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The main male hormone responsible for both external distinguishing features and behavioral features is testosterone. Its level may decrease for various reasons, as a result of which the patient's quality of life will also deteriorate.

In order to restore the normal value of testosterone, the “hormone of the kings”, injections are often used. You will learn more about this in our article.

Testosterone injections and possible side effects from injections

A little bit about testosterone injections

Almost all men with age begin to experience problems with a lack of male hormones. The fact is that the body can no longer independently provide itself with testosterone at a sufficient level, and as a result, androgen deficiency occurs. In this case, the body can not cope with its functions in this case only by obtaining the necessary hormone from the outside. Scientifically, this is called hormone replacement therapy.

When are procedures needed?

The normal level of testosterone in the body is extremely important for men's health. If the production of the hormone decreases, then the patient may notice a decrease in vitality and sexual desire, impaired memory and concentration, loss of muscle mass and weight gain. A man becomes irritable or lethargic, down to a depressive state.

The following diseases may contribute to lower testosterone levels.:

  • acromegaly - a disease that causes an increase in the hands, feet, skull and other parts of the body,
  • testicular overheating,
  • sexual infantilism (underdevelopment of reproductive organs),
  • obesity (especially in the abdomen),
  • adrenal insufficiency,
  • hypertrophy (pathological enlargement) of the prostate gland,
  • arterial hypertension,
  • chronic prostatitis
  • male menopause
  • high blood sugar (hyperglycemia),
  • alcoholism,
  • high cholesterol
  • osteoporosis,
  • impotence.

A popular reason for lowering testosterone levels is age-related changes. After 35 years, degenerative processes begin to take place in the male body, which reduces the production of hormones, including sex.

Violation of testosterone production is observed in people involved in aggressive sports and bodybuilding using anabolic steroids. With the intake of such substances, synthesized hormones enter the body, as a result of which natural synthesis slows down.

Even after stopping the use of anabolics, the body is not always able to independently return to normal working conditions, as a result of which therapeutic measures are needed to restore testosterone.

Another reason is malnutrition. For the synthesis of testosterone, a constant intake of vitamins and nutrients into the body is necessary. In particular, it is necessary to consume foods with a fat content, since small amounts of cholesterol contribute to the production of male sex hormones. Vegetarianism, on the contrary, causes a deterioration in the synthesis of testosterone.

The wrong lifestyle - lack of physical activity, smoking, alcohol and drugs - adversely affects the production of male hormones.

What is testosterone, its role in the body

Testosterone is a sex hormone, androgen, which is responsible for the appearance of secondary sexual characteristics in adolescents, for virilization (the appearance of male features in boys), for sperm production in all men of reproductive age.

In addition, he participates in the formation of bone and muscle tissue (as a result of this, athletes begin to inject themselves, believing that testosterone injections will help them quickly gain muscle mass and gain relief forms). In addition, testosterone affects the mood of a man, making him more stable emotionally. Women taking testosterone also become less impressionable, harsh, rude, and less susceptible.

Normally, the hormone is synthesized from cholesterol. In violation of lipid metabolism in the body, the production of sex hormones is disrupted. In turn, hormonal imbalance leads to metabolic disorders, including lipid metabolism. Testosterone preparations do not contain the hormone in its pure form, but include its esters or aqueous solutions of synthetically prepared androgen. Esters are essentially substances alien to the body, have a hepatotoxic effect on the body and interfere with the normal functioning of the endocrine system. Therefore, their use should be accompanied by maintenance therapy for the liver.

The level of testosterone in the blood depends on several factors: the man’s age, his state of health, physical activity, quality of nutrition, lifestyle. Men are not subject to cyclical changes, like women, but at the same time, the indicators of sex hormones in them can change almost the same as in women at different periods of the menstrual cycle.

Testosterone is an antagonist of estrogen (female sex hormone). With an excess of testosterone in the female body, changes begin to occur with the voice, hairline, figure, behavior of the woman - they look like men. Such changes are irreversible.

The method of administration of the hormonal drug

How to do testosterone injections for men? The question is not unusual for patients who have never given injections on their own. Here are the basic rules:

  1. The injection is intramuscular, so it is placed in the gluteus or femoral muscle.
  2. It is better to make an injection in the morning, use an insulin syringe.
  3. When choosing a syringe, attention should be paid to the dose: for a volume of more than 1 ml, choose a syringe in 3 ml of volume.
  4. Prepare a napkin or cotton swab, alcohol solution.
  5. Wash hands with soap.
  6. Wear sterile gloves.
  7. Carefully open the ampoule at risk.
  8. Take a syringe with a thick needle - through such a needle it is easier to collect the oily composition of the drug.
  9. Treat the injection site with an alcohol solution.
  10. Change the needle to a thin one.
  11. Release the remaining air from the syringe by turning it with the needle up and slightly clicking on the barrel of the syringe.
  12. Prick the puncture site by placing the needle at an angle of 90 degrees.
  13. Slowly administer the medicine.
  14. Remove the needle, wipe the injection site again with an alcohol cloth or cotton swab.

The injection is done, you can go about your business. It should be remembered that injections of testosterone for men are quite painful, so some patients are better to put the medicine in the laboratory.

Methods of administering testosterone

The most common way to replenish the body with testosterone is by intramuscular injection with some kind of harmonious drug. A similar method has been used for a long time and has established itself well.

However, there are other ways to administer such drugs:

  • orally, i.e. through the digestive tract using tablets and capsules,
  • transdermal, i.e. through the skin with gels, plasters,
  • buccal, i.e. by mouth with absorbable tablets,
  • subcutaneous, i.e. using special implants.

Each of these methods is quite effective, but in addition to the pros, each of them has its own disadvantages.


Methyltestosterone is a hormonal drug that has been created with the help of male hormones. The form of the drug is a tablet, taken under the tongue and held there until completely dissolved.

Women are prescribed this medicine:

  • With malignant tumors of the mammary glands and ovaries.
  • In the menopause to avoid nervous and vascular disorders.

If a woman takes the hormonal drug systemically, it is possible to strengthen male qualities (baldness, a rough voice, menstrual irregularities, etc.).

In addition, there are such side effects:

  • Dizziness.
  • Nausea.
  • Vomiting
  • Increased libido.
  • Headache and others.

With an overdose, side effects increase. The daily dose of the drug is 0.1 g, and a single 0.05 g.

There are a number of contraindications:

  1. Pregnancy,
  2. Prostate cancer
  3. Hypersensitivity.

Before use, you need to consult a doctor.

Indications for hormone-boosting injections

Why do we need injections that increase testosterone in men and when can I inject them? There are several popular pharmacy drugs that are used as injections to increase testosterone levels.

All of them can be conditionally divided into 3 groups according to exposure time:

  1. Short-acting drugs are made on the basis of testosterone propionate. Such injections allow you to restore the required level of the hormone in 3-4 days, but after that, if you do not enter a second injection, it will decrease again. To prevent this from happening, you need a regular course of treatment, and in the case of such drugs it is not always convenient: they are painful, require frequent use, and the likelihood of side effects is high.
  2. Medium Duration Medications Based on Testosterone Esters (enanthate, cypionate) or mixtures thereof. Such injections are effective for a month, and they quickly begin to affect the synthesis of the hormone after injection. Their only drawback compared with short-term drugs is a higher cost.
  3. Long-acting products are made on the basis of testosterone undecaonate. Their advantage is that in the body the hormone is released gradually, and not immediately, as is the case with other drugs.

As a result of this, the patient does not experience mood swings or decreased sex drive. The duration of exposure to such injections can reach three months. Their cost is even higher than in the case of short and medium term drugs.

Among the first group of drugs, Testosterone propionate is considered popular.

There are several manufacturers of this medicine.:

In the latter case, the packaging of the drug is cheaper, but it contains 5 ampoules, and not 10, as in the rest, and the concentration of the active substance is less. The solution is an oily liquid of a yellowish or greenish color with a characteristic odor.

Testosterone propianate is prescribed for a decrease in hormone levels caused by any physiological reasons. The use of injections of this drug (as well as other means to increase testosterone production) contraindicated in the following cases:

  1. prostate or breast cancer
  2. individual intolerance to the components of the drug,
  3. hyperplasia (proliferation of tissues) of the prostate gland,
  4. gynecomastia - breast enlargement,
  5. violation of the urination process,
  6. liver and kidney diseases,
  7. heart failure,
  8. myocardial infarction
  9. hypercalcemia - an increase in the concentration of calcium in the blood,
  10. diabetes,
  11. swelling.

The course of treatment is determined individually depending on the characteristics of the body and the existing disease. Most often, an injection is prescribed in the amount of one ampoule with an interval of 1-2 days. The course of treatment can last from two weeks to several months, depending on the results of therapy.

  • A popular medium-term drug is the Indian tool Testen-250, which is based on the ester testosterone enanthate. The duration of one injection is an average of half a month, but it is recommended to give an injection 1 time per week.To achieve a lasting result, it is necessary to take a course lasting 2-3 months.
  • Another drug based on this ester is called Testosterone Depot.. This is an oily solution of a transparent yellow hue, produced by a Moldavian company.

Most often, for the treatment of diseases that worsen testosterone synthesis, 50-200 mg of the drug is prescribed once every 2-4 weeks (1 ml of Testosterone Depot contains 250 mg of the active substance). The maximum monthly dose of testosterone is 400 mg. The oldest anabolic in this group is German-made Testoviron. This is the first commercially available hormone-boosting drug patented in the first half of the last century.

Depending on the diagnosed disease and the characteristics of a particular organism, the doctor prescribes 1 to 4 ampoules per week, this amount is divided into 2 injections. Depending on the results of therapy, the course can last from 2 weeks to several months. Sustanon belongs to the group of drugs of medium duration., which is made on the basis of a mixture of esters of the hormone. The drug is produced by a pharmaceutical company from the Netherlands.

The solution is an oily yellow liquid. Usually an injection is prescribed in the amount of one ampoule once every 3 weeks. The entire course should last no more than 6 weeks, unless the doctor has outlined a different principle of therapy.

  • Based on a mixture of esters, another drug is made - Omnadren 250, which is an oily solution of a light yellow hue. The medicine is produced by a Polish pharmaceutical company. Depending on the disease, therapy involves the introduction of 1 ampoule of the drug 1 time in 1-4 weeks.
  • Among the long-acting drugs include the German drug Nebido. It is based on testosterone undecanoate.

    This is a pale yellow oily solution, prescribed as an injection in an amount of 1 ampoule every 3-4 months. It is with this dosage that the optimal concentration of the hormone is achieved without pathological accumulation in the blood.

    Artificial Testosterone Preparations

    Artificial preparations based on water and on the basis of esters perform a number of functions inherent in the sex hormone produced naturally. They affect the development and function of the male external genital organs, the development and function of the prostate gland, and the work of seminal vesicles. In addition, the drugs cause signs of masculinity or virilization: a low voice timbre, more pronounced than that of a woman, hair, developed muscles, male type of figure. Among other things, testosterone preparations form the sexual and social behavior of men, activate libido, maintain potency, and ensure normal spermatogenesis.
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    Testosterone retains phosphorus, potassium, sulfur in the body and directs them to protein synthesis. In addition, it fixes calcium in the bones and stimulates the growth of muscle tissue. Because the hormone has an anabolic effect, drugs with testosterone have been actively used by athletes. Therefore, foreign hormone preparations contain detailed instructions and annotations, which reflect the entire spectrum of the effects of testosterone on the body and emphasize the consequences of its use.

    Possible side effects

    How to inject testosterone, so that there are no consequences? Hormone therapy is often accompanied by the appearance of side effects, even if the recommendations for the use of the drug are fully observed. The most unpleasant consequence of testosterone injections may be its aromatization (conversion) into the female hormone estrogen. In this case, fat may be deposited in the waist or gynecomastia - an increase in the mammary glands.

    The following side effects are also possible.:

    • headaches, dizziness,
    • unreasonable feeling of fear
    • prostate tumor
    • cramps
    • irritability,
    • depressive state
    • leg pains
    • swelling of the limbs
    • obesity,
    • upset stool
    • nausea and vomiting.

    Also, after an injection of testosterone, the buttock may hurt. Prolonged use of testosterone preparations can lead to a change in the level of sexual desire. This can be expressed in hypersexuality (frequent erection) or in a decrease in libido. Such injections can affect the quality of the ejaculate - the number of sperm and their speed are reduced, which entails infertility.


    Estratest is a combination of the two hormones estrogen and testosterone. This drug is perfect for women who are undergoing surgical menopause, because after the operation, the woman feels bouts of heat, a decrease in sexual desire.

    You need to be extremely careful when taking the hormone, its excess:

    • May cause obesity.
    • Possible mood swings.
    • Insomnia.
    • Irritability.
    • The most dangerous side effect is the formation of tumors in the liver.

    In this regard, you need to correctly calculate the dose of the drug.

    Can I buy testosterone tablets without prescription?

    When asked men where to buy pills to increase testosterone, the answer is clear: in a pharmacy. Here are some prices:

    • Andriol - the price in pharmacies in Russia is about 1200 rubles. (sold by prescription)
    • Tribestan - 2000 rub. (sold over the counter)
    • Testogenon - 800 rubles. (without recipe)

    Who and why are prescribed testosterone injections

    Testosterone is used as part of replacement therapy. It is used to correct and treat the following conditions and diseases:

    • Testicular disease
    • Pituitary disease
    • Brain diseases that provoke hypogonadism or insufficiency of secretion of sex hormones,
    • Decreased levels of natural testosterone associated with old age.
    • Eunuchoidism is the development of the male body according to the female type.
    • Impotence, having endocrine causes.
    • Post-castration syndrome experienced by patients of both sexes during surgical removal of the internal genital organs.
    • Oligospermia is a significant decrease in the volume of sperm ejected during ejaculation.
    • Osteoporosis of a hormonal nature (arising against a background of androgen deficiency).
    • Hormone-dependent female diseases.

    Other reasons justifying the use of synthetic hormone have not been confirmed. Experts are recommended to use testosterone in injections and in other dosage forms in the absence of a positive therapeutic effect from the use of other drugs.

    Testosterone preparations are available on the water and on the ether basis. The former are more accessible, but less secure. Firstly, the administration of the drug itself is very painful, secondly, painful infiltrates often form at the injection site, thirdly, suppuration and inflammation of an infectious nature are possible at the injection site, and fourthly, the water-based drug takes less time. The preparation based on esters retains its effect for up to a month, as it is slowly excreted by the body.

    The drug "Nebido"

    This is an androgenic drug depot form. It has a fairly high price. In Russia, the Nebido medical device costs about 4,000 rubles. Available in amber glass ampoules. The medicine is administered intramuscularly. The color of the product is transparent, with a slight yellowness, it has an oily base. The main substance of the drug is

    In 1 ml of the drug there is 250 mg of the hormone. Auxiliary components are castor oil, benzyl benzoate. The medicine is administered once every two weeks, one gram. With this type of administration, testosterone will be normal in the body. It is necessary to give an injection slowly. Before using the drug "Nebido" it is recommended to warm it up a bit. In its composition, it has castor oil. Used to treat only adult men. There are some side effects.Most often, the drug causes acne and pain at the injection site.

    Instructions for use of ampoules

    Where to inject testosterone? Testosterone injections are given intramuscularly, less often subcutaneously. The most suitable is the gluteus or femoral muscle (quadriceps). It is best to give an injection in the morning using an insulin syringe. If a single dose of the drug exceeds 1 ml, then it is optimal to use a 3 ml syringe.

    Correctly inject testosterone as follows:

    1. First you need to wash your hands with antibacterial soap and put on sterile gloves.
    2. The required amount of the drug is drawn into the syringe. Since testosterone-based products are oily, it is better to use a thick needle for a set, and change it to a thin one before administration.
    3. Air is squeezed out of the syringe, for this you need to slowly press the piston until a trickle of medicine appears.
    4. The injection site is treated with an alcohol wipe.
    5. The needle is inserted at an angle of 90 degrees to the skin, the medicine should flow slowly.
    6. The syringe must be removed and then treated after the injection site with an alcohol wipe.

    What happens if a man injects testosterone? Testosterone is an extremely important hormone, with a decrease in its level, both the physical and psychological condition of a man will worsen. If the body is not able to independently cope with the synthesis of this component, then injections prescribed by a doctor come to the aid of the patient.

    Watch a video on self testosterone injection:


    Omnadren is testosterone, which is connected to four different esters, and therefore, after administration, the drug stays in the body for a long time. The form of the drug is injection.

    The female part of the population uses this drug:

    • With breast cancer.
    • Miome.
    • Endometriosis.

    • Prostate cancer
    • Impaired renal and hepatic function,
    • Pregnancy,
    • Heart failure,
    • Asthenia.

    Like all drugs, the hormone has side effects:

    • Headache.
    • Allergic reactions.
    • Edema and others.

    It is applied intramuscularly, the dose for each patient is individual . It depends on the testimony and reaction of the patient.

    How testosterone affects the body

    Most often used testosterone injections. The dosage form in the form of tablets is inaccessible and is considered less effective in gaining muscle mass. Indeed, with active training aimed at “pumping” the muscles, the use of testosterone preparations accelerated muscle gain by 2-3 times. This technique also worked for women athletes, but a more pronounced and lasting effect was observed in men.

    Men have an increased mood, a positive attitude towards their occupation, endurance increases, which allows them to more actively engage in mass building. At the same time, part of the mass gained is represented by water, which is retained by testosterone. After discontinuation of the drug, the liquid leaves, and the mass decreases accordingly.

    The drug strengthens bones by retaining calcium. This reduces the risk of injury, especially with power loads. Those taking testosterone preparations note that their potency has increased, the number has increased and the quality of sexual intercourse has improved. In this case, a more or less prolonged use of drugs causes side effects.

    Formal studies on the effects of the synthetic analogue of male sex hormone on the body have been conducted in a number of Western countries. According to their results, we can confidently talk about the following:

    • Artificial testosterone-based drugs significantly increase the risk of heart attacks and heart muscle diseases.
    • The likelihood of strokes, thrombosis, and other circulatory disorders increases.
    • Skin problems develop: seborrhea, acne and others.

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    A very serious problem is that through the use of artificial testosterone products, athletes lose their ability to produce their own testosterone over and over again, which leads to severe hormonal and endocrine disorders. The treatment for this failure is long and requires the use of a number of drugs to restore the synthesis of its own hormone.

    Testosterone-based drugs have a depressing effect on the female body.

    • Firstly, a woman changes outwardly, acquires masculine features, her voice becomes coarser and dark hair begins to grow on her face, arms, legs, sometimes on her back and chest.
    • Secondly, a woman’s mood often changes. She becomes irritable, notes in her outbreak of unmotivated aggression.
    • There is a pasty face - swelling, puffiness.
    • A woman's menstrual cycle is disrupted, ovulation stops. The onset and maintenance of pregnancy are in question.
    • If a woman is in a state of pregnancy, then the pregnancy is terminated, and the fetus dies due to the inability of the uterus to stretch under the influence of an alien hormone. Although the walls of the uterus become elastic, they cannot expand to the necessary limits and allow the fetus to develop and grow.
    • The mammary glands and ovaries are inhibited. This can lead to the development of tumor processes or serious violations in the reproductive system of women.

    Aligning the hormonal background of a woman after applying testosterone is very difficult. secondary sexual characteristics that developed with the testosterone in women remain forever.

    Indications for use

    First of all, this is a testosterone deficiency in the primary and secondary Thanks to this tool, replacement therapy of low testosterone levels is provided. This medication should not be prescribed for prostate cancer and / or gland cancer, hypercalcemia, liver and kidney pathologies.

    Types of injections

    The male hormone regulates the level of sexual desire, has an effect on the mood, stress resistance of men. In addition, testosterone:

    • regulates spermatogenesis,
    • responsible for puberty and the formation of secondary sexual characteristics,
    • activates muscle growth, strengthens bones,
    • takes part in the metabolic processes of the body.

    If a patient with a low concentration of the hormone does not have testosterone injections, the man gradually loses the ability to conceive, loses libido, and can get diseases of the cardiovascular system and musculoskeletal system. However, the injection is not prescribed to everyone and not always - it all depends on the individual characteristics of the patient, which is considered by a specialist.

    Important! Pharmacology produces not only a solution of the drug, but also plasters, implants, topical agents .

    The use of injections of the hormone is an option to control the level of concentration of the element until the symptoms of deficiency are eliminated. Further therapy is also prescribed under the supervision of a specialist and requires regular examinations. Testosterone injections can be of three types:

    1. Short term. These formulations begin to work immediately after administration. Duration up to 3 days. Use recommended for the treatment of physical inactivity. Injections are associated with severe pain, and due to the need for frequent use, patients often refuse formulations of this duration. The best is Testosterone Propionate - an androgenic substance that includes hormone esters. Price from $ 5. Pros: the reproductive system is normalized, the condition of the prostate and the functionality of the testes are improving. Cons - it is strictly forbidden to take with the simultaneous treatment with anti-TB drugs. There will be no sense from injections, and the effectiveness of the drug against tuberculosis will significantly decrease.
    2. Medium term. This is an injection course prescribed after treatment with short-term injections in the absence of adequate improvement.Validity 2-4 weeks. Pros: normalization of age-related changes, physiological abnormalities, normalization of metabolic processes, libido, erectile function. The best drug is Sustanon, which contains testosterone propionate, nitrogen, peanut butter and benzene alcohol. Ampoules contain a yellowish oily liquid and cost from $ 35.
    3. The long-term injection, in which testosterone is excreted within 12-14 weeks. You need to inject the drug once every 2-3 months. Plus - the remedy acts gradually, without stunning the body with a dose of the hormone, as is the case with other compounds. This helps to avoid psycho-emotional fluctuations and a sharp surge and subsequent decline in sexual desire. The best is the composition of Nebido, which you need to enter very slowly. Price from $ 55.

    Important! Testosterone injections is considered one of the best treatment options that have the desired effect. The tool immediately enters the bloodstream, bypassing the intermediate stages, affects all body systems, being in the blood for a long enough time. It is extremely important to inject testosterone injections slowly, since the liquid is oily and the rapid introduction provokes the formation of compaction with the drug .

    • Omnadren. Put 1 time per month, in the presence of 4 varieties of the hormone to increase libido, improve erection. Appointment: impotence, infertility, andropause.
    • Testosterone undecanoate is a powder substance for dissolution. Intramuscularly administered. Provides restoration of an erection, normalizes metabolic balances in the body and helps in the treatment of infertility.

    Advice! Despite the fact that you can buy a drug to give an injection of testosterone without a prescription, self-medication is not recommended. Without examination, it is easy for the patient to disrupt the dosage, which will result in sad health consequences .

    Different types of injections

    They are divided into 3 main types, differing in the duration of exposure to the male body of the administered drug:

    1. The effect of the drug lasts a relatively short time.
    2. The average duration of exposure of the drug to the patient.
    3. The prolonged (prolonged) action of the hormone in the body of a man.

    Consider each variety individually:

    1. Short-acting injections are created on the basis of the propionate of this hormone. Once in the body, they can make up for the missing substance over 3 days. A positive property of these drugs is that they begin to act immediately after administration. The negative qualities of such injections are their soreness (even the most persistent representatives of the stronger sex are afraid of this), the need for frequent repetition, and the high probability of side effects.
    2. Injections with medicines with an average duration of exposure to the body of a man are created on the basis of substances such as enanthate, cypionate or mixtures of various ether compounds of the hormone (drug Sustanol). Under the trademarks "Testen", "Testosterone Depot" they release drugs based on the entanant. These medicines are used 2 or 3 times for 7 days. With the same frequency, drugs based on cypionate are used. Among the means of medium exposure time, drugs based on ether compounds have the greatest effectiveness. They are produced by many pharmaceutical companies under the names Omnadren and Sustanol. The last drug has a synergistic effect, that is, the effectiveness with the total effect of each of its constituent components is less than the total effectiveness of their mixture. Sustanol includes substances such as propionate, phenylpropionate, isocapronate, decanoate. Due to the different absorption rates of these components, Sustanol begins to affect the man’s body quite quickly, the duration of this drug is 20-30 days. The only drawback of Sustanol is its high cost.
    3. Medicines that can supply testosterone to a man for a long time include the drug recently appeared on the pharmaceutical market under the name Nebido. It is based on the hormone undecaonate. The main advantage of this medication is that it can act for 70 to 90 days. A positive point when it penetrates the man’s body is that it is not immediately released in the blood plasma, as is the case with the above therapeutic agents. When using Nebido, testosterone is released gradually, and this very well affects the well-being of a man. When using other drugs, a sharp increase in the level of the hormone in the blood often occurs, which leads to undesirable fluctuations in a person’s mood and can badly affect his libido. After the administration of Nebido to the patient, such undesirable effects were not observed by the doctors. The only drawback of the drug is the relatively high price.

    Testosterone rules

    The drug is prescribed by a doctor based on a full examination. Dosage is determined individually, based on the clinical picture, the condition of the patient and his individual characteristics. If the patient has androgen-dependent effects, treatment with testosterone should be suspended. After stopping the effects, the doses of the drug are reduced and treatment is resumed.

    Constant monitoring of the condition of patients with early stages of renal, heart and liver failure, severe forms of migraine, epilepsy, and high blood pressure is necessary. Testosterone preparations neither in injections, nor in tablets, nor in any other form should be used in the presence of the following diseases:

    • Prostate cancer (you can try Britova’s vaccine)
    • Impaired renal and hepatic function,
    • Gynecomastia
    • Adolescent and old age in patients
    • Severe asthenization,
    • Hypercalcemia,
    • Heart failure of the last degrees.

    Sex hormone

    This hormone, which in men is produced by special cells in the testes and the adrenal cortex, is also called the hormone of sexuality. He is able to regulate the level of sexual desire, potency, under his influence in men, mood and sexual behavior can change. In addition, it performs the following functions:

    • Regulates spermatogenesis.
    • Responsible for puberty and the formation of secondary sexual characteristics.
    • Able to activate muscle growth, strengthen bone tissue.
    • It takes an active part in the metabolism.
    • Forms an emotional background.

    In the female body, it is produced in the ovaries and adrenal cortex, normally participates in the regulation of puberty, the formation of mammary glands.

    Indirectly or directly, the hormone regulates all sexual functions in the male body, determining the level of sexuality and sexual activity. Its norm in men depends on age, but on average should be in such limits: from 11 to 33 nmol / l.

    The medicine "Testosterone Propionate"

    In a pharmacy, he can be purchased for 400 rubles. This is an androgenic agent based on testosterone esters. It has an effect on the development and function of the external genital organs, testes, prostate gland. Normalizes sex life, stimulates sperm production.

    Dosage is assigned individually. Depends on the severity of the disease and its course. With the combined use of barbiturates, the effect of the drug Testosterone Propionate decreases. When treating with this agent, side effects may occur. Testosterone in the pharmacy may be presented in other options. It is necessary to select funds that have a similar composition.

    Side effects of testosterone

    Currently, the following unpleasant moments have been identified when taking the drug:

    • Nausea and vomiting, cholestatic jaundice may develop.
    • Edema due to fluid retention is frequent, hypercalcemia due to calcium retention.
    • Local allergic reactions also occur at the injection site: redness, burning, swelling, redness, itching.
    • In men, prolonged use of testosterone preparations leads to priapism - painful erections that are delayed up to several hours and are not associated with sexual arousal, which do not disappear after ejaculation.

    In men, lipomastia and gynecomastia can develop as a result of hormonal failure. Lipomastia is the excess deposition of fat in the area of ​​the mammary glands. It is cleaned by diets and exercise. Gynecomastia is an increase in the mammary glands in men and the appearance of formations according to the type of the female breast. Eliminate gynecomastia in advanced form is possible only surgically.

    Is the use of hormonal implants harmful?

    Hormonal implants are thin capsules containing hormonal drugs inside. . They are introduced into the area of ​​the forearm under the skin, using local anesthesia. The purpose of implants is contraception.

    • Contraception from 2 to 5 years,
    • Do not destroy the liver
    • Due to the fact that hormones are pricked under the skin, they immediately enter the blood without affecting the digestive tract.

    • Price. This is the most expensive method
    • Menstrual irregularities,
    • Difficulties may occur during the removal of implants, and only surgical intervention will help,
    • This procedure is not recommended for young and not giving birth to women, it can lead to infertility.

    Whether it is harmful or not, it is up to the patient to decide, before that, he should think thoroughly and weigh the pros and cons.


    With a decrease in the level of the main male hormone, health problems begin: mood swings, prolonged depression, impaired potency and sexual desire.

    Testosterone deficiency leads to obesity, the development of various cardiovascular pathologies, osteoporosis and persistent impotence. Such signs in a healthy man of reproductive age indicate a pathological decrease in the level of the hormone, this process needs to be corrected with testosterone replacement therapy. Therapy is carried out by injection methods, hormonal drugs are administered intramuscularly according to the scheme. For injection, hormone solutions of short, medium and long duration of action are used.

    At the moment, the pharmaceutical industry also produces a large number of varieties of testosterone in the form of plasters, crystalline implants, gels, ointments, tablets. The use of injections of testosterone for men is a way to adjust the level of the hormone until the symptoms of deficiency are eliminated, in the future, maintenance therapy is prescribed under the supervision of a doctor and regular examinations.

    Indications, contraindications and side effects of the drug

    There are a number of side effects. This nausea, vomiting, dizziness, tremor, coarsening of the voice, increased facial hair growth, weight gain. Indications for the introduction of the drug are replacement therapy for primary and secondary hypogonadism, male menopause, oligospermia, menopause in women, breast cancer, uterine fibroids.

    Contraindications to treatment with the drug are mastopathy cancer, kidney and liver diseases, elderly men, up to 18 years of age. If androgen-dependent side effects are detected, the medicine should be withdrawn for a short time, and then continue to be taken in smaller doses.

    When using the medication, you need to monitor the pressure in hypertensive patients and in people with heart pathologies. Testosterone preparations for men are not addictive and can be used for a long time.

    Hormone Correction Pills

    At the moment, the pharmaceutical market offers a fairly large selection of various medicines to increase the concentration of testosterone in the body.

    In the form of tablets are sold:

    • Andriol. A synthetic analogue of a natural substance. It is well tolerated by patients, contributes to the rapid normalization of androgen levels in the blood. Rarely causes adverse reactions, does not harm the liver. It is one of the most successful drugs for the treatment of hormonal forms of impotence. The dosage is calculated by the attending physician for each individual patient, the average single dose of the drug is 0.24 g of the active substance.
    • Tribestan. A drug that is not an analogue of the hormone, but at the same time stimulates its endogenous synthesis. Due to the naturalness of its composition, it provides the maximum safe way to increase the work of the endocrine glands, which guarantees the corresponding effect. The average dose is 1000-2000 mg - 2 times a day. The course of treatment depends on the degree of manifestation of the pathology.
    • Impaza. Perfectly improves the performance of the reproductive system. It increases libido, normalizes microcirculation in the pelvic organs, and helps to prolong sexual intercourse. You need to take 1 tablet 1-2 times a day, depending on the doctor's prescription. Keep in mind that Impaza tablets should not be swallowed, but kept in the mouth until completely dissolved, but not with food.

    There are other analogues of similar drugs in the form of tablets, however, the above are the most effective.

    Short Term Injections

    Short-acting drugs begin to act instantly, immediately after the injection, but only work for about 3 days. The use of short-term testosterone for the treatment of hypogonadism allows you to test the body for the absence of negative reactions and side effects from use, and transfer the patient to a longer-acting drug. You need to stab them every day.

    The use of hormonal creams and their consequences

    Hormonal creams are used for various skin diseases and allergic reactions. They should be used under strict supervision, since they have a lot of side effects.

    Hormonal creams are mainly used in cosmetology. They are an anti-aging agent. But do not use it too often, as the cream is addictive. In order to avoid side effects, you must follow the instructions of the doctor.

    What is the hormone responsible for

    Why do I need testosterone for men? This hormone is extremely important for men's health, its main functions are as follows:

    • Thanks to the testosterone produced in the body, a man is able to lead a normal and regular sex life.
    • The hormone is responsible for male traits in appearance.
    • The constant production of testosterone prevents the development of tumor diseases in the prostate gland.
    • It affects the growth and development of the genitals, both external and internal.
    • The hormone is responsible for regulating spermatogenesis.
    • Controls nitrogen and phosphorus metabolism in the body of a man.

    Thus, we can conclude that testosterone is an important component for the normal functioning of men.

    Which doctor should I go to?

    Hormone replacement therapy is prescribed by a urologist, andrologist, endocrinologist. The specialist will prescribe an injection course, explain preventive measures. In addition, injections should be taken in the right doses, and determining the volume of the drug administered is also the responsibility of the doctor.

    Testosterone enanthate refers to the natural testosterone ester compounds. It has many trade names, only in America there are more than fourteen drugs containing this component. In Russia, only four drugs are allowed to be sold.

    The drug in ampoules

    The solution of "Sustanon"

    Androgenic drug. It has a fairly high cost in pharmacies in Russia. Its price ranges from 2,000 rubles. Available in ampoules with a yellow oil solution. The main substance of the drug is testosterone propionate.Auxiliary components are peanut butter, and nitrogen.

    The tool normalizes the level of testosterone in the blood, which affects the growth and development of the male body. The Sustanon medicine is injected deep into the muscle. Most often, 1 ml of the drug is prescribed once every three weeks. But the dose can vary and be more or less. It all depends on the individual characteristics of the person. With prolonged treatment, priapism may occur. Testosterone in a pharmacy is available without a prescription.

    The medicine is contraindicated in pregnancy and lactation. Do not buy testosterone in a pharmacy for cancer of the prostate and breast, with increased sensitivity to the components of the drug. Do not prescribe a remedy for children under 3 years. Chronic diseases of the kidneys and liver are also contraindications. It is not recommended to prescribe medication for prostatic hypertrophy with symptoms of urinary retention.

    Store the medicine at a temperature not exceeding 30 degrees in a dark place.

    Release form

    Testosterone preparations are made in the form of tablets for oral administration, funds for external use (gel, ointment, cream) and solutions for injection.

    The least effective is the tablet form of the release of the hormone. When taken orally, it is absorbed in lower concentrations and has a negative effect on the liver. Therefore, this species is prohibited in diseases of this organ and the blood-forming system. In addition, testosterone in tablets has the shortest breakdown period, which increases the frequency of administration to maintain a stable level of the hormone.

    External agents in the form of creams and gels have greater absorption and a slight effect on the liver. With their help, a stable level of the hormone in the blood is maintained. However, you should carefully select the concentration of the drug and accurately measure the required amount, since when using this form it is easy to get an overdose and the unpleasant consequences associated with it. It is most convenient to use special plasters, but they are not registered for sale in Russia, as are subcutaneous implants widely used in other countries.

    Testosterone in the form of injections is the most popular.

    1. It has sufficient efficiency.
    2. It has a small list of contraindications.
    3. Has less effect on the liver than tablets.
    4. Maintains a stable hormone level.
    5. It has a long period of action (depending on the type of drug).

    You can buy testosterone preparations in pharmacies. Most of them are sold over the counter. The price of the drug in injection form is from 90 rubles per ampoule.

    Medium term

    This category of injection is prescribed to patients after a course of short-term testosterone, if there were no negative consequences. Such testosterone is excreted from the body within 2-4 weeks, during which time it allows you to adjust:

    • Age-related changes in testosterone synthesis.
    • Various physiological abnormalities.
    • Hormone deficiency in men of reproductive age, contributing to the normalization of sexual desire, mental state, vegetative-vascular and metabolic abnormalities.

    Do such injections every other day or every 3 days.

    Testosterone Oral Response

    The reaction to the drug is individual. Oral hormonal drugs pass through the liver and are absorbed more slowly than drugs that are absorbed through the blood. In this regard, nothing threatens a person with a healthy liver, and if there are problems, then the liver can be even more disturbed.

    When the dose of testosterone is calculated incorrectly, a woman may experience a number of side effects:

    • Bad mood.
    • Headache.
    • Blood clots are possible.
    • High blood pressure.

    In this case, you should choose drugs that are absorbed directly into the blood. If a woman takes the medicine in small doses, her mood improves, her body's protective functions and sexual desire increase.

    The natural form of testosterone is made from plant products (soybeans, beans). This testosterone is produced in micron doses, and the body does not absorb it well. Micronized testosterone has a long-lasting effect and retains a high level of the hormone for 24 hours.

    • Sex drive.
    • The energy.
    • It improves well-being.
    • Increases bone density.

    But taking it can lead to bad consequences, such as:

    • High pressure.
    • Fluid retention in the body.
    • Increased blood cholesterol.

    Synthetic testosterone is very rapidly absorbed into the bloodstream and has a pronounced effect on the body. When using synthetic testosterone in tablets, the level of this hormone in the blood can vary greatly.

    A sharp increase in testosterone after administration leads to:

    • To irritability.
    • The occurrence of seizures.
    • Feeling anxious.
    • Aggression.
    • Headache.

    Later, when the hormone level drops, weakness appears.

    The synthetic drug testosterone propionate is widely used in, because it stimulates muscle growth and promotes fat burning. It is popular with other athletes, since after taking it, an increase in activity, a surge of strength and energy are observed, and the effect occurs already two hours after the injection.

    The preparation contains a hormone ester - a synthesized testosterone molecule with propionic acid attached to it. Of all testosterone esters, propionate is the fastest, which is why athletes love this drug so much.

    Several companies producing this steroid are represented on the Russian market:

    • BM Pharmaceuticals (India) - Testopin 10% ($ 20-30),
    • Nordic (England) - Verormone 10% ($ 20–25),
    • Axio Labs (Iran) - Testaplex P - 10% ($ 15–20).

    On the Internet you can find more manufacturers:

    • British Dragon Pharmaceutical - Testabol Propionate,
    • Devatek - Prop-100,
    • Balkan Pharmaceuticals - Testosterona P,
    • Neo Labs - Testoject,
    • Golden Dragon - Testoged-P,
    • Alpha Pharma - TestoRapid,
    • Genesis - Test-prop,
    • Pharmacom Labs - Pharma Test-P.

    Indications for injection

    Testosterone injections are carried out intramuscularly and are indicated for the following disorders:

    • Acromegaly is a pathological increase in some parts of the body.
    • Sexual underdevelopment.
    • Hypertrophy of the prostate.
    • Male menopause.
    • Impotence (only if it is caused by a malfunction of the endocrine system).
    • Oligospermia - a decrease in the number of sperm in the ejaculate.
    • Eunuchoidism.
    • The period after the castration.

    Many believe that a eunuch is a castrated man (whose testicles are removed). This is not entirely true. Eunuchoidism is a disease associated with a dysfunction of the endocrine system. Eunuchs do not have testosterone from birth, in the future, as they grow older, these people have irregular facial and body features, the complete absence of any sexual characteristics and underdevelopment of the genitals.

    A castrate is a man whose testes (testicles) are removed. Most testicles are removed for medical reasons, such as testicular cancer, or when changing sex. Both the first and second patients simply need injections of testosterone to maintain male health.

    Testosterone function

    Testosterone enanthate has a direct effect on the development of the genital organs, is responsible for the development of secondary sexual characteristics. Thanks to him, sexual behavior is formed, the constitution of the body, voice, and hairline is being formed.

    With its complete absence in the body, it is possible to compare all anabolic, mental functions. In women, it is used to treat diseases such as breast tumor, uterine fibroids, osteoporosis, during menopause. With delayed development, teenagers are prescribed to improve growth.

    Testosterone enanthate has been widely used in heavy sports, bodybuilding, and athletics. Taking this drug in parallel with physical activity significantly increases the size of muscle mass. Only 3 mg of the drug per kg of weight, taken once a week, raise the level of growth hormone in the blood by twenty-two percent.

    Among all such drugs, testosterone enanthate is considered the most effective and occupies a leading position. It has a prolonging effect on the body. One injection is enough for two to three weeks.

    Depending on the metabolism, the state of the body, the severity of the loads, a rarer use of the drug is possible. But to achieve results, in triathlon, weightlifting, bodybuilding, they usually make one injection per week, since the half-life in the blood is exactly a week.

    What does a steroid act on?

    Testosterone propionate, getting into the body, begins to be slowly absorbed from the place. When circulating with the bloodstream, the hormone enters all of the internal organs, where it begins to transform into, which interacts with cellular receptors. As a result of this interaction, the stem cells of muscle tissue begin to grow.

    Testosterone stimulates protein synthesis in the body, it retains the necessary trace elements involved in this process:

    That is why this drug is used to reduce body fat.

    Testosterone propionate also has a therapeutic purpose:

    • as a replacement therapy for,
    • with impotence caused by endocrine disorders,
    • for the prevention and stimulation of spermatogenesis,
    • with dysfunctional uterine bleeding in women,
    • at
    • with insufficient production of androgens in women.

    • classification - a steroid of androgenic origin,
    • the activity time of the substance is from 24 to 48 hours,
    • anabolic activity - 100%,
    • low hepatotoxicity
    • conversion to DHT dihydrotestosterone,
    • does not retain water in the body,
    • does not increase blood pressure,
    • high aromatase
    • decreased production of your own hormone,
    • detection time in the blood - 20 days,
    • method of application - injection,
    • acne may occur.

    What are the injections

    According to the duration of the action of the hormone, 3 types of injections are distinguished:

    Short-term injections - the drugs act in the body of a man for a short time, only 3-4 days. You need to prick them quite often, but due to severe pain during the use of the drug, few men tend to use this particular drug. Testosterone propionate, which is an androgenic agent consisting of testosterone esters, is considered to be such a drug.

    In pharmacies, you can buy this drug for a relatively inexpensive price - only 400 rubles. Testosterone propionate acts instantly, beneficially affects the functions of the testes, genitals (external), and the prostate gland. Thanks to this drug, a man's reproductive system returns to normal, and high-quality sperm production is noted. The administration of ampoules is prescribed individually for each patient, depending on the severity of the disease and its course. Do not use Testosterone Propionate during treatment with anti-TB drugs, otherwise there will be no effect from hormone therapy.

    Medium-term injections - the effect of the drugs lasts for a month. The injection acts quite quickly and has a synergistic effect. One of these drugs is Sustanon, which is sold in ampoules and has an oily yellow consistency. The main active ingredient of the drug is testosterone propionate, as well as nitrogen, peanut butter and benzyl alcohol. Sustanon is worth a lot, about 2000 rubles.

    Sustanon is a drug that increases the level of the hormone in the blood. As a result of this, the development of the male body occurs correctly. Typically, the dosage is 1 ml of the drug with a deep injection into the muscle. Repeat injections should be every 3-4 weeks. It should be remembered that if a man is diagnosed with cancer or hypertrophy of the prostate gland, liver and kidney diseases occurring in a chronic form, Sustanon cannot be used.

    Long-acting injections - use drugs every 3 months. The main component of the drugs is testosterone undecaonate. The hormone is removed from the blood gradually, which determines its effective effect on the male body. One such drug is Nebido. It is sold in pharmacies without a prescription, in ampoules with oily contents inside. The price of the drug is quite high - about 4000 rubles. The injection is carried out very slowly, pre-heating the ampoule of the drug.

    Testosterone dosage for solo course

    Testosterone propionate can be taken solo course, that is, without supplementation with other drugs. If the athlete for the first time decided to take steroids to build muscle, then for him the recommended dose of the drug is 50 mg, you need to inject it once every two days. If there was a practice of using oral steroids, then you can increase a single dose to 100 mg, inject once every two days.

    Such a course lasts 6 weeks, at the end of it you need to conduct rehabilitation therapy. For women, the dosage should be halved, that is, for the first course, it is necessary to inject 25 mg once every three to four days. For repeated courses, you can increase the dosage to 50 mg, but make sure that there are no side effects (such as increased hair growth on the face and body, coarsening of the voice, etc.).

    Side effects and patient opinions

    During treatment with drugs, side effects are often observed. A man may have skin problems, such as acne, the appearance of stretch marks, seborrhea. Loss of elasticity, mild swelling, pallor may be noted on the skin of the face. Since the injection is quite painful, a local reaction to the administration of testosterone may occur. Often there are allergic reactions of the body when using injections.

    In men, the following side effects can be noted:

    • Slight dizziness.
    • The appearance of cramps and pain in the legs.
    • Depression and nervousness.
    • Retention of fluid and salt in the body, resulting in swelling of the limbs.
    • Excess weight.
    • Digestive disorders (nausea, diarrhea).

    With prolonged injections of drugs containing testosterone in men, the appearance of gynecomastia (obesity in the mammary glands) is possible. When diagnosing gynecomastia, men are shown surgical removal of adipose tissue from the mammary gland. In addition, atrophy of the mammary glands may develop, often pain appears in them.

    Long-term use of testosterone injections for men can turn into hypersexuality. Such representatives of the stronger sex suffer from frequent erections. Affects the duration of application and sperm quality. The number of sperm is significantly reduced, their mobility decreases.

    Reviews of people using testosterone in ampoules are pretty good. Many men note the effectiveness of drugs for diseases, improving overall well-being, increasing libido and self-confidence. Reviews of people who are actively involved in sports when taking testosterone preparations also have a positive side. Athletes note a significant increase in muscle mass and a clear relief of muscles.

    Testosterone is a necessary hormone, without which the life of men will be inferior. If the body itself is not able to produce it, hormones containing medications will come to the aid of men, because their effectiveness has been confirmed by both doctors and patients.

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    The main effect of testosterone is based on a strong androgen and anabolic effect. Due to this, a rapid build-up of muscle mass occurs.

    A significant increase in muscle in a short time is due to the accumulation of water in the body, in a fairly large amount. This is due to the process of retaining water and electrolytes, which causes a rapid increase in weight and strength, so necessary for training.

    The process of building muscle mass is directly proportional to the amount of water in the body. Therefore, testosterone enanthate is popular among athletes.

    Without chemistry, there is nothing to do in professional bodybuilding.

    In addition to intensive muscle building, a large accumulation of water in the body has a number of negative consequences for the body. Many people have high blood pressure, so when you start taking the drug, you must definitely see a doctor.

    Acne appears on the face, back, chest. Especially often this occurs with prolonged use.

    Sometimes the opposite effect is observed when acne appears after testosterone is completed. The kidneys begin to cope poorly with excess fluid in the body, so edema appears. The body looks smooth, loose and watery.

    The combination and combination of taking testosterone with other steroids

    For best results, testosterone propionate is recommended to be taken with other drugs of the steroid group, for example:

    It is important to know how to take the drugs and their proportions in order to eliminate side effects.

    If the priority is getting rid of subcutaneous fat - drying, then the course is used - testosterone plus winstrol. Rules for the use of drugs:

    • dosage of Winstrol - 40 mg per day, divided into 4 doses with an interval of 4-5 hours. You can swallow tablets, but it’s more effective to dissolve,
    • post-cycle therapy - 3 weeks,
    • a break between courses - 6 weeks,
    • the total amount of testosterone propionate is 1800 mg or 18 ampoules of 100 mg each,
    • the total amount of Winstrol is 177 tablets.

    In order to quickly gain muscle mass, you can use a course of testosterone propionate with methane. As a result, up to 10 kg of mass can be added in 6 weeks. Rules for taking drugs:

    • dosage of testosterone - 100 mg three times a week,
    • dosage of methane - 30 mg per day, divided into 3 doses with an interval of 5 hours,
    • rehabilitation therapy - 3 weeks,
    • rest - 6 weeks
    • total amount of testosterone - 1800 mg or 18 ampoules of 100 mg,
    • the total amount of methane is 135 tablets.

    The course using turinabol is suitable for athletes who have already taken steroid tablets or have conducted at least one round of injections. Course Rules:

    • testosterone dose - 100 mg per day, three times a week,
    • Turinabol dosage - 20 mg per day, divided into 2 doses,
    • therapy after the course - 3 weeks,
    • rest after the course - from 6 weeks,
    • the required amount of testosterone - 1800 mg,
    • total amount of turinabol - 90 tablets.

    Indications for hormone therapy

    Based on the results of recent scientific research, almost half of the male population of the planet suffers from androgen deficiency. Failure can occur in connection with diseases of the testes or adrenal cortex, whose cells are directly involved in the synthesis of testosterone. Hypodynamia, constant stress, monotonous nutrition and abuse of alcohol can provoke hormonal deficiency.

    Representatives of the stronger sex do not have the exclusive right to testosterone production, the substance is also found in the female body, only in much smaller quantities. The physiological norm for an adult male is considered to be 11-33 nmol / l, a pathological decrease in androgen concentration needs replacement therapy.

    Testosterone injections are prescribed for:

    • Sexual underdevelopment. Under the control of hormones is the laying of reproductive organs during fetal maturation, as well as the further development of secondary sexual characteristics in boys.
    • Acromegaly.Testosterone-containing injections can stop the disproportionate growth of individual parts of the body, increase the degree of fixation of calcium in the bones.
    • Hypertrophy of the prostate gland. Benign growth of prostate tissue is characteristic of the andropause period, when, in connection with the altered biochemical composition of the blood, injections are necessary to increase testosterone.
    • Impotence. The steroid regulates spermatogenesis, enhances libido, is responsible for sexual life and the level of sexuality.
    • Oligospermia. A decrease in the number of sperm in the ejaculate often leads to a deterioration in male reproductive ability and even infertility.
    • Eunuchoidism. There is a misconception that a eunuch is a castrated man. In fact, eunuchoidism is a serious endocrine disorder with all its consequences: early damage to the sex glands, defects in the development of the skeleton, and obesity.
    • Post-castration syndrome. Castration is the surgical removal of the testicles. The operation is performed strictly for medical reasons or when changing sex. As with eunuchoidism, castrate cannot do without hormonal injections.

    Testosterone is prescribed for various disorders.

    There are legends about the anabolic effect of testosterone. As a rule, athletes use it to “dry” the body. However, doctors agree that healthy people are not recommended to take an injection that increases endurance. Injections are contraindicated in gynecomastia, diabetes mellitus, atherosclerotic processes, heart disease, kidney disease and men with severe body asthenization.

    There are 3 types of testosterone in injections: short, medium and prolonged action.

    Treatment begins with drugs of the first group, among which Testosterone propionate is the most popular.

    An oily solution (1% or 5%) should be injected intramuscularly with 1 ml every 2-3 days. The instruction states that the steroid course should be at least 2 weeks. The injection acts instantly, but due to frequent use, local allergic reactions often occur at the injection site.

    The ampoule may contain a medium-acting hormone, for example Testosterone enanthate, cypionate, Sustanon 250. Combined drugs are highly effective, namely Sustanon 250 has a synergistic effect, which lasts for 3-4 weeks. The disadvantages of the drug include its considerable price in comparison with testosterone esters purchased separately.

    Long-acting medications are prescribed if the man has tolerated a short-term course of injections. Injections of Nebido are given every 10-14 weeks in 4 ml (1 ampoule), so testosterone is released gradually, without stunning the body with a maximum dose of androgen. During treatment, do not forget to monitor hematocrit and hemoglobin.

    The formation of antiestrogens

    In addition, testosterone enanthate is used to form the main female hormone, estrogen. When a large number of female hormones accumulate in the body, this leads to the development of gynecomastia - an increase in the mammary glands.

    That's how chemists see estrogen.

    Also, all subcutaneous fat is deposited only by the female type, in the area of ​​the mammary glands, abdomen and buttocks. Basically, problems appear when using very large doses of the drug. For the prevention of gynecomastia, there are drugs - antiestrogens.

    They help to avoid the side effects of testosterone, but significantly reduce the effect of its use. The most commonly used are tamoxifen and proviron. Proviron is good in that it can be used during a course of anabolics, since it does not have a depressing effect on testosterone.

    Long term

    Relatively new drugs with a duration of 10 to 12 weeks.One of the positive effects is that the drug acts gradually, without stunning the body with a maximum dose of the hormone, as is the case with short-term testosterone. Thus, side effects in the form of strong mood swings and sex drive are minimized. They inject the drug once every 2 months.

    Testosterone injections for men are prescribed for the following disorders in the body:

    • Hypogonadism, delay and deviations of puberty, underdevelopment of the genitals.
    • Violations of spermatogenesis, with infertility.
    • Mental changes due to hormone deficiency.
    • Impotence, decreased libido and erectile dysfunction in men of reproductive age.
    • Osteoporosis and obesity.

    In most cases, treatment with testosterone injections is prescribed based on the patient's history and well-being.

    How to take testosterone, how to prick it

    Testosterone propionate is available as a solution. The only way to enter the body is through injections. Often, athletes note the occurrence of a skin reaction at the injection site, so it is important to know how to prick it correctly:

    • the best time for an injection is morning,
    • the most suitable muscles for injection are buttocks and quadriceps,
    • administered subcutaneously or intramuscularly,
    • use of an insulin syringe is recommended,
    • you need to constantly change the injection site so that lipodystrophy does not occur,
    • every time you need to use a new, sterile syringe.

    Undesirable consequences

    When using injections of testosterone, no one is immune from adverse reactions. Usually they appear when the reception rules specified in the instructions are not followed, or due to the individual characteristics of the body.

    It is advisable to use the hormone under the supervision of a doctor.

    List of possible side effects:

    1. Dyspeptic disorders (nausea, diarrhea, gastrointestinal discomfort).
    2. Skin problems (acne, seborrhea, the appearance of stretch marks).
    3. The risk of developing prostate cancer.
    4. Erythrocytosis.
    5. Apathy or nervousness, irritability.

    On the one hand, prolonged use of injections with testosterone threatens overweight, and on the other hand, a correctly selected dosage allows you to fight obesity. Gastrointestinal bleeding is extremely rare. Sometimes after an injection there are signs of VVD (jumps in blood pressure, excessive sweating, insomnia or drowsiness).

    HCG and its role

    By acting on the hypothalamus, pituitary gland, testosterone enanthate inhibits the body's production of its own hormone. This leads to a decrease in seed formation in the ovaries and, consequently, to their atrophy.

    To avoid such unpleasant consequences from taking the drug, you need to take Human Chorionic Gonadotropin (HCG) - human Chorionic Gonadotropin regularly, about once every six weeks. HCG refers to natural glycoprotein hormones.

    HCG - Human Chorionic Gonadotropin.

    It remarkably stimulates the hypothalamus, not only increases the level of testosterone in the body, but also burns body fat. HCG is needed when completing the testosterone enanthate.

    Any stop in the use of anabolic steroids and even a gradual dose reduction immediately causes a decrease in muscle mass. It is the use of drugs that stimulate the production of testosterone helps to avoid this.

    Such drugs include: HCG, Cyclophenyl, Dineric. Safe exit can take a long time, up to a year.

    For women

    For women, testosterone is not as important as for men. It is in the female body in the range from 0.24 to 2.7 nmol / l, the hormone level physiologically increases in the third trimester of pregnancy, exceeding the norm by an average of 3 times.

    Women can be prescribed injectable replacement therapy with the following indications:

    • Decreased sexual desire and psychological problems in menopause.
    • Excessive estrogen production.
    • Painful premenstrual syndrome.
    • Endometriosis, fibroids, other dysfunctions.

    A pathological increase in the hormone can lead to an ovarian tumor, medication, and other endocrine disorders. A woman becomes masculine, her voice is gross, her face appears vegetation.


    It should be remembered that this is, first of all, a drug, so its uncontrolled use can adversely affect the body. Before starting the course, you should take a blood test to determine the level of the hormone, check the performance of the thyroid gland and adrenal glands. If there are serious diseases, then you can not take the drug. Contraindications:

    • prostatic hyperplasia
    • violation of urination
    • impaired renal and hepatic function,
    • diabetes,
    • heart failure.

    Older men are also undesirable taking testosterone.

    Existing Rates

    In endocrinological practice, hormonal tablets, plasters, gels and creams are widely used. The most popular methods for replenishing androgen include intramuscular injections. You can buy ampoules with a "male" hormone in any pharmacy or online store.

    Testosterone propionate is sold at a relatively inexpensive price - 400-500 rubles, in Ukraine - from 80 hryvnia (5 ampoules). For imported medication Nebido will have to pay about 4000-5000 rubles, in the regional centers the cost of injections with testosterone exceeds 5500 rubles. Ukrainians buy steroid solution for 2800 hryvnia. On average, the price of packing Sustanon 250 is in the region of 200-250 rubles and about 70-100 UAH in Ukraine.

    So, we figured out what artificial testosterone in ampoules is and why men need it. It should be noted that, despite all the advantages of hormone replacement therapy, self-medication is strictly prohibited. The appointment of a drug is in the competence of the andrologist, urologist or endocrinologist.

    The hormone testosterone is responsible for the functioning of the organs of the reproductive system, affects the functioning of the prostate gland. Its deficiency in blood threatens negative consequences for a man and affects the quality of life. The lack of adequate therapy leads to the development of pathologies. Today you can find drugs and injections of testosterone in a pharmacy, they help stabilize its level.

    Side effects of testosterone injections in men and women

    If the drug is purchased from a certified manufacturer, that is, genuine, is taken strictly in accordance with the requirements, then the side effects are minor and rarely occur. In men, the following symptoms may appear:

    • hair loss,
    • frequent erection
    • pain in the mammary glands, their increase,
    • the appearance of acne.

    • voice coarsening
    • Excessive male hair growth
    • disruption of the sweat glands,
    • respiratory failure
    • cramps.

    • nausea,
    • diarrhea,
    • skin rashes, itching,
    • headache,
    • nervousness,
    • pain and redness at the injection site.

    Taking synthetic testosterone leads to the fact that the body reduces the production of its own hormone, so after the end of the course there is a sharp decline in physical activity, depression, loss of interest in training.

    This condition can last up to two months, but you can not wait for it to end, but spend it after a course of testosterone PCT (post-cycle therapy). It is necessary to take drugs that will stimulate the production of your own hormone, these include:

    Example recovery scheme:

    • three days, taking danabol at 30 mg per day, divided into equal parts,
    • four days - taking tamoxifen at 20 mg,
    • the next two weeks - 20 mg of tamoxifen once a day, preferably taken in the morning,
    • food should contain a lot of protein food, up to 2 g per kg of weight,
    • You can supplement the diet with protein shakes, gainer, amino acids.

    Is there any reason to argue that is one of the main hormones for men? According to recent scientific studies, half of men on the planet suffer from a catastrophic lack of testosterone, not even realizing that this process in the body can be regulated from the outside.

    This hormone, which in men is produced by special cells in the testes and the adrenal cortex, is also called the hormone of sexuality. He is able to regulate the level of sexual desire, potency, under his influence in men, mood and sexual behavior can change. In addition, it performs the following functions:

    • Regulates spermatogenesis.
    • Responsible for puberty and the formation of secondary sexual characteristics.
    • Able to activate muscle growth, strengthen bone tissue.
    • It takes an active part in the metabolism.
    • Forms an emotional background.

    In the female body, it is produced in the ovaries and adrenal cortex, normally participates in the regulation of puberty, the formation of mammary glands.

    Indirectly or directly, the hormone regulates all sexual functions in the male body, determining the level of sexuality and sexual activity. It depends on age, but on average should be in such limits: from 11 to 33 nmol / l.

    Pills and capsules

    They are convenient to take. They positively affect the whole body, are easily digested. The effect of the tablets lasts until the substances in their composition are removed from the body. Among them, the following funds can be allocated:

    • Andriol. Hormone pills and capsules are well tolerated by patients, have a minimal amount of side effects, are suitable for men at any age. Andriol is used to treat infertility and impotence.
    • Impaza. Eliminates the causes of erectile dysfunction, fights weakness and fatigue. A pharmaceutical drug has no side effects, normalizes libido, and increases sensitivity. For 3 months, take 1 tablet per day.
    • Tribestan. It contains natural ingredients, improves endurance and increases muscle mass, eliminates signs of sexual impotence. You need to drink 1-2 tablets per day.
    • Gagotestin. An anabolic steroid that is suitable for increasing strength. Tablets adversely affect the liver, so they are forbidden to take regularly. The maximum course of admission is 4–5 weeks.
    • Methyltestosterone. It is an analogue of this hormone, copies its functions. Absorbable tablets quickly restore testosterone levels. Before use, you should carefully read the contraindications.

    Effect on sexual function

    Scientifically recorded the effect of the drug on the ability of male seed to fertilize the egg. Even a weekly course of testosterone enanthate reduces the ability to fertilize by ninety percent.

    Therefore, men whose plans include replenishment in the family should refrain from using it. Injections of testosterone enanthate do not cause any side effects and do not have irreversible effects on the function of fertilization. After completing the course, the ability to conceive is fully restored.

    In connection with the increase in male sex hormone, novice athletes sometimes have a coarsening of the voice, possibly baldness. A quick and frequent erection is considered a characteristic phenomenon while taking the drug.

    Testosterone enanthate usually causes a frequent and fairly strong erection. In addition, weekly injections of testosterone can be extremely effective male contraceptives with a guarantee of more than 92%

    At a young age, taking the drug can cause bone growth with subsequent developmental arrest.Therefore, the use of testosterone at such an early age is strictly contraindicated.

    Winners Hormone

    For athletes, testosterone is a way to increase muscle mass, strengthen the skeleton, increase vitality, and mobilize the will to win. No wonder that testosterone calls the hormone of the winners. In preparation for the championships, injections help to effectively “dry” the body. As a rule, athletes use “fast” injections of testosterone, which are removed in 2 to 3 days.

    Among women

    In women, the appearance of clitomegaly is possible - a pathological increase in the clitoris until the appearance of pseudopenis.

    Testosterone preparations lead to masculinity in women: hair begins to grow on the body and face, the voice becomes coarse. If the injections are prescribed in the treatment of dysmenorrhea, a complete cessation of menstruation is possible.

    Gels and ointments

    Among the popular injectable drugs are the following:

    • Omnadren. The tool is administered 1 time per month. The composition of the ampoule includes 4 varieties of testosterone. Omnadren improves libido, enhances erection. It is prescribed for menopause, impotence, infertility.
    • Testosterone undecanoate. A colorless powder that is dissolved in a liquid and injected deeply intramuscularly.
    • Testosterone Propionate. The drug is administered intramuscularly 2-3 times a week. The course is 1-2 months. It stimulates sperm formation, increases sexual desire, helps to build muscle mass, and inhibits the growth of mammary glands. Testosterone propionate is sold in a pharmacy.
    • Nebido. An oil solution from Germany provides the production of testosterone. It is introduced 1 time in 3-4 months. The active substance is testosterone undecanoate. It is often prescribed for young men suffering from delayed sexual development due to a deficiency of male hormone.
    • Sustanon. Testosterone in ampoules is administered 1 time in 7-10 days. It has some side effects: edema, pain in the injection area. Together with Sustanon, antiestrogens are usually prescribed. Contraindications include: liver disease, gynecomastia, prostate cancer.

    Women, testosterone and effects

    Testosterone enanthate is often used by women bodybuilders. Its use causes virilization and hirsutism. Hirsutism is characterized by increased hair growth in the areas of the chin, cheeks, upper lip, auricles, on the back.

    In some women taking the drug, hair grows on the stomach, hips, and even the back.

    It is often accompanied by irregular periods and severe acne. Virilization is caused by an excess of the male hormone androgen.

    Male hormone characteristics

    Testosterone is called the main male hormone of the reproductive system. Thanks to him, recognizable features appear in men. The substance is inactive and extremely weakly bound to androgen receptors.

    Conversation with a Doctor

    • spermatogenesis regulation,
    • participation in reducing the production of hormones of follicle stimulants and luteotropes,
    • impact on sexual characteristics (primary, secondary),
    • participation in phosphorus and nitrogen exchange,
    • device of sexual influence.

    Testosterone injections are antagonists of estrogen (female, sex hormones). They serve as an antitumor barrier, especially, it is necessary for tumors in the female, mammary glands.

    The hormone is involved in anabolic effects, which:

    Mental disorders

    • stimulates protein synthesis,
    • muscle growth
    • eliminates excess body fat
    • increases the amount of calcium in the bones,

    Testosterone in men acts on the nervous system with a specific effect. Therapeutic substance therapy prohibits the use of alcohol and you can not drive vehicles.

    Hormonal drugs

    • improper sexual development,
    • oligospermia,
    • impaired functionality in the genital area,
    • castration post
    • climacteric syndrome (vascular and nervous system pathologies),
    • eunuchoidism
    • impotence due to endocrine disruption,
    • acromegaly.

    In order to increase male hormone, women are also prescribed injections, testosterone allows you to overcome:

    • oncology up to 65 years (cancerous tumors of the appendage, mammary glands),
    • endometriosis
    • myomatous nodes
    • vascular and nervous disorders of menopause,
    • age-related blood loss
    • mastopathy.

    How to take testosterone in ampoules?

    In order to obtain the expected therapeutic effect of taking this drug,
    The following instructions must be strictly observed:

    1. Injections of testosterone for men are administered intramuscularly at a dose of 25-50 mg daily (injection - 1-2 ml in a syringe). This dosage is indicated for the treatment of eunuchoidism, congenital atrophy of the endocrine glands and the organs responsible for the synthesis of testosterone. The use of a similar dose of the drug in patients suffering from acromegaly is shown. It is believed that if you inject testosterone in 1-2 ml for 15 days, then the function of your own endocrine system will not be disrupted, and the male body will begin to develop normally without experiencing a deficiency of sex hormone.
    2. Testosterone injections for the treatment of hormonal impotence, as well as those arising from chronic fatigue and nervous strain, are administered intramuscularly in 2 ml doses no more than 3 times a week. The approximate duration of the therapeutic course is 2-3 months. After this, you need to pause for at least 1 month. Why is there a respite in treatment? First of all, so that the tissues of the internal organs do not wear out, since this hormone provokes such an unpleasant side effect as premature aging and cell death.
    3. The hormone for men who have reached the age of 50 years and older who have entered the andropause phase is prescribed in an intramuscular dosage of 1 ml of an injection solution once every 2 days. The average duration of replacement therapy is 1 month. After this, the drug is stopped, and in the absence of symptoms of a deficiency of sex hormone, a second course is not recommended. In extreme cases, injections are replaced with methyltestosterone tablets, which maintains a stable level of male secretion in the blood.
    4. Women who have reached the age of 45 years have entered the stage of menopause and have experienced uterine bleeding. They can occur periodically - 2-3 times a year, or bother a woman more often. In this case, androgen injections of 1 ml daily are prescribed. At the same time, a comprehensive examination of the reproductive system organs is mandatory to exclude extraneous neoplasms in the uterine tissues, which are quite common with age-related hormonal imbalances. The course of treatment is 20-25 days.
    5. Nervous and vascular disorders of menopausal etiology are treated with testosterone injections with intramuscular injection at a dose of 1 ml not more often than 1 time in 2 weeks. After the first injection, the woman's hormonal background stabilizes, her mood improves, headaches and flushing of the brain go away.
    6. With malignant neoplasms in the mammary gland or in the tissues of the ovaries, intramuscular administration of sex hormone 2 ml daily is prescribed. The results of laboratory blood tests are constantly monitored in order to increase the daily dose of testosterone to 5 ml if necessary.

    Where to inject male sex hormone injections? The introduction of this drug is provided only in muscle fibers, or subcutaneously. The best place for androgen absorption is the buttock. Moreover, in this part of the body the lowest concentration of capillary blood vessels.

    The stronger sex

    With prolonged treatment, men may develop gynecomastia (severe obesity of the breast) or lipomastia - mild obesity of the specified gland or false lipomastia. In advanced cases with gynecomastia, patients are indicated for surgical intervention. Lipomastia is treated with standard physical exercises. Possible and atrophy of the mammary glands, pain in them.

    An overdose is fraught with hypersexuality, in men an erection is more often manifested. The connection between taking testosterone metastatic growth and the manifestation of subclinical prostate cancer has been proven. Therapy leads to a decrease in sperm production and impaired fertility, the progression of signs of benign prostatic hyperplasia. In the presence of a hereditary predisposition, nasal baldness appears.

    With testosterone therapy in boys, puberty is accelerated, and the genitals are enlarged.

    Dosage and Rates

    For the initial use of the drug, testosterone enanthate is enough 250-500 mg per week. This is the minimum dosage for beginners, it is advisable to do injections once a week.

    If there are no side effects, then more frequent injections can be carried out with an increase in dosage to 1000 mg. Many professional athletes apply a dosage of up to 2000 mg per day, not a week, and this is not the limit.

    In normal training mode, without huge loads, such dosages are not needed. The frequency and amount of the drug should depend on the level of development of the athlete, the number and severity of training and the tasks assigned to him.

    In any case, the dosage of the drug should be reasonable so that the side effect of the drug on the body is minimal. Testosterone enanthate in a dosage of 200 - 500 mg is taken once a week. Higher dosages are best divided into two injections.

    The main thing is not to overdo it

    The testosterone enanthate course is compatible with any anabolic steroids, although it may be the only drug in the program in terms of strength. Other steroids will simply be a good addition to it.

    It all depends on the desire and goals. Optimum results are achieved if testosterone enanthate is combined with methandrostenolone, nandrolone, anopolone, parabolan.

    Other means

    In addition to medicinal medicines, the pharmacy offers dietary supplements that are capable. Such products contain herbal ingredients, essential oils. They reduce the amount of female hormones, have a positive effect on the endocrine system of men. The course of administration is usually a long time. These additives include:

    • Parity. It consists of an extract of yohimbe, tribulus, ginger root. It includes minerals, pantocrins, vitamins.
    • Tribulus Terrestris. Capsules are taken orally 1 time per day. Taking the drug can cause side effects: digestive problems, increased blood pressure, irritability.
    • Critical PCT. The supplement contains nettle extract, arimistan.

    Bad can not provide absolute effectiveness, it is not a laboratory-tested medication. Therefore, it should be taken with caution.

    Plant adaptogens are popular today. They are available in the form of tinctures, tablets, extracts and have a restorative, psycho-emotional and tonic effect. These include ginseng, eleutherococcus, temptation, Chinese magnolia vine. Before use, be sure to read the instructions.

    Is there any reason to argue that is one of the main hormones for men? According to recent scientific studies, half of men on the planet suffer from a catastrophic lack of testosterone, not even realizing that this process in the body can be regulated from the outside.

    This hormone, which in men is produced by special cells in the testes and the adrenal cortex, is also called the hormone of sexuality. He is able to regulate the level of sexual desire, potency, under his influence in men, mood and sexual behavior can change. In addition, it performs the following functions:

    • Regulates spermatogenesis.
    • Responsible for puberty and the formation of secondary sexual characteristics.
    • Able to activate muscle growth, strengthen bone tissue.
    • It takes an active part in the metabolism.
    • Forms an emotional background.

    In the female body, it is produced in the ovaries and adrenal cortex, normally participates in the regulation of puberty, the formation of mammary glands.

    Indirectly or directly, the hormone regulates all sexual functions in the male body, determining the level of sexuality and sexual activity. It depends on age, but on average should be in such limits: from 11 to 33 nmol / l.

    Who should not use testosterone

    Stitching is prohibited for some pathologies:

    Genitourinary System

    • cancer patients (tumors of the mammary glands and prostate),
    • myocardial infarction
    • prostatic hyperplasia
    • heart failure,
    • malfunction of the liver, kidneys, genitourinary system,
    • hypercalcemia,
    • gynecomastia
    • swelling
    • diabetes,
    • personal intolerance.

    You can not enter medications during pregnancy and lactation, elderly men.

    General Description of Testosterone Hormone

    Testosterone is the main sex hormone in men. It is he who is responsible for the manifestation of certain traits that are traditionally associated with the stronger sex. Testosterone is characterized by low activity and weakly binds to receptors.

    • regulation of sex drive,
    • the formation of primary and secondary sexual characteristics,
    • decreased secretion of luteotropic and a number of other hormones,
    • regulation of nitrogen and phosphorus metabolism, as well as spermatogenesis,
    • creation of an antitumor effect,
    • reduced body fat
    • stimulation of protein synthesis,
    • increase in muscle mass.

    It is important to note that testosterone has a rather specific effect on the nervous system - transport is prohibited during the administration of drugs based on it. You should also completely abandon alcohol.

    Comparison of reception methods

    Acceptance of any form of the drug is not recommended without the advice of an endocrinologist. The appointment must be done taking into account all the factors of testosterone deficiency:

    • A mild form of failure, a slight adjustment of libido, mood swings, depression, sexual dysfunction is possible with the help of tablets, as well as plasters, ointments and gels. These drugs act gradually, without causing a sharp jump in the hormone in the body, thereby achieving a mild effect without side effects.
    • Injections are indicated for use in severe forms of hormone deficiency in the body, in the presence of obvious changes that need correction, while achieving a quick positive effect.
    • For athletes, short-term injections are considered the most effective. Further support is provided by synthetic or natural sources of testosterone in tablets, capsules or powder.


    With an excess of hormone in the body, skin diseases, seborrhea, acne, and stria are possible. Possibility of a face is possible - deterioration of elasticity, swelling, skin diseases.

    Complications are possible after prolonged use of testosterone in men and women in medications. The first complication of the use of the hormone is the decreased production of this substance by the body.

    The effect of testosterone can be expressed in swelling, tendency to thrombosis, convulsions, leg pain, gastrointestinal disorders.Sometimes there is nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, agitation, obesity, increased sweating, jaundice, depression. The effects of an overdose are also noted for dizziness.

    To increase testosterone, care should be taken to control it. Before administration, a complete examination is required to determine the level of the substance in the plasma. The dosage of the drug is selected according to the overall picture of the test results. For taking injections, the main thing is not to overdo it. During treatment, hormone levels should be checked regularly.

    Comparison of application methods

    Before using any form of the drug, a specialist consultation (endocrinologist) is necessary. Only a doctor can choose the right dose of medication.

    Doctor's recommendations

    With a mild form of a lack of substance in the body (decreased libido, mood swings, depression, sexual dysfunction), tablet formulations, patches, gels, ointments are recommended. The action of these drugs is gradual, without hormonal surges. This helps to get a soft, effective, healing effect.

    Injections are prescribed during the treatment of severe forms of hormone deficiency, with obvious changes. As a result, the rapid effectiveness of therapy with accelerated recovery.

    The consequences in the female are manifested by clitoromegallium (a pathological increase in the clitoris is the growth of psevdopenis). Excessive testosterone in the female sex leads to masculinization (excessive vegetation of the body and face, coarsening of the voice). Therapeutic treatment of dysmenorrhea can lead to the cessation of the monthly cycle.


    In the following cases, injecting testosterone is prohibited:

    • with edema,
    • with prostatic hyperplasia,
    • with oncology of the mammary or prostate gland,
    • diabetes
    • violations of the liver and kidneys, problems with urination,
    • gynecomastia
    • hypercalcemia,
    • in case of individual intolerance.

    Also, testosterone is prohibited for lactating and pregnant women, as well as for men of age.

    Testosterone selection

    The best currently considered funds are:

    • injectable nebido,
    • Sustanon
    • testosterone propionate,
    • Andriol capsules
    • Androgel.

    Of herbal preparations, preference should be given to dietary supplements with the addition of extracts of legumes, flavonoids, dioscin and protodioscin.

    All herbal supplements that stimulate an increase in testosterone should be used with the permission of the endocrinologist, after proper laboratory examination.

    The effects of long-term treatment in the male

    Long-term treatment of males provokes the development of gynecomastia (severe obesity), lipomastia (mild breast obesity), false lipomastia. A complicated form of gynecomastia requires a surgical solution. With limomastia, standard exercise therapy is used (training). In some cases, atrophy of the mammary gland with painful symptoms is noted.

    In case of an overdose, hypersexuality with manifestations in an erection is possible. Doctors warn that the use of testosterone provokes an increase in metastatic manifestations of subclinical oncology of the prostate. Treatment can lead to decreased sperm production with impaired fertility, as well as progressive signs of benign prostatic hyperplasia. The presence of a genetic predisposition is noted by nesting baldness.
    Therapeutic therapy in boys may accelerate puberty with an increase in the genitals.

    Types of Testosterone Injection

    All injections of testosterone in the total mass are divided into three main types. The main difference between the two is the duration of the effect.

    Short-acting drugs are based on testosterone propionate.When a drug enters the body, they help make up for a lack of testosterone for up to 3 days. A key feature of the drugs is that they begin to act immediately after the injection. Unfortunately, their administration is very painful, injections require frequent recurrence, there is a likelihood of side effects.

    Among the drugs that cause the effect of medium duration, there are Cypiont, Enanthate, as well as all kinds of mixtures of testosterone ester compounds (currently they are most effective among all drugs of this class).

    Injections of drugs are made 2-3 times during the week. Cypionate-based drugs are taken in a similar manner.

    Separately, it is worth noting the drug Sustranol, which has a synergistic effect (this term refers to the enhancement of the effectiveness of each incoming substance by each other). This tool begins to act quite quickly, and the duration of exposure can reach a month. Of the disadvantages of this drug should be allocated a very high price.

    Finally, medications that can deliver testosterone over a long period of time. These funds include Nebido, which appeared on the market relatively recently. The basis of the drug is undecanoate testosterone.

    The main advantage of the product over others is that it can have a beneficial effect for several months, up to 90 days. If it enters the bloodstream, the drug is not immediately released into the plasma, unlike the above drugs.

    Testosterone is released gradually, which has a very positive effect on the patient’s health.

    In addition, Nebido is also deprived of another drawback: other drugs can cause jumps in hormone levels, which leads to dramatic changes in mood. With this tool, this does not happen. The disadvantage here is the same as that of Sustranol - the high price.

    Drugs popular in Russia

    The most common drugs on the Russian market are the German drug Testoviron Depot 250, the Indian drug Testen. Available as an oil solution for injection, ampoules of 250 mg. The package includes ten ampoules of the drug testosterone enanthate instructions for use.

    The drug contains enough restrictions and contraindications. Before starting the course, you need to consult a specialist and carefully read the instructions.


    The main male hormone is testosterone. It affects the sexual health of a person, normalizes potency and improves stamina. According to doctors, almost half of all men suffer from a lack of substance. Special injections will help correct this situation.

    Injection manipulation

    Thanks to the hydrophobic molecule of the drug, the period of its influence is extended. Intramuscular injection of an oily substance should occur in slow motion. The standard physiology of testosterone levels is 11.5-33.2 nmol / L in the male, 0.23-3.7 nmol / L in the female.

    The highest plasma concentration is considered on the fifth day. After one and a half, two weeks, the amount of the hormone is restored to normal.

    In the new formula of the drug, undecanoate (Nebido) is present. With the help of this medication, a stable duration of an increased amount of the hormone in the plasma is achieved. Initially, it is administered 2 times in 1000 mg with a break of 1.5 months. Further, the interval has a longer period of 3-3.5 months.

    Testosterone Injection in Sports

    The most popular injections of testosterone among athletes of a power orientation. It is often used by bodybuilders, weightlifters, powerlifters and the like, that is, athletes in areas where the result depends on strength indicators.The reason for this demand lies in the anabolic and androgenic effects, which help to build muscle faster and increase strength.

    To achieve the fastest result, such athletes most often use doses significantly higher than those recommended for replacement therapy, which threatens very unpleasant consequences, which is why today the use of anabolic steroids and testosterone is strictly prohibited by the sports federation.

    It is important to remember that the intake of such drugs should be carried out exclusively after consulting a doctor and undergoing examination. Otherwise, self-medication can lead only to all kinds of complications.

    Why do I need testosterone injections for men?

    Hormone in men is produced by special cells of the testes, the adrenal cortex. It performs the functions of:

    • regulates the level of sexual desire,
    • normalizes potency,
    • affects mood, sexual behavior,
    • activates muscle growth (important in bodybuilding instead of anabolics), strengthens bone tissue,
    • takes part in metabolism, the formation of an emotional background.

    The level of the hormone depends on age, but the average concentration is 11-33 nmol / l of blood. With a decrease in content, potency and sexual desire are impaired.

    Deficiency ends in obesity, osteoporosis, the development of cardiovascular disease, impotence. The reasons for the lack of substance are:

    • sedentary lifestyle,
    • malnutrition
    • excess weight,
    • irregular sex life
    • alcohol abuse, including beer,
    • stress
    • lack of sleep,
    • somatic diseases: prostatitis, diabetes, hypertension, leukocytosis, cholesterolemia,
    • taking certain medications: carbamazepine, tetracyclines, Veroshpiron, glucocorticosteroids, magnesium sulfate,
    • adverse environmental conditions.

    How to choose a hormone

    The best remedies today are:


    • Androgel
    • Nebido Injection
    • Andriol (capsules),
    • Sustanon
    • Testosterone Propionate,

    Herbal remedies (dietary supplements), they are most popular with consumers. These are extracts of legumes, flavonoids, dioscin, protodioscin,
    Plant-based supplements to stimulate an increase in testosterone are required after consultation with a specialist (endocrinologist) and laboratory tests.

    Medications to increase testosterone in men

    Medicines designed to increase testosterone count a substantial number of brand names that an ordinary person without a medical education may not be able to understand.

    All drugs to increase testosterone in men can be divided into two varieties that differ in the mechanism of action on the body:

    • For hormone replacement therapy. The drug approach in this embodiment is aimed at filling the lack of testosterone due to its exogenous synthetic or natural analogues. Thus, it is possible to solve the problem relatively quickly and efficiently, but in most situations a man will have to continue to use artificial analogues of testosterone to maintain the result.
    • To stimulate endogenous secretion of testosterone. We are talking about medicines that activate the work of their own endocrine glands, which ensure the flow of testosterone into the blood. Such treatment often takes longer, but allows you to independently produce the right amount of such an important substance for men. Especially relevant are such drugs to restore the necessary hormone at a young age.

    Depending on the type of dosage form, drugs to increase testosterone levels in men are divided into:

    1. Injectable medication medications (solutions for intramuscular and intravenous administration).
    2. Oral preparations (tablets, capsules).
    3. Transdermal medications (a variety of gels, ointments, patches, etc.).

    Depending on the circumstances, the doctor selects the optimal remedy in order to increase the concentration of the hormone in the body. The dose and route of administration in each individual episode may vary.

    All people are individual and what is good for some is unacceptable to others. For this reason, self-medication is prohibited (due to the high chance of exacerbating the situation).

    Indications for injection

    Injections to increase testosterone in men are indicated in the following cases:

    • hypogonadism, delay and deviation of puberty, underdevelopment of the genitals,
    • infertility, impaired spermatogenesis,
    • mental changes, hormone deficiency,
    • impotence, decreased libido, erectile dysfunction in reproductive age.

    Injections with caution are prescribed in the elderly and adolescents, with asthenic physique, osteoporosis, obesity. Contraindications of therapy:

    • intolerance to the components of the drugs,
    • cancer of the breast, prostate, gynecomastia,
    • atherosclerosis, diabetes mellitus, hypercalcemia,
    • bleeding disorders
    • nephrotic syndrome
    • cardiovascular, renal, liver diseases.

    Adverse events after taking medication

    Of the side effects noted:

    Side effects

    • acne, itchy symptoms, seborrhea,
    • high blood pressure, disturbed sleep, excessive sweating,
    • allergies
    • excessive weight changes,
    • increased sex drive with premature maturation in adolescence, early old age,
    • GI bleeding
    • failure of spermatogenesis, erectile dysfunction with atrophy of the testicles and seed channels.

    During treatment with testosterone injections, it is worth noting that the injections are very painful. At the site of their manipulations, the formation of hematomas and erythema is possible. In order to prevent the occurrence of incident situations with an overdose, a mandatory expert consultation is required with the delivery of all necessary tests for the amount of hormones.

    The hormone testosterone is responsible for the functioning of the organs of the reproductive system, affects the functioning of the prostate gland. Its deficiency in blood threatens negative consequences for a man and affects the quality of life. The lack of adequate therapy leads to the development of pathologies. Today you can find drugs and injections of testosterone in a pharmacy, they help stabilize its level.


    In accordance with medical terminology, drugs that are interchangeable by their action on the body and containing one or more identical active substances are called synonyms. In a situation where Testosterone propionate cannot be used due to individual intolerance or other reasons, anabolic steroids with similar pharmacological effects are prescribed:

    • Andriol
    • Nebido
    • Methyltestosterone
    • Testoviron
    • Omnadren
    • Sustanon
    • Androgel.

    When choosing analogues, it is necessary to take into account not only their cost, but also the reputation of the manufacturer. Judging by the reviews, the athletes prefer Andriol from the Swiss company Schering-Plow Central. The Polish-made Omnadren preparation helps to achieve good results. Reasonable cost and availability in pharmacies make this steroid very popular among bodybuilders.

    Signs of Low Testosterone

    From the age of 35, the level of the hormone drops by 1-2% per year. This is a natural process, but sometimes it becomes pathological. The physiological symptoms of a reduced level are:

    • depression, loss of interest in the world,
    • impotence, decreased libido,
    • obesity,
    • gynecomastia, body hair loss, feminization,
    • decrease in muscle mass
    • irritability,
    • distraction, memory impairment.

    Effective injectable testosterone preparations

    Injections are done intramuscularly, deeply, preferably in a hospital setting. Characteristics of drugs:

    Types of Drugs / Characteristics

    Short term

    Medium term

    Long term

    Instantly lasts 3 days

    Excreted in 2-4 weeks, done every other day or every three days

    Prick every day

    Normalize sex drive, vegetovascular and metabolic health

    Injected once every two months

    Allow you to test the body for the absence of negative reactions, side effects from use

    Correct age-related changes in testosterone synthesis, mental state

    Act gradually. This minimizes side effects.

    The inconvenience of continuous use, severe soreness, is not suitable in combination with anti-TB drugs

    Assigned after a course of short-term testosterone, if there were no negative consequences

    Testosterone Propionate, Andriol

    Everyone knows testosterone is a male hormone, we wrote about here, but also in the female body, testosterone has a very important function:

    • Then when in men the norm of the hormone level is considered to be from 300 to 1 thousand conventional units.
    • In women, it varies from 15 to 80 units.

    In this regard, it is interesting how to increase testosterone in women, and what drugs to use.

    For women, the level of the hormone is important, since at high the girl becomes masculine, up to infertility, and at low she begins to age quickly.

    The normal degree of the hormone is important for ladies, as it:

    • Helps in stress resistance.
    • It gives a rejuvenating effect.
    • Improves mood.

    This is why it is important to monitor your testosterone levels. The following testosterone preparations are available for women:

    • Drugs to reduce testosterone in women: Cyproterone, Dexamethasone, Digitalis, Digostin,
    • Drugs to increase testosterone in women: Testosterone propionate, methyltestosterone, estratest, omnadren.

    The hormone is presented in a variety of forms:

    Each remedy has its own characteristics of absorption, its own speed of movement in the blood.

    Drugs that are rapidly absorbed have a high rate of fluctuation in blood levels. Because of this, you may see:

    • Headache.
    • Cramps.
    • Anger.
    • Irritability.
    • Aggression.

    These include gels, some creams, injections and tablets that are used under the tongue.

    It is better to use testosterone preparations that are slowly absorbed, these are slowly absorbed injections, cream in a capsule, tablets. Such forms of hormones are slowly absorbed and provide its most stable level for a long time.

    Each patient has an individual reaction to hormones, so you need to choose the best version of the drug in appearance and form.

    Also, the dosage of the drug depends on the form of the hormone. The optimal dose is 1-4 mg per day . With a suitable dosage, side effects are not observed.

    What is Propionate

    This is a solution of oil consistency with a specific odor, in the composition of which a high concentration of testosterone predominates. An auxiliary synthetic component is ethyl oleate (from the category of fast ethers). Rapid testosterone provides pronounced anabolic and androgenic activity by regulating protein synthesis and the function of the male sex glands. Propionate is intended for subcutaneous administration, and the injection should be carried out in a full course.

    Where better to inject propionate

    The question of where it would be better to inject testosterone propionate does not often rise. In most cases, everything is clear to everyone from the beginning. The drug itself is intended strictly for intramuscular administration and nothing more. No need to invent and be smarter for the doctors who developed the drug. Never listen to those who offer, or think that steroids are injected into a vein, this is complete absurdity, this does not happen, only strictly into the muscles.

    This drug has an oil base and it always has been, and any doctor will confirm that only intramuscularly.Some athletes also like to choose a place for an injection, and especially the tech who are sure that they need to be injected into the muscle that needs increased growth. In fact, these are just personal inventions and the danger that you can get in the wrong place and make a huge bunch of problems. Better not make it up and put it in the gluteus maximus, this is the safest place, and the result will be all the same good. It is always better to inject propionate into the place where the medical professors have identified, and not some wise guy wrote a complete nonsense on the forum, and you will risk trying all this on yourself. Remember that the ampoule has oil and it should not have a chance to get from the needle by mistake into a vein. Always think well before listening to people who have nothing to do with it.

    How does testosterone propionate work?

    The negative effect on the liver during intensive care is completely absent. The active component of propionate is responsible for the production of testosterone hormones, the concentration of which after injection is maintained for several days. However, the action of anabolic steroids is not limited to this, in addition they provide:

    • minimum amount of accumulated liquid,
    • increase in muscle volume (rapid growth),
    • accelerated burning of subcutaneous fat,
    • modeling of athletic terrain,
    • increase in power indicators.

    Steroid effectiveness

    The energy generated after taking anabolic hormones is converted into quality muscle, and for a very short time interval. Testosterone molecules not only take a direct part in shaping the body’s constitution and sexual behavior, but also stimulate libido, potency, and spermatogenesis. So, an anabolic effect is preceded by a stable therapeutic and prophylactic effect, which determines the high effectiveness of the steroid in the male body.

    Testosterone Propionate Course

    When taking steroids, a competent consultation of specialists is necessary, otherwise the balance of sex hormones is disturbed, there is a drug interaction. If we talk about the therapeutic effect of propionate, the course of treatment lasts from 2 weeks to several months, while daily doses for beginners, on average, are 50 ml intramuscularly every other day. Gradually, they can be increased to 100 ml. Athletes before the competition are also recommended to start taking, but the dosage of the solution is adjusted individually depending on the ultimate goal, gender and weight.

    Drug Interactions

    Testosterone propionate provides the intensive production of hormones, while it has a systemic effect in the body. Therefore, before performing injections, it is required to find out more about drug interactions with representatives of other pharmacological groups. For example, in combination with inducers of microsomal liver enzymes, the effect of testosterone, a mixture of esters, is pathologically reduced. Self-medication is completely excluded, dangerous to health.

    Long-term effects and reasons for administering such injections

    Such drugs are new. Perhaps that is why they often do not prescribe. Their advantage is that they last up to 3 months. They work gradually, so as not to stun the man’s body with large doses of incoming hormone. The advantage of drugs with this effect is that they need to be injected only once every two months, and excessive sex drive and a sharp change in mood are reduced to low indicators.

    All types of injections can be prescribed:

    • there was a delay or other deviations during puberty,
    • there are significant violations in the development of the genital organs,
    • spermatogenesis is impaired,
    • infertility,
    • a sharp decrease in testosterone due to which mental abnormalities or obesity began to occur,
    • osteoporosis, impotence, decreased libido and erectile function.

    Before prescribing these drugs, specialists especially carefully examine the patient's condition and his analyzes. In the absence of significant changes and jumps in testosterone, other methods of therapy are used.

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