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Practical and fashionable baby haircuts for boys

Men's hairstyles today are so diverse and interesting that model haircuts began to be done by little boys. But the classic haircut under the pot does not go back to the past, but is still relevant.

But is it possible for all boys to cut their hair with such a hairstyle? No, not everyone. And why you can find out by reading the article.

History of the origin of hairstyles

Under the pot - the first fashionable haircut. The first to become a haircut were men who lived in the XIV century.

The principle of creating such a hairstyle was very simple: a clay pot was put on the head, which was suitable in shape and size, and the hair under the edges of the pot was cut off.

Today, the haircut has been changed, it looks more stylish, but the classic version also remained in fashion.

Not only men and boys are now cutting a pot, the hairstyle is very popular among the fair sex. Women learned how to style hair styling with a hairdryer or curling iron, achieving an original, creative appearance and emphasizing their individuality.

At what age is this type of haircut most appropriate?

From a huge variety of hairstyles, masters recommend a haircut under the pot for boys at the age of 1-3 years.

This is due to the following points:

  • Children's hair of different lengths and structures, so it’s easier and easier for masters to make just such a hairstyle,
  • The hair is still thin, so it is easily confused. To avoid this, the boy’s haircut should be without long strands,
  • The hairstyle should be extremely simple and quickly implemented, because children due to their age are very restless.

A kid with such a haircut will look not only neat, but also stylish. Such a “cap” on the boy’s head gives volume to thin hair, allowing you to create a beautiful everyday hairstyle.

Why not cut your baby at the age of 7?

At the age of 7 to 10 years, boys begin to grow up and want to stand out among their peers. A seven-year-old boy can be allowed to take part in choosing a hairstyle. The child will undoubtedly want something fashionable and stylish, because hairstyle under the pot goes to kids and adults, the first grader wants something more interesting.

But experts do not recommend cutting a child at this age under a pot for a simple reason: active hair loss. Therefore, hairdressers are advised to choose extremely short haircuts.

If a seven-year-old baby definitely has a hairstyle under a pot, then you can certainly return to her. But you should consider a couple of nuances:

  1. Make sure the baby’s hair doesn’t fall out,
  2. When hair loss occurs, find the cause and get rid of it, allowing the hair to regrow growth and minimize hair loss.

"Beaver" for active guys

Fashionable children's haircuts in 2016 include various models, but most of all, a free sports style in the form of a beaver haircut is preferred.

A beaver is a popular baby haircut with a short neck and temporo-lateral areas of the head, while on the crown the hair remains longer.

The bangs are briskly puffing in the head above the head and looks like a visor.

The main advantage of such a children's haircut for boys is short hair that does not require complex styling.

After washing the hair, it is enough for the child to comb the strands in the right direction, and the hairstyle is ready.

In order for your boy to have an original “beaver”, unlike other boyish haircuts, stylists advise styling the hair on the top of your head in a special way, using mousse.

Of course, all children's fashion models are performed at the hairdresser, but a greater number of parents wish their son to do a beaver haircut on their own, at home.

At the same time, there are such creative parents who, after several times looking at the lessons of the masters, try to complete the edging of the haircut with fancy patterns.

A haircut a la Caesar is back in fashion

In 2016, the haircut, called “Caesar”, became fashionable again. Today it is popular not only among young boys, but also among adult men.

The peculiarity of this model comes down to laying strands with the crown of the head in front, for many it may seem that the haircut of the majestic Caesar is like the “beaver” described above.

In Caesar, the strands on the crown of the head remain longer, but on the sides and behind on the back of the head it is shorter, but at the same time a little longer than that of the Beaver.

This version of children's hairstyles needs more care: elongated locks on the top of the head do not allow boys to exclude regular combing.

But, having modeling wax at hand, on the basis of such a children's haircut, you can form fashionable interesting images. The strands can be put upside down, laid in a different direction or raised in the form of a “mohawk”.

Choosing a baby Caesar haircut for a boy, you will be able to provide your child with a neat and effective appearance.

Although there is a sufficient selection of styling methods, this model will look very stylish with raised locks on the top.

Caesar's haircut is done with a machine and scissors. Having carefully studied the lessons of its implementation, you can cut your child at home independently.

Fashionable haircut "under the pot"

“Under the pot” - the haircut got its name because it has contours, as if the hair was cut after trying the pot on the head.

The joke is compensated by the attractive and stylish look of the finished hairstyle, especially ideal for boys with thick and even hair. Such a hair will perfectly keep volume and shape.

A “haircut” haircut is not only a child’s haircut, since today it’s not uncommon to meet enough adult men with such a haircut.

But if the styling gives the little boy a cute and defenseless look, then the older man’s hairstyle “under the pot” adds romantic notes to the image.

If the hair is naturally dense and straight, then such a children's haircut will not require special efforts for styling: after combing, the strands themselves will lay in the right direction.

The highlight of this children's model for boys, stylists call it two-layer. The model is based on two tiers - the upper and lower.

If you pay attention to the edges of the finished hairstyle, you will notice that on the sides and behind on the back of the head, the upper strands are short and the lower ones are slightly longer, due to which the lower layer of hair immediately catches your eye.

Thanks to a special technique of execution, this children's model looks moving on the boys, as the hair instantly reacts to the slightest inclination of the head.

The model “under the pot” is carried out with a machine and scissors, but it is unlikely to be able to do it yourself, because, unlike the previous versions, its execution technique is more complicated.

Hairstyle for boys "hedgehog"

Modern children's haircuts in 2016 are even more diverse, and if any model of hairstyle does not fit the child because of the shape of the face, there will certainly be something similar, but with suitable contours.

Take for example the well-known haircut for short hair with the name "hedgehog." She is the most popular at a young age, but despite this, the hedgehog is not suitable for all guys, because for such a haircut you need to have the correct shape of the skull.

The only drawback of this children's hairstyle is the fact that it will need to be regularly updated, otherwise the regrown strands will look messy.

A practical and convenient haircut is done by the machine and can end with an interesting pattern on either side of the head.

Haircut "hedgehog" is similar to the model "beaver", which causes confusion.

So that it doesn’t happen that you came to the salon and told the master to cut your son under a “hedgehog”, and you meant “beaver”, you need to clarify their differences.

Hairstyle "hedgehog" in itself resembles a curled-up prickly animal, hair all over the head is stiff and equally short, after processing with a machine it can stick out in different directions. “Beaver” has strands aligned on the crown of head in the form of a platform.

Hair Thickness and Haircut

When choosing any hairstyle, it is necessary to evaluate the structure of the hair, its length, thickness. A haircut under the pot for the boy was no exception, she also has her own specific indicators.

To create this hairstyle, curly hair is definitely not suitable, because they will not let the haircut look as intended. In such cases, it is necessary to stock up on hair styling products, but this is not necessary for the child.

Thin hair is also not quite suitable for the "pot". They will be confused. To prevent this from happening, the hairdresser will make the length as short as possible at the back of the head, but not the fact that it will look as we would like. In such a situation, a model haircut is already obtained.

Thick hair is what you need for your chosen hairstyle. They will allow laying to be laid as required, without the application of effort.

Smooth thick bangs from thick hair will help to hide any imperfections in the forehead.

Other popular options

The following list is made up of those popular haircuts that today can be found among children of different ages.

On very young people of the stronger sex, the most common hairstyle is “bob” - in this case, parents are sorry to cut the first hairs on the head of their child, and they try to give them volume due to such a haircut.

The next most popular haircut among children in 2016 is considered to be a square.

Such fashionable hairstyles include wearing long strands, oblique or straight parting, as well as the presence of a bang, which can be performed obliquely or to be torn. Suitable for straight and curly hair.

Fashionable boyish haircuts “half box” in 2016 also took their place of honor in the trend.

Models of hairstyles of this style are suitable for boys of different ages; a harmonious combination of strands of different lengths allows an interesting look to the young image.

Hair on the parietal part of the head is longer than on the back of the head and temples.

The list is completed by a fashionable children's haircut for boys with the name "tennis".

A similar model fits any shape of the head. This fact is explained simply: a haircut has plenty of styles, which allows you to choose the most suitable option.

"Tennis" suggests an interesting combination of short strands with long ones. For example, on the crown of the head, the strands are quite elongated, and on the rest of the head they are removed under the “hedgehog”.

There are many such individual combinations in “tennis”, which allows you to choose an option that suits your face shape and hair type.

Head shape

No master will take up the desired haircut before becoming familiar with the shape of the client’s head. A particular hairstyle can look ridiculous and ridiculous if it does not fit the type of face and shape of the head.

What shape should a boy trimmed under a pot have?

Most often, the hairdresser will recommend such a haircut to those who have an imperfect head shape, because long hair will allow you to adjust the shape. The volume of the hairstyle will well hide the flaws and emphasize the advantages of the boy.

Photo gallery

For little boys, a hairstyle under the pot fits perfectly. These kids look very cute, the hairstyle will emphasize their defenselessness. Examples can be found here:

Older children such a hair styling will give romanticism. For guys aged 15-17, the hairstyle will add mystery and will allow you to hide the flaws of the transitional age on the forehead. For each age, the hairstyle will be unique and interesting.

A haircut under a pot for a boy is one of the most common and suitable. It’s unlikely that you can do the hairstyle yourself to look good, it’s unlikely that you need specialist help. The hairdresser will select the optimal length of the haircut and make it so that any boy will look amazing.

Shortened "pot"

Considering the description and photo of the "under the pot" haircut for a boy, attention should be paid to the shortened version. Part of the hair with this method can only be slightly longer than from the bottom and sides. The implementation technique with this method: we try to shave the back of the head with a machine almost to zero, leaving a maximum of 1 cm in length. Now divide the remaining hair into strands. In overlapping movements, try to cut the hair along the same length. The bangs in this case should not exceed the length of the hair on the crown.

"Pot" with laid bangs

A haircut under the pot for a boy, whose photo is available in this article, can be performed in different ways. One of these varieties is a bangs hairstyle. This option, as you understand by the name, will be important for fans to put the bangs in different directions (experimenting with its position and parting). In this case, the form will have a smooth transition from a long bang to the crown, and then comes the classic "pot" - a shaved nape.

Long "pot"

The point is that the usual strands in the classic execution, as you already understood, have a longer length. What is it for? This option is suitable for very young boys whose hair has not formed. In order not to remove the length of thin strands, you can cut the baby this way.

These are the main varieties of such a hairstyle. According to the descriptions, you can choose the right one for your child. You can also see a photo of a haircut "under the pot" for a boy in an elongated version in this article.

Pluses of the shape of a pot

The cap of the hairstyle emphasizes the delicate facial features of the child, making them even more cute and pretty. The main feature of such a children's haircut for boys is that it does not need to be stacked, as it is already formed by a special technique that allows you to lay down your hair in a beautiful shape on your own.

Who will suit

Before you decide on this hairstyle, you should figure out whether it is suitable for a child. After all, not always a haircut that looks great in the photo is in harmony with facial features or the type of hair. But how to understand this if the child never wore such haircuts? To do this, you should pay attention to some nuances. The main points that are considered when choosing a children's haircut for boys are as follows:

  1. The age of the baby. The hairstyle is intended exclusively for boys under 16 years old. For older women, it is suitable if their face is a baby face.
  2. Hair structure. The form is suitable for boys with straight hair by nature. With curly curls you will have to bother more, constantly stack them.
  3. Type of face. Boys with a square face shape "pot" is not suitable, as it will look inharmoniously.

Not as easy as it sounds

Before we begin to describe the implementation of a short haircut "under the pot", you need to make sure one hundred percent that you can do it yourself. Following the steps does not guarantee that everything will turn out perfectly and without errors.

Do not get down to business if you do not have experience cutting hair. The hairstyle is quite simple, but if you make a mistake, you will get an uneven, distorted "hat". It is especially difficult for mothers of restless babies. In the "under the pot" haircut, it is important to clearly maintain the even edge of the hair, any "spacing" will be very noticeable. Gently shaving off a baby who spins all the time is a difficult task. If you are not sure what you can do, it is better to contact the children's hairdresser, where the baby’s hair will not be spoiled.

Execution technique

Finally, we will begin to carry out the very haircut of the child "under the pot."This is a very long and laborious process if you are a beginner. Try to do everything carefully and without haste.

How a haircut is done under the pot, we will describe the steps:

  1. The process is performed on clean hair, so wash your baby’s head first. Until the curls have time to dry, we will start combing them. Do not forget that any treatment is performed on slightly damp hair, so prepare a filled spray bottle in case they start to dry naturally.
  2. Separate the hair with a fingernail or a special comb into two parts along the central parting. Now these halves should be divided into two more: parting from the ears to the center. Thus we get four divided sections. Secure the resulting strands with silicone rubber. Those hair that is knocked out of the total mass will be shaved with a machine.
  3. Further, as follows from the previous paragraph, we shave the hair with a machine that does not gather in ponytails or stick out of the total mass, because it is shorter than the main strands. The shaved part must have at least a small length - from 5 millimeters to 1 cm.
  4. With a typewriter finished. Now pick up the scissors, which must first be sharpened, since a blunt tool can only harm your hair.
  5. Curls collected in a ponytail can be dissolved one by one. Having combed them just in case, proceed to impose thin locks on each other in order to create an even cut that is performed by sharp and infrequent actions. Trimming each strand to another is necessary to obtain an even line, as the “pot” shape requires.
  6. Let's move on to the bangs. It must be cut in exactly the same way, on a flat line of the entire haircut. Thus, we get the perfect semicircle on the crown, passing smoothly into the temporal zone. In a simple way - the length of the bangs is equal to the length of the hair as a whole.
  7. In order for the form to always fit independently and hold long enough, it is necessary to walk with thinning scissors. If they are not, then ordinary vertical sections should be made at the ends of the strands. So the general view will be easier and more relaxed.

Done! That's how we created a hairstyle, fashionable and relevant for all times, on the head of your child, which emphasizes all the advantages of a young boy.

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