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How to tie a scarf to a man

Sometimes the weather can fool, and, it would seem, on a sunny day, a cold wind suddenly flies around the neck. In order to be able to resist, men need to wear a scarf. Often they are made from a thick or patterned cut of fabric designed to wrap around the neck. Nevertheless, not everyone knows how beautifully to tie a scarf to a man, despite the long history of their use in men's wardrobe.

The main function of the scarf is neck protection. Thick woolen ones keep warm in the winter, and light linen ones help protect the neck from the sun and sand. They can add a strong element of style, especially when they add color to everyday clothes.

Types of Men's Scarves

Before you learn how to tie a product, you need to know what types of this attribute exist, how they differ and when they are used.
What you need to know about scarves. There are many varieties, but they all have approximate parameters: the width varies from 15 to 40 centimeters, and the length is from 130 to 250 centimeters.

The product must also be selected taking into account the height of the man, for example, with a height of 170 cm, the length of the neck scarf should be no more than 180 cm, otherwise it will have to be wrapped around the neck several times, which does not always look spectacular.

Paris knot

To figure out how fashionable it is to wear a scarf for men in the French style, you just need to tie it with a French knot. It is quick and easy to perform, with a large warm knot that is worn directly on the collar of a coat or jacket, which makes it a good wind plug. It is better to choose a model of a long scarf, and you should not take too thick a scarf, since the end node may be too large.

To tie the scarf correctly, you need to fold it in half in the middle so that the ends touch each other. Hold the double bend in one hand and circle the rest of the ends around the neck. Then wrap them through a bend and pull. Adjust if necessary. The ends of the scarf can be worn either inside or outside the coat or jacket, depending on how much focus the scarf should occupy.


This model has two sides. It is sewn from two strips of fabric and is an indispensable part of a classic men's wardrobe. The main difference between muffler is that only strict laconic colors and patterns are allowed here.

Catchy fittings (rhinestones, bright embroidery or print) are not allowed here.

Scarf Categories

There are many types of scarves, for example, “rafatka”, “snud”, bandanas, etc. The length also varies, from 120 to 230 cm. Usually, scarves with a length of about 180 cm are used. It is convenient to make different combinations of this length.

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The material of the scarves is also diverse. It can be a woolen or angora scarf for the cold season, or linen, silk, cotton and artificial materials for a cooler one.

Make sure that different types of scarves are suitable for each type of knot. So, for example: a thick, knitted and short scarf is not suitable for a double knot, or too long is not suitable for a drapery method, etc.

Winter men's scarf

Always pay attention to the material from which the accessory is made. First of all, this attribute is intended not only for beauty, but also for warming. Accordingly, when it comes to the winter season, it is better to choose a product from wool, angora or cashmere. In winter, knitted scarves are very popular. Winter scarf has the most thickened material and is more suitable for warming than for beauty. When choosing woolen products, give preference to sheep wool.

Ascot Node

One of the simplest knots of a scarf that can be worn by a man. The only difficulty is to determine how high or low to wear it. Usually it hangs, moving a little around the neck, so this style is more functional.

To tie it, you need to take a scarf and put it on your shoulders. Then tie both ends of the scarf over and under, as if it were a giant pair of lace. Adjust the front so that it becomes smooth and tighten closer to the neck.


The male stole is also a very common part of the wardrobe of a modern man and differs only in length and width:

  • The palatine is wider, which means that it can be folded two or even three times in length.
  • In addition, the stole is much longer than a regular scarf, which increases the number of knot options that can be tied.

How to tie a man's scarf: TOP-9 ways

Every woman knows how to tie a man's scarf and, basically, she does it. But if you are a bachelor, then our article is for you. We will tell you in what ways you can tie a men's scarf, as well as with what clothes it is better to combine a specific method.

Also, I want to note that each person has his own habits and, most importantly, that you like the way you tie a scarf.

A scarf belongs to such accessories that can be worn in any form and he will not lose his charm from this. Of course, it is advisable to adhere to the rules of wearing one kind or another, but if you come to a business dinner in a scarf tied with a Paris knot, nobody will tell you anything. We proceed directly to the methods:

Warm and beautiful

Most people wear a scarf just to keep warm and not catch a cold in their throats. This is a huge misconception. Such a detail is a fashion accessory that emphasizes individuality. Designers have come up with many ways to tie a scarf to a man. But not all of them are popular. Men singled out a few simple tricks and enjoy wearing scarves in colorful and calm tones. The main thing is not to overdo it and not turn into a glamorous, bombastic turkey. Be careful with bright colors. Scarves with a pattern, ornament, logos of famous brands are the most popular. Solid models are preferred only by the elderly.

Double wrap

This is an option for cold weather and is great for a really long and thin scarf.

To tie it, you need to double wrap a long scarf around the neck, leaving two short ends hanging in front.

Warm Woolen Pattern

Warm, soft cozy - the most suitable definitions for a knitted men's scarf. At the same time, this model is not for business meetings and negotiations.

Rather, it is an informal option, suitable for walking, recreation, travel and social events.

Method number 1. Drape

Drape is the most basic way to tie a scarf. In order to do this, you just need to throw a scarf around your neck and let the ends of the scarf just hang from both sides. This method is preferred by people who have their own car, since this method does not protect against the cold, it hangs, so to speak, for beauty. Still very often, this method of wearing a scarf is called drapery.

A scarf draped around the neck will be most combined with a coat or business suit. It is preferred by wealthy people to business meetings.

Make sure that the scarf is different in color from the rest of the image, otherwise it will simply merge and not produce the desired effect.

Paris lights

The Paris Knot is the most popular reception. A scarf tied in this way looks great both on a coat, and on a jacket, and on a leather jacket. The technique is very simple: fold the product in half, then throw it over the neck and into the loop formed on one side, push the ends of the second side. The width and length of the scarf can be any. This is a very simple but elegant knot.

Business meeting scarf

At business meetings, neckerchiefs have to be selected for business suits, tuxedos or dress coats. It is important that the scarf goes well with a similar way. Therefore, it is better to choose a rectangular shape. The most suitable material in this image would be satin silk. Black and white colors are more suitable for business suits than others. The peculiarity of this variety is that such an attribute never wraps around the neck, but simply throws itself over the shoulders, throwing it over the shoulder.

And yet, why wear a scarf?

Protective function - in other words, the scarf perfectly protects the throat and neck from wind and cold. A thick woolen or cashmere scarf can keep you warm in harsh winters, and a thin and light linen scarf can protect you from the sun or sand (if you suddenly go to a sandy area).

Style - a scarf or shawl will add a strong element of style to your image, especially when you can choose a scarf according to the color and type of fabric. Of course, you can wear a scarf on the street and this will not surprise anyone today, but some creative people like to wear a scarf indoors as well, emphasizing their individuality.

Cashmere Men's Scarf

Men's scarf in cotton and wool


One of the favorite youth accessories. It is hard to imagine a young guy from a big city who never wore arafatka.

By the way, arafatka is a checkered shawl that can be worn by both men and women.

The popular scarf got its name from the name of the Arab leader Yasser Arafat. It is this accessory that men of the east wear, but as a headdress. Usually it is made of cotton fabric with a characteristic checkered pattern.

Method number 2. Paris or french knot

This method is suitable for men with sensitive nature, female seducers. It will add a touch of romanticism to your look. In order to complete this knot, it is necessary to fold the scarf in half, put it on the neck, after that, two ends that hang down on one side and stretch between the resulting loop, on the other hand.

Such a scarf has not only a stylistic component, but also perfectly protects from the wind, so you can safely tie this knot during cold weather. Try to choose a long scarf, it will look more harmonious.

This method will also look good with a coat or jacket, but it looks especially good with a leather or "leather jacket." It is preferable to wear this option on a date with your beloved woman, or on a friendly meeting.


A false node is a more complicated option, but also more interesting. Throw a scarf around your neck so that one end is twice as long as the other and tie a knot on it. Insert the short end into it and tighten it tight. An unusual knot will turn out that will look profitable on a sweater, shirt or jacket. It is better to use a long thin scarf.

Scarf for the summer season

In the warmer months, you can wear a neck scarf made of silk, linen or cotton. Often you can find a combination of several types of fabrics. Usually the composition of any thing can be found on its label on the inside. An accessory made of lightweight material is often applied to an informal look.


This style maximizes the movement of the scarf. There is no knot, only a light drape around the neck that leaves one end shorter than the other. The longer end of the scarf is thrown over the neck and hangs over the opposite shoulder. If the scarf is too long, you need to wrap it around your neck once before putting it on your shoulder. This style conveys the activity and mobility of men.

Varieties of scarves

There are a large number of types of scarves: bandanas, "rafatki", scarves, round scarves, thin and long scarves and so on. The choice is up to you and your style. Everything is simple here.


As a rule, the width of the scarf varies from 15 to 35 cm, and the length is from 120 to 230 cm. For a person of ordinary height 160-180 cm, a scarf no more than 180 cm long is suitable, otherwise you will have to wrap the scarf several times around the neck.

Striped scarf, width 40 cm, textile

Scarf with patterns, width 70 cm, textile

Scarf Silver Gray Tom Tailor

Multi-colored checkered scarf decorated with fringe from Tom Tailor

HENDERSON knitted snood in gray-black stripes

Textile scarf

Material - scarves, as a rule, are made of wool, cashmere, angora, cotton, linen, silk, synthetic materials similar to fleece, as well as various combinations. From the material and weaving of the scarf (if it is knitted), it depends on which nodes you can tie the scarf around the neck.


An original and interesting detail of a modern male image.

Basically, such an accessory is made from silk or satin and is an element of informal clothing style. This suggests a business-style neck scarf is ruled out.

A model that is used as a winter option. A distinctive feature is the ends connected in the form of a figure eight. Mostly worn over a coat or other outerwear, looks voluminous and attractive.

Council of stylists: If you wear a voluminous scarf over your coat or jacket, avoid other catchy elements.

Such an accessory should be the only bright accent in your image.

How to put on snood for men is described in the video:

Method number 3. Knot made in one revolution

The method, too, is not at all complicated. In order to make an ordinary single knot, it is necessary to throw the scarf so that one of its ends is slightly longer than the other. Next, take the end, which is longer and make one revolution around the neck. You yourself can adjust the ends so that they are even, or make them carelessly falling in different directions.

This method will also help protect your health in cold weather and is considered the most common way to tie a scarf. It is advisable to take a scarf more authentic for this procedure, so that at least 30 cm of the scarf falls on each side.

This kind of scarf can be worn with a regular jacket or vest. It is not suitable for business meetings, it is a more everyday option.

Double punch

If you have not yet decided how to tie a scarf to a man, this option will definitely appeal to you. It is versatile and lightweight. Wrap a scarf around the neck with a double ring, and tie the remaining ends into a weak knot or hide under the outer clothing. This is an excellent protection against the cold and a beautiful decoration for the neck.

Varieties of materials for men's scarves

The selection of material must be treated with responsibility, because it depends on how long you will wear this attribute, and how pleasant it will be.

  1. Cashmere. The peculiarity of this fabric is that it is soft, delicate and able to protect against cold. The fabric looks elegant and luxurious. The fabric is made from the wool of the Kashmiri goat, which gives very little fluff. This also explains the high cost of cashmere. Sometimes there is a combination of cashmere with wool, such a product will cost much cheaper. Over the years, cashmere only becomes softer and more pleasant to the touch, and will continue to warm in cold weather. This type of fabric is just perfect for winter scarves.
  2. Wool. More often scarves are made of sheep's wool. If “wool” is indicated on the label in the composition, it means “wool”. Wool things are the most common in the winter season, as they are able to protect against severe frost, they are very soft and have an acceptable cost.
  3. Alpaca. This is a quality material made of llama wool. Such material holds heat for a long time, no less soft than cashmere and as warm as sheep’s wool. Alpaca is a hypoallergenic tissue and is perfect for the most sensitive people.
  4. Cotton. Cotton neckerchiefs are no less popular, as this fabric is very soft and light, it allows the body to breathe. Moreover, cotton is universal, since accessories from it can be worn both for a business look and for a casual style.
  5. Silk. Accessories from this elegant and natural fiber are appreciated all over the world.Today, silk is used to make the highest quality products, including scarves. Silk can be either glossy or matte, which allows you to apply it even to a business image.
  6. Linen. This fabric of plant origin, like cotton, allows the body to breathe, and has a slight cooling effect. Flax products are wonderful in the hot season. Linen handkerchiefs in a pocket of a jacket on a breast can become not less attractive accessory.

Other methods

It is equally important to figure out how fashionable to tie a scarf to a man with a fake knot. As the name implies, it uses a bit of hype to achieve the desired look. This knot looks best with a patterned scarf or a thicker weave scarf. Here you can use a product of medium length without any problems. Hang a scarf around the neck, with one end twice as long as the other. Tie a loose knot closer to the end on the long side of the scarf, leaving 30 - 45 cm at the end. Pull the knot a bit and stretch a short edge through it, after which it should be tightened.

A reverse scarf is a great option for colder weather, as it provides more neck protection. You need to put a scarf on your neck, making sure that both ends are the same length. You should take one end of the scarf and bring it over the neck and the opposite shoulder, then do the same with the other side so that both edges gently hang from the back. Adjust if necessary.

To tie the scarf with the Four in a Hand knot, you need to fold it in half, wrap it around the neck with a loop on one side, and two ends on the other. Pull one end through the loop. Then tighten the loop, and pass the second end through a new loop near the neck. Tighten both ends and adjust.

“Loop and fold”: you need to take a scarf and hang it on the neck, both ends should be the same length and hang down the back. Then wrap them on opposite shoulders, wrapping them around the neck so that they now hang in front. Then skip the two ends under the fold of the scarf, which wraps the neck in front, tying them together, and then letting them hang.

How to identify a male or female scarf?

Today, most scarves and scarves are still not designed for men. As a rule, the choice of women's scarves and scarves is many times greater, and those made for men periodically raise doubts about whether they are made for men ?! So, here are the points by which you can identify a male scarf or a female:

  • Any scarf with a leopard print, pink or tint, purple, light blue and other “delicate” colors can be attributed to FEMALE.
  • Any scarf or kerchief that is worn with a pin or button is a FEMALE scarf.
  • Scarf made of thin yarn, transparent or super light, no matter what function it carries - WOMEN'S scarf.
  • A scarf or scarf made of thick woolen thread and large viscous, which can be wrapped almost like a blanket - WOMEN'S scarf.
  • Scarf with additional elements, such as: pompons, tassels, multi-colored strings here and there - FEMALE scarf.
  • Scarf with embroidery in the form of birds, dogs, kitties and so on - WOMEN'S scarf.

Draped man with a scarf

A man with a scarf wrapped once

Man with a thick wool scarf


This is a wide scarf, the ends of which are connected, but not in the figure of eight, but directly. It represents a closed ring. The second name of the accessory is “pipe”.

An interesting option. It is a kind of mixture of a scarf and a hood. It is usually worn in winter over a jacket or down jacket.

This model, as a rule, is made of wool with a small addition of synthetics, so that the thing would keep its shape.

Method number 4. In two turns

This is a slightly complicated version of the previous method. In this option, you need to make two turns instead of one. This method was invented for very cold days, however, it looks no worse. If you wish, you can tie the ends together, which will give additional heating to the body, you can also tie so that the ends fall on the back, or hide the ends of the scarf between levels.

I think you yourself guessed that you should not wear such a scarf in warm weather, it will just look ridiculous. It is desirable that the scarf is narrow and long. With so many manipulations, a thick scarf will have a very unattractive appearance.

How to distinguish a male scarf from a female

Today, among such a huge variety of scarves, you can easily get confused among male and female scarves, especially since most of them are still designed specifically for women. But there are a few tricks that will help you avoid buying a female accessory, if not as a gift to a woman:

  • Leopard coloring - this print, no matter how shade it has, is more related to women's accessories,
  • If pins, buttons, stones or other elements, such as pompons, multi-colored threads and so on, are present on scarves or scarves, this jewelry is unique for women,
  • If the accessory is made of very light, thin, translucent fabric, then this is a female accessory,
  • A scarf made of large viscous or thick thread that allows you to wrap it like a shawl, designed for women,
  • The scarf is decorated with various patterns: cats, dogs, butterflies, kisses and so on, also designed for ladies.

The most popular way to tie a man’s scarf

This type is a drape - the most elementary way to tie a scarf. This way of wearing a scarf is perfect for those who don't like anything wrapped around their necks but still want to keep warm.

Despite the fact that the classic drift is mainly intended for the eyes, and not for true warmth, this form of wearing a scarf is the simplest. You need to raise the collar of the jacket and place your scarf under it. A simple accessory in contrasting color always works well with a sports jacket, suit or long coat.

From fur

For its manufacture is usually used brown mink or black fox. The option is quite extravagant and requires special attention when creating an image.

Such an element is perfect for a winter fur jacket or a sheepskin jacket, an insulated cashmere coat, as well as fur coats and short fur coats.

Method number 5. Ascot

This type of knot looks very stylish and holds the temperature well, while tying it is quite simple. The only nuance to which you should pay attention is the end of the unit on the front side, it must be adjusted so that it looks organically.

In order to tie the knot Ascot, you need to throw a scarf through the neck, then cross the two ends of your scarf crosswise, the one that turned out to be bent at the top, then you need to pass through the lower from the bottom to the top and, finishing the stage, pass this end through the resulting loop. Tighten the knot, but only so that you feel comfortable wearing it, adjust the ends so that they are approximately the same length.

Basically, this kind of scarf is worn under clothes, you can wear a shirt or sweater on top. The scarf is a bit reminiscent of a tie, in appearance, so it is preferable to wear it for work or for business meetings with partners. Recently, men have begun to forget about this method of knitting a scarf, because there are lighter ones, but if you suddenly choose this method, you will definitely stand out from the crowd.

Ostap Bender

The most striking feature of your character is adventure and a love of adventure? Then this option, how to tie a scarf to a man, is for you! We wrap the product around the neck twice, one end should remain longer than the other. Looks great with a jacket and shirt. On the street, you will catch millions of enthusiastic female looks.

For the winter cold, the same option is suitable, only tightly tightened under the very chin.

How to tie a scarf to a man

There are many ways to tie a scarf around a man’s neck, but the size of the scarf can limit the number of knots. But no matter what kind of scarf you buy, it is important to remember that this is not a tie and that the scarf should not be tightly tightened around the neck. You should be comfortable while moving. Therefore, the main rule is simplicity and convenience.

General rules

You have to be easier. Tie and wear a scarf as convenient for you, and not to anyone else. Different lengths and widths of the scarf may limit the options for knots to tie the scarf to the man.

A scarf is not a tie. Do not tighten the scarf, but keep it loose. First of all, a function, only then a mod. Not the other way around.

So, here are 6 basic options for knitting a scarf for a man:

What is the difference from the female?

Men's and women's fashion have long been woven together and have become practically inseparable from each other. Unisex is firmly entrenched in life, and combining the incongruous is possible and even necessary. Of course, the male and female image still retain their characteristics, but the line between them becomes more and more blurred.

What to do when choosing a scarf? How to determine the male model in front of you or the female?

There are several distinguishing features of purely female scarves. Buying products for yourself, you will never be in vain if you pay attention to six signs that distinguish a male product from a female.

Six differences:

  1. If the product is decorated with a leopard, tiger or other similar print - this is definitely a female model.
  2. Pink, pale blue, bright lilac colors - certainly only for women.
  3. A scarf, shawl or stole equipped with a button or brooch is designed for the beautiful half of humanity.
  4. A very thin product made of yarn, silk or chiffon or other transparent takna - designed for ladies. Moreover, regardless of color and purpose.
  5. Additional jewelry (brushes, pompons, bright fringe, rhinestones, sequins, etc.) are signs of a female accessory.
  6. Drawings such as flowers, animals, birds, etc. - designed for women only.

Attention! A man's scarf is, first of all, practicality and conciseness and only then aesthetics.

Method number 6. Like an artist

The next type of tying a scarf is very fond of creative personalities, it helps to give their image a certain mystery and romanticism. In order to tie a scarf, like an artist’s, you should put a scarf on your shoulders, after one end just throw it behind your back. Everything is painfully simple, but no less stylish than in previous versions.

This method is not very suitable for business meetings, but it fits perfectly into the format of a party or friendly gatherings. Also, this scarf should not be worn in cold weather due to its negligence, at any time one of the ends may fall and expose your neck, which is very dangerous if it is frosty outside.

Evening out

Scarves, like all things, are divided into everyday and elegant. The evening version of the scarf can be made of shiny fabric or with a bright print. To go out to dinner at a restaurant or theater, cinema, guests shine and gloss are very appropriate. With a node, you do not need to be smart. The scarf itself is already an ornament. And in a tandem with a complex complication, an exaggeration will turn out. Tie a scarf with a simple loop and hide it under a jacket.

For trendy young guys, a scarf braided and hanging in the middle down is suitable. Just wrap it around your neck and weave a braid out of the ends. It will turn out creatively and attractively. Such an emphasis can be made on a bright sweater or body shirt. It looks very stylish and unusual.

Now simple scarves of complex weaves without patterns have come into fashion. Normal machine knitting and calm tones are an ideal accessory for all occasions. Such a thing must be in your wardrobe.

A wide long scarf is the best friend in the winter. It can be wrapped around the neck several times and tipped the ends back. The next day, perform another combination: a loose loop around the neck, one end of the scarf forward, the other back. Change your look every day, even with one scarf. But if there are several of them, you started to turn into a fashionable object!

Method number 7. Lumbar node

This site is suitable for especially cold weather, as it protects the lower back and chest from freezing. For this look, you need to take the longest scarf.

To tie a lumbar knot, it is necessary to throw a scarf around the neck, evenly distributing the ends along the length, then cross them on the chest and wrap the remaining length behind the back in the lumbar region and tie it, or simply fold it onto each other and put on a jacket or coat so that they don’t split up. If the length of the scarf allows, you can warm up even more by making an extra revolution around the neck at the very beginning.

This option is suitable for any conditions, wherever you go.

Simple wrapping

Any kind of neck scarf is suitable for easy wrapping. This is a great way to tie a scarf for a man in winter, since there are no gaps between the fabric and neck, and cold air does not penetrate.

  1. Take the product and throw it over the neck so that both ends hang freely in front.

Method number 8. Complex knot

This method is really complicated, but from that more rare and elegant. You need to fold your scarf in half, throw it over your neck, then take one end and pass it into the resulting loop, raise the end that you passed a little and leave some space in the loop. Then twist once that piece of fabric that remained in the loop and thread the other end. Pull the ends straight and tighten so that it does not cause your discomfort.

This method can be worn on events that are especially important for you, this accessory will help to look unsurpassed and produce the corresponding effect.


One of the universal nodes is the ends back. Suitable for any style of clothing, whether it be jeans and a sweater or a business suit. Make a double loop around the neck, and fold the ends back. The throat is completely closed from the cold and wind, and a successful scarf color will emphasize the beauty of the face. You can also choose an accessory for eye color. Now you know how fashionable to tie a scarf to a man.

False node

The implementation of such a node is more complicated, but more attractive. Long thin scarves are more suitable for a false knot.


  1. Take the product and throw one end over the shoulder, so that the second end is 2 times longer than the first,
  2. Tie a knot at the long end and thread the other end into it,
  3. Tighten the knot.

"Paris" or "French" node

The French knot is quite simple and easy to tie, at the same time it looks pretty stylish and fashionable. Such a knot retains heat well and can be tied over the collar of a jacket or coat, which makes it somewhat universal for a business or casual dress code. The main requirement for a scarf is length. It should be as large as possible.

How to tie a scarf with a French knot - scheme

How to tie a scarf: fold the scarf in half, and then throw the scarf around the neck, holding one end in each hand. Then the folded ends are threaded through the formed loop and tightened to achieve a comfortable and tight fit.

Method number 9. Insulated Knot

The latter method is perfect for periods of severe cold and wind. To insulate as much as possible and at the same time look very fashionable, you need to throw a scarf around the neck, leaving one end as long as the other, then make one revolution around the neck, thread the remaining end at eye level, through the already formed revolution. Do the same with the second end, only correspondingly at the level of the second eye.

This option will look beneficial with both a jacket and a co-strict coat. But this option should also be excluded in the warm season and do not use too voluminous scarf.

Excellent purchase!

A stylish scarf is an attribute of a real, fashionable man. Protection from the cold is important, but a bright, distinguishing image from the crowd will not hurt. First you need to learn how to tie a scarf to a man. And then you can start your own experiments.

Having tried on at least once an elegant look with a scarf, men throw elongated tracksuits, washed-out T-shirts into the far corner and begin to dress elegantly. Give your beloved such a modest gift, explain to him how to tie a scarf to a man.

The change of image directly affects the mood, state of mind. In a beautiful suit, shiny shoes and a fashion accessory around his neck, any man will feel confident and comfortable. And for people who know their worth, life is always wonderful.

Do not be gray, inconspicuous mass! Look carefully at how to tie a scarf to a man. The scheme will help to understand complex nodes. Show a little imagination, complement your look with several accessories: a beautifully tied scarf, a bag over your shoulder, and a watch. And in the mirror you will see a completely different person!


This is a stylish and elegant knot-free method that suits business suits, jackets, V-neck cardigans. This method is used only in a slightly cool season.

  1. Throw the neckerchief over your neck,
  2. Remove both ends in a jacket and straighten them along the lines of the jacket.

Cowboy style

  • To do this, throw the product around the neck (ends at the front), cross the ends and throw back, then tie them.
  • The wide part is located in front, it should be magnificent voluminous. Very convenient for cold weather.

Tie a scarf over a coat or jacket and you will feel comfortable at any temperature.


In conclusion, I would like to remind men that any kind of accessories, whether it be an umbrella, a scarf or a hat, has a positive effect on others. A man who takes care of himself arouses respect and a desire to know him closer.

In the article, we told you about many ways to make your scarf unusual, attracting everyone's attention. We hope that one of the methods, or even several, will help you and you can choose the option that will be most convenient for you.

Wrap once

One of the easiest ways to tie a scarf to a man. There are no special requirements for the scarf, any average scarf will do. Great for cold winters as there are no gaps where cold air can penetrate.

How to tie a scarf wrapping once - scheme

How to tie a scarf: take a scarf or scarf and wrap it once around the neck, leaving both ends to dangle below.


This stylish tying method is simple. Ascot knot is more for beauty than for warming, as it does not tighten too tight. In this way, you can tie a scarf to a man under a coat, jacket and even a jacket.

  1. Throw the product over the neck so that both ends remain in front of you,
  2. Cross both ends
  3. Bend inward the end that is located under the other end,
  4. Flatten and slightly tighten the assembly so that it remains slightly loose.

Parisian style

To do this, you need to fold the product in half, then hang it on the neck, take both ends and thread them into the loop that formed.

It is highly desirable that the scarf be as long as possible, then you will look more elegant.

In addition, this option is well suited for cold weather, retains heat and allows you to be outdoors for a long time.

Just throw a scarf (drapery)

A pretty elegant and stylish way to wear a scarf is to simply put it on your neck without tying it. This method is suitable for autumn or spring weather, when the temperature does not fall below +7 - +5 degrees above zero. Great for a suit or jacket, as well as a sweater or cardigan with a V-neck.

How to tie a scarf with drapery

How to tie a scarf: just put a scarf around your neck and, if necessary, tuck the ends into the inside of the jacket along the line of the lapels of the jacket.

Double winding

This universal method is suitable for any image of a man. Double wrapping is easy to do, for this you only need to pick up a long scarf. This method will protect you from the cold.

  1. The product is wrapped around the neck in two rings,
  2. The ends are tucked under clothing or under wound rings.

One revolution

To do this, put the scarf on your shoulders, so that one part is about one and a half times longer than the second. That part, which is longer to wrap once and return to its original place (both ends are in front).

Absolutely any model is suitable for this method, regardless of length and quality.

In the style of the artist

The following way to tie a scarf will help a man to look stylish. Many creative and stylish people like to tie a scarf, leaving one end in front and throwing the other behind. This method is not suitable for a cold winter, but it will look great at a party or a creative evening.

How to tie a scarf in the style of the artist

How to tie a scarf: put a scarf on your shoulders and throw one end of the scarf behind your back.

Artist Style

To do this, hang a scarf around your neck and throw one end behind your back.

This method of dressing looks very stylish, but not suitable for cold weather, rain or wind.

It will be much more appropriate at a creative evening or party.

Double wrap

This way to tie a scarf will help a man survive any inclement weather. A cold wind or a severe frost are not afraid of you if you wrap a scarf around your neck twice. However, this method will require a very long scarf, at least 150-170 cm.

How to tie a scarf with a double wrap

How to tie a scarf: put the scarf on your shoulders so that one end is at chest level, and wrap the other end around the neck twice, covering all open areas of the neck. To fix the ends, fix them between the layers of the scarf.

How to choose a scarf

In order for the product to serve you for a long time, carefully study its composition. It is important that there is no synthetics in the composition. The presence of cashmere or wool is desirable, so that the thing serves not only as an accessory, but also warms you in the most inclement weather.

As for fringe, this is a matter of taste. As a rule, accessories from wool or cashmere are made with a fringe, and from silk - without a fringe. In any case, both options are generally accepted.

If you want to check the naturalness of the material, then you can do a small test with ignition. Unfortunately, unscrupulous sellers try to sell many things under the guise of real cashmere. Instead of cashmere, people are sold the usual mixture of wool and viscose. But with the help of ignition, you can check how natural the material is. For example, when burning, the cotton burns, but does not melt, and you will smell burnt paper. Cashmere also burns and does not melt, exuding a strong smell of burnt hair. Silk, like previous materials, burns and does not melt, while emitting the smell of burnt hair. Of course, no one will allow to set fire to the product itself, but experienced sellers have in stock a second identical product or a small piece of fabric with which it is allowed to do the test for ignition. Such a test makes sense only if you buy products in an unreliable place, for example, in the market.

Tip: If your scarf is made of natural materials, then it should not be washed in a washing machine, even with a delicate program. Hand wash such accessories with liquid soap. In the best case, the thing should be left to dry clean. If you wash the product by hand, do not squeeze the water hard and do not twist it so as not to lose shape.


I want to note that learning to tie a scarf to a man is not difficult, using the illustrated schemes. I presented the 6 most common and not very difficult ways to tie a scarf so that you have the opportunity to show individuality and emphasize your own style.

As in clothes, a scarf can relate to one or another dress code, depending on the material, form and method of knitting. However, there are not so many subtleties as with a suit or, for example, shoes.

As always, I wish you more experimentation and hope that after reading the article you will not have more questions whether a man should wear a scarf or not, as well as tie it around his neck. Good luck

Celebration Option

A scarf is thrown around the neck and fastened together with a special ring.

Attention! Do not confuse a scarf with a tie, this piece of clothing does not require strong tightening and severity of lines.

Watch a video that shows how to tie a man’s scarf nicely:

Why wear such an elegant wardrobe item? The best options are: a classic or denim shirt (it should be unbuttoned on top with one button), polo, cardigan or formal suit. Outwear is best suited for a classic black coat.

The most advantageous models look in letka, strip, polka dots or paisley. A geometric print is also always relevant.

A very important role here is played by additional accessories and the right combination of image elements.

Watch the video: 3 Manly Scarf Knots. How To Tie Scarves Like A Man. Tying Parisan Reverse Drape Scarfs (February 2020).

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