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2018 graduation suit for guy

This year, the fashion for men's suits for graduation has changed a little. Now young guys can choose not just classic models. Not only girls but also guys want to look beautiful, so the stylists took into account all the features of the costumes that emphasize the individuality of each graduate.

Today we’ll talk about what suits are fashionable in 2018, what has changed in fashion. Find out what colors are popular and how to choose the appropriate accessories.

Common mistakes

  • I don’t wear such clothes. You can be absolutely indifferent in everyday life to what you are wearing, but on graduation evening it is better to dress more solemnly than always. Regular jeans with a T-shirt will look at least inappropriate. Give your teachers and classmates a festive mood this evening, and let it be just an opportunity for you to try something new. If you don’t know what to wear, choose a classic suit and you won’t be mistaken.
  • I am the most fashionable. Do not try to keep up with the latest trends - this may also be inappropriate for such an event. For example, you are unlikely to be understood if you appear in a floral shirt with shorts. In addition, what is fashionable now may look absolutely ridiculous after 10 years. And if the classic is too boring for you, you can create a stylish set with a breakdown by color, for example, plain trousers plus a jacket of a different color or with a print (to for example, in a small cell or strip) or vice versa. A velvet jacket is also a great option for this occasion.
  • The main thing is to be beautiful. Choose a suit that suits you best. Indeed, in addition to the solemn presentation and photos, you still have a party where you will have to dance, eat and have fun in the same clothes. Inconvenient costume can spoil the whole holiday. Do not believe? Ask a friend of your girlfriend how much she remembered from the evening in uncomfortable high-heeled shoes.

Suit selection

  • Classical. Pants, shirt, jacket - the eternal classic of men's suits. The most important thing is to choose the right style, taking into account the type of figure. If there are no special problems, choose fitted models with narrowed trousers, they most favorably emphasize the male figure. If there is fullness, especially in the abdomen, then more direct styles of jackets and trousers are better.
  • Three piece suit. The choice of such an outfit is justified in terms of style and comfort. It is convenient to take off your jacket at the right time and stay in full dress. In order not to look too formal, you can focus on accessories, a shirt or shoes.
  • The tuxedo. A luxurious version of the evening dress. A classic tuxedo or tailcoat is suitable for men who are used to being in the spotlight.
  • Suit with patches. The latest news in the world of clothing - suits with patches on the elbows. Once such patches were made for the practicality of wearing a suit. Now contrasting patches are an interesting way to emphasize a prom dress.

Color schemes

The costume for graduation in 2018 is presented in a variety of variations. Now there are many interesting options. Let's consider each of them.

  • The black. Always strict and elegant. The choice of a black suit eliminates the problem that then the outfit will lose relevance. This color is universal for any occasion and goes to almost everyone. Plus, black color goes well with all colors, so it will be easier to pick up other things.
    - for summer this color is too gloomy,
    - this color will choose the majority,
    - it is customary to wear a black suit for special occasions, such as a wedding, and graduation is not quite the case,
    - may seem too boring and banal.
  • Blue. A blue suit is an improved version of black. He is also strict, neat, classic. But he is not so boring and advantageously sets you apart from the rest. Stylish blue suits go well with other colors and accessories.
  • Light coloured. This is a complex version of the graduation kit for the young man. On the one hand, this is a great option for a summer celebration, and you will definitely be in the spotlight. On the other hand, you need to correctly select the remaining details of the image. Light color must be diluted with something. For example, pick up a colored shirt or accessories. Another significant drawback of the light - its soiled. One awkward movement and a spot will remain on the suit.
  • Gray. Gray color for a suit is another version of a well-seasoned classic. The guy in this outfit looks reserved and courageous. This color is not as gloomy as black, but not as problematic as white. Men's gray suits are combined with almost any shade, and thanks to bright accessories you will not be a gray shadow.

  • Brown. If we turn to the fashion of last year, then the most fashionable suit for graduation in 2018 for a guy was brown. Most likely, this is the influence of the Preppy style (the style of wealthy graduates of prestigious colleges). The image, inspired by London classics, has not yet received wide distribution, therefore it will look fresh. Brown is a soft and calm color, so if your face has warm colors, then pay attention to it. It will go well with pastel shades and vibrant colors. Looks interesting brown suit in a cage.
  • Unusual approach. Leading designers believe that the familiar gray-black gamma of graduation is too boring. The suit for graduation 2018 for a guy should be of an unusual shade. Fashionistas are offered to move away from traditions: choose a deep red or even cornflower blue color. The novelty of this year was a deep emerald. For youth parties this is a great option!

Prom Dress Selection Tips

Choosing a beautiful suit on a mannequin is quite simple, but even the most fashionable and expensive suit will disfigure the owner if it does not suit him. Costumes for graduation for young guys 2018 is a comfortable outfit in a figure.

There are several ways to understand if a suit is suitable or not.

  • Carefully check that the suit sits on the figure. Nothing should be tight or loose. Taking a suit for growth is a bad idea. You need to enjoy beautiful clothes now, and not bet that sometime, perhaps, it will suit you.
  • Fasten all the buttons and check that nothing is cracking or moving away.
  • Try to stretch your arms forward and sit down. Does the suit get in the way? So, he does not suit you, wearing it will be uncomfortable.
  • The bottom edge of the jacket should reach approximately the middle of the brush clenched into a fist.
  • The length of the trousers depends on the style. Dress pants should be about the ankle. Too short trousers look ridiculous. But if the length of the trousers is slightly larger, then it’s not scary, they are easy to hem.

It often happens that a jacket and trousers from only different sets are suitable for a child. This is quite common, in a good store you will pick up things for the boy size in size. If this is not possible, then you can assemble your kit. Men's graduation suit 2018 can consist of separate trousers and a contrast jacket. Just have to torment with the selection of colors.

If the suit came up in all respects, then do the last check. Carefully inspect the fabric and seams. No puffs, threads and loose loops - this is a sign of a poor-quality thing.

Additional details: shirt, tie and shoes

The art of dressing well is not an opportunity to buy all the most fashionable and expensive. This is the ability to choose things that are suitable for each other, creating a complete image. Therefore, all costumes for boys must be supplemented with a suitable shirt and accessories. It is small details that allow you to get a stylish kit and beautiful photos.

When choosing a shirt, try different options. It is not necessary to go in cycles in white. You can try to choose a color a tone lighter than the suit, creating a monochrome image. Or, conversely, pick up a contrasting shirt, making a bright accent. There are no strict frames and canons, so try different options.

Shoes & Accessories

A strict suit involves matching shoes. In addition to classic shoes, you can buy fashionable loafers or sleepers. Choose comfortable shoes, because you have to spend all night in it. Usually you want to postpone new things until the celebration, but it is better to test the shoes in advance. It’s not worth playing football, but walking a couple of hours is a good idea.

The last decisive element of the image is a tie or bow tie. A tie is a classic, a bow tie is a fashion trend of this season. Whatever you choose, check that the item matches with the entire costume. Such an accessory can be bright, with an interesting or even funny print, and thus add zest to even the simplest costume.

When choosing a suit for graduation, remember that this is your holiday, because the main thing is to find a thing in which it will be convenient and comfortable for you. Search, experiment and create your image.

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Fabrics and colors

Traditionally, collective farewells to school by classmates and teachers fall at the end of June. In many regions during this period it is already very hot, but the northern regions of Russia can still remain cool evenings. Based on climatic features, you need to choose both fabric and style. But it’s worth playing with the coloristic decision, especially since the current men's fashion fully approves and supports it, less and less reducing the division of colors into “male” and “female”.

The main costume fabric has long been considered wool, you can choose its thickness depending on the expected temperature at the time of the event. It scares many that this material will still be hot. But modern technology for creating filaments amazes, for example, the fiber diameter from Scabal is only 13 microns, which is 3 times thinner than human hair. The company is located in Belgium, Italian firms Loro Piana and Ermenegildo Zegna are also famous.

And the best raw materials are produced:

Velveteen and linen turned out to be no less relevant in 2019, the first because of its decorativeness, and the second because of practicality, since it has a number of important qualities. Among them, hypoallergenicity and the ability to maintain temperature, which eliminates the risk of overheating. But you can rarely find flax in dark or bright colors, usually its colors are white, beige, light gray. In recent years, graduates have been striving for more original and sometimes extravagant colors, which is fully supported by fashion trends. Among the popular coloristic solutions, the following colors prevail:

  • "Bottle glass"
  • Marsala,
  • scarlet,
  • turquoise,
  • ocher shades
  • powdery
  • olive,
  • gray variations
  • brown,
  • bright blue.

Fashion houses presented options for men's suits in soft lilac, pink and red. But a rare boy can be persuaded to such experiments. However, it is better to refuse from the matte blue, dark gray (almost graphite) and black that is familiar to the older generation. Now they have become too mature status flowers that do not fit well into the atmosphere of the holiday. And white and pale beige will remind you of cruise trips.

According to fashion trends and photos from shows, men's suits for the 2019 graduation should more likely resemble a party from the 70-80s. Therefore, the coloring can be absolutely wild, but not boring and preferably minimally traditional. It is possible that in 10 years the current graduate will be shocked by his outfit, but specifically on the day of the holiday he will be able to feel as relaxed as possible. Among the interesting combinations of colors, the following are most popular:

  • brown + yellow + ocher,
  • blue + white,
  • gray + blue + beige,
  • yellow + white
  • brown + blue.

Often there are models in which the jacket is one color and the pants are different. But usually the color accent is a shirt. It should be monophonic, prints, even classic ones, are still not welcome at an official event in this kind of clothing. But they can be on the suit itself. Commonly used options are a strip and a cell. The latter is especially popular in the coming season. Interestingly, it can be contrasting or vice versa performed in close halftones, for example, gray and pale blue lines or sand and brown.


A classic option even for classics, it involves straight straight trousers with arrows and a jacket on 2, 3 or 4 buttons. A more youthful style has only one eyelet and usually in this case the whole cut is slightly narrowed. The image is more mischievous, which fits perfectly into the graduation concept.

Particularly elegant looks two with a double-breasted jacket. This classic model is fastened with 2 rows of buttons, the decorativeness of which is of particular importance. The double-breasted jacket is a bit like the uniforms of the pre-revolutionary years. Great with a slightly peeping male slim scarf. But this style is very difficult to wear in the heat, because even if you just unfasten the buttons, it loses half of its charm.


This option always looks elegant, the third element - the vest gives the silhouette a straight line and is suitable for those guys who have complexes, because it builds a figure. Now its presence is an interesting addition to the image that is beaten in every way by designers.

The tuxedo

If the event is planned to be held in a restaurant, then such an option is quite appropriate. The main thing is that the tailcoats should not be too long. When choosing a tuxedo, it is important to rely on how the young man feels in him and how classic his outfit’s outfit will be (if any).

Fashion trends

Men's suits have not changed much under the influence of modern trends. Classic costumes are very popular and never go out of style. The new season has made its small adjustments to the world of men's fashion:

  • turn-down collars with wide sides,
  • trousers with tucked up legs,
  • jackets just below the waist.

Wide trousers that were in demand in the 70s returned to fashion. They appeared in many men's collections in combination with various models of jackets. However, guys of short stature should avoid such a cut, as it can visually reduce growth.

There are many styles of suits for men, which have their own distinctive features. Consider the most stylish and sought after youth solutions.

What style does the guy choose for graduation?

Safe and successful style directions:

  • evening,
  • official,
  • casual
  • a mixture of several options.

The presence of street style elements is acceptable, but only as additional factors, bright strokes. In the graduation attire of a young man, this style still should not be in the lead. It is necessary to smooth out the effect of it with more restrained wardrobe items.

Fashion Trends 2019

Among the trends was blue color. Choose any shades of it, do not miss - they are all relevant. In addition, black, white, beige, mustard, cream, blue-black, metallic and khaki are held in high esteem. Well, for a velvety casual jacket, according to the couturier, in 2019 there is nothing better than crimson.

Fabrics are good typically summer. In addition to them, deserves attention textured velveteen. The latter option is relevant only for those who are not going to adhere to a more or less official dress code.

Suit cut most preferred straight and narrowed. If you stop at the latter, then try to correctly calculate your strength. A narrow suit will be hotter than a looser one. And in terms of styles of jackets - complete freedom. Monochrome double breasted and classic single breasted ball.

In addition to the options listed, designers this season recommend wearing a typical English costume. However he because of the cut, it only looks good on thin and slender young people. It will be difficult for a full guy to pick up something for himself among 7/8 trousers, but costumes with them are at the peak of popularity. If the question with a figure is relevant for you, then it is definitely worth turning to solutions with a vertical narrow strip. Moreover, the lines should be lighter than the main tone, and the shoes are worn on the bare foot (no socks needed).

When choosing shoes, look at the thick-soled derby, monk, sleeper, oxford and loafers. Each proposed option will be appropriate at the graduation, you just have to put it on under the right suit.

Suit with a jacket jacket

Very stylish and original model. It looks closed and even to some extent mysterious. The jacket-tunic has the following features:

  • stand collar,
  • mid-thigh length,
  • lapels.

Despite his rigor, he looks very attractive and literally eye-catching. It can be combined with both regular and cropped trousers. They can be light, for example, beige, and a jacket plum, green, cornflower blue or dark purple. A “tunic” made in more standard colors may look gloomy for a fun holiday.

What to wear?

Consider the venue of the unofficial part of the event and the duration of the celebration. Moreover, "shackling" himself into the armor of officiality, in fact, with some exceptions, does not make sense. After 2-3 hours of celebration, the desire to look like an adult will disappear, you will want to relax, and the graduate will bring his appearance to his usual state. And the whole "officialdom" will either be scattered in the corners of the restaurant and forgotten there, or go into a bag for mom.


Accessories - An important component of the image for the graduation. You should pay attention to the choice of complementary details, since poorly selected details can spoil the look of even the most impeccable suit.

Tie important for any style chosen - its absence will give the image a kind of sloppiness, which will negatively affect the overall impression of the costume. What is in the classic, in the casual style, you can use both a regular tie and a bow tie.

The main thing is to correctly combine the color of the tie and the pattern on it with the clothes in general. It all depends on the specific case.

Reference! If the choice fell on a classic tie, a special clip will be a stylish addition to it.

Clock help give the image a touch of business style. A mechanical watch with a dark or shiny bracelet will look most effective. For a casual look, a watch with a narrow leather strap will do.

Cufflinks on the sleeves are only suitable for a suit in a classic style, in the case of casual, it is better not to use them.

Handkerchief in a breast pocket will lighten the image, give it a twist.

Reference! Attaching solemn boutonnieres to prom clothes is becoming increasingly popular.

Belt - not only an object of comfort, but also an important detail of the overall image. Gives completeness and neatness. In most cases, the belt is matched to the color of the shoe.

How to look stylish at the prom is described in the video:

Actual features of cut

The upcoming season has presented several interesting details that can modernize even the simplest and most concise costume. These include:

  • wide trousers from the 70s, they were used by many designers and became the novelty of 2019, but low guys should be careful with them - this style shortens the silhouette a little,
  • wide sides of a turn-down collar,
  • patch pockets
  • tucked edges of trousers,
  • cropped jackets (just below the waist).

Classic suit

  • two-piece suit
  • three piece suit
  • a suit where the bottom does not match the color of the top (can be sold as a set or made up of individual items of clothing),
  • the tuxedo.

Each presented option has its own "pitfalls." So, a two-piece suit requires an ideal fit for trousers and a jacket, but when buying a mass-produced product, there is a high probability that only one object will fit in the figure: only the top or only the bottom. because it makes sense to make a suit to order and not be tormented with fitting things, which initially did not take into account your parameters. This is reasonable, because not every trousers will be able to alter. The cut of the trouser-legs is in many ways unsuitable.

Important! The length of the jacket is determined by the fit of the shoulders and cuffs of the shirt. The latter should “peek out” from the sleeve by 1.5 cm. Well, and if the shoulders are not properly seated, the jacket is bristling.

Also worth take into account the weather. Graduation takes place in the summer, therefore, the street is either warm or hot. How long will you be able to go in the jacket and will you be able to get it during entertainment, or will it be given to parents after the official part? In any case, it is necessary to choose the top without a lining (its absence will provide a better fit according to the figure, reduce the weight of the thing and make it wearable in the heat) and carefully consider the issue with the shirt. She must be perfect.

Important! A black suit may seem overly official, and besides, it is always hotter in it than in clothes of other colors. The tweed position will aggravate (it is unacceptable even in combination with a white or gray shade). The best fabrics for a summer suit: sirsaker, linen, tropical wool, cotton, oxford. At the same time, keep in mind that pure linen is incredibly wrinkled, but its mixed variation is devoid of such a drawback.

Worthy analogues of official black: shades of gray, blue, brown, beige and conservative prints. An example of the latter is a cell.

If a two-piece suit and shirt are sitting perfectly, and the image as a whole is restrained, not burdened with a complex cut or cropped trousers, then a slight digression in the form of the absence of a bow-tie and tie is welcome. At the same time, the shirt should be tucked into trousers, and its collar can be unfastened. 1-3 buttons should be unfastened. The exact number depends on your complexion, masculinity and the overall mood of the outfit. But the safest option is the “golden mean” - 2 buttons. Three for some stylists is already a bust, an overly frank and shocking step.

Deciding to wear a tie, buy a clip. This is not just a requirement of snobs or a rule of decency, it is a necessity. If you ignore the advice, then during the movement, the same dances, the accessory will go from side to side, and at the table - to interfere and protrude. When putting on a clip, avoid extremes. It should not be located too high - it is ugly and non-functional at the same time. However, with low placement from the clamp there is no use. Ideal option: fastening between 3 and 4 buttons.

Another method of determining the area suitable for clamping (the option is suitable if the buttons on the shirt go too often one after another):

  • Tie a Tie,
  • visually divide it into 3 parts,
  • mark the place where the border lies between section 2 and 3,
  • attach a clamp in this place.

Important! According to classical standards, the clip should be about ¼ shorter than the width of the tie. It is also necessary that the accessory is combined in color and material with a belt buckle and cufflinks.

Himself the tie in a tied condition should reach the top of the belt, but not fall below - This is the solution for a low-key suit. Casual style and some others allow you to go for experiments, wear shorter options.

How to choose a men's suit for graduation

When choosing a suit for a young guy at graduation, you should pay attention not only to the style and color of the product, but also to comfort. The suit should be in size, fit perfectly on the figure, not restrain movement, because the evening will be incendiary and energetic. In 2019, suits made of wool with the addition of other materials: cotton, linen, cashmere and even silk are popular. Hot spring-summer weather means light and breathable materials. In 2019, men's suits for prom from velvet and suede are also in fashion. Such aristocratic fabric allows the young man to look stylish, with a sense of taste.

Do you know that not only casual clothes, but also overalls can be fashionable? For example, the fashion for stylish medical suits is very popular https://medstyle.ru/shop/ Doctors in such clothes are pleased to work, because it is not only comfortable, but also very beautiful, specialists and their patients receive aesthetic pleasure, because standard white suits look ordinary, unlike bright designer products.

Men's graduation suit in a cage

To stay on top of the fashion Olympus, you need to follow fashion trends. The trend of several years is a cell. Choosing a suit or a jacket in a cage for graduation, the young man does not fail with a choice. Especially in hot summer weather, a light jacket of beige, cream, light peach, light pink color from linen to cage looks great.


Every year, stylists add different elements to clothes to slightly change their appearance. Of course, classic models rarely change. This model can be worn not only at the prom, but also at other official events, so many guys prefer to choose the classics.

These options are suitable for the prom in gray, blue, black and brown. Although the overall design of such suits has not changed, the designers decided to diversify the jacket by sewing a bright lining. Jackets in such models are made fitted, trousers are straight, and collar lapels are narrow.

Single or double breasted suit

When choosing a costume, guys pay attention to jackets, especially the number of buttons. This year, preference should be given to double-breasted suits. They look formal and fit the occasion. If the guy chose just such a model, then he should fasten all the buttons.

Single-breasted models also look beautiful on guys, but it was fashionable last year. However, not every young man will have such an option. If the guy is short or chubby, then he is better off choosing single-breasted models. It is important not to forget how to fasten your jacket.

Color selection

In 2018, for graduation, guys better choose these colors of suits:

If you combine these colors with each other, then you get very original images. If the guy does not really want to stand out from the crowd, then for him you can choose the usual classic suit in black. Unusually look indigo models. To keep up with fashion, then it is better to choose a swamp or beige version.

Additional parts and accessories

Although youth models are very self-sufficient, they can be emphasized with various accessories. Guys can buy ties or butterflies.

Some put a scarf in the outer pocket of their jacket. To make it look beautiful, you need to fold it correctly. Pay particular attention to the choice of shirt, as it also greatly affects the image.

Men's suits for graduation: photo

There are different costumes for graduation. The prices for them are very different, as they have a different design, fabric and style. In addition to the suit, you need to choose the right shirt and additional accessories. If it’s hard for you to combine clothes and colors, then you can see photos of ready-made images on the Internet.

How to choose a suitable model?

For a young man to look great, he needs to choose the suit that will hide his shortcomings and emphasize his advantages. It is important that all clothes are in size and fit together. Particular attention should be paid to accessories, if they are not chosen correctly, then they will ruin the whole image.

Differences in kits for students in grades 9 and 11

Depending on the class of release, the style of clothing will have some differences.

For graduates from grade 9, a style with elements of ease is suitable. The best choice would be to choose a suit in casual style, made in light tones, using bright details (for example, a color tie with an interesting print).

If preference is given to classics, it is worth focusing on non-standard and original details of the image and bright colors of the shirt.

reference! For graduation from grade 9, they usually choose simple and youth outfits, as a rule, not very expensive.

Graduates of grade 11 are encouraged to add notes of rigor to their image.

The style should be as thought out as possible, it is important to correctly combine shades and colors:

  • It is preferable to use the dark colors of the jacket and trousers, be it casual or classic style.
  • The image should focus on the seriousness of the moment in the life of yesterday’s schoolchild.

Unlike clothes for ninth graders, a suit for 11th grade graduates should look more solemn and elegant. In this case, they often use expensive wardrobe items.

Combination with a jacket-jacket

Unusual and interesting style. This model is characterized by the presence of a stand-up collar and lapels. Typically, the model is up to the middle of the thigh. Such a strict jacket catches the eye.

As for trousers, then you can choose both the usual and the shortened version. Moreover, for this style a combination of several colors is characteristic. Most often, a combination of light trousers with a jacket of an unusual color is chosen. You can choose the model of plum, green, cornflower blue, purple or other original colors. It is important to consider that when choosing a tunic of calm colors, a rather gloomy image can be obtained.


It is she who plays the main role after the costume. Not only its color is important, but also its fit. It should be perfect in shape, not ruffled by the waves, but not snug to the crack. With the correct model, the sleeves peek 1 cm from under the cuffs of the jacket.

Stylist Tips

  1. The fabric of the shirt should not be visible.
  2. In casual style, combining contrasting colors is not a good idea.
  3. Blue suits look richer.
  4. When choosing clothes for graduation, the main criterion is the correct, ideal size.
  5. To give a highlight to a strict suit, one bright detail is enough.
  6. You should not combine too many colors in the image - it will look ridiculous.
  7. In the number of accessories, it is also important to observe the measure, otherwise the image will be corrupted.
  8. You should choose a suit, starting from not only personal preferences, but also from the features of your own appearance (hairstyles, complexions, etc.).
  9. It will never be superfluous to get an opinion from the outside.

On the video, stylists give tips on how to choose a suit for graduation:


Graduation parties, according to the old tradition, take place in the summer. In most of Russia, the weather is hot and stuffy, but in the northern parts of the evening they remain cool. Based on weather conditions, they choose not only a style, but also fabric for a graduation suit.

Traditionally, wool was used to create classic costumes. The thickness of the fabric depends on the season and the expected temperature. Many are sure that wool is too warm a material that is completely unsuitable for a summer celebration. However, thanks to modern technology, ultrathin threads were created from which summer woolen clothes are created.

The best manufacturers of such suits consider the company Scabal. Also known are woolen products. Loro Piana and Ermenegildo Zegna. The best producers of wool are Australia, England and New Zealand.

When choosing a woolen suit, it is important to pay attention to the tag - it should read “Virgin wool” on it. This confirms that the clothing was made from raw materials of primary processing. The same marking should be present on cashmere models.

The second place this season is occupied by costumes made from velveteen and flax. Options from velveteen are in demand due to their rich and unusual appearance. As for linen products, they have a number of advantages. This is a hypoallergenic fabric that can withstand high temperatures. The suit will not be hot, which is also associated with a special breathing structure of the fabric. However, linen costumes rarely have a bright color. As a rule, these are calm options in white, beige or gray. These costumes look easy and beautiful.

Cost of a good suit

In Russia, a high-quality costume for graduation from expensive materials will cost from 20 to 50 thousand rubles. You can buy clothes made of polyester or wool - its cost will fluctuate from 6,000 to 10,000 rubles.

A casual look will cost 5-8 thousand rubles. The average cost of tailoring a suit to order is 10-20 thousand.

Reference! To save money, you can rent a suit. Renting an average product costs from 2 to 5 thousand rubles per day. This method is especially relevant for those who choose clothes that are almost never used for wearing in everyday life.

Graduation party is one of the most solemn and memorable moments in life.

This is just the case when any trifle matters: boys and girls leaving school walls become adults, and at this turning point, appearance is not the last thing - a way to express your taste, your independence.

The right choice of costume will help you feel confident and make a pleasant impression on others.

Shoes and belt

According to the old rule, the color of these two elements of the wardrobe should match. Sometimes you can make an exception and choose a tone-on-tone belt with trousers. This is especially suitable for short young men, because then there will be no thing that divides the silhouette into halves.

Color spectrum

The choice of colors does not depend on the climatic conditions of the region. He is chosen depending on personal tastes and preferences. It is also important to consider which color is best for the young person. Moreover, current trends are gradually erasing the separation of colors for women and men, which provides a wide variety of colors and shades for men's suits.

The following shades are considered the most popular color schemes of the last season:

  • bottle glass
  • Marsala,
  • scarlet,
  • turquoise,
  • ocher,
  • powder,
  • olive,
  • shades of gray
  • shades of brown
  • bright blue tones.

Leading brands offer suits in delicate shades of lilac, pink and red. However, for such a bold decision to persuade the young man is quite difficult. At the same time, fashion experts strongly recommend abandoning solutions in black, dark blue and dark gray. They are considered too status and adult flowers, which I can not decorate the youth holiday image.

It is equally important to remember that white and pastel colors are associated more with a cruise vacation, and not with prom night.

This season, many designers create images in the style of the 70-80s. Therefore, all the brightest and most unexpected colors are welcome. The most popular color combinations are:

  • brown with yellow or ocher,
  • blue with white
  • gray with blue or beige,
  • yellow with white
  • brown with blue.

Ready-made combinations began to meet on the market in which trousers and a jacket have a different color. Though you can create a bright color accent with a shirt. However, shirts with bright prints and patterns are not suitable for special occasions. Such decorative elements will look better on the suit itself or separately on the jacket. In the last season, a strip and a cell are often found. The pattern can be either a contrasting color or a lighter or darker shade. Checkered jackets and vests are the latest fashion.

Jeans with a casual jacket

Take a dark blue jacket, it will open many options for the bottom. You can even look at jeans of some unusual color. For example, a calm pink hue. Sneakers (try on white ones), a fabric belt and a snow-white shirt will complete the look. Another interesting set: a dark blue jacket in a lighter blue cage, a blue shirt, dark blue jeans, black loafers. The third noteworthy combination: a blue jacket, white jeans, a blue white striped shirt, brown shoes, a brown leather belt.

Important! Do not put on a jacket on a naked body. This is wrong even if you are not going to unfasten the buttons on it.

If you want to go further and risk appearing on a festive evening in the image with elements of street style, then Take a closer look at rocker, cowboy boots or Cossacks. In the latter you are hardly sweating: they do not go above the ankles and are very wide. And yes, such shoes were everywhere worn in the Wild West, and even there the temperature is clearly higher than the average for Russia.

Do not think that the Cossacks are an absolute departure from officiality. In fact, they look great with trousers or jeans (only not with cropped and not torn), combined with a jacket, shirt, tie and vest. To make sure of this, make a total black bow. It will turn out incredibly courageous, boring and at the same time elegant.

Important! So that you are suddenly not mistaken for a desert conqueror and seasoned cowboy, carefully clean the Cossacks. They should not be dust.

A tie and a vest are optional elements in the image in question. You can remove them and unzip the collar of the shirt. At the same time, keep yourself in control, do not go over the measure: You can unfasten 1-2 buttons, otherwise the similarity with the impudent visitor of saloons and lover of colts will reach a maximum.

Other suitable shoes are moccasins. They, by the way, are now worn not only with jeans, but also with classic suits, but not in color. For example, with gray. Of the decor on such shoes, buckle is most preferred. She is unique in moccasins, recognizable and the world fashion gurus today attach her everywhere, even to clothes. If you want to be in trend - go to the graduation party in shoes with such a decorative element.

Important! Moccasins and loafers can be worn with or without socks, but boaters can only wear them on their bare feet.

If you decide to appear at the prom in jeans or trousers with twists, then you just need to buy brogues. This is a worthy replacement for sneakers, which some mothers will look displeased with. But velvet sleepers to combine with jeans is not worth it. Only Kanye West and his fans do this. Instead of these shoes, take slip-ons - a decent solution for an image like a casual.


If a graduate intends to dance and entertain and intends to get rid of his jacket in the first second after the end of the official part, then suspenders are required. They help to leave the shirt properly tucked in and give an official touch even when the upper part of the suit is discarded. In addition, bright suspenders can be enjoyed by the graduate himself, becoming a wonderful addition to the youth image.

Photos of men's suits at the 2019 graduation year prove that fashion trends regarding this type of thing do not differ radically from those that were 20 years ago. You can choose a classic formal suit in an interesting color scheme, and perhaps it will also be relevant for many more seasons. Or give preference to a more extravagant model with a short jacket and suspenders in bright colors. The main thing is to choose a suit that will fit the figure, emphasizing the masculinity of the young graduate.

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How to complement the costume?

Any successful image has decorative elements that adorn and complete it. Consider the main additions to men's suits.

  • Shirt. This element in importance follows immediately after the costume. From the appearance of the shirt depends on how holistically the whole image will look. She should sit well on the figure, while not tightly fitting, but also not puffing. Ideally, the sleeves of the shirt should peep 1 cm from under the jacket.

  • Cufflinks for shirt they are selected in accordance with the color of the tie or bow tie, and a pocket scarf - under the shirt, jacket or tie.

  • This season, traditional ties and butterflies. By color, they should be combined with the color scheme of the entire costume and not stand out much. When choosing a one-color suit, a tie or bow tie can become its bright addition, but it is important not to overdo it.

  • Shoes and belt. According to etiquette, the shoes and the belt should be the same color. An exception may be the case when the belt is selected in the same color as the pants. The latter solution is best suited for short guys, since a belt of a contrasting color can “crush” the silhouette.

  • Suspender are an obligatory part of the image of a young man who, immediately after the official part of the event, will go dancing and having fun. Braces will help keep the shirt tucked in and give the look an official look. Moreover, there is a wide selection of suspenders that will successfully complement the image and make it more interesting, which completely compensates for the absence of a jacket.

How to choose?

The choice of a graduation suit completely depends on personal preferences. When it is not possible to pick up a suit in a store, it can be made to order. This is a more costly process, but this way you will be able to purchase a suit that fits perfectly into your figure.

Another popular solution is to rent a suit. The modern market offers a wide selection of clothing that can be rented for one evening.

Before buying a costume, it is important to determine the style and color scheme. And trying on several costumes, you can understand with style what is best suited for your physique and type.

When choosing, you should not blindly follow the latest trends, as sometimes they may look out of place at the graduation party or may not suit you.

It’s important to pay attention not only to the appearance of the suit, but also to how comfortable you are in it, because after the official part of the event a party will be held. And if clothes fetter movement, you will not be able to enjoy the holiday. To check this, just sit down or try to raise your hands in a suit. Nothing should hamper actions, let alone “crack” at the seams.

It is necessary to pay attention to the length of the trousers. Many modern costumes consist of shortened models, but their length should reach the ankles. Shorter options will look ridiculous and ridiculous. And if the trousers are too long, they are easy to take in.

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