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Shampoos Schwarzkopf Bonacure

Among all European manufacturers of cosmetics, the Schwarzkopf company rightfully takes the place of the leader. Studies confirm that all funds from this brand help to solve absolutely any problems associated with hair, whether it is dandruff, dryness or greasy hair, hair loss, brittleness, dull shade, etc. Particular attention should be paid to Schwarzkopf men's shampoo, which implies a different composition and principle actions.

In general, the manufacturer offers the male half of the society a whole series of care products, in addition to shampoos, these are shower gels, shaving cosmetics, deodorants and body care products. But it is shampoos that are in greatest demand due to their great variety, high quality and effectiveness. And the experience of more than 110 years in the production of cosmetics determines the popularity of the Schwarzkopf brand.

Bonacure Moisture Kick. Intensive Moisturizing.

Moisturizing shampoo for normal or dry, brittle or curly hair. A hyaluronic acid derivative balances the moisture level of hair and scalp. Cellular improvement technology helps smooth the surface of hair, give it flexibility, elasticity and a healthy shine. Intensively moisturizes hair, does not contain silicones, gently cleanses hair and scalp, providing additional hydration and preventing dehydration.

I really like its fresh aroma, its soft texture, and the most delicate creamy foam. BUT
he is terribly not delicately washing his hair.

The basal zone is tangled, the length of the shampoo completely eliminates the desire to apply, rinse with flowing foam.

After drying, the hair is not very pleasant to the touch, slightly heavier, the fingers pass through the hair a little tight, the presence of something extra on the hair is felt.

Toward noon, the hair is already openly unsightly. The hair is not fresh, with multiple sticks in length. Here you have a shampoo without silicones ...

I made pictures for myself, I didn’t think that they would be useful to show this ugliness.

Grade 3.

Perhaps winter is to blame, I will give him another chance at the end of spring.

The next shampoo is already good.


Today on the shelves of stores Schwarzkopf men's shampoo can be presented in several forms, according to the needs of men, hair structure and existing problems with them. When creating each type of male shampoo, experts took into account all the features of the male body, as well as a predisposition to certain disorders, as a result of which effective care products were obtained.

Today, the line of men's shampoos includes the following types:

1. Schwarzkopf Professional 3D Mension Activating Shampoo - shampoo to activate hair growth. An indispensable tool for many men, since earlier hair loss is typical of the male gender. The active ingredients are moisturizing taurine, carnitine amino acid and panthenol against irritation and other skin problems.

2. Schwarzkopf Professional 3D Mension Hair & Body Shampoo - universal Schwarzkopf gel for hair and body, which solves several hair problems at once, for example, their dryness and loss. The composition contains vitamin B5 for strengthening hair, caffeine for increasing tone and stimulating hair growth, menthol for refreshing and cleansing sebum.

3. Schwarzkopf Professional 3D Mension Deep Cleansing Shampoo - deep cleansing shampoo. This shampoo guarantees ultra-fast and most effective cleansing of the scalp and hair. The composition is rich in protein, protein for the regeneration of the hair structure, caffeine to increase tone, panthenol to nourish and soften hair.

4. Schwarzkopf Professional 3D Mension Anti-Dandruff Shampoo - A remedy for getting rid of dandruff, even in the most advanced cases. The composition of the product has zinc pyrithione, which destroys bacteria and fungi, allantoin to eliminate irritation, a polymer to moisturize hair without weighting.

All of these products have proven their effectiveness by many years of experience, in addition, they have been repeatedly tested and tested by specialists. After that, the Schwarzkopf brand received recommendations from trichologists and dermatologists, as well as certificates confirming the quality of the products.

Principle of operation

Schwarzkopf shampoos are unique cosmetic products that provide curls with protection. Due to the effect on the hair of these products, the hair does not fall out, it becomes elastic, all damage is restored.

All this is achieved due to the manufacturer’s highest technology, which uses unique formulas in product development that promote healthy growth of curls, as well as minimize loss of thinned strands.

Schwarzkopf hair growth shampoos in their composition combine:

  • taurine - the amino acid that prevents brittle strands synthesizes collagen so that the curls look lush, thick, helps to relax the scalp, as well as the flow of oxygen to the roots of curls, prolongs the life cycle of hair follicles,
  • keratin - a substance that nourishes the scalp, the roots of strands,
  • panthenol - a component that softens the scalp, normalizes metabolic processes in it.

Note, with regular use of the Schwarzkopf product, the result will be visible after a month and a half.

The main thing is to use the cosmetic product correctly. It is necessary to apply a little shampoo on wet strands, foam it, and then rub the curls into the roots with massaging movements, and also distribute the product along their entire length.

This is Schwarzkopf - it is impeccable!

My greatest love for styling is Schwarzkopf. Probably, this was noticeable in my two previous reviews (here and here). But, if there I talked about new tools that I discovered for myself. Today I want to tell you about my love, which is more than 10 years old. That is how much time I do not change these funds and buy only them.

Stylish black bottles of professional styling products are always on my shelf. I am without them - as without hands. Honestly, I tried changing the foam and varnish to less expensive ones. But it didn’t work out. The game is not worth the candle. There are huge 500 ml bottles and ultra-strong fixation, which I have enough for a long time.

By the way, the design of this series for all the years that I use has not changed. All the same bottles, all the same constant quality.

Perhaps I'll start with the Schwarzkopf Silhouette styling mousse Flawless (ultra strong hold, 500 ml). In general, the Schwarzkopf Silhouette has a line in white color soft fixation. I tried it too. This is where the styling turns out to be natural. And the black ruler is still an ultra-strong fix, we must take this into account.

But for my thin and fluffy hair, only this series is perfect. The fixation is actually superstrong. I know that this series for styling is often bought by those who are engaged in dancing. There, the hairstyle should be perfect for a long time. It was from them that I received a tip at one time on this Schwarzkopf line.

I like the consistency of the mousse. It turns out to be plentiful airy foam. If you just need styling, I put it very slightly on wet hair and dry it with a hairdryer. Keeps root volume perfectly, and the whole hairstyle as a whole. Especially in combination with varnish of the same series.

At the same time, it does not leave a white coating on the hair, which often causes lower-quality mousses to sin. There is no stickiness, and the hair is not worth the stake. But most often I use it for the effect of wet hair or a quality mess on the head.

Believe me, not many mousses cope with this task with a bang! So that the volume is obtained, and that it holds well, and at the same time, so that the hair remains mobile.

Mousse has only one significant drawback - the price. But, this is only at first glance, since one bottle is enough for at least two years, I do not use it often. But he never fails me.

And its consumption is much less than that of all the other mousses that I tried, because there is no need to pour half the bottle on myself.

Therefore, it has long come to terms with its price, especially since it is worth it.

Now I’ll tell you more about the Schwarzkopf Silhouette hair styling varnish Flawless, ultra-strong hold. All the same megafixation. Volume 500 ml. I always have enough varnish for a longer time than mousse. I use one bottle for about two years and a half - three.

And I buy it even less often. I spray it at a sufficiently large distance from the hair, literally two or three clicks are enough, and the hairstyle is fixed securely. It must be remembered that the tool is professional, so if you overdo it, then the hair will freeze completely.

This is not “Charm” varnish, in no case should you pour it on yourself abundantly. If you use the varnish correctly, as I advise, that is, a couple of clicks from different sides, then the hair remains mobile and alive.

The varnish is not visible on the hair and it is combed well, unless, of course, fill it with hair.

There is one caveat to use. Since I do not use varnish often, it happens that the spray bottle becomes clogged and sealed with a varnish film.

Usually this happens during a long break, when a long time ago did not open and spray varnish. When this happened to me for the first time, I was even confused. I thought that everything, such a huge amount of varnish was spoiled.

But no, you just need to remove the spray gun and rinse it under strong pressure of hot water. That's all.

The third hair styling tool is generally something completely magical. This is a styling spray Schwarzkopf Silhouette Flawless ultra-strong hold. All the same style and design, only a plastic bottle and the volume is already only 200 ml.

Black matte label and comfortable spray with fine dispersion. Quality and style - Schwarzkopf. I read various reviews on this tool and there is only one conclusion. This spray is either madly in love or not at all like it. There is no middle ground. I belong to the first category of people.

Spray for me a lifesaver and first aid in styling.

How does it differ from ordinary varnish? In fact, not many, but still it is a completely different product. The first is directional point spraying. The spray does not create a whole cloud of funds, it must be directed to specific strands, which is very convenient. When applied to hair, it is more liquid than hairspray.

Therefore, there is time for the formation of the same curl, until complete fixation. If you want a smooth tail, without a gun even in the rain, then this spray is the best helper. I often fix them with thin strands that no, no, and even fall out of the hairstyle.

The composition contains alcohol, which is also felt in the aroma, but it instantly disappears, and with it the pungent smell disappears.

Minuses? I never found them, otherwise I would not use this styling line for more than 10 years. But the advantages are very tangible. The strongest fixation that I have ever met, while the hair remains vibrant and mobile. Minimal expense and large volume. I buy varnish and mousse once every two to three years.

I will say more precisely, for 11 years - this is 4 purchase of this couple. The spray ends faster, but I only buy it a second time. I just met him much later. All products are easily washed off with shampoo, even if you overdo it and apply excess mousse and varnish.

That is why I recommend these products, especially for girls whose hair is thin and fluffy and difficult to style.

Bonacure Smooth Perfect. Perfect Smoothness.

Emollient shampoo for naughty, thick and coarse, wavy or curly hair that needs to be smoothed and controlled. Gently cleanses and deeply nourishes hair. The formula with apricot kernel oil helps to improve combability and allows you to control even the most naughty hair. Provides an excellent base for a longer smoothing effect.

In theory, this shampoo is generally not for my type of hair (thin, oily at the roots), but we made friends with him.

This shampoo has a wonderful delicate aroma with acidity, the same classy creamy texture, softest foam.

Washes the hair very delicately, the hair when washed unravels, becomes soft and tender.

After the hair dries, it looks great.

Rich, dense, straight, heavy hair. Smooth, shiny.

Sometimes it gives the hair a volume oddly enough, sometimes it completely smoothes to the limit. He is friends ONLY with his own mask, he does not even say hello to the rest. Shampoo egoist.

I never use it before an event, for a holiday, a trip to visit. Because shampoo likes to behave unpredictably.

Rating 4+.

Well, the last wonderful shampoo in my rating

Benefits of choosing

If you look at reviews of Schwarzkopf men's shampoos on the Internet, it will be almost impossible to find negative ones. To achieve maximum efficiency, it is enough to correctly indicate your hair type and existing problems with them, and then choose the appropriate series of products. The advantages of the Schwarzkopf brand include the following criteria:

  • a wide variety of products for men's hair,
  • original design and bottle of shampoos,
  • the universality of each tool (immediately solves the list of problems),
  • high quality (hair condition improves after the first application).

The only weak criterion for Schwarzkopf policy is that many men consider the price of shampoos as it comes to professional products. The price is explained not only by the high quality and effectiveness of shampoos, but also by their economical consumption, due to which one Schwarzkopf shampoo can replace several cheap products.

In what cases is applied

Schwarzkopf shampoo should be used, when:

  • your curls fall out strongly (note how many curls remain on the comb after combing),
  • the strands became brittle, thin (during the creation of the hairstyle or the usual combing, you noticed that small hairs remained on the comb, and the hairstyle itself looks unattractive, because it lacks density, splendor),
  • the curls stopped growing or began to grow very slowly (per month, the length of the hair should normally increase by 1 cm).

With pathological loss of strands, the hair growth activator from Schwarzkopf will not help. In this case, you need to immediately go to the hospital in order to undergo a full medical examination, to begin effective treatment of the cause that led to alopecia or another disease.

Notes from boredom: Schwarzkopf Professional. 3D MEN Three male hair products

  • I continue the separate topic of men's products in my blog. And the heroes of the post that went to my husband in February in an elegant and convenient cosmetic bag turning into a sachet:
  • Schwarzkopf Professional 3D MEN
  • Hair & Boody Shampoo
  • Shampoo root activator
  • Texture Clay-Hold-Texture-Matt
  • suitable for all men's cleansing needs in grooming and styling:

So, more about these products. The concept of the compilers of this kit is interesting - styling, shampoo, understandably, but there is still one universal shampoo suitable for hair and body, which is convenient to take with you on a trip or to the gym.

Texture Clay textured clay with a matte curing effect - 100 ml.

  1. Designed for styling short men's haircuts.
  2. Perfect for creating clearly defined structural images and creative hairstyles in the style of "metropolis".
  3. The light formula of the product allows it to be evenly distributed over the hair sheet, leaving the strands natural and mobile.
  4. It has a light matting effect, which makes it possible to avoid the appearance of a glossy artificial shine and preserve an absolutely natural look of hair.
  5. If necessary, the product can be easily removed simply by washing your hair.
  6. My opinion:

This clay gives a matte effect to the hair. It is worth paying attention to it to all those who like to make a variety of creative styling. Unfortunately, my husband doesn’t do such things, since there is some dress code at work, and he does a very short haircut. Therefore, in fact, I can’t tell in more detail, but I will introduce it, since the product is now at the peak of fashion. Rather, such a tool would suit me, because sometimes I use some men's styling products, for example, Japanese hair waxes. For some reason, for us women do not do as cool as for men) True, one cannot help but recall Osis + wax dust, which also turns into wax.

Schwarzkopf Professional 3D MEN Hair & Boody Shampoo - 250 ml. Bottle with snap cap, dispensing agent.

Shampoo deep refreshing dual-use: for washing hair and body.
Invigorates and gently cleanses the hair and body.
Panthenol gives the hair a feeling of strength and health. Menthol affects the scalp, provides cooling for up to 24 hours.

Caffeine stimulates the roots.

Convenient and economical to use, like the shampoo, Root Activator, I immediately notice the beautiful design and dispensers on the bottles.

The shampoo itself is well foaming, menthol (and how not to try, what about the husband?). It cleans hair well and leaves it clean for a long time. It can also be used as a shower gel, but the husband as a whole has another separate gel.

In general, she noticed that her husband's hair is stronger to the touch, shiny and healthy. What an important factor for a man!

Schwarzkopf Professional 3D MEN Shampoo Root Activator - 250 ml

  • The activating shampoo combines panthenol, taurine and carnitine, which work together on the hair, scalp and hair roots to increase the production of hair growth factors and deliver nutrients to the hair follicles.
  • Panthenol provides moisture to the hair.
  • Taurine strengthens the scalp and carnitine stimulates and activates the hair roots.
  • Shampoo helps restore hair density when used as part of a 24-week course of activation of hair growth from Schwarzkopf Professional 3D MENSION.

It is advised to hold it on your hair for 2 minutes for a better effect.

I think it will not be amiss to use such a shampoo in the spring, when everything is aggravated. The husband, in principle, does not need, there are no problems, but for prevention, you can use, instead of the usual shampoo. In any case, he has so far chosen the first Hair & Body and is enough for a long time.

By the way, this product is designed and intended exclusively for men, so do not think that it will help women or somehow affect them :). We still have different needs of organisms and hair.

In general, an interesting acquaintance with the men's line took place, a priority product for my husband was determined, which is still in use.

Bonacure Oil Miracle for fine hair with marula oil.

Shampoo with oil Marula. For gentle cleansing of fine and normal hair, the oil is distributed on the surface of the cuticle with a thin layer, which allows you to get all the benefits of using the oil, without feeling greasy, the low content of surfactants allows you to achieve greater penetrating ability of the care ingredients. Marula oil acts as a restorative, emollient, soothing agent. Due to the presence of vitamins C and E, it exhibits antioxidant activity. Vitamin C, which is valuable for marul oil, also affects blood circulation and is involved in the production of collagen, the importance of which for the condition of the skin can hardly be overestimated. It also contains vitamin E - the "elixir of youth." Omega-6 and omega-9 fatty acids are also present in this natural substance, which protects against premature aging.

Shampoo of a transparent gel consistency, with a delicate aroma of orange marmalade in chocolate). It foams well, but it does not rinse hair until it creaks.

Silicone-free shampoo for fine hair. Washes well, but very delicately refers to the length of the hair. The hair at the exit is obtained friable, delicate, delicate, silky and elastic.

Gives a noticeable shine to the hair.

Shampoo is on friendly terms with all Bonacurov masks and conditioners.

She took a large amount in order to use it together with her daughters, who have thin but thick long hair. Shampoo works wonders with her hair. So they become silk-silk, cool-cool, fragrant-aromatic

Score from two girls 5+

How to choose the right one?

Choosing a shampoo from Schwarzkopf is necessary first of all after determining the goals and objectives that the shampoo should cope with. That is, the shampoo can be used to combat dandruff, dryness or, conversely, increased sebum, to activate hair growth and eliminate hair loss, etc. For normal hair type, you can use universal hair shampoo gel without any problems and body.

Schwarzkopf deep cleansing shampoo: composition, properties and reviews

Deep cleansing shampoo should be in the arsenal of every girl, regardless of hair type and scalp. This shampoo is designed to thoroughly cleanse the hair and scalp from sebum, styling products, silicones and other impurities.

If the scalp is prone to oiliness, then a deep cleansing shampoo can be used once a week, and if dry and sensitive, it will be enough once every two weeks or even less.

I had a lot of deep cleansing shampoos, of different brands, mostly professional, and there is not much difference between them. The main thing for me is that such a shampoo does not dry the length of the hair too much and thoroughly cleanses the scalp and hair from impurities.

I always take a deep cleansing shampoo for bottling and not more than 100 ml, because I have enough for a long time (I use it every two weeks) and every time I want to try something new.

And today I want to share with you my opinion about the Schwarzkopf Sun Bonacure Scalp Therapy Deep Cleansing Shampoo.

From the manufacturer. The Nutritive-Balance complex and menthol contribute to intensive hair cleansing.

Shampoo eliminates excess sebum, removes the remnants of styling products and limestone sediment. Strengthen and restore the protective properties of the scalp will help antibacterial and nutritional components.

The complex effect of the shampoo helps to complete the hair from the inside, giving it strength and elasticity.

Additional care is provided by cell enhancement technology. Thanks to Schwarzkopf shampoo, structural breaks in the hair fibers are filled, as a result, the curls are strengthened along the entire length and shine with a healthy shine.

  • Composition: Aqua, Sodium Laureth Sulfate, Cocam />

Mode of application: apply a small amount of shampoo to wet hair, foam, rinse with water. Repeat if necessary.

  1. The shampoo is texture like a transparent gel of medium density, foams well and is washed off from the hair, the smell is fresh, very pleasant, a little menthol.
  2. The effect of Schwarzkopf deep cleansing shampoo, as they say on the face, from the first application:
  • the shampoo is foamy and therefore lasts for a very long time,
  • shampoo thoroughly cleanses the hair and scalp, but not to squeak,
  • does not dry hair and does not turn it into a washcloth,
  • hair looks voluminous and friable,
  • after shampoo, the hair stays clean and fresh longer
  • the shampoo field the scalp seems to breathe,
  • subsequent care products (masks, ampoules, serums) are much better.

I can safely recommend shampoo, but just as a means of deep cleaning, and not as a permanent care.

Shampoo or gel, which is better?

As already mentioned, Schwarzkopf universal hair and body gel, that is, Schwarzkopf Professional 3D Mension Hair & Body Shampoo, can be used everyday for those men who have no pronounced hair problems. Also, the gel in its structure and composition is ideal for dry hair, lacking a lively shine and silkiness.

But to combat dandruff, oily hair or early hair loss, it is better to give preference to narrow-profile shampoo. Schwarzkopf shampoos for dandruff, oily hair or hair loss are professional products, respectively, they can be used no more than 2 times a week. And only hair and body gel is suitable for frequent use.

Other popular shampoos for men:

Care cosmetics | Shampoo for men

| Shampoo for men

Reviews are sorted by creation date

Shampoo for men Timotei Men "Coolness and Freshness"

Refreshes and cleanses hair from fat.

On the shelves of stores shampoos with women's aromas are much more than men's. There are all sorts of neutrals that can be bought by both man and woman, for example: "Secrets of Agafya's grandmother." But the choice of shampoos is purely small for men, but a pity. After all, not every shampoo will suit your hair. Shampoo for men Faberlic Lancelot

For me, the best shampoo.

Good day to all! Today I want to talk about the men's shampoo Lancelot from Faberlic. Shampoo is suitable for all types of hair! A noble aroma with a masculine character for a man confident in his success. Shampoo for men Depot Hair Cleansings 101 Normalizing Daily Shampoo

Professional male Depot shampoo is just space !! Why don't they have a female series?

Hello! Probably everyone was faced with the painful choice of a new shampoo, right? Now I’ll tell you about my find - Depot Hair Cleansings 101 Normalizing Daily Shampoo About Brand Depot is an Italian brand of men's cosmetics for hair, shaving, beard and everything you can think of. Shampoo for men Head & Shoulders "Against hair loss"

My personal assistant in the fight for cleanliness of the head

I am a welder by profession, so after work I always have to wash myself very carefully. My skin is sensitive, so I always take responsibility for choosing hygiene products. Especially when it comes to scalp and hair. Unfortunately, not every shampoo is suitable for me. Shampoo for men TIGI Bed head wise up

Good afternoon! Review for those who are looking for a good super cleansing shampoo! It’s very attractive for some brands. Tigi brand was no exception, their caring cosmetics has a very pleasant aroma, both in the range for women and for men! Shampoo for men Alerana activator of hair growth.

So the growth really went! Just at what cost ..

Girls! Not so long ago I published the story of my hair, where I described the situation in detail, talked about the means that help me grow and keep in good condition. Hair Click and read. Since I am constantly growing my healthy hair, I’m interested in all the products that contain ... Shampoo for Men Beautific Quencher

The shampoo is soft and does not dry the head, dandruff is gone

I work at a dusty job, and therefore I have to wash my hair every day. I can’t say that I have so much hair, but the fact that my head constantly itches after shampoos and dandruff is all year round is certainly a disaster. I’m not an expert in shampoos, but my wife tried a lot of various means, but they only ... Shampoo for men Alerana Daily Care

Is he really good?

I bought shampoo in Auchan in the region of 350 rubles. I thought I was taking it for myself, but when I arrived home I found that the shampoo was for men. Accordingly, she gave it to her husband. However, men's shampoo has a different formula for hair and scalp. Shampoo for men ISANA Energy Effect

Your hair looks gorgeous.

Good day. Now there are so many different shampoos. But many men know that choosing a high-quality and safe shampoo for hair is quite problematic. For several months now I have been using the German Isana Energy Effect shampoo from the Rossmann brand. Shampoo for men Freedom Svoboda for greasy hair

It looks like the most common shampoo. Not the best, but far from the worst.

Good to all! Today I decided to talk about shampoo. This time I bought a product brand "Freedom" and after two weeks of use, I decided to unsubscribe. I have an eternal problem with shampoos. Having fastidious skin of the scalp, I have to wash my hair daily. Shampoo for men Syoss Men Clean & Cool for normal and oily hair

Shampoo with a mild cooling effect

I chose a shampoo and drew attention to the Syoss Men Clean & Cool shampoo for normal and oily hair. My hair is not to say that it is very oily, but at the end of the evening they start to shine treacherously, so I wanted to pick up a shampoo so that it could last longer, even for a whole ... Shampoo for men Alerana activator of hair growth.

Cool shampoo, suitable for frequent use

On February 23, they presented Alerana set, this shampoo was there. He put it in the locker and forgot, then accidentally stumbled and decided to try. I used to wash my hair with either natural soap or a dandruff shampoo, which periodically overtakes. Shampoo for men Cool Men Shower Gel Shampoo 2in1 Ultrasensitive

So gel or shampoo? Something very pleasant and not important for men!

Good evening, people). Today I will write about cosmetics for hygiene, that is, about shampoo or gel, and to be precise, the product is called this: Cool Men 2in1 Ultrasensitive shower gel shampoo I often buy this gel for my husband, but I often use it myself! Shampoo for men Estel Alpha Homme Activator of hair growth

Increase my mane to my knees, well, please. Why do I lose my head from him and how about hair growth I tell in detail. A photo

Hello! This is not the first shampoo for hair growth, I bought it in a fit of shopaholism without much enthusiasm. Actually, over the years of enmity, with my three hairs, I already realized that there is genetics against which you can’t trample, and there is simply good care, thanks to which the hair will look decent. Shampoo for men Velinia against dandruff

. And that’s all for her husband at once. And shampoo coped well with my problems.

Hello looking at my little light. For a long time I tried something new among shampoos. Due to the fact that the husband does not always read the inscriptions on my bottles and can calmly wash his hair with shower gel, he develops an itch. Yes, and after hot weather my scalp is a little irritated. Shampoo for men Savonry and shower gel 2in1 HAIR & BODY melon

Decent shampoo and shower gel two in one with the aroma of chewing gum with the taste of melon. Rescues in different situations.

Good day to all! Increasingly, funds are being offered 2 in 1, or even 3 or 5 in 1. Of course, I want the maximum effect and save the amount of money while not compromising on quality, so today I will bring to your attention my impressions of Savonry 2 shampoo and shower gel in 1. Nivea for Men Shampoo for Men

Sometimes men's shampoos for women are better than women’s, more details in the review ++ photos))


If we evaluate the characteristics of men's shampoos from Schwarzkopf in general, we can say that we are talking about high-quality and effective means that help solve any men's problems. Anti-dandruff shampoo will eliminate dermatological diseases of the scalp after the first use. A growth activator will strengthen the structure of the hair and roots, preventing their loss. A shampoo with a deep cleansing profile will help to permanently get rid of greasy hair.

Must be taken: Schwarzkopf Professional 3DMen Root Activator Shampoo Hair Shampoo, 250 ml, growth activator

Schwarzkopf's Root Activator Shampoo, a 3DMEN shampoo created specifically for men, will help restore your hair's splendor, beauty and attractiveness.

A carefully thought-out composition containing echinacea extract, which has anti-inflammatory and immunostimulating properties, eliminates irritation and other damage to the skin, and menthol gives a pleasant feeling of freshness that accompanies you throughout the day. The effect of the formula is enhanced by the synergistic effect of panthenol, taurine and carnitine, which effectively affect the hair, scalp and roots, providing the necessary hydration, delivering the necessary nutrients to the hair follicles, significantly increasing growth factors and preventing unwanted hair loss.

  • Nutrition, Moisturizing, Strengthening, Growth Acceleration, Against Hair Loss
  • Professional cosmetics

I refused to use other shampoos now)

- rub. Buy Compare Bookmark Bookmark

  • Nutrition, Anti-Loss, Moisturize, Strengthen, Growth Acceleration
  • Professional cosmetics
  • Shampoo 250 ml growth activator
  • Carnitine, Keratin, Menthol, Panthenol, Taurine, Echinacea Extract
  • Apply to damp hair using a gentle scalp massage Leave on for 2 minutes for more effective exposure to the ingredients Rinse thoroughly Suitable for daily use
  • Aqua (Water, Eau), Sodium laureth Sulfate, Disodium Cocoamphodiacetate, Carnitine, Taurine, Sodium Chloride, Echinacea Purpurea Extract, Panthenol, Tartaric Acid, Parfum (Fragrance), Sodium Benzoate, Laureth-2, Polyquaternium-7, PEG Cocoate, Citric Acid, Menthol, Hydrolyzed Keratin, Propylene Glycol, Phenoxyethanol, Potassium Sorbate
  • Package Size (LxWxH), cm
    16 x 8 x 3 cm, weight 0.3 kg
  • Link to the manufacturer’s website

The product description is for informational purposes only and may differ from the description provided in the manufacturer’s technical documentation. Recommend when buying check the desired functions and features.

Effect of use

To achieve the maximum positive effect from the use of any of the above Schwarzkopf shampoos, it is necessary to use additional drugs, for example, serum. Of course, the cost of such a tool is quite high, but when you need a quick and tangible result, the use of both products will help to achieve the desired faster.

Did you know that scalp massage and regular combing will help speed hair growth. What hairbrush to choose, massage techniques and a lot of useful information about hair growth, read here.


The manufacturer has been manufacturing shampoos for over 100 years. The first shampoos were sold in pharmacies, which was justified. The special approach that Schwarzkopf took to create its products helped the brand become a global leader. All cosmetics are actively used at home, providing decent care, based on individual characteristics.

Today, this brand belongs to the professional line, which provides care for the hair from the inside. The amino acids used are used to restore the structure of each curl, along with active elements that help restore silkiness to the hair.

The manufacturer offers not only women's series that will help restore health and attractiveness to hair, but also professional lines for men. Due to modern technologies and the use of active elements of natural origin, the developers were able to create a men's shampoo that completely fills all the needs of a modern person. Men's series are designed taking into account the structure of hair, providing the highest level of comfort and ease of use.

Hair care with Schwarzkopf has many advantages and features. A key advantage of shampoos is that they are sulfate-free. The absence of sulfates in the composition is a guarantee of the health of your strands and the normal growth of hair follicles.

Schwarzkopf hair growth shampoo: consider all the features and advantages of the product

Schwarzkopf European cosmetics is considered one of the best in the world. It includes means to restore, stimulate the growth of curls. With regular use of this cosmetic line, the hair gets a healthy shine, becomes silky, beautiful.

In this article, we will tell you in detail about shampoos for hair growth Schwarzkopf (Schwarzkopf). This tool will successfully cope with the problems associated with the unsatisfactory condition of curls.

This is proved by numerous laboratory studies and tested on the experience of a million beauties from around the globe.

Pros and cons

According to reviews of regular consumers of Schwarzkopf products - The line of hair care companies has only positive characteristics. In most cases, with proper use, the tools presented by us in this article are really highly effective.

The main positive features of the drugs include:

  • attractive design of shampoo bottles and other strand care products (they have convenient dispensers, compact tubes and a nice light shade),
  • high quality products - all of them help curls grow faster and become healthier.

Shampoos have no drawbacks, except for one - a rather big price. However, it can be explained by the effectiveness of the drug. Having stumbled upon a review that the Schwarzkopf cosmetic product does not help solve the problem, be aware that it was left because the drug was not used correctly.

In general, making a general description of Schwarzkopf shampoos, we can confidently say that they really have a good effect. Even if the curls did not quickly lengthen, then in any case they will look much more attractive in appearance. Remember that an instant result is impossible to achieve. You will have to spend a little time (about a month and a half) to see all the charm of the impact of Schwarzkopf funds on hair.

Do you prefer natural cosmetics? Learn how to use folk remedies and oils for hair growth:

Brand lines

Schwarzkopf offers many lines that address the specific problem of hair and scalp. There are special series against dandruff, for moisturizing, for taking care of curly curls. The series is popular for men. The most popular are two areas in which each person can find his own option.

Essence Ultime

In this line there are 19 drugs that are represented by five collections. In each of them, in addition to pearl essences, there are carefully selected components that solve various hair problems.

  • Shampoos "Omega Repair" aimed at restoring weakened and damaged hair. The drug perfectly treats split ends and contains omega oil in its formulation. The product has a delicate creamy texture of pearl color with a pleasant aroma. After applying the shampoo, you will enjoy soft and pleasant to the touch strands. It is worth noting that the tool is not able to solve such a problem as split ends.

With the help of such products, you can get rid of oiliness, dryness, maintain color or give volume to your hair.

  • "Diamond Color" designed to care for colored and highlighted curls. The composition contains a UV filter that protects the locks from the sun. Thanks to a special serum, the hair becomes shiny and retain its color.
  • "Crystal Shine" helps hair regain shine. Owners of a normal type of curls can use shampoo from this collection.
  • "Biotin + Volume" It has a special biotin complex that thin strands need so much. With its help, the hair acquires the long-awaited volume and becomes more obedient. The acquired volume is stored for two days.
  • "Mineral Strength" contains special minerals that are aimed at strengthening, nourishing and protecting the hair. The series is designed for dry and brittle locks. Many buyers noted that shampoo saved them from hair loss.
  • "Essence Styliste Ultime Biotin and Volume" belong to the category of brightening shampoos, which are especially popular among blondes.


Shampoos of the famous Schwarzkopf brand are popular all over the world. Many decided to try the product after advertising on TV, acquaintances advised someone about the product. Most of the reviews are left about the Bonacure line, which shows unsurpassed results in hair care. Many customers appreciated the collection on themselves, noting that the products have a pleasant aroma, make hair softer and more obedient. Shampoo is used sparingly, because a small amount is enough to ensure full washing of the head.

Blondes delighted with "Color Freeze Silver"who helped them get rid of he hated yellow hue. Every girl who wanted to lighten her hair is familiar with the situation when her locks acquire a straw color. Shampoos of this line have helped many women, as evidenced by the positive comments.

Buyers note the softness of hair after using the drug, along with their obedience.

Below we offer to view one of the reviews of a satisfied customer.

Also, the remedies perfectly solve the problem of dryness. The manufacturer carefully selects the components for the formulation of their shampoos, so each shampoo effectively copes with the tasks. Girls who had dry and brittle hair note that the locks became soft, break less when combed and regained their attractiveness.

Line "Essence Ultime" many like it, and not only for its unsurpassed result. Shampoos of this series are distinguished by an affordable price category, which makes it possible for many representatives of the fair half to treat themselves to a professional series. Those who have purchased a German brand product for themselves get the desired result in a short period of time.

History of Schwarzkopf

Schwarzkopf has long left its mark on the world market and is widely known as one of the largest cosmetic companies in the world.

The leadership of Schwarzkopf can be envied by any other cosmetic company, because over the course of a century the company has not only not lost its popularity, but, on the contrary, continues to develop and expand. The company is especially successful and famous for its hair care products.

However, this was not always the case. The history of this company began back in 1898, in the German city of Berlin, namely in a small pharmacy store, with a tiny perfume department ...

But it was like that. Hans Schwarzkopf, a chemical scientist, bought a room for a pharmacy, however, there he sold not only medicines, but also perfumes, they were very highly valued at that time.

But the soldier who does not want to become a general is bad, of course, Hans was not a bad "soldier". He ceased to engage in pharmacy and devoted himself entirely to perfumery and cosmetology.

Soon he achieved great success in this direction.

  • Hans Schwarzkopf and his first store.
  • Hans was encouraged by the woman to create the shampoo, which became his “golden” invention, who once mentioned that she used washing powder in England, and it would be nice if Hans Schwarzkopf invented something like that.

So, in 1903, the first powder shampoo replaced soap. Despite the fact that this shampoo was unimaginably expensive, it immediately became very popular. Why?

That's because the shampoo was much more convenient to use than its “predecessor” - soap, which strongly dried the scalp. Interesting to smell the first powder shampoo? Then it’s worth imagining how the violets smell ...

In 1904, the construction of factories in Berlin began. Even then, Schwarzkopf products supplied to all pharmacies in Berlin showed a distinctive feature ... the shape of a female profile.

In 1928, Hans Schwarzkopf dies and his business passes into the hands of his wife and youngest son. By the way, the son, like his father, bears the name of Hans Schwarzkopf.

In the 1930s, the world's first liquid, alkali-free shampoo appeared. It is this shampoo that is the model of any shampoo today! Naturally, a liquid shampoo called Onalcali was very popular.

However, shampoos that determine their consumer by the color of their hair were also already known at that time: “Tar” (resin) for dark hair, “Chamomile” (chamomile) for blond hair.

But that's not all! Around the same time, the first medical shampoo appeared on the world market, which served as the beginning of hair treatment in hairdressing salons. There is even such an interesting opinion that Schwarzkopf products instilled in the Germans a tendency to care for their appearance.

1947 - a revolution in hairdressing! Beauty requires sacrifice, yes! But not like that: during a hot wave, women had to heat their hair to almost 100 degrees (!). Now hot curls have replaced hot curls. As you know, all ingenious is insanely simple.

Two years later, Schauma shampoo appeared. This shampoo is recognized as a favorite among German consumers. So Schwarzkopf begins to embody his bright ideas in various brands.

In the 1950s, hairstyles in the style of Elvis Presley came into fashion. At this time, complex and intricate “structures” on the head became very popular. And the new product from Schwarzkopf is right there!

A new product comes into people's lives - liquid hair spray. Now it's so easy! Previously, you had to keep your hair done by wearing a hairnet. For this very reason, the new tool was called "liquid hairnet."

Why is this beautiful invention called Taft? Everything is short and clear! At that time, the concept of “spray” was not like that, so the name Taft is associated with onomatopoeia - because when spraying this product we hear the sound: “tf-ppt-f-p-ft”.

The gel-like liquid hair product was such a huge success that it caused the appearance of a new verb word - “Taften” or “use varnish to create a hairstyle”.

In 1954, Fa was born, whose products cleanse and care for the skin. And in 1968, the image of a charming blonde with long hair became the symbol of the advertising company.

Soap Fa is perceived as delicious - pale green and yellow shades with pleasant freshness and the smell of lime.

In the 1970s, the Fa expanded its borders and found approval in 46 countries!

In the 1960s, Schwarzkopf became extremely popular, a bottle of shampoo in the form of a drop (Schauma) took pride of place in the Germans' bathroom, and the outlines of a black female profile appeared on movie posters.

In the 70s, a new fashion trend: hippies. Naturalness. Long loose hair. It would seem that Taft is relegated to the background, since the need to build complex hairstyles has disappeared.

But it was not there! New from Taft: a means to preserve the natural hairstyle in any weather - Taft Drei Wetter (Taft "Three Weathers"). The Schauma brand also delighted with its bright new products: now the assortment includes colored and fruity odors.

80s fashion again - the movement of punks. Their fashionable and highly sophisticated hairstyles - Iroquois, who required new tools. Two new products from Taft came to the rescue: “Taft Drei Wetter” for fashionable hairstyles and “heavy duty” fixation. Hair styling foams also appear, which are recognized as very convenient to use.

In 1978, the new Gliss Kur brand appeared on the market, introducing the world to a new series of comprehensive hair care products. In 1995, Gliss Kur appeared on the Russian market.

In the 1980s, Schwarzkopf took the first step towards meeting our Planet. Schwarzkopf was the first to reject the production of cosmetics (containing aerosols) that adversely affect the environment (the ozone layer). In 1984, the Fa brand no longer contains aerosols, undergoes clinical testing, and contains a PH-neutral component. In a word, perfect in everything!

The trend in the use of natural ingredients was also to the taste of the idea of ​​creating in 1991, Igora Botanic hair dye on a natural-plant basis. In 1991, the natural approach “haunts” Taft! At the same time, ease and creativity got a response in the “brilliant” line, or rather in the new Taft - Taft products with a charming shine!

Six years later, it opens the new trendy Fa Body Splash line. Especially original packaging, which looks like an aluminum can for carbonated drinks (soft drinks). Phenomenally!

And a little earlier, in 1996, Schauma decided to take care of the smallest by releasing Schauma Kids shampoos. In 2003, Schauma continued its improvement, changing the packaging style to a more modern one, and the quality to an even more decent one.

In 1997, the company Schwarzkopf began to work with customers via the Internet, it is worth noting that the first of all German companies! Right move!

Since 1999, Schauma shampoo begins its “career” in Russia with a “partner” - the Capella plant, in the city of Dzerzhinsk.

The Fa brand does not lag behind and take care not only of women, but also of men, opening its new Fa Men line, including deodorants, shampoos, foams and aftershave. A new motto: “Enjoying freshness” has been heard all over the world ...

In the new millennium, three Schwarzkopf brands receive the title “product of the year”, including Fa deodorant, Taft - varnishes, hair styling gels and Schauma shampoo.

Since 2001, the famous German fashion model Verona Feldbusch has become the new face of the Schauma brand. Why Verona? She was chosen by the residents of Germany, because they admitted that they would like to become owners of the same chic and healthy hair!

A year later, the Schwarzkopf Professional hairdressing center was opened in Moscow for those who want to get acquainted with the hairdressing business, improve it and even learn about new trends and technologies. It is important that Schwarzkopf Professional is one of the four leading series delivered to the salons of its products.

Throughout the history of its development, Schwarzkopf has been closely associated with hairdressing: founded the world's first institute for the education and training of professional hairdressers. Often Schwarzkopf conquered and amazed the world with its new methods and technologies for hair care.

In 2003, the Russian plant began manufacturing Fa products (deodorants) at the Tosno plant. In 2004, production expansion was observed, now the products include, in addition to Fa deodorants, Schauma shampoos and products from Gliss Kur.

In 2005, the Taft trademark is still young and full of all kinds of ideas, which makes it possible for every person to find exactly the tool that perfectly suits him.

Schwarzkopf products have deeply entered our lives, life without it seems uncomfortable and impossible to us, store windows seem empty! Schauma is still a popular shampoo, although the history of its development goes back to the fifties! The popular Taft hair spray, Brilliance dye, Gliss Kur hair care series are very successful.

  1. Although Schwarzkopf merges with Henkel in 1995, it does not cause any trouble or loss, Schwarzkopf & Henkel are still leading brands in the modern market!
  2. Their joint products include hair care products (Schauma, Gliss Kur, Seborin), facial skin (Fa, Diademine), oral cavity, hair dye (Brilliance, Nordic, Palette, Palette Deluxe, Natural & Easy, Men Perfect) , hair styling products (Taft, Gliss Kur).

The main motto (invented by Hans Schwarzkopf): “Only the best for your hair!” Remains relevant today! It’s impossible to argue with him!

Schwarzkopf is 111 years old this year! What is the secret of her longevity? Everything is very simple! Schwarzkopf is “sensitive” and “attentive”, always feeling the mood prevailing in society.

  • This is how the necessary Taft appeared: “liquid hairnet” in the 50s, Taft Drei Wetter (Taft “Three Weathers”) in the 70s, Taft of super strong fixation in the 80s, Taft “Volume” in 2001 ... Let's see what a bright novelty from Schwarzkopf will shine in our bathrooms next!
  • History of the company in Russia.
  • 1904 — Sales of Schwarzkopf products in Moscow begin.
  • 1970 — Fa products are sold only in Birch.
  • 1978–80 — Contract manufacturing in the USSR: Freedom, Moscow (Caloderma, Seboroin), Latvbytkhim, Riga (Taft), Krasnodar (Igora).

1993–94 — In Moscow, two companies are simultaneously registered. Schwarzkopf CJSC delivers Schwarzkopf products - Schaum, Gliss Chur brands to Russia. Henkel KGAA's representative office in Russia, Henkos, provides direct deliveries of brands such as Fa and Brillans.

1998 — In connection with the acquisition by Henkel KGAA of a controlling interest in the Hamburg company Schwarzkopf and the Greek company Rilken in Russia, all three companies are merged into Schwarzkopf CJSC, which has been selling all Schwarzkopf & Henkel cosmetic products since the beginning of 1998.

At the Schwarzkopf CJSC, a product department for hairdressing salons begins its work.

August 17, economic default. CJSC Schwarzkopf not only does not reduce, but even increases the number of employees (30 - July 1998, 32 - August 1998-N.Ch.).

1999 — September - the beginning of the Russian production of Schauma shampoos (in partnership with the Kapella plant, Dzerzhinsk). Fa is the market leader in deodorants - 22.8% (ACNielsen Retail panel, MS Value). Taft is the market leader in hair styling products - 15.1% (ACNielsen Retail panel, MS Value).

2000 — On December 12, 3 Schwarzkopf brands receive the Product of the Year Award. Independent Retail Associations: Fa (deodorant), Schaum (shampoos), Taft (styling products), Palette paint is nominated for the “Product of the Year” award.

Fa is the market leader in deodorants - 23.3% (ACNielsen Retail panel, MS Value). Taft is the market leader in hair styling products - 17.0% (ACNielsen Retail panel, MS Value). Shauma - the market leader in air conditioning / rinse aid - 12.3% (ACNielsen Retail panel, MS Value).

Gliss Chur is the market leader in hair treatment products - 27.9% (ACNielsen Retail panel, MS Value).

2002 — September 2002. Schwarzkopf Professional opens in Moscow a permanent ASK studio for anyone who wants to improve their profession as a hairdresser and would like to become the owner of the latest information on modern technologies and new hairdressing art.

November 2002. Conducting the first "Beauty Academy" - a promotional concept for professional advice successfully combining Schwarzkopf hair care brands.

2003 — Start of Russian production of Fa deodorants at the Tosno plant.

2004 — Start of Russian production of Schauma and Gliss Kur shampoos, Fa deodorants and Taft hair styling products for the CIS countries.


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