bus I got on. Is this exactly bus No. 200A? ”After her positive answer, one can ask if she will tell you where the necessary stop is. If a girl says she leaves early, you can ask where she is going, casually tell me where you are going, Everything, the conversation started.
  2. You can start a conversation by also asking her about some brand attributes of her clothes, which indicate her social status, belonging to some subculture.

For example, if, among all other things, a girl has a scarf, T-shirt, backpack, or something else from a rock band's merchandising. (These are branded things, for example, on the backpack there may be the inscription “Pilot” on the T-shirt may be the inscription “King and the buffoon” and the corresponding images).

If you see a girl with such clothes, you can safely start a conversation with the phrase “I am flattered to meet the girl in the transport who is listening to the Orgy of the Righteous” group, I myself have heard several of their songs. Tell me, how often do you go to their concerts? ”The name of the group, of course, should correspond to what is written on the girl’s backpack or T-shirt.

So you can start a conversation only if if you yourself understand in the work of this group and you know at least something. And then you can quite strongly substitute yourself if you ask how often a girl goes to concerts of a group that currently does not exist, or does not come to your city.

How to get a phone number?

After meeting you can understand how the girl is set to continue dating. If the girl answers in sufficient detail, supports the conversation, then it should be smoothly bring it to an end with something like that:

“So our joint trip ends, it’s time for me (or you) to go out. But I would like to continue our conversation and go with you to (And at that moment you should invite her somewhere to a place where she will definitely like it. During the conversation, you will need to find out her favorite places). Can I exchange phone numbers and make an appointment? ”

Some more tips and tricks

The most important formula for success is to feel confident. To do this, remember the most important points. This is appearance. To always look good enough, dress neatly. Keep your shoes clean. Do not forget to choose clothes in a certain style.

Another important point is self-confidence. It is worth deciding for yourself that it is with such a person to meet anyone.


Acquaintance in transport is a rather interesting and unusual option for acquaintance. But at the same time, this is how to get acquainted quite difficult.

The fact is that with such an unusual acquaintance it is not always possible to immediately find something to talk about with a new acquaintance. After all, it is not always clear what her interests are and how she will react to such an acquaintance.

If you live in a metropolis, then you should take into account the specifics of it and remember that people are less likely to start communication, when compared with small cities.

Have you noticed that the most beautiful girls ride in vehicles? Why not use this time to good effect and not try to get to know the beautiful fellow traveler?

Sometimes people, having finished their studies and giving all their free time to work, encounter a problem that physically do not have time to get acquainted with the opposite sex. Time for clubs and bars is less and less, and there is no power left. In such a situation, you just need to look around. Many of you, with the exception of avid car enthusiasts, lose time in public transport, rushing about their business. Have you noticed that the most beautiful girls ride in vehicles? Why not use this time to the benefit and under the peaceful snoring of a dozing old woman, not try to get acquainted with a beautiful fellow traveler?

Special effects when meeting.

When pronouncing the first phrase, you can try to put her in an awkward position with an unfamiliar word. Or ask for the correct Pearson correlation coefficient by writing a fanciful formula in a notebook. This will make her embarrassed and give you a head start at the initial stage.

If the girl is far inaccessible in transport, calculate in such a way as to get off at one stop and at the exit give her a hand. This may be a reason for acquaintance.

Watch the video: Attract a girl on public transport - Ask The Dating Coach (February 2020).

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