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Physiotherapy exercises for prostatitis

The treatment of the disease must necessarily be comprehensive, in addition to the use of medicines, an important role in the recovery and prevention of exacerbations is played by the diet and regularly conducted complexes of physical exercises.

Therapeutic gymnastics with prostatitis helps to cope with the consequences of impaired functioning of the prostate gland and is an important step in the prevention of all kinds of complications.

The importance of gymnastics in the treatment and prevention of prostatitis

Such a disease as prostatitis can be diagnosed in any man. The cause of the pathology are infections, colds, improper circulation.

As a result of all these processes, inflammatory reactions and congestion develop in the prostate gland, which determines the development of the general symptoms of the disease.

Regularly held therapeutic exercises help a man achieve improved functioning of the organ and prevents further negative changes.

Many doctors believe that it is physical activity that prevents the appearance of such complications of prostatitis as organ adenoma and impotence.

The main task that is assigned to the complexes of physical exercises is considered to improve the work of the pelvic organs, strengthen muscles and increase the flexibility of the spine.

This is facilitated by certain sets of exercises, so it is recommended to correctly draw up a lesson plan.

With the timely use of physical exercises, prostatitis in the early stages can be stopped, avoiding serious violations in the functioning of the genitals.

Exercise is also the main prevention of the disease for people over 40, especially for those who, due to their profession, have to spend most of the day sitting.

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What contributes to a complex of gymnastic exercises for prostatitis

A correctly selected set of physical exercises for such a disease of the male sphere as prostatitis has a beneficial effect on the whole body.

As a result of daily classes, the following positive changes are observed:

  • All muscles of the pelvic area are intensively contracted.
  • Many times the blood circulation improves, and all metabolic processes in the tissues of the prostate gland are enhanced,
  • During the execution of the complex of exercises, a periodic drop in abdominal pressure occurs. And this is perceived by the body as a natural massage, which has a beneficial effect on its work and increases the regeneration of damaged cells,
  • Physical, regular exercise is necessary to strengthen immunity, and to increase the tone of the nervous system. Such changes positively affect the work of the prostate gland and sexual function,
  • The implementation of a range of therapeutic classes allows you to quickly deal with congestion and contributes to the speedy elimination of all inflammatory processes.
  • Physical activity normal for a man improves the functioning of such an organ as the adrenal glands, and the course of most metabolic processes in the body depends on its normal functioning.

In order for therapeutic exercises for diseases of the prostate gland to bring a positive effect, it must be performed regularly.

Some sets of exercises can tell the attending physician, others can be chosen by yourself. It is only necessary to consider whether you have contraindications to the selected exercises.

It is recommended to carry out charging throughout the rest of your life, this is not only the main prevention of sexual impotence, but also a guarantee of excellent health and well-being.

Therapeutic gymnastics - 10 most effective exercises for the disease

  • The first exercise can be performed even at work. You need to sit comfortably, keep your knees tight and pull your stomach in. It is recommended to repeat this exercise up to 5 times in 1 minute.

  • Conventional push-ups effectively improve blood circulation in all organs and strengthen the muscles of the pelvis and lower back. And you can do push-ups from the floor, wall, table, that is, as you wish.

  • Walking with high lifting of the legs bent at the knees can be performed by both young and fairly elderly men.
  • It is recommended to perform deep squats with muscle tension in the perineum 10 times in the morning and in the evening.

  • It is necessary to make circular movements in different directions by the body, while the pelvis should be motionless.
  • From a standing position, one should simultaneously and alternately pull up the legs bent at the knees as close to the chest as possible.
  • From the position of the body on the stomach, you can lift the straight legs to the sides and straight. From time to time, various circular leg movements are performed from the same position.

  • Lying squeeze the ball with his knees, holding it up to 7 seconds.
  • "Birch". That is, lifting the upper body is another useful exercise for prostatitis.

  • From a supine position, straight legs alternately cross and retract in opposite directions.

A positive result when using exercise therapy is observed, even if classes are given no more than 5 minutes in the morning, although ideally the time should be up to 15-20 minutes.

It is also recommended to periodically make skiing and hiking, swimming, horseback riding.


In acute prostatitis or its repeated exacerbation, strong physical activity is forbidden, which means that exercises should be gradually started after the main symptoms of the disease have subsided.

It is also necessary to consult a doctor about the selected set of exercises if there is a history of osteochondrosis or hypertension.

If severe pain occurs at the time of the exercise, the exercise must be stopped and replaced with another.

Therapeutic gymnastics with prostatitis does not take much time, and the result, provided that it is carried out regularly, will not be long in coming.

Other gymnastic exercises for prostatitis. Many men, namely enhancing their physical activity, achieve improvement in sexual function and get rid of exacerbations of prostatitis.

The benefits of gymnastics

In the treatment and prevention of diseases such as prostatitis, exercise plays an important role. Moderate and well-planned loads allow you to maintain muscle tissue in tone, saturate the organs with oxygen, contributing to better blood flow through the vessels and accelerate metabolism.

Physiotherapy exercises for chronic prostatitis are aimed at training the muscles of the pelvis, as doctors consider stagnation of blood in this area to be one of the main reasons for its occurrence. Alternating tension and weakening of the muscles creates the conditions for a drop in intra-abdominal pressure. The change in pressure provides the flow of oxygen-enriched blood to the gland, and can be considered a natural organ massage.

In addition, gymnastic exercises stimulate the adrenal glands, the correct functioning of which allows you to quickly get rid of the residual effects of inflammatory diseases of the prostate gland. At the same time, it is not necessary to spend 24 hours a day in the gym. Many effective exercises can be performed even in public transport or in the workplace.


Choosing exercises for the treatment of the prostate gland, one must proceed from the level of physical fitness and one's own abilities. If for many years you led a sedentary (sedentary) lifestyle, sharp physical exertion can only do harm. However, with regard to medical gymnastics, it generally does not provide for a sharp increase in loads or exercises to exhaustion.

Do not abuse active sports during periods of exacerbation of the disease. Physical education should not cause discomfort or tire. To achieve a positive result, it is enough to devote about 10 minutes every day to physical exercises. In this case, before choosing the optimal set of exercises, it is necessary to undergo an examination and consult a doctor.

As a rule, therapeutic exercises for prostatitis and prostate adenoma involves the use of the following methods:

  • Kegel exercises,
  • Massotherapy,
  • Spot contrast shower,
  • Yoga classes,
  • Physiotherapy,
  • Sexual activity.

A good effect with systematic use is given even by elementary morning exercises. Rotation of the head, arms and legs helps activate blood circulation and prevents stagnation. More specialized exercises for the treatment of prostatitis are aimed at the development of the hip muscles.


Massage of the perineum can be performed independently. It is necessary to place the thumb between the anus and the scrotum, then for a few minutes they rhythmically press on this area.

A good alternative to massage can be "sitting" on a tennis ball. To do this, they sit on the ball with the crotch area and, while holding the body with their hands, perform rhythmic pressure. In some cases, the procedure can cause pain. If the pain syndrome is not too pronounced, then this is considered the norm. But severe pain is an occasion to consult a doctor.

Water treatments

A contrast shower for the perineum is an excellent prophylactic in the treatment of prostatitis. The alternation of hot and cold water increases blood flow and eliminates stagnation of blood. You need to perform it in five stages, one minute. First, a stream of warm water (not burning) is directed to the perineal region, then the temperature is sharply changed to cold (not icy). Over time, the ratio of hot and cold water should be approximately 45/15 seconds.

Another useful and enjoyable procedure is swimming. This sport affects all muscle groups and perfectly saturates all organs with oxygen.

Exercises aimed at the development of the hip region, in combination with complex treatment, help to relieve acute symptoms of the disease. Doing Yoga improves blood flow and relieves stress. An example is the famous “lotus” pose. Perform this exercise preferably within 15 minutes.


Exercise therapy is a whole complex of exercises specially designed and aimed at eliminating the manifestations of the disease:

  • Buttocks walking is the best gymnastics for adenoma. Exercise restores an erection, strengthens the muscle tissue of the small pelvis. It is easy to do - you need to sit on the floor, the back is straight, legs are extended, movements are carried out without the help of hands,
  • Hip lifting - this exercise is familiar to everyone from the school bench. The leg bends at the knee, rises to a horizontal position, and after a few seconds returns to its original position. Performed in 12 sets with each foot,
  • Squats - legs wider than shoulders, crouching you need to fix the position for a few seconds, the emphasis falls on the heel. Perform the exercise in three sets of 12 times for each leg,
  • Wringing - each performs them to the extent of their physical fitness. As a support, you can use not only the floor, but also more elevated surfaces,
  • Bridge - it is necessary to raise the buttocks and part of the spine above the floor from a prone position. The rise is done by inhalation, the buttocks are tightly compressed, the muscles of the anus are tense,
  • “Scissors” - the exercise can be performed both lying on your back and on your stomach. The second option is more difficult, but more effective. The essence of the lesson is to perform asymmetric swings with legs. For example, if the left leg is raised up, the lower leg goes down at this time. You can perform it by orienting the swing of the legs vertically or horizontally,
  • "Boat" - performed from a supine position. Hands and feet lift up, the body bends. To enhance the effect, try rocking the "boat" back and forth,
  • "Bicycle" - this exercise is one of the most common. Riding a fictional bike requires a lot of effort, so it improves blood flow in the lower body,
  • "Candle" - the torso is supported by hands in the lower back, legs are stretched up. Exercise is ideal for relieving pain symptoms, outflow of blood from the lower extremities,
  • Stretching - with your hands you need to touch the toes, press the body as much as possible to the legs. In this position, it is advisable to spend about 10 minutes.

Tasks are quite simple and known to everyone. But if there are difficulties with this or that exercise, the sequence of their implementation can be seen in the pictures.

Sexual activity

This is the most unusual gymnastics for chronic prostatitis. However, even for its implementation, people suffering from inflammation of the prostate gland should be approached with caution. Avoid long, grueling sex, interrupted intercourse, and forced delay in ejaculation. The best way to treat the disease will be regular, calm sexual intercourse.

In general, gymnastics will be a great addition to the main course of treatment. To achieve a greater result, it will turn out competently combining drug treatment with folk remedies and moderate physical activity. Self-medication of prostatitis is dangerous. Therefore, if the first symptoms of the disease occur, be sure to consult a doctor and coordinate the necessary therapeutic exercises with him.

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