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Tips for big men: how to choose clothes so as not to seem fat

Excess weight is an urgent problem among a large number of people around the world, including many men. Therefore, in addition to the fight against calories, it is important to know what fashion and style are for full men, so that with the help of clothes they hide their imperfections and figure flaws. Thanks to the development of designers and stylists, modern wardrobe items can perfectly adjust the physique.

The choice of clothing must necessarily be based on the figure and external data of the man, so that any features and shortcomings are correctly hidden, and only the best sides are emphasized. In choosing clothes, stylists give important tips on how to create a basic wardrobe for a full man, to visually look slimmer, taller, younger, and also stylish and modern.

Visual tricks for complete

It is difficult for big guys who are overweight to always follow fashion trends, since the choice of clothes is often difficult and limited. But taking into account the needs of all men, designers and fashion designers offer collections of clothes of standard and large sizes. In the first case, the outfits are aimed at emphasizing the harmony and beauty of a man, in the second - at visual concealment of flaws and imperfections of the figure.


When choosing underwear for a man, his figure and excess weight should not be important, since the degree of comfort is considered the only determining factor. The stereotype that full men need to choose voluminous and spacious clothes is actually a big mistake.

It is only important that the linen is made of natural fabrics, the correct size is chosen so as not to hamper the groin area, but also not hang on the figure. In addition, the choice of underwear depends on what clothes will be worn on top. Family briefs and spacious models can be worn under sportswear and jeans, but under pants it is better to wear shorts or boxers.

T-shirts and t-shirts

A t-shirt is an ideal way to hide a man’s waistline that is far from ideal. To do this, you can simply wear her outfit with jeans or sweatpants. Perfectly adjust the shape of the polo shirt, which imply a strict style, straight cut and tailoring.

T-shirts will not always look beneficial if a man has excess weight in the arms and shoulders. It is important that such wardrobe items are not tight-fitting, but also do not hang down a bag. Models with a geometric print, dark deep colors, an elongated style will look ideal. It is better to put on a undershirt under sports models of trousers.

Shirts and Swedes

Fashion for overweight men considers shirts to be a compulsory wardrobe item, since with the help of the right style, color and print, you can adjust the excess weight in the waist area.

These can be classic pastel shirts with long sleeves or Swedish shirts with short sleeves for the summer season. On such shirts there should be no pockets.


When choosing a wardrobe item such as trousers, for full men it is better to choose a model with the same color as the jacket. Despite the fact that fashion shows 2017-2018 offer classic trousers with arrows, overweight men should better abandon them. Visually adjust the trousers with a vertical strip, as well as models of a straight cut.

Braces will help to firmly fix the pants, eliminating their falling from the waistline. You can also try on sports-style pants to the extent of a loose cut with stripes. When choosing trousers, you need to consider not only the weight of the man, but also his height. Tall men are better off taking monophonic options, low men with a vertical strip and only dark shades.

Why is it important for large men to dress properly

Fat people are often uncomfortable in society. They are accused, even for their eyes, of laziness, restraint in food and other sins, leading to fullness. The accusations are not always fair, but there is no getting away from them.

Undoubtedly, you need to get rid of excess weight. And the point is not even condemnation by society, but that it is important for maintaining good health. However, do not dream that you will lose weight and buy clothes. Dress beautifully and rightly now.

If a person with a thin or athletic build is dressed casually, he is not particularly noticed. The sloppy appearance of a full man is another confirmation of how lazy he is: after all, he did not even have the desire to make a decent wardrobe.

We understand that it’s unpleasant to hear this. But let this be a strong argument for changing something in your style.


Men's fashion for overweight men does not accept the use of down jackets and synthetic winter jackets (or with holofiber). A strict classic coat or a sheepskin coat will help to adjust excess weight, but without patch pockets, decorating elements, large buttons, since all such details add extra volume.

Outerwear should be monochrome dark classic shades. It is better to refuse models of coats and sheepskin coats with fur inserts and lining, as this will only add to the man's visual weight. Also, do not choose short models of outerwear, jackets or coats will look harmonious to the hip line of a fitted style.

Should I wear tight fitting clothes?

The main rule that fashion dictates for overweight men is the choice of clothing strictly in size. That is, baggy clothes a size no longer just hide the imperfections of the figure, it will only aggravate them. According to the same negative principle, tight-fitting clothing works, which only emphasizes all the extra centimeters and the bulkiness of the man's physique.

Clothing should be size to size, but not hamper movement, from light fabrics that have a low percentage of creasing. But the contraindications for full men will be wardrobe items made of tweed, velor and velveteen, as their texture and density will only make a man visually large and voluminous. Men's clothing should not show an abundance of prints and patterns, it is better to choose a calm, deep, solid colors.

1. Good fit is important

Extra folds on clothes, sagging fabric, wrinkles give the costume an untidy look. On a full man, this effect is enhanced. Attempts to camouflage excess weight by clothes a size or two more lead to the opposite: you only attract even more attention to your figure.

The better the clothes sit, the more comfortable you feel in it, and this improves your mood and appearance.
So, clothes should not be too tight for you, but also should not hang in folds. Finding something perfectly sitting in the store is an almost impossible task; do not even torment yourself with searches. It is more profitable to find a good atelier or tailor who will customize the purchased clothes according to the figure.


The basic rules in choosing clothes for overweight men are choosing the right size, style, and color. Clothing should not be tight, but not a hanging bag. It is better to choose models of dark deep colors, a vertical strip will ideally look from prints and drawings. Also, a man should choose wardrobe items from light, but durable fabrics that will not take the silhouette of the figure, but will draw it on their own.

3. The benefits of lightweight tissue

Thick, heavy fabric emphasizes your size, makes you bulky. In such clothes it is hot, you sweat more. And even if you do not suffer from sweating, still try to choose lighter clothes.

At first glance, you probably won’t feel the difference between thin wool trousers and tight jeans, but when you wear it, you realize how different they are. A smooth, lightweight fabric that drapes neatly will tighten your figure, and you will feel more comfortable.

How the right clothes will help you

Good clothes will visually change the shape of your body: you will look proportionate and neat.

The best effect of proper clothing is to change the first impression of you: not a fat man, but a big man. It seems to be not so significant, but in the minds of people you will appear not lazy, soft-skinned and weak, but powerful, impressive, self-confident. This means that they will communicate with you differently.

Do not skimp on updating your wardrobe

Get only quality items. Remember that being overweight is an extra strength test for your clothes. Try to purchase items manufactured not in clandestine sewing workshops, but produced by well-known brands. Fortunately, many of them have in their arsenal copies of clothing of large size.

Do not skimp on updating your wardrobe, especially a classic suit

Which style to give preference

If you think that a loose fit, jacket or pants a size larger will make you slimmer, then you are mistaken. Of course, it is reasonable to avoid too tight-fitting silhouette in your case, but hiding behind the folds of clothes not in size is silly and will only add comic to your image. Everything should be just right. If you couldn’t find your size in the ready-made clothing store, you can go to the tailor and sew a suit to order. In this case, you don’t have to run around the boutiques and look for your size. It's expensive, but the suit should sit well, compromises are not appropriate. By the way, you can sew a classic suit, vest or coat from our partners Arthur Philips.

Sewing costumes and coats by Arthur Philips

How to choose clothes for the full in the winter season? Have some advice! As warm winter clothes, we do not recommend using jackets with a filler in the form of synthetic winterizer or holofiber, voluminous down jackets are also contraindicated. In the off-season, a classic coat made of wool is perfect for full men, and in winter there will be a thin sheepskin coat by the way.

In the offseason, a classic coat made of wool is perfect for overweight men.

How to combine clothes

There are small tricks that will help obese people feel more comfortable and make them seem thinner than they really are. So, for example, to avoid unnecessarily tightening the protruding abdomen with a belt, we recommend buying suspenders or help. If you want to look slimmer, then wear classic pants, but do not shorten them too much. Thus, you visually lengthen the silhouette and get a more slender outline. Do not abuse bright colors, choose calmer colors of a monophonic scale. Refuse the print on clothes, it will only draw attention to your non-standard sizes.

Large men are advised to wear suspenders rather than a strap

For men who prefer classic-style clothes, vests and sweaters are suitable, they are almost universal and will help to hide the protruding tummy. Those who like to flaunt in sportswear are advised to choose loose t-shirts, knitwear trousers or soft, not-fitting jeans. Carefully watch that the models you select are not tapered to the bottom.

Stylish jumper easily hides flaws in the form of a protruding belly

If you are a fan of jeans, then you need to pick up models with a slightly low waist. Do not emphasize the waistline when tucking a t-shirt or shirt into trousers, wear it for graduation.

Full men are perfect shirts and sweaters with a V-neck. This circumstance allows you to create the illusion of a thin neck and seem a little higher than it actually is. High collars or sweaters and downhill golf should be avoided categorically. Thus, you only emphasize the roundness of the face and the second chin that takes place.

Overweight men are fine with V-neck sweaters

When choosing clothes, you should remember that it should be made of natural fabrics. Fat people, due to metabolic disorders, have the peculiarity of sweating profusely. Synthetic materials will only exacerbate this effect. If you do not want to sweat, then spend money on suits made of viscose and wool.

Accessories for complete

If in the choice of clothes you are limited by the impressive size, then by purchasing accessories you are free to do as you please. We offer to compensate for the lack of fashionable elements in clothes with a stylish watch, purse, tie, bow tie or portfolio of well-known brands. Your task is to look respectable, then your fullness will be perceived as a symbol of solidity.

Do not neglect stylish accessories and hairstyles.

Do not neglect such an interesting accessory as a hat. These can be either classic hat options or berets or military-style baseball caps. This fashionable detail will add a twist to your look. By the way, we have an article that details classic headgear for men.

Shoes for overweight

Now a little about shoes. We have already mentioned that it is not worth the little things when choosing accessories. The same applies to shoes. Besides the fact that it must be strong and wear-resistant, there are several more requirements, following which you can seem slimmer.

  • pick models with a high enough and stable heel - this will slim you,
  • try to match the color of shoes and trousers. This circumstance visually lengthens your legs and the whole figure, respectively.


Taking care of our wardrobe, we pay close attention to how we will look at work or at a party, and completely forget about everyday home clothes. And in vain! After all, a real man should even look elegant at home, regardless of how much he weighs. So, let's start discussing home clothes.

First of all, we advise you to get rid of old things and the stereotype that houses wear what has long gone out of fashion and worn out. We suggest you purchase a high-quality tracksuit made of soft knitted fabric. Such an outfit will not constrain movements and will make you feel comfortable. If you are not a fan of sports style, you can purchase a home bathrobe. As a rule, men's robes do not have buttons and are worn by the smell, which makes this type of clothing convenient even for people with a rather voluminous figure.

In order to sleep comfortably, we offer to buy pajamas. In summer, these can be lightweight cotton models, and in winter, biked warm pajamas. We have an entire article on the topic of home wear, I recommend reading it.


As you can see, at least some of the tips are easy to follow, but even this part will change your style for the better. Try to find those items of clothing that visually make you taller (for example, clothes in a vertical strip), at the same time, avoid clothes that make you wider (horizontal strip on clothes, too large folds on trousers, etc.). We hope that our tips will help you hone your own style even more!

Image No. 1 - elegant and original

A classic men's suit cannot look unprofitable if it is chosen correctly. Look at this image - it is fully consistent with the classical style, but the rich blue color gives the costume a special solemnity, elegance and even festivity. Due to what this option wins:

A classic jacket has nothing more.Several pockets and buttons on the sleeves attract attention just enough to hide the stomach, but emphasize the silhouette and the camp.

Mid-rise trousers skillfully emphasize solidity, but hide the belly, which is often the main problem of overweight men.

The shirt, although classic, has a discreet pattern in the form of a large cage, which, again, adorns the image, but distracts attention from imperfections. Checkered pattern, by the way, is the most popular among designers developing clothes for overweight people.

It is impossible not to say about the intricacies of this image - accessories that provide 50% success. A blue tie to match the jacket and trousers has a checkered pattern in the tone of a shirt, which ties these details together, ensuring complete harmony of the image. The watch gives an image of solidity and confidence, and the brown belt eloquently emphasizes that in front of us is a classic, and not something else

Image number 2 - stylish and interesting

This image is successful in terms of fashion. The combination of gray, white and blue is an eternal way to look not only slimmer, but also younger. And in our case, the classic gray jacket goes well with a blue glossy tie and the same color as a napkin - it looks very original and, most importantly, attracts attention without emphasis on the flaws of the figure. Please note - the jacket is selected strictly in size and fastened, which is also important in this image. Features of the costume are:

  • Trousers are exactly in tone with the jacket. The sustained style and color matching is important in this image, as this makes it moderate and not pretentious.
  • A cufflink and watch add elegance to the image, which is necessary for overweight men.

Pay attention to the white shirt and classic brown belt - they do not contain unnecessary patterns, since the rest of the details of the image attract attention. It is important not to overdo it with decorations so as not to look excessively bright.

Image No. 3 - classic as it is

This image, in some ways, is similar to the previous one. The difference is, firstly, in the shade of the suit, and secondly, in the style of tie and shirt. A dark gray shade is the first sign of the classical style in its original form, and the classic, as you know, goes for everyone without exception. The geometric patterns of the shirt and tie complement each other, refreshing this image and focusing on originality, and not in the warehouse of the figure. Also important are:

  • Dark gray dress pants with an average fit are exactly the same as a shirt - to emphasize the suit as a whole, and not on one of its parts.
  • Stylish watches that complete this image, like a cherry on a cake, play the role of the final detail, and also show that their owner is a confident person, completely satisfied with his appearance.

Please note that the tie and shirt should have geometric patterns, but be opposite in color - a white shirt and a black tie. If such a contrast is not created, the image will turn gray, and all the flaws of the figure will be in sight.

Image No. 4 - for everyday wear

Finally, the final look is a brown suit, which will be appropriate in everyday work life. A classic jacket with the same pants on a mid-rise looks very elegant and practical. Such a suit creates a harmony between the clothes and the appearance of a person, that is, overweight man will not notice any excess weight.

The classic is in perfect harmony with a shirt and tie with a square-triangular pattern. These details not only refresh a man’s bow, but also add a twist to a standard suit. This works great when you do not need excessive rigor.

In this image, like in no other way, one cannot do without the final detail - strict wrist watches. This is a great option for a full man who wants to look stylish and solid, turning his flaws into undeniable advantages.

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How to economically get together for a New Year's corporate party?

Very soon, the New Year and many are puzzled, what to choose an evening outfit for the holiday? Fashionable clothes are expensive and not everyone can afford to buy expensive.

Decide, not without the help of a third-party adviser (you can see better from the outside), what the new wardrobe will be. Take the choice of a new image especially seriously. Do not buy items whose relevance in the wardrobe is controversial.

Do not buy items of clothing that differ in geometric patterns or large stripes - any additional pattern visually fills. The exception is the smallest drawing.

Prefer wide collars with sharp corners if you are the owner of a full neck.

Do not wear double-breasted and baggy jackets; prefer fitted ones. Choosing a jacket with a slit “” on the back, it is worth stopping on a model with only one such cut.

If possible, discard the arrow on the trousers. Never keep your hands in your pockets.

Buy only those jackets, jackets and coats whose sleeves are narrowed. This visually narrows the figure.

When choosing shoes, dwell on simple models, classic shoes without unnecessary decorations and patterns. Choose a dark color, noses are not too pointed, but not too square.

Do not buy a belt wider than 3 centimeters, and prefer a buckle in a classic style. A shiny buckle with decorative elements attracts people's attention to a large belly.

Thanks to the right clothes, it’s really possible to hide almost any imperfections in the figure.

Remember that the compatibility of all the details of the wardrobe is the golden rule of its preparation.

Not only clothes are important, but also how to wear them.

  • style for a complete man

Many girls and women struggle with excess weight. Some of them sit on various fashionable diets, while others spend all days in gyms. In fact, in order to look good, it is not necessary to have a flawless figure. Masking the fullness is easy, but you need to do this wisely. The secret is to hide those parts of the body that you don’t like and emphasize the virtues.

Remember, the choice of attire depends not only on the physique, but also on your mood. Properly selected and accessories will help you mask all the flaws of the figure so that many do not even think will come that you have extra pounds.

Never get carried away in bright colors when choosing clothes. Try not to choose fabrics with a large, clear ornament, and cage. Such a picture will only add to your completeness. figure . Buy things with a narrow vertical strip.

At full figure too tight clothing. In this case, each crease will stand out very strongly. But also to get involved in too loose outfits is also not worth it. They will give you extra volume and will hang on your body with a bag.

Avoid flared trousers. Usually they create an unnecessary contrast between a full booty, slender legs and a newly expanding zone below.

If your hands are full, avoid thin knitwear and light fabrics. The best option in this case will be wide long sleeves.

Pay attention to the skirts. The best option is an elongated skirt for figure but not wide, to the knee.

Get clothes just your size.

Do not forget about practicality. Clothing should be comfortable, not restraining movement and hygienic.

Your outfit will bring you joy when it is in harmony with your physique and your appearance.

Whatever figure the girl possesses, she seeks to keep up with fashion. But this is not always and not everyone succeeds, especially when it comes to full girls. Quite often, owners of magnificent forms, trying to dress fashionably and modernly, only unnecessarily emphasize the problem areas of the figure. So how do you dress full girls?

When buying clothes, try to pay attention to the ornament. Remember that the transverse lines fill the figure, and the longitudinal ones make it visually slimmer. Be careful when choosing floral ornaments and cages. If you love the cage and do not want to abandon it, pick it slightly elongated along the oblique or in the longitudinal direction.

Try to avoid light shades in clothing, especially white and pink, as they visually increase the figure. Dark tones are best for full girls, but this does not mean that you need to put on all black. Try dark blue, dark green and dark brown clothes, it not only perfectly hides the fullness, but also allows you to look elegant.

The most suitable fabric for a full one is matte. She perfectly hides excess volumes in the hips and waist. Refuse iridescent and shiny fabrics that are full of sparkles, as they only attract the attention of others to the "problem" areas.

Be sure to comply with all proportions. Remember that you will look harmonious with large jewelry, voluminous hairstyle. When choosing printed fabric for a blouse or suit, give preference to a medium or large size pattern. Put a small ornament and polka dots in the “black” list, against their background your figure will seem immense. The same applies to small parts of clothing and small jewelry.

In the spring-summer period, wear dresses made of simple fabrics (for example, chintz or satin), and, of course, made of silk. In the autumn-winter period, dress in suits made of wool.

When choosing a silhouette for a dress, choose semi-adjacent. It will not only indicate the beautiful curves of your figure, but also emphasize everything that you can be proud of.

When choosing a suit, remember that it should be entirely the same color, since different colors of the jacket and skirt (trousers) draw extra attention to the hips. The length of the jacket should ideally be below the hips or just below the waistline. You should not choose a jacket with patch pockets and flaps located at the level of the hips, as they visually increase their volume.

In no case do not refuse trousers, but they should not be tight, too loose or. Drop the cropped and narrowed trousers to the side, they too strongly emphasize the massive torso.

When choosing the length of skirts and dresses, immediately discard the mini option. Maxi is perfect for you, but mid-knee length is acceptable.

Always wear a blouse. If you want to fill it in a skirt or trousers, remember that it should not contrast with them in color, otherwise your bust will appear square.

The best neckline for a full girl is V-shaped, but English collars are also good. Looks good under the throat, complemented by a scarf, chain or long beads.

Do not forget about accessories. Wear long large jewelry around your neck. It can be everything that forms vertical lines (simple and multilayer chains and beads, long scarves, etc.).

  • How to dress full women - tips
  • what to dress a complete girl

Bald men are not just attractive: they often even become sex symbols. Such lucky conquering women’s hearts include Bruce Willis, Fedor Bondarchuk, Gosha Kutsenko, Vin Diesel, etc. Even Jason Stezem prefers to shave his head regularly, rightly believing that “artificial bald head” makes him more attractive.

According to scientists, the reason for the charm of men lies in the power of stereotypes over people's minds. So, for example, a bald head often becomes a symbol of high intelligence, and if we are talking about a mature man, then also life experience and wisdom. Scientists have not yet succeeded in proving that vigorous mental activity provokes hair loss, but the stereotype “- that means smart” still flourishes. Often men also give the impression of prosperous, successful people. Even explicit, “decorating” a man dressed in a beautiful business suit and holding a respectable leather briefcase, become a sign of seriousness, maturity, ability to achieve his own, success, reliability. It is these features that often attract women seeking a life partner, on whose shoulder you can always lean. Mind, success, material well-being are not the only associations that baldness causes. Some scholars believe that many thousands of years ago, women were considered attractive, because hair loss was a symbol of maturity, the ability to have strong offspring and raise it. There is an assumption that such a stereotype at a subconscious level has survived to this day. The sexual attractiveness of bald men is somewhat more difficult to explain. It all depends on tastes: some ladies prefer men with perfectly smooth heads, while others adore lush hair. There are several theories that explain the baldness of sexuality. So, for example, some fans of esotericism and astrology believe that hair prevents the "pumping" of energy from space, so the more baldness, the easier it is for a man to get the necessary energy, including sexual, and transfer it to the woman. In addition, the male head is sometimes considered as a phallic symbol, which invariably causes excitement in girls.

After heavy winter clothes, every girl wants to change her wardrobe for something easier and more elegant. Pastel colors in clothes from year to year remain at the peak of popularity. The main thing is to learn how to choose accessories to match their tone and combine a pastel palette.

Bright jeans or warm pastel color trousers look perfect with a light spring trench coat in a shade of another pastel color. The main thing is to learn how to choose cold to a bright color. Such combinations always attract the attention of others.

Try combining a skirt of any pastel color with black tops and accessories. Such outfits look very feminine and are suitable for going out, as well as for unexpected shopping trips.

For several years now, fashionistas have preferred picking up high-heeled shoes or platform shoes in color exactly like their lower part of the suit. This is the perfect solution for those who want to look simple and elegant at the same time. You should not pick up too many accessories for such outfits, since your image will look bulky.

Do not be afraid to experiment with pastel colors in clothes. A skirt and jacket of the same color scheme, but differing in several shades, will help to easily create a vintage look. So, for example, it is very easy to combine a turquoise-colored skirt with a light blue hue blouse or a sweater with bright pink trousers.

To create a bright contrasting image, pastel-colored items need to pick up sandals or shoes that are completely different in color. Shoes with a blue hue and vice versa are ideal for yellow trousers. In this outfit, you can easily go for a walk or a party.

Today, most people are overweight, so there are many tips on how to lose weight, how to dress full people, how to hide extra pounds. But there are many thin people who also want to look beautiful and fashionable to dress. Properly selected clothes will turn thin men into slim and attractive.

Never wear too wide things. This is one of the most common mistakes of thin people who believe that spacious things hide their complexion. Say “no” to shapeless hoodies, dimensionless trousers and hanging t-shirts, this only emphasizes thinness, highlights angular knees, hands and elbows.

Do not wear too tight clothes, especially shirts and t-shirts. Choose clothing for your upper body a little larger than yours. You should not buy clothes sewn from fabric adhering to the body. To do this, always check the elastic content by the tag on the product.

Choose clothes from a voluminous, textured fabric - so, increase the volume of the legs. In cold weather, wear woolen cardigans and loose fit sweaters. Buy thick cotton T-shirts and shirts, heavy wool clothing. Try to dress in several layers to appear fuller.

Skinny with poorly developed muscles can be advised blazers with shoulder pads that make the upper body muscular. Keep your shoulders small, massive can turn you into putting on men's clothing for adults. Also wear jackets of a certain length - only to the buttocks. Shorter models increase height and make the figure thinner, while elongated jackets do not look aesthetically pleasing to thin men, casting associations with a stick wrapped in a blanket.

Wear classic straight trousers; never choose leather jeans or tapered pants. Pick up trouser models with pleats, pockets, cuffs, as they add volume. Thin men sweaters with a boat neckline and a high collar work well, and V-necklines emphasize the thinness of the neck. When buying shirts, choose models with a wide collar so that the upper chest appears wider.

Drawing on shirts will also help hide thinness. Wear shirts with horizontal stripes - now very fashionable, and fabric collars with a different pattern. If the shirt is without a pattern, you can pick up a sweater with a horizontal strip extending the case. Pants and choose from dark fabric.

If you wear a tie, pay special attention to its model, as this accessory is immediately evident. Do not wear wide ties, tie a medium-sized knot, for example, "windsor".

Always fasten your shirts to the end, do not show your chest.

Dress warmly - as a rule, thin men have a quick metabolism, and the absence of a fat layer quickly cools the body. In addition, warm clothing increases the figure.

Many women prefer tall men to short guys. In order to emphasize your figure and look attractive, it is important for high men to choose the right clothes.

Unlike undersized youths who are well suited for sports, it is better to choose more formal outfits when tall. A classic suit is perfect for working in the office or for an important celebration. It is better if it will be dark tones, since light visually increases and requires special care. A three-piece suit will go slender high, and a regular jacket and trousers will be full-bodied. Choose suits in a small strip, such a pattern will emphasize or make your figure slimmer. It is advisable to buy a jacket with two cuts on the back, and make thin arrows on the trousers - such details will also make your figure visually more attractive.

For straight walks, simple straight trousers or jeans are good. They should also be close to the classics in their style, without unnecessary rivets, cuts or drawings. They can wear a light T-shirt or shirt and vest. For colder weather, a pullover or jacket is suitable. Choose clothes in pastel colors, as they are well suited to your style and will look elegant.

In cold autumn weather, a long coat is good for tall men. It is better if it is not fitted - such clothes are more suitable for the fair sex. If you want to emphasize your harmony, buy a dark Christmas tree. Full men to hide the flaws of the figure will help outerwear in black.

You should not buy a huge puffed down jacket for the winter, as many do. It is better to choose a good sheepskin coat made of genuine leather on fur. Such clothes look respectable and elegant and well suited to tall people.

When choosing shoes, you should also give preference to classics, but for a summer walk you can buy and. It is advisable to choose shoes with narrow toes and not be afraid that the legs will look like flippers, like undersized ones. Round or square visually make your legs simply huge and shapeless.

The main principle in choosing clothes for tall people is the desire for a classic style and pastel shades. Remember that you are a man, not a child, and buy things that emphasize your elegance and harmony.

It’s not always easy for large men to simply pick up clothes, and offers to deal with this problem. fashion for overweight men , recommending that you follow some selection rules, thanks to which the representatives of the stronger sex, having large sizes, will look elegant, and not resemble a large gray spot. Contrary to the generally accepted opinion that men don’t care what they are wearing, they also think about how impressed they are with those around them, and of course women who are more versed in directions should help them dress in accordance with the peculiarities of their figure. modern fashion.

When composing a wardrobe for your man, follow some recommendations:

  • An obligatory requirement is that clothes should be chosen exactly in size, only in this case they will sit perfectly, and not hang with a shapeless bag, creating a messy look.
  • If you look at the photos of full men in dark suits, their figure seems a little more slender than it really is. Fashion for obese men 2013 offers business suits that form the basis of the men's wardrobe, the strict silhouette of black, dark gray and dark blue. Single-breasted suits with low buttons are more suitable for overweight men.
  • More actively use ties that visually make the figure of a man more slender. As you can see in the photo, the tie distracts attention from the protruding abdomen and adds elegance to the image. Fashion for overweight men recommends men of custom sizes to choose ties of dark colors.
  • Pants are better to choose a semi-adjacent silhouette without arrows with moderately wide legs. Arrows visually increase the volume of the front of the trousers, making the figure even larger, and wide legs make the figure visually heavier.
  • Men who prefer a sporty style of clothing will suit dark-colored jackets and sweatshirts, as can be clearly seen in the photo. When choosing T-shirts and polos, opt for wide straight models that do not taper to the bottom, but it is better to completely abandon them in favor of shirts that can be worn out. They hide the fullness and sit well on the figure of full men.

Fashion for overweight men 2013-2014

Fat men are not so spoiled by new fashion trends as representatives of the stronger sex in standard sizes, but nevertheless, fashion for fat men 2013 outlines some trends that should be followed if you want to look stylish and elegant. In the cold season, stylists advise replacing thick wool pullovers with soft, thin cashmere items that retain heat no less, but do not add extra volume, as can be seen in the photo. Costumes are best chosen from thin, soft woolen fabrics that sit perfectly on the figure.

In the new season, three-button blazers will be relevant. This is a classic technique that allows you to look taller and slimmer. In addition, three-button blazers will not form a crease in the abdomen, which is extremely undesirable for full men.

The jacket is the main element of business men's clothing of large sizes. Properly selected, it creates a beautiful and stately image, hides the flaws of the figure and emphasizes its merits. The main thing is to take into account the peculiarities of physique, then a full man will look stylish.

There are several secrets to choosing a jacket for a full figure, and all of them can be divided according to the main parameters:

Style Selection

Among the variety of types for a full figure, single-breasted men's jackets of large sizes are best suited. The double-breasted model creates an extra wide square, which focuses on the stomach, but the location of the buttons in one vertical row avoids this effect.

For jackets with pockets, avoid overlays above them. The logic here is simple: pockets on the pockets create an additional volume, which in this case needs to be disposed of.

As for the buttons, you should choose the model where they are located as low as possible. In this case, the contrast of a light shirt and a dark jacket will work well - the chest will come to the fore, and the stomach will hide due to the peculiarities of color perception. Speaking of flowers.

Color spectrum

Many men prefer dark suits. They are more practical, and look stylish and businesslike. For a full figure, a dark jacket plays even better, because, as you know, the black color seems less visually.

But this does not mean that you need to dress in black. Dark gray, olive, chocolate shades also have this effect and allow you to diversify your wardrobe. Do you prefer costumes with a pattern, choose vertical lines. They visually stretch the figure and slim.

The size

No matter how trite it sounds, the jacket must be suitable in size. For a full figure, baggy and overweight are equally contraindicated. The jacket should first of all sit well in the shoulders, and in the rest of the parts should not be snug. But here you can go for a trick: a slightly more voluminous top will give the impression of a wide, courageous figure, especially in combination with a light fit. And to the owners of sloping shoulders, this secret will help with any type of figure.

As you can see, choosing a jacket for a large figure is not at all difficult. Follow the basic rules, try on and pick. And if you look among high-quality branded clothing, you will quickly find something in which you will feel comfortable and look great!

No fashion blog can do without publications on the list of tips for those who want to hide or minimize the flaws of their appearance with the help of clothes. How to dress thin, how to dress thick, what to wear for brunettes, what to wear for blondes, which collar should be if you have a long neck and a narrow face, which - if short and round. This is a mandatory program and must be implemented. Therefore, here you are, dear readers, our list is for those who would like to seem a little higher. How to dress low men - let's talk about this.

You need to understand that you cannot be dependent on these recommendations. You will significantly limit your freedom in choosing a wardrobe if you strictly adhere to the following rules. And just the thought constantly pursuing you “if I don’t look small in this unpaired jacket today” will not add to your mental health. Nevertheless, if this is really important for you (you can’t just shrug off social stereotypes), if you want to look slimmer and taller at an interview or on a date with a girl, for example, then you should take into account the tips.

I’m not sure that here you can bring some kind of scientific basis and prove one hundred percent that this or that action is guaranteed to make you higher in the eyes of others. But here is what most converge more or less on:

Costumes, not unpaired jackets and trousers. In order for the observer’s gaze to slide from bottom to top easily, creating the illusion of high growth, it is necessary to minimize all the hooks and stops in his path, the silhouette should tend to a single solid line. A suit for this role fits very well, but wearing it every day is far from an acceptable option for everyone, unfortunately.

Minimize the contrast between the top and bottom. Although this advice contradicts the contrast rule that we wrote about, it is quite suitable for knitwear and outerwear.

The set in the photo below looks great, but here there are three factors that do not visually add growth: a sharp color contrast between the top and bottom, a large pattern and a double-breasted jacket.

If you have a choice, to a large drawing it is always better to prefer a small or its complete absence - plain fabrics least of all hide your growth.

Double-breasted jackets (although this is not the most common type), expand the figure distract from a smooth vertical line. Single-breasted double-button or single-button jackets are devoid of this drawback.

You will get the same effect of stretching the shape in width if you use a horizontal strip. To increase growth and harmony, a thin vertical strip will have a more favorable effect. This applies not only to shirts, but also to T-shirts, sweaters and jackets.

Choose pants with a high or medium waist:

Your goal, if possible, is to increase the length of the line of legs, so a shirt running always looks less advantageous at low than tucked in trousers.

A jacket with slightly diverging to the sides floors will do well with the same task. In this case, the lower part of the shirt above the belt should not be visible.

An elongated jacket will always lose to a shortened one. Of course, it should not be too short, like a female jacket.

Pants without lapels and extra folds below. Twists and accordion on jeans are also undesirable.

Bright socks, although they can look fashionable and interesting, it is better not to use. Invisible socks matching trousers and shoes will be the best choice, since only this option allows you to achieve a fast vertical line.

Similarly, contrasting shoes reduce your height to exactly the height of your shoes. Pick up shoes to match the trousers.

The basis of the wardrobe of short men should be clothing sewn in shape. Baggy, fuzzy clothing should be avoided.

Accessories should not be large. However, discreet, proportionate to your growth and physique watches, bracelets, cufflinks, rings will not become an obstacle to achieving your goal - visually pulling the figure up.

All these tips can be effective and most likely will bring results if you apply them comprehensively, not forgetting the little things. At the same time, one must remember the main thing - nothing can destroy the whole impression in such a way as a lack of self-confidence and poor posture. Even if you are very concerned about your growth, be calm, hold on with dignity - this is the minimum you cannot do without. All of the above tips will then be nothing more than a useful, but not mandatory addition.

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