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Shaving kits from Germany

Our company has prepared a list of the most interesting models of shaving accessories. For ease of navigation, we divided them into several categories available in the menu on the left.

If you want to make an interesting gift, be sure to pay attention to the sets. This section includes many interesting kit options with different composition.
Do you or your friends love to shave with a razor? Take a look at the appropriate section - a wide range and various materials of execution of your choice.
Shaving brush is a must when shaving. Pay attention to our collection of shaving brushes from various nap and various color schemes.
Soap, alum block, coasters, sharpening pastes and much more are waiting for you in the accessories section.

kits for

kits for

razor set. This is a good gift for any occasion. They are characterized by high quality, ease of use and ease of blade replacement. For this kit, standard Mach 3 interchangeable blades are available, which can be purchased at any hardware store.

straight razor. If you know how to use such an accessory, then you can buy it in our online store. This is a real men's gift or a tool for a professional hairdresser. More and more men choose shaving in this way. Today, we are pleased to bring to your attention various options for the DOVO Solinger "apprehension" razor with a wide selection of prices and models for your taste and budget.

shaving brush. If you are thinking where to buy a brush or brush, then this section of our online store is just for you. We are pleased to offer you a large selection of shaving brushes. This shaving brush accessory helps to apply foam or gel evenly to make the process more comfortable. Also, if necessary, it makes it possible to reapply the gel.

shaving gift set. It includes everything you need for a convenient and comfortable process. Is it possible to imagine a better gift for a man than a razor set? Imagine how your friend or loved one will be happy when he receives such a useful gift and a wonderful accessory.

shaving accessories. In the search for pasta pencils, dressing pastes, special soaps, alum blocks, check out our accessories section. Here you will surely find everything you need for a quality comfortable process. Especially for you, we have selected only the best and highest quality products.

machine for shaving. Today it is not a problem to buy a razor for men, but if you want to highlight your loved one, or if you just like exquisite things - welcome to our online store. The convenient t-shaped machine from S.Quire is a great gift that will delight its owner for many years.

Razor Solingen. The English company DOVO around the world has established itself as a manufacturer of high-quality, stylish and comfortable accessories for men. Currently, interest in such a male instrument is growing more and more. If your loved one is already using a dangerous razor or is interested, and a holiday is planned soon, we will help you pick up a gift.

belt for editing a dangerous razor. And an addition to them: pastes of various sizes crumbs, pencils, alum blocks and soap in a wide assortment are presented in this section. All of only proven quality - produced by DOVO (Germany). Using such products is pleasant and simple.

shaving mirror. A large selection of your choice - various colors, magnification, options with backlight - all to make this process more convenient and comfortable. You can order your favorite with delivery or pick up by yourself in Moscow (metro Chistye Prudy).

shaving razor. If you want to buy such a fashionable tool cheaply, then you are on the right track. Belvedor online store offers you a wide range of classic and hazardous razors, of various price categories, from economy to premium. The combination of such characteristics as: high quality, original design and ease of use create an excellent gift.

Perfect Sets

The online market for men offers kits that you can be assured of by the thousands of men from around the world who use them. For your convenience, we have prepared an accurate description of all the offered items so that customers can correctly evaluate how much this or that product will suit.

If you are interested in a gift razor set for men, then we recommend several options that you can surely please your loved ones:

  • a set with a machine, brush and stand,
  • full wet shave kit with bowl,
  • kit consisting of razors and cosmetics.

Depending on your preference, you can choose different types of machines. We always have T-shaped models and razors for modern Mach-3 or Fusion cartridges. The proposed sets have a very elegant design and are made from rare materials such as precious wood, natural horn or bone.

How to make a purchase

In the Men007 online market, at any convenient time you can buy shaving sets for men in Moscow with delivery in the capital or anywhere else in the country. For you, always available original branded products, affordable and not overpriced, as well as qualified assistance of choice from our consultants.

Muehle Rytmo Shaving Set

black resin, natural badger pile, Fusion razor

Muehle Rytmo Shaving Set

Ash, Natural Badger, Fusion Razor

Muehle Vivo Shaving Set

black resin, natural badger pile, Fusion razor

Shaving kit Muehle Vivo.

black resin, natural badger pile, Fusion razor, bowl

Muehle Vivo Shaving Set

black resin, natural badger pile, Mach3 razor

What is necessarily included

In cosmetic stores there are ready-made kits for men, different in content and application possibilities. Some sets consist of three to four standard items, others are complemented by some other accessories.

You can buy in an online store with delivery throughout Russia.


The general kit, if desired, can be supplemented with various accessories:

  • skin care cosmetics
  • case for the machine,
  • dressing belts (sets for dangerous shaving),
  • bowl and teapot for hot water,
  • decorative stand for shaving brush and machine,
  • convenient mirror on a movable stand,
  • original towel.

There are convenient items on the shaving market for frequent travel, these travel shaving kits have special products that look like a piece of paper, but when in contact with water, they turn into a cloud of foam. Such tools are popular with hunters, travelers, they are very convenient in the field. Their composition is safe for the skin, the main components are corn starch, glycerin, moisturizing and disinfecting skin extracts (aloe).

With replaceable cartridges

Advantages of a Shaving Kit with Interchangeable Cartridges:

  • minimum time costs
  • safety (the ergonomic handle does not slip in a hand)
  • quality (a floating head allows you to shave even a large beard and repeats all the bends),
  • availability (cartridges on sale),
  • duration of use (blades are made of high quality material and have a special coating).

The downside is the high price.: a quality machine that provides all of the above advantages is not cheap.

With T-shaped machine

A gift shaving kit with a T-shaped machine holds several secrets, they are in the form of razor heads. There are three types in total.:

  • The first is classic. A machine with a direct cut head is the most convenient and safe option.
  • The second - with a corrugation on the head, is suitable for two-, three-time use per week, the cloves on the head create tight contact with the skin and separate the hairs even with hard and thick bristles.
  • The third option is suitable for men who are accustomed to such razors: a cut at the head is oblique, which allows you to cut the hair as close to the skin as possible, but can injure an inept user.

Among the benefits:

  • lack of roughness and ingrown hair,
  • quality result.


  • the procedure takes a lot of time
  • need practice for skillful use, during which cuts cannot be avoided.

This shaving kit is perfect as a gift. In addition, there are currently a large number of products equipped with Gillette safety razors, so there should be no problems with replaceable cartridges. They are sold in any supermarkets.

You can buy these kits, as well as replaceable cartridges in an online store with delivery throughout Russia.

Muehle Liscio Shaving Set

black resin, natural badger pile, Mach3 razor

Muehle Liscio Shaving Set

black resin, natural badger pile, T-razor

With a razor

The dangerous shaving kit is a classic, for more than two thousand years, craftsmen have been improving the design, picking up materials for rivets and inlaid pens, come up with a shape and appearance, an engraving pattern on the ear (part of the blade’s non-working plane). Dangerous razors today are, rather, an object of art than everyday life, which is probably why this razor is a status thing.

  • open blade shaves hair even in hard to reach places
  • the width of the blade allows you to process a wide area, reducing the process time,
  • the sharpness of the open blade allows bristles to be removed in one motion, which minimizes the risk of irritation.

The only disadvantages include the need for practice and the high price of branded items. For example, the premium hazard razor Artist Club DX is sold in the region of 20 thousand rubles.

Shaving Gift Sets

Some products do not contain a razor, but various devices and means for a soft and comfortable shave. So, for example, The Body Shop company sells a gift kit for shaving, which contains:

  • Shaving cream “Maki Root”, 200 ml
  • After shave balm "Maki Root", 100 ml
  • Soft Artificial Hair Brush

How to choose a kit

One of the selection criteria may be the price - a quality thing is made from quality materials and cannot cost too cheaply.

When choosing shaving kits with a shaving brush and a bowl, preference should be given to natural pile: it is more durable, softer, will not cause allergies or irritation on the skin, and the original shape and appearance of the bowl will be not only a convenient subject for the procedure, but also a decorative thing in the bathroom room.

Muehle Traditional Shaving Set

Color: Black Resin
T razor
Silvertip Badger Pile

Muehle Traditional Shaving Set

Color: Tortoise resin
T razor
Silvertip Badger Pile

Muehle Traditional Shaving Set

Color: Rose Gold
T razor
Silvertip Badger Pile

Shaving sets with shaving brush. Shaving kits with natural shaving brush. Natural bristle brush.

Razor Selection Criteria

The main selection criterion is convenience.. The safety of the process depends on the handle of the machine, it should not slide in the hand, many manufacturers make rough inserts on the surface of the handle.

No less important is the material of which the machine is made. Conscious manufacturers use chrome or nickel-plated brass, and there is a more expensive option - gold plating to protect against rust.

It is also important to consider the style in the gift - a beautiful and branded item will give its owner the status of a person who has taste.

What you should pay attention to when choosing cosmetics

A good shaving product should provide the maximum effect, not cause discomfort and protect against possible irritations.

The product should foam well and not dry out in the process. Shaving cosmetics and after should be selected based on the following criteria:

  • By skin type. Irritable and dry skin, for example, are not suitable compounds containing alcohol or related components.
  • Before choosing a men's shaving kit should clarify if the recipient is not allergic, carefully read the composition of the components and exclude agents with possible allergens,
  • Do not choose cosmetics with a strong and persistent aroma - one smell is layered on another, the result is a “cacophony” of incompatible aromas.

Popular manufacturers

A well-known manufacturer that has been producing razor accessories for over a century is DOVO. It is famous for using the best steel for its products.

I would also like to mention the Parker company, whose safe razors are made manually and are required to be tested. The company's products are awarded the title of gold standard.

The best developers of disposable and reusable machines are Schick and Gillette. These manufacturers do not stop working on the quality and convenience of their products, ergonomic handles, floating heads and the addition of blades - everything to make shaving a pleasant necessity.

The following manufacturers are no less famous:

  • Bolin webb - manufacturer of exclusive products,
  • D. R. Harris - a global brand with 200 years of history, a supplier of the Royal Palace of England,
  • S.Quire - famous for extraordinary and original items,
  • MUEHLE - a global brand of shaving accessories.

The most famous and popular brands of men's cosmetics:

For many men, shaving is a dull duty, an action that does not bring any pleasure. Perhaps, carefully, with a creative approach, a selected gift will turn a bored need into a pleasant and soothing ritual.

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