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Why do modern men choose a boxing sports haircut

No, it doesn’t hurt. More precisely, this is not an acute pain. A blow to the head is stunning, shocking, it is very difficult to tolerate by the psyche, but we will be honest, tolerant. The real pain from blows to the head comes a bit later, and it is dull, aching. Moreover, gloves and helmet soften the blow. Accurate blows into the body are much sharper. A well-pasted blow to the liver or the sun causes a person to curl up and not think about anything else - only to stop all this violence. If the continuation of the battle after a missed blow to the head is often a matter of willpower, then after a missed entry into the corps, a fighter may simply be physically unable to fight on. The pain pierces and dwarfs the entire consciousness, and the inability to breathe normally makes the continuation of the fight senseless: a person who has forgotten how to breathe no longer needs to be beaten. Therefore, boxers train the press so frantically.

Characteristics of hairstyles: features and advantages

Simple and neat, boxing hairstyle, due to its convenience, versatility and affordable cost, is a practical and ultra-comfortable solution for everyday hairstyles, which is preferred by men who value their time. It assumes the presence of ultra-short hair, up to 0.5–2 cm long in the crown of the head and even shorter cut — up to 0.3 cm in length or even shaved — at the temples and nape. This hairstyle is performed using a special electric machine designed for cutting hair, using nozzles of various diameters. A feature of this type of hairstyle is the ease and simplicity of styling, the use of a minimum of styling products. You can find out how a modern variation of hairstyle based on “boxing” is performed by watching a video.

Why boxing: health benefits and more

Boxing has always been popular among representatives of the strong half of humanity. And there is an explanation for this - a number of advantages characteristic of this sport. These include:

  • fit, fit body,
  • the ability to protect yourself and loved ones,
  • excellent emotional discharge,
  • increased self-esteem, the appearance of self-confidence,
  • Improving reaction speed, mindfulness.

Both during training and during the battle with the enemy, all muscle groups experience stress, legs and body are involved. Regular boxing exercises have a positive effect on the functioning of the heart and lungs.

Another plus is the development of strategic skills. This contributes to the specifics of the battle. During the fight, the boxer simultaneously performs many tasks: attacking, defending, thinking about battle tactics. To win, the athlete needs to calculate the opponent’s strategy several steps ahead.

An important bonus of classes is self-confidence. Boxers learn to control their emotional state, fight personal fears, which makes it easier for them to relate to any life difficulties and confront them.

Boxing haircut video

No less popular with modern men is another classic hairstyle - “half box”. Haircuts “boxing” and “semi-boxing” have certain differences. The latter is characterized by the presence of a zone of longer hair in the upper part of the head, the border of which extends along the occipital region or slightly lower and is supplemented by shaved temples almost under zero. The “half box” is a more variable haircut than the “box”, because it gives you the opportunity to comb your hair or style them in different ways. The photos below show the options for laying the “half box”.

Individual or group training: which is better

If possible, it is advisable to give preference to classes with a trainer individually. They will be fully adapted to the goals and requirements of the novice boxer. The coach will point out flaws, correct weaknesses. During group training, his attention is scattered, he will not be able to pay due attention to each student.

Who should choose boxing

Despite the fact that a haircut under the “box” is a fairly open version of the hairstyle, it will suit any man leading an active lifestyle, regardless of the shape of his head, hair structure and facial features. With a similar haircut, a man at any age will look younger and more brutal. Leaving facial features and a head shape open, this hairstyle is able to advantageously demonstrate all the advantages of a man's appearance, emphasizing his manly attractiveness and hidden sexuality. Due to its unpretentiousness in care, it is also suitable for owners of the following hair types:

Men's boxing hairstyle is not recommended only for very thin or effeminate men, as it emphasizes their thinness and fragility, as well as those who have scars, bumps and other defects on their heads. In addition, it was noticed that the ultra-short sports haircut looks more stylish on the straight hair of chestnut, light brown, red and blonde shades than on black or strongly curly.

Current trends of ultra-short haircuts

Men's haircuts “semi-boxing” and “boxing”, being a true classic of hairdressing, continue to develop using avant-garde solutions. The latest trends embodied by stylists in men's haircuts demonstrate their relevance and modernity, making some changes and additions to their presentation. In the “half box” it is a long fringe with the effect of scorched hair, made using the ombre or sombre technique. For her styling, various pastes or hair spray can be used.

Fashion trends developing in hairdressing have not ignored the “boxing”, offering unusual ideas for its implementation. The photo below shows stylish hairstyles combining:

  • “Boxing” and shaved stripes and patterns,
  • "Half box" and armoring,
  • “Half box” and long bangs.

A modern approach to haircuts allows you to emphasize the individual image of each man, giving you the opportunity to choose your own style, presenting it as strong and attractive. Since brutality and restraint are still the main directions of modern hairdressing fashion, a man’s haircut under “boxing” or “half-boxing” can make any man fashionable and stylish, show others his confidence in himself.

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Why do I choose boxing?

When they ask me why I chose boxing for sports, I reply that there are several reasons for this.

Remember the words from the Soviet song: “Real men play hockey - a coward does not play hockey”? So, the same thing I can say about boxing. Only real, confident, strong-willed men go to boxing. About anyone who is brought up by a good boxing school, we can say that he passed sparta.

I think that there is no need to explain in detail what Spartan education is, which is based on the development of such moral qualities as perseverance and determination. Boxing is not just playing sports, it is a whole system, a school that educates a real man in a boy, in a youth. Yes, it educates!

Legend has it that in Sparta frail and sick children were thrown off a cliff, and healthy children were left. This is probably one of the few differences between Spartan education and the schooling of boxing, because boxing turns a weak child into a big healthy man. I myself grew up a sick child. And it seemed that boxing was not for me. But, once having made a decision, I decided to go all the way at all costs and did not regret it at all.

At first, of course, it was very hard and difficult. I will not hide, I even cried into the pillow from the first failures and fell down from what seemed to be exhausting trainings. It seemed! Yes, of course, boxing is not for those who do not want to work physically. But when you get involved in training, it starts to bring you a lot of pleasure. You assert yourself. And over time, you begin to notice the delightful looks of the girls on yourself, because the body becomes strong, flexible, strong and, most importantly, begins to obey you. You feel like a real master of your life!

In addition, boxing, in its way, is an elite sport. It is now accessible to everyone, and once only men of aristocratic origin could deal with it. The common people were closed to boxing, for the simple reason that this sport was equated with art. Members of the English House of Lords were involved in it. The very idea of ​​boxing's elite amuses the pride of any man. But this is not so important.

Boxing for me is not just about sports. This is a way of life! Think for yourself, thanks to boxing, I am physically healthy and look great. I feel socially protected, because boxing develops the speed of thinking, teaches me to calculate the situation several steps forward, which helps me a lot in the main work. It was success in boxing that brought me success in both social and personal life.

Why boxing school of Alexander Morozov?

Perhaps you will agree with me that if parents want to raise a real man from a boy, then the relationship between father and son is fundamental. When choosing a boxing school, I was guided by this principle. I wanted to find both a coach and a father in one person.

Mom taught me to always choose the best. “Let a little more expensive,” she said, “but you will be sure of the quality.” Who is a first-class coach? This is, firstly, a person with great experience. Secondly, he is the one who uses the latest techniques and the latest development of training in his work, but at the same time remembers the best and unsurpassed that has been developed over the centuries.

And the third, very significant component is, of course, the relationship of the coach with his pupils. Relations built on the principle of "father - son."

Who is a real father? A real father is someone who remembers each of his children, no matter how many he has. He loves all his sons equally, without giving anyone special preference. Equally strict with everyone. He sees everyone at once and each separately at the same time, pointing out errors and mistakes in time. He will praise for success and indicate what more work needs to be done if you fail.

A real father feels that each of his child’s soul will morally support him in a difficult period of his life and, of course, will share the joy of victory.

These are all the requirements that the boxing club coach Alexander Morozov meets. Here, I found what I was looking for.

Boxing is not just a sport, it is a lifestyle! This is life itself! If you want to not just exist, but to live a real, vibrant, fulfilling life, welcome to our boxing club of Alexander Morozov!

Engage in boxing at the Alexander Morozov Boxing School.

Address: St. Petersburg, metro station “Bucharest”, ul. Salova, d. 52 / st. Sofiyskaya, d. 4, bldg. 3

2. Boxing knocks out teeth

Very rarely in high-class competitions. Some coaches in their entire career cannot recall a single such case. Look at the professional boxers - virtually no one has a gap in a smile. Firstly, a gloved blow extends over a large area - it’s not like dropping a bare fist in the face and getting straight with a knuckle in the tooth. Secondly, a helmet (we will agree that we conduct all sparrings in a helmet, even if the Amateur Boxing Federation canceled them at competitions). All helmets protect the jaw on the sides and additionally distribute the impact force on its surface. Thirdly, a mouth guard. The mouthguards in the box are used only for the upper jaw - the lower one is movable and partially absorbs impacts. Capa protects teeth very well. Unlike almost unkillable teeth, small chips sometimes occur, but again these are rare injuries. Breaking a nose is much easier, and the nose, as you know, unlike teeth, heals itself.

3. Boxing deals only with a fool

If you are very rude, then boxing can be divided into “ferrets” and “hamsters”. “Ferrets” - they are aggressive, they are brawlers, they need a thrill. They are reckless. They love sparring, they love competitions, and if there were no boxing, they would have to arrange sparring on the street with respectable citizens. “Hamsters” are herbivores. They are not aggressive, they have no desire to hurt others, but hamsters in life often become victims of ferrets. And “hamsters” need to be able to fend for themselves. Not having the level of natural recklessness that the “ferrets” have, the “hamster” must have more courage to come to the boxing hall, and each sparring is a lot of stress for him, and not pleasure, as for a “ferret”. It is because of the stress in the boxing sections that such a big turnover: many beginners simply can not stand the violence against themselves.

The motivation for the “hamster” is fundamentally different from the motivation for the “ferret”: he does not want thrills - he wants to strengthen his spirit and body so that in life the next spoiled “ferret” could not abuse him and his relatives. Most boxers are “hamsters” who want to become strong “hamsters”. The author too. "Ferrets" from the strength of 30%.

Natalya Maratovna Rozhnova

Psychologist. Specialist from the site b17.ru

this is a good addition to the brain, but the presence of intelligence is first and foremost.

I think the tendency of men to specific sports reflects the features of their internal appearance. Closed men, or rather even absorbed in their own ext. the world, as a rule, are engaged in solitary sports, incl. and martial arts.
I like people involved in team activities more - they are more open, communicative and more adaptive and active in life.

2. +100 points. You can’t say better.

but for some reason I don’t really. they seem aggressive to me, it scares me .. I love this type of intellectual, intellectual .. and I agree with 2

2. Nothing of the kind, it's not true.

You, apparently, do not know the difference between the “European” martial artists and the Oriental :) Oriental is closer to art, because they train not only the body, but also the spirit and mind (this is if competently practiced).
For personal communication I would prefer the “Easterner”, but I like to see purely professional boxing :))

I knew a couple of people, made the impression of abnormal - quiet, but aggressive and unpredictable .. they beat their wives periodically. one even threatened with a gun. the wives ran away later. I was naturally afraid of them and tried to communicate minimally.

goes in for sports a couple of times a week - very good

boxing or oriental?
is filisofia in boxing? these are two big differences.
normal attitude. if you simply throw out aggression, then they won’t stay there for a long time.
there are breath-setting and stretching and yoga moments.

To be honest - not really. I knew such. It’s one thing to work out, for example, boxing for strike skills, it will not hurt anyone. But if a person has a hobby and the meaning of life - I do not like it. Previously, the opposite - it turned on. And now, having matured, I understand that a person’s head is not full. An adult needs to earn money and as much as possible, and when young, why not, a very good alternative to spending time with a bottle of beer. I don’t like bodybuilders - definitely stupid. When I watch the series universal, I just go nuts - how the image of the pitching and the wrestler is correctly presented. I have friends - well, exactly

2 - not true
boxers often have their brains completely beaten off
men engaged in martial arts - insightful, with a good reaction, often philosophers
In general, it doesn’t matter what kind, if only at least in some kind of sport he was engaged, interested in something, improved.I’m looking at our men now, they’re such shabby people in the bulk, they cut their beer bellies, their hands are like girls’s, some kind of white rickety breasts. Why, interesting?

I met with one boxer. A very cute boy, gallant, with humor, with self-irony, sometimes said in jest, “Well, I'm a stupid boxer” :) But for me it was boring, because training instead of parties, regimen, alcohol free, and I was gouging

I do kickboxing myself. we have boys from 10 to 40 years old (no longer even boys). all communicable, funny. I myself graduated from a magistracy, we also have graduate students, half with higher education. I only saw one with her head completely beaten off. But it was there that the head went specifically, because in his youth he climbed into all competitions, it doesn’t matter with whom, and the coach (not the one who is training us now) put him everywhere. but if he did so, then he had already come to be a fool there. a normal person will not substitute his head everywhere. aggressive - we have only one in the group, and then, he is a khachik. the rest in life are all modest and well-mannered. I like to communicate with men who generally do sports. just don’t like pitching, who are in love with their body and still take some chemistry. we also have this in training, but so far it seems to be friends with the head and everything is in order with humor in his order. what will happen next - I don’t know. :)

my husband is 58.
He was engaged in boxing for many years, and Aikido. In general, he has been involved in sports throughout his entire conscious life.
FIGURE!! Young people do not often see this. It is good to study anatomy-a section of muscle, in the above privacy.
Each muscle is clearly visible. IN GREAT physical form.
In winter, skiing 18-20 km, twice a week.
And simulators twice a week.
Well, how can this be treated, if not with admiration, pride, and respect ??

I do not like it, I immediately translate the topic and try not to remember it anymore

My husband can be described in the same way as, paragraph 14. He has been studying Wu-shu, specializing in theoretical physics. True, she doesn’t go skiing, but she swings on the simulator every day, this is in addition to W-shu training. In sex, 100 points forward to any young give.

My husband was professionally engaged in sambo. I am 44 now. The figure and endurance are envied by 20 year olds (therefore, they have a young wife). Tensed with brains did not notice. Rather, on the contrary. I would have his boshovity.

I myself am the same. I have a positive attitude.

17, BOSKS grow on hemp :) BOSKS - on the necks

beee, the animals need to throw out their aggression. How can a civilized person get carried away by whipping another? Especially boxing.

20- You have a primitive idea (opinion) about BOX
Arrestocratic sport invented by the British.
do you think a civilized person can only get involved in graffiti (painting houses, spray cans)?
Drug in the porches?
to zenith fan - smashing stadiums?
Just not a “muzzle of another.
Why is it bad when the MCH keeps itself in great physical shape, and at any moment can defend its honor, and the honor of the woman with him?
Or do you think that BOXING is just so that the “beasts” - as you called them, after training, go to rob grannies, from the post office, with your pension ??
Not one person - SERIOUSLY engaged in boxing, another type of conservative martial arts, will not be on the right, and beat the muzzle on the left.

19 head or boshka meaning clear?

Ava, you wrote absolute bullshit.
I have been practicing karate since I was 9 years old, my husband is an aikidoshnik, now he is mastering one Chinese rare system.
Aggression and BI (martial arts) are basically incompatible things. Because aggression clouds the brain, and you lose the battle.
BIs are not aimed at beating each other's faces, but at developing themselves, physical and spiritual. A huge part of BI is philosophy.
The most calm and balanced people with whom I talked and worked were BI practitioners.

do not pay attention to Ava, her "date" cannot lift the dumbbell. Here and is furious, from her inferiority and that she chose her inferior)))
A man must be able to fight. It's beautiful. When I look at my husband in sparing, ASh isn’t MAGU. :))

In 90, I had a boxer champion, it turned out to be a part-time retailer, they killed him, the kingdom of heaven to him. And my current husband perfectly controls hand-to-hand fighting. Somehow we walked in a tavern, some drunk and greyhounds stuck to us - he had 7 of them and put them right in the lobby. They lay there, and his friend ran and clapped them on the cheeks, brought them to their senses. And to the touch it is pleasant - such biceps are mine. Wow And do not be scared with him. In general, some pluses.

I still remember that my husband charmed me by playing chess (there was even a youthful rank). But when I found out that, in addition to chess, he was very seriously involved in Aikido, and also in football (he still runs sometimes). Then I just had a reassessment of values. :)) I never thought that such a thing could be combined in one person, but he explained very interestingly to me that not only aikido is art and philosophy, but football must be thought of. I already loved to cheer, watch games, and now we are even more interesting with him. In how. And before, I thought that the "athletes" are all stupid. And now I am proud of my husband - at 47, he has a youth-like figure, a delightful body, not pumped over, but smart. So I don’t know about boxers, of course, but a man who was seriously engaged and carried away (well, not to a professional level, of course, there is a separate song) with some kind of sport is respectable.

And I agree with the girls - judging by my husband, the people who practice or are engaged in martial arts are very calm and reasonable. And smart. And, of course, it’s very nice to understand that if God forbid that, he will always stand up for me. :) So congratulations to all of us with such successful husbands. :)

And post ╧ 2 - I wonder how my husband fits in these ideas, who is a chess player, a soccer player, and an aikidoshnik. :))))) He also plays on my guitar and writes songs. And the voice is beautiful. :) This is so unique. Oh, love, I can’t. I’m going to make him a king’s dinner. :)

I have a positive attitude if a man is not fixated on this, does not stick out his skills, if this is not the only thing that interests him, not the only thing that he can do :)
2, I can’t say that you are right :)) My husband does not like collective sports such as football, hockey, etc., but he is open, sociable, communicates easily with people. Owns a melee. And he knows how to handle weapons well (especially cold). But this does not prevent him from having a lot of other interests (such as history) and a considerable circle of friends.
NN and Mrs. Lisovsky, agree with you. With these on the street and in critical situations it’s not scary :)

7, what horrors you tell! Dolbo * bov is enough everywhere. I can’t speak for others, but my husband is completely not aggressive. And for a husband to raise a hand on a woman is completely unacceptable. Behind him - as if behind a stone wall :) Husband is a calm, diplomatic, intelligent man. He was fond of photography, draws well :)

The huge difference between boxing and martial arts. I love the second (I was engaged in it myself), but I can’t stand boxing

when a guy is hit on the head 2-3 times a week for 10 years - it helps a lot to mental development, yes, girls? Yeah, really women love for the mind.

Martial arts were invented for the squelch, aikido is especially surprising, in which there is complete stupidity. With aikido skills, it is better not to meddle in a more or less decent fight, they will kill and invisible. I noticed that as a rule *** and slobers are engaged in all these martial arts, though from self-awareness, like I'm cool, there is a lot of ambition and little sense. It’s easy to fill the East. The best fit for warfare is a fight, for example zdijujitsu

Sometimes it was necessary to bring down different Easterners, it was ridiculous to watch their cockereliness until they found themselves in a muzzle position on the asphalt and asked to be released.

I like boxers more than karatekas. Some karateka are flimsy, small, thin))

Cat Matroskin, I talk with boxers, boxing does not interfere with the development of intelligence, if the intellect was initially present at all there)) And if it was not there, then there is nothing to knock out.

karatekas are also from the area of ​​common hlyupiki, fall down on their feet twice and flail helplessly lying on the floor. I do not respect. A man must engage in real martial arts, various kinds of wrestling, I admit boxing, and all the rest are like gymnastics and show-offs designed for suckers

Martial arts were invented for the squelch, aikido is especially surprising, in which there is complete stupidity. With aikido skills, it is better not to meddle in a more or less decent fight, they will kill and invisible. I noticed that ***** and slobers are usually engaged in all these martial arts, though from self-awareness, like I'm cool, there is a lot of ambition and little use. It’s easy to fill the East. The best fit for warfare is a fight, for example zdijujitsu

do not pay attention to Ava, her "date" cannot lift the dumbbell. Here and is furious, from her inferiority and that she chose her inferior)))
A man must be able to fight. It's beautiful. When I look at my husband in sparing, ASh isn’t MAGU. :))

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4. Boxers look like gorillas

A good boxer cannot be determined by appearance. A healthy boar with huge jars and a beard looks very impressive, but it may well be blown away after the first missed into the liver. Severe appearance, aggressive swagger in behavior is often just a mask that falls off with the first missed blows. And now a big man with your hands three times thicker than yours asks not to hit so hard or put on 16 oz gloves. In the same way, small suffocations, blemishes on which you can’t look at without tears in ordinary life — spit and grind, sometimes show such miracles in the ring that it becomes a little embarrassing for yourself. You thought he was much weaker, and he bitch beats and beats, he puts pressure, he rushes at you and almost wants to kill in the ring, he has the eyes of a virgin, but he is much more dangerous than all these tattooed alpha males. Not all and not always, but such occur.

5. Big guys can knock down a bull with one hit

A big opponent does not always hit hard. This applies primarily to beginners with not yet delivered equipment. Conventionally, a 60-kilogram kmc boxing hit is much tougher and stronger than the average 100-kilogram bull, which is engaged in a month. It would seem that the mass decides, but no, the impact technique and speed decide. For a good blow, perfect coordination of the whole body is needed, because the impact impulse starts from the foot, passes up through the body and splashes out through the arm. This is a very delicate work that has been polished over the years. One brute force will not pass here.

6. In boxing you are hit on the head and knocked out

To deliver a knockout punch, you need to spend several years, then go to the competition and clearly get into a person who is an athlete of the same level. No, it's not easy. Most boxing fights do not end with knockouts, but get divorced on points - just watch the World Cup or the Olympics. And even less often, knockout can be found in practice and regular sparring. A knockout is an out-of-the-box event, and not a common thing in boxing. To grow to such a level when you go out to fight opponents who are really capable of knocking out half a click, you need to plow in the hall for many years. It is unlikely that most will face this.

7. Boxing is equal to healthy lifestyle

Arturo Gatti liked to smoke, Tyson could lay behind the collar and even walk along the white path, Kovalev at one time admitted that he drank a couple of cans of beer a day. Boxing is a very stressful sport, and many athletes find relaxation in bad habits, as they are commonly called among lovers of baked boiled celery celery. Another thing is that most boxers are categorically against smoking, which is bad for endurance. So they throw nasvay or snus.

8. Boxing is a good substitute for fitness

Watch the Olympic Games. Boxers at best do not shine with athleticism, and at worst they are generally skinny as sticks. They, even the pros, have disproportionately undeveloped pectorals, they have thin legs and arms, often of completely normal thickness, except perhaps in relief. Muscular heavyweights by nature have a developed muscle corset and only bring it to the necessary conditions in the simulator. Look at heavyweight Ali - they say that he did not deal with iron at all for the development of muscle mass.

You need to understand that boxing is primarily aerobic work at a torn pace. This is also called interval training. Purely boxing work with iron - beating a sledgehammer on a tire, throwing out the neck, lightweight bench press for an explosion - is performed for a large number of repetitions in an explosive manner for the development of local muscle endurance and the generation of a bite. Bodybuilders with experience know that interval aerobic training is best for burning fat, but they do not add muscle mass. No, even at such a high-intensity work with iron, a person with a shortage will increase a couple of kilograms, but not more. In classical boxing training, there are simply no exercises that give the muscles a load in the range of at least 8-12 reps, if we take the generally accepted approach to swing.

9. “I am an intelligent person - this is not for me”

Hemingway boxed, Nabokov generally gave boxing lessons, Kobzon was the champion of Ukraine among young men, Porechenkov - kmc boxing, Jean-Paul Belmondo was the champion of Paris. Robert De Niro, Depardieu, Mickey Rourke, Elvis Presley, Charlie Chaplin, Liam Neeson, Frank Sinatra, Vysotsky, Edward Radzinsky, Oscar Wilde, Dovlatov, Rosenbaum and many others.

10. MMA is more dangerous than boxing

Boxing is a tougher sport than mixed martial arts. “This is nonsense,” you say. But no. At first glance, MMA with their kicks, pushing, small gloves and a minimum of restrictions should be much more dangerous and traumatic than archaic boxing. In fact, everything is much more complicated. In MMA, the lion's share of the fight is fuss in the fight, which is objectively less traumatic than well-placed strikes in the rack, despite the specific injuries of the wrestlers. Also, most of the fight is eaten by lowiks, which are extremely painful, but without serious consequences. There is not much time left for hard blows to the head in MMA. Despite the fact that the most dangerous injuries to a fighter’s health are, as a rule, connected with blows to the head: they eat into her, they think, eyes grow out of her, which cease to be normal after frequent blows.

Boxing, with its limitations, leaves only the body and head for strikes, while most attacks still fall on the head. In addition, boxers who are freed from practicing kicks and wrestling in their training process devote much more time to practicing hard punches, and no one punches them harder than a boxer. If, conditionally, an MMA fighter gives 33% of the time to train wrestling, arms and legs, then a boxer gives all 100 to his hands. Obviously, a boxer's blow is much more dangerous.

So such arguments from a layman in the field cannot be taken for granted. Fortunately, this issue has already been investigated by sports doctors.At the University of the Clinic of Sports Medicine, Glen Sater studied the data of 1181 MMA fighters and 550 boxers. It turned out that almost 60% of MMA fighters and about 50% of boxers were injured during fights, but boxers received serious eye damage and heavy knockouts twice as often. In addition, boxers were much more often forbidden to participate in sparring for a long time after the competition.

From 1998 to 2001, about 60 famous boxers died in the ring, while in MMA this figure is only 4 people.

Watch the video: Why did ancient and medieval warriors have long hair? (February 2020).

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