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18 ways to treat premature ejaculation at home and the causes of the problem

Early ejaculation is a problem that does not depend on the age of the man. This is the most common malfunction in the genital area, occurring in representatives of the stronger sex since 20 years. Single cases are not considered a disease and, accordingly, do not require treatment. But if premature ejaculation has become a constant companion of a man - you should find out the causes of this failure.

Why does pathology arise?

What are the most likely causes of premature ejaculation? There may be several, but first of all, early ejaculation is divided into types:

In the first case, there is an organic lesion of certain areas of the brain that are responsible for sexual desire and genital functions in principle. This is quite rare, and pathology manifests itself already during the first sexual contact.

In the second, this is an acquired problem. That is, the cause of rapid ejaculation is an external provocateur - trauma, infection, medication.

In turn, the causes of early ejaculation are divided into four main groups:

  1. Organic disruption. This refers to diseases in the genitourinary system: vesiculitis, prostatitis, balanoposthitis. Injury of the lumbar spine, serious poisoning, hormonal imbalance (testosterone deficiency) can also cause signs of rapid ejaculation.
  2. Physiology. Here there are factors such as novelty in sex, hypersensitivity of the glans penis, too long a stay without a partner.
  3. Psychological moments. Too early finale is influenced by frequent stresses, chronic fatigue, family scandals.
  4. Genetics. If this was earlier in men in the family, then it is likely to happen in posterity.

There are many reasons for early ejaculation.

Before proceeding to a description of ways to combat this unpleasant condition and listing drugs (tablets, capsules, sprays) from premature ejaculation, you should indicate how you can help yourself in simple cases. For example, if the cause of early ejaculation in a man is the excessive sensitivity of the head, then experts advise using artificial lubricant (this will be discussed below) and a condom. A special prolongator is applied to the penis a quarter of an hour before intercourse. Sometimes in such cases, it is recommended for a certain period before sexual intercourse to engage in masturbation, relieving stress. Thus, it is possible to increase the duration of potential sexual contact.

Sometimes, when asked why the process of rapid ejaculation can occur, the answer is poisoning with alcohol, nicotine or the use of a certain medicine. In this case, the cause of the disorder should be eliminated by abandoning the above.

The remaining causes are identified by diagnosis, but first of all, the doctor is guided by the characteristic symptoms. For example, if a man has chronic vesiculitis (which is usually accompanied by prostatitis), then there may be signs of uneven ejaculation (sometimes fast, sometimes without features). Ejaculation may take place before sexual intercourse begins, and orgasm does not bring satisfaction. Internal causes are identified by the urologist during the examination and diagnostic tests. It happens that hypersensitivity is associated with balanoposthitis or phimosis.In this case, the Aesculapius recommends undergoing the circumcision procedure, since this is often the only way out.

To determine the cause of the disorder, it is advisable to make a diagnosis.

Medical methods

The causes and treatment of early ejaculation are closely related. For example, if a premature orgasm was provoked by diseases of the sexual or other sphere, then they should be treated first, and then the problem will gradually pass away from the life of a man. Therefore, if fulminant ejaculation is an isolated case, then most likely it does not require treatment, but if a pathologically quick orgasm occurs systematically, you won’t be able to do without a doctor. He will prescribe the necessary pills, and soon everything will be fine.

If there are psychological reasons, the psychologist will treat the man.

Behavioral therapy methods, antidepressants (Clomipramine, Paroxetine, Anafranil tablets), auto-training, physiotherapeutic methods are used to control the situation of rapid ejaculation.

There are universal medications that increase the duration of sexual intercourse, delaying the process of ejaculation. These include:

This is a classic medicine that treats premature ejaculation. The tablets begin to work literally 15 minutes after ingestion. This drug is not in vain used in treatment regimens for premature ejaculation - the medicine belongs to the group of selective inhibitors and can increase the duration of copulation by 5 times. Tablets can not be used for hypotension and allergies. Other men are allowed to take the medicine from the age of 18 once a day.

The drug is effective not only against rapid ejaculation, but also has an anti-inflammatory effect, which is very useful for the prostate gland. Useful for increasing the time and quality of sexual intercourse. Increased potency, improved prostate function, getting rid of early ejaculation - this is what you should expect from this tool. With regular use of the medicine according to the scheme prescribed by the doctor, incidents in bed will happen much less often. The drug is dangerous only with personal intolerance to its components.

The drug has many useful properties.

This medicine is used to delay ejaculation an hour before the alleged sexual contact. Reviews about the drug indicate that with an overdose, side effects such as nausea, epigastric pain, diarrhea, headache can occur. Men who are suffering from cardiovascular, oncological diseases, as well as with signs of penile curvature, are prescribed with extreme caution.

If a man quickly has an orgasm during intercourse, these pills are often prescribed. Often a medicine is used for treatment in combination with other drugs. The use of this herbal, natural remedy helps not only in case of delayed ejaculation, tablets also increase libido, improve the quality of sexual intercourse, and activate sperm production.

These pills are also used in the treatment of too fast ejaculation, in addition, improve erectile function. The medicine is not taken with individual intolerance, since side symptoms in the form of nausea, migraines, dizziness are possible.

Herbal-based drugs - dietary supplements - are adequately represented by this medicine.

Men who take these pills are not at risk from early ejaculation.

The composition of the product includes the famous ginseng root, licorice, green tea. These pills, in addition to slowing the secretion of ejaculation, help maintain libido at the proper level, strengthen the erection. In addition to this dietary supplement, VIMAX, VIGRKH PLUS, VIGRX GOLD are also used in the treatment, which includes plants such as ginkgo biloba, dodder seeds, hawthorn, lemongrass, katuaba bark and others.

There is no need to recall the classics of the medical genre, often used, inter alia, to prolong sexual intercourse - Viagra, Levitra, Cialis. It is worth recalling that the effect of the tablets is quite long - up to 36 hours.

To prolong sexual intercourse, classic drugs for potency are often used.

New generation drugs are represented by combined medicines that contain a tandem of Dapoxetine (Priligy) and Viagra, Cialis or Levitra. The following drugs are used for treatment:

  • SUPER P-FORCE (with the addition of sildenafil).
  • SUPER ZHEWITRA (+ Levitra).
  • SUPER Kamagra (with Viagra).
  • SUPER Tadarise (with Cialis).
  • CENFORCE-D (with the addition of Viagra).

Separately, we should return to the topic of sensitivity of the head of the penis. With this feature, even mechanical friction of items of linen can cause an unplanned ejaculation in a man. To reduce this indicator, gels or sprays with anesthetics, for example prilocaine, lidocaine, are used. Stud 5000 spray is a prominent representative of this group of drugs. But painkillers need to be applied only under the condom, because once the woman gets into the genital tract, the drug will complicate her partner's orgasm.

Whatever the methods of treatment and medication, it is still better to entrust the choice to the doctor, especially when it comes to prescribing pills. In general, a man should think about adjusting his lifestyle, avoiding stress, constant fatigue, then sex will be of high quality. Be healthy!

Other symptoms

  • a man completes intimacy earlier than he would like
  • in time, a man is forced to interrupt intimacy in less than 2 minutes,
  • his partner remains unsatisfied or, as a rule, both are disappointed,
  • there is no stability, usually everything happens either very quickly or longer, but not for long.

Usually a woman needs 15-20 minutes to achieve real pleasures of intimacy.

Therefore, the average 5-6 minutes will not help here.

Let us examine in more detail the topic of the treatment of premature ejaculation and the causes of the ailment.

Reasons for the appearance

  1. prostate problems
  2. fear finish it all too soon
  3. time limit
  4. guilt,
  5. weak pelvic floor muscles
  6. cardiopalmus,
  7. increased blood flow
  8. pressure and excitement
  9. stress and any psychological stress,
  10. little experience and illiteracy in the vicinity,
  11. was long abstinence and just long gone
  12. this has been preserved since ancient times, when cavemen needed to have time to multiply quickly so that the predator would not eat,
  13. short bridle,
  14. tense muscles
  15. excessive sensitivity of manhood,
  16. wrong pose (in some positions, you will not be able to hold out for a long time, no matter how hard you try).

If you have a very long gone girls or this was the first time, it’s absolutely normal that your session ended prematurely.

Now, many in search of a method for treating premature ejaculation at home and the reasons to close all these emerging problems are quite justified.

After all, if you meet this problem every time and nothing changes, then this is a serious hindrance, and this threatens to undermine your relationship with any woman.


Fast ejaculation can be caused by various factors. They can be divided into 2 groups.

Physiological background of the violation:

  • Lack of magnesium in the body
  • Short frenum of the penis
  • The presence of inflammation and trauma of the genitals,
  • Hypersensitivity of the head of the penis,
  • Metabolic disorders
  • CNS diseases that adversely affect the functioning of the pelvic organs,
  • Hormonal disorder,
  • Genetic predisposition
  • The consequences of taking the medicine,
  • Passion for smoking and alcohol.

Psychological causes of premature ejaculation:

  • Formed during youthful masturbation reflex,
  • The beginning of sexual activity at an early age,
  • Excessive excitement
  • The obsessive fear that arose after several failures,
  • Neuroses developed on the basis of regular “punctures”,
  • Minimum experience in intimate relationships with women,
  • Chronic fatigue syndrome, depression, constant exposure to stress factors,
  • Concerns about the possibility of infection with infectious diseases,
  • A big break between sexual intercourse,
  • Subjectively too beautiful and exciting partner.

Symptoms and signs

Despite the fact that the norm for the duration of sexual intercourse has not been precisely determined by clinicians, it is generally accepted that ejaculation is premature if frictions during intimacy lasted no more than 2 minutes.

Signs that can also determine the presence of a violation:

  • The ejaculate is released within a few seconds or even before the onset of sexual intercourse,
  • Eruption of the seed occurs at the sight of the female genitalia.

Less commonly, the symptoms of premature ejaculation include a situation where a man reached an orgasm earlier than his partner succeeded.

How to treat premature ejaculation?

There are several correction methods that can help eliminate premature ejaculation. Treatment includes psychotherapeutic techniques and the use of medications. Folk remedies can also help, including herbal medicine, physical activity and non-traditional techniques. In the case of severe severity of the disease, they resort to surgical intervention.


Medicines include creams, sprays and ointments that are used topically, tablets and capsules for oral administration, which directly affect the problem of premature ejaculation.

Also used for therapy are drugs that were originally developed for the treatment of depressive and anxiety conditions, which contribute to the delay in ejaculation.

State Frequency

Premature ejaculation is one of the most common forms of sexual (sexual) dysfunction, and probably every man has had at some point in his life. In the United States, 25% to 40% of men suffer from it. In 1950, American biologist Alfred Kinsey revealed that most men have reported premature ejaculation at least once in their lives.

Types of ejaculation disorder and the clinical manifestations of premature ejaculation

Premature ejaculation (abbreviated PE), according to the International Classification of Diseases — 10, has code F52.4. In men, along with PE, other ejaculation disorders are noted: delayed ejaculation, when ejaculation occurs after a long time, retrograde ejaculation, when the seed flows from the prostate gland into the bladder, and not from the penis, suppressed orgasm in men (orgasmic dysfunction) . The leading sign of premature ejaculation is actually uncontrolled ejaculation before sexual penetration or shortly after it begins, ejaculation occurs earlier than the individual desires it, with the least sexual stimulation. It is possible that this leads both sexual partners to dissatisfaction with sexual intercourse and can increase fears that will further exacerbate this problem.

Clarification of the spread of the phenomenon

Masters and Johnson believed that a man suffers from premature ejaculation if he has an ejaculation in more than 50% of sexual intercourse before his sexual partner experiences an orgasm. Other sexology researchers have identified premature ejaculation as a condition in which a man's ejaculation occurs within two minutes after sexual penetration. In 1950, Alfred Kinsey testified that three quarters of all men involved in more than half of their sexual intercourse spewed seed within two minutes of sexual penetration.In another study, Kinsey reported that it takes less than half of men five or less minutes to achieve ejaculation after a man’s penis is inserted into the vagina. About a fifth of the men examined said that their sexual intercourse lasts 10 minutes or longer. Other men needed more than one hour to achieve ejaculation. A survey of Canadian and American sexologists showed that the average residence time of the inserted penis of a man in the vagina was 7 minutes, that 1-2 minutes for such a stay were too short, and the average residence time of the inserted penis of a man in the vagina was from 3 to 7 minutes was adequate, and a period of 7 to 13 minutes was desired, while a man’s erect penis staying in the vagina for 10 to 30 minutes was too long. Self-reporting surveys have revealed that up to 75% of men ejaculate within 10 minutes of penetration. Today, most physicians understand by premature ejaculation a condition in which a lack of ejaculation control affects the sexual or emotional well-being of one or both partners.

The problem of premature ejaculation

Premature ejaculation from overexcitation (more about the consequences of overexcitation) is a normal phenomenon that often occurs young men aged 16-17 (at the beginning of sexual activity). High testosterone, lack of experience do not allow to control the ejaculation reflex. This can happen to a man at the age of 30-40, but rarely enough. The regular nature of premature ejaculation is a reason to suspect physiological pathology. Due to the rapid ejaculation also psychological problems may arise:

  • The development of an inferiority complex, a decrease in libido, a subconscious rejection of sex due to the consolidation of the status of "rapid-fire",
  • Quarrels with a partner, a breakdown in relationships,
  • Inability to enjoy normal sexual intercourse due to rapid orgasm.

The psychological problem of early ejaculation will soon lead to neurosis and depression, gradually there are symptoms of decreased immunity, the development of cardiovascular and other pathologies.

Intravaginal latent time of ejaculation

Due to the great variability in how quickly a man ejaculates and how long both partners want to continue sex, the researchers quantitatively define the concept of premature ejaculation. Modern data indicate that at the age of 18-30 years, the average intravaginal latent time of ejaculation (VLVE) is six and a half minutes. If the disorder determines the VLVE percentile below 2.5, then they say that premature ejaculation with VLVE is less than one and a half minutes. . However, it is widely recognized that men with HFVD for less than 1.5 minutes could be “happy” with their performance, not talk about their lack of ejaculation control and, therefore, not suffer from PE. On the other hand, a man with a VLEV equal to two minutes can perceive the control of his ejaculation as bad, be upset by his condition, have interpersonal difficulties and, therefore, be diagnosed as PE.

Pathological physiology of premature ejaculation

As is known, the physiological process of ejaculation requires two sequential actions: emission and ejection of the seed. In the emission phase, the accumulation of seminal fluid from the ampullar vas deferens, seminal vesicles and prostate gland occurs in the posterior urethra. In the second phase of the ejection of the semen, a closure of the neck of the bladder is noted, followed by rhythmic contractions of the urethra of the perineal and bulbous-spongy muscles of the pelvis.Sympathetic motor neurons control the emission phase of the ejaculation reflex, somatic and autonomous motor neurons carry out the ejection phase. These motor neurons are located in the thoracolumbar and lumbosacral parts of the spinal cord, they are activated in a coordinated manner when a signal that reaches the ejaculation threshold enters the central nervous system. Several areas of the brain have been identified, especially the paragiantocellular nucleus, which are involved in ejaculation management.

It is believed that the neurotransmitter serotonin (5-hydroxytryptamine) plays a central role in the regulation of ejaculation. Several animal studies have shown its inhibitory effect on ejaculation. Therefore, this is understood as the fact that a low level of serotonin in the synaptic space in these specific areas of the brain could cause premature ejaculation. This hypothesis is supported by the proven effectiveness of selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors (SSRIs), which increase serotonin levels in the treatment of PE.

List of drugs for prolonging sexual intercourse

Experts in the field of andrology note that most of the early ejaculations in men are caused not by diseases, but by psychogenic causes. Unpleasant sexual experience leads to failure syndrome, which is difficult to overcome without psychotherapy.

Medication for sexual dysfunction is indicated for:

  • hypersensitivity of the head of the penis,
  • depressed state
  • chronic prostatitis
  • hormonal imbalance,
  • serotonin deficiency in brain cells,
  • short bridle of the penis.

To improve control over ejaculation using drugs of different pharmacological groups:

  • alpha adrenergic blockers,
  • antipsychotics
  • tricyclic antidepressants.
Taking medications that regulate potency in men should be preceded by a comprehensive examination. Often the cause of uncontrolled ejaculation is inflammation of the prostate, which is treated with antibiotics, uroseptics, antispasmodics.

Diagnosis of premature ejaculation, diagnosis criteria

The doctor discusses the medical and sexual history with the individual and conducts his thorough physical examination. Probably, the doctor will also want to talk with the sexual partner of the individual. Due to the fact that premature ejaculation can have many reasons, it is quite possible that the doctor will prescribe the individual laboratory tests to exclude any other medical problems. Diagnostic Criteria for Premature Ejaculation According to the Handbook for the Diagnosis and Statistics of Mental Disorders IV Revised Edition (American Psychiatric Association)

  • A. Persistent or repeated premature ejaculation with the least sexual stimulation before sexual penetration, during or shortly after it, and before the man wants it. The clinician takes into account factors that affect the duration of the arousal phase, such as age, the novelty of the sexual partner or situation, and the frequency of recent sexual activity.
  • B. This disorder causes severe suffering or interpersonal difficulty.
  • C. Premature ejaculation is not caused solely by the direct effects of a certain substance (for example, with opioid deprivation syndrome).

Company Pfizer Inc. Together with leading experts, she developed a tool (test) for the diagnosis of premature ejaculation to help doctors and patients. The methodology and results were published several times at medical congresses and in peer-reviewed medical journals. Three different categories of patients were distinguished: without PE, with probable PE and the presence of PE.


A medicine to improve ejaculation control is available in tablet form.Dapoxetine hydrochloride prevents the reuptake of serotonin by nerve cells, which leads to an increase in its effect on post- and presynaptic receptors. In other words, the drug affects the ejaculation reflex, as a result of which the impulse of the perineal organs decreases. Due to this, the stimuli leading to ejaculation are weakened, sexual intercourse is lengthened.

Features of the use of Dapoxetine:

  • single dose - 60 mg (1 tablet),
  • time of admission - 1 hour before sexual contact,
  • compatibility with alcohol - in small quantities.

Dapoxetine is used for the symptomatic treatment of sexual disorders in men 18-64 years old. It is not recommended to exceed the dosage due to possible adverse reactions - tachycardia, hand tremor, dizziness, vomiting, drowsiness.

Lidocaine test

In order to determine the indications for surgery, lidocaine 10% solution is used. Lidocaine is a medicine used for anesthesia. Also, for the test, you can use Emla ointment. Both drugs can be purchased at a pharmacy without a prescription. There are 2 tests - selective and complete. Testing is carried out at home without the participation of a doctor.

  • 1. Selective "lidocaine test." Before an intimate relationship, the frenulum of the penis and the lower surface of the head are processed until complete loss of sensitivity. Next, sexual intercourse is performed in a condom or the drug is washed off with water. You should evaluate the duration of sexual intercourse, the quality of the erection and the safety of orgasm and ejaculation. The test is carried out several times.

If the time of sexual intercourse increased, and the quality of sex was good, the patient is shown an operation - circumcision of the foreskin with plastic frenulum. In some cases, circumcision can be supplemented by lateral denervation of the glans penis (sensory nerves running along the lateral surfaces of the penis to the frenum and lower part of the head are removed), which allows for a more pronounced result.

  • 2. Complete "lidocaine test." If during the selective test, the time of sexual intercourse increased slightly, the next stage of the lidocaine test is performed - the entire head of the penis is completely processed. If the test is positive, the patient is shown a microsurgical operation - selective or total denervation of the glans penis (with restoration of nerve trunks).

The option of surgery is discussed with the attending physician depending on the clinical picture of the disease and individual test parameters. Such an operation can be done under local anesthesia without the need for hospitalization and a full clinical examination. Surgical treatment is a quick and reliable way to treat early ejaculation in patients with increased superficial sensitivity. It avoids the use of drugs from the group of antidepressants, which can have a negative effect on libido and erection.


A herbal preparation based on extract of pollen belongs to dietary supplements, is available in capsules. It is intended to delay ejaculation in men with:

  • failure syndrome
  • short frenum of the penis,
  • hypersensitivity of the head of the penis,
  • chronic prostatitis.

Ogoplex is rich in amino acids, streptolysin inhibitors, minerals, fatty acids, which have different therapeutic properties:

  • prostatotropic
  • diuretic
  • decongestant
  • anti-inflammatory.

Features of use and dosage for early ejaculation:

  • the optimal dose is 1 capsule,
  • taking medication with food.
  • the course of therapy is 30 days.
The drug prevents stagnation in the organs of the reproductive system with hyperplasia and inflammation of the prostate.

Differential diagnosis

Premature ejaculation is distinguished from erectile dysfunction associated with the development of a more general medical condition.It is possible that some individuals with erectile dysfunction cancel their usual strategies for delaying orgasm. Other individuals need long-term stimulation outside sexual intercourse in order to achieve a degree of erection sufficient for the introduction of the penis of a man. Such individuals may have such high sexual arousal that ejaculation occurs immediately. A sporadic problem in the form of premature ejaculation, which is not persistent and not regularly or is not accompanied by severe suffering or interpersonal complications, does not fall under the criteria for making a diagnosis of premature ejaculation. The clinician takes into account the age of the individual, general sexual experience, recent sexual activity and the novelty of the partner. When problems with premature ejaculation are caused solely by the use of a chemical (for example, opioid deprivation syndrome), then the sexual dysfunction induced by this substance is diagnosed.

Signs and types of rapid ejaculation

Before you start rapid ejaculation treatment, need to understand when the pathology is already such, and when - not? As a rule, medicine does not consider accelerated ejaculation a pathology if it is not adjacent to a lack of fertility. But that doesn’t mean that early ejaculation treatment impossible. On the contrary, knowing what premature ejaculation, and which doctor to consult for advice, almost any man can normalize his intimate life.

On average, sexual intercourse lasts from 7 to 14 minutes. If most of the sexual intercourse takes less than 5 minutes, it makes sense to talk about premature ejaculation. Doctors identify at least five signs of the disease:

  • the orgasm is spontaneous, and its onset cannot be controlled,
  • orgasm occurs before the introduction of the penis into the partner’s vagina,
  • sexual intercourse consists of less than 25 frictions.

Each case must be considered individually. Quick ejaculation from time to time is quite normal, for example, in young men whose sexual life is still irregular. In other cases, you must always consult a doctor to understand how to treat rapid ejaculation.

The physiological causes of premature ejaculation

Rapid ejaculation, causes which is caused by a violation of the activity of organs and systems, are often found in men of mature age. Knowing about these diseases, you can understand how to deal with rapid ejaculation.

Rapid ejaculation in men in most cases, it is a consequence of increased sensitivity of the glans penis. Which, in turn, is a consequence of phimosis (narrowing of the foreskin) or balanoposthitis (inflammation of the glans penis). The first reason is a man’s innate feature and lends itself perfectly to surgical treatment. The second reason is a sexually transmitted disease. If the problem appeared suddenly, there is every reason to think that as causes of rapid ejaculation favored venereal disease.

Diseases leading to premature ejaculation in menare not necessarily directly related to the penis. Often, the cause can be found in endocrine pathologies, accompanied by hormonal disruptions. As well as the sexual strength of a man is affected by his general state of health. For example, in severe poisoning, a man can learn from experience what is premature ejaculation, even if I had never encountered such a phenomenon before.

Finally, to understand what might be the cause of rapid ejaculation in men, you need to remember the mechanism by which an orgasm occurs. The response to a certain erotic stimulus stimulus is formed in the brain, after which the signal is sent to the spinal cord.That, in turn, sends impulses to the nerve endings on the glans penis. If the connection of synaptic transmission is broken at any stage, for example, due to damage to the spinal cord, a man may experience various disturbances in ejaculation: late ejaculation, early, or complete lack of erection.

Psychological Causes of Rapid Ejaculation

As causes of premature ejaculation psychological barriers may appear that prevent a man from opening up during the sexual process. This can be fear, regular stress, overexcitation due to prolonged abstinence, lack of confidence in your partner. Any of these factors activates the sympathetic part of the autonomic nervous system, which speeds up the heart rate and respiration.

In this state, an orgasm usually happens very fast ejaculation, which a person can control by consciously calming down, normalizing or even holding his breath, relaxing muscle blocks on the body.

To psychological reasons for early ejaculation external factors can also be added. For example, when a sexual contract occurs in conditions of increased danger, when strangers can catch a couple, the man’s brain gives a subconscious signal to accelerate. Therefore such early ejaculation in men hardly a manifestation of pathology.

Causes of rapid ejaculation in men under 30, for the most part, psychological. This may be fear of sexual intercourse, stress, chronic fatigue, depression. Sometimes a man may distrust a particular partner or find her attractive enough so that his emotional state will provoke rapid ejaculation. Most often this happens with a new partner, and after the moral relationship between a man and a woman becomes more trusting, the problem resolves by itself. However, in some cases, due to unsuccessful one-time experience, a man begins to get very worried and look for a solution, how to get rid of quick ejaculation with a girl. And then the problem can occur again and again.

Genetic reasons - This is an inheritance of the problem of early ejaculation. In this case, the problem is present permanently, a man may not have experience of normal sex life at all. Such pathologies are most difficult to treat, but they are not common.

Symptoms of rapid ejaculation

The main symptom of rapid ejaculation is short intercourse. But in order to use this term, it is important to understand: early ejaculation - what is it? The average sexual intercourse lasts from 4 to 10 minutes. This framework is not strict, because partners can, with the help of special tools and techniques, extend, or, conversely, shorten coitus time.

If the vast majority of sexual intercourse does not last longer than 3 minutes, it makes sense to talk about such a phenomenon, like a quick ejaculation. What to do with such a feature of man? If it is not a consequence of the disease, and does not cause psychological discomfort, there is no point in thinking, how to avoid rapid ejaculation. But if the situation becomes a problem in your personal life, you should definitely consult a doctor to find out a symptom of which is premature ejaculation.

Diagnosis of early ejaculation

Correct diagnosis is half the success in business, how to deal with premature ejaculation. To detect, what is the reason for rapid ejaculation in men, you need to contact a urologist or sexopathologist as soon as possible, tell in detail about the frequency of such cases and related circumstances. This can be a chronic disease, constantly taking drugs, recent injuries or operations.

After that, the doctor finds out whya man has rapid ejaculation, assigning him laboratory tests and functional diagnostics:

  • hormone tests,
  • tests for genital infections,
  • bladder cystoscopy,
  • urethroscopy
  • Ultrasound of the pelvic organ.

First, the doctor collects the patient’s history, finds out how long a person has been faced with a delicate problem, what events accompanied or preceded sexual intercourse, whether he has chronic diseases.

After that, the doctor examines the genitals. Sometimes finding out the reason why does rapid ejaculation occurends directly at this stage. This happens if a man shows phimosis.

Also, the doctor may notice signs of a sexually transmitted infection, but a diagnosis cannot be made without preliminary laboratory diagnosis. Therefore, the doctor directs the patient for examination or independently performs scraping from the urethra.

Laboratory diagnostics also include hormone tests that are given on an empty stomach by taking venous blood. These laboratory tests are mandatory for any violation of potency. Reason for Early Ejaculation cannot be clarified without examination of the human endocrine system.

There are specific tests that are conducted by doctors in order to better understand the cause of rapid ejaculation, if the clinical picture is not clear enough. The most popular simple and affordable is the lidocaine test.

A lidocaine test is a diagnostic method in which lidocaine in the form of a spray or a special anesthetic gel is applied to the penis immediately before sexual contact. If this diagnostic measure acts as quick cure rapid ejaculation, and the man immediately feels that the sexual intercourse is prolonged, the doctor prescribes to the patient either surgical circumcision of the foreskin or special means that dull the sensitivity of the glans penis.

There is also the so-called test of antidepressants. In this case, the doctor prescribes antidepressants from the necessary group to the patient, after which the man checks their effectiveness directly during sex. It is important to remember that the effect of such drugs does not occur immediately. And you also need to understand that such drugs are very dangerous, so it is strictly forbidden to take them yourself, without a doctor’s prescription.

In case of diagnostic manipulations, what to do with early ejaculation, do not reveal any pathology, and the lidocaine test does not bring results, there is reason to talk about the psychological causes of the disease.

Why ejaculation is fast

The answer to the question why it happens from time to time rapid ejaculation during intercoursecannot be universal and unambiguous. Under the influence of external factors, a long break in an intimate life or a strong overexcitation, accelerated ejaculation can occur, and rapid ejaculation treatment not required.

Orgasm is a complex process in which both physiology and the human psyche are involved. At the first stage, a person has a reaction to a certain stimulus, for example, an erotic picture, a touch. But there is a beginning of sexual arousal always starting in the brain.

And the direct physical reaction of the body - erection and ejaculation occurs as a result of activation of synaptic connections from the spinal cord, which makes the nerve endings on the glans penis more sensitive.

Normally, this process takes a certain amount of time from the onset of arousal to ejaculation. If the frictions occurred immediately after arousal, sexual intercourse will last longer than if the arousal will increase for some time.

But sometimes changes can occur in this process. At a young age, when a man does not yet have enough sexual experience, ways to combat early ejaculation are the most relevant. Firstly, he has sufficient masturbation experience in which he is used to ejaculate after a certain period of time. Secondly, emotionally he is more vulnerable, therefore his sexual arousal is usually brighter and stronger.

Men of mature age are also not immune from the problem, how to prolong ejaculation. At this age, the physiological causes of rapid ejaculation predominate.

Before finding out how to get rid of quick ejaculation using the methods of modern pharmacology or psychotherapy, you need to understand why does early ejaculation occur. And to find out it is possible only in a specific individual case, there can be no universal answers in this case.

Masturbation Rapid Ejaculation

Masturbation is a natural part of any man’s sex life. Pursuing self-satisfaction, men tend to ejaculate faster. Hence the myths that frequent masturbation affects the quality of sexual life, therefore treatmentearly ejaculation First of all, it is required for those who have extensive experience of self-satisfaction.

But in fact, the fact of masturbation does not have any effect on the quality of sexual activity. But the technique of masturbation may well become the reason that a man will need treatmentpremature ejaculation. That is, acting with a hand, a man accelerates the onset of orgasm, increasing the effect of the hand on the penis. Sometimes this process is associated with psychological problems, for example, in the case when at a young age the boy was afraid to be caught in masturbation, so he tried to accelerate the onset of orgasm.

Before you find out why fast ejaculation comes after frequent masturbation, it is important to understand that our psyche seeks to automate any processes in order to achieve a reduction in energy expenditure. Therefore, any patterns of behavior are fixed quite easily with their regular repetition.

On average, a man masturbates once every 48 hours. At a young age, this happens more often, in mature, with a constant partner, less often. But if, according to these statistics, at least 150 acts of self-satisfaction per year in a man are accompanied by an accelerated orgasm, it is not surprising that the brain takes this pattern as a template, and in the future the man faces such a problem as early ejaculation. What to do in the event that masturbation causes a deterioration in the quality of life?

It is important to understand that the role is not played by masturbation itself, but by the technique of its execution. Therefore, you can try to change the method of masturbation, try to delay the onset of orgasm as much as possible.

Treatments for premature ejaculation

Definition causes and treatment of rapid ejaculation carried out only by a doctor. It’s strictly forbidden to try to get rid of the disease on our own: firstly, it’s impossible to establish the exact root cause of early ejaculation, secondly, there are many different ways, how to curerapid ejaculation.

Preparations and medicines for rapid ejaculation

Symptomatic ejaculation treatment includes taking medications that extend the time of intercourse.

If ejaculation occurs quickly, sex therapists may recommend drugs that improve erection due to the blood supply to the cavernous bodies of the penis. These drugs are quite effective, can make an intimate life more vibrant and sensual. But there are several points that are important for any patient to know about:

  • treatment of premature ejaculation should be prescribed by a doctor
  • It is strictly forbidden to exceed the dosage,
  • Before use, you need to check the activity of the heart muscle.

A great example of such a drug is Viagra.Its cost is from 600 to 900 rubles per tablet. But Viagra also has generics, which, as a rule, cost customers an order of magnitude cheaper:

  • Viatail - about 650 rubles for 4 tablets,
  • Sildenafil - about 550 rubles for 10 pieces,
  • Vizarsin - about 520 rubles for 4 pieces,
  • Maksigra - about 800 rubles for 4 pieces,
  • Erexesil - about 1000 rubles for 4 pieces.

The drug for local use is lidocaine in the form of a spray, which can be bought at any pharmacy. It is evenly sprayed onto the glans penis, after which it is necessary to wait for the anesthesia effect to work. In stores with intimate goods there are special lubricant gels which include lidocaine:

  • NAISC,
  • PEINEILI Men Spray,
  • LongLast Men Spray,
  • God Oil India,
  • Super Dragon 6000
  • Scorol Men Spray.

If medication is not effective, the doctor may advise the patient how to get rid of early ejaculation using psychological techniques. Sexologists recommend the use of breathing techniques, muscle tension. In especially difficult cases, when psychotherapy and pharmacological assistance do not bring results, the nerve is cut from the head of the penis.

Drug therapy is an almost indispensable condition for treatment. With the help of medications, infections that affect sexual function can be eliminated. Also used for the treatment of drugs:

  • antidepressants
  • adrenergic blockers,
  • tranquilizers.

The danger of such therapy is that these groups of drugs affect not only the sexual abilities of a person, they affect the whole body.

Psychotherapy and Sexual Therapy

Psychological treatment of premature ejaculation sometimes required against the background of eliminating physiological and pathological causes.

If a man’s fertility persists amid early ejaculation, treatment is optional. The duration of sexual contact is an individual factor that depends on many reasons, many of which a man cannot influence at all.

But in the event that the sexual intercourse is too short, the male partner does not receive proper satisfaction. For a man, this can become a serious psychological problem that will affect the quality of human life. therefore how to treat premature ejaculation - the question is not only of improving the technique of sexual intercourse, but of the whole life of a man.

How is the elimination of psychological causes and treatment of premature ejaculation? A psychotherapist or sexologist helps a man find the necessary positive attitudes that will allow him to calmly relate to the problem, overcome fear of intimate contacts.

If then what causes rapid ejaculation - Nothing but depression or chronic stress, the doctor will choose the necessary medication: antidepressants, tranquilizers, nootropics.

Head sensitivity reduction

Hypersensitivity of the glans penis is a common reason why a man is faced with rapid ejaculation. In some cases, it is necessary to resort to surgical methods for treating early ejaculation. But sometimes you can do it yourself.

A quick way to reduce the sensitivity of the mucous membrane of the penis is to use a dense condom, in some cases you can wear two protective equipment at once.

A longer way to reduce sensitivity is to coarsen the skin of the head of the penis. To do this, you must regularly rub it with a hard washcloth. But it is important not to get involved in the procedure excessively: if the mucous membrane is damaged too much, inflammation will occur. In this case, inflammation will increase the risk of genital infection, which can also lead to premature ejaculation.

Stop start technique

Methods, how to treat early ejaculationusually include delayed orgasm or "stop start". This is a technique that requires preliminary training. For a man whose question is how to treat early ejaculation is not relevant, delaying the ejection of the seed is not problematic. To do this, you should monitor the onset of orgasm, after taking actions in order to delay the orgasm: remove the penis from the girl’s vagina and hold it at the base, or pull the scrotum down with your hand.

But for a man who considers the technique as a way treating symptoms of premature ejaculationIt can be a great way to increase the duration of sexual contact. First, you should train during masturbation, then proceed to the implementation of the method with a partner, which is better to warn about the problem and the treatment methodology used.

Surgical treatment

If treatment of the causes of rapid ejaculation does not help, you can turn to surgical treatment. Surgery is used for physiological causes of pathology. Most often, the doctor offers one of two methods of therapy: circumcision of the foreskin or plastic frenum of the penis.

The principle of these operations is that after them coarsening of the mucous head occurs. But in some cases, the sensitivity can be so strong that even its decrease after surgery will not entail an improvement in the quality of sexual life. In this case, you can perform denervation of the head.

Prolongation of sexual intercourse

The term extension means extension, and if a man is looking for a solution, how to deal with premature ejaculation, successfully implemented extension methods allows you to instantly see the effect.

This category includes all methods that can prolong sexual contact - and interruption of sexual intercourse, and breathing practices, many other ways, how to avoid premature ejaculation in men.

Use of prolonged funds

The prolongation of sexual contact sometimes involves the use of special drugs - ointments, sprays, and even special condoms.

The effect is based on how to prevent rapid ejaculation in men with local anesthetics. To do this, a lidocaine solution or a special lubricant is applied to the glans penis, and then, when there is slight numbness, you need to put on a condom and start sexual contact. If you ignore the need to put on a condom, the partner may experience discomfort during sex.

Physiotherapeutic Activities

Physiotherapy can give a good result with regular and systematic treatment. For treatment of the reasons why men ejaculate rapidly, The following methods are used,

  • visual color impulse stimulation,
  • acupuncture,
  • laser therapy
  • electro-therapy,
  • galvanization,
  • electrophoresis.

Before how to prevent early ejaculation With the help of physiotherapy, the doctor studies the patient’s history for contraindications to the procedures, and then prescribes a complex that will eliminate the problem.

Treatment with folk remedies premature ejaculation

Many men do not know how to get rid of rapid ejaculation, do not even realize that this can be done with folk remedies. There are a large number of alternative medicine methods that contribute to solving this male problem. The healing properties of plants help a man prolong ejaculation. Consider the most effective recipes for the treatment of rapid ejaculation by alternative methods.

This is a folk remedy that can prolong sexual intercourse, You can cook in two ways:

  1. To prepare a healing tincture, you need a crushed root lovage in the amount of 2 tbsp. l., add to it 0.5 l. medical alcohol or vodka.Leave to stand for 3 weeks in the dark. At the end of this time, the infused alcohol should be separated from the precipitate. Take 2 tsp. medicines three times a day before meals.
  2. You can also be treated with decoction based on the root of a lovage. To make it, you need 1 tbsp. l crushed root of the plant, add 1 cup of boiled water. Put to simmer for 10 minutes. Then insist for about 30 minutes. The medicine you need to drink 1 tbsp. l three times a day.

The regular use of this folk remedy ensures the extension of sexual intercourse.

  • Oregano and calendula.

One more folk method of prolonging ejaculation. For its preparation, crushed dried oregano flowers in the amount of 2 tbsp will be required. l and calendula - 1 tbsp. l In the ingredients, add 1 cup of water from a boiled teapot only, insist for several hours. At the end of this time, strain the prepared infusion, consume 1 tsp. three times a day before a meal. Long-term use of this folk remedy will help in the future how to prolong sexual intercourse for a man.

This folk remedy Helps to get rid of rapid ejaculation. To prepare it, you will need 50 g of dried small oak bark and 1 cup of alcohol or vodka. Combine the components, leave to infuse for 2 weeks. At the end of this time, the finished product is separated from the precipitate. Take 3 tsp liquid. three times a day before meals.

  • Motherwort and hops.

You can extend sex with another folk remedy. In order to cook it, you should take 2 tbsp. l dried motherwort and 1 tbsp. l small hop cones. Pour in 0.5 l ingredients. only boiled water. Insist for 4 hours. Then strain the finished infusion. Drink this medicine three times a day for 1 tbsp. l

Spend fast ejaculation treatment can be a folk remedy prepared on the basis of periwinkle. To do this, take 1 tbsp. l herbs of this plant, add 1 cup of water. Put on fire, bring to a boiling state, cook for about 15 minutes. After easy cooling of the broth, it needs to be filtered. Drink 2 times a day according to this scheme: 10 drops in the morning, 5 drops in the evening. In no case should you take a larger amount, since vinca-based decoction is a toxic substance, an excessive amount of which can negatively affect a man’s state of health.

  • Clefthoof Root.

One more a way to get rid of quick ejaculation by folk methods. To cook it, you need 1 tsp. Clefthoof root, add 1 cup of boiled water to it. Put on medium heat to cook for 40 minutes under a closed lid. Cool the broth a little, remove the precipitate and take 1 tbsp. l 5 times a day.

  • Mint, oregano, motherwort.

Given folk remedy for premature ejaculation is prepared in this way: All ingredients should be taken in equal proportions. Mix herbs thoroughly. Take 4 tbsp. l mixture, add 1 liter. boiling water. Leave under a closed lid for about 30 minutes. At the end of this period, strain the infusion. Drink in the form of tea 1 glass 2 times a day.

  • Rosehip, motherwort, three-leaf watch.

You can extend the riser with such a folk remedy: finely chop the rose hips, add the same amount of motherwort grass and three-leafed shift. Mix the components, take 3 tbsp. l mixture, add 1 liter. water. Boil the liquid, cook for half an hour. Cool the prepared broth a little, drink 1 glass a day. The duration of such treatment takes longer if compared with other methods of exposure.

You can treat early ejaculation with the help of such a folk remedy as a coriander broth. To prepare it, you need 1 tbsp. l coriander seeds, to which add 1 cup of water.Put in a water bath for 15 minutes. After the liquid has cooled, take 50 ml three times a day.

  • Yellow egg.

Here is another one folk remedy how to increase ejaculation: You will need yellow capsule roots and vodka crushed using a blender or grater in a ratio of 1: 1 in quantity. Leave to infuse for 2 weeks. Strain the infusion, extract 150 ml from it, add 2 cups of vodka. Take 1 tsp. every day for a week. The next 7 days, take 1 tsp. more.

Folk remedies for prolonging sexual contact in most cases give a positive result. But for the correct use of unconventional drugs, you should consult a specialist, since some medicinal plants contain toxic substances in their composition. Excessive amounts of them in the body can negatively affect not only erectile function, but also the health of the man’s body as a whole. Also, do not forget that folk remedies can be used for prophylactic purposes to prevent primary or secondary premature ejaculation.

Do these remedies help? First of all, I must say that all the described methods, how to prevent early ejaculation, work due to calming the nervous system and increasing vitality. If rapid ejaculation is the result of stress and other psychological reasons, the described remedies can show a positive effect.

Traditional medicine is considered a safe method of treatment relative to pharmacological drugs. In fact, even herbal decoctions should be taken with great care, since they:

  • may react with medications taken,
  • may cause allergic reactions,
  • have an undetermined period of elimination of the components of the composition from the body.

Before how to treat premature ejaculation with the help of alternative medicine, you need to consult your doctor. In some cases, for example, with impaired filtration ability of the kidneys, it may prohibit the use of any decoctions and tinctures, in others it may recommend specific recipes or preparations based on a natural plant basis.

The effectiveness of traditional medicine with premature ejaculation

Medicinal plants, on the basis of which medicinal products are prepared, not only help to prolong sexual intercourse for a man, but also improve his well-being in general. The essence of the action of healing herbs is the following effects on the male body:

  • dullness of the penis,
  • prevention of nervous tension and stressful conditions,
  • sleep normalization
  • improvement of emotional state.

The principle of action of folk remedies for early ejaculation is a beneficial effect on the central nervous system. Such drugs have a relaxing effect on the male body.

But Before treating premature ejaculation with alternative methods, it is better to consult a qualified specialist and undergo an examination. Perhaps the cause of this problem is a certain disease of the genitourinary system. By eliminating it, you can get rid of early ejaculation.

Prevention of early ejaculation

Folk remedies for premature ejaculation help to solve the problem, but the result should be fixed, observing preventive measures. Full health will not allow this malaise to develop as primary, as repeatedly. For this the following rules should be followed:

  1. Compliance with the daily routine. A man should devote enough time to rest. Sleeping requires at least 8 hours a day. But at the same time, in no case should you lead a sedentary lifestyle. This leads to stagnant processes in the pelvic organs, as a result of which premature ejaculation is observed.Also, the daily regimen provides for eating at the same time, which has a beneficial effect on health.
  2. Healthy lifestyle. Harmful habits negatively affect men's health. They can not only cause early ejaculation, but also gradually lead to erectile dysfunction. Therefore, it is mandatory to get rid of bad habits, such as smoking or uncontrolled consumption of alcoholic beverages.
  3. Physical activity. It should not be forgotten that excessive physical activity, as well as a sedentary lifestyle, have a negative effect on the health of men. Therefore, for normal health, the representative of the stronger sex should visit the gym regularly, it is useful to go to the pool. At the same time, one should not forget that physical stress during training is harmful.
  4. Regular sex life. Sexual life should be stable. In this case, random connections should be neglected. This can lead to sexually transmitted diseases, which will lead to more serious consequences than premature ejaculation.
  5. Proper and balanced nutrition. For everyday eating, you need to choose foods rich in vitamins, minerals and other beneficial substances. No need to interrupt with a dry gun and snacks during the day. Meal should correspond to the regimen of the day. It is good to eat as many seasonal fruits and vegetables as possible. Try to minimize the use of fatty, fried, spicy, overly salty foods.
  6. If a man’s quick-shot is caused by hypersensitivity of the penis, then at the time of intimacy it is better to use a condom. This will help not only protect against sexually transmitted, viral and infectious diseases, but also dull the sensitivity, which will prolong sexual intercourse.
  7. Protected sexual intercourse.
  8. A regular visit to the doctor to diagnose genital infections.

In cases where the treatment of premature ejaculation by folk and other means does not give the desired result, it is required to seek the help of an andrologist or sexologist. After a thorough examination using ultrasound diagnostics and tests for sex hormones, the doctor will establish the exact cause of premature ejaculation and prescribe the appropriate treatment.

It is impossible to completely get rid of the risk of rapid orgasm. But using the above rules, you can minimize the risk of pathological and psychological reasons why a man has rapid ejaculation.

In addition, knowing why it arises premature ejaculation what is it and what to do with rapid ejaculation, to which doctor contact, a man will be able to quickly and correctly deal with the problem.

Using all the methods of prevention described above, regularly visiting a doctor for a scheduled examination, you may not know personally, what is early ejaculationretaining strong sexual function for many years.

1. Pump your pelvic floor muscles (MTD) with Kegel exercise

Trained MTD (pelvic floor muscles) will help you prevent the moment of the early end of the session.

Everything comes from the prostate. It is when it begins to contract that an orgasm occurs. Pelvic floor muscles surround the prostate.

Learn to consciously strain and compress them.

How to find these MTD

  • The very muscles that make you sharply abort urination, and are the muscles of the pelvic floor (MTD). You also strain them when you go to the toilet on a small and squeeze last drops. They were invented by a doctor named Kegel.
  • Second method find them. When your instrument of enjoyment has fully risen, make it jump by straining your muscles in your pelvis. The very muscles that are tensing at the same time are what you need.
  • Kegel exercise is used in bed with your beloved by compressions MTD, if you come "close".So pump these muscles in your free time.
  • Know how to tighten your pelvic floor muscles in isolation from other parts of the body, separately from muscle groups such as: press, legs, buttocks.
  • At first, it won’t work out completely, but gradually you will learn how to do it and get rid of worries about how to treat premature ejaculation. We previously wrote about doing the Kegel exercise in another guide.

What are the reasons for early ejaculation?

There are two types of PE:

  • primary,
  • secondary or acquired.

Primary is PEif a man has never had a prolonged sexual intercourse, starting with the very first intimacy (this does not apply to cases of masturbation).

Secondary is PE in men who initially had no problems with ejaculation.

Initially, doctors were convinced that the main reason is stress or conflict.

These factors can really poison any pleasure, and therefore, play a role in the occurrence of PE.

The mistake characteristic of most men is the attempt to cope with the problem on their own through tough self-control during intimacy.

This can only help if the initial cause of premature ejaculation was caused by the inexperience of a man, that is, has a psychogenic character.

In all other cases, self-control will not be able to extend the duration of the actand the man will fail again. There are no incurable diseases, and early ejaculation is no exception.

What to do if you become the next victim of such a disease? How to cure early ejaculation? As an option, to find a girl from a deep province that did not know a single man, did not read books and has no friends. That is, one who does not know at all that you can enjoy sex and what constitutes the process of sexual intercourse.

But there is always the option that she at some point learns about how everything should happen. But, of course, this is not serious. After all, a real man is able to cope with any problem, so that this disease can be overcome. You should know that there is no such medicine, after drinking which the man immediately gets rid of the existing problem. The treatment process is rather complicated, but you can recover!

  1. Originally doctor at the clinic conducts an external examination, then an ultrasound of the genitals is prescribed, tests for the detection of infectious diseases are given, a number of special tests are performed. If inflammatory processes are detected, treatment is prescribed.
  2. Are held sessions of sexual and psychological therapy, methods of self-regulation are mastered, the method of distraction is applied. A man should form a line of behavior that allows him to recognize the sensations that arise when an orgasm approaches and exercise control over him using a special technique.
  3. Drawing on a head of a member special ointments and funds from early ejaculation, and having sexual intercourse in a condom, will help reduce hypersensitivity. If one condom does not sufficiently reduce susceptibility, then you can use two, or even three. However, this is quite uncomfortable, and the ointment should be applied to the frenum immediately before contact, literally in 10 -15 minutes.
  4. The use of antidepressants and antipsychotic drugs slows down nervous reactions, and can delay ejaculation. Usually, medication is taken three hours before contact, sometimes their use is recommended for life.

  • Significant results in the treatment of early ejaculation can be achieved using acupuncture and reflexology in combination with physiotherapy.
  • When thinking about how to get rid of early ejaculation, doctors often recommended earlier circumcision. But this measure is quite radical and can lead to a complete loss of sensitivity of the head of the penis, which is fraught with deterioration of erection and weakening of the resulting orgasm.
  • In almost all cases (95% out of a hundred), control over ejaculation is achieved when introduced into certain areas of the penis head hyaluronic acid. The basic rule when applying this method:

    It is necessary to administer a cure for early ejaculation by a specialist who has deep knowledge in the technique of injections into urogenital zones. The procedure itself is simple, lasts from 15 to 50 minutes, the patient can successfully have sex a week after the injection.

    If something is wrong with the head of the penis, then we advise you to read the article, where there is a photo of balanoposthitis of various types. These are common diseases in men that need to be treated.

    Find out here how to diagnose varicocele.

    And here: https://man-up.ru/bolezni/andrologiya/impotentsiya/erektilnaya-disfunktsiya.html you can read about how the best way to prevent erectile dysfunction (impotence).

    How to avoid becoming a victim of a problem

    Any disease is easier to prevent than treat it. Therefore, the following rules should be followed:

    1. Lead a healthy lifestyle. It is not so difficult, you should establish a dream, exercise and eat right.
    2. Must have regular sex life. After all, with prolonged abstinence in a man, the process of the onset of ejaculation occurs much faster, and a woman on the contrary needs much more time for the onset of orgasm than usual.

    Someone has delayed ejaculation. And this is also considered a problem. Therefore, one should not strive for too long sex.

    Means of local application

    The main principle of the method is the use of agents containing anesthetic components. Applying or spraying on the genitals blocks the nerves of the penis. Due to this, orgasm and ejection of the seed occurs later.

    The main active ingredient is lidocaine, or a substance with a similar effect. It is recommended to use them under a condom, otherwise getting the product on the walls of the female vagina can deprive the partner's orgasm. Emla gel, SS-cream, Stud 5000 spray - the most popular drugs with which you can carry out anesthetic treatment of ejaculation disorders.

    The disadvantage of this therapy is that many people are allergic to lidocaine and analogues. In this case, you need to look for an alternative way to prolong sexual intercourse.


    Selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors belong to the group of antidepressants. The main indications for the use of SSRIs are the treatment of disorders of psychological genesis and a number of mental illnesses.

    In the process of tests and studies, it was found that the additional effect of the drugs is the ability to delay ejaculation. It has been proven that in the treatment of this group of antidepressants, a high percentage of recovery, which is why this type of therapy is considered a promising way to correct rapid ejaculation.

    The most famous drugs: Paxil, Sertraline, Fluoxetine. Given the peculiarity of the composition and indications for use, it is impossible to acquire these drugs on their own, they are under strict control.

    However, some clinicians are opposed to this method of treatment. They believe that the use of side effects to correct the problem is fundamentally wrong, in addition, SSRIs can cause difficult tolerable concomitant reactions:

    Moreover: taking antidepressants can lead to the opposite effect, disrupting sexual function and lowering libido. Therefore, despite the proven effectiveness of such a technique, it is considered quite controversial, and before resorting to it, it is necessary to weigh the pros and cons with the doctor.

    The instructions for many dietary supplements created to solve problems in the sexual sphere indicate that they can be used to treat premature ejaculation in men.

    According to the reviews of professionals and patients, the most effective and tested are Sealeks, Vimaks, Neurodose.

    Increased head sensitivity

    High sensitivity of the penis head It happens both congenital and acquired due to diseases. Check the degree of influence of this factor on ejaculation using lidocaine testavailable at home. For this, Emla ointment or a 10% lidocaine solution is purchased at the pharmacy. One of the tools you need first process the bridle of the penis, and then have sexual intercourse (in a condom). With an insignificant result, the agent is applied to the entire head. If the duration of sexual contact has increased, then the problem of premature ejaculation is really in hypersensitivity. You can get rid of it yourself (but temporarily) in several ways:

    1. Anesthetic ointments (the same "Emla" is suitable), sprays and lubricants. Drugs are applied 10-15 minutes before sex (for starters only on the bridle), then they need to be washed off the penis or put on a condom, since anesthetics can cause allergies and loss of sensitivity of the partner's genitals.
    2. Cock rings - special devices from intimate stores. Put on the base of the erect penis. By lightly squeezing the vessels and the urethra, they help prevent premature ejaculation.
    3. Condoms with a prolonged effect - with thick walls and anesthetic inside. You can start with thick-walled without lubrication, as some men lose an erection due to unusual sensations from anesthetics. Some just put on two regular condoms.
    The price of condoms for 3 pcs from 189 rubles.

    You can eliminate excessive sensitivity for a long time using the folk method - always open the head (you can slightly fix the foreskin with something). Gradually, during friction against the laundry and from exposure to air, the skin will become rougher (as after circumcision). It is important not to damage the skin and not to cause infection. To do this, it is recommended to periodically use the ointment "Levomekol."

    It is possible to combat premature ejaculation caused by hypersensitivity using herbs:

    • Lubricate the head with peppermint juice before sex
    • Drink tincture of cornflower or oak bark,
    • Add raspberry and currant leaf to tea regularly. The substances contained in them contribute to a decrease in the sensitivity of member receptors.

    Experimenting with sensitivity of the head during premature ejaculation is permissible only with full confidence in the absence of inflammation (balanitis). There should be no redness, swelling, rash. Otherwise, suppression of symptoms will translate the disease into a chronic stage.


    Pharmaceutical Drug Sealeks - a bioadditive of complex effect. In addition to the main purpose - the delay of jaeculation, with its help it is possible to increase stamina and sexual activity, strengthen the immune system and give the orgasm brightness and saturation.

    The dietary supplement contains only plant components: green tea, extracts of eurycoma, creeping palm and ginseng root, extracts from licorice roots and sowing garlic. The drug does not work at all, but side effects are extremely rare.

    Surgical methods

    Radically correct the increased sensitivity of the head, get rid of premature ejaculation is possible through surgical methods:

    1. Head denervation - dissection of the nerves of the penis. There are 2 options for the operation: with subsequent stitching of the fibers and without it. In the first case, sensitivity will recover after some time, but premature ejaculation usually does not return due to the development of a new ejaculatory reflex.
    2. Head Augmentation - The introduction of hyaluronic acid between the skin and nerve endings. In this case, a slight increase in its size occurs. Every six months, the procedure is repeated, since the acid resolves, however, as in the case of temporary dissection of the nerves, a new reflex may develop.
    3. Circumcision - removal of the foreskin.

    Surgical methods are used mainly for primary premature ejaculation caused by congenital hypersensitivity of the head.


    Phyto-remedy, which occupies the first positions in the ratings of dietary supplements, with which it is possible to cure premature ejaculation. Capsules have a prolonged effect, respectively, course treatment is necessary for several weeks.

    With the help of the drug, sexual intercourse becomes longer, sperm secretion slows down, a stable and long erection is provided. The natural formula includes:


    You can prolong sexual intercourse with PDE-5 inhibitors ("Viagra"). The mechanism of work in this case is the same as that of the erection ring - from an increased rush of blood, the sensitivity of the head is somewhat reduced. There is another aspect: premature ejaculation often occurs against a background of weak potency (sluggish riser), and PDE-5 inhibitors cause a maximum erection, in which cavernous bodies completely straighten and compress the nerve structures, reducing their sensitivity. The drugs also help to cope with some psychological causes of early ejaculation.

    One of the most commonly prescribed agents for premature ejaculation is SSRI antidepressants (selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors). These include fluoxetine, sertraline, and paroxetine. The substance dapoxetine, known under the brand name Priligy (Priligy), has been specially developed for the treatment of early ejaculation. Antidepressants can be taken sporadically, but the greatest effect is achieved with course therapy.

    In some cases, antispasmodics are used in the treatment of premature ejaculation: spasmolitin, papaverine. These substances slow down the translation of nerve impulses. The relatively harmless medicines have the same, but less pronounced effect: tincture of motherwort or valerian.

    With premature ejaculation, accompanied by excessive anxiety or neurosis, are prescribed anxiolytics (Afobazole). Doctors also recommend antidepressant "Trittiko". The tool is well tolerated, helps to improve the quality of sex and its duration. Early ejaculation therapy can be supplemented with a homeopathic remedy Impaz, the course of treatment which lasts about 3 months.


    Phytopreparation for premature ejaculation is available in tablet form. It contains:

    • wild lettuce - prevents involuntary ejaculation,
    • pearl parmelia - weakens stimuli that provoke sexual discharge,
    • Hawaiian rose - regulates the content of sex hormones in the blood,
    • burning mucuna - restores potency, increases male fertility,
    • long-leafed asterant - normalizes spermatogenesis,
    • male orchis - increases sexual stamina,
    • snake raufolvia - has a moderate sedative effect.

    The regularity of taking the drug with accelerated ejaculation:

    • single dose - 1 tablet,
    • regularity of admission - morning and evening,
    • course duration - up to 4 weeks.

    The drug is not prescribed for guys who have not reached the age of 18.


    Neurodosis is another example of a natural complex that successfully copes with the problem of premature ejaculation.

    Designed specifically to correct violations of the completion of sexual intercourse, it can also be used as an additional source of minerals and vitamins that a man needs.

    The product consists of 2 amino acids, magnesium, vitamin B6, L-glutamine and phenylalanine.These components inhibit the process of ejaculation, fight anxiety and the effects of stress.

    Orgasm Control Methods

    You can avoid premature ejaculation with the help of a partner. Feeling the climax is approaching, the man gives the woman a signal, after which she presses a finger on the point between the scrotum and anus. This is a small depression located closer to the anus. Squeezing the duct helps stop the flow of sperm at the beginning of its path without the risk of being thrown into the bladder.

    You can learn to control ejaculation by training the pubic-coccygeal muscle. There are two methods for this: kegel system (squeeze-relax 200 times in 2-3 sets per day) and interruption of urine flow for 10 seconds (2-3 times for urination). These exercises are also useful for prostatitis.

    During intercourse, when orgasm approaches, the muscle needs to be squeezed for several seconds, while the stomach is pulled in and held in breath. Subsequent deep abdominal breathing will help relieve arousal. Then the frictions continue.

    You can also delay ejaculation pulling the testicles, thus returning sperm to its original position. For this, the scrotum above the testicles must be carefully wrapped around the ring formed by the thumb and forefinger, and with a little effort to pull down.

    What a man can do on his own to slow down ejaculation and restrain the growth of arousal:

    • Press with your thumb on the base of the bridle, while the middle and index fingers press on the other hand,
    • Squeeze the penis with the whole brush, press the urethral opening with your thumb,
    • Squeeze the root of the penis from two sides (at the pubis and under the scrotum).

    These methods of restraining premature ejaculation can be used when training according to the method Stop startbased on the masturbation of the penis, first to "dry", then using a lubricant. The task of the exercises is to learn to correctly recognize the threshold of orgasm and take timely measures to reduce arousal.

    In teaching effective ejaculation control oriental practices can help. In a popular language, ancient Chinese Taoist techniques are described in the book by Mantec Chia. Some men were able to cope with premature ejaculation with the help of yoga, qigong gymnastics. Regular exercises help stabilize the nervous system.


    Paroxetine-based antidepressant belongs to the group of selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors. Like Dapoxetine, the drug affects the mechanism of ejaculation, prolonging sexual intercourse. Unlike many tranquilizers, it does not affect the quality of sleep.

    Features of dosage for accelerated ejaculation:

    • the minimum therapeutic dose is 10 mg,
    • the optimal dose for sexual dysfunction is 20-40 mg,
    • the course of therapy is from 2-3 weeks.

    Treatment is carried out under the supervision of an andrologist. If necessary, adjust the dose. Due to possible mental disorders, you cannot suddenly stop taking this drug.

    Paxil is not combined with MAO inhibitors, thioridazine-based drugs, which is associated with a critical increase in liver load.


    If ejaculation occurs quickly, this does not mean the presence of pathology. For many men, a modest duration of sexual intercourse is the norm, physiological feature (typical for small penis sizes). Correction is required only in cases where premature ejaculation causes psychological and physical discomfort.

    Physical exercise

    An alternative method of controlling your own ejaculation is a special set of exercises developed by Kegel. From his point of view, the basis of the disorder is a violation of the mechanism of innervation of organs located in the pelvic region.

    The main exercise is that it is necessary to strain 2-3 times a day, and then relax the pubic-coccygeal muscle.At the beginning, you can limit yourself to 15 times, but gradually it is necessary to bring the number of repetitions 50 times.

    Muscle contraction should occur during inspiration, after which you need to wait 2-3 seconds and relax as you exhale. There are no special requirements for breathing, it should be free.

    Other techniques and tricks

    Due to the fact that half of the conditions that cause premature ejaculation are psychological in nature, many men are recommended to undergo a full course of psychotherapy. The main cause of the disease is found in the process, and the patient, together with the psychotherapist, is engaged in its correction.

    There is also a special technique that allows you to control ejaculation, called "Start-Stop". Its essence is as follows:

    • At the time of ejaculation, a man removes the genital organ from the vagina,
    • Strongly squeezes it at the base of the head, blocking the release of sperm,
    • As soon as the feeling of an approaching orgasm recedes - sexual intercourse can continue,

    Thus, gradually you can extend the time of intimacy.

    Simmans’s technique is also effective provided that he has a trusting relationship with a regular partner. It is built on the principle of masturbation without orgasm. First, the stimulation is carried out independently, then with the help of a woman. Another way is to press 3 fingers on a point located between the scrotum and anus. Its activation must be carried out before the climax.

    Acupuncture, eastern spiritual practices, and breathing exercises also help. A successful way is to count frictions in combination with breathing control. The man focuses on the counting process, thereby inhibiting the onset of ejaculation.

    Herbal medicine is another unconventional method by which the prevention of premature ejaculation is possible. Means based on calendula, motherwort, oregano and lovage roots will be effective if the herbs are properly harvested and prepared according to the instructions listed in the recipe. Occultism advocates can sometimes accompany this treatment with conspiracies and rituals. Similar methods are still popular in remote villages and remote areas of the country.


    Sertraline tablets are used to delay ejaculation with:

    • failure syndrome
    • chronic stress
    • depressive conditions
    • obsessive-compulsive disorders.

    Stimuloton belongs to antidepressants from the group of serotonin uptake inhibitors. It has almost no effect on the capture of other neurotransmitters - dopamine, norepinephrine. Therefore, it does not show sedative activity and does not harm the work of the heart.

    • daily dose - 25-50 mg,
    • frequency of admission - 1 time in the morning or in the evening,
    • the duration of treatment is from 2 weeks.

    If necessary, prolonged use of the drug select the lowest therapeutic dose. Stimuloton is prescribed with caution to older men, which is associated with the risk of hyponatremia - a critical decrease in the level of sodium in the blood.


    Each tablet contains 20 mg of fluoxetine, an antidepressant that is a weak antagonist of alpha-adrenergic receptors. It almost does not affect the work of the cardiovascular system, enhances the analgesic effect of other drugs. Fluoxetine improves control of ejaculation in men with mental disorders. The drug eliminates anxiety, improves mood and fights with failure syndrome.

    General recommendations for taking the drug:

    • the optimal dose is 20 mg,
    • the maximum dose is 80 mg,
    • frequency of admission - 1 time per day,
    • the duration of treatment is from 3 weeks.
    If within 1 week the clinical effect of taking fluoxetine is absent, the therapy is reviewed.

    It is not recommended to independently increase the dose to improve control over ejaculation. An overdose is fraught with nausea, hand tremor, angioedema.


    It is possible that the doctor will give a recommendation to the man and his partner to practice specific techniques for delaying ejaculation, for example, Kegel exercises. These techniques may include capturing the sensations that lead to ejaculation and manipulating them to give a sign of slowing or stopping sexual stimulation.

    The practice of relaxation techniques and the use of the distraction method can help a man in delaying his ejaculation. To increase the time before ejaculation, Masters and Johnson recommended a stop-and-continue technique. This requires significant cooperation between sexual partners, communication between them and, perhaps, will be difficult for some.

    Another method is to control the time of the onset of ejaculation instead of preventing it. The exercises include, for example, Kegel exercises, which relate to the achievement of voluntary control of the LK muscle (pubic-coccygeal muscle, thereby giving the individual more control over his ejaculation. If a man has premature ejaculation of the seed, then they say that control of this muscle is lost, therefore, training to maintain control of it, can help some men.

    The simple exercises usually prescribed by your doctor can significantly improve the management of ejaculation in men whose premature ejaculation is caused by neurological factors. The books of Mantec Chia and other books on Taoist sexual practices describe training of the LC - muscles (pubic-coccygeal muscle). significance of fact? There are exercises for stretching the muscles of the legs - exercise "butterfly" - which helps to relax the muscles of the legs and lower back, which undoubtedly gives a positive effect.


    In cases requiring treatment, various drugs have been tested to help slow the rate of onset of sexual arousal. Some men prefer to use anesthetic creams, however, such creams can sometimes suppress the sensations of a partner, and, as a rule, are not recommended by attending physicians. Antidepressants, anti-anxiety medications known as selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors (SSRIs) are sometimes used to treat premature ejaculation. Among them are fluoxetine (prozac), paroxetine (paxil) and sertraline (zoloft), deprivox, dapoxetine (primaxetine). These drugs are used due to the fact that their side effect consists in the suppression of orgasm, which helps to delay ejaculation, lengthen the time of onset of ejaculation. The use of SSRIs for the treatment of premature ejaculation has nothing to do with the treatment of depression. Clinical trials have shown that paroxetine gave the greatest increase in vaginal latent ejaculation time. Often clomipramine helps in severe cases associated with dysfunction of the central nervous system, as opposed to psychological factors. An additional advantage of this drug is its improvement in the quality of erections in some patients.

    Surgical treatment of premature ejaculation

    Currently, for the treatment of premature ejaculation associated with increased surface sensitivity, a microsurgical operation is developed - denervation of the glans penis.

    To determine the indications for surgery, a “lidocaine test” is performed.

    Penile head denervation with restoration of nerve trunks. A penis skin incision is made just below the coronal sulcus, as with circumcision of the foreskin. After that, the skin moves to the base of the penis and access is made to all nerve trunks going to the head of the penis. Next, the nerves cross with their subsequent stitching using microsurgical technique. The operation should be completed by circumcision of the foreskin.After the operation, complete anesthesia of the glans penis is observed for 2-3 months, the duration of sexual intercourse is significantly increased. But after 3-4 months, sensitivity is partially restored. By this time, the patient usually forms a longer ejaculatory reflex. A prerequisite for this is regular sex life after surgery, which is not always feasible. The relapse rate with this variant of the operation reaches 30-50%.

    Selective denervation. The operation is carried out as in the first case. The difference is that the nerve trunks after the intersection do not stitch. About 60% of the nerve trunks intersect. The sensitivity of the glans penis is partially preserved due to the remaining nerves. This technique is more reliable and guarantees a stable result, provided that the operation was performed for medical reasons (positive "lidocaine" test). It should be noted that these nerves (dorsal nerves of the penis) are sensitive. They do not belong to erectogenic (cavernous) nerves. The operation on the denervation of the glans penis has no direct organic effect on erection. However, a decrease in the sensitivity of the glans penis can indirectly worsen an erection in patients with existing psychological or organic causes of sexual dysfunction (depression, neurosis, "failure expectation syndrome", atherosclerosis, diabetes mellitus, hypertension, decreased testosterone, etc.). In this regard, the conduct of the "lidocaine test" is a key point in choosing a treatment method, as it allows not only to determine the indications for surgery, but also to guarantee the absence of negative effects of the operation on erectile function.

    The most dangerous muscle groups

    1. pelvic floor muscles
    2. buttocks,
    3. legs,
    4. press,
    5. hips
    6. hands,
    7. shoulders.

    An uncomfortable posture with strong tension in dangerous muscle groups is one of the main causes of premature ejaculation in men.

    These muscle groups should be completely relaxed.

    3. Control the level of excitement during the act and be aware of what stage you are at

    • Create your own scale from 1 to 10 and during the process, understand and mentally be aware of what scale you are from 1 to 10.
    • Hold on on a scale closer to 5-6. Focus on a neutral middle and you will be happy.
    • From the very beginning foreplay, from the very first seconds you should already be in control of your condition, guided by the scale.
    • Always ask myself: "How close am I to the point of no return?"
    • Always stay away from 9.

    Learn to recognize how your body and excitation mechanics work. Thus, you will know the answers to many questions about how long not to finish a guy or an adult man.

    4. If a wave rolls, learn to slow down, stop and get it

    If you feel that a wave of excitement is enveloping you, you can always stop and to get.

    The wave of excitement has subsided, you can continue again.

    Thus, following this advice and doing pauses, you’ll be less concerned about problems on how to get rid of premature ejaculation.

    5. Use the technique of 1000 strokes

    Before making love, you set yourself up for the next think: "I will not allow myself to finish until I make 1 thousand reciprocating movements."

    So, psychologically, you are setting yourself up for a longer act.

    Other technical advantages:

    • The countdown keeps you from getting down early
    • You change the focus of attention from the bottom of the body to the account in the head,
    • By the time of 1 thousand it will be enough for the partners to be satisfied, and the question of how to increase the duration of the act in men at home was closed.

    8. Think of shocking things during the act.

    If you feel that the process is beginning to approach, start thinking about all sorts of unpleasant or logical things.

    for instanceA grumpy and nasty grandmother next door sits in a toilet.

    This is an effective technique for beginners helps to remove anxiety on the topic of how to prolong sexual intercourse in men at home.

    How fast, quick breathing spoils everything

    • With quick and shallow breathing, the body receives signals of general anxiety.
    • The body sees rapid breathing as a sign that the body is receiving few oxygen.
    • Seed is released so that you calmed down and the anxiety disappeared.

    Sometimes a man’s habit of breathing or holding his breath becomes an occasion to search for various forums on the treatment of premature ejaculation and the reasons for such a quick surrender.

    What is the essence of proper breathing

    • Do not breathe the upper part of the lungs, breathe belly.
    • Must be conscious, slow and deep breath.
    • Tentatively: inhale 3 seconds, delay 3 seconds, exhale 3 seconds.
    • Total 9 seconds.

    These are the rules for those who want to know everything about fast-shooting and how to deal with this ailment thanks to the proper breathing technique.

    10. Relax and slow down: do things a lot slower

    Do it a lot slower nowhere do not hurry and slow down.

    Feel free to ask your partner to stop if approaching.

    Just tell me if the partner is moving very energetically: “Wait a moment, please. Stop a bit, let's slow down».

    And yes, you are still in it, but the friction has stopped for a while, and you retained your potential for a long evening.

    Many shy talk during intimacy. Well, in vain! We already wrote about this in another article on the site.

    11. Advice from the people

    Let's move on to the treatment of premature ejaculation with folk remedies.

    What herbs help:

    • decoctions and tinctures of valerian herbs,
    • calendula herbs
    • motherwort grass
    • periwinkle
    • lemon balm herb.

    It will also be beneficial to eat beekeeping products (honey, bee bread and others).


    To prevent early ejaculation in men, Primaxetine, an antidepressant based on dapoxetine, is used. The potency regulator reduces the sensitivity of the nerve endings of the perineum, as a result of which ejaculation is delayed during intercourse. The drug is prohibited for guys under 18 years old.

    Recommendations for the use of Primaxetine:

    • tablets are taken regardless of the meal,
    • single dose - 2 tablets (60 mg),
    • admission time - 1-1.5 hours before sex.

    Andrologists do not recommend combining the drug with alcohol, Tamsulosin, PDE-5 inhibitors and systemic antifungal agents.

    Methods for preparing tinctures

    1. Pour 1 cup boiling water over 20 g. Periwinkle and let stand brew for 20 minutes. After that, you can open the lid and let cool. Strain and take 2 drops per day, 10 drops. Take a break of 3 days and repeat the reception.
    2. Rosehip berries, calendula herbs, leaves of a three-leaf watch and motherwort grass are taken in equal proportions and ratio. Wash and all this together can be chopped and brewed in boiling water as in a bag. Drink a decoction of 1/4 cup per day for about 3 months. Done. We also talked about other similar tinctures here.

    12. Treat everything with humor, do not feel guilty and shame

    The right psychological setting:

    • Do not make yourself too high demands.
    • Do not make this drama.
    • Learn to laugh at yourself.
    • Do not push yourself and do not load.
    • There must be self-irony.

    These items will remove the anxiety and fear that prevent you from enjoying the process with the girl. They will clear up concerns about how to deal with premature ejaculation and overcome this boiling point.

    The essence of the meditation technique with a focus on breathing

    1. The essence of breathing meditations - This is to monitor the breath.
    2. It should be smooth, deep and calm.
    3. Your whole focus should be breathing.
    4. Neither in thoughts, nor in the past, nor in the future.
    5. If thoughts trying to blow you away, you come back again and focus on your breath.
    6. Deep easy inhale and exhale.
    7. You feel your lungs fill up, the diaphragm expands and contracts.
    8. Follow this procedure 2 times a day morning and evening before bedtime.

    Thus, you will learn to control your breathing during intercourse.

    Such a technique will affect your overall relaxation, measured heartbeat and will cover questions about which medications for premature ejaculation are better to use.

    It is incorrect breathing that is a common reason and answer to the question of why a guy quickly ends with his beloved.

    14. Transfer the focus of your attention and allow energy to circulate freely in the body

    • Where your attention - there is your energy.
    • Learn to change your focus from the genitals to the whole body during intercourse.
    • Let the energy loose circulate through your body.
    • Otherwise, in a stressed state, all channels for energy will be closed.
      Then she is going in the genital area and there she will try to go outside, because she has nowhere else to go.

    Thus, you give space for energy in your body and do not drive it into one place from where it can escape.

    15. Use a super chip with eyes

    A good remedy for premature ejaculation is to monitor the condition of the eyes.

    1. If you feel that you are beginning to approach, open your eyes wide.
    2. Nature taught us the opposite: when it approaches, roll them up and close.
      You are doing the exact opposite.
    3. Open your eyes look wide and deliberate in front of you.
      No need to stare at a partner. For example, you can just look away.

    16. Recognize that her organs are not made of gold.

    • Realizethat her genitals are not made of gold.
    • It is just a part of her body, and not some divine charm or zone of nirvana.
    • The process itself intimacy does not require any religious approach.
    • Making love is an ordinary natural process that does not require dancing with a tambourine and fireworks with fanfare.
    • Do not attach all unnecessary importance.

    17. Apply a pull technique

    The next treatment for premature ejaculation due to a short frenulum or many other psychological factors is to retract the testicles pushwhen approaching.

    Usually they are pulled closer to the bodywhen it starts to approach.

    We do, on the contrary, and do not allow reflexes to work, pulling energy from your belongings.

    It's like we cheat on reflexes body.

    • Everything is done smoothly and without sudden movements.
    • It will be necessary to stop and delay in advance, and not at the point where control is already lost.
    • Usually pulled with the index and thumb.

    18. Do not forget about exercise

    A healthy and active lifestyle has not been canceled.

    Especially for those who have sedentary work, or if you move a little during the day.

    for instanceThe following activities will be helpful:

    • Running (blood circulates better in the pelvis and lower part).
    • Yoga (the ability to control the upcoming energy below).
    • Gymnastics.
    • Campaigns in saunas and baths.

    Greetings. It was very interesting to read the article. I want to share my case from life. I also suffer from this delicate disorder.

    In general, very late I began to communicate with girls, and, probably, this left its mark. He also believed that they were all such divine beings. Almost always used to put them on a pedestal. Now I read the article and see how my beliefs are illusory and erroneous.

    I have formed such an incorrect picture of the process of rapprochement with women and their proximity to them.

    I also noticed that I have very weak pelvic muscles. Those that are recommended to be trained in the article. I don’t know at all how far I am from the finish line or close.There is work to do. Apparently, this comes with practice.

    Now I am better aware of the causes and treatment of premature ejaculation with drugs and various natural methods. I thank the authors of the site for this.

    From my experience. First you need to understand why this woman has such high significance for you? We ourselves endow a specific woman with these medals so that we will quickly finish from her. A little need to be more pragmatic. This is just the woman I'm sleeping with. Its significance must be lowered.

    I was also helped by advice, when during intercourse you pay attention to two things: you look at her earlobe and at the corner of the wall at the same time. That is, you redirect your attention.

    When the wave begins to approach, do you start thinking about how my neck feels now? Is there any vertebra clamped there? So, I remove all my focus from the groin area somewhere higher. And energy is also redirected due to this.

    No wonder the authors pay much attention to breathing. The method I use if I have come very close to the line: these are three consecutive short breaths of air, and then a long and deep exhale after that. If each breath lasts for about half a second, then one long exhalation is about 5 seconds.

    This helps to normalize lost breathing, bring oneself back to normal, and get distracted.

    And so there is a lot of useful material. Thanks to the authors of the site. Now I understand much better about how to prevent premature ejaculation and avoid disapproving views from the beloved.

    Sustinex 30

    Sustinex 30 is a structural analogue of Primaxetine, which is used to delay ejaculation with:

    • chronic prostatitis
    • Depression
    • hypertrophy of the prostate.

    Tablets for delaying ejaculation are taken in courses of 3-4 weeks. A single dose is 30-60 mg. The drug is used only when necessary, 1 hour before sexual intercourse. It is undesirable to take Sustinex more often than 1 time per day.

    After 4 weeks of taking the drug regularly, the andrologist conducts an examination, during which he determines the feasibility of further treatment with antidepressants.


    In 1 capsule of the drug, 56 or 112 mg of sertraline, a serotonin reuptake inhibitor. It is used to delay ejaculation caused by:

    • stress
    • depression
    • anxious conditions
    • obsessive-compulsive disorder,
    • failure syndrome.

    Sertraline is taken 1 time per day after meals in the following dosage:

    • initial dose - 25 mg,
    • the average dose is 50 mg,
    • the limiting dose is 200 mg.

    If the cause of sexual dysfunction is eliminated, the drug is gradually withdrawn, which eliminates the risk of exacerbation of mental disorder. In the early days of early ejaculation therapy, men often complain of increased sweating, jumps in blood pressure, and thirst. In most cases, adverse reactions disappear after 2-3 days.


    Konegra is a drug for the treatment of erectile dysfunction, which is available in tablet form. 1 tablet contains 50 or 100 mg of sildenafil, which stimulates blood flow to the penis. The drug does not affect the sensitivity of nerve endings in the perineum. But due to the achievement of a stable erection, it is possible to reduce psychological discomfort during sex and overcome the inferiority complex.

    An overdose of the drug is dangerous with priapism - a painful erection that does not go away even after ejaculation.

    In case of violation of sexual function and weakening of control over ejaculation, 50 mg of the drug are taken 50-60 minutes before sex. If necessary, the dose is doubled. It is undesirable to take Conegra more often than 1 time per day.


    Rapid ejaculation tablets contain antibodies to endothelial NO synthase. Impaza is indicated to restore sexual function in:

    • unstable erection
    • decreased libido
    • failure syndrome.

    For impotence, take 1 tablet. It is held in the mouth until dissolved.The course of treatment is 12-15 weeks. To improve control over ejaculation, it is recommended to take 2 tablets 1-2 hours before the alleged sex.


    The drug belongs to the group of myotropic antispasmodics. Diprofen is used for problems with ejaculation caused by vasospasm. Tablets block the conduction of nerve impulses from the pelvic organs to the corresponding areas of the brain, as a result of which it is possible to delay ejaculation during intercourse. To combat sexual disorders, take 1 tablet (0.2 g) twice a day. Under the supervision of a doctor, the frequency of administration and the dose of the drug are increased.

    Andrologists do not recommend the use of Diprofen in cornerstone glaucoma, heart pathologies.

    What you need to know before using medication

    The duration of the frictions for each man is different. It happens that penisovaginal contact lasting up to 20 minutes is not enough for sexual satisfaction of a partner. But from a medical point of view, ejaculation is considered premature, which occurs with sexual intercourse lasting up to 2 minutes.

    Most men take uncontrolled ejaculation as premature, which is not true. This causes:

    • failure syndrome
    • depressed state
    • psychogenic impotence.

    Before proceeding with the treatment of sexual dysfunction, it is necessary to verify its presence. To do this, contact an andrologist who will prescribe laboratory and instrumental studies, tests using barrier contraceptives and local anesthetics.

    In half the cases, men self-medicate and choose alpha-blockers as potency regulators. Preparations of this group increase the load on the cardiovascular system, therefore, pose a danger to the suffering:

    • hypertension
    • myocardial insufficiency
    • atrial flutter.

    If the cause of the weakening of control over ejaculation is a psychological problem, you will need to consult a psychotherapist. In half of the cases, to complete the psychogenic form of pathology, it is enough to undergo a psychotherapeutic course.

    Ejaculation before or during sex is a problem that occurs in 25-60% of all sexual disorders in men. Drug treatment without eliminating the provoking factors is only symptomatic. To achieve recovery, it is necessary to eliminate the cause of early ejaculation - failure syndrome, prostatitis, thyrotoxicosis, penis hypersensitivity, etc. To solve the problem, make an appointment with an andrologist, sex therapist, psychotherapist.

    Watch the video: Causes and Treatment of Erectile Dysfunction Video Brigham and Womens Hospital (February 2020).

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