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How to braid pigtails on a beard and how to care for them?

In the past year, the bun with half hair was a hot trend, then it caught the trend and the tail with half hair. Not so little time passed, and the girls again decided to experiment. And now we have a new way to braid a pigtail. Famous in the vast Internet of all countries and peoples spit-beard. It is simple in execution, and if it is braided qualitatively it will look very beautiful.

How to braid a beard, photo, video lesson

  • comb your hair, stripped it evenly,
  • then just start braiding the face, i.e. you’ll get a braid in your face,
  • essentially you will weave the braid inside out,
  • when you braid the braid, fix it with a rubber band,
  • and then just throw the scythe back from your face,
  • the very look of the braid will depend on you how well you braid it.

A couple of GIF files for you, so that you can clearly see how the braid-beard is braided:

Are pigtails fashionable?

Fashion never stands in one place, including beard fashion among men. Just a couple of years ago it was rare to see anyone with a long and thick beard, and today fashionistas and dudes not only grew a beard, but also lay it in all kinds of images, forms and hairstyles. In the course of trials, experiments and games with images, stylists discovered a new and already at the peak of fashion image - a pigtail beard.

Something new in fashion, this is a far forgotten past. Therefore, colorful beards with braids, ribbons, rings and clips return from ancient eras to the present. To date, only courageous and confident men can afford such a step - a beard with pigtails, braided with their own hands. And if in ancient times braids were braided during military operations and wars with practical intentions, today it is a way of self-expression.

Varieties of braids

Before men will learn how to braid a pigtail on a beard, it is worth paying attention to the fact that several options for weaving facial hair are in fashion today. It can be braids in the style of the Vikings or Afrokosa, dreadlocks or simple Slavic weaving. The pirate style also returns to fashion, in which beard hair is also braided in braids.


Dreadlocks among barber experts and stylists are often called dreadlocks, we are talking about tangled sausages from hair that resemble pigtails. Hair tangles piled into separate strands can be braided independently, but in this case, specialist assistance will be required. More often men use artificial materials, and they can even be attached to a short beard, simulating building.

Depending on whether a man wants to wear his own or artificial dreadlocks, the method of weaving is different. For the first option, you need to grow a long and thicker beard to get an impressive result. Next, the hair is divided into several curls, combed, felted and twisted, braided with special hooks to obtain dreadlocks. You need to use wax to fix the hair for a long time.


Afro-braids originate from ethno-fashion and reggae culture, and if initially only women decorated their vegetation, today many men can see afro-braids on a beard. The disadvantages of such a hairstyle can be considered only the duration of weaving, but it all depends on the thickness and length of the beard. Afrokos suggest weaving

into braids of multi-colored ribbons and ropes, which gives the image color and even a certain outrageousness.

Afrokos weave as follows:

  • hairs are divided into strands,
  • hair and ribbons need to be wet
  • fold the tape in half, loop the tape over a strand,
  • weave a braid from one strand of hair and two strands with a ribbon,
  • braid weave along the length of the strand of hair and fix.

Thanks to the weaving of the tapes, the beard can be made more voluminous and longer than it was originally. The length of the bristles should be at least 5 cm, you need to weave ribbons at the very base of the beard on the chin, continuing to the very end of the hair. The more there will be such braids, the thicker and more expressive the beard hairstyle will turn out. The disadvantage of this type of beard weaving can be considered an additional weight of 100-150 grams.

Loki are pigtails that are a cross between Afrokos and dreadlocks. In this case, additional material is also used - kanekalon, and experts offer two options for weaving at once.

  • from kanekalon you need to select a strand and fasten the ends with an elastic band,
  • then everything is combed into the form of a dreadlock,
  • the resulting dreadlock should be folded in half and attached to the beard in the middle,
  • further from this fiber and own hair weave a pigtail,
  • the end is fixed with an elastic band and wax is applied to fix it.

Option Two:

  • the strand of your own beard must be divided into 3 parts,
  • then take a lock of artificial hair 3 times longer than their own beard,
  • add kanekalon to one of the locks and weave a braid,
  • the end is fixed with an elastic band,
  • the remaining length of Kanekalon is wrapped around a braid along its length,
  • with another rubber band fix the edge of the Kanekalon,
  • the resulting dreadlock is fixed with wax.

The resulting locks look colorful and attract the views of others with the volume and unusual shape of the braids in the beard. Not all men decide on such experiments with their beard, but the result will be worth such effort and risk.

Viking braids

According to the story, the Viking’s braided beard should be as long as possible. Moreover, the Vikings welcomed the self-expression of every man, for some, the beard was braided in one thick braid, for someone in many thin braids. All kinds of beard jewelry, rings, clips and other details were welcomed.

To create such an image, the length of the beard must be at least 20 cm.

Weaving a Viking scythe is simple, namely:

  • a beard with a length of 20 cm and longer is carefully combed,
  • then the hair is divided into several curls,
  • a classic beard is made of 3 curls,
  • You can fix the hairstyle with rings, elastic bands or knots.

If one braid is supposed, the beard needs to be grown in the style of a goatee with a pointed end. But for weaving several braids in the style of the Vikings at once, you will need to grow a beard shovel, wide and free. In the future, it is divided into several parts and rat braids are braided.

To whom do pigtails fit?

Not all men will have a beard with pigtails, so you should use the recommendations and advice of barbers and stylists. A beard with pigtails is found in active men who prefer to attract attention, in those who want to show their ego and life position. You can choose the style of braids in the beard according to the following principle:

  1. Afrokosa. Most often, this style is preferred by adherents of hippies, reggae, youth associated with musical creativity, disc jockeys. Such pigtails will ideally fit into the image of a dark-skinned man with a short haircut on his head. Type of face - oval or round.
  2. Viking braids. In this case, it seems immediately brutal, courageous and strong man, for example, a rocker, an informal, a lover of heavy music and motorcycles. Viking braids are suitable for mohawks, long and laid in a tail, bun or braid hair. A classic single braid on a beard will look perfect on a man with a bald head. A chubby man can wear 1-2 long braids in a beard, the rest will suit several short braids.
  3. Dreadlocks. Dreadlocks and locks will look harmonious on guys who prefer dreadlocks and on their heads, hip hopers and rappers, as well as heavy music lovers. Loki and dreadlocks will fit into the image with tattoos, piercings and long hair on the head. Long dreadlocks are suitable for a round face, and for short oval and elongated faces, respectively.

In fact, many options for braids in the beard allow you to give the vegetation on the face of the desired shape, and not fluff, curl and puff. Dreadlocks, locks and afrokos can be worn for a long time, saving it on daily styling and care. A Viking beard weaves quickly and easily, but it transforms a man’s appearance radically, extolling charisma, courage and fortitude into an image.

Important nuances and tips

The easiest care is supposed to be for afrokos, they are washed with a special shampoo no more than 1 time per week. In this case, you need to wash the base of the braid and facial skin, rubbing the shampoo with massaging movements. Foam is applied along the entire length of the braids, but in no case should they be rubbed so as not to disturb the styling. Next, the beard is rinsed with water, a layer of wax can be applied again.

According to the same principle, dreadlocks from Kanekalon should be washed. But dreadlocks from their own hair require a complicated washing option. The first month of wearing dreadlocks you just need to rinse with clean water, and if strands and hairs are knocked out, you need to roll and comb again in sausages. Face skin will need to be rinsed with chamomile broth to prevent irritation.

The roots of regrown hair will also need to be piled into curls, in the future dreadlocks are washed with shampoo according to the same principle as Afrokos. Simple Viking-style braids require standard care procedures - shampooing, combing, drying, braiding, fixing with wax or varnish. Therefore, most often men prefer the Scandinavian style in beard styling.

Also for care often use additional accessories for the beard.


Pigtails in a beard - this is the last peep of male fashion around the world, so experts and stylists advise all men to experiment with their images using weaving braids. These can be dreadlocks and locks that fit into informal clothing styles, as well as Afro-braids or Viking-style braids. All options look courageously, stylishly and modernly, despite adherence to old traditions and cultures.

What does it look like?

Exist three main types of weaving braids in beards - Afro-braids, Viking braids and dreadlocks.

  1. Afrokosa look like multi-colored ropes. Colorful threads or ribbons are woven into the bristles, and colored braids are obtained. There should be several, the more the better. To do this, grow a thick beard
  2. Pigtails like ancient viking weave from a long thick beard. This can be either a single braid or several pigtails of different thicknesses.
  3. DreadlocksThey are dreadlocks or locks, they look like tangled tangles piled in separate strands. They can be from their own vegetation and from artificial materials. In the second case, it is not necessary to have long vegetation under the chin.

How did braids appear on a beard?

The first to think of decorating their beards with plaits and all kinds of colorful ribbons were the ancient Egyptians and Assyrians. Well-groomed chic facial hair has become a cult that even women have joined!

The ancient priests turned a long hair under the chin from untidy tangled hair, interfering with their owners, into a real man’s jewelry, which is both a talisman and a status insignia.

The inhabitants of Assyria treated the dense vegetation on their faces as an amulet that protects from evil spirits. Some of them even had artificial false beards.

But the Egyptian pharaohs went even further - they wore beards made of precious metals and stones in the form of a braid of a pyramidal shape. If the pharaoh was dying, the precious beard passed to his wife.

In a special way to the thick hair on his face belonged to pirates and sea wolves. A well-known case: the famous pirate Blackbeard plaited many plaits from his chic beard, and when he participated in the battles, wove a fireplug with them and set them on fire to make the effect frightening.
In medieval Russia, dense facial hair is also was revered especially. Pulling it or spitting it was tantamount to a duel.

Features of weaving

  1. If you are interested multi-colored hair on the face, then Afrokos is what you need. To create them, you need a bristle with a length of 5 cm. Multi-colored ribbons and ropes are woven into the base of the hair on the chin, and then braids are braided from them. Afrokos should be a lot, the thicker, the more spectacular. Get ready for excessive weight on your face - 100-150 grams, no less.
  2. Viking-style braids are the prerogative of a bearded man with hair from 20 cm and more. There are various options - either one pigtail at the end of the beard, or several pigtails. For a single braid, you need to grow a beard, popularly called a “goat”, and then divide it into three strands and twist, as on ordinary hair. You can fix it by tying a knot or elastic at the end. If you plan a lot of braids, you need to grow a beard with a "shovel", then divide it into separate curls and weave thin "rat tails."
  3. Dreadlocks are divided into two kinds - from his own natural hair and artificial. In the first case, the longer and denser the facial hair, the more impressive the final version will be.

The second case is easier to perform - just grow the hair under the chin from 5-6 cm, to which artificial "sausages" are woven. With this method, caring for them is as easy as Afrokos.

Who needs this style?

Not everyone will decide to grow a beard, and even more so to braid pigtails in a beard. In most cases, these are people who seek to be noticed, with an active lifestyle, without problems with the growth of a beard, not afraid to show their ego. Different styles of braids under the chin are suitable for many types of men of different people.

Bright multi-colored afrocos are perfect for hippie-style young people, reggae lovers, musicians, creative personalities, disc jockeys. They combine perfectly with dark or dark skin, with a hairstyle from the same afrocos, or with short hair. The shape of the face can be round or oval.

Viking braids will decorate more brutal men who prefer hard rock, motorcycles, tattoos and leather clothes. Go well with Iroquois, with long hair gathered in a ponytail, in a bun, or also braided in a braid.

A classic beard braid may also suit bald men, but in this case it should be alone. Perfect for both Europeans and Asians, as well as black guys. The length and number of pigtails depends on the shape of the face.

For example, one or two long braids that visually stretch a face will fit chubby, and vice versa, an oval, rectangular, triangular face looks good with short braids, which can be several.

Very suitable for black and swarthy men. The length, as in the case of classic braids, depends on the shape of the face - long locks are suitable for chubby ones, and for guys with elongated faces in the shape of an oval, a triangle - short.

Photo of a haircut and braids of a beard

Viking braids

Such braids are easy to weave. Main condition - long beards (from 20 cm in length).

Step-by-step instruction:

  • borodochka need comb thoroughly,
  • divided into separate curls depending on the desired number of pigtails,
  • weave classic pigtailsinterlocking 3 strands,
  • fasten by tying on a knot, or on an elastic band.

Basic care

Care for Afrokos in a beard not difficult. They must be washed with special shampoo no more than once a week. This is done as follows: the base of the afrocos is washed, as well as the skin of the face.

Massaging movements apply shampoo to the bristles at the base of the afro scythe, and then gently over the entire length. You can not rub the pigtails against each other, otherwise they will lose their elasticity and luster, will become shaggy.

After applying the shampoo, we thoroughly rinse the beard with water along the entire length. Dry without using a hair dryer, in a natural way. In the same way we do with dreadlocks from Kanekalon.

For dreadlocks from natural hair more difficult care. In the first month they can not be washed. Only rinse with plain water.

It is necessary to roll them daily and braid the broken strands. If itchy skin appears, you can rinse it with chamomile. After a month, you can wash it once a week with shampoo without a rinse. Overgrown roots need to be dumped.

The most simple - care for ordinary pigtails. They are simply untwisted, my borodochka by special means, combed and braided again.

Whatever type of weaving you choose, in any case, it will be one of the most original decals. You will always attract the attention of people around you, and certainly stand out from the crowd. If you want to know more about other hairstyles with a beard, follow the link.

Interesting hairstyle

You can diversify the style by braiding braids.

Fashion is cyclical and what is popular now must have already been at the peak of fashion. This also applies to beards with braids. At the turn of the 8-12th century, when severe Vikings lived in the Scandinavian lands, braids on the beard were not just an ornament, but a lifestyle.

You can read more about this in the book of the scientist-historian G.I. Anokhin "Community traditions of the Norwegian peasantry."

The researcher found that men carefully put their hair in braids of various types. In addition, the Vikings did not skimp on jewelry; they liked to weave rings, ribbons, jewelry into braids.

For the Vikings, this decoration of vegetation emphasized social status and signified belonging to a particular segment of the population.

Her experienced warriors of a noble family braided into one tight braid, many young braids were made by young men who had not yet glorified themselves in battle. Men in the prime of life, who participated in direct control, braided themselves with two equal braids and decorated them with golden rings.

By the way, G.I. Anokhin found that the Scandinavians did not take care of their beards on their own.

A young Scandinavian could braid his beard only when he got married. Hair care on the husband's face was completely carried out by the wife. She combed her beard, sheared it, and also wove beautiful intricate braids. By the beauty and unusualness of such a hairstyle, one could judge the skills of the wife.

Now the hairline on the face is gaining fashion, and every second passerby man can see a mustache, beard or all together. To stand out among this mass of people, some men decided to resort to the method of the ancient Vikings.

On television, events of films and television series about the life of ancient Scandinavians are unfolding. Naturally, such a reference to the cinema could not but affect young minds.

The heroes of the Beowulf action and the Vikings series became the personification of the Vikings on the screen.


  1. Jason Momoa. Handsome Jason Momoa became famous after playing the role of the courageous and handsome Khal Drogo in the cult TV series Game of Thrones. Numerous fans began to copy Drogo's brutal style: black hair gathered in a tight tail, as well as a thick, black, but neatly designed beard, which is braided in two braids. Jason Momoa was so imbued with the role that he began to apply a similar image in real life. Jason is the owner of a chic beard, which at the time when the last season of “Game of Thrones” was released, has grown to an impressive size. He divides his beard into two parts and weaves pigtails, which he coquettishly ties with colored rubber bands. It all looks very interesting and even sexy, especially when Jason pulls his long, thick hair into a bun at the back of his head.
  2. Brad Pitt. After breaking up with Angelina Jolie, Brad Pitt decided to experiment with his appearance. So always a smooth-faced handsome man decides to grow a beard. Once, at the airport, journalists caught Brad Pitt and were surprised at his appearance. Three short pigtails were braided at the very bottom of the beard. It is not known what Brad Pitt wanted to say with such an appearance, perhaps once again to draw attention to himself. Photos circled the entire Internet, and are still considered one of the most popular images of this beautiful actor.
  3. Roman Trachtenberg. The famous Russian showman Roman Trakhtenberg, who died in 2009, was also famous for his extraordinary appearance. In addition to the fiery red hair that he wore most of the time, Roman also always surprised with his outings. He often experimented with styles, and also wore a thin "goat" beard. Roman loved to paint her in different colors, and sometimes plaited from her a thin braid that looked very eccentric on his face.

History tour

Since time immemorial, among many peoples of the world, a man’s beard has been considered a talisman that protects its owner from evil spirits and all evil things. Luxurious lush multi-level beards of Assyrian men symbolized their high morality. The upper level, as a rule, was twisted, the lower one was braided into pigtails. Whiskers, tanks and part of the hair from the beard, not falling into the braids, curled in a special way. Beards were decorated with ribbons and other decorations.

Egyptian pharaohs wore beards made of precious metals. The pigtail on the beard was pyramidal, it was tied with a braid, and the ureus ornament was applied on top in the form of a golden snake, symbolizing immortality.

Ancient traditions were continued by more modern beard carriers - sailors and pirates of the Middle Ages. So, the notorious pirate nicknamed Blackbeard braided dozens of braids from the vegetation on his face, tying them at the ends with knots. In these pigtails, he wove tow soaked in nitrate, and during the battle he set them on fire to intimidate the enemy.

Traditions of the Northern Peoples

Let us turn to the traditions of geographically closer ethnic groups. As you know, among the northern peoples - Scandinavians, Russians, Slavs - a man’s beard was an indicator of his maturity, a matter of pride, as it symbolized his belonging to the stronger sex, as well as the connection of its owner with the gods, with nature. To chop off or cut off a beard was considered a shame for a man, so a similar measure was used as a punishment for the guilty.

For northerners, the beard was also a kind of amulet that protects from the cold wind and allows you to keep warm in the cold. As the song says: “A beard warms in the cold.” The thicker and longer it is, the warmer was its owner. However, fluttering in the wind, she was constantly confused in clothes and military equipment during military campaigns or sea raids. The beard could also become a hindrance in everyday life, while eating or doing household chores and crafts. Therefore, men tried to lay a beard, collecting it in knots, in tails, and also braiding in braids. That is why we often see images of the Vikings, as in the photo here, with pigtails on the beard.

Modern fashion trends

As you know, fashion is a cyclical phenomenon. At different times and eras, a beard periodically became a fashion trend. Today, wearing facial hair has again become popular with representatives of the strong half of humanity. And with beard fashion came fashion for various ways of decorating them. There is a version that the fashion for pigtails in a beard returned due to the release of the films “Pirates of the Caribbean” and “The Lord of the Rings”, as well as numerous fighters from the life of the Vikings and Scandinavian gods. Vivid images of the heroes of these films with not-so-neat beards decorated with pigtails appealed to many fans as a symbol of strength, masculinity and some brutality. So fashion returned to modern society to weave pigtails on a beard.

Criterias of choice

There are currently several ways to braid a beard. The most popular of them are:

  • viking style,
  • Afrocos,
  • dreadlocks,
  • Slavic weaving.

The pirate style is also relevant.

The question of how to make a beard a pigtail is very important in terms of choosing the right image suitable for each specific person. Here, the color of the hair, the way of weaving, the length of the beard plays an important role. To create a harmonious image, it is best to turn to stylists who will take into account all the factors that characterize the client:

  • lifestyle and occupation,
  • body features and body proportions,
  • color type
  • face shape
  • customer preferences in clothes (style and color scheme).

Taking into account all these factors, a beard design option will be selected that is suitable specifically for this client.

Beard Compatibility

Choosing a similar option for decorating the vegetation on the chin, it is important not only to decide how to braid the braids on the beard, but also to choose the right hairstyle for her on her head. A beard decorated with braids goes well with long hair gathered in a neat tail.

Such a beard in combination with a bald head looks rather interesting, which, as it were, draws attention to the brutality of the image.

Recently, hairstyles with shaved temples are considered a fashionable trend, thanks to which the head seems more elongated, and the line of the chin is visually strengthened. Pigtails on a beard of young people are especially harmoniously combined with such a hairstyle.

Another option for the actual youth haircut is the strands that are highly laid out on one side, creating an asymmetric effect. The combination of shaved temples with a powerful mane on the crown, contrasting with a long beard braided in a pigtail, gives the image of masculinity and originality.

Viking style

For weaving braids in the style of the Vikings, the beard should be long, at least twenty centimeters, and thick. The number of braids in the beard can vary depending on the taste of its owner. It can be one thick braid, two or three braids, or many small and thin braids. The whole beard or its individual strands can be braided into braids. To fix the braids, you can use ordinary elastic bands, but it is better to have special stylized jewelry for these purposes - straps, metal rings and all kinds of clips.

And you can do without these accessories, fixing the ends of the braids, tying them on a knot.

If you intend to braid a beard in one braid, it is better to grow it in the form of a goatee with a pointed end. If you plan to weave several braids, you will need to grow a full beard with a shovel, which will be divided into several parts, each of which will turn into a pigtail.

How to care?

For those who decide on such a hairstyle, it is important to know how to braid pigtails on a beard and how to care for them. The simplest care is the Viking-style braids. They are simply untwisted and washed with shampoo.

Caring for afro-braids is also not difficult. They are washed with shampoo no more than once a week. Moreover, the bases of the braids and the skin of the face are washed, rubbing the shampoo with massaging movements. The pigtails themselves are also washed with shampoo, but in no case do they rub, so as not to violate the integrity of the hairstyle. After that, the beard is rinsed with water and dried. If desired, you can re-coat the pigtails with wax. In the same way, dreadlocks from Kanekalon are washed.

Dreadlocks from your own hair require more complex care. In the first month they are simply rinsed with clean water. You can wash your skin with a decoction of chamomile to prevent irritation. Further such dreadlocks are washed with shampoo in the same way as Afrokos. In such dreadlocks, broken strands and regrown roots need to be rolled up again into “sausages” and fixed with wax.

Whether pigtails in a beard are in fashion

Fashion is a volatile concept, but, following its trends, men experiment with their appearance. Today, style icons are athletes, showmen - in most cases, these are men with an oriental appearance: football players, tennis players and rock musicians of descent from the African continent. Their colorful appearance easily withstands any experiment:

  • dreadlocks,
  • a beard pigtail,
  • Creative haircuts - Iroquois,
  • Afro-braids.

The external features of the southerners' face are heavy eyelids, bulging eyes, a wide line of eyebrows, puffy lips hypertrophied and an expanding nose with wide nostrils. The body of the representatives of the peoples of Africa is also very embossed, so their images look very harmonious with sloppy, a little hooligan dreadlocks, stiff braids from naughty curly hair. Due to the elasticity and stiffness of the hair, the strands are convex, and the necessary relief is created. The harmonious image could not go unnoticed and there are more and more people wishing to make dreadlocks on the beard.

There is a version that the fashion for braids began with the advent of European series (“The Lord of the Rings”, “Pirates of the Caribbean” and others), where the main characters are the Vikings or just ancient warriors. For color, they are presented in bright, harsh images. In the subconscious of the fans, the brutal appearance of a strong man with an untidy beard and braids braided in it was postponed. Gradually, the experiments passed into the society of ordinary people - now you can meet on the street and a stylized image of a rock musician and a pirate, an untidy hippie with dreadlocks, as well as hooligan and sports options.

In modern life, pigtails on a beard are found in men of different ages and nationalities. They carefully care for their hair, go to specialists and look neat. This treatment option is very relevant today. A beard braid is an uptrend in modern fashion, in the next few years you can grow lush hair below the chin, you will need to carefully look after it:

  • cut off brittle ends regularly
  • keep in shape
  • use oils, caring creams for softness and hair growth,
  • follow fashion trends,
  • periodically visit barbershop specialists.

What hairstyle is this beard style

Simply growing a beard and braiding a braid is no longer relevant today. Fashion industry does not stand still - stylists come up with different images. Therefore, it is almost impossible to choose hair color, beard length, and braiding options. The barbers have studied and developed this topic so deeply that they recommend that they turn to specialists for a harmonious silhouette. When developing an image, they take into account the following factors:

  • occupation of the client and lifestyle
  • parameters of his figure,
  • natural color type
  • belonging to a specific archetype,
  • the ratio of the geometric parameters of the figure (full height and length of the neck, head, type and width of the oval of the face and others),
  • preferred options and colors of the suit.

After this, an individual card is drawn up with a haircut suitable exclusively for one person within the framework of the given initial parameters and, corresponding to him, a beard with pigtails.

A sophisticated chin hairstyle fits long hair neatly piled in a ponytail. Many models show a combination with a bald head to balance the lost brutality in the image due to weaving strands. In recent years, a hairstyle with shaved hair in the temporal part of the head has become very popular - this is how the silhouette of the head looks elongated, the line of the chin is strengthened. Due to the high hairstyle, neatly laid on one side, the asymmetry of the image is achieved. The contrast of a long beard with a pigtail shaved at the temples and powerful hair in the parietal part demonstrates strength, adds to the image the masculinity that men lack so much today.

How to weave yourself

To braid a beard on your own:

  1. you need to comb your hair with a thin comb,
  2. split hair into three equal strands,
  3. if there are several braids, then you need to divide the bundle from the calculation of three strands into one braid,
  4. start weaving, shifting one to another, gradually lowering and ending with weaving with an invisible thin elastic band.

It is not recommended to sit in front of the mirror - since the reflection will be the opposite and you will get confused in the sequence of shifting strands. The pigtail can turn out one-sided, slightly twisted to the side with a clear violation of the order of weaving.

A little bit about leaving

Own dreadlocks, Afro-braids and Scandinavian braids woven into beards require careful care. The hairstyle is right in the place where it can get dirty at the time of eating food, pigtails crumple in a dream. If ordinary hairstyles can be unwrapped, combed and washed at least every day, then laid again, then afrokos and dreadlocks are a long-term styling option, fixed with wax. They can be worn until new hair grows - about two to three months. The option of caring for them consists of the following steps:

  • in the first month they are carefully rinsed with water,
  • after drying, the broken hair is rolled into strands and with the help of wax is attached to the main "sausages",
  • then it is recommended to wash with ordinary shampoo, and roll back the grown roots into dreadlocks.

Lokas care consists of regular shampooing, as well as dreadlocks. With mechanical damage, the curl is restored and fixed with wax or varnish.

Historical background for the emergence of a unique style

In ancient times, braids were braided solely for hygiene reasons, so that elastic hair did not interfere with the meal. Today, braids, dreadlocks - this is a fashionable direction to which young people in different countries of the world are not indifferent. Everyone chooses their own unique style to emphasize individuality, try to express their attitude to fashion. To form an exceptionally integral, unified image, a man can turn to a specialist barber and get a detailed analysis of his appearance with recommendations on the variability of hairstyles on his chin hair.

The era of the Middle Ages is gone, the modern need for society to braid braids in a beard is needed rather as an element of decorative decoration. From the point of view of psychology, there are different opinions. The desire to express themselves, to be noticed is driven by the young generation, makes them experiment with appearance. If imitation of football players, actors or musicians is used as motivation, then it’s rather a search for your own “I”. Until it is found, the person will repeat after the style icons. When he understands the purpose of his stay on the planet, he will not need the expediency of using other people's methods of attracting attention. But you need to go this way of experiments, trial and error, especially at a young age.

Weaving braids on the beard has many opponents. They believe that this is a sign of the lack of masculinity and brutality. The fact is that male charisma with pigtails in a beard is even more pronounced, the images look extraordinary, there is no aggressiveness and vulgarity. It is known that in the historical past there were examples of wearing such hairstyles - they were brave brave Vikings, Tibetan monks, Chinese courageous kung fu warriors, yoga masters and male hunters of African tribes. These are the strongest and most courageous representatives of different cultures and nationalities, so many want to be like them.

Today, the most famous successful personalities show such weaving options on their photos in social networks, in commercials. Of course, the new trend has fans and opponents, but there are much more positive reviews. In large cities, barbershops have appeared everywhere, where experts work, polish the skill of creating neat stylish braids on the chin in the framework of a modern fashionable silhouette.

Short hair

Today, many women lead an active lifestyle: organize their own business, go in for sports, constantly rush, because they do not have enough time to care for long hair and prefer short haircuts. In addition, modern hairstyles for short hair rejuvenate a woman, emphasize beautiful facial features, and fit with lightning speed.

Check out our separate short haircut article.

1. Haircut Cascade - a haircut, again coming to the forefront, but now uneven strands and asymmetry on the sides are offered. When styling, you do not need to try hard, on the contrary, to ruffle your hair a little, give them randomness and slightly sprinkle with varnish. We have a very detailed article on haircuts cascade.

2. Bob - The usual short haircut, which remains relevant always. There are a lot of options for cutting a bob for short hair, you can choose softer contours without sharp transitions or prefer geometricity.

3. Haircut "hat" - The actual haircut of the 2019-2020 season, magnificent and spectacular, although requiring frequent adjustments by a specialist. Can be performed asymmetrically or at the same level.

This haircut requires special care and styling, so it is not suitable for all girls. If you have naughty, fluffy and curly hair then you should refuse such a haircut. When choosing this haircut, pay attention to the shape of the face, the haircut cap is suitable only for the face of a classic oval shape.

4. Four of a kind - a simple haircut, but there are many variations: torn strands, a square on the leg, with elongation.

A short square is more relevant than ever this season, when choosing a haircut it is better to give preference to clear lines and even cuts, and a short square goes well with straight bangs. But this type of haircut is suitable for owners of straight hair.

It is better for girls with curly hair to opt for a slightly careless square, in which separately knocked out strands will not look out of place.

5. Pixie - a stylish elegant haircut that hides the woman’s age, turns her into a tomboy, but at the same time creates a fragile and touching image. Great for thin hair. This haircut has already been tried by many Hollywood stars, such as Rihanna, Natalie Portman, Anne Haytway, Halle Berry, etc.

Word Pixy in translation, it means an elf, and indeed such a haircut gives the image a little playfulness and fabulousness. She is equally good for both women aged and young beauties. Suitable for oval and round face shape.

The classic pixie haircut implies short hair on the sides and elongated at the back of the head, as well as the presence of a slanting bangs.
A pixie haircut does not need to be carefully styled, slightly tousled hair is not only allowed, but also welcome.

6. Garzon - hairstyle for business women with naughty hair. During work, the stylist mills strands on the temples, bangs, nape.
Garson haircut looks like a pixie haircut, but still they have differences, they are in the technique of haircuts. In the classic version of the Garson haircut, all the strands lie exactly under one line, and the hair is smoothly laid, when cutting a pixie, some strands are specially cut out to create the effect of slight negligence.

The Twiggy model is considered to be the legislator of this haircut, it was she who shocked everyone with her short and stylish haircut in the 60s. Since then, many celebrities have tried this haircut on themselves.

7. Open ears - squeak of the season, while the hair can be cut or just lay over the ears.

8. Shag - fashionable creative haircut. Hair is cut in sections, pulled as far as possible, which creates an unpredictable, slightly sloppy and expressive image.

Shag in translation from English means "shaggy", such a haircut looks deliberately disheveled. Such a haircut can rightfully be considered the trend of 2018 and 2019. It gives the look a stylish and sexy look, styling does not require much effort, because thanks to the haircut technique your hairstyle will always look a bit disheveled. Using styling, you can fix the styling and emphasize individual strands.

Haircut Shag
Ideal for thin hair, as it creates volume and structure. On thick hair, you need additional thinning to remove excess density and volume.

9. Asymmetric haircuts for short hair. Such haircuts are suitable for girls with a classic type of face, the hairstyle is quite bold and daring, so it is suitable for creative and original natures.

10. A long bang with short hair. This combination looks very stylish, somewhat reminiscent of everyone's favorite bob haircut. However, the bangs fit the set and is the longest part of the hair. We at Voloskova.ru already published an article about long bangs.

11. Creative haircuts for short hair with a shaved temple or nape. A truly bold haircut that not many girls decide on, its variations can be different. For example, an ultra-short haircut can be done only on one side or cut hair only on the back of the head.

Fashionable haircuts for medium hair 2019

Haircuts for medium-length hair are diverse. It is these haircuts that emphasize the merits and hide the imperfections of the face, give the image sophistication, romance and charm.

1. Aurora - a hairstyle similar to the cascade is distinguished by its sharper transitions. Aurora's haircut is universal, suitable for any type of face, gives the appearance of tenderness and femininity. Such a haircut is suitable for owners of straight thin hair.

2. Cascade - The classic hairstyle is no longer in fashion, it is diluted with graduations made by various techniques, and bangs stand out: elongated asymmetric or straight. Also this year, the trend is a cascade of curly hair.

3. Long Page - a haircut with the ends twisted inward, which turns an ordinary girl into a "riddle". But the most important thing is to choose the right bangs for the shape of the face: for elongated - bangs are thick and even, for round - oblique. If the hair is thin, then the hair strands will need to be curled, which will add volume.

4. Bob and four of a kind - Hairstyles are incredibly popular for many seasons, but now they are being modified, textured ragged haircuts are created, which require minimal care, just wash your hair, apply styling to the hair roots and lift them with a round brush and hair dryer. If you need a hairstyle to go out, then you can simply twist the ends of the hair out and fix with varnish.

5. Multilayer haircut "ladder" Now it is cut in a coarser, clearer form due to cutting of a thicker lock. The haircut is extravagant, voluminous and stylish, easy to fit.

Long Haircuts 2019

This season, the glamorous simplicity that characterizes hairstyles for long hair is in fashion. Fashionable long haircuts perfectly transform the appearance of a woman, adjust the features and shape of her face, easily assembled into styling.

1. Caret - bean and elongated caret - classic haircuts, which are always in trend, but the current fashion dictates for the first option - layering of the structure and oblique bangs, and for the second - elongated side strands, bangs with a blunt cut and graduated strands.

2. Cascading layered haircut for long hair without bangs - unusually effective and stylish, beautifully falling. In the hairstyle of this season, asymmetrical and even lines are combined.

3. In fashion and straight hair with straight and graduated strands. But, the parting itself can be slightly beveled to the side, made figuratively. Do not forget to choose the parting to the shape of the face!

4. Cascade with bangs of different textures and lengths. If the fringe is short, it incredibly refreshes and rejuvenates the woman’s face, the fringe is lower than the level of the eyebrows with a blunt cut - it gives the image mystery and attractiveness, to give volume you can twist the ends of the fringes slightly inward. A straight oblique fringe looks good with wavy hair, creating a bohemian image, a colored lock near the face will look especially fashionable.

5. Creative haircuts occupy the leading positions in the 2019-2020 season. One of the most popular varieties of such a haircut is a combination of long hair with a shaved temple. Another option is a short hair cap with a long lower tier, asymmetrically cut strands on the bangs and on the face.

Shaved haircuts gaining momentum, for some, this type of haircut may seem too extravagant, for others it is bright and creative.

Indeed, only brave girls can decide on such a haircut. But even if you don’t want to walk like this always, there is a solution: if you divide your hair into even parting or parting from the side of the main part of the hair and lay it on the side where the hair is missing, no one will even notice such a bright accent. However, the girls who choose such a haircut are not used to being shy and openly demonstrate it.

Moreover, some Hollywood stars, fashion bloggers and Russian celebrities have already tried this haircut on themselves.

Haircuts for hair of any length made by a real master will look individually, as the density of hair, texture and color are always taken into account.

Instruction manual

There is nothing complicated in braiding braids on a beard. You can get such a service at any nearby barbershop.

The goat’s beard is ideal for braiding.

If you want to carry out a similar procedure yourself, we offer you three common ways how to braid a beard.

"Fish tail"

An unusual way of weaving.

  1. As in the first case, gently comb the hair and moisten it with water.
  2. Then divide them into two equal parts.
  3. Take the left strand.
  4. Separate the leftmost small mass of hair from this lock and transfer it to the right side of the beard.
  5. At this point, also take a small lock of hair from the right side of the beard and throw it over the other crosswise.
  6. Repeat the procedure again, throwing the left extreme hair strand into the right row, and the right extreme hair strand in the left row.

Weaving is carried out crosswise. Throw strands to the very bottom of the vegetation, tie a pigtail with an elastic band.


Suitable for soft hair, braiding a stiff beard will be so problematic.

For such weaving, it is also necessary to carefully comb the beard and moisten it.

  1. Right in the center of the beard, select three strands.
  2. Throw the extreme right lock through the middle under the left.
  3. Throw the left strand over the middle strand to the right side.
  4. Then, on the right side, take the remaining order, plus add some loose hair next to it. Again, throw through the middle strand to the right and from right to left.
  5. On the left side everything is done exactly the same and the free part of the hair is taken to the strand, and throws it in the other direction.

Weave the braid in such a way as to gradually weave loose strands into it. The pigtail will turn out quite loose in the chin area and will not pull the skin, but below the beard with a braid will be very tight and neat.

This weaving method can also add a substantial amount.

It is not recommended to use it for those people who already have too massive a chin.


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