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The best pills for hemorrhoids for women and men

Rating Feature

1Pilex tabletsBest result
2Ginkor Fort CapsulesResolves hemorrhoid cones
3Sea buckthorn candlesThe best combination of efficiency and safety
4Procto-glivenol suppositoriesQuick action
5Relief OintmentBetter anti-inflammatory action
6Diosmin tabletsEffectively tones venous walls
7Natalside candlesHeals wounds quickly
8Proctosed ointmentComplex action
9Hepatrombin G ointmentDoes not cause allergies
10Vikasol tabletsBest price

Any ailment with health introduces problems into a person’s life, and in the case of hemorrhoids there is also a lot of unpleasant pain. Therefore, it is necessary to start fighting it at an early stage. This nuisance arises from an improper lifestyle: inactivity, a frequent sitting position, as well as hard physical work and more. Hemorrhoids are the expansion of veins in the rectum, which, subsequently, leads to the formation of nodes.

To date, the market has a lot of tools to eliminate the disease. The treatment should be approached comprehensively and responsibly, choosing effective drugs and not missing their intake. In this case, you can forget about discomfort forever. Means in pharmacy chains are presented in various forms - these are tablets, suppositories, ointments and others. All of them give positive results. The main thing is to choose the right medicine.

10 Vikasol tablets

The best way to prevent bleeding during illness in men and women. Tablets are able to normalize blood coagulation, thereby preventing the formation of blood clots. The ridiculous price of Vikasol surprises buyers. They note that despite the low cost, the drug works effectively and helps to improve the condition as soon as possible. Stimulation of prothrombin production contributes to almost instant relief of inflammation.

Thanks to the main active ingredient, sodium menadione bisulfite, blood vessels are working. Vikasol is considered an analogue of vitamin K, it is precisely it that is lacking in patients with this ailment. It is noteworthy that the medication is unique. It is prescribed in various cases, such as: uterine bleeding, stomach ulcer, regular nosebleeds and others. The drug has contraindications, so you need to carefully study the instructions or consult a doctor.

9 Hepatrombin Ointment

One of the best drugs that proctologists prescribe. It will help regenerate the affected tissue. Thanks to the stimulation of metabolic processes, hepatrombin improves blood circulation and does not allow blood clots to form. The drug is often prescribed during acute hemorrhoids. Doctors also recommend it after surgery. The medicine perfectly eliminates burning and itching in the anus. Judging by customer reviews, the ointment performs functions at a high level and is confidently fighting the ailment. In addition, it is convenient to use.

The complex of three active substances in the composition effectively treats hemorrhoids. Heparin can prevent blood clots and relieve inflammation. Bypassing the capillary network, the component enters the tissue and improves blood circulation. It is excreted by the kidneys. The next important substance is lauromacrogol. It allows you to quickly anesthetize the sensations that the disease brings. Prednisone is a component that resists allergic reactions and relieves swelling. Ointment is used both internally and externally. Its consistency is gel-like. The manufacturer recommended applying Hepatrombin 3 times a day.In the case of applying the ointment in large quantities, the effect will become dulled - the regeneration process will be inhibited.

8 Proctosed sediment

An excellent tool that can mitigate the symptoms of hemorrhoids and, with complex treatment, eliminate the latter completely. Ointment is used as an external agent. It has several basic actions - anti-inflammatory, antiseptic, antithrombotic and analgesic. This entire arsenal effectively affects the rectum and copes with the patient's malaise.

An active ingredient called hydrocortisone, contained in the ointment, helps fight inflammation and pain. The remaining substances complement its action and exhibit healing functions. Proctosedil is able to strengthen the general condition of the vessels and stop the development of the disease due to esculoside in the composition. And thanks to butamben, the tool allows you to stop itching and pain. Customer reviews talk about the effectiveness of Proctosedil - the discomfort disappears after a few days of use. Contraindications during pregnancy and possible manifestations of allergic reactions can be attributed to the disadvantages of the drug.

What is hemorrhoids

The disease is accompanied by the formation of a hemorrhoidal cone in the anus, which first causes slight discomfort, and then becomes the main source of acute pain. Such an inflammatory process gradually progresses, intensifies after each bowel movement, under the influence of other provoking factors. In order to cure varicose veins of the anus, an integrated approach is needed, which includes official and alternative methods, in complicated clinical pictures - conducting an operation.

Types and classification of drugs

Preparations for the treatment of hemorrhoids are prescribed by a doctor based on several factors:

  • type of hemorrhoids: external, internal, combined,
  • the nature of the course of the disease,
  • general condition of the patient.

Most often, the treatment is complex and the patient is prescribed a number of drugs that together help to get rid of the disease. Remedies for hemorrhoids are divided into three main types: tablets, rectal suppositories and ointments.

Tableted drugs help treat the disease from the inside, affecting the whole body as a whole, relieving inflammation and pain, stopping bleeding. A patient suffering from severe pain is prescribed primarily an anesthetic, then, if there is a strong inflammatory process with bleeding, a hemostatic agent is prescribed, as well as drugs from the list of phlebotics, which positively affect the state of the veins, and venotics, restoring venous blood flow disturbances. If necessary, the doctor may also prescribe a laxative.

Rectal suppositories act quickly and this is their main advantage. Suppositories locally affect the focus of inflammation and help to easily eliminate any unpleasant sensations in the rectum - pain, burning, itching. Also, candles perfectly heal microcracks and small foci of inflammation. In addition, there is an effect on hemorrhoidal cones, blood vessels and blood clots.

Ointments help with external manifestations of hemorrhoids and are considered no less effective than suppositories. The types of prescribed ointments are divided into four categories:

  • anti-inflammatory
  • antibacterial
  • hemostatic, stopping bleeding,
  • venotonic, correcting problems with veins.

It is worth remembering that there is no universal remedy for hemorrhoids, treatment takes place only with the help of combinations of various drugs.

7 Natalside Candles

Effective suppositories for the treatment of hemorrhoids. They are administered rectally into the rectum. After several days of use, patients feel better - the symptoms go away and the inflammation disappears. For effective exposure, doctors recommend using the drug in the morning and evening.The course lasts from one to two weeks. To one of the most significant advantages, buyers include the possibility of using candles during pregnancy. In any trimester, Natalsid will not do harm.

Sodium alginate - a product of seaweed in the composition, is the main active substance that performs a healing function. To help him, manufacturers included Vitespol and supposir in the content - fats that evenly distribute the therapeutic component. Thanks to this, in the shortest possible time you can forget about the disease. Among other things, the acids contained in Natalside contribute to the rapid healing of wounds and the normalization of intestinal motility. The disadvantages of users include the use of only 14 years old.

The basic principles of treatment

The main rule of intensive care: to exclude superficial self-medication, to control and not to violate the prescribed daily doses. Taking pills is especially relevant for acute bouts of hemorrhoids, since representatives of this form of release relieve pain, suppress discomfort, accelerate the onset of a period of remission, and literally save you from heavy bleeding. Other rules for the medical treatment of hemorrhoids:

  1. Intensive care course - from 7 to 14 days without interruption, extension is possible only on the recommendation of the attending physician.
  2. If side effects occur at the initial stage of intensive care, the medication is indicated to be urgently replaced by an analogue.
  3. Tablets are actively used before surgery or in the postoperative period for the speedy recovery of the patient.
  4. With a complex appointment, you can simultaneously get rid of unpleasant symptoms and the main causes of inflammation of the hemorrhoid.
  5. Tablets can be successfully combined with vitamin complexes, representatives of other pharmacological groups, various forms of release.

Relief Advance / Ultra / Pro

A line of drugs that confidently hold a leading position in the ranking of effective hemorrhoids. All three agents have similar anti-inflammatory and analgesic effects, gently affecting the affected area.

“Relief Advance” is available in the form of rectal suppositories and ointments, in which the main component is benzocaine, which relieves pain, although acting locally and destroying the consequences, and not the causes. But he easily copes with severe and acute pain, heals wounds, and can be used after surgery.

Contraindications: thromboembolism, low blood granulocytes, allergy to components, pregnancy.

Relief Ultra is present in the market in the form of suppositories for rectal use. The main components are hydrocortisone and zinc sulfate, which work as anti-inflammatory and antibacterial substances. The peculiarity of this drug is that it can be used not only for hemorrhoids, but also for the treatment of anal fissures and erosion, proctitis, perianal dermatitis.

The drug is contraindicated for diabetics, people with complex diseases of the rectum, with a high concentration of sodium in the blood. After using the drug, side effects may appear in the form of rashes, redness and itching.

Relief Pro also works effectively against inflammation and pain with two active ingredients - fluocortolone and lidocaine. Release form - cream and candles. It is not recommended for use by pregnant women, people with individual intolerance to the components of the drug, as well as children and adolescents. May cause a mild side effect of redness and burning in the area of ​​application. It is forbidden to use the product for a long time, there is a risk of tissue atrophy, skin defects.

Reviews positively characterize all formats of the Relif drug, noting that they work only in combination with other hemorrhoids.An allergic reaction was noted in 1 out of 10 people.

You can buy drugs at a price of 300 rubles.

6 Diosmin tablets

A favorite among prescribed drugs for both men and women. It helps to increase the tone of the venous walls and accelerate the outflow of lymph. Hemorrhoid treatment is quick and easy. You need to drink tablets in a course, with damage to the rectum - no more than a week, without fear for the appearance of side effects. The main purpose of the drug is to tone the venous walls. He is often advised to accept people suffering from problems with veins. The use of Diosmin is in the angioprotective property, which does not allow the development of venous pathologies.

The active ingredient is called the drug itself - diosmin. Talc, magnesium stearate and many other substances help him in the complex. Thanks to them, literally in 7 days of treatment, you can say goodbye to a hated disease that brings discomfort. Customer reviews talk about the effectiveness of the tool. In addition, diosmin relieves the symptoms of hemorrhoids on the second day after taking the tablets. It is worth considering that it has contraindications.


Hemorrhoids remedy, available in two versions - cream and suppositories for rectal use. The compositions of both forms are identical, only the percentage of components is different. The composition of the drug contains 11 substances and is aimed at a comprehensive effect on the disease. The cream is used for external hemorrhoids, and suppositories successfully cope with the internal. There are two active substances:

  • tribenoside, which affects the state of blood vessels, strengthening their walls and improving the condition of capillaries, which affects the restoration of normal blood circulation in the affected area. Also, tribenoside relieves inflammation, reduces swelling,
  • lidocaine, which has an analgesic effect.

It is worth noting that this tool does not provide instant help, it acts gently and slowly, reaching a peak after 1.5-2 hours after application. And the amount of the drug applied and the frequency of use are prescribed by the doctor, depending on the complexity of the course of the disease.
Buyers respond coolly about this drug, highlighting a number of minuses:

  • high price from 500 rubles per package,
  • lack of analgesic effect,
  • side effects - from severe itching to burning and fever.

Five out of ten users note that the drug still has a therapeutic effect, but it is very short-lived and insignificant at such a high price.

Hemorrhoids pills

Oral administration of tablets should be supplemented with the use of external ointments directly to the focus of the pathology. Medications for internal use have a systemic effect in the body, differ in the so-called "cumulative effect" of the substances acting in the composition. Among other important advantages of this form of release should be highlighted:

  1. Ease of use. You can drink a tablet at any suitable time, you just need the presence of water and compliance with the prescribed dosages. More often such drugs should be consumed during a meal.
  2. Systemic action in the body. Active components quickly penetrate the bloodstream, rapidly spreading to internal organs, systems, accelerate the effect on the focus of the pathology and the healing process.
  3. Security. Most tablets have a natural, herbal composition, so they provide fewer side effects, even pregnant and lactating mothers are allowed to use.
  4. Quick result. Positive dynamics are observed already after the first dose drunk, but only the full course can fix the desired result, avoid dangerous relapses and complications.
  5. Effective treatment.Pills help get rid of acute symptoms - anesthetize, stop intense bleeding, relieve swelling, suppress inflammation, relieve itching and burning after defecation and at rest.
  6. Price. There is an extensive price range of such medicines, since medicines can be packaged and sold in different quantities depending on the needs of the patient, the course of intensive care.

It is important to understand the disadvantages of such a conservative treatment, for example, a larger list of contraindications and the risk of side effects, a systemic effect in the body. Therefore, you can not engage in superficial self-medication, but act solely on the recommendation of the attending physician. For example, at an early stage of hemorrhoids, you can do without taking pills, but in neglected clinical pictures without this form of release, there is no positive dynamics at all. When overstating doses, doctors do not exclude cases of overdose, which are accompanied by intoxication of the body.

5 Relief Ointment

An effective medicine that constricts blood vessels and helps resist hemorrhoids. Designed for both external and rectal use. The ointment has a consistency of medium density yellow. Due to the fact that the drug heals damage perfectly, proctologists actively recommend it. Relief reduces swelling and thereby eliminates pain in the form of itching and burning. Men and women in the reviews write that for a week of applying the ointment, the symptoms of the disease completely disappear.

Corn and shark oil in the composition softens the tissues and relieves inflammation. Beeswax also has an anti-inflammatory effect, relieving irritation. The uniqueness of the medicine lies in the fact that customers can use it for various purposes - to apply on the face in order to smooth wrinkles, as well as moisturize the skin of the hands. However, doctors believe this is not entirely correct and advise using Relief exclusively for its intended purpose - to treat hemorrhoids.


French drug with a wide spectrum of action, used both for the treatment of hemorrhoids and for recovery after surgery, to combat varicose veins and even with osteochondrosis. The drug has the main effect on the veins - it increases their elasticity and tones, reduces blood stasis, strengthens the walls of the capillaries. It is worth noting that the main components of this remedy - hesperilin and dosmin - are completely natural, they are made from citrus peel.

It is available in the form of tablets and requires a course dose, since it has a cumulative effect. Detralex alone is not able to cure any disease, it should be taken only in combination with other medicines.

There are no contraindications and side effects; the drug is indicated even for pregnant and lactating women. It can be used as a prophylactic against hemorrhoids and varicose veins.

The reviews on Detralex are positive and customers characterize it as a very powerful and effective tool. With hemorrhoids, the drug first removes all pain, working even in the acute phase of the disease. After several days of administration, all unpleasant sensations completely disappear and the inflammation is relieved.

You can buy the drug at a price of 650 rubles per package.

What hemorrhoid pills exist

Intensive therapy is based on venotonic drugs, which normalize blood flow and vascular patency, increase the elasticity of the vascular walls, and are an excellent prevention of blood clots. Venotonics are distinguished by a multivalent effect in the body, that is, they provide an integrated approach to a health problem. But there is a certain classification of these medicines, which significantly facilitates the healing process, stopping the acute stage of hemorrhoids:

  1. Preparations based on bioflavonoids (with active components diosmin, hesperidin): Detralex, Flebodia 600, Venarus.
  2. Rutin-based tablets (with the active ingredients of rutin, ascorutin): Ascorutin, Troxerutin, Troxevasin.
  3. Based on plant materials: dietary supplements with juices, extracts and essential oils of medicinal plants in natural composition.
  4. Based on pentoxifylline: Vasonite, Trental and other venotonics, angioprotectors.

In order to quickly remove inflammation, in addition to venotonics, the presence of other pharmacological groups with a systemic effect in the body is required. In this case, we are talking about such medicines as:

  • non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs: Diclofenac, Ibuprofen, Nise,
  • hemostatics: Litovit B, Vikasol, Ditsinon,
  • anticoagulants: Aspirin Cardio and its analogues,
  • Supplements: Venoprotect, Antistax, Aescusan 20, Ginkor Fort, Pileks,
  • antispasmodics: Ibuklin, Papaverine.


Supplements, available in several forms - ointment, capsules, cream and suppositories. It works well in combination with other medicines, relieving pain and eliminating inflammation. The ointment and cream are based on a natural squalane compound that is extracted from shark liver and has the ability to fight harmful microorganisms, and also prevents the development of cancer. As part of the ointment, squalane has a moisturizing effect, kills microbes and affects the tone of the rectum.

As auxiliary substances, herbal extracts are used: witch hazel, sage, aloe, spring buttercup. They work as antiseptics, heal wounds and cracks, eliminate discomfort in the anus.

Capsules "Proctonis" are composed of:

  • shark cartilage, which affects the body as a restorative, anti-inflammatory drug that also fights against malignant inflammation,
  • Holly cassia extract, which positively affects the digestive system,
  • yarrow, which is a natural antibacterial agent, also excellent in relieving inflammation,
  • vitamins A and E, supporting the body's immunity and protecting tissues from negative effects.

The drug has several contraindications - individual intolerance to individual components, pregnancy and breastfeeding, bowel obstruction, oncology. Side effects are absent.

Reviews mostly praise the Proctonis drug, noting quick help and almost instant relief after applying the ointment and cream, which are long-lasting and effective even with severe pain.

You can buy any drug from the Proctonis line at a price of 250 rubles.


Bulgarian drug to relieve various inflammations and swelling, treat bruises and injuries, eliminate pain and cramps. Available in gel and capsule form. The main active ingredient of the drug is troxerutin, which positively affects the condition of the veins, their patency, as well as eliminating inflammatory processes and relieving swelling.
To enhance the effect, it is recommended to take "Troxevasin" simultaneously in both formats.
The tool has no side effects, but can cause a mild allergic reaction in people with intolerance to one of the components of the drug. Troxevasin has no contraindications; it can be taken during pregnancy and lactation.

The reviews on the drug are mixed. Many argue that “Troxevasin” is not very effective in treating hemorrhoids and helps very poorly - there is a slight analgesic effect, the inflammation passes a little, but the discomfort remains. In the acute phase of hemorrhoids, according to users, gel and capsules are completely useless, no positive effect was noticed.

But there are a number of buyers who praise the drug primarily for the absence of any unpleasant consequences after prolonged use, note a good effect on edema and inflammation, as well as a democratic price - from 160 rubles.

Inexpensive pills

The best remedies for hemorrhoids are prescribed by the proctologist after a detailed examination. In modern pharmacology, a number of medications predominate, which at a relatively low cost provide a steady positive trend. It:

  1. Vazoket. For 30 capsules, you need to pay 600 rubles.The active component is diosmin, increases venous tone, improves blood microcirculation, eliminates congestion in the pelvic organs, and reduces the permeability of capillary membranes. The first week is required to take 2 to 3 capsules with food, the second week - 1 capsule during a meal up to 3 times a day. Among the advantages - safety and effectiveness of treatment, disadvantages - the price of the drug is not suitable for everyone.
  2. Ascorutin. The cost of the drug is about 40 rubles, and the real effectiveness is beyond doubt. The active components are rutin and ascorbic acid, which, when combined with the drug, reduce the permeability of venous and capillary vessels, relieve swelling and inflammation of the node. The daily dosage is 2 to 3 capsules per day, the intensive care course is up to 2 to 3 weeks. Among the advantages - affordable price, therapeutic effect. Disadvantages - allergic and dyspeptic reactions.
  3. Flowerpot. For 20 pills to pay 400 rubles. The substances acting in the chemical composition expand the hemorrhoidal veins, improve the quality of the blood, accelerate its flow through large and small vessels. The daily dose is 2 tablets, which are required to be taken after a meal, drinking plenty of non-carbonated water. Among the advantages of treatment are a quick result and an affordable price, the disadvantages are contraindications, the selective effect in the affected body.

Effective pills for hemorrhoids

For the productive elimination of unpleasant symptoms, it is necessary to correctly select the medicine, to ensure positive dynamics after the first course. The main goal of taking systemic drugs is to eliminate painful trips to the toilet, prevent bleeding and restore the permeability of blood vessels, increase blood coagulation, prevent aggravation and the formation of hemorrhoids in the future, and prevent the chronic form of hemorrhoids. The following are the effective pharmacological positions in a given direction.


This is a dietary supplement of plant origin, the active ingredients of which are flax leaves, dandelion flowers, dill seeds, juniper fruits, plantain, ginkgo biloba leaves, blotchy roots. Since drug interaction is completely absent, several drugs can be combined at once in one intensive care regimen. The therapeutic effect of dietary supplements is aimed at improving cavernous formations, getting rid of bleeding and the inflammatory process, reducing spastic attacks and acute pain.

In this way, you can resolve digestive upset, establish the work of the digestive tract. The course of treatment is from 2 weeks to 6 months, depending on the stage of the pathological process. Per day, it is recommended to take up to 6 capsules after a meal, while not chewing and drinking plenty of water. Among the benefits are natural bioactive substances, the safety of treatment. Disadvantages - a tangible price, selective therapeutic effect, the risk of local and allergic reactions.

Which remedy to prefer?

What is better with hemorrhoids ointment or suppositories? Each drug for the treatment of hemorrhoids has its own advantages. Let's talk about the benefits of suppositories and ointments from hemorrhoids separately.

Rectal suppositories are most often prescribed with an internal or combined form. Among the advantages of candles:

local exposure. Anesthetic or antitumor components act strictly at the injection site, without affecting the functioning of other organs,

  • soft effect on internal nodes,
  • the drug envelops the inner walls of the rectum and the surface of the hemorrhoidal nodes, preventing damage,
  • suppositories normalize the process of stool separationsoftening pressed feces and toning the walls of the intestine.

Among the advantages of ointments:

universality of use. The drug can be rubbed or used for compresses,

  • ointments are also suitable for intrarectal administration. A small portion of the drug is injected into the anus with a finger or a special plastic tip,
  • the preparation covers the skin with a thin protective film, makes the skin more elastic.

When choosing the right remedy for the treatment of hemorrhoids, suppositories and ointments, their shortcomings must be taken into account.

Ointment cannot be used for extensive skin lesions, and suppositories can cause diarrhea or atonic constipation.

As you can see, there is no single answer to the question: “What is better from hemorrhoids of a suppository or ointment?”, It all depends on your specific case, therefore, we advise you to consult a specialist before starting to use this or that medication.

Now that you know a little more about hemorrhoids, treatment with suppositories and ointments for this disease, let's talk about the most effective remedies.

Phlebodia 600

These are reliable antihemorrhoidal tablets for the productive elimination of alarming symptoms. Available in capsule form for oral administration. The active component diosmin relieves inflammation, strengthens the tone of blood vessels, removes blood stasis and stimulates its flow on the periphery. With lactation and in childhood, such medications are not recommended, side effects are limited by an increased sensitivity of the body to active substances.

It is recommended to take medicine for 2 - 3 capsules per day, always after a meal. If you feel positive dynamics, you can reduce the daily dose of Flebodia 600 to 1 pill per day, which you also drink after a meal. The duration of intensive care is determined individually. Advantages - therapeutic effect, quick action, prevention. Disadvantages - Supplements are not an official medicine.

The best suppositories for treating a disease

So, what is the best way to treat hemorrhoids: candles or ointments? For the treatment of internal hemorrhoids, it is better to use rectal suppositories: painkillers, venotonic, antitumor, antibacterial.

Suppositories not only remove the main symptoms of hemorrhoids, but also help restore normal bowel movements, get rid of chronic diarrhea and diarrhea. The drugs are also used for prophylactic purposes, they are suitable for people with weakened immunity, they do not tolerate oral medications.

Below is a list of the most effective suppositories for hemorrhoids:

Anestezol. Analgesic suppositories to prevent inflammation and swelling.

Small internal injuries are radiated, help with deep anal fissures. Contains the analgesic component benzocaine and bismuth subgallate, which dries up inflamed tissue.

Suitable for acute forms of hemorrhoids, copes with painful swelling. It is not recommended to combine with other painkillers, the course of treatment lasts 5-10 days.

They belong to the group of anticoagulants, prevent blood clots and improve blood flow. Necessary at the beginning of the disease to prevent the formation of large nodes. The composition includes blood thinning hepatrombin, allantoin with a pronounced wound healing and antibacterial property, decongestant component dexpanthenol.

Candles can be combined with the ointment of the same name, enhancing their effect. A contraindication to use will be severe diabetes, renal failure and hemophilia.

Relief A series of suppositories for the treatment of various forms of hemorrhoids. The composition includes shark liver oil, which has wound healing and anti-inflammatory properties, cocoa butter for softening, and the vasoconstrictor component phenylephrine.

Classic Advance is good for the treatment of initial forms of internal hemorrhoids and prevention, Relief Advance, supplemented with benzocaine, relieves acute pain and is prescribed for extensive internal injuries.

Relief Ultra is recommended for the treatment of chronic hemorrhoids, it relieves swelling, burning and itching. Suppositories are administered 2-3 times a day, the course of treatment lasts from 7 to 14 days. There are few contraindications, an allergic reaction to the active components is possible.

Candles with sea buckthorn. Natural remedy with sea buckthorn oil.

It has a wound healing, anti-inflammatory, antitumor effect. Suppositories have a minimum of contraindications, an overdose is impossible.

The drug can be administered up to 4 times a day, the course of treatment depends on the condition of the patient. Usually it is prolonged until the unpleasant symptoms disappear completely.

Sea buckthorn suppositories are used at different stages of hemorrhoids, they are effective both for internal injuries and for anal fissures.

The most effective ointments

So, below is a list of the best ointments for hemorrhoids, which have received many positive reviews from both patients and the attending physicians:

Vishnevsky ointment. The product is based on natural birch tar.

Designed for quick healing and disinfection of wounds, well removes swelling, inflammation, suppuration.

Suitable for the treatment of anal fissures, abrasions, irritations of the anus. It has a minimum of contraindications, suitable for elderly and debilitated patients.

Troxevasin. An effective venotonic that improves blood flow and strengthens venous and capillary walls.

Useful in the initial stages, prevents the proliferation of hemorrhoids. When hemorrhoids are started, the drug is able to relieve pain, remove minor injuries and bleeding.

The composition includes troxevasin, which has a complex effect. The ointment is suitable for rubbing and applications, the course of treatment lasts from 10 to 14 days, if necessary, it can be repeated.

Is it possible to carry out combined treatment of hemorrhoids at home, with candles and ointments at the same time? Some manufacturers produce drugs in two forms at once.

Such combinations are suitable for the treatment of combined hemorrhoids., which is characterized by the formation of nodes in the veins running under the skin and under the mucosa. Large nodes appear in the lumen of the anus with tension during defecation, with the advanced stages of hemorrhoids they have to be tucked in with your hands. How to do it yourself read in our article.

For the treatment of combined hemorrhoids, ointments and suppositories Proctoglivenol with a pronounced analgesic and antitumor effect are suitable, Indomethacin, perfectly removing edema and local inflammation, Proctosan preparations that accelerate wound healing and block the action of pathogenic bacteria.

With combined treatment, a candle is first introduced, and then the area of ​​the anus is treated with ointment. Instead of rubbing, you can make a mini compress.

A small portion of the ointment is applied to the linen fabric or folded in several layers of gauze, after which the application is applied to the anus and slightly pressed. To fix the compress, you will need a soft bandage or elastic underwear.

Tip: the procedure is best done at night, at rest, the active substances will act as efficiently as possible.

Suppositories and ointments perfectly relieve the symptoms of hemorrhoids: pain, itching, burning, swelling, inflammation. They facilitate the condition of the patient and allow you to lead a normal lifestyle.

However on the cause of the disease - disturbances in the functioning of blood vessels - external drugs are not able to significantly affect. For the active fight against hemorrhoids, you will have to connect internal funds - first of all, tablets and capsules.

Treatment must be carried out under the supervision of a physician. Venotonics and anticoagulants are used to improve blood flow, with severe inflammation a course of antibiotics is necessary.

Started hemorrhoids require urgent surgical intervention.Large nodes are ligated with latex rings, removed with a laser or scalpel.

After the operation, the patient will again need ointments and suppositories. They will prevent infection, normalize stool, and accelerate tissue regeneration.

Ointments and suppositories are effective, easy to use, affordable. They can be purchased without a prescription, most drugs do not accumulate in the liver and kidneys, completely eliminated from the body.

However, self-medication is not worth it. The correct treatment regimen should be made by a doctor, he will also monitor the patient's condition during the course.

What is the most effective medicine for treating hemorrhoids in women?

The disease is accompanied by thrombosis, inflammation, discomfort, pain, bleeding. There is a desire to quickly find a cure for hemorrhoids to eliminate these symptoms.

The disease develops gradually. Having noticed its first signs, it is worthwhile to see a doctor.

Special drugs will help stop the development of pathology at an early stage, avoid surgical intervention.

The degree of the disease will determine whether an operative or conservative method of treatment will be used:

  • candles, ointments, gels, tablets,
  • removal of nodes by dressing,
  • infrared photocoagulation,
  • cone removal with latex rings,
  • ligation or excision of nodes,
  • mucosal cutting with Longo method,
  • sclerosis of hemorrhoidal formations.

Surgery is resorted to if conservative treatment does not help.

How do drugs work?

Medicines used for hemorrhoids are classified:

  1. Anesthetics relieve pain, itching. They are based on: lidocaine, trimecaine, benzocaine. Available in the form of tablets, ointments and candles,
  2. Propylene glycol venotropic drugs. They are used to strengthen the walls of blood vessels,
  3. Against inflammation, ointments, suppositories, tablets. Contribute to the removal of vascular edema,
  4. Antispasmodics. They are used to relieve pain. Topical preparations
  5. Hemostatics. Heal, relieve inflammation,
  6. Against germs
  7. Anticoagulants with heparin. Drugs are used to form a blood clot. Relieve swelling, against inflammation.

Most of them are used in combination with other groups of drugs.

Drug treatment

At the first and second stages of the disease, using medications, you can fully recover. The third and fourth stages of hemorrhoids require additional intervention. In this case, the conservative method only facilitates the course of the disease: eliminates pain, suppresses inflammatory processes, heals cracks, and helps to reduce the hemorrhoid.

Drugs differ in the form of release:

  • emulsions
  • cream
  • tablets,
  • dense ointments
  • highly absorbable capsules contain a large amount of active substances,
  • gels
  • candles.

From such a huge variety, it is difficult to choose the most effective medicine for hemorrhoids. In each case, the treatment is purely individual. It is better to contact a proctologist for help.

Only a coloproctologist will be able to choose medications that can fix the problem and not harm the body. When choosing a treatment, the physiological characteristics of the body, the presence of other diseases, individual patient intolerance are taken into account.


Directly affect hemorrhoidal formations in women, anesthetize, lower fever, restore nearby tissues, against inflammation. Eliminate well-defined signs of the disease. They are effective drugs for hemorrhoids. Their components have the property of being rapidly absorbed into the blood and have a therapeutic effect. Easily excreted. They are used in the treatment of external and internal hemorrhoidal nodes.

Choosing candles, it is worth focusing on the symptoms of the disease:

  • anti-pain drugs containing: lidocaine, cinchocaine, polydocanol, benzocaine, anestezole,
  • anti-inflammatory effect is achieved by the presence of: prednisone, fluocortolone, hydrocortisone,
  • with blood clots, the anticoagulant heparin helps
  • bleeding is eliminated with medications that include adrenaline or phenylephrine.

You can achieve the best result using combined candles. So, there is a simultaneous maximum effect on many symptoms of the disease: bleeding stops, inflammation is removed, edema and pain are removed.

The effect of the drug depends on its components:

  • components against inflammation reduce the exacerbation of the disease,
  • homeostatic are used for bleeding cones,
  • phlebotonics reduce the size of the hemorrhoid.

Effective medicines used for hemorrhoids in women are gels. With a light structure, quickly absorbed into the fabric, do not cause discomfort. Better than other drugs relieve swelling, eliminate burning sensation, itching, heal cracks, wounds, anesthetize, restore the walls of blood vessels. They are used against the treatment of inflammation.

Early treatment

Each of the four forms of the disease needs an individual integrated approach. Full control of treatment by a proctologist is necessary, since independently improperly selected drugs against inflammation can aggravate the patient's condition. Many medicines have side effects.

Traditional medicine will provide invaluable help. Since natural components can provoke an allergy, it is necessary to consult with your doctor.

A good medicine for hemorrhoids contains plant components:

Late stage treatment

Medicines used in the fourth stage of the disease in women are potent, time-tested. They restore the protective functions of the body, contribute to a soft discharge of feces, improve blood circulation, help with the appearance of hemorrhoids, against inflammation.

Ointments and gels are also used. Drugs relieve itching, unpleasant pain, profuse bleeding. What medications are best used for hemorrhoids, the specialist decides.

Disease Treatment Tips

  • Hemorrhoids need not only to be treated, but also to prevent its appearance. In the video, the doctor will indicate the mistakes made during treatment:
  • Required:
  • anus hygiene
  • after defecation washing with cold water,
  • complete rejection of fatty, floury and spicy foods,
  • the inclusion of laxative foods in the diet,
  • use of soft toilet paper,
  • after stool, the use of manganese baths.

The best medicine for detecting hemorrhoidal nodes in women is a doctor’s selection.

Only a specialist can, taking into account the patient’s body condition, the degree of disease development, prescribe the necessary drug. All medicines have their contraindications, indications, special composition. Therefore, which of them is better to use for treatment, only a specialist should decide.

Are pills effective for hemorrhoids

Posterisan Forte kills an infection that can enter inflamed hemorrhoids into the body.

The most effective remedy for hemorrhoids exists. It is noteworthy that it is not one, in each form of release you can find a good drug. A variety of suppositories, tablets and ointments allows you to choose a remedy for any severity of the disease. The choice of the drug depends on the severity of the clinical picture, and the general well-being of the person. An individual approach to the problem of each patient will allow you to choose the most effective remedy against hemorrhoids.

Tablets or capsules for oral administration are universal remedies.

They help in the elimination of many diseases, which is why they are especially popular.At the same time, they have one minus, the tablets penetrate into the stomach and dissolve in it. Therefore, under the influence of the drug, the whole organism appears. In the case of hemorrhoids, you need to directly influence the area of ​​the rectum.

Tablets are included in the complex therapy to eliminate the disease. They perfectly cope with infection, and contribute to the restoration of affected tissues. But without the auxiliary use of ointments and suppositories, it is almost impossible to achieve a stage of remission.

The most effective medicines for hemorrhoids:

Litovit B contains in its composition natural components that help strengthen the vascular wall and prevent the development of blood clots. The tool is completely safe, it can be used while carrying a child.

Detralex has a pronounced effect in complicated hemorrhoids. It acts on hemorrhoidal nodes, reducing their volume and the inflammatory process. Taking the drug can quickly eliminate the unpleasant symptoms of the disease.

Posterisan Forte kills an infection that can enter inflamed hemorrhoids into the body. The best cure for hemorrhoids in tablet form is Ginkor Forte. It helps strengthen the vascular wall, relieves pain and improves blood circulation. This drug is a combination.

Relief candles contain shark fat in its composition, it is characterized by high antibacterial properties.

How to choose a good drug

The treatment of hemorrhoids depends on the severity of the clinical picture. Drug therapy should affect the cause of the development of the disease, and contribute to its speedy elimination. Choosing ointments and suppositories is necessary depending on the clinical picture.

The means for treating hemorrhoids in the first stages effectively eliminate pain, itching, burning and inflammation.

With an uncomplicated form, a specialist can recommend anticoagulants, in particular Hepatrombin G, Nigepan and Heparin ointment.

Severe pain is eliminated through suppositories and ointments, based on anesthetics. It can be Relief, Proctosedyl and Olestesin. With severe edema, it is advisable to use Procto-glivenol.

A strong inflammatory process is eliminated through the ointment Levomekol, Ichthyol, Diclofenac and Ibuprofen. If the inflammation is accompanied by pain and itching, corticosteroids must be used. These can be hormone-based suppositories, in particular Proctosedil, Ultraproct and Aurobin Ointment.

These are the most effective remedies for hemorrhoids. An integrated approach to solving the problem will eliminate the disease in a matter of days. Properly selected funds are the key to a quick recovery.

The best suppositories in the fight against the disease

Effective remedies for hemorrhoids in the form of suppositories:

Relief candles contain shark fat in its composition, it is characterized by high antibacterial properties. Therefore, the drug is used for a strong inflammatory process. Its action is aimed at increasing blood circulation, increasing the body's immune functions and improving the general condition of a person.

Posterisan is the best remedy for hemorrhoids, especially in the presence of pathogenic microorganisms. Suppositories improve intestinal microflora and fight off harmful bacteria. Treatment with this drug improves blood circulation, increases the body's immune functions, and prevents the development of bleeding. It can be used both for therapeutic and prophylactic purposes.

Prostopin is a natural drug, it prevents the formation of hemorrhoidal nodes, and relieves the inflammatory process. It is based on propolis, bee milk and pollen. These components enhance the recovery of affected tissues, and improve immunity. This is an effective treatment for hemorrhoids and its prevention.

Aurobin is considered a combination ointment, which is based on "powerful" components

Ultraproct is a multicomponent drug. It relieves itching, burning, inflammation, and has an anti-allergic effect. It is based on hormonal components that have an analgesic effect.

Natalside is an excellent seaweed preparation. He is able to quickly stop the bleeding and improve the general condition. The tool helps to eliminate the acute stage of the disease, with a chronic form of the course. It has a systemic effect, a contraindication to use is an increased sensitivity of the body to its main components.

Effective ointments against hemorrhoids

Effective remedies for external hemorrhoids can quickly eliminate discomfort in the anus. The most popular drugs are:

Aurobin is considered a combined ointment, which is based on "powerful" components. Due to this, the remedy heals wounds well, relieves the inflammatory process, and reduces pain. You can use the cream in the acute form of the course of the disease.

Fleming ointment is a homeopathic medicine, which is based solely on natural ingredients. Due to what, it can be used in childhood, and during the period of bearing a child. Ointment is used at all stages of the development of the disease.

Troxevasinum is a universal cream. It has a beneficial effect on the affected area, eliminating the inflammatory process, and increasing the strength of the vascular wall. This is an effective folk remedy for hemorrhoids, used everywhere. Naturally, it was developed by a pharmacological company, but due to its composition, you can use the ointment on your own, at home.

Relief is a good ointment that relieves inflammation, eliminates hemorrhoids and puffiness. Levomekol differs in similar properties. However, its additional advantage is the elimination of pathogenic microorganisms in the affected area

An effective cure for hemorrhoids

The medicine for hemorrhoids can be selected and prescribed only by a doctor. Means can have a different form of release and mechanism of action. There are a number of drugs prescribed for the treatment of pregnant women and the elderly, in which hemorrhoids problems occur most often. At the same time, it is not worth using drugs without permission. Be sure to follow the recommendations of your doctor, periodically take tests, carefully study the instructions for the prescribed drug and do not miss the time of admission.

Classification of drugs for hemorrhoids

All drugs for the treatment of hemorrhoids can be divided into separate types in accordance with the pharmaceutical form. The most popular in proctology are:

  • rectal suppositories
  • capsules
  • ointments, creams,
  • aerosols
  • gels
  • tablet preparations for hemorrhoids.

Another classification is based on the mechanism of action of funds - this:

  1. Anticoagulants. The main active substance of such funds can be called heparin. It has an anti-inflammatory effect, effectively resolves hematomas, relieves swelling, and prevents the formation of cracks. In addition, heparin helps to thicken the blood, and therefore does not allow massive bleeding to develop.
  2. Hemostatics. Their main task is to stop bleeding. Most often, such drugs for the treatment of hemorrhoids are used in the late stages of the disease. The main active ingredient of the funds, as a rule, is natalside.
  3. Venotonic, venoprotective. As the name implies, such remedies for hemorrhoids in women and men should affect the vessels: strengthen them, increase muscle tone, ensure proper microcirculation, relieve swelling, and prevent irritation.
  4. Antispasmodics.Thanks to its special composition, muscle spasm is relieved, pain is reduced. Such hemorrhoid medications are often made based on belladonna extract. More often they have the form of rectal suppositories, less often aerosols or ointments.
  5. Immunostimulants. They must provide a good immune response of the body, make it fight pathogenic microorganisms on its own. They are produced, as a rule, in the form of ointments or suppositories.
  6. Anesthetics. Medicines for hemorrhoids of such a plan should relieve pain, reduce itching and the associated discomfort.
  7. Antimicrobial. Kill pathogens. They can be used at any stage of the disease, but are more often recommended when cracks, hemorrhoid cones appear.
  8. Anti-inflammatory. Just like anesthetics, they relieve itching, however, they are able to fight edema and contribute to wound healing.

Hemorrhoids Pills

The use of tablets is appropriate for both internal and external type of disease. They provide quick and lasting action. As a rule, tablet preparations for hemorrhoids are made on the basis of natural components, and therefore they can be used by the elderly and pregnant women. In the list of funds of this type include:

  1. Hemoroidin is a phytopreparation that strengthens the vessels of the intestines. For a positive result, approximately 3-6 months should be used.
  2. Detralex - like the previous remedy, should provide a good vascular tone. However, unlike the first, the medication acts especially quickly and should be taken from 5 to 10 days. As pharmacists and doctors indicate, this medicine for hemorrhoids for women is not very suitable, because it contains chemical components that can irritate the mucous membrane. For men, this is one of the best options.
  3. Litovit-B is a herbal remedy that is allowed for pregnant women and women who breastfeed the baby. It solves many problems associated with hemorrhoids: reduces vascular fragility, improves digestion, prevents the appearance of hemorrhoid cones, increases immune resistance, and promotes vascular regeneration.
  4. Asklesan-A is a food supplement (BAA), the main task of which is to ensure good blood circulation in the pelvis. It can be used not only for the treatment of hemorrhoids in women and the stronger sex, but also for the prevention of the disease.
  5. Pilex - this tool quickly helps to combat the main manifestations of hemorrhoids: it acts as an anesthetic, stops the blood, reduces the inflammatory process. Most proctologists define Pilex as the best cure for hemorrhoids.

In addition, Ginkor Fort, Proctosedil can be included in the list of the best tools of this type.

The mechanism of action of gels

If hemorrhoids is diagnosed, treatment can also be done with gels. This form of the drug is characterized by ease and speed of absorption. Gels do not leave marks on linen. An effective cure for hemorrhoids is able to remove unnecessary fluid from tissues, reduce inflammation, and disinfect wounds.

Although there are many varieties of gels on the market, the most popular ones are as follows:

  1. Troxevasin - affects the entire rectum. The gel relieves the inflammatory process, prevents bleeding. However, the drug is ineffective in the case of internal nodes, but can treat hemorrhoids with external manifestations.
  2. Relief - used in case of internal and external damage to the rectum, it is also appropriate when hemorrhoids are characterized by bleeding and a chronic form. Due to its special composition, the drug perfectly anesthetizes, heals anal fissures, erosion of the mucosa.
  3. Lyoton is the most effective tool in the postoperative period. It can be used for venous expansion in any part of the human body, relates to anesthetics.
  4. Hepatrombin is a good way to improve blood coagulation. Thanks to this action, the formation of blood clots in the pelvic organs is excluded, massive bleeding is eliminated. The nodes of the rectum with frequent use of the product stick together and gradually decrease. In addition, the gel can remove fluid from the tissues, and therefore relieves swelling.

Rectal suppositories and recommendations for their use

At each stage of the disease, proctologists recommend the use of rectal suppositories. With their help, it is possible not only to quickly remove symptoms, but also to treat hemorrhoids. Melting from the temperature of the human body, the product turns into a liquid, and therefore easily penetrates into the nearest tissue.

Rectal suppositories are used to reduce pain, relieve the inflammatory process, improve blood supply to the rectum, and reduce nodes. Some of them are able to provide comprehensive treatment for hemorrhoids. Among the best medicines of this type are the following:

  1. Hepatrombin G. The drug improves blood circulation well, relieves swelling and inflammation, helps to reduce hemorrhoids. Such suppositories are often used on the eve of operations to remove hemorrhoids and after surgery. However, in the early stages of pregnancy, hepatrombin G is not recommended.
  2. Proctosan. A well-known drug that is often prescribed for stage 2 disease. It contains 3 main components at once: bismuth - helps to heal cracks and wounds, lidocaine - anesthetizes, bufeksamak - relieves swelling.
  3. Relief The tool that provides treatment in the complex. It has very specific components, in particular shark liver oil. Suppositories reduce the inflammatory process, destroy microbes, stimulate regeneration, heal wounds, and strengthen local immunity. As a rule, Relief is used in the early stages of the disease and in order to prevent relapse.
  4. Nigepan. Promotes healing of damaged mucous membranes and prevents clots.
  5. Ultraproct. These anti-inflammatory suppositories have a very small number of contraindications, and therefore can be used by pregnant women. Itching and irritation with their use disappear in just a few days.

We cannot exclude from the list of the most effective rectal agents for combating hemorrhoids such as Anuzol, Aurobin, Natalsid, glycerin, methyluracil suppositories, suppositories with sea buckthorn.

Hemorrhoids ointments

Unlike rectal suppositories, ointments begin to give a positive therapeutic effect from the first minutes of application. Of course, their use is more complex and lengthy than taking tablets or capsules, however, and the speed of action is considered greater. The composition of ointments may include the following components:

  • anti-inflammatory - relieve irritation and swelling,
  • phlebotropic - reduce the size of the nodes and are more often used during remission,
  • anesthetics - anesthetize, contribute to simpler bowel movements,
  • hemostatic - prevent bleeding.

In a separate category, NSAID ointments can be added. They can provide a good result, but cannot be used for too long. The following ointments can be called the most popular against hemorrhoids:

  • heparin - just like heparin-based suppositories, an ointment with this active substance is able to quickly remove inflammation, reduce bumps, improve microcirculation, and ensure blood coagulation,
  • Fleming's ointment - in comparison with some other medicines of this type, it has no contraindications, because it is produced on a natural basis and is considered the so-called “easy” remedy,
  • Bezornil - a universal and, in its essence, the best drug for the treatment of hemorrhoids in stages 1-2,
  • Vishnevsky ointment is one of the oldest and most effective means in the fight against wounds, cracks, but has a significant drawback - especially an unpleasant smell,
  • sulfuric ointment - an affordable and safe way, when applied, bleeding stops in 5-6 days,
  • Chinese musk ointment - penetrating into the vessels and soft tissues, the drug quickly relaxes them, blocks inflammation, stops blood, and swelling.

Home remedies for the treatment of the rectum

In the arsenal of traditional medicine, you can find antihemorrhoidal medicines that not only actively fight the disease, but also differ in their safety, naturalness, accessibility and ease of preparation.

Among them are the most effective:

  1. Yarrow. Applied decoctions of this plant in virtually 1 week completely remove the main manifestations of hemorrhoids: pain, bleeding, itching, swelling. To prepare the liquid, you need to grind the dried plant, pour boiling water over it and cook for 11-17 minutes. It can be washed anus and perineum or used as a lotion.
  2. Barley broth. To prepare the product, you need to use germinated barley. After boiling, it needs to be insisted 3-4 hours. The main advantage of such a home remedy is the ability to stop the blood.
  3. Viburnum. In fact, from every part of this bush you can make a good medicine for oral use. Considering the most effective medicines for hemorrhoids in women, it should be called an infusion of viburnum berries on vinegar. In a ratio of 4: 1, these components must be mixed and left overnight. Take a small amount after a meal. The tool will help relieve the inflammatory process, accelerate regeneration and strengthen blood vessels.
  4. Highlander. It can be used both for indoor and outdoor use. Since the grass contains vitamins K, C, antioxidants, tannins, with its help it will be possible to strengthen blood vessels, stop bleeding, and ensure quick healing.

The best cure for hemorrhoids is difficult to determine on your own. After all, each of the types of agents presented on the pharmaceutical market has its own mechanism of action and its direct purpose. Only an experienced proctologist can choose the most successful treatment regimen.

Effective remedies for hemorrhoids

Modern drugs for hemorrhoids can completely cure this disease in the early stages of its development and eliminate acute symptoms in the later. In this pathological condition, funds are used that are intended for local application, i.e. in the form of suppositories, ointments, gels and creams.

With hemorrhoids, agents are used that are intended for topical application in the form of suppositories, ointments, gels and creams. Additionally, venotonic and strengthening tablets or capsules are prescribed.

In addition, venotonic and strengthening medicines in the form of tablets and capsules are prescribed. These drugs have a positive effect on all blood vessels in the human body.

In addition, often laxative drugs are used.

Be sure to introduce drugs into the treatment regimen that reduce the intensity of the inflammatory process and eliminate the acute symptoms of the pathology.


This drug has a complex effect. Thanks to its constituent benzocaine, sulfaethidol and sea buckthorn oil, the elimination of pain, itching and burning is observed. The drug has a regenerating effect on the walls of the rectum. In addition, it helps to eliminate pathogens such as chlamydia, shigella, streptococcus, clostridia.


The composition of these suppositories includes titanium compounds, bismuth, bufexamak and lidocaine. Due to this, Proctosan suppositories are distinguished by pronounced analgesic and anti-inflammatory effects.The drug helps to destroy pathogenic microflora and eliminate the damaged intestinal mucosa.


Suppositories Anuzol is a relatively inexpensive tool that can be used for exacerbation of hemorrhoids.

The composition of these suppositories includes leaf extract of belladonna, zinc sulfate, xeroform and distilled glycerin.

Due to its composition, the drug has a pronounced analgesic, bactericidal and enveloping effect. It has anti-inflammatory and laxative effects.


The composition of these suppositories includes such natural components as:

  • honey,
  • propolis,
  • perga
  • royal jelly
  • pollen,
  • cacao butter,
  • natural wax
  • lanolin.

This drug has a quick therapeutic effect even with exacerbation of hemorrhoids. Suppositories help reduce pain, eliminate inflammation and other symptoms of pathology. Suppositories allow you to quickly heal the walls of the rectum and reduce the risk of bleeding.

Ichthyol ointment

Ichthyol, contained in the composition of this ointment, has powerful antiseptic properties. Often this ointment is prescribed when there are signs of infection.

Ichthyol ointment helps to eliminate pain, inflammation and edema. Regular use of this drug can improve blood flow in the vessels located in the anus.

Ointment increases vein tone and reduces the risk of bleeding.

Heparin ointment

Heparin ointment for people suffering from external hemorrhoids is often prescribed. The heparin contained in the ointment helps thin the blood and prevents the formation of blood clots. Additional substances contained in the drug have a pronounced anti-inflammatory and anesthetic effect.

Fleming Ointment

Fleming ointment is one of the most widely used homeopathic remedies for hemorrhoids. The composition of this drug includes extracts of medicinal herbs such as calendula, esculus and witch hazel. Fleming's ointment helps to eliminate pain and, when used regularly, has a drying effect.


The composition of the Aurobin ointment includes: prednisone, panthenol, lidocaine, triclosan polysorbate and a number of other compounds. Ointment helps to eliminate the inflammatory process and local allergic reactions, increases vascular tone and reduces their fragility.

This helps reduce the risk of bleeding. Due to the content of lidocaine, Aurobin helps to quickly eliminate pain, burning and itching. Triclosan contained in the ointment is a powerful antiseptic.

Aurobin promotes the activation of regenerative processes in the mucous membranes.


Pilex ointment includes extracts of such medicinal herbs as mimosa, calendula, Chinese thistle. The active substances contained in this tool include: zinc oxide, sodium tetraborate, petroleum jelly and liquid paraffin.

The use of this ointment allows you to quickly improve the condition of the veins, eliminate pain, activate the processes of tissue regeneration.

The drug not only helps to reduce hemorrhoidal nodes, but also has a healing effect on existing anal fissures.


The drug Venarus is an analogue of Detralex, often used to treat hemorrhoids.

This tool allows you to quickly improve the state of the vascular system and eliminate congestion. Venarus helps restore normal blood microcirculation.

The drug reduces pain caused by hemorrhoids. Often, Venarus is used to treat people prone to thrombosis.

Litovit B

Litovit B is a dietary supplement, which includes rye and wheat bran, hemophilus roots and zeolite. This tool has a pronounced detoxification, laxative and hemostatic effects.

This dietary supplement has a mild antiseptic effect. High efficiency Litovit B shows only when used with other drugs designed to eliminate hemorrhoids.

How to treat hemorrhoids during pregnancy

The appearance of signs of exacerbation of hemorrhoids during pregnancy is not considered uncommon. Pregnant women in different trimesters are prescribed the following drugs in the form of tablets, suppositories and ointments:

  1. Troxevasin.
  2. Hepatrombin G.
  3. Detralex
  4. Heparin ointment.
  5. Venoruton.
  6. Procto-glivenol
  7. Aescusan.

During pregnancy, after childbirth and during lactation, a woman should take any medications only on the recommendation of a proctologist.


Olga, 50 years old, Chelyabinsk

The first manifestations of hemorrhoids were discovered during the last pregnancy 25 years ago. After that, the disease began to progress. This made me look for the most effective, top-ranking, means to suppress it. Now I am applying Detralex courses. During exacerbation, I use Procto-Glivenolum candles or Hepatrombin G.

Vladislav, 45 years old, Moscow

After the appearance of signs of external hemorrhoids, Aurobin and Venoruton began to be used on the advice of a doctor. These are inexpensive and effective drugs that can quickly cope with the existing manifestations of hemorrhoids.

4 procto-glivenol suppositories

One of the most optimal means for the treatment of hemorrhoids. A medicine in the form of candles can alleviate pain by eliminating inflammation. The main ailment that causes pain is swelling, and procto-glivenol effectively fights with it. In this way, venous congestion passes, and the pressure on the anus is reduced. 2 hours after the introduction of the suppository, the patient feels relief. In the customer reviews, significant advantages of the drug are noted, they argue that the result is not long in coming.

The active components in the composition of the candles allow you to fight both externally and internally. Thanks to lidocaine and tribenoside, capillary permeability decreases and circulation improves. Due to this, unpleasant symptoms of the disease disappear after a few days of use. Substances that contain procto-glivenol are safe. Suppositories are allowed even in the first trimester of pregnancy. The disadvantages include a relatively high cost.

3 Sea-buckthorn candles

A popular remedy for hemorrhoids. Often prescribed to women during pregnancy and breastfeeding. Candles improve blood coagulation and repair damaged areas of the anus. This drug is renowned for its safe effects in combination with effectiveness. At the initial stage of the disease, the drug is almost immediately able to eliminate symptoms and pain. In acute hemorrhoids, it has an anti-inflammatory effect.

The sea buckthorn tree has long been popularly known for its healing properties. In the composition of the drug, this component plays a decisive role. It contains such necessary substances as vitamins of different groups, strerins, tocopherols and many others. All of them, acting in an integrated manner, have a beneficial effect on the body. Auxiliary fatty acids have a regenerative effect and heal wounds. Safety of use allows you to completely eliminate comments on the tool.

2 Ginkor Fort Capsules

A medicine for men and women, restoring the state of venous vessels. It is able to absorb the cones that form with hemorrhoids. A significant improvement on the third day of use was noted by users. Ginkor Fort in the form of capsules will help to normalize the tone of the muscles of the anal ring and thereby dull, and as a result, eliminate the pain. It is used orally, which is an optimal and convenient way with a similar ailment. Doctors advise using the remedy for chronic and acute hemorrhoids.

The drug is considered a venotonic, therefore, it contains components that effectively affect blood circulation. Troxerutin is an active component that plays an important role in the therapeutic plan. It prevents the main troubles associated with the disease. Due to it, swelling and hemorrhoids are gradually disappearing. Ginkgo biloba extract at the first stage facilitates inflammatory processes, and then completely eliminates them. All other complementary substances in the complex allow you to resist infections and the further development of the disease. Buyers are not always satisfied with the price of the drug, but it is fully justified by the effectiveness of the drug.


Russian drug product in the form of rectal suppositories from the company Nizhpharm with a completely natural composition. There are two main components:

  • belladonna leaf extract,
  • ichthyol.

The belladonna here acts as a therapeutic substance that works in several directions at once: relieves cramps, eliminates pain, removes harmful substances. Ichthyol, obtained in the process of processing oil shale, helps to eliminate inflammation and pain, soften and moisturize the skin.

The tool is not recommended for use by people allergic to ichthyol or belladonna, children under 18 years old, men with prostatitis. For all its naturalness, the drug has several side effects:

  • dry mouth
  • intense thirst
  • stool problems
  • blurred vision and blurred eyes
  • tachycardia,
  • slowing down reactions.

While using Betiol candles, you must not drive!

Reviews of people who used the drug "Betiol", characterize it as an excellent remedy for hemorrhoids, which helps to relieve pain and inflammation even with an exacerbation of the disease, it starts to work quickly, while it is inexpensive - from 70 rubles. In addition, side effects almost do not manifest themselves in practice - in fact, one out of a hundred people detects the negative effects of using Betiol suppositories.


These are the best herbal pills. The drug is not an official medicine, but in practice it has established itself only on the positive side. The active component is an extract from red grape leaves, which protects the vascular walls from destruction, reduces puffiness and the hemorrhoid itself. It is necessary to take 2 capsules inside twice a day - in the morning and in the evening for 3 to 4 weeks as part of combination therapy.

Among the additional positive points, in addition to getting rid of the hemorrhoid, doctors distinguish effective treatment of constipation as a mild laxative, normalization of stool and local strengthening of immunity. There are age restrictions on the use, intolerance of the active substances of the drug is not ruled out. The main disadvantage of treatment is the need to use capsules as part of combination therapy.

Disease prevention

Hemorrhoids, although successfully treated, can deliver a whole range of unpleasant and painful sensations to the patient, and sometimes even more serious problems. Therefore, it is worthwhile to protect yourself from this disease in advance, especially since it does not require much effort.

First of all, you need to be active. To a greater extent, this applies to people with a sedentary lifestyle and having sedentary work. It’s not necessary to buy a gym membership, you can just take small breaks with a warm-up, walk in the air, and light jogs. The main thing is not to let blood stagnate in the hip part of the body, because this is one of the root causes of hemorrhoids.

The second point on the way to health is proper bowel function. Severe diarrhea and constipation provoke inflammation.It is worth paying attention to going to the toilet - too frequent or rare bowel movements often result in big problems and treatment by a proctologist.

The third point is regular water procedures after the toilet, which will wash away all the consequences of bowel movements, which can cause irritation and even provoke inflammatory processes. Do not rely on hygiene products in this, they simply cannot fulfill their functions 100 percent, and poor-quality products can cause additional harm.

As for the period after getting rid of hemorrhoids, then you should be even more careful:

  • eat right
  • do not gain weight
  • watch out for hypothermia
  • Do not lift weights.

Traditional medicine and tips

If there is no trust in pharmacy drugs or there is no way to get to the doctor, you can resort to the help of well-known folk recipes that successfully fight hemorrhoids. There are many recipes, but it is better to pay attention to those that have been tested by time and people. Here are some effective folk remedies:

  • raw potatoes. If the patient has external hemorrhoids, then peeled potatoes need to be grated, put on a sterile bandage or gauze and applied to the sore spot for 10-15 minutes. If the hemorrhoids are internal, then a small piece in the form of a candle is cut out of the potato and inserted into the anus for 20-30 minutes. Potato relieves inflammation, reduces pain, promotes resorption of hemorrhoid cones,
  • sea ​​buckthorn oil. The oil is applied to a cotton swab or swab and is used as an ointment. The oil is rich in vitamins, useful substances and perfectly eliminates all unpleasant sensations, stops bleeding, is an excellent venotonic agent. For a more pronounced therapeutic effect, it is recommended to take the oil also inside - a tablespoon on an empty stomach once a day,
  • nettle broth. For this, fresh or dry nettle is taken, brewed with boiling water and insisted until it cools completely. Ready broth should be filtered and taken half a cup three times a day. Such a decoction has a beneficial effect on blood vessels, improves blood circulation, thus removing inflammation and destroying blood clots,
  • aspen leaves have a good anti-inflammatory and analgesic effect. Rinse fresh leaves, dry and attach to a sore spot. If there are hemorrhoidal cones, you can make a kind of foliage compress on them. Change leaves every 1.5-2 hours,
  • mountain ash juice perfectly cleanses the body and acts as a mild laxative. To prepare it, you need to rinse fresh rowan berries, pass them through any press and strain through gauze. Drink the finished juice three times a day before meals, 50 ml with the addition of a small amount of sugar.

It is worth remembering that self-medication can both help and do harm!

The best remedies for hemorrhoids in women

Since hemorrhoids are much more often inflamed in women, you should not hesitate to start conservative therapy during relapse, take timely care of prevention for patients at risk. It is necessary to choose the best pills for hemorrhoids, adhere to a therapeutic diet, reduce physical activity, increase activity and more often visit the fresh air. Kegel exercises that can increase the elasticity of the vascular walls, reduce the foci of pathology, normalize the act of defecation will not be superfluous.

Here are the effective pharmacological positions for the fairer sex, which are highly recommended by modern proctologists:

  1. Pilex. These are herbal tablets, which are available in the form of capsules for oral administration. The active components are extracts of barberry, embroidery of the medicinal, cassia, bauhinia, iron mesui, terminal of chebula and beleric. This is a good way to increase vascular tone, eliminate swelling and inflammation, regulate blood circulation in the pelvic organs.It is necessary to consume 4 capsules per day after meals for 2 weeks.
  2. Litovit B. This is another dietary supplement of plant origin, which is not prohibited for use even during pregnancy. Capsules should be drunk abundantly with water, not chewed, made part of the main meal. The treatment will continue for up to 1 month, it can take longer, but for medical reasons. Among the contraindications are only individual intolerance to the active components.
  3. Asklesan A. The active component of this dietary supplement is hazelnut extract. With the participation of this medication, you can not only increase vascular tone, but also strengthen the walls of blood vessels, reduce the number of relapses in chronic inflammation of the hemorrhoid. This is the best tool, because in the female body it acts without side effects. The course of therapy is determined individually.

During pregnancy

Since the systemic blood flow doubles when the fetus is born in the female body, the vessels lose their former firmness and elasticity. As a result, their throughput is disrupted, stagnant phenomena are formed, fraught with serious complications. In addition, increased fetal pressure on the pelvic organs disturbs the defecation process, and causes constipation and microcracks of the anus. All this leads to exacerbation of hemorrhoids during pregnancy and even loss of painful cones from the anus.

It is important to be especially careful with the choice of medicines so as not to harm the fetus and provoke the development of intrauterine pathologies. Below are the best pills that have more than once helped expectant mothers to cope with the acute stage of hemorrhoids, prolong the period of remission, and eliminate complications in the process of labor:

  1. Detralex Take the inside of the pill in a full course, but it is advisable to avoid such conservative treatment in the first trimester of pregnancy. Intensive care course - up to 3 months for medical reasons.
  2. Venus. Tablets are allowed during pregnancy, but are contraindicated in breastfeeding. Take them properly during the meal, drink plenty of water. Treatment is carried out under the strict supervision of a gynecologist.
  3. Troxevasin. You can not only drink pills, but also use the healing gel - externally. This will enhance the therapeutic effect, help to avoid bleeding during natural delivery.
  4. Flebodia 600. The drug has natural components, so it does not harm the fetal development. The doctor determines the daily doses and the course of intensive care strictly on an individual basis.

Dear pills are much cheaper to order in the catalog and buy in the online store with a good discount, fast delivery. Reviews about such virtual purchases have mostly positive content, mostly prevailing on medical websites of the World Wide Web. If you decide to make a purchase in a real pharmacy, it will not hurt to familiarize yourself with the prices for Moscow. Below is an information table with retail prices for a note to a buyer, which greatly facilitates the final choice:

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