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Blondes with a beard: photo selection

Modern fashion trends suggest the creation of a manly style among the stronger sex. The main condition for such an image is the obligatory presence of facial hair. Beautiful guys with a beard are not uncommon today. They can be seen on social networks, on the covers of fashion magazines, on the catwalk and just on the street in real life.

When the boy enters puberty, he has a fluff on his face, which gradually darkens and turns into a youthful thin mustache. As a young man grows up, it becomes possible to independently work on his image by modeling the shape of the facial vegetation.

Why is a beard painting men?

The beard as a symbol of masculinity and strength has always been present on male faces. Naturally, at each stage of the history of vegetation, a different role was assigned to the face, but nevertheless it was constantly present.

Men's pride in the form of lush facial hair rose to the peak of popularity back in the 60s of the last century, when all the intelligentsia of that time certainly flaunted with neat and sometimes full big beards.

If we talk about modern fashion trends, then a year ago at the peak of popularity there was a three-day stubble, and today a model with a beard on the chest feels free even in a classic suit. According to women, such images look rude and sexy at the same time, which attracts and attracts the weaker sex.

Bearders can use their facial hair to correct their appearance and hide imperfections, can change the shape of the face, make a narrow chin heavier, or hide too prominent cheekbones. That is why we can confidently say that neatly styled facial hair dyes most men.

Handsome guys with a beard: photos

Introducing a selection of photos of handsome bearded men. Some of them thought that they looked perfect with stubble, while others preferred a full Russian beard.

But in any case, in each of them a masculine principle is felt and charisma is present.

There is no arguing that men with a beard look great. The chosen form can be brutal and romantic, but with the right combination with hair, clothing and accessories, it is quite possible to achieve the perfect look. In any case, women on a subconscious level to create a family choose a man with dense stubble or dense facial hair, this has been proved by psychologists for a long time!


The beard and mustache have become a stylish accessory for most modern men, thanks to which the stronger sex can show their courage, brutality and a certain charisma. Since ancient times, many women have selected husbands with good genetics for a thick, long beard, today ladies remain faithful to traditions and in most cases approve of the facial hair of a man.

Due to the great popularity, beard species are constantly growing and replenished with new styles. Barbers, as beard styling and haircut specialists, offer many alternatives and options that can be used to adjust the shape of the face. The propagandists of one form or another of a beard are politicians, actors, singers, athletes, stylists and other bright personalities.

Today, the beard of men is a significant plus in creating his image, external image and the advantage of his external attractiveness. Many men do not have the patience to grow a long and thick beard, and for those who have nevertheless achieved this, it is difficult to choose a suitable beard type for themselves. To choose the best option, just look at the most popular types of beards and photographs of men for a visual assessment.

For reference! Beard trimming is carried out, as a rule, after 2 months, when the man stopped shaving and cutting her. This length allows you to choose any type of beard offered by barbers.

The complex beard and mustache can be several forms and options:

  1. Arab beard - such a beard accepts all types of mustache, and the length of the beard of Muslim men should be such as to fit in the hand. The beard can be arbitrary in appearance and style, so the Arabian beard can be square, round, triangular.
  2. Lumberjack Style - in this case, the beard should be large and voluminous, but always well-groomed. Bright representatives of this style were Ryan Gosling and Hugh Jackman.
  3. Russian beard - a similar beard shape with the style of a lumberjack, but in this case it should be a short beard with a mustache, covering the chin, the area around the mouth and neck to the Adam's apple.
  4. Style anchor - A special beard style with small antennae, which are directly in the center separated by a thinly shaved strip.
  5. Brett - A small beard with a mustache from Hollywood, the area of ​​which covers the lower jaw and chin. Separately assumed whiskers.
  6. Box - the triangular shape of the face accepts just such a beard with a shovel, the style of which begins in the 60s. A beard can be compared to a ducktail, but only the length of the hairs can be absolutely anything.
  7. Sail - in this form of beard, sideburns should grow together with a line of mustache, forming an interesting composition. But the chin area is shaved smoothly.
  8. Garibaldi - This kind of beard was named after the politician and General of Italy D. Garibaldi. The wide form of the beard grows together with the tanks, while the beard and mustache should be thick and up to 20 cm long. Different types of mustache are combined with such an Italian beard, but most often it is a handlebar mustache.
  9. Irish beard - starts with a mustache in the style of fu manchu, which its length goes down the cheeks, bordering the upper lip and drooping down.
  10. Italian beard Balbo - not a full wide beard with a mustache, which should cover only part of the cheekbones, is also supposed to be decorated under the lower lip. The author of the beard was the Italian politician and military Italo Balbo.
  11. French beard . Another such beard is called a French fork - it is a full beard with a mustache, coming from the whiskers and covering with cheeks.
  12. Verdi Beard - has a rounded shape and partially shaved cheeks with a magnificent mustache.
  13. Round beard . This is a simplified version of a classic beard with a rounded shape on the chin.
  14. Square beard . To get this beard style, grow the cisterns and beard, and then give the hair a square shape.

Advice! If a man cannot decide on a suitable beard and mustache style, almost all barbershops offer a computer simulation service on a client’s photo.

Almost all men can make many types of beards on their own at home. But there are quite specific options for beards and types of mustaches, which not everyone can handle correctly. Therefore, you can spend the first haircut in the salon, and then maintain and care for the beard, maintaining the result.

Photo beard styles

Beard haircut - photos are presented to your attention.

All kinds of beards without a mustache

Without a mustache, numerous forms and types of beards are in no less demand, as there are men who do not wear vegetation at all over their upper lips. The modern names for beards without a mustache are as follows:

Without a mustache, a beard is distinguished by rationality, a special style, and men choose this type of beard for good criteria and reasons. Most often we are talking about a different shade of hair of mustache and beard, as well as chaotic and random growth of mustache. In any case, abandoning a luxurious beard due to problems with a mustache is impractical.

Fashion trends for beard haircuts

Fashion trends of recent years dictate to men dense facial hair in the form of tanks, mustaches and beards.But the most relevant and at the peak of popularity are the following beard haircuts:

Also, this year's fashion approves of such beard types as goatee, Suvorov beard, screen, Garibaldi stubble and goatee. Fans of extravagance and outrageous can resort to the beards of famous movie characters, for example, the beard of Jack Sparrow or Tony Stark, the style of the Vikings and other colorful characters.

Famous bearded blond or what color is their beard

The beard of blondes is that accessory that requires special attention and care to highlight it on the face. Some people are of the opinion that the stubble on the face of fair-haired men looks ridiculous, while others consider such an image to be courageous, stylish. Let's try to figure out why nature dyes hair in different colors, how to grow and care for vegetation so that it pleases the eyes.

How to choose a suitable beard and mustache shape?

To choose the best beard option, a man should pay special attention to his face shape, appearance features and hair type. The shape of the beard and mustache should be determined by the shape of the face, namely:

  • for oval shape faces fit all kinds of beards
  • for diamond shape - a beard with dense vegetation, for example, Wolverine, a screen,
  • for elongated face - any type of beard of medium length with tanks and a horseshoe-shaped beard haircut,
  • for round shape - to lengthen the face, you can wear a goatee or goatee, as well as massive bristles from one temple to another,
  • for square face - the skipper and Hollywood beard is perfect,
  • for a triangular face - Lincoln or Balbo's beard can increase the area of ​​the chin.

Important! To beard looked organically with the image of a man, you need to compare growth and equipment. For example, a long thick beard will look ridiculous on a man of short stature and vice versa.

Why often the color of the beard is different from the color of the hair on the head

  • It is believed that the blond's facial hair is often given red, grow slower than that of the stronger sex with a dark color of hair.
  • The shade of hair and bristles are those signs that are determined at the genetic level. There are several features here:
  • color is determined not by one, but by several genes at once,
  • genetics determines the degree of expression of a particular shade, encoding the amount of melatonin that will be contained inside the hair rods,
  • Caucasoid races have eumelanin and pheomelanin, and in brunettes there is more than the first variety of melanin, and in red-haired people - the second.

Some time ago, researchers clarified some information: it is believed that 16 chromosomes contains a special gene that gives people a red tint of hair. It is he who causes the active production of a special substance, which is given the name melanocortin-1. He is responsible for turning the black pigment into red, and something interesting happens during mutations of this gene.

Mutation processes can give different results:

  • when the child inherits this gene from the parents, the pigment turns selectively: the hairline is saturated with pheomelanin, eumelanin, while leaving the skin, so there will be no freckles,
  • getting a person only one mutated gene will lead to a difference in the color of hair depending on the area of ​​its growth: hair can grow dark, and bristles - red.

It is necessary to consider the features of heterochromy of hair when melanins inside the structure of the rods are distributed incorrectly. This type of change cannot be called a deviation or pathology; it is not capable of leading to the development of dangerous consequences.

Blond beard in blond

  1. Genetics plays an important role in creating a specific facial hair color.
  2. The color of the hair and bristles of blondes is due to the presence of certain genes. Their expression leads to the deposition of a special type of keratin and color in the hair structure:
  • rhodokeratin - it turns red
  • melanokeratin - leaves black,
  • leukokeratin and melanokeratin - white predominates.

Not only genetics can affect the shade of the bristles, but also lifestyle features. When a person is on the street for a long time, under the influence of direct sunlight, the hairs burn out, losing the intensity of color, lighter.

Common types of beard haircuts

Among the whole variety of beard haircuts, hairdressers distinguish its following types:

  • Russian - in this embodiment, the bristles completely cover the neck and chin, cheeks and grabs, covering the upper lips,
  • An anchor is its name and defines its shape in the form of a small anchor, in combination with thin antennae, which divide it in its middle,
  • balbo - a haircut, in which, unlike the above, the strip along the bottom of the jaw will go wider,
  • a Hollywood beard or Brett haircut - in this haircut option, the beard will cover the area of ​​the chin and lower jaw, while not connecting with the whiskers,

Fashionable Russian beard

Today, there are many variations of beard haircuts. Each mod can choose a suitable style. One of the most daring and attention-grabbing options is the so-called Russian beard (this style is also called a full or classic beard). It is the widest and longest of all types of beards. It provides for the maximum safety of regrown facial hair. Such a beard is suitable for men who do not want to mess with the constant updating of the haircut.

In principle, it fits all types, as the bristles grow along the unique lines of each individual person. The only condition is abundant vegetation, otherwise the beard will grow in shreds. In order to make a full beard you need to preserve the natural look of the cheek line. If, in your opinion, the line goes too high, then you can lower it at an angle to the whiskers to the outside of the mustache.

Fashionable Hollywood Beard

Hollywood stars always follow modern trends, which is noticeable in their image, style and so on. And the world always follows Hollywood, imitating its idols in everything, up to the hairstyle. For the fall-winter 2017-2018 season, such a beard style as the Hollywood beard - Bretta, which has become an integral attribute of many overseas stars, is in fashion.

The beard itself is the vegetation around the lips, which neatly connects with the bristles running along the extreme part of the lower jaw. The rest of the face should remain smooth. Some men want to grow whiskers, but we advise you not to experiment in this vein - the effect will be completely different.
Without a doubt, the Hollywood beard is considered a modern trend that adorns the faces of many men. But few people know that this haircut came to us from the past and was already popular among many Hollywood stars. Brett's beard could be seen back in the 30s of the last century. Usually it was worn by actors who played real tough guys, taking part in the filming of films about the Italian mafia and other action films of that time.

Fashionable beard anchor

No doubt, the anchor will provide you with attention at a glance. Such a beard looks stylish, fashionable, modern. Do you like to stand out and set trends? This style is just made for you! Anchor - a short beard with clear straight lines on the lower part of the chin, which continues with a strip to the lower lip. A thin cropped mustache seems to hover over the line of the beard, which emphasizes the chin. The name of the beard, you guessed it, appeared due to the similarity with the anchor. It looks best on faces of square or oblong shape. Visually, the anchor lengthens the face, therefore it is contraindicated for men whom nature has awarded the triangular shape of the face.

Fashionable Balbo Beard

The name of this beard was given by an Italian general of the times of Mussolini Italo Balbo. It was he who became the “trendsetter”, since then a beard of this form bears his name.Over time, this beard shape took root and everyone already forgot that its designer was a fascist general. Balbo's beard is now associated more with Hollywood actors and characters. The image of a “bad guy” with such an image of the “bad guy” with such a beard firmly entered the male fashion.

Balbo is very similar to a full beard, the difference is the lack of whiskers. It can have several variations - be shorter or longer, worn with a mustache turning into a beard, or with a short mustache. Balbo style beard is suitable for men with a narrow chin, as well as with an oval or triangular.

Fashionable Goatee Beard

Goatee is one of the most stylish and elegant beards ever to be seen on a man’s face. So it was in the days of the gallant musketeers, so it is in our days. Modern men appreciate the goatee for giving sophistication to the features of almost any (except especially round) face. This aristocratic beard never went out of style and was always relevant. Goatee is a small island of vegetation left under the lower lip in the very center of the chin, which has the shape of a wedge.

To give style, you need to carefully round the contour along the entire length so that the antennae smoothly pass into the beard. Goatee is preferred to wear intelligent personalities.

Chinstrap or “chin strap” is a thin strip along the contour of the chin to the temples. It is ideal for successful young people who want to emphasize their face. Chinstrap can inspire experiments when the strip is divided by grooves or bends.

Fashionable men's light bristles 2018

Many young guys stop at this option in order to remain brutal in 2018. Light bristles add sexuality to the image and attract the opposite sex. No woman can be strict with a guy with such a beard. In addition, this is the most popular haircut option of 2018. At first glance, it might seem that such a beard does not need to be cut, you just need not to shave, and it will grow. However, in reality, everything is different. To keep the bristles well-groomed, you should work on it. Otherwise, a stylish fashionable image will not be. It will seem that a person does not care for himself and forgets to shave.

How to care for a beard in 2018?

If you have a long and thick beard, then periodically wash with shampoo. Occasionally, you can use hair conditioner - so the hairs become softer and more obedient. To dry, it’s enough to dampen the beard with a towel, using a hair dryer can harm the delicate skin of the face. In addition, the beard must be combed during the day with a special comb. Make sure that crumbs or other excess objects do not get stuck in the hairs. Learn about fashion trends from “Fashionable men's t-shirts and polos fall-winter 2017-2018 photo”

Even if you really want to grow a beard to the knees, still try to limit its length. Too long vegetation will age you and make you look more like a tramp than a fashion guy. But the main care tool is a beard and mustache clipper - trimmer. This device performs all sorts of functions - from daily shaving to trimming facial hair once a week or two. The beard and mustache trimmer works very simply - the work of two moving knives, a nozzle to adjust the length of the bristles and all.

Wrong style will make you an untidy bumpkin, even looking like a homeless man. People will bypass you, and the girls will not even look in your direction.

So do not rush to give your vegetation the look of your favorite celebrity. Before you choose a beard haircut for yourself - determine the type of face .

  1. Oval. Men with an oval type of face - rejoice. Guys with other types will envy you. Experiments? No problem. Any type and style will suit this type!
  2. Cordate . Pay attention to the triangular type - this is for you.
  3. Diamond or rhomboid. Dense vegetation will not suit you. Look at Wolverine - come in handy!
  4. Oblong. In the form of a horseshoe or classic sideburns - what you need! In no case do not shave the beard types of men (photo below), which lengthen the face.
  5. Round . Chubby dream to visually lengthen the face. In this case, we advise them to grow a middle mustache and lower the "goat" or trapezoidal (from temple to temple) beard.
  6. Square. For those who say: “muzzle with a brick”, rounded ends are suitable.
  7. Triangular. Owners of this type dream of expanding the lower, narrowest part of the face. In the fulfillment of a dream, a square, rounded or beard in the form of a horseshoe will help them.
  8. Pear or lamp . Grow long whiskers - girls will appreciate!

Men, remember that the style and look that is suitable for each type has not yet been created! All individually.

Read, remember, pick.

So, to have stylish men's beardsgo to the tips :

  • determine the type of face (types are described above). This is the main factor influencing the choice of the shape of the future beard,
  • beard color in men and hair thickness, growing on the face. This is also important. Blondes, fair-haired and red-haired boys - allow yourself. Dark-haired (brunettes, brown-haired and others) - choose something smaller. If the hairs are thin, then you have to forget about the thickets,
  • height . Tall Guys - Allow yourself a wide range of beard haircuts and styles. Low men - a neat little beard will suit you. Average height - choose the middle ground - you're in luck!

Choose a style for yourself? Congratulations! Scrolling on, it’s interesting there! You will learn the technology of cutting a beard and mustache by visiting a master. Watch the video.

Beard + bald head = successful combination

The weak part of humanity (women) is insanely afraid of gaining weight. But what is the stronger sex afraid of?
According to the results of online voting and polls: men are afraid to bald .

Saying goodbye to every hair falling out, men almost cry. The fear of turning away from him, bald, is incredibly great. Let's see if fear is justified? Not.

Style is very popular nowadays. A bald head in combination with a correctly selected beard are some pluses:

  • spending time on a morning shower is three times less
  • saving shampoo . Need less (only for a beard) - less cost,
  • evenly tan,
  • “Dangerous” look - create an image of a tough nut, girls will appreciate
  • don't shake in fear from the thought of baldness - hair and so no.

The following types of male beards are suitable for bald men.

  1. Duck tail .
  2. Screen and Wolverine style.
  3. Duck tail.
  4. Goatee.

The main thing is to choose them for the type of person. So, bald head and beard - a good combination, fears drove away ... go further. Do girls think bald men are beautiful, look at the video.

No mustache

Every day, similar beard styles without a mustache are also gaining popularity.

This popularity is associated with the fact that less care is required, because there are no mustaches.

And not every girl will like the tickling mustache with a kiss. This species has many advantages and they are clear from the name.

Examples of beard haircuts without a mustache :

  • Goatee
  • Old dutchman . Very dense vegetation from temple to temple. The length can be infinite. Shave your cheeks.
  • Island. Small dot vegetation under the lower lip.
  • Insect style . The ends resemble the antennae or chewing insect.
  • Mini goatee.
  • Lincoln without a mustache. Oval oblong or triangular type - this beard is for you!
  • Klingon . The mustache above the lip is shaved off, there are parts on the sides, connecting on the sides.
    So, men, do not like a mustache? Shave off boldly. There are many species, pick up for yourself.

With a mustache

Fact - a beard looks more spectacular and courageous in combination with a mustache. Previously, everyone wore a mustache, but now a man himself has the right to choose whether to grow a mustache or not?

Mustache fashion is back, so grow boldly if you like.The style of the beard and mustache makes every man an elegant and independent of society man.

Mustache Beard Design Examples :

  • Suvorov . In the case of this beard, keep your chin clean. And the whiskers descend just below the lips and rise, fused with a mustache.
  • Anchor . Got a name for appearance. How to shave such a beard, see the video.

  • . In honor of a military man from Italy, who first shaved this beard shape in men with a mustache.
  • Short boxed beard. Neat lines, thin tendrils, sideburns and a beard - for this style has gained popularity among Hollywood actors.
  • Full or . Thick and voluminous, with a mustache and sideburns. Very suitable for tall men. With this style, a sea of ​​brutality is provided. How to make such a beard, look at the video.

  • Duck tail. In the 60s, a similar haircut resembling a duck tail was in fashion. Reminds a tail of a duck and a tip of a beard.
  • French fork. Reminds a special fork with two cloves.
  • Lamb chop with mustache . Does that sound intimidating? It also looks if you pick up a haircut and pump up. Look like a biker - be dangerous!
  • Garibaldi.
  • Sail. Will require careful and haircuts.
  • Rap style. The beard, mustache and pots should be very short and very thin. Rapper Style - Cool Style!
  • Curtain, Screen or Wolverine style. What does this beard look like, watch the video.

These are not all options for cutting male beards with a mustache. Only the most popular, simple haircuts of beards and mustaches are presented. There are a few more stylish beards - this,.

Popular styles

Men's beard - the species are different, because the tastes of people and the people themselves are different. Nevertheless, there is a list of the most fashionable haircuts of male beards, popular styles, varieties. What is the name of the style with a beard, let's talk about this further.

Screen or beard of Lincoln. Why Lincoln? Because Abraham Lincoln, the sixteenth president of the United States, admired his beard.

Such a beard without a mustache is provided, although if you prefer to hide (for example, if the skin is problematic) the gap between the nose and upper lip, the mustache will not damage such a beard.

Choose medium or thin tendrils. True beard trimming involves a squared mix of beard and wide whiskers. Emphasizes lips and conceals imperfections in facial contours. This is clearly visible in the proposed video.

Suvorov . The exact opposite of the previous model of beard haircuts - screens. Growing a beard a la Suvorov, you do not have to grow vegetation on the chin. Grow wide sideburns that drop just below the corners of the lips and then rise up, connecting with a mustache. This look is suitable if you have a beautiful and even chin. If there are flaws on the chin, you better avoid these types of beards in men.

Goatee . Previously, the goatee was grown exclusively by evil and unpleasant types, as the goat (and the beard too) represented something demonic.

But now it is preferred to grow by guys who decide to become “bad”, acquire an image of “danger” and like the weaker sex.

There are two variations of the beard: with a mustache and without a mustache. Both that and another will suit men with an oval and round type of face.

Anchor . Such a romantic style suits men chubby and guys with a square type. It looks like an anchor. Is not it so? Do not cut correctly! Hurry to fix it.

Duck tail or ducktail . Model beard haircut. One hundred percent similarity to the hairstyle of the sixties, and even more so with the duck tail. Such a beard does not require frequent care and it does not need to be cut every week on a smooth contour. Let it grow even to the knees!

Garibaldi . Dense vegetation, connected with both sideburns and a wide mustache. It looks untidy, but quite attractive. It is not necessary to grow to the knees - its length is a maximum of 20 centimeters. The name comes from the first carrier - Giuseppe Garibaldi.

Sail . Calls to expose the chin and "rush in full sail."Flared whiskers combine with a mustache - this is how this style turns out.

Box. Beautiful male beard.

Exactly trimmed (the length of the hairs is the same! This is important) the beard connected to the tanks and mustache (without whiskers possible).

Suitable for men of a triangular type of face. Celebrities, with beautiful beard haircuts, wearing a beard box: Ben Affleck, George Clooney, Robert Pattinson and others.

Jack Sparrow Beard . It looks funny, but not courageous. Choose specifically for yourself. It will require careful daily care and a lot of time. reach the desired length as you wish.

Van dyke . Simply put - like Johnny Depp. Fans - grow and shape, girls will also appreciate. How to make prompt barbers. Keep the lines even, otherwise it will look running. If you chose this type, watch the video.

The conclusion of the article is obvious. Beard and mustache and their styles - cool, courageous, strong. The main thing is to remember that not every style is suitable for you.

You have familiarized yourself with handsome beards in men, now follow the tips of the article to. Do not forget to monitor the condition of facial hair - Careful care with the use of (, etc.), so as not to look like a dork.

In favor of this option is the fact that most girls prefer clean-shaven men. And the beard must be carefully looked after. Do you definitely have time for this? Therefore, the first type of beard is its absence.

Short stubble

It’s enough not to shave for two or three days. If you want light shaving to become your signature style, buy a trimmer and constantly trim the length of new hairs. Only then will the bristles look neat. And one more tip: completely remove hair that grows below the Adam's apple to look stylish.

Medium Bristle

A few more days, and on your face will appear a bristle of medium length of 3-5 mm. It is very important that she does not look like you went into a weekly binge. Remember that the cheeks (if hair also appears there) should always be clean shaven at least partially. Otherwise, sexuality turns into sloppiness.

Bristles 6–7 mm long. This is not just unshaven, but almost a full beard. Therefore, caring for her is much more difficult than the previous ones. The trimmer comes to the rescue again: trim the bristles every few days, and everything will be fine. We also completely remove the hair that grows above the lower third of the face and which climb on the Adam's apple.

The ideal beard in the classical sense. To grow such a beard, you will need a lot of time and patience. It’s better to go on vacation altogether so as not to frighten your friends or colleagues with your strange appearance (especially if you have always been clean-shaven).

When the hair grows to the desired length (after 4-5 weeks), it's time to give the beard the correct and beautiful shape. It is best to contact a professional and sign up for a good barbershop. The master will take into account all your wishes - and the perfect beard is ready!


A very unusual kind of beard was named after the Italian military and political leader of the last century, Italo Balbo.

It is a wide beard with “fragments” neatly shaved on both sides and with a base under the lower lip. In addition, you need to leave a neat mustache.

Robert Downey Jr


A cool and truly stylish look for a man who loves to attract attention. Verdi is a round beard with partially shaved cheeks and a magnificent mustache.

The mustache extends beyond the corners of the mouth by no more than 1.5 centimeters, and the length of the beard does not exceed 10 centimeters (measured from the lower lip). Remember: mustache must be perfect! Well maintained and laid out.

The style got its name in honor of Giuseppe Fortunino Francesco Verdi, the great Italian composer.

Eric Bandholz

A thick and long beard, a thick and long mustache - this is Bandholz's style. All you need is just not to shave. Very, very, very long time not to shave.And only sometimes to cut a little beard and mustache so that they are cute and neat.

The style is named after Eric Bandholz, who one day quit his job because management forbade him to grow a long beard. Today Eric is the owner of the world famous Beardbrand men's cosmetics company.

Infographics and photos: realmenrealstyle.com

If we recognize many female models by their faces and accurately name them, male models are not so lucky.

In today's “twenty”, we included models that repeatedly took first place in the top lists of models.com and won in a variety of ratings ...

This Frenchman, looking like a beautiful Robinson Crusoe, because of his beard looks older than his age. He is only 29 years old.

David was born in the UK, in a family of ordinary workers. He became a model by accident. For several years, he represented the brand Dolce & Gabbana.

John was the face of Valentino and Ralph Lauren in the 80s, more than once starred for Vogue magazine.

30-year-old Spaniard, favorite of Tom Ford. He even assigned John a role in his film Lone Man.

Supermodel from Holland. Mark is a veteran of the modeling business, now he is already 47 years old. They say that in the modeling business he is equal to Brad Pitt in the cinema. And looks like him!

Former Madonna's boyfriend, who can be seen in the singer’s video Justify my love . The owner of a beautiful Roman nose and animal magnetism. Recently appears in Givenchy campaigns.

At zero, Larry's face was everywhere: the Acqua di Gio campaign was published in all magazines. Larry is still a model. But he also has a second profession - a photographer.

One of the most handsome men in the world (according to many polls and ratings), one of the highest paid male models. Former husband of Holly Berry.

Alex is not only a model, but also a professional paintball player. The first serious job for a young man from Sweden was a contract with Versace.

Tall, with an androgynous appearance, Boyd attracted the attention of not only modeling agencies, but also actors selection agencies. Boyd's track record in cinema by the age of 33 had accumulated a decent one ("Harvey Milk" "For Candelabra"), was engaged to Elizabeth Olsen.

Calm and unperturbed, he has long been a favorite of many fashion houses: Prada, Lanvin, Dries Van Noten.

A favorite of Karl Lagerfeld and the face of the brands Chanel, Fendi, Karl Lagerfeld. Batiste also sings.

Tall (height - 193 centimeters) handsome, "born" from the 80s. He was the star of advertisements for Calvin Klein, Versace and Iceberg. Now he is over forty, he has organized a good restaurant business, released his perfume line and a line of body care.

Young (only 17 years old) and promising. Glossy magazines are already dedicating separate articles to it, and the Instagram account is “breaking” from subscribers. Lucky starred for Vogue, participated in the GAP and Tommy Hilfiger campaigns.

Another young and growing model worker. In the store where Charlie went shopping, an agent approached him and offered to try as a model. Charlie agreed and did not regret. James has a peculiarity: he wears braces, so his smile is special.

One of Dsquared2's favorite fashion models.

Clothing style and beard shape

To choose a variety of beards and mustaches, a man needs not only the type and shape of his face, but also starting from secondary criteria. Namely:

  • life style and rhythm,
  • external data
  • professional features
  • style and image of clothes,
  • hair length, structure and color,
  • the availability of free time for hair care.

For sports enthusiasts, Canadian-shaped beards and a small stubble are ideal. Classics in clothes today are often combined with sports shoes and a beard of medium length and density. Casual style also accepts the types of beards that are most often worn by young men today, for example, goatee, goatee or balbo beard. Fashionable Grunge style in clothes is ideally combined with dense vegetation and colorful long beards.


Light or dark, long or short, thick or minimal, in any form, a beard will transform the face of a man. The correct choice of the form and type of beard will allow not only to give the appearance of solidity, age and experience, but also to correct any flaws and features of the male face and general image.In any barbershop, a specialist will advise on the choice of a beard, and how to cut it.

In 2018, unshaven and beard became a symbol of brutality in men. World stylists allowed men to forget about their shaven cheeks and offered a confident male hunter and traveler. But hurry to rejoice that you can now not shave every day and be trendy at the same time. Unshaven or beard requires attention daily from the day they began to shave for the first time. This is, first of all, constant shaving with a special razor with appropriate nozzles regulating the hair length. And there are some features: the longer the hair cut, the shorter the length of the bristles, although this is not the rule.

How to choose a fashionable haircut for a beard?

It must be understood that the selection of a beard is a rather responsible process, since a beard does not suit everyone, firstly, and secondly, an irregular shape can simply spoil a man's facial features. Now there are many barbershops where they can tell you which form is right for you, but these services are not free. Here are some tips on what kind of face to fit this or that beard, so:

Triangular shape of the face. In this case, the face narrows to the bottom, in which case the vegetation on the chin will make the face more proportional. A classic beard or a long one goes well with this face shape.

Round form. In order for the shape of the face to be more elegant, a trapezoidal beard is needed that connects the temples.

The rectangular shape. In this case, you need to lengthen the face. This can be achieved using a beard in the form of a horseshoe or with the help of a whisker.

Oval shape. If you have this face shape, then you can say lucky, because you can experiment with any beard.

Square face. For this form, a small beard is suitable, which will make facial features more smooth and neat.

Men's beard trends 2018

A beard will help you give yourself a more formidable, impressive appearance. That is why, apparently, many men choose "beard" for themselves. A stylish denim jumpsuit combined with a military jacket and bunched hair. Comfortable loafers are on the feet.

Fashionable hairstyle - side parting in combination with sunglasses looks good in the summer.

Pendant is a great way to stand out from the crowd and emphasize your personality. To warm your throat, just throw a white down scarf on your shoulders, like romantic natures - artists.

A bundle in the hair, a clip in the ear - a new modern image of a young and reckless guy living in a big metropolis and beyond.

A shirt with small peas, a radiant smile - a great combination. Denim, so beloved by many, how could it be without him ?! Denim vests and fashionable denim jackets do not miss their positions not only from men's, but also from women's fashion.

Secrets of how to grow a beard?

If you still decide to grow a beautiful thick beard, you need to remember the following: Each man has a certain type of beard growth. Consider your growth characteristics when choosing the type of beard. For example, for many, the beard does not grow on the neck, then the anchor is best for them.
For owners of blond hair, you need to grow a beard 2 times longer than for dark-haired ones, because light bristles do not look as solid as dark ones. Start by first determining the type of hair growth. After not shaving for about a week 2, maybe 3. After contacting the barber. He will advise you which style is best for you! To style a large and thick beard, use wax, but apply it to a minimum so as not to spoil the whole brutal style.

Men's beard mustache 2018 fashion trends

In 2018, the mustache and beard became a real trend in the world of men's fashion. Smooth-shaven men are now not held in high esteem.It is believed that a young man becomes more sexy and attractive if he has a mustache or beard (or both). But the choice of a mustache and beard is a purely individual process, since incorrectly selected shape and length can have the exact opposite effect. Mustache has always been popular and in demand among the male population. They serve as a decoration and a means to radically transform the appearance.
After all, with the help of such a detail, you can hide flaws and adjust the shape of the face. Mustache haircuts can be very diverse, and it is necessary to choose exactly those that will be in harmony with the appearance of the man.
When choosing a mustache shape, they need to be perfectly suited to the features and shape of your face. It is also important to consider the shape of the nose and the position between the chin, mouth and nose. In general, mustache haircuts should be done by professionals who are individually suited to each client, his appearance and style.

Beard - Anchor 2018 photo

Anchor is very popular among beard haircuts. A feature of this beard haircut is the fact that on the chin it maximizes. In the photo below, it is fashionable to see a beard anchor with an elongated chin.
The chin must be combined with a strip of bristles under the lower lip. The latter is better to shave in the form of a triangle with an angle looking towards the chin. To add a mustache to this beard, it is best to use a mustache pencil. It is then that your beard and mustache haircut will find harmony. A photo of the beard anchor can be seen above.

Men's beard - Brett 2018 photo

For some reason, this particular type of beard is considered one of the most popular among Hollywood handsome men of different ages. This beard haircut is suitable for almost every man, giving you the opportunity to feel like a brutal and sexy Don Juan.

Fashionable French beard 2018 photo

French beard style is also gaining in popularity in 2018. There are a lot of types in this beard style, for example, imperial, royale or French pirate. Since this beard is only gaining its popularity, it is still rare to meet it. At the peak of popularity, this beard was at the time of the musketeers, but for lovers of something unusual it’s perfect.

Espanyola beard 2018 photo

Among men, this type of beard haircut is considered one of the most popular and next year the situation will not change much. Needless to say, it is espaniola that is preferred by creative individuals who try to express their individuality in this way. By the way, just such a haircut will look very good on the triangular shape of the face.

Fashionable goatee 2018 photo

Pretty popular with young people. The man's face is shaved, the beard grows only in the lower part of the chin. Such a goatee is again at the peak of popularity.
It is especially common among NBA basketball players. Examples include Bradd Pitt, Robert Pattison, Johnny Depp.

Fashionable beard for brunettes 2018 photo

For owners of dark hair color to grow a beard is not difficult. For dark hair color, beards of 5-6 mm are long enough for it to look beautiful and courageous. You can also use any style of beard. Below are photos of a beard for men with dark hair.

Fashionable men's beard for red 2018 new

Red-haired men, most of them are Scots or Norwegians, also have no problems with the appearance of a beard.
Holders of a monochromatic hair color on the face - red, can afford to grow a beautiful thick beard, not to mention those in which the color of the hair on the face begins with red and ends with black. The latter were just out of luck.

Beard for the light 2018 photo

The beard for light men should be larger, thicker and longer than dark men. This is necessary in order to create a normal appearance.
It’s no secret to anyone that it’s a black beard that looks brutal.For owners of a light beard, below are interesting options for haircuts.

A beard is a great way to express your personality and emphasize masculinity. A correctly selected bristle haircut guarantees you increased attention to the weaker sex, wherever you appear!

How to choose a suitable form?

Unfortunately, there is no beard haircut that suits every man - an individual approach is needed. A properly designed beard will decorate your image, hide flaws (full cheeks, scars, scars). Therefore, when choosing a haircut, pay attention to the following factors:

  • Hair type and color - dense dark facial hair should not be too voluminous. Otherwise, too sharp a contrast with the skin. But a red or light beard will only benefit from extra splendor.
  • Man's height - not everyone takes this point into account, but in vain. Guys below average height look ridiculous with an overly long beard. Tall men should pay attention to haircuts, providing a lush and long beard.
  • Face shape - one of the most important criteria when choosing a haircut. Triangular faces require a beard that can balance proportions - a classic long beard will be a great choice. Chubby bearded men can bring their face shape closer to perfect with a beard in the form of a trapezoid connecting the right and left temples. Lengthen rectangular features can be a horseshoe beard or ordinary tanks. For owners of oval faces there are no restrictions, because this form is considered ideal. As for the square type of face, a small bristle on all faces will smooth out the sharp features.

Variety of beard haircuts

There are many beard styles, so even for the most picky man, there are a couple of variations to your liking.

  • Classic (Russian, full) - the vegetation is preserved almost in its original form. Suitable for men who naturally have hard thick hair. A big plus of the model is the ability to change it by adjusting it to any type of face.
  • Canadian - Suitable for all men, except chubby (the last haircut will only give extra volume). The Canadian suggests the fusion of the mustache and the lower part of the beard with a narrow strip of hair on both sides of the mouth.
  • Hollywood beard - vegetation around the lips and along the edge of the lower jaw. The remaining hair is completely shaved. The haircut got its name due to its popularity among the stars of cinema (Hugh Jackman, Robert Downey Jr., George Clinkney).
  • Balbo - a mix of several models, reminiscent of the inverted letter "T". Suppose the option with or without a mustache. A haircut is ideal for the correction of square and round face types.
  • Anchor - a cone-shaped beard with a clear outline and short hair length. Its original name owes its similarity to a ship's anchor. This model requires strict symmetry and shearing of the cone clearly at the level of the chin. The anchor visually stretches the face, so it suits a guy with a round or square face.

A successful beard haircut can not only emphasize attractive features, but also distinguish a man from the crowd and demonstrate to others his taste and originality.

Modern fashion trends suggest the creation of a manly style among the stronger sex. The main condition for such an image is the obligatory presence of facial hair. Beautiful guys with a beard are not uncommon today. They can be seen on social networks, on the covers of fashion magazines, on the catwalk and just on the street in real life.

When the boy enters puberty, he has a fluff on his face, which gradually darkens and turns into a youthful thin mustache. As a young man grows up, it becomes possible to independently work on his image by modeling the shape of the facial vegetation.

Blonde with a light beard

Any man, regardless of the color of his hair and stubble, may come to the desire to grow a beard.The presence of vegetation on the face of a blond is able to give him masculinity, become a reflection of experience, strength, mind. Moreover, a skillfully selected form of haircuts, easily corrects the contour of the face, smoothing out imperfections and emphasizing the merits.

To choose the ideal form for yourself, it is necessary to take into account the influence of two factors: the type of vegetation and the shape of the face.

Blondes, as a rule, are harder to grow the desired length, their hair is distinguished by the thinness of the structure, the rarity of location. But in finished form, such a beard holds its shape well.

Selection of a haircut option according to the shape of the face:

  • oval: any shape will do, they will make the chin massive. You can clearly outline the lower border, slightly weight the bottom with the shape of a horseshoe, or prefer the classic rounded version,
  • triangular: here you need to prefer roundness, a horseshoe or a square. Cheeks covered with bristles are able to visually lengthen the face, drawing attention to the eyes, their affairs are larger in size (this is especially true for those people who wear glasses with minus diopters),
  • wide: for lengthening the shape of the skull, the goat variety is suitable, or the vegetation stretching from temple to temple is a trapezoid variant. The mustache here looks good, but it’s better to abandon the whiskers,
  • oblong: a rounded shape will help visually expand the face, whiskers - beautifully frame the haircut. Thin options are strongly discouraged in this, you cannot use goatee, goatee variants.

Red beard - stylishly fashionable and modern

The modern world has many faces, red vegetation, framing the line of the chin, looks very extravagant. At the same time, she looks stylish and fashionable, emphasizing the brutality of the man wearing her.

World fashion dictates the stronger sex to forget about a smooth-shaven face forever, preferring the image of a hunter. But not wild, but well-groomed.

The red tint has a lot of advantages:

  • emphasizes the brightness of the image,
  • stands out among the monotonous crowd,
  • distracts attention from the defects on the face,
  • allows you to use a variety of haircut models.

Whatever the color of the beard, it requires constant attention, maintaining cleanliness, neatness, styling. To understand this complex process, you need to familiarize yourself with a number of tips.

Rules for the care of bristles:

  1. Following a healthy diet. Hair growth will only be active when the body on a regular basis receives all the necessary micro and macro elements, minerals, amino acids. Be sure to include in your own diet meat, fish, vegetables, greens, fruits, legumes. An increase in the amount of fluid drunk per day.
  2. The use of special vitamin complexes designed to enhance the activity of hair follicles. They must contain biotin, a complex of B vitamins, retinol, tocopherol, ascorbic acid.
  3. Normalization of sleep and rest: a person who wants to have a thick beard, can not afford sleep deprivation and constant stress. Every day you need to sleep for 8 hours at night, to learn techniques of relaxation and meditation.
  4. Regular exercise: necessary to maintain normal levels of testosterone, which ensures active growth of bristles in men. An active lifestyle can completely change a person’s well-being.
  5. Periodic cutting of hairs when they begin to beat out beyond the boundaries of the existing contour. For this purpose, you can contact a professional, or cope on their own. It is advisable to entrust the first haircut to the master, then maintain the contour and length yourself.
  6. Keeping the bristles clean: wash after 1-2 days using a special shampoo, rinse after meals with cold running water, use softening conditioners, balms.
  7. Applying masks and compresses with vegetable oils (castor, argan, almond, olive, peach, grape seed).
  8. Combing with a special comb to stimulate local blood circulation and awaken sleeping follicles.


Some people think that a mustache is a funny quirk for fair-haired people, others consider them to be an integral part of the image. Many celebrities with light hair, however, wear stubble or grow denser vegetation.

Celebrities with a beard:

  • Ashton Kutcher: a haircut only decorates his face, gives style, masculinity,
  • Pierce Brosnan: wears dense vegetation, framing the chin, has a characteristic feature in the form of a gray-haired edging, giving a special charm to the image,
  • Brad Pitt: stubble gives him sexuality, but excessive length increases his age, but stubble, on the contrary, is young,
  • Johnny Depp: it’s precisely the right haircut that makes him mysterious, at the same time mischievous and young,
  • Prince William: despite his high status, wears stubble adorning his image.

Men's pride. Mustache and beard

If you decide to join the fraternity of "mustache and beard lovers", then this material is for you.

Fashion, like much in nature, is cyclical. Again, the current 80s revived the demand for a beard and mustache. At first, it was an attribute exclusively of the fashion elite, then the trend penetrated the masses, and men with lush beards and mustaches walked around the city in all their glory.

Having affirmed the idea of ​​becoming the owner of a full-fledged beard in the style of Karl Marx or a mustache a la John Waters, consider some points: your lifestyle, the anatomical structure of the face and the goals that you pursue. The opinions of local bearded barbel are also interesting.

Cake - Mustache Man (Wasted)

A correct and well-groomed beard will give proportionality to the figure, hide the flaws. The choice of the shape of a beard and mustache for each individual. The key principles to consider are listed below.

Hair color

Before choosing the form of vegetation on your face, you should consider your hair color. Dark hair looks more contrasting on a light face, which means that a beard and mustache should be chosen less voluminous than that of blondes. If you have fair or red hair, you should let go of your broad beard.

On tall men, a voluminous, broad beard and a wide mustache will look good, thereby they will visually enlarge your face, creating the correct body proportions. Men of small stature are advised to wear a small, short-cut beard with a mustache.

Face shape

The shape of the face also plays an important role. The V-shaped face should be expanded in its lower part, and for this the shape of a horseshoe for a beard and a narrow mustache is best suited. This will help make the lower jaw more massive and courageous. Chubby people are recommended to wear a trapezoidal shape (a beard from temple to temple, crossed by a mustache). This will visually stretch your face.

Facial hair should be seen in the context of a full-fledged image. Properly selected and well-groomed mustache and beard shape will help to hide obvious flaws and highlight the strengths of your face. You can adjust the shape in Voronezh at the Credo beauty studio. The service costs 250 rubles.


Psychologists have identified the dependence of the mustache and the lifestyle of their owner. If you are a fan of heavy music, then most likely you will choose for yourself a “full” beard. If your taste preferences glisten around jazz, then most likely a short, neatly cropped beard and mustache will suit you.

If you are a womanizer and a fan of nightclubs (not bars), then you definitely can’t avoid a “goatee” beard. A long mustache, narrowed at the ends, is an attribute of real gastronomic gourmets. Short, or English, are preferred by intellectuals with good manners.

Well, if you are a resident of Texas, then definitely go for a mustache.


You must understand that the mustache of certain styles can visually make you much older. A mustache without a beard will make you much older than a wide and thick beard. Slight unshaven will throw you quite a few years in age.

1.Box, 2.Anchor, 3.Balbo, 4.Hollywood 5.Boxing, 6.A curtain, 7.My lamb cheeks, 8.Puff

1.Walrus, 2.Toothbrush, 3.Horseshoe, 4.Handlebar 5.Pyramidal 6.Pencil, 7.Artist’s brush 8.Chevron

Having become the owner of both a luxurious mustache and a beard, it should be borne in mind that you will need additional time to care for them:

  • When washing, rinse your beard and mustache with water every time. Once a week, wash with shampoo and hair conditioner. This will give the mustache and beard controllability.
  • Constantly monitor the vegetation on the face, cutting or removing excess hairs, trimming the cheeks.
  • Every day, comb the mustache in the right direction - this will give them a shape and form a direction of growth.
  • If you want to make your beard and mustache more voluminous, after washing, comb them against hair growth. When the hair is dry, comb in the right direction and smooth with your hands.
  • For combing a beard and mustache, it is best to choose a comb with rare wide teeth.

What color is the beard of blondes

Full information on the topic “what color is the beard of blondes” is all the most relevant and useful on this issue.

In the modern world, dark hair, a red beard and even careless unshaven have become symbols of man’s brutality. World fashion trends have allowed males to forget about a clean-shaven face and dictate to them the image of a hunter or traveler.

Style and masculinity all rolled into one

It was the red beard that gained particular popularity. She favorably emphasizes the bright appearance of any man. In ancient times, for example, in Assyria, there were even groups of people who called themselves “red bearded beards”, who were united by a common goal and, of course, the same color of facial hair.

They specially grew long narrow beards and tinted them with henna in the desired color. At the same time, the Egyptians had a cult of a smooth-shaven face, and sometimes the whole body. The Slavs' red beard was considered a sign of untidiness, Tsar Peter I even issued a decree prohibiting excess facial hair and even chopped off the beards of the boyars with his own hands.

At present, each man decides whether to shave or not.

She also needs care

Despite the fact that a very large part of the stronger sex now prefers light unshaven, this does not mean that you do not need to take care of yourself. Quite the contrary, a mustache and a beard require no less attention than a smoothly shaven face.

Moreover, not every man who wants to become a bearded man will be able to make his dream a reality. The thing is that facial hair grows differently, and it happens that instead of a luxurious beard, we get strange incomprehensible vegetation that can not beautify a real man.

Conversely, for some, it grows so dense that it is very difficult to take care of it, it takes a lot of time.

Rules for caring for a beard and mustache:

  • If you are still very young, but already want to wear a beard, try to get rid of the teen gun first. To do this, it must be constantly shaved until the hair on the face becomes stiff and strong.
  • To find out if your beard is growing well will only help. tempered beard. Only then it will become clear how your hair grows, whether it is sparse or thick, where there are “bald” places, will it even suit you.
  • An experienced hairdresser will help you choose the shape of a beard, which will create a real masterpiece from untidy vegetation. Do not spare money for the first visit, believe me, the result is worth it.
  • How often you have to adjust the shape of your beard depends on the growth rate of your hair. In any case, at least once a week, or even more often, you yourself have to trim and trim sloppy and unnecessary hairs. At the same time, do not forget to use special products for the skin to get rid of irritability.
  • The beard needs to be washed. Often with detergent. And every morning you need to comb it, give it the desired shape after sleep.

Is a red beard a sign of kindness?

The shape and color of the vegetation on the face as a whole determines the nature of the person who wears it. It is believed that chestnut color is a sign of open character and great soulfulness. Blond hair characterizes a person as moderately prudent and cold. A red beard more often “settles” on kind and friendly men.

They are distinguished by their brightness and personality, and therefore often they are perceived differently than everyone else. They are temperamental and, like a match, instantly flare up with any irritant, but also cool quickly. However, you will never meet an evil person with a red beard.

Such men are in high demand among women, and therefore are rarely alone.

For what reasons is she ginger?

It often happens that men with a red beard are brunettes or blondes. Why is that? Here are a few reasons:

  • individual inclination of the male body,
  • if the family of the father, grandfather, etc. had red hair, it is highly likely that this color will be inherited,
  • the mixture of races and nationalities plays an important role, especially with the kindred union of the Nords and Europeans,
  • sometimes a red beard in a brunette or blond indicates hormonal disorders in the body, in particular, a decrease in testosterone.

But most often, a genetically factor plays a role. At the same time, several genes are responsible for the color of hair in different parts of the body, each of which determines exactly how much melanin will be produced in the beard or hair on the head.

The scientific side of the issue

At the same time, scientists explain red hair with a unique sixteenth chromosome, which became known about ten years ago. It contains a certain code that is responsible for the distribution of red “coloring” substance in the male body. As a result, a red beard can also grow in a brunette or a blond.

To get rid of red hair, if this color is not to your liking, in the usual ways is almost impossible. There are only two options: either dye the beard with hair dye, or shave it off completely. And we want to note that, no matter how important your appearance is, inner beauty is still much more important!

Blond with a beard

In chapter Education to the question of who grows faster than a beard in blondes or brunettes? set by the author Nikolay the best answer is In brunettes, it is simply more noticeable. Therefore, it seems to others that it is growing faster.

  • Each follicle from the moment of its formation undergoes repeated cycles of active growth and dormancy:
  • anagen (hair growth phase)
  • catagen (transition phase)
  • telogen (resting phase)

Normally, the duration of anagen in each person is genetically determined and lasts from 2 to 5 years. The duration of telogen is approximately 100 days.

Normally, the percentage of hair in the telogen stage, a small / average percentage of hair in the anagen, telogen and catagen stages, is 85, 14 and 1 percent, respectively. An increase in telogen hair up to 20 percent is an unfavorable sign.

Most balding people do not lose hair more often than others. The difference is that their hair loss is not replaced by a new one.

Hair growth in humans occurs in cycles. The cycle lasts for years, then a period of rest begins for several months, after which the old hair falls out and a new cycle begins.

The hair on the head grows the fastest (in 3 days - about 1 mm), the slowest on the eyebrows. A single hair lives on average from several months to 6 years. Eyelashes live from 3 to 5 months, cannons -7-10 months.

It is considered normal if 30 to 50 hair falls out on the head per day.

Hair grows throughout the body, with the exception of the palms and soles. An adult has about 100,000 hair, and their number depends on the color. Red hair has the thickest, but less hair than brunettes. Most blondes have about 150,000 hair.Black's hair is the largest of all, can be 3 times thicker than light.

As far as I know, the growth of a beard does not depend on the color of the hair, but depends only on the harmonious background of the man.

and here the hair color does not matter! it depends on the genetics of man himself! I have two brothers, one blond, another brunette! and both can not shave for a week, because their breed does not grow so fast! even though they are already 25 !!

As far as I know, blondes with facial hair are not very good.

Why is the color of the hair of the beard red while the rest of the body hair is dark?

More recently, I came across this question in the Dutch version of the VICE publication (vice.com), therefore I will give you an excerpt from there.

Hair color - from a genetic point of view, the thing is complicated. And the main difficulty here is that it determines the color of the hairline not one gene, but several different ones.

Another point is that genetics determines not so much the color as the hue (the degree of expression of a particular color), doing this by coding information about how much melanin (pigment) will be contained in the hair.

In Caucasians, there are two main types of melanin - the black pigment eumelanin and the red pigment pheomelanin: for example, the hair cells of brunettes contain a large amount of eumelanin, in blondes - extremely little eumelanin, and in redheads the pheomelanin is mainly found.

Over 10 years ago, researchers discovered the MC1R gene (nih.gov) on the 16th chromosome, which, as it turned out, plays an important role in endowing people with “red”. Thanks to this gene, a protein called melanocortin-1 is produced that turns the black pigment into red. And with the mutations of this gene, the most interesting thing happens.

So, if a person inherits the mutated MC1R gene from both parents, the pigment conversion becomes selective, which leads to saturation of the hair cells with pheomelanin, while eumelanin accumulates in the skin cells, on which freckles no longer appear. And if a person receives only one mutated MC1R, then the color of his hair will vary depending on the area of ​​their growth - most often this is expressed in the fact that the person will have dark hair, but a red beard.

I'll start from afar. Sometimes people and animals meet desktopclub.ru with heterochromia: both eyes have either completely wikimedia.org different colors, or partially wikimedia.org different.

What is commonly understood as heterochromia is completely called wikipedia.org eye heterochromia. And, since eye heterochromia is caused by an abnormal distribution of melanins in the iris, and melanin is also responsible for hair coloring, hair heterochromia may also occur.

Heterochromia of hair is not a pathology, not painful and does not lead to any dangerous consequences (at least there is no reason to believe otherwise in modern science).

The fact that you or someone else has a red beard with black hair is the same accident as the fact that all the main hair colors are found on my body (and in my childhood a leopard coloring was noticeable): it could be vice versa.

My uncle had a red, almost red beard. And the aunt always proudly said “This is a sign of the breed!” Which, it is not clear. But how does that sound.

  1. Different genes are responsible for the color of the hair of the head and the color of the rest of the hair, due to their expression in the hair, a certain type of keratin is deposited:
  2. rhodokeratin - red color
  3. melanokeratin - black color
  4. melano and leukokeratin - white hair color.

I suppose the question did not imply a genetic predisposition, but factors affecting color over a period of time. So here.

As the owner of almost black hair and black stubble, which sometimes becomes reddish, I can say that both hair and beard, elementarily burn out in the sun. If you often shave and not too much in the sun, this is not noticeable.

For example, my father, in the nineties, had a completely red mustache. And after he shaved them, the usual, black stubble began to grow.

In any case, we have red ancestors, everyone. Imagine how many generations before you were! However, the beard (I have at least) fades with growth. So it’s hard to say what exactly affects the color.

My beard is ginger. This is probably due to the fact that I do a lot of masturbation, I do not have a girlfriend, I have problems with the daily routine and diet, I listen to rock music a lot, I often get depressed, I often sit at the computer, I like to drink coffee, I take fish oil and vitamin and mineral complexes.

Says a guy with a red beard and dark hair. On me, a cyan woman did a love spell in childhood. She said that one random part of my body will change color, but in return I will get all the women of the planet.

I took a chance and everything as she said, the beard became red (thanks for the red beard, not the green bitch). I read an article somewhere else that magic is real. So, the color of my beard is definitely magic.

Why can a beard differ in color from natural hair coloring?

The beard, as a standard of masculinity and strength, has always been held in high esteem, even despite the tough laws that were once introduced by Peter the Great, which forbade her to wear. In ancient times, a Russian man could not even imagine himself beardless - this was regarded as a loss of his honor, strength, and militancy.

Recently, the peak has again gone on wearing a beard, because it almost magically changes the appearance of its owner.

Often you can notice a very interesting phenomenon - even if the man himself is a brunette or blonde (certainly not with dyed hair), then his beard is red. What is this phenomenon?

It is known that hair color depends on the content of the pigment melanin in the hair, which determines the color intensity. Europeans distinguish two types of pigment: black and red.

Scientists relatively recently made an almost great discovery - it turns out that the whole reason lies in one gene called MC1R, which gives people “red” features. When this gene mutates for some reason, then red hair can appear in some places of the skin, for example, in a beard.

Thus, such a small dissonance is obtained between the colors of the hair and beard.

Another not very important secret is revealed: why a man can have a red beard, even if he is not a red

Brunettes, blondes and brown-haired people all over the world face a peculiarity: the color of their beard does not always correspond to the color of the hair on the rest of the body, and sometimes it reaches an openly redhead. This phenomenon has a scientific explanation - genes. It seems genes can explain everything.

The question of red beards in people who can hardly be called red was once again recalled in The Independent. To find the answer, the publication turned to Motherboard, which talked with a specialist from the Dutch national information center for genetics and hereditary traits Petra Haak-Blom.

According to her, the difference in hair color is due to dominant genes, which do not always make themselves felt. Hair color throughout the human body is not controlled by a single gene, and in some cases it is defeated. Therefore, the color of the hair in the armpits, on the legs, arms and in other parts of the body may differ from that on the head - and from other parts of the body too.

Genes that determine hair color are the so-called "incomplete dominant hereditary traits." This means that there is not one single gene that dominates the rest, but all genes influence each other, ”says Haak-Blom.

The hair color of a white person is determined by pigment polymers - melanins, and there are two of them: eumelanin (black pigment) and pheomelanin (red pigment). Cells of dark-haired people contain only eumelanin, blondes have the least amount of eumelanin (if you do not take albinos into account), and red hair contains mainly pheomelanin. But melanins in the body can mutate.

More than 10 years ago, researchers discovered that a single gene (MC1R) on the 16th chromosome plays an important role in creating red hair. The challenge for MC1R is to create a protein called melanocortin-1. This protein plays an important role in the conversion of pheomelanin to eumelanin.

When someone inherits two mutated versions of the MC1R gene (one from each parent), less pheomelanin is converted to eumelanin. Theomelanin accumulates in the pigment cells, and this leads to the fact that red hair appears on the face, but there are no freckles on the skin.

In simple words: if your friend has a red beard without freckles and everything else, you can please him with the fact that he is a little mutant. Not the fact that this will make him a Fassbender-level meme from X-Men, of course, but he certainly can call himself special.

But in general, why spend time thinking about the reasons for the redness of people, when you can devote it to red kittens? For example, a cat from an Ufa apartment, the owner of which created an interactive reality show with a pet, or an evil red cat from Houston, who understands how much things happen in life.

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