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Men's haircut cap - types and photos of fashionable hairstyles

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Wrong is the one who claims that fashionable haircuts and external beauty is the prerogative of the female half of humanity. Hairstyles for guys - This is a great way for a young man to stand out from the crowd and attract the attention of the surrounding girls. We will find out which haircuts are in trend now and to whom they may suit.

The most fashionable types of hairstyles for guys

  • Undercut (underker)

It is characterized by an ultra-short length of hair on the sides and on the back of the head and fairly long hair on the crown of the head. Haircut belongs to the category of simple and has many modifications. By the way, no matter what texture your hair is - straight or curly, the underker will suit everyone without exception.

The generally accepted stereotype that only women can wear bunches is a thing of the past. The male bundle is the strands gathered back, tied in a tight knot. However, if your hair is relatively long, the strands can be left in the form of a tail (an analogue of the female “baby”).

A hairstyle option for guys who combine two styles - anderkat and a male bunch. It is translated from English - “bunch above”. To achieve such a hairstyle is quite difficult - it takes a lot of time to grow hair, but it's worth it.

A fade haircut means a shorter haircut on the back of the head (almost “0”) and a smooth transition to longer strands on the crown.

  • Classic side parting

A fairly common hairstyle for guys, which probably was all. The haircut looks pretty conservative. When creating it, it is important to lay the strands neatly, hair to hair.

A pompadour style haircut also involves short hair on the bottom and longer hair on the top. It can even be called an analogue of modern fade, but here the skin should not shine through the hairstyle. The main feature of pompadour hairstyles is combed back hair. This haircut is a kind of calling card of brave and determined men.

A haircut, which has become a classic, came to us from a sports environment, namely from tennis. This is one of those haircuts for all occasions, which is suitable for both very young guys and mature men. It does not require styling and will be relevant for guys leading an active lifestyle. Tennis includes hedgehog and beaver.

An original hairstyle for a young man. It means a very short haircut on the temples and a little lower. On the back of the head, crown of the head and front of the hair, the hair remains long. The elongated slanting fringe, popular today, will complement your look, making it complete.

An ideal haircut for guys who prefer medium-length hair. Torn hair ends and slanting bangs emphasize the masculinity of your facial features and will attract everyone's attention.

Apply a small amount of hair styling gel to your fingertips and ruffle the strands throughout the hair. Hairstyle is ready!

Everyday styling for guys

You made a trendy haircut and sincerely think that this is all over? Not. Modern hairstyles, especially with elongated strands on the crown, require daily care, without which your efforts to create an image are worthless.

In order to style your hair, you need to stock up on styling and patience:

  • Wash your hair with shampoo
  • Dry your hair with a hairdryer, lifting the locks at the roots (styling mousse will not be appropriate!),
  • Use your fingertips to take a small amount of wax for styling and warm it up a bit. With light movements, lift the strands at the crown of the head - create a volume. Then you can style your hair in any convenient way - to the side or back,
  • In order to keep the styling longer, you can fix the structure with hairspray.

However, if your choice fell on a very short haircut, then the need for daily styling will disappear by itself. However, remember that modern fashion trends tend to be elongated haircuts, and you decide whether you will look like everyone else or stand out from the crowd, thanks to an interesting and unusual way.

Types of men's haircuts

There are several options for cutting a hat.

Men's haircut under a hat in a classic style is suitable for both business and sports men. According to statistics, this type of hairstyle is more popular than the next.

Asymmetry is the choice of youth. Asymmetric youth haircut under the hat is easy to fit, holds volume and shape for a long time.

A men's haircut with a hat is an ideal option for a hairstyle, when you can emphasize the advantages and hide the characteristic flaws in appearance.

Looks quite interesting men's hairstyle cap on curly hair. Here you can push extra styling into the background, or you can not do it in principle.

Curls themselves will fall, as needed. And it is worth believing that it will be excellent.

Also, fantasies here have not been canceled. It often happens that young people are attracted to experiments.

It all depends on the creativity of the master and your fantasies: you can make highlights, add a long ragged bangs as an accessory, etc.

Such a haircut is suitable for absolutely everyone. But basically it is chosen by children under the age of 30 years.

The hat is a very interesting version of the hairstyle for boys. Little boys immediately acquire a pretty appearance, looks very modern, practical and stylish. “Hat” is one of the most popular haircuts for boys.

Men's haircut beanie with a smooth transition and sharp

This type of men's haircut is suitable for young people with thin and sparse hair. For men who have thick and lush hair, a similar look will not work. But guys with curls will look charming.

Most often, hairdressers offer a haircut hat with a smooth transition. However, if you want straight and clear lines, you must notify them of this.

For guys with a Slavic appearance, the clarity of the lines adds simplicity and “Vanka from the village”, so you need to choose the type of hairstyle based on physiological characteristics. In order not to look ridiculous.

Haircut beanie for short hair

A haircut cap for men is usually done on short and medium hair.

To get an elongated hairstyle, it is necessary to grow hair a few centimeters. It is better to grow for several months, so for sure.

If a haircut is simply necessary, then there is an option. The hair on the temporal occipital part is made very short.

And the bangs, crown and parietal part are the same length. The main feature in cutting short curls is that the hair does not cover the ears.

Hairstyle with closed ears for short hair

It should be borne in mind that such haircuts quickly lose shape as the strands grow. It is necessary to constantly maintain the desired length and after each washing, if necessary, to lay.

The most popular and versatile haircut for short hair for every day. The square has various variations:

A bob haircut became popular in the 1920sCaret is suitable for any type of hair, if you choose the right shape

Bob is perfect for owners of thick, straight hair. A haircut can also be done on curly ones, but at the same time you will have to constantly styling. Strands trimmed under the bean beautifully frame the face and open the neck due to the large length in front and a shortened line at the back.

This option is suitable for both young and mature ladies.

Men's hairstyle cap on medium hair

If a man is the owner of medium-length hair, then the type of hairstyle should be determined based on external features.

For men with an elongated face, it is necessary to make the upper hair shorter than the side. And for those with a round face, it is necessary to make short whiskey and a long bang, and when laying, comb it back or on its side.

For owners of a triangular face, stylists are advised to grow a long bang and beard. This will visually reduce cheekbones. This type of haircut has been very popular lately.

Men with an oval face need to pay attention to the features of their appearance in order to emphasize or hide the flaws.

Here you need an individual and professional approach of the stylist to each client. By the way, this type of person is considered a reference.


Sesson is usually preferred by girls and women who do not have time for styling. This haircut can be up to the earlobe, to the shoulder. It differs from other options in that the session does not require special care.

This hairstyle gives expression to facial features.

This haircut option suits lovers of retro looks. Bold, confident personalities always choose him. The haircut is practical and easy to care for, but not suitable for all types of people.

Smooth bangs belong to the traditional model of hairstyles

Elongated hat

Many do not realize that there is a male haircut with a cap in women's hairstyles. This is just an elongated hat. This type of hat is preferred mainly by women. The main feature is the choice of hairstyles depending on the texture of the face.

A cap with an extension looks great on owners with any face shape except chubby ladies. In addition, this hairstyle requires constant adjustment in order to always be fresh and stylish.

Also, a haircut is suitable for ladies of absolutely any age. Features of this haircut are:

-short top
- long bottom.


A haircut cascade can be done on the basis of any short hairstyle. The advantage of this option is the ability to select the length of the strands for a specific face shape.

With short hair, the cascade looks bright and spectacular. Owners of curly hair can not devote much time to styling a hairstyle, since light natural negligence is only beneficial.

Haircut not recommended for coarse and thick hair.

Men's model haircuts beanie - execution technology

Different types of hats have distinctive features in cutting technology. Below, we consider the classic or basic version of a male haircut hat.

Haircut always starts from the back of the head. With the help of straight scissors and a comb-comb, cut the hair to the desired length. Most often, hairdressers first use a clipper, and then trim the length with scissors.

Cut the hair to the earlobe. While maintaining a smooth transition of long and short hair. Then you need to trim the whiskers. Using a razor creates clear contours.

Next action: bangs cut. The rest of the bangs are trimmed along the length of the bangs. The last stage: laying and drying.

It is worth noting that improper styling only spoils the impression of a haircut. She gives sloppy and disheveled, sloppy look.

Men's haircut hat for guys - simple, neat, unusual. This is evidenced by her appearance. By your type you can choose how the hairstyle will look from the side, front, back.

Men's hairstyle cap is easy to style, emphasizes and eliminates flaws, allows you to experiment, gives chic and elegance. A good competent specialist will always help determine the client with a haircut option.

See the coolest men's hairstyles here.

Loose hair

The most common and simplest hairstyle for medium lengths. After washing, the hair is dried and left falling on the shoulders. You can pull out the strands with a curling iron, wind them with curlers and other devices to create waves and curls, and also leave them in a natural state.

With this hairstyle your ears will be securely covered

Advantage or disadvantage

If a guy is shy of protruding ears, then the elongated ringlets covering this part of the head will become a real salvation. In this case, it will be possible to do various styling and thereby diversify your image.

Another advantage of such a haircut may be the presence of a thick chalk, which will help to adjust the shape of the face or hide imperfections. Most often, stylists recommend guys to pay attention to bangs: oblique, ragged, thick or elongated.

Smooth Hairstyles

Currently, this technique is very popular. It is well suited to owners of thick hair that will keep their shape.

Exactly cropped hair looks neat, strict and stylish.

How to choose a haircut taking into account the shape of the face?

With a square face, it is recommended to choose hairstyles with shortened hair in the temporal zones. Such a solution will soften the angular face.

For guys with an elongated face, it is better to use hairstyles for medium hair length, or at least not to cut the length on the sides. In this case, ragged and multilayer haircuts will add a little volume and round off visually hollow cheeks.

Short hair

It is best to hide the protruding ears of a graduated haircut. It looks impressive, but requires daily styling. A multi-layer haircut will be a salvation for guys with weak, thinned hair. It will help to add bulk to the hair. False Iroquois is also a very interesting option. The lateral zones are not trimmed tightly to cover the top of the ear, and long hair on the crown with the help of mousse rises to the top, forming a mohawk.

Medium length hair

Today, such a length is at the peak of fashion, while they can be laid both randomly and combed back, which is very convenient. For medium length, a multilayer haircut with a thick bang, laid to one side, is suitable. It can be smooth or disheveled based on the overall image. Also at the height of fashion are classic styling with elongated strands combed back or to the side.

Gavrosh haircuts are also popular today especially among young people. It is characterized by torn elongated strands at the nape and volume at the crown. The haircut is characterized by torn edges and a bold image.

Long hair

Men with long hair are not uncommon today, and from this they do not look less courageous. Looks good cascading haircut at length along the shoulders. The texture of such a hairstyle is created using a special razor. Hair is trimmed along the shoulders in layers. Styling requires a little hairspray.

Elongated caret is not for all men, however, sophisticated personalities with a fine mental organization will like this hairstyle.

Important tips from the masters

To make men's hairstyles with closed ears look organically and effectively, stylists recommend paying special attention to hair, namely the health of both the hairline and scalp.

  1. Watch the cleanliness of your hair. Any haircut will look untidy with a dirty head. Those around, evaluating the overall image, first of all pay attention to the head. If your hair gets oily quickly, try washing it daily. At the same time, in order not to dry the scalp, it is recommended to use special shampoos for daily washing.
  2. For dry scalp and dandruff, discard shampoos for volume and be sure to use a balm or oil for each wash. When laying, try to use mousses and gels less often.
  3. For irritated and sensitive scalp, use natural wood combs to help soothe the itch and not spread the infection.


In order to prove themselves, they don’t need to chase fashion blindly, just wear the form with which you feel comfortable. Individuality, charisma and personal style will not be able to instill in a man even the best beauty specialists.Men's haircuts with closed ears are selected simply, they must match the inner world and the style of the wearer!


The front line of hair directly near the face is made out in the form of soft steps. They can begin at any level - from the temple to the chin. A short flight of stairs for medium hair has been relevant for many seasons.

This option is equally suitable for owners of straight and curly strands.


Girls with Greek hairstyles look especially feminine. To create an image, you must prepare the bezel in advance. It should have a length suitable for specific hair, and a general appearance.

Greek hairstyles are often done for a wedding.

There are many hairstyles for hair of any length, which will help to cover protruding ears. A variety of options will allow you to choose the most suitable style for each woman.

Evening and bridal hairstyles with closed ears

Evening hairstyles with closed ears are represented by a variety of options. Depending on the length of the hair, you can choose a haircut or styling that unobtrusively hide problems.

Leave the hair loose, collect a hairstyle from braids or make fashionable smooth buns.

It is worth relying on the professionalism and imagination of the master, because protruding ears are not a reason to abandon your favorite hairstyle.

Hairstyles for protruding ears require a competent stylist when collecting girls for an important event. After all, for a wedding or prom, every woman wants to feel irresistible.

The perfect option for graduation hairstyles with closed ears is a Greek-style styling. Such hairstyles are made with a variety of accessories - headbands and ribbons that can be harmoniously placed so that the ears are closed.

Wedding hairstyles are also easy to adapt to problem ears. To do this, just choose a hairstyle from voluminous curls or weaving on one side using jewelry. Headbands, elastic bands and currently fashionable tiaras will distract attention from your little flaw.

Hairstyles with closed ears for every day is far from a problem. Remembering the basic rules for styling, you can easily adjust your flaw.

For every day at home

  1. Low beam. Curl hair, comb a little on the top. Then collect at the bottom with a small rubber band, which is pinned invisibly to the back of the head.

2. Malvinka with braids. Braid on the sides of two low braids, so that they then pass over the ears. Cross and stab.

3. Waves on loose hair. Divide all hair into two or 3 parts, depending on the density of the hair with horizontal partings. Then wind all the hair onto the curling iron in the same direction. Comb with a rare comb or hands, sprinkle with varnish.

  • 4. Elastic Hairstyle

7. Haircut Cascade

For owners of long hair, a cascading haircut is suitable. A cascade is a hairstyle option to hide ears. The length of the hair allows the master to cut the locks, varying the length, so that the area of ​​the ears is covered. Also, strands of different lengths automatically add volume to the hair, to help distract attention from the features.

Hairstyles for medium hair with closed ears

Since the average length is mainly worn in a loose form, the most important thing is to choose the right haircut and styling for it. The optimal haircut for medium length is a voluminous square with a bang with strands laid to the face.

Lush styling Volumetric styling at medium length will perfectly hide your ears For thin hair

If the length permits, then collected low hairstyles (various bundles, tails, shells) are suitable for these purposes. And if it is not possible to collect medium-length hair in a hairstyle, then weaving elements or plaits diversify the images. A good option is French weaving and waterfalls that completely or partially hide the ears.

1. Volumetric hairstyle

Hairstyle or haircut, even if it is just a tail or braid, make voluminous, then it will cover your ears. Even if the hairstyle is with open ears, then release strands in the face and add volume behind the ears.

The exception is long thick and heavy hair, as they themselves can do it.

4. Careful use of hair accessories

  1. Accessories serve as an additional assistant in order to hide large or protruding ears, shift the emphasis on yourself, or simply cover them.
  2. For example, a bright tiara will divert attention, and a wide ribbon will cover your ears.

Such an accessory will only open the ears. Large earrings and a rim will emphasize the ears. Volumetric curls and such a rim arrangement are ideal to cover the ears. With the help of a bright rim and textured light curls, you can cover your ears even with short hair. the hairstyle is low and the rim additionally fixes the ears

The correct arrangement of accessories can distract attention to yourself.

A voluminous hairstyle and flower comb will distract attention from the ears

What should be avoided for girls with this feature:

  • Avoid hairstyles and hair styling that open the ears, for example, high tails, tufts on the top of the head.
  • Avoid elements that draw attention to the ears when they are ajar in the hairstyle. For example, noticeable earrings, headbands that open ears. This does not mean that you should abandon them, just add them to such a hairstyle in which only a lobe with an earring will be visible.

Celebrities with protruding ears

Sticking ears always give rise to doubts in girls about their own attractiveness. You should not make a complex out of this problem, because many celebrities have this feature. Sophie Marceau, Kristen Stewart, Kate Hudson, Liv Tyler, Alexa Chung are some of the famous beauties who are not shy about themselves. A little imagination, the help of a hairdresser, and nobody will notice your ears.

Kristen Stewart Sophie Marceau Kate Hudson Alexa Chung

You can take an example of stars and models that don’t be shy about yourself, and turn a small flaw into a highlight.

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The ears of a child, an adult - ears are sticking out: how to remove, fix protruding, protruding ears without surgery at home? How to hide protruding ears: men's, women's and children's hairstyles and haircuts for protruding ears - photo. What do protruding ears say about a person?

Are bulging ears your personality or a reason to go to a surgeon? Read more in our article.

  • What big protruding ears say about a man, a man and a woman: physiognomy
  • The ears of a child, an infant, an adult stick out - lop-eared: what to do?
  • Video: protruding ears? (test for the need for surgery)
  • Operation on the ears so that they do not stick out: price, how are they doing?
  • Women's hairstyles and haircuts for girls, hiding protruding ears - photo
    • Universal cascade
    • Elegant square
    • Popular bob
  • Hairstyles and haircuts for girls for curly hair, hiding protruding ears - photo
  • Wedding hairstyles for girls hiding protruding ears - photo
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  • Stars with protruding ears: photos
  • Video: 3 hairstyles for girls for every day | Hairstyles in kindergarten

Protruding ears or deafness are found in almost half of newborn babies. Such a defect does not affect the development of the auditory apparatus, but can be distressing from an aesthetic point of view. Someone’s ears are bulged out only slightly, while others have strong or asymmetrical ears. The main causes of hearing loss are heredity and features of intrauterine development.

What big protruding ears say about a man, a man and a woman: physiognomy

The eyes, as you know, are the mirror of the soul, and the ears open the doors to the outside world. The hearing function is the perception of information from any sound source, even invisible. In physiognomy, ears are responsible for a person’s ability to perceive and process information.

  • Lop-earedness betrays a person who has his own view of the world, independent in evaluations and judgments, and does not follow the majority. This approach to life invariably causes problems in society.
  • If the right ear is more protruding, it expresses activity and determination in the business and public spheres. If left - a person seeks independence in personal and intimate life.
  • If the ears are large - this is a sign of great vitality and willpower. Such people are very energetic and assertive. After listening to the advice, they will still do everything their own way.
  • Small ears, protruding from above, give out sensitive and emotional people who can be quite pragmatic, but in any unusual situation they manifest themselves too impulsively.

Ears can “tell” about a person’s character

The ears of a child, an infant, an adult stick out - lop-eared: what to do?

The child’s hearing loss can cause many comments and ridicule from others. Everyone knows the laws of the children's team, especially in the transition period, when the slightest difference from peers can cause the development of complexes, alienation and isolation.

Parents should carefully consider this issue from a very early age. Strongly expressed deafness should be eliminated in childhood.

Lop-eared ears can make fun of a child

How to remove, fix protruding ears without surgery at home?

In the period up to 6 months, the cartilage tissue is not stabilized and can be corrected without surgery.

  • One effective way is to use a special silicone mold.
  • This device helps to fix the auricle in the correct position, gradually forming a normal angle.
  • If you use this form from birth, you can adjust the position of the auricles without surgical procedures.

Otostick Ear Corrector

The use of such a device allows for correction during the period of application by gluing the back of the auricle to the scalp using a silicone “suction cup”.

Manufacturers recommend wearing the corrector without removing it for up to 1 week, and then changing it to a new one. In the process of wearing, you can wash your hair, visit the pool or sauna.

The disadvantages of this method include:

  • Temporary effect.
  • Possibility of peeling off at the wrong time.
  • The appearance of irritations and cracks in the skin as a result of contact with an adhesive and during rubbing.

Silicone ear shape corrector

Correction of protruding ears at home: how to apply clamps, ear bandages?

  • A simpler way to correct deafness is mistakenly considered to be gluing the child’s ears to the head with a medical plaster at night. Doctors respond negatively to such a procedure, considering it ineffective and even dangerous for the baby. Constant contact with the patch can damage the baby’s delicate skin, provoke allergic and inflammatory processes, and also lead to deformation of the auricles.
  • Putting on a baby a dense cap, bandage or elastic gum, firmly pressing the ears to the head, experts also recognize the ineffective method. In addition, constant compression of the head can cause deformation of the cartilaginous tissue, spasms of the vessels of the skin layer, circulatory disorders, headaches and more serious problems, including impaired hearing and vision.

If the period of infancy is already behind, we can say that the right time for conservative correction of the auricles has been missed. In the future, the only way to correct deafness is a temporary correction or operation.

In adulthood, changing the shape of the ears can only be done using surgery

Video: protruding ears? (test for the need for surgery)

The surgical procedure for correcting hearing loss is called otoplasty. With its help, you can change the location and eliminate other defects in the shape and size of the auricles. The operation gives a 100% positive result - after carrying out and the recovery period, you will forget about your problem once and for all.

Otoplasty is a safe and uncomplicated procedure that is successfully performed for children and adult patients. In most cases, local anesthesia is used for adults, for children the operation is performed under general anesthesia.

What is the operation:

  • The surgeon, using a scalpel or laser, performs a small incision behind the auricle, taking into account its physiological structure.
  • Depending on the initial position, the cartilage tissue is released, after which it is given a new position. If necessary, excess cartilage is removed.
  • Internal and external cosmetic seams are applied, then a bandage. An elastic bandage is put on top.
  • The duration of the procedure is about 1 hour.
  • After surgery, the recovery period lasts from 7 to 14 days. During this time, it is necessary to wear a special elastic bandage, to abandon physical activity, water procedures, sports.

The cost of the procedure depends on the complexity of the particular case, the materials used and anesthesia and can range from 10 to 60 thousand rubles.

  • From a medical point of view, hearing loss is not a deviation from the norm and does not affect hearing function. The need for otoplasty is dictated only by the patient’s own desire to give the ears a more regular shape.
  • With regard to the child, such a decision must be made by the parents. Otoplasty is recommended for children after 6 years, with the full formation of the auricle. Sometimes surgery is advised to be postponed until the age of 7-8.

Contraindications for surgery:

  • children under 6 years old
  • diabetes
  • oncological diseases
  • endocrine dysfunction
  • hemophilia

Women's hairstyles and haircuts for girls, hiding protruding ears - photo

If the defect of the auricles is not too pronounced or for some reason you do not decide on the operation, a correctly selected hairstyle will help to mask such a defect.

  • The basic rule is not to leave your ears open.
  • Discard ponytails, bunches, sleek styling, short haircuts for a boy.

If you wear long hair:

  • You can make a low tail or bun and leave loose strands around the face.
  • Loose volumetric curls will help to perfectly mask problem ears.
  • Also, salvation will be any version of the Greek hairstyle.

Options hairstyles for long hair

Protruding ears will best help hide graded volumetric haircuts on medium length hair.

Universal cascade

A multi-layer step haircut is one of the most optimal options for protruding ears.

  • The bulk form looks good on thick and smooth hair, gives the necessary splendor to thin strands, and also creates a neat contour for soft curls.
  • Modern trends in the technique of haircuts help to create the maximum volume on the crown with detailed milled tips. Thus, it is possible not only to hide problem ears, but also visually lengthen the contour of the face.
  • Cascading haircuts are easy to style and offer many options - with straight and curled strands, straight or side parting, various bangs.

Cascade for medium hair

Elegant square

Suitable for owners of thick and coarse hair.

  • A square based on a geometrically regular contour always looks classically elegant. Such a haircut on medium hair will hide the imperfections and emphasize the oval of the face.
  • The shape of the bangs and the overall length can vary to create the necessary accent. Short and thick bangs will add volume to the upper part of the face. Long bangs will create soft outlines and allow you to experiment with styling.
  • According to the execution technique, a graduated square can be considered one of the varieties of cascading haircuts, but with a similar square shape. This option is often used on thin, curly curls.

Popular bob

  • It looks feminine and stylish on any type of hair, suitable for girls, schoolgirls, young and confident fashionistas, ladies of Balzac age.
  • The most spectacular and relevant option looks with elongated milled strands framing the contour of the face, and a shortened occipital zone.
  • Depending on the type of hair, you can choose a more or less pronounced asymmetry.

Hairstyles and haircuts for girls for curly hair, hiding protruding ears - photo

Wavy hair by itself creates the necessary volume, so masking protruding ears with charming curls is much easier.

  • Shoulder length is the most suitable choice for girls with curly hair, as well as curls after perming. This length offers a wide variety of haircuts and hairstyles.
  • For elastic curls, a step haircut, asymmetric options with slight negligence and elongated front strands are suitable.
  • With a poorly selected haircut, a pile of curly, naughty hair runs the risk of looking messy. If the purpose of the haircut is not only to hide protruding ears, but also to reduce the excess volume of lush curls, it is better to stop on a classic or shortened bean without a bang.
  • In addition to cutting, you can add the missing volume and make visual accents using modern coloring techniques - highlighting, balayazh, coloring.

Curly Hair Options

Wedding hairstyles for girls hiding protruding ears - photo

A special day involves an unusual hairstyle. It is worth trusting the professionalism and imagination of the master, having discussed your wishes in advance. Depending on the length and type of hair, you can choose a styling that unobtrusively hide problems.

  • To mask the ears, you should choose a hairstyle from voluminous curls with a low beam or weaving on one side.
  • Also accessories will help - flowers, headbands, tiaras.

Wedding hairstyles with closed ears

Hairstyles and haircuts for girls to school, hiding protruding ears - photo

Sticking ears cause a lot of trouble for girls during the school period, because it’s too early to talk about fashionable haircuts, and long hair needs to be gathered or braided daily.

  • School hairstyles oblige to adhere to strict contours - you should forget about loose hair, curls and locks hanging around your face.
  • One of the methods to hide the ear defect is asymmetry - it is recommended to place the bun or braid not in the center of the head, but with an offset, being careful not to pull the hair too tight.
  • Various variants of French braids look voluminous.
  • If your mother has enough time and imagination, you can experiment with weaving - to braid one main and several thin braids, which frame the face and press the upper part of the ears.

Children's hairstyles and haircuts for protruding ears - photo

  • As a rule, children's hair at an early age is still quite soft and thin, so daily volume weaving will be difficult to perform.
  • In the preschool period, the best option to hide the ears is to make a haircut up to the shoulders or a little lower. There may be several options - direct or stepped, with or without bangs.
  • For girls, you can use hair ornaments - hairpins, headbands, elastic bands that will create the necessary volume.

Men's haircuts for straight and curly hair, hiding protruding ears - photo

It is much more difficult for men to hide such a lack of appearance as lop-eared than for ladies. Elongated hair covering the ears is not for everyone, and often looks ridiculous with age. Smoothly combed hair, too short and asymmetrical haircuts should also be avoided.

You can use some other tricks:

  • Volume haircuts with thick bangs and a lush area over the ears.
  • A contour of a haircut in the form, repeating the shape of the head with half-closed ears and slightly elongated hair on the back of the head.

Jake Gyllenhaal Style
Youth haircut option
Business style

Stars with protruding ears: photos

Many will agree that more often we evaluate people not by their appearance, but by the energy that they radiate. The degree of charm and self-confidence does not always depend on the beauty and perfectly regular features of the face and figure. The best proof that each of us can turn our shortcomings into a “highlight” is the appearance of movie stars and show business.

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