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How to choose a mustache and beard clipper: a detailed guide for choosing and buying

The manufacturer of hairdressing tools has launched new wireless models for comprehensive care under the WAHL and Moser brands, a beard trimmer and a mobile shaver - everything for men!

For those who love ergonomic shapes and comprehensive care in one gadget, the WAHL brand offers two of its new products at once: the WAHL Stainless Steel cordless trimmers with a stylish stainless steel case for 10,800 rubles and the WAHL Ergonomic Total Grooming Kit for 6,800 rubles.

The Stainless Steel model solves several problems at once - from hair cutting to beard and mustache edging. Complete with a trimmer, a large set of eight nozzles is offered, including a special knife block with a rotating head to remove hair in the nose and ears.

The WAHL Ergonomic Total Grooming Kit has special knife blocks for beard decoration, with which you can feel in a barber chair. Self-sharpening polished knives with high-precision sharpening remain sharp for a long time and give a clean cut. The kit includes: trimmer head, six-position adjustable nozzle, three beard nozzles: low, three-day, “full beard”, as well as eight nozzles for different lengths of haircuts, a special comb for beard, case for storage and transportation, brush for cleaning and oil

Both models have a quick recharging function: one minute of connecting to the network gives three minutes of work to quickly complete what was started, if the battery suddenly sat down during a haircut.

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For travelers, the company made a high-precision WAHL Quick Style Lithium cordless trimmer with two interchangeable heads: a linear knife block is suitable for cutting beards, mustaches and sideburns, and a closed-type rotating nozzle for removing hair in the nose and ears. After use, interchangeable nozzles can be washed under running water. The trimmer weighs only 150 grams, so it is easy to take on trips. Its cost is 1700 rubles.

For fans of smooth shaving, the Moser Mobile shaver was introduced, which easily removes bristles up to 2 mm. Its body has a special coating for a comfortable shave, and the charging indicator allows you to evaluate the remaining time - without recharging the shaver works up to 45 minutes. It is worth noting the light weight - only 88 g. The gadget is easy to take with you on trips. You can buy Moser Mobile for 1250 rubles.

For beard owners, the company showed the Moser Peacock trimmer with a seven-position adjustable nozzle designed specifically for cutting a beard, which provides a cut length in the range from 2 to 24 mm.

Razor knives are made in Germany and guarantee a clean cut, while they can be washed in water. The cost of Moser Peacock was 4,000 rubles.

Features and benefits of beard clippers

The devices are available in a sturdy case, equipped with steel knives. Compactness and light weight allows you to take them on a trip. Narrow blades are designed for edging, trimming beards, study sideburns and temples.

Differences from hair cutting tools

Trimmers differ from machines in several ways. Their pitch is limited to a length of 0.5-07 mm compared to the standard width of the hairdresser 42 mm. For the right choice, it is advisable to refer to other comparison parameters:

  • parameters and dimensions. The trimmer is compact, lightweight, fits in a bag and backpack,
  • functional. The device has razor and depilator options, the machines are equipped with nozzles,
  • hair density. Hairdressing tools cope with all types of hair, even hard and thick. The device for barbers is suitable for any hard-to-reach spots,
  • ease of care. The beard trimmer is equipped with an easily removable unit. After cutting, it’s enough to rinse and wipe it with a dry cloth,
  • comfort of use. Trimmers vibrate and make less noise, lie comfortably in the hand. Machines with a combined power system have a long duty cycle.

Trimmer Types

The best and most reliable machine designed for shortening and cutting a beard is used in barbershops and at home. Depending on the purpose, the devices are:

  • professional. Long-life devices designed for a bristle length of 0.1-21 mm. For the manufacture of using durable plastic, titanium, ceramics, hardened steel. The battery allows up to 6,000 rotations per minute. The tool is suitable for supporting the length, neatly trimming the mustache, cutting hair in the nose and ears, contouring and thinning the beard,
  • home models. They have a universal type of power - they are connected to the network and the battery. The machine can be used to trim vegetation on the face and head. Household models are equipped with stainless steel blades. Without recharging, they work for 20 minutes.

Advantages and disadvantages of beard machines

The beard clipper is characterized by its compact size and light weight. Thanks to this, shortening the vegetation does not take much time. The device is distinguished by other advantages:

  • reduced beard care time,
  • the presence of narrow knives for high-quality cutting and edging,

Among the shortcomings of the models is a long battery charge.

Key selection criteria

To choose the right device to trim the beard, mustache and hair, it is worth following the following parameters:

  • type of food. Cars powered by a network are equipped with cords, models on batteries with a charging station and adapters,
  • blade material. Knives are made of stainless steel, have a ceramic or titanium coating, as well as diamond spraying,
  • battery life. Cordless models can cut for 20 minutes to 4 hours,
  • minimum and maximum length of hair left. Slice adjustment ranges from 0.1 to 20 mm.

The type of enclosure also matters. It is made of aluminum, durable plastic, has finger-friendly corrugations.

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Budget models

Machines that are optimal for home use.

Phillips MG 1100/16

The cost of the trimmer is about 2 thousand rubles. Due to its light weight, it can be used at home. The width of the stainless steel working blades is 21 mm. The knife part is made using the DualCut technology (double sharpening). Power is supplied by AA batteries. Among the additional accessories - 3 comb nozzles with a haircut range of 1-5 mm.

  • high-quality assembly
  • rubberized housing cover,
  • the possibility of use at the same time as taking a shower.

  • a small number of nozzles,
  • lack of length adjustment function.
Vitek VT-2547BK

The device is worth 1.5 thousand rubles. Powered by mains and batteries. It is completed with 3 nozzles for the choice of a hairstyle in 10 positions. The battery lasts 45 minutes, which is enough to trim the mustache or beard.

  • practicality - you can take it on trips,
  • quickly gives the vegetation a beautiful shape,
  • optimal number of nozzles,
  • cleaned in a wet way
  • modes are easily switched.

  • massiveness - weighs 0.5 kg,
  • fully charged in 480 min.
Panasonic ER-GB40

Beard trimmer at the price of 2.2 thousand rubles. different functional features. It works for 50 minutes without charging, but completely restores power in 8 hours. In the kit - one plastic nozzle, but the adjustment of the haircut is carried out in the range of 1-10 mm. The width of the knife is 25 mm.

  • uniform cutting
  • high-quality study of the bends of the neck and cheekbones,
  • compact sizes
  • small weight - 150 g,
  • minimum noise level.

Cons: not suitable for thick hair.

Panasonic ER2403

Machine for a beard worth about 1.5 thousand rubles. designed for haircuts with a range of 0.5-15 mm. Powered by AAA batteries for 40 minutes. The choice of level is carried out in the process. The knife device - from stainless steel. The case is made of lightweight plastic. It is completed with a comb and oil.

  • lack of cuts and damage,
  • good quality haircuts,
  • comfortable in the hand
  • compact sizes
  • can be taken on a business trip or trip,
  • cleaned in a wet way.

  • self-sharpening blades
  • not all batteries work,
  • no hair lifting option,
  • quick heating of the case.

Middle price segment

Models with convenient functionality at an optimal cost.

Remington MB4130 Beard Boss PRO

A machine with titanium knives for 3.2 thousand rubles. The curved case provides work in any direction. Haircut is adjustable in 13 positions with or without a nozzle. The model is powered by mains or batteries, suitable for trimming whiskers and mustaches. The trimmer is equipped with Capture Trim technology - serrated blades with a special shape. The length of the hair cut is 0.1-18 mm. Without charging, the machine runs for 50 minutes. It is completed with a brush and a nozzle comb.

  • the most accurate haircut,
  • convenience of work in any direction,
  • ease of maintenance - the blades are washed in water,
  • non slip base
  • comfortable adjusting wheel.

  • the inability to completely shave,
  • difficulty with a clear outline.
Moser 1040-0460 Classic A

The average price of a machine is 5.4 thousand rubles. The capacious NiMh battery lasts 80 minutes. The rotary motor makes 6,000 revolutions per minute, equipped with a microprocessor supporting speed. The knife block is made of steel, easy to remove. The cutting range is from 0.4 to 21 mm. The kit includes 1 nozzle, AC adapter, brush and oil.

  • no skin irritation,
  • high-quality battery
  • reliable assembly
  • long battery life.

  • there is no storage case,
  • no battery indication
  • can not be used in the shower.
Conair i-Stubble

A machine with a patented rotating head for 5 thousand rubles. The power of the rotary engine is 7 watts. The device operates autonomously for 45 minutes. Full charge takes 5 minutes. The cutting unit is made of titanium coated steel. Rounded blades self-sharpen. The minimum length is 0.4 mm. The kit includes a miniature trimmer corrector, brush and oil.

  • repeats the contours of the face,
  • accuracy and quality of care for the mustache or beard,
  • display showing the amount of charge,
  • use on hair of any thickness,
  • wide steel knives.

Cons: does not cut a long beard - limitation up to 5 mm.

Philips BT7210 Series 7000

The trimmer, which costs an average of 4.6 thousand rubles, has a vacuum suction mechanism. The Lift & Trim mechanism provides hair lifting and styling under a knife device. Self-sharpening blades made of stainless steel. Cutting adjustment - up to 0.5 mm. The battery lasts 80 minutes without charging. The design also includes a container for collecting cut hair.

  • fast cutting in one go
  • easy cleaning and rinsing of the knife,
  • long operation
  • high-quality study of facial hair.

Cons: pulls hairs if the beard is too thick.

BaByliss E875E

Electric shaver for 3.2 thousand rubles. intended for professional use. The length of the cut is 0.4-5 mm. Powered by mains or battery. The charge indication is located on the case. In offline mode, shears for 45 minutes. The case is made of durable plastic, the knives are made of stainless steel with chrome plating. It is completed with one nozzle, but a haircut is possible in 15 positions.

  • suitable for styling short and long beards,
  • high-quality hair removal in hard-to-reach areas,
  • assembly reliability
  • ease of use.

  • fragile pressure lock
  • no moisture protection
  • easy sliding of the case.

Premium models

The best and functional machines that are suitable for contouring and cutting hair, mustache and beard.

Philips Styleshaver QS6141

Waterproof trimmer with stand for charging will cost 6.6 thousand rubles. The model with a step of 0.5 mm and a double-sided knife works offline 75 min. Case - metal, knife with rounded edges. The cut is carried out in 12 positions, the adjustment is carried out by the wheel.

  • versatility - suitable for trimming mustaches and beards,
  • wet cleaning system
  • fast charge
  • can be used as a razor.

  • discontinued and rarely sold,
  • without leaving, it clogs and cuts unevenly.
Philips BT9290

Model for 8 thousand rubles. with a cutting range of 0.4-7 mm and a pitch of 0.2 mm. The blades have the function of self-sharpening, made of steel. A laser pointer is used to adjust the position of the knives. Trimmer - double-sided with a width of sides of 32 and 15 mm.

  • Removing hair residues by rinsing,
  • perfect styling
  • comfortable alignment of areas near the mouth and nose,
  • the razor can not be lubricated.

Cons: short work without charging - 60 min.

Oster 59-84

Professional machine for 6 thousand rubles. It is completed with 2 nozzles. The cut is adjusted in 3 positions from 0.5 to 3 mm. Food - from a network. The knife device is removable, with good sharpening. The design of the model is in vintage style.

  • allows you to make a clear and accurate outline,
  • double insulation system
  • comfortable position in the hand
  • good power
  • reliable assembly.

  • does not work on battery
  • few features
  • exposed to moisture.

How to choose the right trimmer: expert advice

  1. Three-dimensional sharpening blades do not cause irritation,
  2. If you have poor lighting, choose a backlit model,
  3. The charging stand will provide ease of storage and constant readiness of the device for work,
  4. For home use, 5 nozzles are enough,
  5. A good trimmer holds a charge for about 5 hours,
  6. Self-sharpening blades are more economical
  7. For travel or business trips, it is better to purchase a car on batteries.


Many men prefer a machine to machine tools. This choice is fully justified, since cars have a number of advantages, which include:

  • The tool can be cleaned with water.
  • The device fits easily in the palm of your hand.
  • The mechanism can cut even the smallest hair.
  • Affordable cost on cars.
  • You can adjust the length of the cut hair.
  • The mechanism works automatically, it only needs to be directed correctly.

It is also impossible to cut the skin with the mechanism; for its use, special foams are not needed. To shave with this tool, you do not need to steam your face or moisten it with water. Cars can be taken with you on trips. They serve the owner for a long time, you only need to occasionally change the blades.

Criterias of choice

When deciding to buy a shaving machine, you need to consider several factors in order to purchase quality products.

  1. What kind of power does the device have? It is better to give preference to cars with dual power supply, from the mains and from the battery.This will allow you not to depend on the availability of an outlet, and you can also take the instrument on trips.
  2. It is important that the machine is multifunctional with different options.
  3. If there is a backlight on the machine, then you will not miss a single hair.
  4. Buy a tool with a lot of nozzles. Thanks to this, you can cut your hair, shave the stubble and adjust your beard or mustache.
  5. The kit should have a brush for cleaning hair.
  6. For convenience, you can buy a machine with vacuum hair absorption. This will save your cleaning time.
  7. The machine should be comfortable to hold in your hands, so try to use it in a store.
  8. The blades in the machine should be made of ceramics, titanium-ceramic or stainless steel, it is easier to care for such metal.

Pay attention to each of these points, so as not to buy a fake or low-quality machine. The durability of the machine and the quality of its work will depend on these criteria.

Every man can buy an electric shaver, its price is not very high. The cost of the mechanism depends on:

  • Manufacturer's firms,
  • Manufacturing material,
  • Device functionality
  • Types of power supply device
  • The number of nozzles.

If you decide to buy a universal machine, then do not skimp on purchasing quality products. Cheap cars quickly deteriorate, have few functions and attachments, and are also quickly discharged. Having bought a good thing, you can use it for several years. Below we will consider the prices for each machine separately.

A review of the best hair and beard clippers

Of course, not all hair clippers do well. It depends on many factors, for example:

  • Blade quality
  • Battery power,
  • The material from which the tool was made, etc.

Therefore, you need to carefully choose a device before buying it. Now we look at the rating of the best shaving machines. Each of them has its own characteristics and characteristics.

Panasonic ER GP21

The Panasonic ER GP21 shaving and haircutting machine is very convenient for transportation. She weighs just 100 grams. The knives in the tool are made of stainless steel and fit tightly to the body, which allows you to remove hair as best as possible.

The machine does not vibrate very much, as it has good vibration protection. This allows you to make precise hand movements. Complete with the machine are two nozzles of 3 and 6 mm. They were made of good plastic. The tool works both on electricity and on battery power. He holds a charge for an hour.

This mechanism is very easy to care for, the motor needs to be lubricated with oil, and the nozzles should be brushed. This is the best machine for professionals, as well as for ordinary men. Its price is 5500 rubles.


SCARLETT SC-HC63C06 is a great clipper or beard trimmer. It is easy to use and not hard to care for. This model has a very comfortable case. Thanks to the loop, the machine can be hung in the bathroom on a hook.

The power of the instrument is 13 watts. Blades are made of stainless steel. At the end of use, the blades can be covered with a lid so as not to get hurt.

There are four blades in the kit that control the length of the hair. They also give you a brush that you can clean all the tools with. Regularly lubricate the blades with special oil so that they do not blunt and cut hair well. The machine costs about 700 rubles.

Philips HC5440

Such a machine is good for beginners or inexperienced men. The blades are also made of stainless steel, and the length of the cutting unit is 41 mm. Thanks to the fixing modes, you can choose the length of the hair and experiment with a haircut. There are 24 length settings in the mechanism.

The set consists of a special brush for cleaning and two nozzles. One is for haircuts and the other is for shaving. The blades can be washed and do not need to be oiled.

The tool has two types of power - it is mains and battery. Charging is enough for 75 minutes. The battery charges for about 8 hours. The machine has a guarantee for two years, so you can not doubt its quality and long work. The mechanism costs about 2200 rubles.

Supra HCS-203

The Supra HCS-203 machine has different nozzles that will help regulate the length of the hair. The blades are made of good steel, which helps them not to blunt quickly. The mechanism works only from the network.

It is very easy to use, it is safe to use. The body of the machine is made of high-quality material, which will help protect it in case of accidental impact. The shape of the tool is very comfortable.

The kit comes with 4 nozzles, 5 lengths are installed, there is a brush, comb, scissors and oil for lubricating the mechanism. Thanks to a whole set of tools, you do not need to purchase an additional device. Such machines are best used only for cutting hair on the head. The price of the product is 700 rubles.

Scarlett SC-HC63C01

This model is suitable for those men who have too thick and tangled hair. The machine quickly copes with different types of hair. It works from the network, and its power is 10 watts.

The blades are made of stainless steel. The kit includes 4 nozzles for adjusting the length, brush, scissors, comb and cover for the blade. This product costs about 1000 rubles.

Polaris PHC 0704

The advantage of this model is that it combines several positive aspects:

  1. Low price
  2. Simplicity in operation,
  3. Multifunctionality.

The special case is made so that the machine does not slip in the hand. This will help to make clear movements. The mechanism works only from the network, the cord length is 1.8 meters, which allows you to freely use the machine.

The tool makes even short haircuts, 0.8 mm long. Such a nozzle perfectly cuts the hair from the neck, makes clear cut borders and beautifully shaves the hair.

There is a loop at the end of the machine, so it can be hung on a hanger. The blades are made of stainless steel. The power of the instrument is 7 watts. The total weight is 350 g. The approximate price is 700 rubles.


The peculiarity of this machine is that it can be used while taking a shower. The mechanism operates on battery power for approximately 60 minutes. You can take it with you on trips or business trips.

This machine can be used to cut a beard, shape sideburns, cut eyebrows, remove nose hair, shave stubble and adjust the haircut. Adjusting the length allows you to adjust the hair in the range from 3 to 7 mm.

The machine is safe to use and eliminates hair even in the most inaccessible areas. The approximate price is about 2000 rubles.

Vitek VT-2517 W

The Vitek VT-2517 W machine is a very popular and high-quality product. It has four blades that adjust the length of the hair. Thanks to high-quality blades, the mechanism can serve the owner for a long time.

Although the machine only works on the network, it has a long cord that does not interfere with the haircut. The instrument does not vibrate much, so the skin does not irritate and the hand does not tremble during the procedure.

In a set, in addition to the typewriter, they give a brush, an adapter, oil, a comb and scissors. You can buy a mechanism for 850 rubles.

Which car to choose?

We looked at many options for shaving beards and hair. Each model has its own characteristics and characteristics. Of course, it is better to buy the machine in which there are two types of food, since they can be taken on trips.

Also, additional nozzles will help make the haircut perfect. Pay attention to the availability of additional tools, as they will save you money and facilitate the process of cutting.

Multifunctional and high-quality cars will cost more, but you always have to pay for quality. A good mechanism will make shaving comfortable and will rarely break. Collapsible machines will allow for breakdowns to change only small parts, and not the entire mechanism. Take this tool seriously so that it lasts for many years.

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