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Philips beard clippers: a quick tour of the models

A modern range of beard clippers is represented by many models from various manufacturers.

Some brands have been familiar to customers for many years, while others are doubtful by the lack of popularity.

Philips is one of the strongest manufacturers on the market.

Beard clippers from this brand are regularly mentioned in ratings of the best models.

How long has the company been in the market for beard clippers?

The range of products of the company is constantly expanding. In addition to various types of lamps, as was originally the case, household and digital appliances, equipment for healthcare facilities, etc. appear in the product line.

Since 2010, Philips has been producing electric shavers, and since 2011, more advanced models of hair and beard care products (trimmers).

Model quality

The Dutch manufacturer has a long-standing stable reputation in the market, regardless of the variety of manufactured goods.

Beard clippers are no exception.

The Philips trimmer range is represented by a variety of instrument options, differing in the number of additional options, types of nutrition, settings for the length of cut hairs and other technical characteristics.

The quality of all models can be characterized by a single list of advantages.

The high quality of Philips products is indicated by the following characteristics of beard clippers:

  • variety of model range (the range of products includes many variants of models with various options and available for different classes of consumers),
  • the presence of many convenient options (laser pointers, a vacuum collection system for cut hairs, interchangeable nozzles, etc.),
  • simplicity in leaving (it is possible to apply wet cleaning to the majority of models),
  • maximum charge (if the device is running on battery power),
  • good ergonomics (devices are lightweight, and their contours are created taking into account the achievement of maximum comfort while holding them in the hand),
  • safe haircut function (getting hurt with a trimmer is almost impossible),
  • the presence in the model range of device options with different types of power (in the product line there are cars that can be used from the network, but also taken on the road due to the presence of a battery),
  • strong metal blades (thanks to such blades you can achieve perfect contours even if the bristles are stiff).


Throughout its existence, Philips regularly ranks among the top manufacturers of various categories of products.

The company offers consumers a high level of service and cares about its reputation in the market.

Beard clippers of this brand are in demand not only among ordinary customers, but also salon workers. The quality of the devices is confirmed by millions of sales of trimmers.

The strengths of the manufacturer are the following factors:

  • the company is constantly improving the model range of beard clippers and supplementing them with new products (devices are supplemented with new options and get a new design),
  • the brand has been on the market for several decades (the products of this brand are well known to customers and have a good reputation),
  • a flexible pricing policy allows you to choose devices for buyers with different budgets from the range of manufactured goods (some models belong to the economy class and differ in relatively affordable price),
  • In the Philips trimmer line, products with options that have become innovations have repeatedly appeared (for example, the manufacturer Philips was the first to produce models with laser pointers to create the perfect beard outline).


The main and almost the only drawback of Philips beard clippers is their high cost compared to products from little-known competitors.

It is difficult to call this fact a significant minus. The price of trimmers objectively corresponds to the quality of the models and the presence of many additional options.

Top 3 Models

Philips's range of beard clippers includes many models, each of which has decent technical characteristics. Among the product line, there are several options for devices that create serious competition for products from other manufacturers.

Top 3 models from the manufacturer:

  1. Norelco Beard Trimmer 9000 (the trimmer of this model can often be seen in salons, it is equipped with a special laser pointer that allows you to create perfect beard contours, allows you to choose seventeen options for adjusting the length of the hairs, and charging control can be controlled thanks to a convenient display, the cost of such a trimmer is from 8,000 rubles).
  2. Philips BT7210 (the beard clipper of this model is equipped with twenty options for adjusting the length of the hairs, the trimmer can work from the battery or from the mains, its distinctive feature is the presence of a vacuum system that allows you to collect cut hairs during cutting in a special compartment, the cost of such a trimmer is from 6500 rubles) .
  3. Philips BT5200 (the trimmer is equipped with seventeen versions of tinctures of the length of the beard, metal blades allow you to make a haircut comfortable, and the hairs are even, in addition, the machine has a built-in comb that raises the hairs before cutting them.

This model of the trimmer works from the battery, its cost is from 4500 rubles).


Over the past years, beards have returned to fashion. Visiting salons for some men is too expensive, but maintaining the right shape of the bristles requires regular care.

An economical way out of this situation is to purchase your own beard trimmer. Philips company produces many models of such devices, even beginners can understand the options of these devices.

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Philips Razors

Today, Philips manufactures products exclusively in mechanical and electronic formats; it will be difficult to find a regular Philips razor. But there is one product from the company, which was just an innovative breakthrough in the Dutch brand - the OneBlade razor and its advanced modification of the OneBlade Pro. The revolutionary device provides several functions at once:

  • beard and mustache contouring,
  • trimming vegetation
  • shaving bristles of any thickness and length.

A razor blade is attached with a replaceable blade, whose average life is 4 months. Another advantage of this tool is its waterproof case, so you can use the razor for dry and wet shaving. The kit includes 3 nozzles with combs for modeling the length of the beard, as well as recharging for the battery. If we consider the OneBlade Pro shaving machine, it comes with a comb with 12 levels of length, a digital LED screen, and a more powerful battery.

Philips Shavers

Special attention should be paid to the subsection from the Philips manufacturer - electric shavers. These devices have been in great demand over the years, and the manufacturer is constantly releasing new and improved models according to innovations and technical developments. Inside the subsection, the brand offers several series of electric shavers - Star Wars special edition, AquaTouch razors and Click and Style.


To understand how appropriate the choice is in favor of electric shavers from Philips, the manufacturer indicates the main advantageous features of its products and company policies. Namely:

  • if the razor has a rotor mechanism, it will cope with the bristles of even the highest stiffness and density,
  • razors have floating heads for repeating facial contours,
  • the presence of a strong battery will allow the device to work anywhere,
  • if the case is waterproof, the razor can be used for wet shaving and cleaning,
  • many models have indicators about the state of the battery and charging,
  • There are several series for all skin types, dry and wet shaving,
  • the models are equipped with a protective cover for knives, which ensures safety.

Despite a large list of advantages, like any other brand, Philips has several weaknesses. For example, a storage case is not provided for the models, many models take a long time to charge, there are no attachments such as a trimmer and grinder, and there is no compartment for clipping hair. But all these disadvantages fade under the onslaught of a large list of advantages of electric shavers, among which there is one more weighty argument - reasonable prices.

Model Comparison

To understand which model and series of electric shavers from the Dutch brand to give preference, just look at a brief description of the most worthy options according to the opinion of specialists and professionals in this field. The following electric shavers were included in the top rating from specialists:

    Philips RQ 1175 - Affordable price and excellent functionality have made the razor a leader in demand. The advantages of such a device are the special Aquatec system, so you can use the appliance for dry and wet shaving. Inside, a powerful battery and 50 minutes of battery life are built in, as well as a quick charge function in just 60 minutes (there is an LED display to display the charge level). GyroFlex 2D technology prevents pressure on the skin and allows you to repeat the contour of the face. SkinGl Technology>

In general, the manufacturer classifies razors according to one more criterion, in addition to series and rulers - this is compatibility with the type of skin on the face of a man. For example, the 9000 series razors mean the most comfortable shave, the 7000 series is suitable for those with sensitive skin, and the 5000 series aims at a safe shave.

Philips beard clippers

Any Philips shaving machine has its own distinctive differences, thanks to which the buyer is preferred by the Dutch brand. Namely:

  • variety of rulers and series,
  • the presence of all convenient functions,
  • ease of operation and maintenance,
  • long charge and autonomous service of devices,
  • Ergonomic shape
  • an additional option for safe shaving and haircuts,
  • different types of food,
  • the presence of durable blades made of high quality metal.

Due to the presence of all the necessary functionality and a flexible pricing policy, the company is on the top lists of the best manufacturers of beard machines and other categories of goods.


In general, beard trimmers and trimmers are Philips trimmers, which are presented in three series. To understand the advantages and distinctive features of these types of devices, it is enough to familiarize yourself with the description of each series.

  1. 5000 series - machines from this line are designed primarily for precise trimming of the beard thanks to the Lift & Trim system. The trimmer has metal blades for working with bristles of different lengths, and a built-in comb raises naughty hairs for even shaving. The device is supposed to have a switching regulator for 17 settings of length 0.4–10 mm, the pitch between which is only 0.2 mm. Housing inimpervious, the appliance can be washed with running water.
  2. 7000 series - The distinctive features of such trimmers, in addition to the Lift & Trim system, are the presence of 20 length settings for cutting a beard, and most importantly, a vacuum system for collecting cut hairs. During operation with the device, all hairs will be placed in a container, the presence of a comb will protect against inaccurate shaving. On the handle, a special regulator allows you to select the desired hair length of 0.5-10 mm, the pitch between which is 0.5 mm.
  3. 9000 series - trimmers from this line are distinguished by the presence of a unique laser-guided technology, which will allow you to get the most even and symmetrical lines in a beard haircut. The machine will emit a thin laser beam, setting the exact trajectory of the device. The handle has a length adjuster with 17 levels of 0.4–7 mm, the pitch between which is 0.2 mm. The waterproof case allows you to rinse the blades under running water.

In addition, the series of trimmers 1000 and 3000 do not lose their relevance. In the first case, we are talking about a device with self-sharpening blades and autonomous operation for an hour, the presence of safe blades with rounded ends, 4 combs and hair cutting up to 1/3/5/7 mm . The 3000 Series is a haircut from 1 to 10 mm in increments of 1 mm, self-sharpening steel blades with rounded edges, autonomous operation for half an hour and a removable head for easy cleaning.

Prices for all Philips products are another significant advantage, as many popular brands inflate prices for only one name and prestige of the company. Philips OneBlade shaving machines show the greatest demand, since its price is only 1990 rubles on the official website, and for the enhanced version of OneBlade Pro with advanced functionality and more power, you need to pay 3990 rubles.

If we consider the category of electric shavers, the cheapest model will cost about 1700 rubles, and the most expensive with wide functionality - about 10 000 rubles. Series 1000 trimmers are 1990 rubles on the official website of the manufacturer, series 3000 - 2990 rubles, 5000 - 5990 rubles, 7000 - 6990 rubles, and series 9000 - 9990 rubles.


Philips has been tested for years and millions of men, including experts and professionals. The brand almost tops many top lists and ratings by such selection criteria as quality, functionality, reasonable pricing policy and long-term uninterrupted service. Today, the manufacturer offers men trimmers for modeling and care of the beard, as well as razors and electric shavers for the most smooth and painless shaving of the bristles. The price range for all categories of goods ranges from 2,000 to 10,000 rubles.

PHILIPS QC5115 / 15 - power and quiet

QC5115 / 15 is an easy-to-use model, the work of which consumers rated as the quietest among the other models of philips machines. This advantage allows you to safely use the device for young children.

Blades do not require lubrication, there will be no smell from engine oil. Package dimensions: 23.5x14x7, package weight: 400 g., Color: metallic black.


  • silent device, practically without vibrations,
  • powerful motor
  • smooth running of stainless steel blades, their width is 41 mm,
  • rounded self-sharpening knives to prevent injury
  • the folding head makes it easy to clean the tool,
  • nozzles: telescopic, comb,
  • 11 positions of length (3-21 mm),
  • you can not use a comb for a short haircut,
  • accessories: adapter, nozzles, cleaning brush,
  • cheapness: 1600-1800 rubles.


PHILIPS HC3410 / 15 - speed and safety

HC3410 / 15 is a machine with an innovative cutting unit of the DualCut system, which is characterized by a low coefficient of friction and double sharpening. This technology speeds up the haircut, makes it safer, suitable for different types of hair. Package dimensions: 22.5x14x7, weight: 218 gr., Color: black.


  • stainless steel blades,
  • 41 mm wide blades do not require sharpening and lubrication,
  • fixed length positions - 13 (1-23 mm),
  • the head is easily removable for cleaning,
  • equipment: adapter, nozzles, brush for cleaning,
  • low cost - 1200 rubles.


PHILIPS HC3400 / 15 - comfort and affordability

HC3400 / 15 is a convenient clipper with self-sharpening removable knives and mains power. Package dimensions: 22.5x14x7, weight: 244 g., Color: blue.


  • very convenient design, the device lies comfortably in the hand,
  • cutting length 1-23 mm,
  • blade width 41 mm, does not require sharpening and lubrication,
  • equipment: adapter, comb attachment, telescopic nozzles, cleaning brush, manual,
  • two year warranty
  • affordable price - 1500 rubles.


  • for some consumers, the eccentric quickly breaks down. If the device is under warranty, then this case is a warranty.

The best professional hair clipper MOSER 1565-0078 Genio

  • rotary engine with 6000 rpm,
  • combined nutrition
  • weighs 140 g
  • price 5120—8610 rub.

The device tops the rating of the best professional hair clippers, thanks to its wide functionality with compact dimensions, low weight. In a small and lightweight body fit a rotary motor with an output of 18 watts. At the same time, the device works quietly, does not emit significant vibrations, therefore it is suitable for a barber, hairdresser, stylist.

The device also enters the top due to the combined type of power. The user can always use the tool, even if there is no outlet in the vicinity. It will work for 100 minutes from a single charge, which lasts 2 hours. Knives of this model are made of alloy steel, which increases their strength, wear and corrosion resistance.

PHILIPS HC3420 / 15 - speed and quality

HC3420 / 15 - This model has a long service life with proper operation. Fast and accurate haircuts thanks to DualCut technology. Shipping Weight: 388 g., Color: Black with red elements.


  • beautiful ergonomic design
  • it works both from the mains and from the battery, the charge lasts for one hour of autonomous mode, the battery is charged for eight hours,
  • the number of fixed settings - 13 (1-23 mm),
  • easy to care for removable stainless blades,
  • equipment: adapter, comb attachment, telescopic nozzles, cleaning brush, manual, warranty card,
  • two year warranty.


  • there is no battery charge indicator,
  • relatively high cost - within 3000 rubles.


Professional hairdressers are pleased with the work of the MOSER 1565-0078 Genio model. She is powerful, light, so the hand does not get tired even with a large flow of customers.

  • lightness, ergonomics, power for a small price,
  • the knife block is removed,
  • minimalistic design
  • charge indication
  • combined nutrition.

PHILIPS HC5450 / 80 - functionality and quality

HC5450 / 80 is a model with advanced DualCut technology, which allows you to cut the cutting time by half and make the hair more even. Package weight: 464 gr. (unpacked - 158 gr), color: metallic black.


  • titanium knives are not only super durable, but also hypoallergenic,
  • 24 haircuts, step - 1 mm,
  • without a comb, it can be trimmed by 0.5 mm,
  • two operating modes: network and battery. The battery only charges for one hour, and the device can operate autonomously for an hour and a half,
  • LED indicator of battery charge,
  • for easy cleaning, the head is removed,
  • in addition to the usual nozzles, the kit includes a comb for the beard,
  • two year warranty.


  • if used improperly, it may make noise and become clogged,
  • due to fast charging, the battery is very hot, which theoretically can reduce the service life,
  • cost - more than 4000 rubles.

Best low-cost hair clipper at home Philips QC5125 Series 3000

  • rotary engine with 6300 rpm,
  • power type: network,
  • 10 length settings
  • cost up to 2300 rub.

The hair clipper has led the rating of the best inexpensive, but productive models due to the ability to quickly make a stylish haircut, edging at home. This budget device is used to cut hairs of different stiffness, because here is a rotary engine that performs 6300 rpm.

The width of the cutting elements is 4 cm, so in one motion the machine cuts a large volume of hair, which reduces the time of cutting. The engine runs quietly, without vibrations that could interfere with making an even cut.

A long cord (about 2.5 m) expands the workspace. The product is light (300 g), lies comfortably in the palm of your hand, does not cause fatigue. The device is equipped with only one nozzle, but it makes it possible to adjust the cut length in 10 positions (from 0.5 to 21 mm). The blades are self-sharpening, so they will remain sharp for many years, even with regular use.


  • no cutting speed adjustment,
  • It is completed with only two nozzles.

Best low-cost hair clipper at home Philips QC5125 Series 3000

  • rotary engine with 6300 rpm,
  • power type: network,
  • 10 length settings
  • cost up to 2300 rub.

The hair clipper has led the rating of the best inexpensive, but productive models due to the ability to quickly make a stylish haircut, edging at home. This budget device is used to cut hairs of different stiffness, because here is a rotary engine that performs 6300 rpm.

The width of the cutting elements is 4 cm, so in one motion the machine cuts a large volume of hair, which reduces the time of cutting. The engine runs quietly, without vibrations that could interfere with making an even cut.

A long cord (about 2.5 m) expands the workspace. The product is light (300 g), lies comfortably in the palm of your hand, does not cause fatigue. The device is equipped with only one nozzle, but it makes it possible to adjust the cut length in 10 positions (from 0.5 to 21 mm). The blades are self-sharpening, so they will remain sharp for many years, even with regular use.


Users are pleased with the work of this household model. She perfectly cuts both soft and hard hairs.

  • suitable for soft, for hard hairs, cuts them off quickly, does not tear out, does not scratch the skin,
  • in terms of efficiency it is comparable to professional models, but with one difference - it is designed for short work at home,
  • without nozzles you can cut almost to zero,
  • price.


  • not the highest power - 5.4 W, so the machine is intended only for home use, it can not afford long-term continuous loads,
  • food only from a network.

PHILIPS HC5440 / 15 - convenience

The HC5440 / 15 is a convenient model for a comfortable haircut with stainless steel self-sharpening knives. Due to the DualCut turbo mode, the procedure is faster and better. Color: black silver.


  • beautiful design, the device is convenient to hold in the hand due to the shape,
  • setting haircut modes: 1-23 mm,
  • work from a network and the battery, the battery is charged within eight hours, works independently 75 minutes,
  • works almost silently
  • equipment: adapter, comb, telescopic nozzle, brush for cleaning, charger, manual, warranty card,
  • reasonable price - 2300 rubles.


  • one nozzle that does not suit everyone.

PHILIPS HC9450 - Safety and Functionality

HC9450 is a functional modern model with digital touch control, electrically adjustable. Weight 388 gr., Color: black silver.


  • convenient shape, beautiful design,
  • the floating head provides a comfortable even haircut,
  • a huge number of length settings - 400, 0.5-42, the minimum pitch - 0.1 mm,
  • self-sharpening titanium knives are durable and hypoallergenic,
  • battery and mains operation, one hour charge, two hours of battery life,
  • touch interface
  • charging indicator with a conclusion to the LED display,
  • adjustable nozzles
  • automatic turbo mode
  • the device remembers three modes of hair length for different nozzles,
  • 3 electrically adjustable nozzles included: 1-7, 7-24, 24-42 mm,
  • quiet operation, minimum vibrations.


  • there is no bag for storage,
  • high cost: within 8000 rubles.

Philips HC1066

A versatile device in a pleasant color scheme - white-blue. It can work from the outlet and independently for 45 minutes (charging 8 hours). Has a charge indicator showing the time of its end. The blades are made of ceramics, the ends are rounded, which allows you to use the device for cutting children. There are three nozzles and 12 levels of length (1-12 mm). Can be cleaned with a brush, which is included. There is the possibility of wet cleaning. Price: 1440 rubles.

  • less hair pulling than a regular machine,
  • running silently
  • long work without a network,
  • compact, comfortable
  • safe ceramic knives
  • can be washed under water
  • there is a special comb for the contour behind the ears,
  • does not vibrate.

  • a little uncomfortable nozzles, you need to adapt to change them,
  • to change the length, you need to change the nozzle.

Philips HC5100 Series 5000

The model is equipped with stainless steel knives 41 mm wide. They have rounded tips for safety, do not require sharpening. It works from the outlet. There are 7 nozzles and 8 levels of length (0.5-25 mm), changing the regulator. It can be used to trim a beard. The kit includes a comb, scissors, a brush for cleaning, oil for lubricating the blades, a cover to protect the cutting parts. Price: 2700 rubles.

  • lightweight, comfortable
  • beautiful view,
  • many ridges
  • long fixed wire
  • the blades are made so as not to be cut accidentally,
  • no noise
  • made from quality materials.

Philips HC9450 Series 9000

Machine for home use with titanium 41 mm wide self-sharpening blades. It has three nozzles and 400 length changing units (0.5-42 mm). There is a function of memorizing three modes for each comb. Functions in turbo mode. It can be cut from a power outlet and from batteries (independent operation - 120 minutes, charging 1 hour). Has a charge level indicator. Price: 5550 rubles.

  • modern stylish look
  • digital touch interface
  • easy to adjust the required length,
  • It works for a long time without an outlet, it charges quickly,
  • cuts hair well, does not tear, does not scratch the skin,
  • the working part does not vibrate,
  • pretty quiet work
  • just clean
  • no lubrication required
  • combs are easy to change.

  • it’s not convenient to cut your hair yourself
  • if the battery is completely discharged, it does not work from the outlet,
  • the hair falls under the comb,
  • high price.

Philips OneBlade QP2530

The device is equipped with a double-sided blade. Allows wet shaving, trimming bristles, shaving, creating contours. It is completed with nozzles on 1, 2, 3 and 5 mm. It works without electricity for 60 minutes, a full charge time - 4 hours. Can be washed under water. Price: 2240 rubles.

  • lightweight, comfortable
  • shaves well, makes clear contours,
  • nozzles for all optimal sizes,
  • capacious battery
  • easy to clean.

  • the crests can loosen
  • not suitable for cutting a long beard,
  • the low battery indicator is too late
  • vibrates a lot
  • the hair is flying apart
  • replacement blades are expensive (you need to change on average once every 4 months).

Philips QT4015 Series 3000

The model has a titanium blade 32 mm wide. There is one crest. Designed for 20 length parameters (0.5-10 mm). Switching is done by the regulator. Charges for 1 hour, can work without an outlet for 60 minutes. Allows you to flush the working part under water. It is completed with a brush for cleaning and a storage bag. Price: 2500 rubles.

  • fast charging
  • compact, comfortable
  • many length sizes
  • just clean
  • quality shears,
  • for 3 years of operation it was not necessary to sharpen.

  • the indicator only reports a full charge (does not warn about the end),
  • the knives are not very sharp
  • the nozzle bends when pressed, due to which accuracy is lost,
  • shaves wet bristles poorly.

Philips BT7210 Series 7000

The machine is equipped with steel blades that are sharpened during operation. It can be plugged in or cut independently for up to 75 minutes (charging takes 1 hour). There are 4 nozzles, 20 levels of length (0.5-10 mm). You can clean it under water. Performs vacuum absorption of hair. There is a cover, a brush for cleaning. Price: 5100 rubles.

  • stylish look
  • shears exactly, exactly
  • no noise
  • long running on a single charge,
  • compact, sits well in the hand,
  • easy to clean.

  • vacuum absorption does not work fully, a lot of hair remains,
  • the hair collection container needs to be cleaned during the cutting process,
  • the materials are fragile, there are reviews of cases of breaking off the ear of the blade, comb holder,
  • unreasonably high cost (overpayment for the absorption of hair, which is not performed).

Philips MG3710 Series 3000

The professional device is designed for 1 hour of haircut without a network (recharging takes 16 hours). Steel knives have a self-sharpening function. There are two combs for cutting a beard, 2 for bristles and a nose trimmer. Size range: 1-5 mm. It is completed with a cover and a brush for cleaning. Blades can be washed. Price: 1950 rubles.

  • Ergonomic shape
  • shears well
  • nozzles of the right size,
  • a light weight,
  • low cost.

  • it takes a very long time to charge
  • nozzles have thick edges.

Philips MG5730 Series 5000

The stand-alone model allows you to use without charging for 80 minutes (full charge takes 16 hours). Steel self-sharpening knives. There are 3 ridges of various lengths for the head, 1 for the body, a nose and ear trimmer. For cutting beards: 2 nozzles for bristles, 1 adjustable, 1 for shaving, trimmer for contour. Range of sizes of ridges: 1-16 mm. It can be washed or brushed. There is a bag for storage. Price: 3100 rubles.

  • the device combines many hair removal devices,
  • healthy ridges
  • Ergonomic shape
  • no noise
  • a light weight,
  • shears and shaves well.

  • charge for a long time
  • no charge indicator
  • the cover is unpresentable,
  • According to reviews, the power button is too tight.

Philips MG7730 Series 7000

The device works for 120 minutes, it charges for 1 hour. Steel blades. It has 4 combs for the head, 2 for the body, a razor for the body, a trimmer for the nose and ears, a protective cap. For the beard there are: 2 combs for bristles, 1 with the possibility of regulation, a trimmer for the contour, a razor. Wet cleaning allowed. Price: 4200 rubles.

  • design,
  • compact, comfortable
  • high-quality assembly
  • shears well
  • large set of nozzles,
  • capacious battery.

  • the power button is very smooth, accidental pressing during transportation is possible,
  • handbag without pockets, many nozzles just mixed.

How to choose a clipper

The convenience of further use depends on how correctly the machine is selected. Therefore, the choice should be balanced taking into account the technical characteristics, pluses and minuses of the model. The first difficulty buyers face is not knowing which company is better. It is necessary to buy goods from a brand that has been producing good, durable, convenient devices for more than one year.

The best manufacturers: Philips, Brown, Remington, Moser, Panasonic. Making a choice in favor of goods from a little-known brand with a low cost, the buyer runs the risk of acquiring a low-quality tool that does not provide proper shaving or quickly fails. After the user has decided on the manufacturer, you should consider the technical characteristics of the device.

So, how to choose a hair clipper:

  1. engine's type . The best clipper is rotary. It is more powerful than other models, designed for continuous continuous use, therefore it is often used for professional purposes. It is usually expensive, but there are exceptions (Philips QC5125 Series 3000). There are also vibration devices. They are less powerful, have an increased level of vibration, noise, are designed for 15-25 minutes of continuous operation, so they are used at home. They are cheaper than rotary.
  2. Power . Affects the speed, intensity of vibration or rotation of the blades. The higher the indicator, the easier and faster the device will cope with hard and / or thick hairs.
  3. Nutrition . Cars operate on batteries, from a network, from the battery or have a combined type of food. The last option is the most convenient, because you can put yourself in order both on the road and at home.
  4. Length adjustment . It makes sense to pay attention to this parameter if the user selects a device for caring for a beard or likes experiments with the length of the hairstyle. With a large number of settings, a man will be able to make a smooth transition of length.
  5. Nozzles . The more of them, the wider the functionality of the device. As a rule, nozzles differ in shape, width of cutting blade, length of cut hair. This allows them to be used for shearing, edging, smooth length, removal of vegetation in the area of ​​eyebrows, ears, nose.
  6. Additional options . It is convenient if the device is equipped with such options: waterproof case, display, self-sharpening knives, light indicators, the ability to charge from a USB port, backlight, vacuum suction, swivel head, quick charge and more.

To understand which hair clipper is better: professional or household, reviews from ordinary users and hairdressers will help. Pay attention to all the pros and cons so that the purchase does not disappoint in the future.

Below is a table in which you can compare the technical characteristics of the best hair clippers.

Philips NT1150 Series 1000

The device runs on battery power. Equipped with a 21 mm knife, there is one nozzle. Wet cleaning allowed. Price: 1050 rubles.

  • fits comfortably in the hand
  • shears quality
  • removes almost to zero,
  • Doesn't hurt, doesn't pull hair
  • batteries last for more than a year,
  • acceptable price.

  • can pass hairs
  • sticks badly into the tip of the nose,
  • have to stick deep because of the long working part,
  • the scallop is quite sharp,
  • the power button is located uncomfortably (you can’t press it with one hand).

Philips NT3160 Series 3000

Model with a steel blade of 21 mm. Battery operated (included). I entered the review due to two eyebrow nozzles. It can be washed under the tap. There is a bag for storage. Price: 1440 rubles.

  • Ergonomic shape
  • cuts hairs well, does not tear out,
  • Great for cutting eyebrows.

  • you need to adapt, find the right angle of application,
  • not everything cuts off, you have to go through again,
  • uncomfortable to turn off with wet hands.

Philips MG1100 Series 1000

Choose a better universal trimmer. It is designed for battery operation. Has a blade 21 mm wide. Combs come for any length: 1, 3, 5 mm. There is also a shaving nozzle. It is completed with a brush to care for the working part. Price: 1570 rubles.

  • small ergonomic
  • can be used as a razor,
  • does not tear out hair, does not leave irritation,
  • a good option for a trip,
  • build quality.

  • no nose nozzle
  • uncomfortable crest length range,
  • no cover.

Watch the video: Best Beard Trimmers in 2019 (February 2020).

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