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Casual style for men: 11 items of basic wardrobe tips on how to look cool

Casual style, or casual, is a free style for any occasion - for walks, informal meetings, parties. Although free style, casual is not catchy and well-groomed, rather the opposite. Casual is convenient, a little careless, but adequate and all is moderate, without unnecessary accessories.

In fact, casual - this is any free and comfortable clothing that suits you, but as if “says” that you do not care how you look in the eyes of others.

There are some elements and accessories that over time have become a classic attribute for casual style and now we will consider how to emphasize a free urban style.

It just so happened that casual is a casual style. And official formal clothing in this style is not permissible to include, such as a suit, vests, silk shirts.

But, for style casual perfectly suits blazer or Blazer .

In casual style, it looks great and pullover ( V-neck sweater ) To understand and understand well that there is a sweater, pullover, sweater, sweatshirt, hoodie, sweatshirt, cardigan - read this article and everything will be clear and will never again be confused in such things.

Great for casual fit and polo.

Of the pants, casual pants work great. chinos and the most ordinary jeans , without strict trousers with arrows and other formalities. Usually in summer shorts without any frills.

Casual Accessories

You can emphasize your everyday free style. a scarf if it's fall winter. Solar glasses perfect on a hot sunny day. Good belt from genuine leather. Wrist clock (not catchy). Among the accessories may be a bag .

Inexpensive but good Casio watches we already wrote where you can buy - Be sure to check out.

Good emphasize casual style a good wallet made of genuine leather will help about five inexpensive wallets made of genuine leather We also wrote an article and left links to them, where you can purchase what you liked.

Materials and colors in casual style

In the casual style, it is necessary to use only natural and high-quality materials, without any synthetics. it naturalleather, cotton, linen, wool .

Among the colors, moderate tones should be used, in some places you can use bright tones, but the main thing here is not to overdo it, but you do not need to use only official black and white. A chocolate shade or cream is perfect for shoes.

Let's look a little more masculine looks in casual style:

Look good. Is always.

A casual dress code is perhaps the best chance for men to express their sense of personal style. If you prefer something elegant or durable, high-quality or practical, men's casual wear is an open invitation to dress in what is most convenient for you.

We know that understanding all the nuances of style can seem complicated, therefore, in this material we have selected several win-win options for a basic wardrobe for you, having acquired which you will always feel not only confident, but also comfortable.

The main features of casual clothing

This is not to say that the casual wardrobe has strong limitations, while the basic attributes are quite clearly traced. Casual does not tolerate excessively strict things, as well as frankly militaristic themes, although camouflage prints may be present in the image.

Ethnic motifs and specific elements of clothing that are more characteristic of subcultures do not fit too much into a casual wardrobe.Despite the fact that the image may contain things in a sports style, true sports attributes and elements of equipment do not correspond to the everyday image.

The casual style of clothing gravitates to natural fabrics, practical colors, knitwear, suede and denim.

Men are available in various styles of jeans, chinos and slacks, as well as joggers without a characteristic sporting shade.

Different types of sweaters also correspond to the casual format. It can be thin longsleeves, sweatshirts, hoodies, sweatshirts, as well as knitted sweaters with a triangular neckline and sweaters with a high neck.

Men will not have to give up the usual shirts and shirts, but they get a completely different design. The priority is comfortable, soft fabrics, loose fit, practical, but original colors. Plaid shirts are quite consistent with the image for every day, and are also suitable for office bow and outfit for meetings with friends.

Even within the same casual style, there are several distinct areas. So, business casual clothing is recommended for the office, and urban or smart casual style for the street. Let's talk a little more about each of the areas.

Basic principles of casual style for men

This trend in the men's wardrobe contains the possibilities of self-expression, convenience, a number of classic features of the street style. Here, at first glance, incompatible elements are successfully combined, and as a result, we get interesting images for every day that reflect the nature of a person, form a confident and harmonious image.

Casual can be translated from English as “everyday”, in another interpretation - “sloppy”. This definition shows the difference with the classic genre, because even the business casual style for men implies convenience, freedom of use and a democratic approach.

There are different opinions about the origins of the casual direction. Some sources claim that the style appeared in the 90s of the last century, during the growing popularity of computer majors in the labor arena. Reputable corporations, hiring programmers who are mostly accustomed to wearing jeans and jumpers, somewhat softened the requirements of the dress code.

However, there is another version of the events, according to which this style owes its origin to Scottish football fans. She says that these guys have created their own clothing style, convenient and acceptable in normal use, but at the same time allowing them to stand out and be recognizable to their circle.

Casual style is based on the following principles:

  • Measure in everything. Casual - a calm style, nothing shiny, bright or artsy, down with the extra accessories.
  • Relevance. When choosing clothes, it is worth considering a number of particular factors: season, person’s age, the specifics of his figure, the situation and other indicators. In summer, a sweater or warm shoes will not fit, and the office version is unlikely to allow tight-fitting jeans.
  • Thin line of elegant negligence. A mature image in casual will be presentable and beautiful, but it will not allow to suspect its owner in narcissism.
  • Beyond stereotypes. Fans of this style can not worry about compliance with standards. Within reasonable limits, experiments will only add zest.
  • Neatness and care. Worn or rumpled clothes are not acceptable. Carelessness at the heart of the style carries a different message.
  • Convenience. All the components of a casual wardrobe should be comfortable, not interfere with movements, pressing or rubbing things are excluded here.

Despite the fact that casual clothes for men have no significant restrictions, it’s quite easy to single out its main “shores”. For example, in such a wardrobe extremely strict costumes or a military theme would not be appropriate (although camouflage notes in the form of a print may occur). Distinct ethnic motifs and specific attributes of individual subcultures will also remain outside the scope.Sports style is compatible with casual, but only in its figurative part: directly sports equipment or paraphernalia in everyday use will look strange.

For casual-wardrobe men fit practical things, natural fabrics, discreet, but original colors. Of the materials most often used are denim, suede, knitwear. The image includes joggers (without a sharply sporting accent), slacks, chinos, and various types of jeans. A variety of modern sweatshirts are suitable as a top: sweatshirts, hoodies, jumpers with a V-neck, sweaters with a high collar, long sleeves, sweatshirts.

Do not think that shirts and shirts are deleted from the casual-style men. They are present, however, also with their subtleties. For example, shirts are wonderful in checkered design: they are suitable for the office and for a friendly meeting. The fabrics are soft, comfortable, the cut is dominated by free, and the colors, with all their practicality, are very interesting and set the image in an original tone.

Shirts allow a variety of not only color, but also the pattern. In addition, freestyle touches are often found in use: for example, you can not fill up the shirt, but leave it over jeans or trousers. However, care must be taken that its color and texture are combined with other details of the clothing.

A casual shirt is on friendly terms with classic colors: black and white, blue, gray, and burgundy will be good. But in the case of colored shirts, it is better to include several options, which will add variety to a man’s wardrobe. The correct selection of the gate width and sleeve length remains relevant. If your image involves a jacket, a correctly selected shirt will protrude from under his sleeves by about a centimeter.

A sign element of casual style for men is a leather jacket, which for a considerable part of the 20th century personified the desire for freedom and even some rebellion. Be sure to take care of such a jacket in your clothes. You can successfully combine it with classic shoes, a T-shirt and jeans.

If we talk about jackets, the denim option is also requested in the collection. The “jeans” jacket associatively refers us to the 90s of the last century, when it was extremely popular. However, at the moment, these models are again rising to the crest of a fashion wave. In addition, chinos or velvet trousers, a t-shirt are suitable. Just do not combine such a jacket with jeans - you risk creating the effect of pajamas, looking completely unstylish, and adding some difficulties with a dress code.

Jeans are perfectly replaced by chinos (or simply chinos). It is recommended to purchase them in a formal version and in a freer.

The first option is implemented through neutral tones: dark blue, beige, gray, brown. More bold are the decisions in burgundy, orange or green - choose the one that suits you best. With chinos, a man can wear a sports blazer or jacket. The material is variable depending on the season: in the cold season it is better to choose tweed or velveteen, and in the warm season - cotton or cotton-linen mixture.

For all its restraint and dislike for brilliant and catchy, casual style for men perfectly accepts various accessories made in a suitable way. It can be watches, bracelets and pendants on a chain, ties and scarves, elegant glasses and hats, interesting belts and bags.

Smart casual

The style of smart casual is distinguished by a certain elegance and lack of strict elements, which is typical for a business casual. This is a comfortable clothing that fully matches the street bow, but emphasizes individuality and allows you to stand out from the crowd. In fact, in the wardrobe of a smart-casual practitioner there will be the same jeans and shirts as in the cabinets of other young people, but they will have a certain design that will tell others that the owner of these things is not without taste.

The essential components of a smart casual image are:

  • shirts or long sleeves with polo closure,
  • straight or slightly skinny jeans of a dark palette without unnecessary decor,
  • comfortable shoes such as moccasins, boat shoes.

Lightweight leather shoes, blazers and jumpers also perfectly match the smart-casual look. The smart style does not allow negligence, which brings it closer to the direction of the business, although ordinary jeans, knitted sweaters and sweaters, cozy accessories are more often present in the image.

Beginners in the field of fashion are able to get confused in the subtypes of casual style. To avoid this, it is necessary to highlight the main features of the smart direction: neatness, harmony, a minimum of unnecessary details.

The important thing is not what things will be in a particular image, but how perfect they are. If the shirt is not ironed, and the laces hang on the shoes, then this is definitely not a smart casual.

Features Casual for men

Casual style involves the use of comfortable, not too catchy things in the wardrobe. It is characterized by convenience and practicality, and now more and more men prefer to dress in this style.

reference! Casual is also convenient for its versatility: after all, dressing in this style can be done everywhere and always - for work, for study, for a walk and even for a date.

It may include elements “borrowed” from other styles, but at the same time its main feature is comfort and convenience.

In this case, most of the things turn out to be so universal that you can come to various events in them, from going to friends to a cafe to attending a party, without changing your outfit.

But everyone will be convinced that the young man, before leaving home, carefully prepared for attending this event and for a long time picked up suitable clothes.

Watch a video in which stylists tell how to choose casual clothes for men:

Men's casual directions

The popular casual style is very versatile: it stands out for its own areas. For example, the office option is preferred business casual, and for a walk - smart casual or city casual. Let's look at each facet separately.

1. Smart casual (from English - “everyday elegant”)

There are no strict accents in this style (as, for example, in business casual), and the image as a whole will give a sophisticated touch of dandy. It is convenient to wear such clothes; it fits perfectly into the street genre, but it will certainly highlight its owner in the crowd and emphasize his originality. It would seem that a man dressed in this vein also has trousers, jeans and shirts - like others. But the secret is in design, special performance, which will immediately make it clear that this young man definitely has a taste.

This style subspecies can be found with the name "pure casual". What are its main features? Light negligence, which is necessarily sustained in an aristocratic manner and imbued with elegance. Here, colors are quite boldly combined, and rigor is minimized.

The main components of smart casual for men are:

  • shirts or fitted with a longsleeve polo,
  • jeans - certainly dark, calm tones, slightly narrowed down or straight, without any catchy elements,
  • comfortable shoes: boaters or loafers are suitable, for example.

Other things can be quite successfully included here: a blazer, neat shoes, a suitable jumper. What this genre does not tolerate is obvious and direct negligence, in this it even approaches the business option. However, it remains in its course: smart casual style for men much more often includes jeans and knitwear, and also gravitates to sophisticated accessories such as scarves, stylish glasses and hats.

The smart direction will not allow itself to be confused with other subspecies of casual, if you remember its basic laws: accuracy, harmony, the exception of catchy-bright. In other words, it is not so important what specific types of things you take - it is much more important that they are impeccable in appearance and combination. High-quality ironed clothes, perfectly polished or laced shoes are the obligatory attributes of smart casual style.

2. Business casual (from English - “everyday with shades of business style”)

The times of uncompromising tight ties and the strictest suits for men are a thing of the past. With all its loyalty to its canons, modern business style is becoming much more democratic. This is understandable, because people spend almost all day at work, and it is very unreasonable to keep them in tension from uncomfortable clothes all this time, moreover, expecting good results.

As a solution to the problem, a business casual style appeared in which comfort and severity, restraint and originality meet. In order to dress in business casual style, you will not need to buy up half of the clothing store. An interesting two-piece suit, made in an interesting design, or buy slacks for a duet with a classic shirt. This will be the basis of your image, and the remaining elements can be selected and changed to taste.

A business casual style for men allows you to wear jeans in an office setting - but again, make sure they are suitable. Not any will fit. A good solution for jeans in this style is a straight fit, soft colors, a medium fit (acceptable and slightly overpriced), the general appearance is calm, concise. Other components should be in the same noble spirit. Elegance and restraint are the creed of such an image. The shirt is plain, with a good blazer. Suede lace-up shoes complement the kit.

3. City casual (from English - “urban everyday”)

This branch is full of freedom and gives the go-ahead to the bolder palette. Layering is allowed, natural fabrics predominate, and the cut is free. For example, jeans and a shortened sweater are suitable, from under which an unfilled shirt peeps. Such liberties distinguish this subspecies from smart and business casual, however, accuracy has not been canceled here either.

Things should not be wrinkled, dirty, in a provocative or strange way. An example of a successful set for a man: we connect a comfortable long sleeve t-shirt (with an inscription) with chinos (we take plain ones with lapels on the trousers), we complement everything with comfortable bright shoes.

This direction also has a middle name - street casual. His idea is originality, experiments, colorful accents. The emphasis is on individuality, which will not allow to dissolve in the crowd. Bright colors, unusual accessories, original details are used: it can be a special scarf, a scarf on the neck, a specific headdress, socks with a bold pattern or shade, or even nonexistent ones.

4. Sport casual, which stands out along with the previous styles (from the English - “everyday with features of a sports style”).


Casual style is divided into several varieties, to one degree or another different from each other.

A style that allows a man to express his personality.

In this case, freedom is allowed when choosing clothing parts and their colors. An image in this style in itself involves the use of a bold cut of clothing and clearly visible accessories, as in the photo.


It could be described as an elegant everyday life. This is an office style, somewhat freer than a business and even business casual.

It is possible:

  • use of many accessories,
  • wearing jeans in combination with a jacket (blazer), cardigan or turtleneck.
  • It is allowed to wear a shirt or t-shirt without a jacket or without a sweater.

This style is remarkable for its variety in styles, fabrics and shades.

Men's casual shoes

Casual is a style for every day that involves comfort and cozy, restrained things. Practicality, attractiveness, convenience determine the choice of this particular style by the vast majority of modern men in the age category up to 40 years. The advantages of the style include its versatility: such a wardrobe will be appropriate in the office, on a walk, and on a date, at the university, and at a friendly meeting.

Various shoes are suitable for a successful look in casual style, but emphasized formal, classic (“work”, patent leather shoes) should be avoided. You can take shoes of a more democratic design, models such as loafers, monks, boaters, deserts, and brogues are also suitable. If the exit is informal, feel free to take moccasins or sneakers. Suitable shoes will be in suede, textile or leather (the latter should be unvarnished, light).

Men's shoes in casual style are growing in popularity, therefore, includes all new types. For example, in the tips of fashion specialists, one can often find low shoes, ugg boots or boots. Moreover, in the wardrobes of men who choose democracy and style in one bottle, siphons, espadrilles and sandals are thoroughly located.

Often casual includes the same shoes as other styles, but differs in design elements. What options will help make the right choice? For starters, of course, pay attention to color. Black shoes are more formal, brown is closer to everyday life, and if brown in a light tone, it is extremely close. The shape is also indicative: a sharp cape sends to the official style, and a rounded cap - on the contrary, like a flat sole. Next, we take into account the material: shiny leather leads to formal shoes, and suede builds an everyday look.

Thus, if you choose from modern models of men's shoes, brogues, derby, chelsea, loafers will beat Oxford, but not everything is so simple: you need to look at the situation and the specific option. In each line you can find an excessively prim or disorderly couple, so a reasonable balance is important.

Not one casual guide rejected sneakers as a detail of the image in this style. But note that this is too categorical and old-fashioned position. Sneakers are on the crest of fame, have a bunch of modifications, so sometimes even very representative people can be seen in just such shoes. But look again for each specific case. Is it appropriate to wear sneakers? Choose calm whites.

In general, dark tones of shoes are preferable to casual: then it will not sharply attract attention, but it will be practical. For this reason, business casual welcomes black, brown or cream colors. Material: suede or light leather.

Speaking of material: it plays a significant role in style sound. Shiny leather shoes will definitely be more formal and stricter than suede or fabric. Sneakers can also be suitable for smart casual - say, if they are viscous and in a dark tone, but it’s easy to make mistakes here, look for specific circumstances, otherwise you may look too democratic or even completely inappropriate.

Men's casual shoes should be chosen according to the season, but the style is also shown in the details. Summer shoes of such a plan may well be represented by sandals, if they are in a solid leather version. However, under no guise, say, slippers!

A good choice for the summer will be high-quality black and white sneakers without any unnecessary decor. Moccasins will help enrich your casual line, and boaters will do.

The casual style for men, when winter comes, ideally accepts shoes resembling high sneakers with fur, color is preferable in black, brown or burgundy.

What to wear in spring and autumn? Loafers, deserts, brogues are perfect, you can chelsea or timberlands. Brown suede boots are appropriate at almost any time of the year. But Oxford is not all stylists approve of, finding them too official for casual.

However, there is a solution here. Give preference to those models that go away from stiffness, made with perforation, texture solutions or in suede version. With such shoes you can’t be blamed for officialdom, your oxfords will maintain a completely calm everyday style. Categorically, military shoes are not suitable.

What about sports? According to the canon, she has a chance to slip into your casual wardrobe, but still not in business or smart variations. However, standards change over time, and sneakers begin to gain a place in the sun. White or black laconic models without any unnecessary decorations are already combined with very formal clothes. It is comfortable, and trendy.

Do not be afraid to experiment, try different shoes and clothes, look at the result. If the image as a whole retains simplicity and even a certain classicism, you can combine such shoes with more formal clothes.

The combination of formal and casual is the basis of casual, for this reason a number of shoe models fit perfectly into the picture, for example loafers, brogues, less often - monks. Derby is also suitable, but in our case only made of suede. Let's take a closer look at these casual assistants.

These boots look like oxfords, but the difference is in the lacing: for oxfords it is closed, but here it is open. The overall impression is also different: the Oxfords mostly look officially, but the derby is very casual, or rather diverse. If they are made of smooth black leather, perfectly complement the office look, and there are brown derby or even two colors - these shoes are suitable for everyday use.

Differ in that they do not have laces. In their place, these shoes have a strap with a buckle (or several) - exclusively for beauty. Monkeys - your pair of a wide profile, will help out with an office suit and for a walk.

These shoes are known for perforation in the area of ​​the side seams, it is often possible to meet on them a W-shaped pad on the upper part of the vamp (like on brogues). Attention! Brogues are not suitable for combination with a business suit, since shoes with perforation are no longer in the official style. Wear them as part of everyday looks.

Here you will not find any laces or buckles. But on the shoes there may well be pretty brushes, at least on models made in accordance with the standards. Loafers assume a small heel with a tight sole and are good in that they are equally compatible with both jeans and a business suit.

As partially mentioned above, casual style for men accepts not only classic shoes of different types, but also other categories of shoes, including:

Made of suede, these boots reach the ankles, lace up, leather or rubber soles. Perfectly combined with jeans, suitable for chinos and other trousers of the everyday range.

These are soft shoes without buckles, clasps and laces. But it has a specific seam that connects the side parts with the top. Men's moccasins look very dignified and status when they are made of genuine suede or leather; such shoes even emphasize the taste of their owner. The next plus is wonderful compatibility with almost any clothing. But most importantly, the moccasins are incredibly comfortable and soft, give comfort and a relaxed gait.

By the way, such shoes may well be made of artificial raw materials - then it’s better to wear a simple, calm thing, for example, a T-shirt. The harmony of the image is provided!

  • Topsiders

This type of shoe did not immediately go into widespread use. It was conceived as a garment for yacht lovers. Boaters are very similar to moccasins, but laced up. The upper part is based on leather or special waterproof textile material. Today, these shoes are worn by men with casual clothes and even have a smart casual pass.

An option for those who are not averse to stand out. Slip-ons are not laced, they have a high rubber sole. Valid for smart casual, but not in any performance. If you are a lover of slip-ons, but are afraid to miss, try mesh monochromatic. Such models fit best in smart casual and are suitable for experimentation.

Officially called to work in sports, sneakers today have greatly expanded their scope.Of course, for profile style casual, say, profile running sneakers. This refers to stylized models, neat and concise. As a rule, they have laces, the sole is straight and low.

This shoe is familiar to everyone because of its popularity. Smart casual also makes friends with sneakers, but not with any: sparkles, rhinestones and other feathers will not work. Classic sneakers are best, but all-white models also work well if they don’t have decor.

They will help you out during the hot season of summer, when the use of other shoes becomes difficult. Convenient models are being developed directly for this period, for which the legs will definitely be grateful to you. Sandals are available with open toe or closed. For a strict image of a man, a closed option is suitable.

Fashionable bows for men in casual style.

  • Smart casual

This type of dress code is not particularly categorical and not even completely defined. In general, this is a very free direction, which is a democratized version of the usual office style and allows a man to make numerous combinations even from a small set of clothes. This is what he stands out from the background of other styles. It differs from the classics by its wider color possibilities, permissible use of semi-adjacent styles, knitted items, prints.

Smart casual allows you to unfasten the top button of the shirt, wear the shirt itself under the jumper, use a scarf or scarf if they are combined in color with a suit or sweater. If you find it difficult to understand what a casual clothing style for men is, find a photo with examples of such images and see what elements and combinations are close to you.

For smart casual, the following types of shoes are suitable: loafers, deserts, brogues. In some cases, other models are acceptable, such as classic-style sneakers (converse).

The classic business dress code leaves a man with a not-so-big selection of clothes: trousers, shirts and jackets. For this reason, the business casual style was born, which, having gained popularity, is by far the most common in the office world. The success of this style is that it is possible to dress comfortably and even with space for choice and experiment, while the representativeness of the image is preserved. In this style, a man can look decent and feel good at a meeting with partners, and at a celebration with friends, and at a romantic evening.

Clothing in the style of business casual for men, of course, has the necessary elements (about a dozen), but overall remains a variable and open system, where there are interchangeable components, the possibility of an individual approach.

Brown lace-up shoes will become universal shoes in this wardrobe: they look good with a business suit and blue jeans, while the top is also easy to pick up. In addition, classic shoes, monks, derby, oxfords, moccasins are suitable. In the color scheme, it is better to keep light brown, dark brown and black tones.

Casual style for men is unusual, special and diverse. It makes it possible to include almost all varieties of classic shoes in their images, as well as many options for everyday and even sportswear. Therefore, in the framework of the style you can quite freely experiment. In the classical style, everything is more strict and unambiguous: a business suit accepts only some types of shoes, very few. However, it is more difficult to make a mistake with them, because these shoes, albeit categorical, but always look worthy and have to be in place.

6 mistakes in creating a casual look

Despite its flexibility and versatility, casual style can turn out to be a failure for you if you do not pay enough attention to some details. Avoid the following errors when forming the image:

    T-shirt slogan

It is only suitable for teenage clothes, an adult man is better not to wear this.

Shirt in white

Alas, she's too formal for a casual wardrobe. Even if you unfasten her button and roll up her sleeves.

Yes, we have a democratic style. But everything is good in moderation. Huge holes on jeans will not fit in any way. For originality, for example, denim made of aged material with small scuffs is allowed.

In principle, this is allowed by this style. But remember the measure again! Do not turn out to be a portrait of Tom Sawyer.

Slippery face. These things look successful only on taut strong figures, and far from in every case they will fit into the image and situation. Wide beach shorts are generally unacceptable.

Gross violation of the style rule. Such shoes are not suitable in any case. If it's hot season outside, choose moccasins, sandals, light sneakers.

Subspecies casual

Business-casual (business casual)characterized by a combination of classics and democracy. A variety of fabrics can be used in a suit, for example, knitwear, loose combinations and bold colors. The business casual allows a shirt unfastened from above, the absence of a tie, details of a non-classical look (patch pockets, double stitching). In a business-casual style, pullovers, jumpers and sweaters are worn under a jacket.

Smart-casual (smart casual)- More free office style in comparison with business-casual, elegant everyday life. In the suit it is allowed to use more accessories, a combination of jeans with a jacket, cardigan or turtleneck, wearing a shirt or t-shirt without a jacket. Smart-casual means a variety of colors, materials and styles.

All-out-casual (ol-out-casual) - This is a laid-back style, characterized by a combination of sports and basic wardrobe items. When drawing up an image, t-shirts, shirts, sweaters of a free cut are used. In things there is the effect of attrition and some negligence. It is possible to dress in this way when comfort is placed above the observance of trends, for example, going to a meeting with friends, a walk or a trip out of town.

Street-casual (street casual) - a bright style in which individuality is manifested to the greatest degree. It is characterized by complete freedom of choice of wardrobe items, their combinations and colors. The image, compiled in the style of street-casual, involves a bold cut of clothes, catchy accessories.

Sport-casual (sport casual)- This is an image in a sporty casual style, complemented by jeans. It is characterized by puffy vests, straight jeans, T-shirts, sneakers and thin-soled sneakers, caps and sports bags.


The prerequisites for the emergence of casual style were first noted in the 50s of the last century, when the youth movement Teddy-boys (Tedds) was born in England. Participants in street gangs and gangs distinguished themselves with fashionable expensive costumes. They dressed like the aristocrats of the era of King Edward VII, for which they were called "Theds" (a short form of the name Edward - Ted). Typical clothing sets of representatives of this movement consisted of long draped jackets, pipe trousers and white-collared shirts. The slogan "Ted" was the phrase: “Good looks do not guarantee good behavior.”

In 1958, the Tedds movement was replaced by the next generation of urban mods, called mods (English - modos). The style of the mods was much like Tedds, but minimalist. The motto was the words "moderation and accuracy." The fashion suit consisted of narrow trousers with arrows, a perfectly tailored fitted jacket, a nylon shirt with a narrow collar, a thin tie, boots with narrow noses, a windbreaker or a faux leather jacket with a zipper. Fashion appreciated expensive branded clothing. Representatives of the movement can be considered members of the Beatles group (The Beatles). Rock and roll was considered mod music, and the vintage scooter was the main means of transportation.

In the mid-60s, the style of mods disappeared from the streets.He was supplanted by such subcultures as punks and skinheads, whose clothes had nothing to do with elegant fashion suits.

In the second half of the 70s, another shift occurred in street style. Then the focus was on football, which became the most popular sports game. Being a fan was fashionable and prestigious, youth regularly attended matches and championships. So there was a subculture of fans: whole clubs were formed from the fans, they taught speech, songs and hymns of their favorite teams. Among the representatives of football clubs, a certain style was outlined, which was the last impetus for the formation of a new trend in fashion - casual. A distinctive feature now was the clothing of certain brands and the lack of attributes of the football club. This trend very soon resulted in a separate movement of fans who called themselves “Casuals”. Where the movement originated is not known for certain, but it is generally accepted that this is either Liverpool or Manchester.

The 70s and 80s of the twentieth century became a kind of football boom throughout Europe. English fans began to attend championships in France, Italy and Germany, from where they brought with them branded clothing, which quickly became a landmark for fans. Brands such as Fred Perry, Lonsdale, Merc, Lacoste and many others made up most of the fan wardrobe of the time. Tennis shirts and polo shirts, semi-sports jumpers, athletic shoes, and pale blue jeans became the typical uniform of an exemplary fan. In winter, fans preferred skiing jackets and all the same jeans and sneakers. Later similar fashion was adopted by fans of other countries. Thus, the style of fans has become one in all of Europe.

The formation of men's casual was largely influenced by the American television series Miami Police, broadcast from 1984 to 1990. A universally recognized icon of the style was a character named James Crockett, whose role was played by Don Johnson. In everyday life, the hero of the series wore plain T-shirts under club jackets from Giorgio Armani, linen trousers, loafer moccasins and Ray-Ban sunglasses. James Crockett preferred things in pastel colors. Fashion consultants for the series were Werner Baldessarini, Giorgio Armani and Gianni Versace. Costume designer Bambi Breakstone argued that "the concept of the series is to be on top of all the latest European fashion trends."

Free style finally established itself in fashion in the late 90s of the twentieth century. Giorgio Armani was the first to combine jeans, a classic jacket and a T-shirt. Designers soon drew attention to street fashion, who honed it and brought it to the ideal, making it more massive. So the style of “Casuals” fans spread beyond the stadiums, becoming a popular everyday destination for citizens. Fashion designer Nino Cerruti has created a whole trend in fashion, which he called Casual Chic. Its distinctive features were minimalistic collections with clothes from expensive fabrics of simple styles, characterized by clear lines and simple silhouettes. The main feature was the skillful combination of incompatible, as it seemed then, wardrobe items. In each season, Dolce & Gabbana and D&G collections began to show t-shirts with images of celebrities. Domenico Dolce and Stefano Gabbana suggested combining them with "artistically" torn jeans.

Thus, things for every day became even more versatile and functional, for example, there appeared shirts without a collar. Soft lines have become characteristic of clothing, which have become the main distinguishing feature of casual style.

In 1999, Pierfrancesco Gigliotti and Maurizio Modica founded the Frankie Morello brand, under whose name they began to produce collections in various styles of casual style. Designers used elements of the jazz era of the 20-30s, borrowed features of the disco direction of the 70-80s.In their interviews, fashion designers noted that the aesthetics of Frankie Morello are based on a game of contrasts and colors, intentionally emphasizing the shortcomings that are manifested in the asymmetry of the cut, uneven edges of clothing, etc. The classic shirts created by Giglotti and Modica were complemented by sports hoods, strict dresses - voluminous pockets.

Celebrity Choice

Casual clothing is often chosen by Rihanna, Beyoncé, Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen, Johnny Depp, Victoria Beckham, Victoria Beckham, Olivia Palermo ), Drew Barrymore, Alexa Chung, Blake Lively, Brad Pitt, Kate Moss, Kim Kardashian, Eva Mendes , Jessica Alba (Jessica Alba), Milla Jovovich (Milla Jovovich), Daniel Craig (Daniel Craig) and others.

Key Features

To understand what casual style is, it is enough to familiarize yourself with its main features and distinguishing criteria. Firstly, it is a casual and comfortable style of clothing that is ideal for the hustle and bustle of a big city and active men. Therefore, the first features of the style are simplicity and convenience, which is the first need for the choice of clothes for each person.

Secondly, with the help of even casual clothes, men have a desire to express themselves, which also allows casual style. He does not accept any prohibitions and frameworks, you can even reunite in a single image compatible and incongruous. For example, a combination of jeans and a shirt in tandem with sneakers. Skirts are preferred by men of all ages, from adolescents to urban residents of adulthood.

Despite complete freedom, restrictions are still present, namely:

  • there should not be uniforms or military uniforms in the style,
  • ethnic and national costumes and wardrobe items,
  • formal dresses, like a tailcoat, formal suits,
  • informal clothing items such as rock or punk,
  • sportswear.

All other clothing options can be safely attributed to the casual style if they are competently and harmoniously combined with a laid-back and free style design.

Style subspecies and salient features

If we consider the casual style of 2018 - it promotes simple and inexpensive things, without elaborate decor elements, decorations and bright prints. Clothing should look relaxed, free, comfortable and practical, but at the same time original and stylish. If you look at collections from designers and fashion designers, you can see that today the basic men's wardrobe in casual style is divided into two subgroups - Smart and Business.


The main condition for this type of casual style is the use of clothing strictly size to size. The main feature of smart casual style is that it is suitable for working and business environment and dress code, but still with a touch of freedom of choice and ease.

Stylists offer an approximate set of clothes in the style of Business casual:

  • Shirt - it is worth abandoning shapeless models, for example, only the slim fit option is acceptable. The color scheme should be calm - a white, light pink or blue shirt, a model with a stiff collar that can hold a standing position even without a tie.
  • Pants - chinos are best suited for this style, but in dark colors, for example, navy (dark blue), although the camel (sand) option is also acceptable. Pants should not be close-fitting, but be narrowed. You can choose a ready-made men's suit in casual style if it is gray, or you can wear jeans, but with a classic cut and dark shade.
  • A jacket or a blazer - a man will need three versions of such a wardrobe item at once, a sports cut jacket from a look, a dark blazer, and a gray jacket in a modern interpretation.

Shoes like loafers or oxfords, as well as derby in the form of boots or low shoes, brown or black. Other colors in shoes may only be appropriate in the summer.

What is casual style?

As in any style, one of the important requirements for casual clothes is the right size. No matter how good the clothes are, if they are not in your shape, then consider the money thrown into the wind.Very often, models of a particular clothing manufacturer may not be suitable for you in style, fit or anything else. This is normal. The main thing is to find the clothes that fit well on you, and then precisely select the wardrobe items according to the figure.

Basic men's wardrobe in casual style

In order not to guess what a man should wear daily, regardless of the dress code and the requirements of the events, you can create a basic men's wardrobe in casual style.

It may include the following items of clothing:

  1. Jeans - the most beloved type of clothing among men and women, practical and universal in terms of compatibility with other things. You can wear them with polos and t-shirts, even shirts, but an informal cut and style.
  2. Sweatshirt - jacket, which is warm and practical, can be used for different seasons of the year from thin or dense fabrics, with a hood or without a neck. A feature of a sweatshirt is its print, which can be performed in any version.
  3. Shirt - you can wear them with a jacket or vest, if this is a classic version, as well as with jeans and trousers, if these are original and bright options for a free cut with prints or plain color. A plaid shirt would look perfect with jeans and a T-shirt underneath.
  4. Trousers - it can be pants made of lightweight materials, narrowed, but not tight-fitting models. Breeches are also acceptable, but only in the warm season.
  5. Sweater - an indispensable item of clothing in cold weather, in different versions in texture, style, color and print. For the working environment, solid models of pastel or dark colors are suitable. Turtlenecks, sweaters with a lock, a high neck will also look stylish.
  6. Jacket - everyday jacket is different from the classic model, it can be fitted, from bright and light fabrics. And you can wear it not only with trousers, but also with jeans, but it is better to shorten the model, which can only be fastened with one middle button.

Casual clothing for men: basic wardrobe

Casual clothing usually revolves around a set of essentials and classic essentials that form the “building blocks” of your personal style.

From everyday trousers, such as well-fitting jeans or chinos, to casual button-down shirts and sneakers, we have collected below those items that you can combine and combine to maximize the potential of your wardrobe.

The choice of material and color scheme

Regardless of whether it will be casual style of men's business clothes or an elegant option, a man must definitely prefer natural fabrics without an admixture of synthetics. If it’s a cold season, you can take clothes from cashmere, wool or tweed, and in the summer such materials as linen and cotton are ideal. Mandatory requirements for fabrics are wear resistance, softness, resistance to pollution, quality.

When choosing a color scheme, the priority should be calm and measured tones, as they are practical and versatile. But it is important that the pastel and deep shades do not look too dull and gray, so you can beat the image with a print or pattern. Stylists advise avoiding the business palette in clothes - black and white. If these are trousers of the same shade, they can be supplemented with a striped and checkered shirt, t-shirt with print and vice versa.


Casual style cannot be imagined without a T-shirt. In the warmer months, it is best to wear a short-sleeved T-shirt that ends in the middle of the biceps. The shape of the T-shirt should moderately fit your torso, and the lower part should end at the level of the belt, just below the waist.

A t-shirt is worn with jeans, boots or sneakers. For a change, try wearing a cotton blazer and chinos. The color of the t-shirt can be any, however, I recommend having a white, gray, black and navy blue t-shirt in your wardrobe.

Lilac casual t-shirt

Black casual t-shirt

1. Jeans

The basis of everyday attire from the 1950s, high-quality Slim fit jeans (straight and tight-fitting trousers) in dark tones will help to slightly “dress up”. And for a more laid-back, “informal” bow, Athletic Fit models will go - a free cut with a slight narrowing downward in lighter colors.

Whatever model you ultimately choose, denim is always a trouble-free element for casual, which can be used as a base for various looks.


Casual shirt is characterized by a variety of colors and patterns of fabric from which it is made. Often a shirt does not refuel, but hangs over jeans or other pants. Choosing a shirt color, be guided, again, by the ability to combine with other elements of the wardrobe. Universal colors: white, blue, burgundy, black, gray. However, you should still have a couple of color options, for a change in your wardrobe.

A casual shirt, like a suit shirt, should fit the width of the collar and the length of the sleeves. The easiest option is to put on a shirt and try to stick 2 fingers between your neck and collar. Turning the head, the collar should remain in place.

The sleeve cuff should end at the start of the wrist. Remember that if you wear a blazer or jacket, the cuff should protrude 1-1.5 cm from under the sleeve of the jacket. See the infographic on how the shirt should sit.

Plaid casual shirt

Blue casual shirt

Stylish casual look

In order to win-win men's style of casual clothing, stylists offer photos of ready-made sets and images for modern men.

2. Casual T-Shirts

T-shirts are an integral part of the main wardrobe of any modern person. A plain t-shirt is an extremely versatile thing that can be easily combined with other wardrobe items. Make it a rule to give preference to simple, but high-quality t-shirts. To be a casual, choose classic cotton crew-neck t-shirts and basic colors. White, navy, black and gray are good starting points.

You can also revitalize your everyday outfit with a pair of t-shirts with bold patterns or designs, but always give preference to the model that fits your figure - let it “hug” your body, but it does not look like a second skin.

3. Polo Shirts

One level more formal than a T-shirt, a polo shirt is another important item in your wardrobe for spring and summer. This item of clothing does not have to be designer or premium, but, as with a T-shirt, it should sit well on you.


Casual style is an urban and casual style that embodies comfort, practicality, versatility, freedom of choice and a great way to express yourself. Two subspecies are supposed to be inside the style - this is the smart casual style, that is, its elegant interpretation for special occasions, as well as a business casual for a business and work environment. And for bold experimenters, modern designers and stylists offer a new round - Street casual, that is, going beyond and creating an individual image.

Business casual

In the business image of a modern man, strict suits and tight ties appear less and less. Clothing for the office is becoming more and more comfortable, because men spend whole days at work, and therefore they can’t constantly feel stress or inconvenience due to inappropriate clothing. So there was a business casual that combines rigor and comfort, conciseness and originality.

You do not need to acquire a lot of things in order to successfully combine elements within the framework of a business casual style. It is enough to pick up a two-piece suit of informal design or purchase elegant slacks for a couple with a classic shirt. The remaining elements of the image can be successfully combined.

Business casual, unlike business style, does not exclude the appearance of jeans in the office image.However, it should be concise models of medium or slightly overpriced fit with straight legs of a muffled palette. At the same time, the remaining elements of the image should be as restrained and elegant as possible.

You can complement the image with a plain shirt with a blazer. Suede lace-up boots are a good pair of shoes.


The sweatshirt with a hood and symbols on the back turned into a casual style from the world of sports, where athletes wore it over t-shirts outside the sports field. The sweatshirt will fit jeans, sneakers, a T-shirt, but most likely it will not fit chinos and a shirt. Therefore, you should choose the right sweatshirt for your wardrobe, so as not to greatly limit yourself in choosing other wardrobe details.

Hoodies can be of any color, but the best is not plain, but colored with an unusual pattern on the back or chest to diversify the wardrobe.

Blue hoodie

Beige sweatshirt

4. Casual shirts

Casual shirts with long or short sleeves are needed when you want to look a bit stricter. For a more relaxed look, it will be enough to unzip it and wrap the cuffs.

Start assembling your wardrobe with primary color shirts. White dress shirt is an absolute must-have. By the way, it is also suitable for the buisness casual style, especially if your company for men introduced a dress code not with certain colors, but simply “business” clothes.

Urban casual

One can guess that there is more freedom in the street bow, and the palette is more varied. The urban casual is distinguished by light breathing fabrics, loose fit, layering. Men can put on a plain shirt over jeans, put on a shortened sweater from above, from under which the edges of the shirt will peek. Undoubtedly, such an image will become somewhat hooligan, but completely brutal and harmonious.

If smart and business casual do not tolerate negligence, then in the city direction some errors are permissible. But this does not mean that you can wear hippie-style clothes, go wide open and do not ironed things. It is worth choosing a practical long sleeve t-shirt with an inscription, plain chinos with lapels and comfortable shoes with a bright palette.


In the cold season, a good sweater helps to warm up. There are a huge number of models, varieties of materials and color of sweaters, which we examined in the article how to choose a sweater for a man. I will mention only a few points:

Thin sweaters with a round and V-shaped collar without buttons and zippers have the most official appearance. Such models can be worn over a shirt or t-shirt. Thicker coarse knit sweaters have a more casual look.

Black sweater

Blue sweater

Casual jacket

Choosing a casual jacket should be guided by the same principles as when buying a business suit. The jacket should sit well in the shoulders, the sleeves should be slightly shorter than the sleeves of the shirt. The length of the jacket should be at thumb level if you lower your hand down. For a casual style, only a single-breasted jacket with one or two buttons is suitable. The material should be from a more everyday line, such as: cotton, linen, tweed, a mixture of cotton and wool.

Try to put on chinos, choose a tie for a jacket and shirt, then you will be able to create a smart casual style that looks already more formal.

Navy casual jacket

Beige casual jacket


This vibrant style is usually characterized by a combination with sportswear-inspired details.

It is often used in:

  • quilted vests
  • jeans of various cuts,
  • various t-shirts
  • sneakers,
  • caps or baseball caps
  • sport bags.

Youth Solutions

The summer look will help out chinos of a nude scale, a light polo, sneakers, loafers or moccasins of an unusual color. It is shoes that are often an accent element of a youth image.In the off-season, preference should be given to jeans with scuffs, a turtleneck or a sweater with a textured pattern, timberland boots.

Leather Jacket

Perhaps one of the iconic things of men's casual wardrobe can be considered a leather jacket. Throughout the XX century, she personified freedom, rebellious character and strength. There is no doubt that your closet should have at least one black leather jacket made of sheep or calfskin, which will look great with jeans, a T-shirt and classic men's shoes.

Leather casual jacket

Casual Leather Jacket

For men 40 years old

Mature fashionistas will love light-colored slacks, knit sweaters with a turn-down collar or plaid shirts, white t-shirts in combination with denim jackets worn on top.

For men of 40 years old, suede and velvet blazers and jackets, chinos and jeans in a dark blue or brown palette are suitable. The office look will benefit from a plain shirt and a knit sweater with a V-neck.

Jean jacket

For many, a denim jacket will be associated with the period of the 90s, when every second man wore a denim jacket. However, fashion is slowly returning and it is quite possible to afford to wear chinos or velvet trousers, and on top a classic denim jacket with a t-shirt.

I strongly do not recommend wearing a denim jacket on top and jeans on the bottom. In a stylish way, this can not be called.

Classic denim jacket

Dark denim jacket

For men over 50

Men over 50 are also willing to put on smart-casual clothing. It is not as provocative as the street version of casual, but it is quite comfortable, modern and pleases with compatibility. For men over 50, straight woolen trousers in gray or brown are suitable. They can be worn with khaki shirts or knit sweaters with a melange effect.

Mature fashionistas are well suited for coats and raincoats, elongated cardigans, laconic jackets that are not worn with classic trousers, but worn together with chinos and jeans.

Duffle coat

Duffle coat is a single-breasted coat with a hood and buttons in the form of a tooth or the fang of an animal. A duffle coat, students, as well as people of art of France and Great Britain, love to wear. Once upon a time, a duffle coat was made for the military, but later became a stylish item of outerwear.

In the fall or spring season, a duffle coat will be a great addition to casual style. As for the color, classic can be called beige or dark blue, but you can buy any other to your liking.

Navy blue duffle coat

Classic duffle coat

Image completion

It remains to choose the optimal pair of shoes and accessories to make the casual look complete. Practical, but bright things will become a good solution. This is especially important if the main elements of the wardrobe are designed in dark colors and do not have prints. Stylists believe that it is best to focus on accessories. Then it will be possible to create interesting and vivid images based on basic things and changing details.


At first glance, a jacket and casual style are not very compatible things. Indeed, in the understanding of most people, this part of the wardrobe is more characteristic of business style.

However, it is often forgotten that jackets are different not only in cut, but also in color.

So, it is hardly possible to put on a bright jacket in a red-yellow-green large cage for business negotiations, but for a walk around the city, for going to the store or for a date - why not?

At the same time, it is also necessary to take into account not only what fabric the jacket is sewn from and what cut it has, but also how it is worn.

In particular, it can either be worn at all:

  • unfastened (if you put on a pullover or turtleneck under it),
  • if the jacket is worn with a shirt, then do not fasten the lower button on it.

Important! A jacket that is worn separately from the suit is called a blazer. It is he who is most often used in drawing up images in casual style.

A blazer can be perfectly combined with any straight or slightly narrowed trousers, and sometimes in this style it can be worn with breeches or with long straight cut shorts.

The color of the jacket can be any, both light and dark.

The cut is preferable to be more loose, and the length is slightly shortened. Look great blazers with rounded floors that are worn in combination with jeans or other pants.

reference! Blazer is absolutely indispensable in business and smart casuals, it gives the image of a man a kind of efficiency and self-discipline, but without undue officialism.

In the video, the stylist tells how to properly assemble a men's kit in casual style ::


A sweatshirt, colloquially referred to as a sweatshirt, came to casual sportswear style. It is sewn from dense knitwear, often with a fleece lining.

Important! This is a very convenient and comfortable clothing designed for the off-season, and sometimes on cool summer days, when it is already cold in a T-shirt or shirt, and it is still hot in a sweater or warm vest.

In the casual style, a sweatshirt is used very widely, and you can put it on:

True, smart and business casuals do not imply wearing a sweatshirt without a blazer, but in smart it is permissible to put it under a jacket over a shirt.

The color of the sweatshirt can be any, as well as the print that is applied to it.

Important! For an image in a smart style, it is better to use plain sweatshirts of soft shades, such as white, gray, black, brown or beige.

For urban and sports casual use in the wardrobe of sweatshirts in bright colors with large multi-color prints or photo printing is acceptable.


In principle, in the casual style, you can use almost any, not too narrow and not particularly wide trousers sewn from a wide variety of fabrics.

Nevertheless, according to the tradition that has already begun to take shape for this style, along with jeans, chinos are considered the most suitable for casual.

They are considered universal and are suitable for both business everyday and all other styles.

Important! In the wardrobe, it is advisable to have several chinos, which in fact are a complete replacement for trousers from an office suit. Moreover, they should be of different shades: more and less formal.

TO formal shades can be classified: brownish, beige, grayish and dark blue, and informal - colors like burgundy, terracotta and green.

From materials for cold time years, it is recommended to choose tweed or velveteen fabrics, and in warm - cotton or mixed (from cotton and linen) fabric.

These pants will look great:

  • with blazers
  • suit jackets.

They will successfully fit into any look and will look stylish and aesthetically pleasing with any top.

Casual shoes

One black and one white sneakers with a minimum of additional details / jewelry - all that you need in the summer or warm spring. You can expand the list of summer casual shoes with the help of top-siders or loafers.

Casual shoes moccasins in dark blue

Brown Top Siding Casual Shoes

In winter, the “Work” boots or sports boots are the best choice. The latter are very similar to sneakers with fur. For more information on men's winter shoes, read in previous publications.

Timberland Boots

Leather sneakers

You can try combining classic shoes and casual style. Classic men's shoes are not only shoes with a pointed toe, so I recommend reading the article on bowandtie.ru here.


Of course, I did not list all the details of the casual wardrobe that are in stores today. Nevertheless, you now have a general idea of ​​everyday style. The main goal that casual style always pursues is to be dressed as comfortable and practical as possible.Choose your size correctly and buy clothes made from natural materials.

Find your casual style and don't be afraid to experiment, because here, as nowhere else you can combine seemingly incompatible things. The main thing is that you feel comfortable in what you wear.

Incorrect color or pattern combination

At first glance, if casual, if not all, then a lot is permissible, since this style implies freedom and the ability to express one's individuality.

But at the same time, some men completely forget that far from all the shades in clothes blend well with each other and as a result can look either too bright or simply tasteless.

reference! Such a combination as, for example, red with yellow and with green, may be acceptable in the pattern on the fabric, but wearing a red blazer, a yellow shirt and emerald green trousers would clearly be a mistake, since in general this image would really be looks like a traffic light.

Use of inappropriate accessories or shoes

Despite the fact that business and smart casuals require more democracy and freedom than business style, nevertheless, this does not mean that wearing sneakers or a sneaker is acceptable in the office.

Moccasins - yes, perhaps, but certainly not sports shoes.

reference! It would also not be very appropriate to use a scarf instead of a tie, especially bright and woolen - it is still not an accessory for the office, but, by and large, and generally not an accessory for wearing indoors.

Wrong size

Things are either too large, or they are sitting, as they say, close-fitting and almost burst at the seams:

  • In both cases, ugly folds are formed, although in different places, and the clothes themselves no longer meet the basic requirement for a wardrobe in casual style: it becomes uncomfortable and not comfortable, which contradicts the very concept of this style.
  • Too long and too short floors and sleeves will not decorate any man either: in the first case, the impression is that he wears clothes from someone else's shoulder, and in the second that he simply grew out of her.

Sweater or sweatshirt too thin

If you put on a sweatshirt, pullover or cardigan over your shirt, then it’s tight and less tight, through which the cloth of clothing worn underneath is not visible or, if the shirt is with a pattern, then also a pattern.

And the wrinkles on the shirt that are clearly visible under the thin sweater do not look very aesthetically pleasing.

Wrong outerwear

Casual style does not at all imply that you can wear anything you want and with anything, regardless of the purpose of this or that thing.

Sometimes you can see some rather strange combinations, such as a sports-style down jacket over a neutral blazer, sometimes even complemented by a tie.

In this case, it would be more appropriate to put on a winter coat over a blazer, possibly a shortened, but not athletic quilted jacket.

Important! In order to understand what style of clothing is appropriate to use in casual style and what is not, you should evaluate things from the point of view of their convenience and practicality. Will it be comfortable in them or not? And, if the answer is no, it is better to exclude this item of clothing from the wardrobe in a casual style.

The video tells about the main mistakes of men when choosing clothes:

The main features of casual style are convenience, comfort and the possibility of self-expression in clothes. He really implies much more freedom than business style and allows each man to show his personality in the selection of clothes.

However, one does not need to think that democracy and freedom of casuals mean permissiveness in the preparation of the wardrobe.

In fact, only following certain rules can make an image truly stylish, beautiful and consistent with the very concept of casual.

5. Cotton pants

Chinos are a great alternative to jeans, and putting them on is a good way to diversify your look.The same outerwear that you wear with chinos instead of jeans will instantly change your overall look.

Invest in the right fit and classic colors such as khaki, navy and beige, which are easy to match with shirts and t-shirts. Comfortable and stylish, chinos are also perfect for a casual dress code and can help create a buisness casual look.

6. Casual cardigan

A casual cardigan (knitted or crocheted) is another ideal item not only not to freeze in the fall and winter, but also to refresh your look from time to time.

Wear casual knitwear as outerwear or under a jacket. Choose a cut that looks good with both your shirts and a T-shirt to have more combinations.

7. Casual jackets

Light and warm jackets are the finishing touch that can add personality to your casual look. This is one of those things that can serve you for many years, so it’s worth investing in a quality model.

Our tip: No matter how cool the novelties may look, but for a basic casual wardrobe, it is better to stick to the classics, which will not go out of fashion in six months.

8. Hoody

You can add one element to your everyday wardrobe that is close to street style - why not? In this case, your style will be called street casual. Hoody will not only keep you warm, but also add a touch of athleticism to your everyday outfits. To look your best we recommend combining it with quality trousers.

9. Casual shoes

Even if you dress casually, it is important to invest in a solid pair of shoes. Fortunately, the casual shoe market has grown dramatically over the past few years, and new high-quality models are released every month. Read our material on this topic to choose your perfect match.

However, do not limit yourself only to sneakers. There are many other options for everyday shoes, such as boat shoes, lofters and moccasins (by the way, we also wrote about them).

10. Cargo shorts and Bermuda

Depending on the occasion and time of the year, a pair of Bermuda or cargo shorts may be the right bottom for your look. But the main condition is that they must be sewn from high quality fabrics and fit your figure well. Even if the situation is very informal, make sure that you do not look inappropriate in them.

11. Accessories

Accessories are ideal to add a touch of personality to your everyday outfit and enhance your look. You can stay in casual and at the same time use accessories that will be in harmony with all the other elements or vice versa - will become a bright accent that creates your own unique style.

The main thing is not to overdo it so that the accessories you have chosen - whether it is a premium watch or a belt - do not go out of the picture and do not look like foreign elements.

1. Define your goals

This will form the basis of your style. Do you want to create an atmosphere of self-confidence? Want to show that you care about the occasion and are dressed accordingly? Or is comfort in the first place for you? Answering these questions for yourself, it will be easier for you to select specific items of clothing that match the chosen goal.

We select shoes

The best shoes for the summer are boaters and moccasins. In the offseason, brogues, loafers, deserts will help out. Chelsea boots and timbers are allowed. Sports shoes may appear in a casual wardrobe, but not in business and smart variations. Men practicing casual style are contraindicated in classic Oxford shoes and military shoes.

2. Do not save on durable things

Some things in your wardrobe will not last longer than a season, so you should not spend too much on them. But others will stay with you for years to come. This applies, for example, to a premium bomber jacket, high-end sneakers or a luxury watch.Decide which parts of the wardrobe you want to use for several years and invest in quality, not quantity.

Watch the video: BUILDING A MEN'S WARDROBE For Beginners. The BASICS. Men's Fashion (February 2020).

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