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Effective ways to fall in love with a girl if she loves another

  • Basic principles important for girls
  • 20 ways to fall in love with a girl
  • 10 simple steps to help win the girl’s love
  • Conclusion What do girls need?

Let's start with the well-known principles of how to fall in love with a girl who seems to be known to everyone, but they are usually forgotten when they meet and then sincerely surprised at the absence of any result. So, let's begin:

1. Image - fall in love not with you, but with your image, which you create in the girl’s head. DO NOT make yourself perfect, they need to seem. Yes, nobody needs your subtle darling. And nobody cares how romantic you are or how attractive you are.

2. Secret, intrigue - the girl fall in love with something unknown. You don’t have to immediately lay out your life profile and tell the details about yourself for half an hour. The more secrets you have, the better. The mysterious guy is much more interesting and valuable than some kind of Petya, about whom the girl has long known everything and can predict his every move.

3.Unavailability- what is available at any given time has no value. So you should not offer yourself in large quantities.

4. Altruism- when a person is in love, he wants to do everything for his soulmate disinterestedly. Not demanding anything in return. Absolutely. As a rule, a girl will only present her beloved guy.

5. Significance- the more you are significant for the girl, the more she is afraid of losing you. So the significance can be different - we don’t feel sorry for someone to lose, but losing someone is unthinkable for us. Statistics show one interesting paradox: the more important a person is for us, the less important we are for him. In other words, if you run after a man as a servant, then his attitude towards us will be appropriate.

20 ways to fall in love with a girl

Do you think love is a process that starts randomly and lies beyond our control? But no. Love can be directed and corrected, we just never thought about it. By learning to apply our tips, you can make a girl fall in love with you.

1. Behave like her father

Girls unconsciously look for a man who looks like his father (everyone believes that their dad is the best, which means that the best men are those that look like him).

2. Show that you are different from her ex

For the most part, girls change the criteria in choosing a partner after a failed relationship. If you show her that you are not like her ex, it will be a big plus for you.

3. Understand her psychological needs

They are all different, and the best pair for any person is the one who satisfies as many of these very needs as possible.

4. Raise your value

Let your mutual friends speak well of you when you are not around. The girl will begin to think that you are more valuable if he hears that others highly value you. And what did you want, everyone needs proof!

5. Meet her more often

Studies have shown that people are looking for a partner from among the people with whom they often see. Men who tend to disappear from sight for a long time, girls forget.

6. Be mysterious

The less she understands your intentions, the more she will think about you. The more she thinks about you, the more likely she will like you.

7. Smile less often

Psychologists argue that women prefer serious men, rather than nice guys, who would only hekhanki yes khahanki.

8. Emphasize your resemblance

As soon as you notice something in common, do not hesitate to point out this (unless, of course, we are talking about good quality). When she sees several similarities, she will begin to think that you should be together.

9. Disappear when she misses you

When the girl you're interested in is bored, disappear for no apparent reason. So she will think about you even more, and it will only be in your hands.

Do not try to always be nice, but you don’t need too much anger either. Sometimes you have to confuse her: people think more about things that they cannot understand.

11. Excitation can be confused with love

When you are doing something interesting or dangerous together (watch a good movie or climb a rock), she feels an excitement that can easily be confused with love. It may seem to her that she is excited, because you are next to her. You're better off!

Girls love hints: it’s more interesting for them to perceive information. Do not tell her that you have a BMW, - it’s better to silently put the keys on the table.

13. Women love bad guys

Just try to show despair, be too sweet and call her too often - you will die alone. Girls love leaders, tough and bad guys - these always have lots of options.

14. You favor her

Let her know: you have a lot of options, and of all you chose her. Let him feel special, even chosen.

15. Repeat her gestures

When you imitate someone’s gestures and tone of voice, a person subconsciously believes in your resemblance.

16. Pay attention to her, and then deprive her of this attention

Give her a lot of attention for a few days, and she will begin to wonder if she likes you or not. Now disappear for a few days, and she will start thinking about you all the time simply because she does not understand your behavior.

17. Show opposite qualities

Opposite to the fact that the girl in herself does not like. If she is shy, be confident and talk without interruption.

18. Reveal your positive traits gradually

Women lose interest when a man becomes predictable. Therefore, do not throw cards on the table on the first date - save for both the second and the third.

19. Call her every day at the same time, and then suddenly stop

When people expect something, and expectations are not met, they begin to want it even more. The more she thinks about you, the better for you. (also read what to talk about with a girl).

20. Understand her past

Depending on her experience, the girl begins to love certain men. We need to understand her past, all the milestones of the formation of her personality, draw conclusions and become the very person she needs.

How to meet a girl who has a boyfriend?

Before embarking on an action to conquer a girl, a man must find an opportunity to meet a girl who has a boyfriend. Psychologists name several rules, compliance with which will help to get closer to the person you like:

  • A man should be the dominant in any relationship, thanks to this, girls will always be attracted to him. Girls always celebrate men with high social status, self-confident and able to make decisions in different spheres of life.
  • If you establish an emotional connection between a man and a girl, this will become for her a motivator for frequent communication with him. It is necessary to communicate with her in such a way that she feels the man, as if she had known him for many years. The best way to connect emotionally with a girl is to constantly make her laugh and evoke pleasant emotions through communication.
  • To begin with, the girl can be asked what ideal man she sees next to her, after which you immediately need to talk about her current partner. This will force her to compare her ideal with her boyfriend, doubting whether he really is the one she would like to see next to her.

Such communication will not only develop into a strong friendship, but also make the girl soberly evaluate her current relationship. The best way to meet any girl is through common acquaintances and friends, or through common interests, hobbies, and leisure activities.

How to like a girl who has a boyfriend?

In order to please a girl who has a boyfriend, a man needs to become perfect externally and internally. First, in the course of communication, you need to find out what the girl would like to see in her partner, with whom she sees a common future and family. Next, you need to find out what qualities she likes the current guy, and then instill in her his positive qualities and traits.

Next, you need to understand whether there are moments in her boyfriend that she does not like, because there are no people without flaws. In any quarrel with him, a man needs to be interested in why the girl is not in the mood, what upsets her, and most importantly, to support her. Knowing the qualities that a girl cannot tolerate in her current boyfriend, a man needs to develop the opposite traits in himself, which will not remain without her attention.

How can you fall in love with a girl?

In order to make a decision for himself to fall in love with a girl who is already in a relationship, a man needs to be convinced of reciprocal sympathy for himself. You can identify it by several indicators:

  • she is always ready to talk
  • she always smiles when she sees a man
  • she’s ready to share personal information,
  • you can often hear compliments from her
  • she shows that the current relationship does not bring her joy and happiness,
  • she flirts and unconsciously touches a man.

To conquer a girl, even if she is currently not free, you need to follow simple rules:

  1. Respect - if you treat her with respect as a real gentleman, show care and support, sooner or later she will appreciate it.
  2. Initiative - Initially, the initiative should be completely in the hands of the man, but later you can let her invite the man herself to the meeting, giving only hints.
  3. Spending time together - during communication and walking, a man needs to behave in such a way that the girl is with him as comfortable and relaxed as possible.
  4. Interest in her - a man needs to show interest in her and her life in every way, asking questions about her dreams, plans for the future, etc. Then you can hint that for a man she’s not just a friend, saying a phrase like “I’ve never met such a girl before, like you".
  5. Step forward - if a man showed the girl how special she is for him and not just a friend, you need to proceed to action. To do this, you need to talk about your feelings and give her time to think about the situation.

In no case does a man need to build an improved version of the girl’s current boyfriend, on the contrary, he needs to become a new and fresh sip for her, someone special and unique. As soon as a man outlines his feelings and intentions, one cannot demand decisions from her, expect her to abandon her boyfriend. A girl will need time to understand the situation and reevaluate what is happening in her life.

Effective methods and advice of psychologists

To win a girl who loves another guy, a man needs to follow a few simple tips from psychologists. Namely:

  • become a good friend for her, providing the girl with positive and comfortable communication,
  • be yourself, because girls, because of their sensitivity, immediately feel falsehood and pretense,
  • to find common interests through which communication will always be lively and regular,
  • give gifts and small presentations, symbolizing romance and the prospect of a future relationship,
  • to engage in self-development in order to grow in her eyes, earn respect and not focus only on her,
  • do good deeds, reinforcing words with actions,
  • maintain optimism and a sense of humor in order to be a source of good emotions for her.

The main rule of how people and a particular girl like you is to love yourself. If a man is too self-critical, has complexes and self-doubt, any girl will immediately feel it.

What is not worth doing?

If a young man becomes overly obsessive and immediately begins to communicate with a not free girl from a romantic mood, this will only push her away.In fact, there are a number of contraindications to actions, so as not to disrupt the plan to conquer the girl you like. It includes the following warnings from psychologists:

  • don’t need to talk too much with her about her boyfriend,
  • even if she had a falling out with a guy, don’t need to speak badly about him, it’s important to concentrate on support,
  • a man must be patient in order to show his best sides and for the girl to make her choice,
  • if a girl broke up with a guy, do not rush with dates and romance,
  • no need to be intrusive, occasionally the girl needs to be letting herself get bored.

It is extremely important to build such a format of communication with the girl that will cause her only positive emotions. Rude, rudeness, swearing and sarcasm must be eliminated from speech. A man needs to show the girl how comfortable and pleasant it is to spend time with him.


If a girl loves another guy and everything is fine in a relationship, it is unlikely that another man will be able to lure her attention to his side. If there are cracks in the relationship, and the current guy cannot make her happy, the man can make every effort to motivate the girl to part with this guy. It is important to show your good character traits, serious intentions, willingness to wait and just be near.

Need or not

Decide on a goal. Are you sure you want to fall in love without fail, or maybe this girl is needed just for fun? It is possible that you have a passionate feeling for the chosen one, and not something more. In this situation, over time, “love” will evaporate, and a girl who already has time to fall in love will suffer.

The second thing you need to pay attention to is whether you ever want to create a family with this young lady, do you see a common future?

If you are sure that you have true feelings and dream that the girl will become your wife, give birth to you children, then you need to try to conquer her heart. If you are convinced that you just want to fill up the list of your victories, then you do not need to play with the feelings of another person.

Want to know how to fall in love with a girl? Well, you came to the address!

Write down the recipe: you need to collect 20 tears of the lady you liked (spilled from happiness), mix them with Tibetan honey and unicorn milk (in a 3: 1 ratio).

Then wait for the full moon and drink the magic mixture at midnight at a dead crossroads. If it does not help, then you should do the same again, but only naked and in flippers.

In case you are interested in simpler (and adequate) methods for charming girls, we also have them. Spoiler: You do not have to turn to a shaman or a witch for this.

How to fall in love with any girl? Preliminary work

Before we provide you with effective ways to turn your head about the beauty you like, we suggest you do a little homework.

No, you don’t need to train on tomatoes. It’s better to take a look at our checklist and make sure that you have maximized your chances of success.

1. Love yourself

Each girl is individual, and everyone has different tastes. Some people like tall ones, others like redheads, but to everyone, without exception, those guys who know their worth.

Therefore, quickly answer such a question - would you love yourself? And if not, then why? If you consider yourself a complete loser and set to defeat, then the girls will subconsciously feel this, and only the Beauty who wants to re-educate the Beast can fall in love with you.

Nevertheless, we suggest that you not focus on this option, but recall your positive aspects, become less self-critical and work on eliminating those shortcomings that annoy you and, most likely, your future girlfriend will also not like.

2. Scan your wardrobe

They see off the mind, but they continue to be met by clothes.By the way, we have already written about those things that should not be worn on a first date and which can ruin a girl’s good impression of you.

It doesn’t matter which style and brands you prefer - even in the most fashionable new product from Dior you will look “not ice” if it is wrinkled, dirty or does not fit your figure or does not combine with other elements of your image.

Male pickup basics

Experience is not the main thing in seducing women. The first thing to think about before approaching the person you like is the appearance.

A girl may not pay attention to the high cost of clothing, but she will appreciate cleanliness and neatness in the first place. The basic rules of a male pickup truck, for those who do not know how to fall in love with a girl, can be represented as follows:

3. What about the smell? (see-see video above)

Yes, it is very important. Because the unpleasant amber can instantly bury the prospect of developing your relationship with her, even if by all other parameters you are the Prince from her fairy tale.

Now there are many ways to deal with the smell of sweat and stale breath, and we will not focus on them. Instead, recall: any toilet water should be used in moderation. Otherwise, her aroma will be so strong that it will cause the interlocutor a headache and a desire to move away from you. And how is there to talk about love?

A closer look and nothing more

All women love attention. If a girl notices that a young man is watching her, she will surely turn around to do the same. The main thing in all this is not to lose eye contact. It should be clear to the girl that they are interested in her not in order to approach and ask for directions, but with a specific romantic purpose. If a girl looked away first, then a man can celebrate a small victory.

4. Be sure (but in moderation)

We repeat: one girl will be conquered by the soul of the company, and the second is more attracted by shy guys. But here a man full of complexes and complaints about life, to the eyeballs, is the dream of so few women that he runs the risk of growing old alone.

By the way, he has a colleague in misfortune - a typed alpha male, who comes complete with a bloated ego and sexist stamps. Both of them may interest the girl, but building a happy and strong relationship with her is unlikely.

“The smile will make the world brighter”

Nobody likes gloomy, self-enclosed people, women try to avoid such individuals. If a man does not have a good day and he cannot squeeze out anything other than a crooked grin, acquaintance is obviously doomed to failure. Having noticed the girl he liked in the crowd, the man should smile at her. If she responds to a smile, you can go up and try to get to know each other.

5. Bleed your mind

If you are beautiful, like Apollo, then your glance may be enough for a girl to fall in love. But not a fact. Most likely, even in this case it will be necessary to talk with her about something. And preferably not only about her eyes and how gorgeous you are.

The more interesting stories, cool facts and funny jokes in your arsenal, the more she will want to communicate with you and spend time. So constantly replenish stocks of topics for conversation.

"Night, street, lantern, pharmacy"

Psychologists say that you can get to know anywhere, whether it be a chic cafe, or a bus stop. The main condition is the right time. If a girl returns home late in the evening, then getting to know her will not be the best idea: most likely, she will be scared and try to get rid of an accidental companion.

When meeting each other, it is best to keep your distance. A distance of 1 meter should be maintained between the girl and the man. Otherwise, a new friend may find the attention paid to her too intrusive.

6. Work on your manners

Please stop believing that all the girls are dying from vulgar tricks and adore the rude "bad guys." Yes, there are those with whom it works, but the problem is that at first glance it is difficult to understand whether a stranger that interested you is among them.

Because if not, then you will reliably destroy your chances of continuing acquaintance, offend a person, and if you behave this way all the time, you will also earn a bad reputation. That doesn't sound very cool, does it?

Pleasant conversations and compliments

Having trained in peepers and smiles and going up to the girl, the man should start a pleasant conversation. Better to start it with a banal compliment. You can praise a beautiful hairstyle, manicure, dress, say that a man was admired by her walk, smile, laugh.

The conversation should be simple, should not go to academic topics and be interested in a new familiar degree of mastery of the Gauss theorem. It’s better to talk about the weather, the surrounding architecture, the news of cinema and theater, the taste features of pastries, which are served in the nearest cafe.

7. Do not forget about naturalness

Some "experts in female psychology" to the question "how to fall in love with a girl" are advised to be a mystery. Well, you know, such a fatal seducer who constantly keeps silent about something, suddenly leaves in the middle of a date, etc.

If you do not work as a secret agent, then perhaps you should not do this, because not every professional actor can play it convincingly, and in order not to get pierced, it’s better not to try.

Behave naturally - not only will you protect yourself from the girl’s disappointment in the future (and the phrases “I thought you were different”), but you can also relax and enjoy your meeting (which is exactly what you want?).

8. Know how to listen (and hear)

One of the most effective methods to win the girl’s heart is to listen to what she says. Basic psychology teaches us what people of both sexes love when their interlocutor listens attentively.

And besides, in a conversation she will inevitably give you the information that you can then use for your seductive purposes: he will name the cafe you have wanted to visit for a long time, the name of the poet whose verses you can recite to her, or the variety of your favorite flowers.

9. Give her positive emotions

For a girl to fall in love with you, she must like to spend time with you. Therefore, try so that during a date she does not hypnotize her watch and does not damage her jaw while she yawns.

Invite her to some unusual place - it doesn’t matter if it will be a climbing wall or Tolstoy’s estate - the main thing is that both of you should be interested there. Do not forget about the pleasant things: make her laugh, make a small, but cute or funny gift.

Even with a minimum of effort, you can certainly come up with something original, most importantly, do not go too far: your task is to surprise, but not to shock.

10. Forget the dirty game

Unfortunately, the Internet is full of completely wild methods that supposedly completely work with any girl: call her at one time, and then stop, flirt with others to cause jealousy, etc.

We ask you not to follow them for two reasons: it’s elementary impolite and can hurt the girl’s feelings. And even such tricks are so banal that she can easily figure out your tactics and don’t want to stir up passion in her in the same way that Pavlov’s dog reflexes were developed.

12. Share something with her

Before it becomes a bed, start small - find some neutral activity that will be interesting for both of you. Do you both adore Star Wars? Have a cozy movie marathon.

Do you like sushi? Try to cook them together. So you will not only have an unusual and pleasant time, but you will almost certainly get closer even more.

13. Become a habit for her

Some girls dream of a sea captain who will appear on the horizon once in a while. But most still want to get attention much more often.

Do not be afraid to show your beloved your interest in her - chat with her every day and, preferably, not only on social networks. The girl is more likely to fall in love with someone who is aware of the events of her life and nearby, than with a mysterious and inaccessible subject who likes to disappear for several months.

14. But do not forget about the measure

Try not to act like devoting every free minute to a girl - this is the only meaning of your life. At all stages of the relationship, even “candy-bouquet”, both of you should have personal space and time that you spend separately.

But to be intrusive is perhaps the most important “harmful advice” that will make a girl stay away from you and maybe even be afraid.

18. Do not force events

If you want to achieve reciprocity from a girl, then show her that you are not only interested, but also respect her and her pace of rapprochement. Take each new step carefully, "probing the soil", and carefully watch its reaction.

Reduce the distance during the conversation, touch her hand - just for a second - and if she does not move away or show in some other way that she is uncomfortable, you can try to touch her again later - but only gently, delicately and at that moment when appropriate.

19. Use modern technology

Are you curious about how to fall in love with a pen pal girl? The rules are similar in many respects - show interest in her life, be friendly, do not be afraid to joke (the main thing is not good) and be original.

Relationships can both begin and be maintained at a distance - the main thing is that you and your lover sooner or later, but be sure to meet in real life.

20. Be prepared to admit defeat

Scientists at Rutgers University found that the brain needs less than a second to understand how attractive a person is to it. Those tips that we gave you above do not guarantee that a chemical reaction called “love” will occur in the girl’s head.

It is impossible to make yourself fall in love with either a person or a cat, and you need to come to terms with this. If your attempts to get close to a girl stumbled upon a refusal on her part, don't be upset: just somewhere else, you will find the one who will fall in love with you without complicated manipulations and insidious tactics applied on your part.

10 simple steps to help win the girl’s love

1) Spend time with her

To win the attention of a girl, you must be in sight. You can only avoid meeting a girl when she is already thinking about you. Such breaks will help her create the perfect look that she will fall in love with.

Therefore, instead of being mysterious, try to become part of her life. It is necessary to achieve such a state that she would not feel comfortable without you, your correspondence and calls.

2) Compliments and charm

Depending on age, girls like either tough guys, or arrogant, or self-confident. But at any age, girls love gallant guys who slightly fascinate with their naivety. Courtesy should be an integral part of your image, and not something special when you try to pamper the girl.

3) Stay in touch

Every time she has an important event in her life, she must share it with you. So you need to be "at arm's length." A small gift that she will always see in front of her will be a good step. It can be a keychain for keys, but rather a cover for the phone.

4) Be a reliable guy

Each girl believes that a good guy is a guy who can protect himself and his girlfriend. If she depends on your opinion, she cannot be without you. But do not overdo it with the help of a relationship first. You must be a guy who can help.And not the kid who will always help if I smile at him.

5) Get her to you

The main skill that you need is the ability to competently communicate with a girl. Each girl has a whole set of events in the past that she is embarrassed to tell. That's why you need to hear it. If she tells you this, and you calmly react to it, she will begin to trust you.

6) Avoid becoming a friend

This is extremely important. The line between the best friend and beloved guy is invisible. Without sexual hints, good communication will turn into friendship. And this means the collapse of all plans in relation to the girl.

7) Good flirting is the key to success

Fresh talk is not very interesting. But a dispute can improve your relationship with a girl. A little tease, a joke, and the girl’s pride is already hurt. And she wants you to take revenge. And if so, then she will definitely come to the next meeting. It is also worth remembering that a good flirt is an opportunity to hug a girl. And this is romantic.

8) The best compliment is your eyes.

You made an appointment with a girl, she spent several hours preparing herself. Now imagine that when a girl meets you, she sees your bewildered eyes and hears with a slightly stuttering voice: "You look good." She will be in seventh heaven with happiness, as her efforts and preparation have already paid off. Use this.

9) During meetings, show the girl a little approval

Although the girl may look calm and confident, she would like to hear words of approval for her behavior. Therefore, be able to say in time: "you look beautiful."

10) A good kiss will do half the work for you

This is the kiss that the girl wants to receive and receives from you. No matter where, no matter how. The main thing is you saw her desire and took the first step.

Effective Ways

  1. There is no need to puzzle over how to fall in love with a woman. The main rule is not to show your interest in this matter. It turns out that inaccessibility is of great interest to persons of the opposite sex. When it becomes clear that the young lady is interested, you can proceed to demonstrate their positive qualities, as well as flirting.
  2. Become unpredictable. Let the girl find it difficult to determine what your next step will be. One day you can be a cynic, another romantic. Such behavior may be of interest, a woman will have a desire to know you, to get closer closer.
  3. Become a riddle for your chosen one. No need to tell her all your secrets, the story of your life. If the girl knows everything, the interest in communicating with a person who, in fact, is an “open book”, will disappear.
  4. A man must be a leader, a defender. Therefore, you need to make decisions yourself, dominate. Your task is to plan dates, vacations. You need to understand that girls like strong, responsible men, those who can be relied on in difficult times. But you do not need to ignore the opinion of the partner, it must also be taken into account, but the final decision must be made by you. With a strong protest against something, it is better to still listen to the opinion of the girl and abandon the venture.
  5. Great importance must be given to intimacy, if it is in your relationship. You must understand that sex can create problems. Your task is to become an excellent lover, to make sure that the girl receives maximum pleasure, fully satisfying her needs. First of all, think about her, not about yourself.
  6. There should not be routine in your relationship with a girl. If she becomes bored, she will lose any interest in your person. So that I could fall in love with the profits, make your days varied, surprise your chosen one, spend leisure time interestingly, do everything so that the girl has a desire to spend all her free time with you.
  7. It is important for women to see beside themselves a courageous gentleman who is physically and intellectually strong, who is versed in various spheres of life, can defend his point of view, does not pay attention to the opinions of others, brings what he has begun to the end, is able to stand up for his beloved. Be such a person and the girl’s love is guaranteed to you.
  8. A man must be a formed personality. It is important that there is a hobby, some interests. No need to be a boring nerd, they are no longer in demand.
  9. Give the girl gifts. Remember that for beautiful ladies attention is important, not the cost of the presentation. It can be a souvenir reminiscent of you, and some nice trinket. Particular attention should be paid to colors that need to be given even without a reason.
  10. Do not devote all your time only to your beloved. In your life there must be a place for friends too. In addition, it will be useful from time to time to stop communicating with the girl, so that all possible topics for conversation do not disappear, so that the young lady has time to get bored, able to feel that she is lonely without you.
  11. Ideally, you need to make common friends. So that you have communication not only with each other, but also with friends. When a couple is in the same company, relationships are strengthened.
  12. To fall in love with even an ex-girlfriend, you must always be in her sight. Well, if at the same time you can show your positive qualities, so that her circle of friends begins to admire you. After some time, it will be necessary to disappear, make the girl worry to look for a meeting with you, because she is so used to it that you are always there.


Do not immediately attack the girl with a demand to give your phone number. This option is suitable for completing an unexpected date. If a man has made the due impression, the girl will easily agree to give him his number. If not, you can try to find out her profile from social networks and try to continue communicating on the Internet.

Psychological methods

Let's look at the psychological ways to fall in love with a girl.

  1. Alternate negative emotions with positive ones. Negative means the ability to say no, refusal of a request, no need to indulge all the whims of the girl. If the young lady begins to enter, the man should be able to put her in her place, and do it not in a rude manner. Remember that girls like to play on their nerves, so you do not need to give in to their whims.
  2. So that a young lady has a love for you, you must respect her. It must be understood that public opinion is very important for a girl.
  3. Do not be shy to show in public how much you value her. But do not replay this. For example, open the doors in front of her, give your hand when exiting the vehicle. Behave like a gentleman. By such behavior you will be able to win the girl’s heart.
  4. Give the darling gifts, but do not spoil her too much. It is advisable that the presentations be appropriate and indicate the truth of your feelings and the seriousness of your intentions.
  5. Become a hero in her eyes. The girl wants to be proud of her man. To do this, you can go on a trip, in a slightly dangerous adventure. You can ride a horse or jump with a parachute. The main thing is that at the same time you have proved yourself as a brave partner who is able to protect.

Conclusion What do girls need?

It is easy to interest a girl, it is much more difficult to fall in love with her.
Many guys show their feelings too much, believing that their emotions will hit the girl. However, girls love guys for actions, not words.
In order to fall in love with a girl, you need a suitable atmosphere, understanding of your partner and complete confidence that this is not a mistake.

The tips in this article will help you achieve reciprocity from your girlfriend. But do not forget that all people are different and that which can work on one will not have any effect on the other.

Well, of course, you should always remember that gorgeous girls go to the same gorgeous guys. So you will need to work not only with her, but also on yourself. And only then you can find a girl for a serious relationship.

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Any method never works 100% in the field of human relations (because all people are different). But if the method works most often, then it works.

Well, the fact that "there are only idiots around" - I'm sorry, but I have no other people for you 🙂

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How to fall in love with a girl?

Often a dilemma arises when guys wonder how to fall in love with girls. At some point in time, boys and girls cease to be friends, and begin to become interested in each other in an adult way. This is a natural stage of development. And when love begins, guys have a lot of questions, because girls turn out to be complex and other creatures than guys.

What is love? This is the feeling of a young man who is embraced by positive emotions in relation to a particular object. Falling in love makes a person live in illusion. He often sees not a real partner in whom he is in love, but a certain ideal image that seems to him or that his lover might be.

This happens with a guy who could already offer the girl to meet, and she can answer him only with friendship. Often, guys simply do not see the flaws and flaws of those girls in whom they are in love. All this thanks to a love feeling. That is why they are ready to seek the objects of their love, no matter what. However, over time, love passes:

  1. If she was unrequited, then often the feelings just subside.
  2. If love was mutual, then it can develop into true love.

How to fall in love with a girl? You should remain yourself, while demonstrating the following aspects of your personality:

  • Confidence.
  • Good breeding.
  • Elegance.
  • Courtesy.
  • Mindfulness.

The guy needs to get rid of such external manifestations of uncertainty as excitement, suspiciousness, anxiety, inconsistent phrases, lethargy.

Psychologists say that guys with low self-esteem always have problems with the opposite sex. Women do not like unsure losers. If the guy is like that, then you have to become different. To help yourself in this, you can go to trainings or use these recommendations:

  1. Surround yourself with people who will support you.
  2. Think positively.
  3. Appreciate and respect yourself.
  4. Be attentive and sympathetic to others, which causes a man to feel secure and secure.

Why does a girl consider a guy a friend? This question must first be answered in order to understand what reason should be addressed. If a girl doesn’t like the guy outwardly, then he should take care of himself: go to the gym, put himself in order.

If a girl considers a guy untidy and unfashionable, then he should deal with his appearance: buy fashionable clothes, observe hygiene, do hairstyles, etc.

If a girl says that the guy is not interested in her and simply does not know her, then it is necessary to find out about her hobbies, interests, desires.

Why is life cruel when it allows people to fall in love with those who do not respond with such a feeling? They love you, but you do not love. You love, but do not love you.Where's the justice? In fact, everything is natural.

Nobody forces a person to love someone who does not reciprocate, as he does not have to love everyone who loves him.

We can say that a person makes his own choice when he begins to suffer and continue to fight for the love of a partner who no longer wants to respond with mutual warm feelings.

When it comes to love, people allude to feelings being difficult to control. It’s true, but only halfway. It’s hard to manage what you don’t understand. But if a person understands why he may not mutually love, then he will get a chance to get rid of his unrequited suffering.

Why does a man love those who do not love him? This is a habit that has been going on since childhood. Most parents rarely show love for their children. In single-parent families, there is no one of the parents, that is, children do not receive love from him.

In other families, parents are so busy with their work and concerns that they do not devote time to their children. In third families, parents are indifferent to their children: they hire a nanny to educate them.

In the fourth, moms and dads are just so passionate about their lives that children grow on their own.

If in childhood a person grew up among parents who did not show love for their child, then he learns to love those who do not love him. Thus, parents themselves teach the child to love those who do not reciprocate. This is sometimes called "understanding what love is."

In this article we will call it just a habit. Since the child always unconditionally love his parents, no matter what they do, he gets used to receiving exactly the love that they give.

If a person loved, and his parents were indifferent to him or paid very little attention, or he was constantly compared with someone, or criticized and forced to be good in order to get their recognition, then he gets used to this form of love in relation to himself.

As an adult, a person begins to love. And it is quite natural that he falls in love precisely with those who show him the same attitude that his parents showed to him in childhood.

Thus, the form of love that your parents (or siblings whom you really valued) showed to you in childhood dictates who you will fall in love with. You will love.

But the people you are interested in will show you the attitude that you are used to from childhood. You may suffer from unrequited love. But you may notice that for some reason you don’t love those people who fall in love with you.

This is all because you are not used to loving those who love you. You are accustomed to loving only people who reject you. Do you understand the mechanism?

A man loves in adulthood just as it did in childhood. What attitude parents show towards a person in childhood, the partners whom he will choose will also relate to him.

A person becomes accustomed to love only those who exhibit behaviors similar to parental ones. And if a person’s parents didn’t love, rejected, showed indifference, then he will only love people who show such an attitude.

At the same time, all applicants who show sincere love will be rejected, since a person is not accustomed to love when they love him.

The same thing happens with a guy who loves a girl who considers him his friend. He loves because she is friends with him, otherwise he would not have loved her.

You can fall in love with a girl even if she considers you her friend. To do this, do:

  1. Become the kind of guy she wants to see next to her, that is, change, fit herself to this image.
  2. Do not run after the girl, be a little inaccessible. Here you can also start walking with other girls to cause jealousy in your beloved, who so far rejects you.
  3. Be generous. If a girl asks for something, then help. If she needs your attention, then give it to her.
  4. Be independent of the opinions of parents, friends, and other people. Girls love independent, wayward guys.

How to win the heart of the former

It happens that a man realizes that he cannot live without a girl with whom she had once had a relationship, while a chosen one can live on. What should be done in such a situation?

  1. It is important to show the ex that you have become a versatile person, that in your life there is no place for boredom, monotony and boredom. You should have a hobby, some kind of hobby, it would be nice to go in for sports. When meeting with your ex, you can unobtrusively talk about changes in life, but you do not need to talk a lot. Remember that girls love confident, active men. Believe me, with each subsequent meeting the girl will be more interested in hearing about the changes in your life. And if there are any adventures, it will cause even more interest.
  2. As often as possible, get the chosen one in the eye, remind her of her existence. Most likely, she will not have a desire to establish a relationship with a new guy, but an affection for your person will appear.
  3. Learn to be a good conversationalist. You can call the former on an unofficial date, show her how you have changed, how now you can listen to her, support her, advise something. In order to become a good conversationalist, it would be nice to read as many books as possible, to watch educational programs. So you will have more topics to talk about.

How to fall in love with an ex-girlfriend?

Often you have to fall in love not with a girlfriend, but with an ex-girlfriend. Due to inexperience and warmth of emotions, young people break up. If you want to return the love of an ex-girlfriend again, then use the following tips:

  • Analyze the reasons for your breakup. What was the girl unhappy with? what did she not like about the guy? What claims and reproaches were on her part? Since this guy wants to return the love of his ex, he will have to change. Those flaws that the girl could not put up with should be removed from her character and behavior. You must become what she wants to see you.
  • Arrange up to 3 random meetings with the former. The main emphasis here is on the friendly communication of former partners. There should not be any memories, love words, requests and supplications. You just have to chat like friends. In this case, you must show yourself in a modified form. You have become ambitious, confident, purposeful, active. The girl will be hurt by the fact that such a cool guy no longer belongs to her, and will want to return to you.
  • Being an interesting conversationalist and periodically pleasant to surprise. Start chatting on topics that interest the girl. Begin to do such things that the former will be pleased, but she did not expect to see them from you.

Also come to your ex for help. Give her support. She must understand that you can rely on you in difficult times.


  1. Be charming, do not skimp on compliments. Remember that girls love ears. Praise her, admire her appearance, talents.
  2. It’s nice to give the chosen one a souvenir that would always be with her and remind you of, for example, a cover for a mobile phone.
  3. Quarrels can happen in any relationship, but you need to remember that both are to blame for the conflict. Therefore, it is better to find out everything at once, and to do it absolutely calmly, not to allow even greater disagreements, to immediately go to reconciliation.
  4. Show the young lady that she is in good hands. The girl must understand that in which case, she can always rely on you, you will be able to protect her.
  5. Build trust with a partner. Position her towards you. For example, you can tell about some not very pleasant story from your life in the hope that the chosen one will answer the same.
  6. Use flirting when communicating with a girl.She should feel that you have a certain interest in her person. You can use your sense of humor and even slightly tease a beautiful lady. The main thing in everything is to know the measure and not to overdo it.
  7. Trying to fall in love with a chosen one, do not let the girl have a relationship with you as a friend. Exiting the friend zone will then be very difficult.
  8. When communicating with a young lady, it is necessary to express approval of her actions and behavior. Do not forget that the girl can be very nervous, and your words can increase self-confidence.
  9. Always be yourself, be natural. No need to build someone else from yourself, trying on someone else's image. The girl will quickly feel the falsity. In addition, over time, your true appearance will appear, and this can greatly disappoint the chosen one, because she will get used to the created image.
  10. Find common interests. Then you can spend your leisure time together.
  11. Try to be generous; no need to be greedy. This does not mean that it is necessary to flood the girl with expensive presents or give her money. It will be enough to pay dinner or give her her jacket when it freezes, let her own car if she knows how to drive.
  12. The young lady can be subdued with her sense of humor, if any. As you know, laughter has a positive effect on the body, causes good emotions, improves mood.
  13. In relations with your beloved always remain honest, it is unacceptable to deceive her.
  14. Take care of your girlfriend. Do not forget that all the young women are subconsciously looking for a man who could try on the role of their father.
  15. You need to be persistent in your desire to win the heart of your beloved. But do not resort to persecution or torment your beloved with endless calls.

Now you know how a man can fall in love with a girl. Remember that for this purpose you can apply various techniques. You need to individually select the key to the heart of your beloved, based on the characteristics of character, temperament and the interests of your beloved young lady. You need to understand that falling in love with yourself is necessary only for that girl, in the feelings and seriousness of intentions of which you are sure.

How to fall in love with a girl friend?

A rather delicate situation when you like a friend's girlfriend. Here you must first make a firm decision for yourself: either you continue to be a friend, but then you stop thinking about the girl, or you begin to conquer the girl, but you will have to forget about friendship.

If friendship is important to you, then try to minimize meeting with his girlfriend. Carry yourself with other girls or with some business, hobbies, concerns.

If you still understand that a girl is important to you, then start caring for her. Always be in her sight. Come to her aid in difficult times. Fall in love with her when she is in a quarrel with your friend.

Falling in love with a girl is quite possible. It remains only to decide whether you really need it. After all, it happens that fate does not in vain create a situation of unrequited love. Maybe just remain yourself and look for the one that will love you so?

How to quickly make a girl fall in love with you in 6 steps

From this begins the path to any achievement. Confidence is a quality that nature has endowed with an ancient person. The man was a hunter, and he had to be confident in his abilities in order to bring more prey. And this meant that insecure men could not feed their family, and women refused to continue their family with them.

On a subconscious level, everything remains the same now. A man must initially believe in himself, and this will be transmitted to the woman. Firstly, every girl wants a strong and confident prince to take care of her, and secondly, natural instincts awake in her, which will suggest that a good future is guaranteed with such a person.

the main problem - There is no magic pill that will instantly add confidence to you. Confidence comes gradually.

To do this, you need to set ambitious goals and look for ways to achieve them, develop, work on yourself, travel, open new horizons, constantly leave your comfort zone, play sports, earn more, and seduce women.

This is a very long job and if you want to achieve any significant results in the foreseeable future, then you need to start nowwithout procrastinating.

Useful advice: even if you don’t feel confident inside, you should at least try to look confident. Spread your shoulders, monitor your posture, look people directly in the eye - and you will immediately feel better.

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The man at the same time plays the role of a hunter and lures the victim appearing and disappearing from her life, showing interest in her first, then indifference. Thus, he shows the girl curiosity. This is a great way. attract the attention of a girl.

A good tactic is to make the girl a little jealous. You can find out how to do this correctly so as not to harm the relationship in a separate article on our website.

Step 3. Maintain a positive attitude: why do optimists like everyone

Sense of humor almost all the girls are attributed to the main qualities of the “ideal man”. He should not be bored, he knows how to make her family and friends laugh and like him.

But this also applies to the ease with which he looks at life. A positive person will not whine about his failures and will always immediately find a way out of the situation. He does not get involved in a fight, but tries to resolve the issue peacefully. He will come to the aid in difficult times and will help to solve any problems easily and effortlessly. With such a person, the girl will feel easy and reliable.

Accustom yourself to follow what you say and exclude from your conversations following topics:

  • Negative. Something exploded somewhere? Has something happened to someone? No matter how much you are interested, you should not discuss this with a girl.
  • Complaints Are your bosses tired? Paying little money? Health is not to hell? Everyone has their own problems. And your problems are of no interest to anyone except you, so keep them with you.
  • Well-being. There is only one correct answer to the question: "How are you?" And this answer: "Excellent!". Even if everything in life at this moment goes awry, you should smile and pretend that everything is fine. Want to share problems, get empathy? If so, see paragraph above.

Want to learn how to communicate confidently and attract beautiful women? We will tell you how to learn this. You will learn: from whom you need to learn, what you should pay attention to, how to avoid common mistakes.

It is possible that something in you repels the girl. There are 7 common reasons why a girl does not notice a guy. Go through this list carefully - you may find one of these problems at home.

And in this article we conducted a survey to find out what qualities women value most in a man. Here is a detailed report.

We also advise you to read some useful recommendations on how to achieve reciprocity from a girl.

Step 4. Make her feel special: proven ways

Listen to what she says. Men are often just pleased to be with a girl they like, but they don’t like women's talk about anything.

Do not miss these stories - there is a lot of useful information that will be useful to you in the future. In what places she spends time, what is the name of her best friend, what is her allergy to - the young lady will be pleasantly surprised when you remember this, and will not ask again each time.

Show and explainwhy you chose her. Focus not only on appearance, but also on character traits or behavior.Make her embarrassed - she probably does not believe that she can attract a good interesting man, because even a seemingly confident woman has a lot of complexes.

Such tactics will show the young lady that you can look deeper than at the surface, and indeed it is not just like that. Thus, you will be able to inspire confidence in her.

Astonish. Give her surprises. Not every day, otherwise it will become boring, but once a week or two it is quite possible to surprise with something like that.

Here are some useful tips that are sure to come in handy:

  • Find out what her favorite flowers are and stop confusing daisies with white chrysanthemums.
  • Order a bouquet and send her to work with a courier.
  • Give her a year of perfect dates.
  • Fulfill her long-standing desire or small dream.
  • Help her with what, in her opinion, you cannot help.

Do not know what else to surprise a woman with? In this article, we have collected the most original ways to surprise a girl.

And here we have put together a list of pleasant gifts that you can give just like that for no reason. This will also be useful.

A little tip! Do not cease to amaze your beloved girl, even when the relationship has long gone right, or you even got married. These simple little things will allow you to maintain harmony in relationships and nourish feelings so that they do not go out.

Not a friend, but a friend. You should not agree to a joint shopping if she wants to buy a pair of dresses and a coat, but let her feel confident in you, as in a person, which in case of what will support it. Listen to her, help with problem solving, have fun and help her family and friends.

But if on some day the girl begins to discuss men with you, then you have switched to the "frezona". This means she does not consider you as her potential partner. Step No. 2 can easily get out of it at the initial stage. The further, the harder it will be, therefore with “friendship” need to be careful.

Here are some useful tips on how to quickly get out of the "frezona" and make the girl look at you with different eyes:

At the end of the last century, one American psychologist Arthur Aron developed 36 questions, the answers to which will fall in love from one person to another.

He conducted a series of experiments when a man and a woman sat opposite each other and answered them, after which these couples from previously unfamiliar people quickly fell in love. These questions are called upon to be a sincere person, to share the most intimate and to reveal to others as individuals.

You can tell the girl about these questions, or veil them under interesting topics for conversation. In any case, she will think for a long time about the answers and you as a person. What in the female head means the first stage of falling in love ...

No one knows more about how to conquer the hearts of girls than the girls themselves. In this video, Lena Ustinova talks about what needs to be done to make a girl fall in love without memory:

Of course, each girl needs her own approach, but for the most part these things attract almost all women. Tune in, that you will succeed, think positively and do not let the girl feel sad.

Be a friend to her, but sometimes remember to keep the intrigue so that she treats you not as a friend, but as a man whose life does not revolve only around her. Do not forget to give her small gifts from time to time or surprise her in other ways.

Well, in the end, intrigue her with an experiment with questions, and she is unlikely to refuse to participate in it.

How to fall in love with a girl if she considers you a friend

Everyone knows that there is no friendship between a girl and a man. One of them always falls in love, but the other always thinks that they are only friends.

But many are mistaken in this, especially the girls. So, guys, if you fell in love with your girlfriend, but you understand that besides a friend she has nobody to see in you, then this article is for you.

I love a girl and she loves another

Hello friends! My name is Vitaliy Okhrimenko, and today we will briefly talk about a topic that is urgent for many of us when you love her and she loves another. It often happens when a guy says: "I love her." And then sadly adds: "... but she loves a completely different one." What to do when you love sincerely, truly, before losing your mind, and the girl chose another guy? The situation is rather complicated, but not uncommon, almost classic.

What to do if a girl loves another

What to do if your beloved was taken away by another? He stole it from you, defeated you not by force, but in some other ways. When the word "love" brings only pain and frustration. After all, he will not be able to love her as you love.

You are ready to give her everything, raise her to the level of the 7th heaven, carry on your hands. But he is still a favorite.

And what to do, really give up? Or gather courage and rush into battle? In a battle where there are no rules, where you do not know what and how to do, where the winner will get the most expensive prize.

The main character of this story met a pretty girl. The meeting with this girl was unremarkable. And he could not think that she would take up so much space in his life. The girl was cute and funny.

From the moment they met, the guy knew that she was in love with another, and when they quarreled with this other, he sincerely empathized with her. But over time, our hero began to notice changes in attitude towards this girl, he suddenly felt “gravity” towards her.

Friendship flowed smoothly into sympathy, and sympathy into love. And the boy understood that it was wrong, but could no longer stop. He was silent about his desires and dreams. But the moment came when he realized that he was also not indifferent to this girl.

Only a damned conscience did not allow her to show her feelings. He likes something like that, another, but there are also “special feelings” for our boyfriend.

Also, the guy knew that he had no moral right to force his beloved girl into any action. I tried to restrain myself, realizing that the girl was afraid to hurry and ruin everything. With both one and the other.

But at the same time he understood that he was not able to endure these torments for a long time. That the time will come when he will put the girl before the choice. He does not want her to suffer, only he does not want to suffer.

He does not want to take it to extremes, but he sees that this love triangle cannot lead to something good. He sees her, sees how she looks at him, feels her experiences.

The desire to be around is growing, and willy-nilly, he begins to wonder whether she loves one or the other. And if he loves, then why is he reaching for our hero? He does not want to spoil relations with her, but he can no longer physically be a friend.

Most of all he wants to know what to do if his girlfriend loves another. Wait until she understands her attitude, loves you and leaves one or the other? Or it’s better to forget her, or she can change her attitude and remain friends, instead of linking her life together.

The story is real, and our boy is not the only one with whom such tricks of cupid happened. Many young people find themselves in such traps, not knowing what to do. Only not everyone can get out of such love alterations correctly. What to advise this guy? What to do?

What to do if the girl chose another

Our hero was very lucky, because he is interesting to the object of his sighing, and this is a fat plus. It would be much worse if the girl did not notice the man in him at all. And if she can not decide on a serious step only by prohibitions of her conscience, then she already had to think about this guy as not only a friend, and that’s good. So the lady of the heart shows to our boyfriend not only friendly feelings. We can draw the correct conclusion that he has a chance, the main thing is to use it.You need to choose the right model of behavior and follow it.

How to conquer a girl if she loves another

First of all, you need to learn that there are times when inaction is better than any action. For example, you do not need to too sharply reveal your desire for this girl.

In the case when she is very worried about the inability to control her feelings, the feelings will grow if the guy tries to show his feelings in physical form. Do not forcibly climb with kisses and hugs. Everything should happen at ease, so that the girl does not feel like a horse driven into a corner.

She should feel that a step she decided herself. If the girl decides on this act (or will assume that she has decided), in fact she will make her choice. After all, just one kiss can open her eyes to her feelings.

And only after that it can be expected that she will leave that other boyfriend and make our boy happy with her love. Even if the girl is not ready for such a cardinal decision, the chance of our hero after a passionate kiss will increase tremendously.

If a girl loves another what to do

It happens that it’s really difficult for a girl to choose, she’s already used to her boyfriend, and then someone suddenly breaks into her life. To conquer her, you need to become a knight for her, who will not impose himself, but always appears at the right time. And most importantly - this knight loves her and is ready to prove his love.

The above situation is not the most difficult of the possible options "she loves another." There can be a whole bunch of hindrances, such as family and children. If you love a girl, and she chose another, describe your situation in x and together we will try to find the only correct model of your behavior.

Well, to prevent this from happening to us, you need to know how to fall in love with a girl, how to win her heart and how to win a girl.

Love each other responsibly. Good luck to everyone in the matter of love relationships!

With notes of empathy, Vitaliy Okhrimenko.


Any girl very carefully monitors her appearance, therefore, of course, pays attention to how a young man is dressed, how he knows how to keep himself in society. If you want to understand how to fall in love with a dream girl, interest yourself, pay attention to your appearance.

Perhaps the time has come to seriously deal with it? It’s not good to go untidy and groomed. Avoid that you smell bad: the smell of sweat can ruin the best impression of a guy. Take a shower regularly, keep your mouth in perfect order.

It will be absolutely superfluous to start playing sports: the pumped up muscles look very sexy.

Restaurants and Cafes

Almost every girl is delighted with the prospect of going out somewhere in people, spending the evening together with the man she likes. Restaurants and cafes - this is the place where you should take the chosen one, if you want to impress her.

It is there that a relaxing atmosphere of comfort and joy is created. Of course, all this can be created at home. However, the restaurant looks much more spectacular. Just imagine how surprised the girl is when you offer her a romantic evening for two.

Such moments are not forgotten even after a long time.

There are especially spoiled persons, for whom going to a restaurant is commonplace. Some girls generally tend to take a boyfriend's courtship for granted.

They believe that he simply must spend a lot of money on them, make expensive gifts, including gold jewelry, and reserve the right to think whether to stay with him or end his relationship. Fortunately, such a minority.

These are either very spoiled, or those who do not need anything other than money.

For an ordinary girl, a restaurant is a holiday with the opportunity to have a good time, therefore, most likely, your chosen one will be pleasantly surprised and intrigued.


Girls love surprises. If you begin to treat her like a queen, then she will feel in the center of your attention. Every young man dreams of winning the heart of a girl he likes.

Many succeed with the help of attention to their companion. Try to learn to recognize the wishes of your beloved. Very soon, you will begin to understand what she wants at a given moment in time.

The ability to guess the wishes of the second half is useful to the guy in the future, at the stage of formation of the ensuing relationship. Much depends on the mood in which the girl is now. Emotions play a big role.

A girl can refuse in haste from something, and then regret it. Young people, as a rule, are guided by logic at the time of decision-making.

You cannot force yourself to fall in love, you can only help events develop in the right direction.

Literate, beautiful speech

You should never forget that women love with ears. If you show sympathy with exquisite words, you will achieve greater success than when you take care of her silently.

The ability to speak beautifully and correctly build phrases will help a guy at the moment when he decides to make his love to his beloved. At such moments, the ability to sequentially and clearly build speech may be lost from excitement, but natural literacy will necessarily persist.

You can fall in love with words, especially if you start doing it regularly.


It is very important for girls to be appreciated and respected. Without this manifestation, they will not be able to trust a partner. To build honest, harmonious relationships is in many ways a man’s task. A beautiful lady must first be won, and this can be done with the help of displays of attention and respect.

Let your companion feel that she is not only not indifferent to her gentleman, but also that she is admired, respected as a person. This is an important expression of affection characterizing human values ​​and the best qualities of character.

A girl should feel her worth for a young man.

How to fall in love with a girl? In fact, not as hard as it might seem at first glance. The main condition for a guy is to be sincere, to have a firm intention to make his chosen one happy.

Confident look into the future

Women always want to feel protected and protected by their boyfriend. It is important for them to remain confident in advance that they are completely safe and “as if behind a stone wall”.

This common expression comes precisely from the unconscious need to be protected by the husband. A woman at all stages of life needs to feel confident in the future.

She should clearly know that the future spouse will not leave her in difficult times, will not leave alone with children to overcome difficulties.

You can fall in love with a fair sex by giving her an additional guarantee about a happy and secure future. A woman needs to feel loved and appreciated. Confidence in her own well-being will allow her to remain calm in the most difficult trials of life.

By correspondence

Acquaintance by correspondence is easy, but falling in love with a girl is not easy. To begin with, you should “fill up” it with beautiful compliments, electronic gifts, possibly poems.

If she contacted, you can praise her photo, ask about the places where they were taken. The main thing in this matter is perseverance and a clear manifestation of interest in a female person.

To arouse interest, a man should learn about her favorite books, films and artists. It is important to show the girl how her correspondence partner is attentive, educated, and ready to immediately respond to any of her messages.

Declare love right away

Even if you madly like a certain girl, do not rush to discover your feelings in front of her.By this you can only scare your chosen one ahead of time, and then falling in love with yourself will definitely not work.

Girls in this situation can get confused and completely close from all sorts of manifestations of courtship. A companion must be conquered - this must be understood. You can open cards only when you are completely sure that you will have a life together.

Otherwise, you can put yourself and the girl in an extremely awkward position.

Immediately confessing love is not worth it for the reason that you need to test your feelings with time. And this will become possible when at least a few months after meeting. Girls in most cases are in no hurry to get married until they verify the seriousness of the intentions of their future spouse.

If she doesn't like you

Having trouble building a man’s relationship, they often ask themselves how to fall in love with a girl if she doesn’t like you? Representatives of a strong half of humanity are literally unsettled by this state of affairs, but they should not despair.

So, a sullen person may try to learn some jokes, invite a girl to ride on a carousel or spend an evening in a movie watching a comedy. If the girl did not like the partner’s excessive stinginess, then you can try to look more generous than usual.

If she has a boyfriend

There is an opinion that a guy is not a husband, and therefore about how to fall in love with a girl, if she has a boyfriend, you should not even worry. In reality, this is not so. Most of the fair sex already at this stage of the relationship are quite faithful. The main task is to show the girl her best qualities, to make it clear that the young man she has chosen is not a suitable candidate.

To do this, give the best gifts, show maximum attention, see off from the university (from work), regularly invite you to dates. If the one with whom the chosen one meets for a given period of time does not really like her, then after a while she will pay attention to such obvious signs of favor from the new fan.

If she loves another

The question of how to fall in love with a girl, if she loves another, is the most painful. In principle, it is useless to seek an answer, since in most cases this is impossible.

The new fan has practically no chances, but you can try: real feelings are worth fighting for.

Top 10 Ways That Fail Reliably

Summarizing everything that was said above about how to fall in love with a girl, consider 10 ways that work flawlessly:

  1. Jokes and humor. Women appreciate men who know how to make them laugh. This man is easy to love, it is easy to fall in love with him. It is necessary to joke more, not to be shy about comic situations in which a couple may fall.
  2. Learn everything about what a girl loves. Men do not like to go shopping with their chosen ones, but the life of most women is not limited to shops. Many girls engage in active sports, are fond of dancing, embroider, read books, work at interesting and beloved work. A man must make sure that his interests match the interests of the girl as accurately as possible. To do this, it is not at all necessary to run to the gym or buy embroidered paintings; it is enough to find out more information about what a woman is doing and, if necessary, support her in new endeavors.
  3. Listen to a girl. If a man cannot listen and hear, it will be difficult for him to win the heart of a beautiful lady. Listen carefully to everything the girl talks about, even if you are not interested.
  4. Support: Despite a significant percentage of feminists present in society, most girls still rely on a strong male shoulder.At the same time, support does not have to be material; simple sympathy is enough. So, if a girl had a fight with her parents, friends, superiors and is looking for consolation, one should not talk about the degree of her guilt, future problems and the like. She must understand that the man will choose her side in any case.
  5. Trust. Without trust, there is no love, because if a man fails to win over a woman in such a way that she trusts him, he will not be able to fall in love with himself.
  6. Constantly praise the taste in clothes, cosmetics. Girls love attention, because a man should periodically praise another fashion bag or dress, talk about the beauty of makeup, etc.
  7. Sweets: If a woman cooks well, her chances of winning a man double. A man can also take advantage of such a trick, but he does not need to cook for this. It is enough to give the beloved one her beloved sweets.
  8. Flowers. Women love flowers, the more the better.
  9. Memorable dates. When planning to fall in love with a girl, you should not forget about memorable dates - the first kiss, the first date, the beginning of a life together, etc.
  10. Pleasant surprises. Not all women like surprises, but each one can appreciate a truly beautiful gesture. Naturally, having bought tickets for the next flight to Paris, subject to the colossal employment of the girl at work, or tomorrow's exam, the man will not win in her eyes. But unexpectedly presented earrings, a trip to the cinema, or to a picnic will be appreciated.

To be a good friend

Contrary to popular belief, girls rarely marry their friends.

This happens rather in exceptional cases, when a young lady for some reason has become disillusioned with men and is looking for a just good man for her future husband.

However, in most cases, women do not. They want to see in their chosen one certain traits of character that they could admire.

Being a good friend for a girl is a dead end to her heart. With this approach, it is also unlikely to fall in love with yourself. Just think: how will you surprise her if she knows about you, about a close friend for a long time? Friends are good on their own, and a loved one is valuable on its own.

Psychological tricks

Girls do not like overly right guys, so a man should not at the first date talk about being faithful to her person alone, report back, talk about everything that happened to him during the day.

A girl should feel like a woman, not a mother, wasting praises for good behavior. If a man does not know how to fall in love with a girl, the psychological techniques described below can become for him a real guide to action.

So, what you need to know about women:

  • girls love when they look at them and when they admire them, because the main thing is eye contact,
  • the girl who is not deprived of the attention of men ignores the views of the next boyfriend (he is only one of many for her), the latter must act directly opposite to the others, not paying any attention to the object of passion
  • if a girl is bored with flowers and gifts and she begins to take them for granted, it is necessary to abruptly stop courting, she will get worried and in the future she will look for reasons for meetings,
  • a girl will never fall in love with someone who compares her with other women, because by doing so a man can lose his beloved forever.

When meeting and further meetings, you should carefully monitor her reaction to touch. If a girl does not immediately strive to move away from a man whose hand accidentally touched her shoulder or hair, then he is already halfway to her heart.

Touch, even casual, is extremely important: they show a degree of readiness for further rapprochement.If this does not help and the man still has no idea how to fall in love with a girl, psychology will not help here, it is necessary to study the specific situation from the inside and understand the reason for the failure. Perhaps she is connected with the fact that the girl is already in love, but hides, or her reaction is associated with the zodiac sign under which she was born.

How to find out that a girl loves you?

To find out that a girl is in love with a particular man is simple. As mentioned above, she ceases to notice the signs of attention given to her by others. In addition, a woman in love forgives a lot, is ready to help her chosen one in any of his endeavors. She is not interested in the opinions of others and even close relatives. She does not allow speak badly about her lover.

Drunk driving

There is no greater trouble for a girl than when her beloved drinks. In this case, falling in love with yourself is almost impossible, unless it matches your character. For those who lead the wrong lifestyle - abuse alcohol or drugs - the path to a happy future is almost closed. Such a person will not be able to give anything to his soul mate, will not make her happy, and will not find the strength in himself to accept warmth and affection from her. A dependent person cannot create a full-fledged family, as its values ​​are gradually being lost.

Girls, of course, sometimes marry alcoholics and drug addicts, but this does not come from great love, but from a state of utter hopelessness. As a rule, they come from dysfunctional families, they just want to break out of the intolerable atmosphere that hardens them. Deciding to fall in love with such a thing definitely will not work.

Thus, a woman always chooses a life partner for herself according to the ideas that she has in her head regarding happiness. For some, the demands are too high: a rich groom with an apartment and a car, fully arranged in life.

Others pay attention to the personal qualities of the future spouse: responsiveness, kindness, sincerity, the ability to get along with people. In any case, you can only like that girl who matches your ideas about life and about yourself.

It is impossible to force yourself to love against your will. Girls are very picky creatures and themselves know what they want to achieve in life. For happiness, you need to make every effort. To achieve a state of complete coincidence of characters is not easy - it is a huge job.

Harmony should be in everything, and above all, in the relationship between loving people.

How to return a girl?
How to apologize to a girl?
How to fall in love with a guy?

How to understand that she is in love, but hides?

Having reached an understanding of how to fall in love with any girl, representatives of the stronger sex begin to have difficulty understanding why their chosen one prefers to hide her feelings. There are several reasons for this:

  • the girl did not understand herself, confuses friendship with love and vice versa,
  • she does not trust the chosen one, she is afraid of deception,
  • she is afraid of the condemnation of others,
  • the woman does not know that her feelings are mutual and therefore hides them, afraid to look stupid.

To understand that a girl hides love is not easy, but you can still try. To begin with, it is worth watching her reaction to other representatives of the weaker sex that surround the man. As a rule, it is negative.

Many women give themselves out unknowingly caring for a lover - preparing their favorite dishes, gifts for dates that the man himself does not remember, selfless help in business. In any case, the man himself must take the first step and confess his feelings.

Is it possible to charm an ex-girlfriend again (and is it necessary)?

After a serious quarrel, which caused the separation, some men are worried about the question of how to fall in love with a girl again, how to fall in love with an ex-girlfriend, wife, girlfriend, is it worth it. The answer to the question depends on the situation that provoked the separation.

There are no hopeless options in most cases, but it is unlikely that the girl will return to the guy who mistreated her, called offensive words and constantly cheated. If the quarrel was caused by a fit of jealousy, was of a domestic nature, or it was provoked by the environment, then you can return the relationship by repeating a number of points described above.

How to behave with representatives of different zodiac signs?

The nature of the relationship being built largely depends on the zodiac sign. So, some representatives of the zodiac wheel are easy to fall in love with, while others do not succumb to the temptation for a long period of time, surrendering to the mercy of the winner only making sure in reality of the authenticity of his feelings.

Aries woman will not tolerate a sluggish and not energetic man next to him, therefore, before deciding how to fall in love with Aries girl, a guy must evaluate his intellectual and social skills. Aries like to joke, are not touchy, can provoke an argument, prefer people who directly speak about their intentions.

What you need to do to fall in love with a girl

For starters, remember who you really are. You are a successful MAN who likes to chat with beautiful girls. And there are a couple of billions of these girls in the world). Such a belief will change your condition.

What is a feeling of love. Simply put, these are the emotions that a girl experiences with you. These emotions can be caused almost exclusively by your behavior. If you do what she does not expect, you will demolish her tower. Of course, it is not necessary to make a tin. Although it is very effective 🙂.

Highlights in seduction:

#1 Girls very much feel the state of the person with whom they communicate. If you are absolutely calm, confident in yourself and treat her with a slight share of irony and criticality, then this will already impress her.

#2 Do not disclose all information about yourself. Be mysterious. Create an intrigue. For example, you can interestingly describe your work, but do not speak directly about your position. And she will already think about it. Intrigue launches a mechanism that will work for you. And you will not do anything for this.

#3 Create competition for yourself. You may not have other girls. But in your conversation you can mention them in passing. For example, you tell her how your girlfriend went on a diet and went in for sports. The emphasis is on the latter, but she will immediately notice that you are communicating with other girls.

#4 Some seduction trainings have such an exercise. You approach the girl in any public place and ask her to confess your love under any pretext. For example, you write a term paper on the topic of relationships. And even the moment that she will do it is a make-believe, but the actions themselves will cause you feelings. Do not believe? Try it)

#5 This item is the most important. If you do not have a serious relationship, there should always be a real choice of several girls. It works really cool. Firstly, girls feel that you are not deficient in female communication. And secondly, you are more even and calm about each of them.

The most interesting thing is that when you meet a girl who starts to really like, you say: she’s not like everyone else, she’s special. She must be treated like a queen. And you make all the mistakes again. Therefore, always remember the above.


The Taurus woman cannot stand talkers. Not knowing how to fall in love with a Taurus girl, a man must think about whether he is ready to silently concede in the disputes arising in the process of relations. Taurus is extremely stubborn, they know exactly who they need, the choice of the chosen one always happens consciously, in most cases on the basis of careful calculation.


Gemini loves witty interlocutors, because there will not be any special difficulties with how to fall in love with a Gemini girl. It is pleasant to spend time with the representatives of this sign; they are ready to support any conversation.

As the girl loves under the sign of Gemini

Crayfish are cheerful, but extremely stubborn, so difficulties can arise in how to fall in love with the Cancer girl. Sincerity can help in this difficult matter. A man should not hide his emotions, and then he will be able to win the heart of a woman of Cancer.

Lions are masterful and impatient, they prefer to dominate the relationship, because a man who has thought about how to fall in love with Leo’s girlfriend will have to be rather tight. Success will depend on his ability to flatter and compliment. Girls Lions love to be erected on a pedestal.

Virgo prefer a business approach in everything, including in relationships. A man who decides to devote some time to how to fall in love with a girl Virgo will have to carefully monitor all the words uttered in her presence. Virgo remembers all the promises, verbatim quotes the conversation that took place 1 year ago.

Libra loves to chat, no matter what, it’s important how. They are sophisticated natures, because a man who has decided to win her hearts and does not know how to fall in love with the girl Libra must learn the art of conducting a salon conversation, be competent in all topics that interest her beloved.

How a girl born under the sign of Libra loves


Sagittarius loves to teach, because in a conversation with them there is always an edifying and bossy tone. A guy who does not know how to fall in love with a Sagittarius girl should practice philosophical conversations. At the same time, talking about feelings and romance is not worth it, Sagittarius does not like this. As well as conversations about home, work, domestic problems.

Personal experience

And in conclusion, I’ll tell you about my life’s discovery, which for many seems obvious, but ..

When I was 18-20 years old and I saw a beautiful girl, I immediately correlated her beauty with the inner world, and very often came across this. It seemed to me, since they are so beautiful, then inside she is an angel. In life, as a rule, it turns out the opposite.

The most beautiful girls in life turn out to be stupid, uninteresting, and even with completely inadequate self-esteem. Apparently, the manifestation of sympathy for them by many male representatives played a cruel joke. Awareness of their success in men and beauty stops the entire mental development of man.

Since it’s so good for them, why bother with something else?

In fairness, I’ll say that not all beautiful girls are ugly. Among them there are very worthy specimens. But, statistics is an inexorable thing 🙂

So always be critical of your new acquaintance. In combination with the tips above, I can say that you will succeed!

How to fall in love with a girl who suffers differently?

Great tips, but one ingredient is missing - inaccessibility. First, this is all - listen, be close, be cool, and then disappear - start paying less attention, do not write / call / call first, say that you can not when she calls. Make even jealous.

As I understand it, if she suffers, then that guy does not reciprocate. And here, you have a chance. BUT, you must understand that the process is a long one and you need to make a lot of effort.

That's because it takes time for the girl to accept the fact that "the world does not revolve around one person." Here, your role is to show her that "the light did not fit together" on this guy.

Your actions and help should not only be in words, but also in actions.

Indeed, initially, girls fall in love not with the guy himself, but with the image that they create for themselves about him (only then all the cards are opened). Remember this. Therefore, your task is to do everything so that you embody as much as possible of what she likes (try to become like her ideal).

In addition, you will need to show your advantages over that guy, and exactly what makes you stand out and makes you special for her. She must understand that you suit her more than the other guy.First, do not be persistent (she likes the other - accept it), but just talk to her and listen. Listen to her: all that she says, all complaints, suffering, etc.

Show empathy so she can trust you.

However, do not forget about the distance. Do not run after her - so she may find you too persistent, and many girls do not like it. Just in moderation. Engage her with something interesting, do something together and distract attention from that guy.

But all your actions should be based on her reaction to your steps (the better she reacts, the better).

Specifically, then you need to build on the characteristics of the girl herself (because we are all different, and each needs a different approach!) And take into account all the circumstances: are you good friends, do you often see each other, do you have a common company, is familiar Do you communicate with that guy and many others. other).

In general, falling in love is an interesting thing, because it may happen that a girl will like you, but she will never have feelings for you, will not fall in love. Or maybe the opposite is true. Just remember that in any case, “you will not be forcibly sweet.” But you should not give up immediately. Good luck

If anything, I will be glad to help you or answer questions))

You can try to see her more often, try to please her (you don’t need big bouquets, bears and other nonsense. Her favorite chocolate bar or two tickets to the movie she talked about will most likely make her happy).

You can surprise, leave uncertainty between you (girls like it when they don’t understand anything, yeah). Knock the wedge with a wedge, i.e. Make her forget about the moments she suffers. Laugh more, smile and chat.

That will be more than enough.

The most important thing is not to become a person who will be considered the maximum friend.


Capricorns prefer to keep their distance with unfamiliar people, because a guy trying to figure out how to fall in love with a Capricorn girl should prepare for a long siege.

As a girl born under the sign of Capricorn loves


One of the easiest to communicate and make new friends zodiac signs. Difficulties with how to fall in love with the girl of Aquarius should not arise. Representatives of this sign like well-erudite men with a pronounced sense of humor. It is better to talk on abstract topics, preferably avoiding questions about a career, life, home, money.

Enough impressionable zodiac sign. A guy who does not know how to fall in love with a Pisces girl should stock up on exclusively positive emotions and news. Fish are touchy, they are easy to upset. You should talk with them exclusively about cinema, art, literature, pets.

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