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Men's hairstyles without styling 2019

Hairstyle plays an important role in the appearance of a person. With its help, you can emphasize facial features, hide some flaws, complete the image. The general perception of a person, style and taste largely depends on how hair is laid. Men's styling are very different. Of course, you can’t experiment on short ones cut to a clipper, but here's how to tell a man to put longer hair to emphasize his personality, to create a presentable look.

Is styling important

Many men do not perceive any manipulation of hair due to lack of time or desire. About any drying with a hairdryer, the use of means for fixing speech is not talking. The maximum that you will find in the arsenal of such men is shampoo and comb. But every person should look tidy and well-groomed. Therefore, if a man has long or medium length strands, then styling must be present.

Hairstyle is able to transform the appearance:

  • add elegance or brutality,
  • emphasize the rebellious temperament of a man or refinement, gallantry,
  • highlight advantages or hide flaws.

To look stylish, just washing your hair is not enough. In addition, the choice of men's styling products, tools for creating hairstyles is now no less than for women. Therefore, the owner of long hair should definitely know a few tricks on styling in order to look attractive, well-groomed and neat.

Styling methods

Popular styling options: back and side.

Before you style your hair with gel, mousse or cream, you need to know a few rules that will help you quickly, effectively create a beautiful hairstyle:

  • The head should be washed and the hairs wet.
  • Using a hairdryer will help give the latter the necessary direction.
  • In order not to burn the strands with a hot stream of air, the hair dryer should be kept at a distance of 15 cm. Otherwise, moisture evaporates from the hairs, they become lifeless, stiff and dry.
  • To fix naughty hair you will need styling products: varnish, gel, mousse, hair wax - about them a little later.

Stacking back

This hairstyle is suitable if the man has thick, healthy and shiny hair. She emphasizes their natural beauty. It is appropriate both for business meetings and for easy walks at the weekend. Looks spectacular with short or shaved temples. More suitable for young people, because it fully opens the face. The presence of wrinkles on the forehead with such a hairstyle will be more noticeable, which will affect the attractiveness.

Not recommended for men with a round or triangular face with a sharp chin. Also not suitable for experiments with protruding ears, the presence of a receding hairline, sparse, thin hair.

Strong fixation gel is required. First, brush slightly damp hair back. Then apply fixative to them and distribute them with an additional comb. To keep the hairstyle in this form, blow dry your hair. The air flow should be directed strictly back. Otherwise, the styling of a beautiful male haircut will deteriorate and become disheveled. Additionally, varnish can be sprayed at the end. It will provide additional fixation and protect against wind.

Side laying

This option looks good in the presence of a thick, long, beautiful bangs. Creative, original styling. Suitable for young people with a rectangular, oval, square type of face. It is also a universal option that will be appropriate with both classic and casual clothes.

You will need mousse or gel. Apply the product on clean, damp hair and comb it to one side. For additional fixation, blow dry with a hairdryer. The air flow should be directed to the side where the hair is combed. At the end, spray the varnish.

If a man has curly locks, then smoothly laying them will be more difficult. You will need to either pre-align them with an iron, or leave the curls. By the way, wavy strands in this case can be an advantage, because they can create a beautiful basal volume, which is difficult to achieve with smooth hair.


It is not necessary to go to a beauty salon to create a beautiful masculine hairstyle and an attractive look. This can be done independently at home. Only previously should be armed with means and tools for styling. To do this, you will need:

  • fixative,
  • comb comb and massage brush,
  • hair dryer, ironing (if you plan to straighten curls).

In addition, it is recommended to purchase thermal protection products to protect the strands from the damaging effects of high temperature. Most often they are available in the form of a spray, which, when sprayed, leaves a thin transparent film on the hairs, which protects against moisture evaporation, dryness, and damage to the structure.

If the hair is short

Long hair, although it gives ample opportunities for modeling hairstyles, but requires special care, and styling takes longer. Therefore, most men prefer a short haircut. The advantage of such hair is that you can lay it in a few minutes.

There are not so many installation options. A man can comb his hair back, create an even side part, or lay it to one side. You can also lift it at the roots and lay it in punk style. The well-known Iroquois looks good on short hair, this is a kind of calm version of the sensational youth styling. Of course, you can complement the image with a leather jacket, chains. But this men's short hair styling is also quite combined with the casual casual style, sportswear.

How to style your hair in punk style:

  • Apply fixative to the palm of your hand.
  • Distribute on strands.
  • Tilt your head down and comb the hair with your hands to the center.
  • If the length allows, then grab the hair with an iron, gradually moving it to the ends.
  • Fix with varnish.

Styling short male hair with a hedgehog is still in fashion. Its enduring popularity is due to its ease of installation. She gives the man creativity, youthful romance. Harmoniously combined with bristles. Suitable for athletic men with regular facial features. To do the styling, it is enough to apply the fixative to wet hair and lift it up at the roots.

At medium length

The average length provides much more styling options. Here you can fantasize and experiment as you like.

Popular men's hair styling medium length:

  • Sideways, back.
  • Casual. It is characterized by deliberate negligence. It gives the impression that the man came out of the shower, ran a hand through his hair. The elongated bangs are combed back, then slightly to the side. Make a basal volume.
  • Retro style. This man's styling on medium hair is a combed bang back, the end of which is curled and laid in a wave. This type of hairstyle is suitable for a theme evening. But some men are experimenting and creating such an image for everyday life.

There are many options for styling and haircuts for curly hair. For example, in the style of grunge - a creative mess on the head. A distinctive feature is brutality and audacity. For such a hairstyle, you need a strong fixation tool. For example, wax gel. It should be applied to the hair, then ruffled, lifting the roots.

Long hair and bangs

Long-haired men have a ton of styling options. One common hairstyle is a bun or ponytail. It looks impressive if the whiskey is short or shaved. The tail or bundle may be located on the top or back of the head.

In the cabin

If you can’t do it yourself or the man cannot choose the best option, then you can go to the hairdresser. The specialist will create a suitable look, taking into account the wishes of the client, the shape of the face, especially the hair. Then, using the example of a hairdresser, you can try to create a similar styling at home.

Styling products

No. 1 - wax. It has a thick consistency and high fixing properties. Fixes even the most naughty hair. Easy to use, but leaves a shine. Therefore, it is used more often as the final stage of the hairstyle to lay individual hairs or strands.

No. 2 - gel. It has a more liquid jelly-like consistency. It fixes strands well, but leaves behind the effect of wet hair.

No. 3 - Mousse. Such products have the consistency of thick foam (sticky). In contrast to the above tools can make the hair still. They have different degrees of fixation. They do not leave a greasy shine or the effect of wet hair, but they can stick them together. Strong fixation products are best used on oily hair, as such mousses can dry them.

No. 4 - Varnishes. Popular, universal remedies. It can be used locally to give root volume, as well as spray over the entire surface of the laying. They have different fixing properties. A high degree often leads to bonding, and a low degree leads to insufficient fixation.

Using styling tools

Creating a beautiful hairstyle, it is difficult to do without a hairdryer. This device not only helps to dry the strands, but also to lay them in the necessary direction. On naughty hair that sticks out to the sides, use an iron (or straightener). Such a device is relevant for long or medium length strands. If styling involves curling or curls, then you can not do without a curling iron or styler.

Creating or finding the right styling is not always possible the first time. The main thing is to experiment and do not forget about the means for fixation. They will help keep the styling in its original form throughout the day.

The benefits of fashionable hairstyles for men

A well-groomed man who looks stylish and attractive has more success in the love field. He always has more chances to please women and find his other half without problems. The representative of the stronger sex, who does not monitor their image and does not think about their hairstyle, causes not too good impressions and opinions from others.

With equal opportunities, it is a man who adheres to a certain style, which is more suitable for him, capable of evoking feelings among the fair sex. Such a man is seen as the hero of novels and movies about which women dream of from a young age. If a man always looks after himself, uses perfumes, thinks about the cleanliness of his nails, he cannot but think about his hairstyle. It is a positive person who personifies decency, intelligence, aristocracy, will always look well-groomed and take care of a stylish hairstyle.

A man who always looks attractive, stylish and neat has a better chance of success. It is more pleasant to communicate with a person who has his own style, therefore he has more trump cards during business negotiations. In addition, this testifies in favor of the fact that a person loves order in everything. It is unlikely that a man who looks stylish and neat will scatter things in his office and get confused in business papers. Typically, in such men, all objects have their own specific places. This can not be overlooked by others who appreciate such qualities. That is why stylish men always have a better career. They are faster than the rest on the steps of the career ladder. They always have better business progress, bypassing competitors. Thus, the following positive aspects of stylish hairstyles for men can be noted:

  • self-confidence (such a man always has a higher self-esteem),
  • personification of positive aristocratic images (such men always resemble positive images of actors, heroes of books, films, political or other figures related to art, business, science and other important areas of activity),
  • the ability to quickly move up the career ladder,
  • the opportunity to be always in the spotlight,
  • a real opportunity to conquer numerous women's hearts (not a single beautiful woman can resist the stylish and well-groomed man),
  • success in personal life (self-confidence and style always play an important role in the ability to find your true second half),
  • hairstyle is always the main attribute of style,
  • with the help of hairstyles you can express your attitude to the world, mood, emphasize the image.

What hairstyles for men are popular in 2017?

From the hairstyles that are thought out by the most famous and talented stylists, every modern man can choose the most suitable for himself. This will allow you to realize your thoughtful image. The most popular hairstyles:

  • semi-boxing and boxing,
  • in the style of the fifties,
  • asymmetric and straight bangs,
  • dude
  • curly hair,
  • sports and brutality.

Boxing and semi-boxing are called hairstyles when a short one is provided. In this case, the crown zone differs in length exceeding the remaining zones by a centimeter or a half. A light tousled appearance will add a special chic. After drying, the hair is shredded and then combed to the side.

In the Hollywood style (50s), hairstyles will look, in which, against the background of lush bangs, the bangs are combed back or look like a shred. Modern options have a shorter length at the temples. Some styling options are allowed.

Particularly excellent can be emphasized masculinity with the help of a heavy bang, which is cut with a "blunt cut." At the same time, it should be quite thick. Her styling depends on the shape of the face. If you choose the option of oblique bangs, the strands on the sides should be longer. The bangs with a wet effect look especially stylish. Comb it on its side or in the middle.

In the hairstyle "dude" the main role is given to the bangs. It is without contrast and elongated. You can complement the image of this dude with the help of stubble (not too neglected, so to speak - light) and a butterfly.

With curly hair, you can do many operations. When modeling hairstyles, hair length is often combined. Often resort to the creation of sharp transitions in length. It is also possible to variously ruffle hair. Especially fashionable in the year 17 of our century, a haircut of a layered type. In this case, an oblique bang is provided.

For athletes and people who lead a dynamic lifestyle and strive for maximum comfort, hairstyles with short haircuts are recommended, especially on the back of the head and in the temporal zones. At the same time, it is best to leave an elongated bang, which will add brutality and style. Especially beautiful and original will look a hairstyle laid with a gel with a wet effect.

Hairstyles for men

Accurate styling - for serious, business men, carelessness and creativity - for rebels, romantics, athletes

Age is an equally important factor when choosing a hairstyle and its subsequent styling. An adult man with a youth haircut (torn edges, a long bangs on his eyes, shaved whiskey and a nape) will look at least ridiculous, and a young man with a simple classic haircut will look a little dull. Do not know how to choose the right hairstyle and what to do next? Listen to our recommendations.

Does it happen: men's haircuts without styling

Stylish solutions for men today are hardly less than for women, and they say that this greatly complicated the life of a strong half of humanity! Indeed, now, to put yourself in order, you need to make a difficult decision: which haircut to choose? It’s not easy, because then the inevitable question arises: how to live with it?

It seems that all the stylist's research is aimed at making the client look as good as possible at the exit from the barbershop and as bad as possible - a day after. Most modern haircuts require close attention and at least half an hour in front of the mirror every morning. This turn does not suit many, but what to do - mentally return to the 90s, choosing a convenient hedgehog?

Therefore, stylists (but it seems to us that more by the men themselves) invented men's haircuts that do not require styling. And in general, the trend for relaxation has become fashionable. We’ll talk about this in more detail.

The benefits of men's haircuts without styling

Choosing a hairstyle that does not need to be styled, you get:

  • freedom of movement - you can wake up anywhere, just wash your hair, and you already look great,
  • steadily stylish image every day - during styling, something may go wrong, but with a haircut that does not need to be styled, no surprises await you - it always looks equally good,
  • mass of free time: at the moment when the owners of complex structures on their heads spend valuable morning hours in front of the mirror, you can go for a run, spend time with your family or just sleep longer.

By face type

If you have an oval or square face, congratulations - you are lucky! Almost any haircut will suit you - from the intricate unusual to the simple classic.

The main thing to remember:

  • do not overload the top or bottom of the face so as not to break the natural symmetry,
  • choose haircuts with a minimum of details to make the image complete and harmonious,
  • do not cut to zero - it is likely that you will do, but why do this if you have access to all the haircuts of the world?

If you have a rectangular face, you are almost lucky: this face shape is only slightly inferior to the oval and square in harmony.

Recommendations for you:

  • avoid long straight hair: they visually lengthen the already elongated lines,
  • do not grow a bulky beard: it will “stretch” your face even more,
  • Choose a haircut with a uniform distribution of volume on top and on the sides to visually balance the proportions.

Chubby is important to follow these tips:

  • do not overload the temporal zones - there should be a minimum hair length,
  • choose a volumetric haircut to visually lengthen your face,
  • grow a small beard for the same purpose - add centimeters of a vertical line.

If you have a triangular face, everything is very simple:

  • volumetric crown
  • on the temples - shorter
  • a beard to balance proportions,
  • solid "no" ultra-short haircuts.

Hair structure

A good stylist will build any haircut at your request on almost any hair. Another question: what will the hair look like after the first wash?

Since here we are talking about haircuts that do not require styling, it is important to pay attention to the structure of the hair - this parameter should be taken into account when choosing the most problem-free hairstyle in the world!

  • thick straight hair: any classic haircut without limits,
  • thick curly hair: any classic with variations in the form of elongated or torn strands on the crown,
  • thin straight hair: a short classic with sharp corners in the geometry of the haircut,
  • thin curly hair: crop or semi-box for visual volume and visibility of hair density.

By dress code

In this case, the dress code means not only the requirements for the wardrobe of employees that the employer sets (they may not be), but also the approach to the selection of clothes in general.


  • If you are used to wearing jeans, T-shirts and sweatshirts, and on special occasions wear a jacket over a black T-shirt, your choice is a haircut in casual style of any length. By the way, almost all of them do not require styling!
  • If you wear business suits, and shirt collars are usually starched, it is better to avoid too long haircuts - such hairstyles in combination with strict clothes introduce an imbalance in the image. Your choice is short haircuts and medium length haircuts.
  • If creative and bright clothes prevail in your wardrobe, you have two ways: to make a mega-unusual haircut, which in itself will emphasize a non-standard look at fashion, or to cut your hair as simple as possible so that the hairstyle fits easily into any image you create. In the first case, the haircut will definitely be difficult and need styling, so the choice is yours!

Shaved nape

This, of course, is not a haircut, but a feature of many haircuts - when the back of the head is shaved to zero or almost to zero. Thus, you can vary the length of the upper strands as you like, and always leave a shaved nape behind.

By the way, you can shave something creative on it - it looks cool, but does not require styling!


The name speaks for itself - military-style haircuts were created specifically for the military, which means that the main principle was the convenience of the soldiers and the minimum requirements for care and styling. And it looks very courageous!

The hair length is minimal and the same in all parts of the head. After washing, it dries in about five minutes, no additional styling is required. A simple and elegant solution - the main thing is that the shape of the skull be suitable.


On the forehead and on the crown, the locks remain longer and more voluminous than in all other zones. As a rule, long locks are stacked simply with your fingers - just comb them back or to the side. Beauty!

A haircut for fans to stand out from the crowd without any effort. Laying is minimal: with your fingers, lay long strands back or forward, as you like. Dries fast, looks perfect!

Long men's haircuts that do not need to be styled

Long hair can be both a curse and an advantage. For example, if you do not tolerate strands that always interfere and climb into your face, you better choose the shorter option. On the other hand, long haircuts, oddly enough, require less effort from the owner and look excellent even without styling.


The upper strands are profiled, the length gradually disappears in the direction of the nape and temples. No matter how long the strands fall, a polka haircut will look good. Just entrust the creation of hairstyles to a good master who will think through everything to the smallest detail!

The best types of bangs that do not require styling

A fringe can transform a face in an instant, emphasizing virtues and hiding minor imperfections. But she has one significant drawback: as a rule, the bangs do not want to fit themselves beautifully and neatly.

So if you are not ready to spend time in front of the mirror every morning, do not choose:

  • long straight bangs
  • short straight bangs
  • complex graduated straight bangs.

The most simple and hassle-free bangs include:

  • elongated oblique bangs: it’s easy to lay it with your fingers without styling,
  • graduated oblique bangs: the volume is created due to the difference in length in the strands, the styling is minimal,
  • long bangs combed back: easy to fix with your fingers during natural drying or blow drying,
  • asymmetric curly bangs: she can do anything, so as it dried up, so good!

So, haircuts that do not require styling, was not so little! It remains to choose the appropriate option and enjoy the freedom. Good luck

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Misconceptions about styling needs

Some men do not make stylish haircuts, because they think that they need to be constantly styled. However, this is a big mistake. There are haircuts that do not need to be styled. Also, those with curly hair, it is easier to care for their image, as the hair takes on the desired shape.

For some haircuts, it is enough to apply fixing substances and go outside, it is not necessary to dry your hair. To save your time, you need to choose the right image.


Tomboy haircut is performed for different hair lengths. Its main characteristic is asymmetry and torn strands. This image perfectly combines sexuality and elegance. If desired, the master can add a bang.

A tomboy should be worn by men with the correct facial features, as it adds volume, hides imperfections and updates the image. Having short hair, you need to constantly adjust the haircut, otherwise it will need to be styled.

All sports haircuts

Basically, sports haircuts are done on short hair, so that the athlete was not hot in the summer and she did not interfere with him during training. For active guys, the following options are suitable:

  • Under zero. Bald men do not need to care for their hair. The main thing is that the head is in the correct shape and there are no scars or moles on it. Hair cutting is better for guys with an oval face. For very rare hair - this is the best option.
  • Beaver. It is also called Tennis. The haircut has smooth smooth lines, sharp corners in this case are not done. With any shape of the face, except for the oval, you can make a beaver.
  • Canadian. In order not to stack the hair, you need to cut your hair very short.
  • Boxing. It differs in that all the strands are very short, except for the parietal zone.

Each of these haircuts can be done in different ways. If a man does not want to allocate time for styling, then he needs to tell his specialist about it.

Photo gallery

Make a choice, a photo selection will help you. Look from different angles of each proposed option and make a choice. You need to know your face type, since for each form a different image is selected.

Photo of stylish men's styling

For modern men's styling, it’s often not enough just to wash your hair and walk along the locks of a comb. In the arsenal of any man who looks after his appearance, men should be:

  • styling tools: gel, wax, fudge, cream or mousse, varnish,
  • necessary tools: flat comb, massage and round brush, hair dryer, if necessary - an iron for straightening hair,
  • own patience and / or assistant.

Stylish men's styling

The indicated devices and tools will help look perfect in any situation: It’s easier for a well-groomed person to build a career, negotiate, feel confident and keep control of the situation. Such men are always surrounded by female attention.

Of course, for the first time, far from everything can turn out, but modern men's hairstyles are good - usually they are so varied that every day you can look in a new way. Over time and practice, you can achieve these spectacular professional results:

How to make fashionable men's styling?

It’s not enough to have gels, varnishes and mousses on the shelf - you need to know how to choose them and in what cases to use one or another means. Our tips will help you understand these endless jars, sprays and tubes:

  1. Gel - for thin soft hair and short haircuts. A pea-sized drop will be sufficient for any natural styling.
  2. Wax or fondant - for medium hair, hard and wavy in structure of the strands. These styling products do not weigh down the hair and allow the strands to lie softly and naturally.
  3. Only obedient and soft long hair will make cream or mousse, the rest of the funds for this are not suitable at all.
  4. Ready styling should be fixed with quality varnish, which gives the desired degree of fixation, does not stick together strands, is not visible on the hair.

Use of each remedy should be dosed: too much cream-gel-wax will create the effect of oily hair, and the hairstyle will take on an untidy, well-groomed look.

How to style a man’s hair? Do not think that the process requires a substantial amount of time and labor. Several recommendations will help to cope with the fear of doing something wrong and achieve a very attractive result for yourself and others:

  1. Stacking is done on clean wet hair.
  2. When using a hairdryer it should be kept in the laying direction: this will help to lay even naughty locks, on which it is recommended to apply a small amount of gel first.
  3. Frontal tuft it is better to lay in a more natural way for him: a little gel or fudge, the direction of the strands up and against their growth.
  4. Any styling is worth fix with varnish: And the hairstyle will last longer, and naughty hair will look neater.
  5. For "fluffy" hair It is recommended to use wax: it is enough to grind a drop of the product in the fingers and comb the hair through with a five.
  6. Long strands easy to put in a ponytail: hair is collected on the back of the head under an elastic band, a drop of styling is applied to give the tail a shape, the ends of the tail are laid with a round brush in one direction,

Everyday to lay a man's hairstyle is available to everyone, you just need to know a few tricks we have described and then the image can be changed at least every day.

The business hairstyle is neat and “sleek” of varying degrees, for loose styling, the strands are formed and fixed randomly

Styling long bangs requires special attention:

  • rub in the palms a styling product suitable for your hair type, apply it on the hair,
  • stack the strands from the crown towards the forehead,
  • the result is a forehead covering bangs,
  • the remaining hair after styling can be slightly ruffled - this will give the hairstyle additional volume and dynamism.

Short bangs stacked, as a rule, up, side or mohawk. We offer you to watch a video - how to style a men's hairstyle at home:

Men's hairstyles without styling

Of course, most men would prefer a hairstyle without any styling at all. Minimal care, simplicity, conciseness - all these are short men's haircuts that do not require styling:

  1. Ultra-short haircut "under the machine" - the length of all hair is the same, drying and styling is not required, and with a two-day bristle the image is completely brutal.
  2. Universal "Canadian" The good thing is that in everyday life it looks great even without special styling, and it’s easy to create a new image with the help of styling tools at a party or a festive event.
  3. Do you want shocking and extravagance? Iroquois for coarse and thick hair - a great haircut without styling! The sides and back of the head are completely shaved, leaving an “island” of short cropped hair stretched from the forehead to the back of the head.
  4. Boxing and semi-boxing - Popular short haircuts for confident and even cocky men. Alas, far from everyone goes: thin thin face such hairstyles can make painful, and the image is vulnerable and defenseless. Such hairstyles are recommended for men of strong physique, with a skull box of almost perfect shape, without scars, pronounced tuberosity, large birthmarks.
  5. "Area" and like her "tennis", "Hedgehog" and its variety "Beaver" - haircuts with very short sides, strands up to 4 cm, formed on the parietal region (or closer to the nape, depending on the particular haircut) "platform". Such haircuts do not require styling, but the square shape from time to time must be renewed. Hairstyles of this type come in almost any shape of the face.

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